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1st Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 1, 2008

No new episode for today.


September 2, 2008
Damn This Day!

In the park, Philip pays someone off for some information about Paul. "Gotcha," he smiles to himself. Meanwhile, Morgan trails around the park before her father reveals himself to her. She runs into his arms crying. "I've made so many mistakes in my life and now I've gotta make them right," he says. He never meant to hurt her; she's all he cares about. He's involved in a complicated mess and he doesn't want her dragged into it. He's tired of running and wants to turn himself in. She doesn't understand. He tells her that he loves her and is proud of her. Philip calls and tells her to hand the phone to her father. He warns him not to run and tells him he's going down. Paul hangs up. When he turns, Hope and a cop pop up and arrest him.

At the mansion, Tony is on the phone with his father while John and the others mill about. Stefano guesses that an "enemy" must be talking to his son. Bo walks over and puts the phone on speaker. "We'll see each other soon I hope," Stefano taunts before hanging up. Bo refuses to play Stefano's games. John asks Bo what he's doing there anyway. Marlena is weak at the knees and worries that Stefano could be coming after her. John promises her that his half-brother wouldn't dare to show his face. "Tough talk for a man that may face murder charges," Bo snipes. John tells him to focus on what's important: Protecting Marlena. If Bo doesn't protect her, then he'll have to kill Stefano himself and then they can charge him with murder. John begins barking at EJ to get proof that all of the DiMera holdings are his. Stefano takes this opportunity to stride in and cut him short. Bo promptly arrests Stefano, cuffing him and reading him his rights. Stefano giggles. Bo smiles. Everyone begins taking swipes. John calls Stefano a coward but his brother shoots back that he's stolen his home. John sarcastically hopes he'll enjoy his new home: The state prison.

At the hospital, Abe worries to Lexi that it may be too late for them. Whenever the three of them are together, he second guesses everything he says or does. She apologizes for making him feel self-conscious and suggests they spend the morning with their son together. Theo runs out and the therapist invites them in to talk. He tells them that Theo did extremely well. Lexi tells her son how proud she is and Abe thanks the doctor for his help. Abe picks his son up and tells him that he is the most important thing in their lives. They join hands and go to the park. She apologizes for always being so critical. They notice their son staring into the sky. "Boat!" he yelps. They explain that it's a plane and not a boat, but realize they need to try harder to see things the way he does.

In France, Max surprises Stephanie when he tells her that he wants to stay. She assumes that this will just mean Melanie conning him some more. He always tries to see the good in people, but there may not be any good in his sister, she suggests. He can't give up on her. She encourages him not to be naive. Max knows how his sister is, but it doesn't matter. Steph still wants to go home; she's sure he is setting himself up for more disappointments. Still, she offers to stay, in spite of how crazy this is. They kiss.

Back in Salem at the police station, Philip tells Paul that he made a big mistake switching alliances. Paul came back to turn himself in and doesn't care what Philip believes or wants. For the first time in his life, he wants to do the right thing for his daughter. Philip thinks he gave up being "Father of the Year" when he sent Morgan the tape. Hope interrupts their chat. Philip walks off and corners Morgan and demands an apology. "Are you joking?" she asks. He's not. She accuses him of always lying to her and wishes she'd never gotten involved with him. She turns to Hope and demands to see her father. She can't do that yet and Hope won't let her leave until they finish with questioning. Philip sits with Morgan and apologizes for being glib, but he would never kill anyone. She doesn't know what to think; she fell in love with him but she was wrong.

Stefano is brought to Roman's office for questioning. He's smug. Steve runs in and attacks him, demanding to know what he did to his boy. After threatening to kill him, he's dragged off by the cops. Roman gets a call: The DA informs him that no charges will be filed against Stefano. Steve is livid. Stefano tells Bo how uplifting justice is. Bo wants a few minutes alone with him but Roman refuses; they have to let him go. Bo's outraged that they've actually played by the rules for once and this is what they've gotten. Abe walks in and announces that he's already talked to their superiors and some serious strings have been pulled to grant Stefano's release. Bo refuses to uncuff him so Abe does it himself. "So much to do, so little time," Stefano says, walking out.

Back at the mansion, Anna takes Marlena upstairs to rest. John wants to know what Stefano's rights are over the estate. Tony tries to bring up business but John curtly orders him out. Tony reminds him that Stefano is his brother. John barks at him and walks away. EJ stops him and warns that it's impossible to predict what will happen; with Stefano back, he could lose everything. With Stefano in prison, the entire empire could be up for grabs. "We'll see," John grumbles. Meanwhile, Marlena opens the front door and is shocked to find Stefano walking in. He walks past her and into the main room to announce that he's back. He calls his family "vermin" and accuses them of betraying him. Yelling, he orders them all out of his house. Suddenly, Roman calls and orders John down to the station: They have Paul in custody. "Damn this day!" John yells, smashing his phone.

September 3, 2008
Everything old is new Again.

In France, Max tells his anxious sister that he wants to get to know her better. She squishes up her face: "No, actually you don't." He asks her how she ended up in France. She moved around as a kid... until moving to Ann Arbor. She was bored so she stole a wallet and ended up in boarding school. She was bumped around to different schools before winding up at a girl's school in France... not that she actually goes to school. Her father means well, she says, but she still doesn't get along with him. Max finds all of this ironic: She rejects Trent and he wants her, Trent rejected Max when he wanted him. The topic turns to Max. He explains being dropped into foster care and living through abuse before being rescued by Frankie. Trent never mentioned him, she says. He knows that his father never cared about him. Trent suddenly calls her. He demands to know why she hasn't been returning his calls: He needs to know what is going on. She fobs him off and hangs up. Turning, she tells Max that the second she is legal, she will be free of her father. He asks her to come back to Salem with him. "Can you please just not get involved?" she asks. He leaves, asking her to think over what he's said. Max goes out to the bistro for an espresso and a chat with Nick. "I don't know what to do," he admits. Meanwhile, his sister calls for a car.

At the hospital, Chelsea is playing with Theo. She asks to see what he has in his hands and tells him how awesome the plastic top is. As she gives the boy a hug, Daniel stands in the doorway. Mark, the therapist, arrives and takes Theo across the room to play with some balls. She walks into the hall with Daniel. He tries to make small talk. She can't. He apologizes again and promises that things are over with Kate. She knows. Kate and Daniel are the people who care about her the most and this is why it hurts so much. "I know what I want: It's you Chelsea Brady," he says. She's seen through his excuses and he can't let go of her. He begs her not to give up on them. He gets called away. Lexi arrives to check on Theo. Chelsea offers to take the boy out for ice cream. Lexi's relieved; she has to deal with the mess around her father right now. She runs off and Daniel returns. He asks her to try again. She refuses, even though she wants him more than anything... but she can't be with him without thinking of Kate. She asks him to go. Reluctantly, he leaves. Returning to Theo, she sits down and tells him that she will be going away.

Stefano walks around the mansion, happy to be home and seeing his art again. Elvis agrees to share a drink with him. His father asks him if he is still working for John. Tony says that John's world is about to crumble. Stefano laughs. It doesn't take long for him to begin attacking his sons for shipping him off to rot in an institution. They should have taken care of him; that's what families do. But he is finished with them now and they are all disowned! Tony reminds him they were already disowned. Stefano disowns them again anyway. Lucas walks in. Stefano asks him what he's doing there and he's not pleased that John has turned his house into a hotel. Lucas announces he is only there to collect his things and move out. He and Chloe walk out to pack. The doorbell rings. Stefano sends Tony, but Victor has already let himself in. The two men exchange pleasantries and send the children away.

"I never thought I'd be saying this, but it's a pleasure doing business with you," Victor smiles. "Everything old is new again," Stefano laughs. They catch up. Victor explains that he wants the Hollingsworth case closed for his son's sake, but what about Stefano? "This move is all about control," he explains. Later, Stefano walks out and claps as Lucas and Chloe cart their stuff out the door. Relieved to have gotten rid of one. He wonders how to be rid of the rest. His sons refuse to leave. He accuses them of having no idea what they are doing. "We've learned quite a lot watching you," EJ says. Stefano isn't worried: He always wins one way or the other and challenges them to bring it on.

In his office, Roman and Hope try to find something they can charge Stefano with. He seems to have connections everywhere that will let him wriggle out. Outside, Philip finds Morgan and asks again for an apology. She tells him to keep dreaming. Bo calls his brother over. They worry about the tape coming to light and what this could mean for them. John marches in and asks them why they've called him there. Morgan runs over and rants at him. Bo explains to John that they have Paul and are questioning him. He asks him to save the tax payers' money and come clean. John would rather talk about why they let Stefano go free. As he demands answers from Bo, Roman and Abe walk out of the office and tell him that suing Stefano may be the only way they can arrest him. John seems intent on doing just that and snipes at Bo, telling him he hopes he gets what's coming to him.

Roman takes John into his office and advises him to worry more about himself. Meanwhile, Paul arrives, hugs his daughter and looks over at Philip. "Kiriakis, today's your lucky day," he smirks. He goes into Roman's office and gives his statement, which completely exonerates John from any involvement with his disappearance. Roman asks John to leave so he can talk to Paul in private. John shoots Paul a threatening look and walks out. Roman goes over Paul's story and suggests that he was actually held in captivity by John. Paul won't talk. Roman offers to make him a deal and asks about Philip and the drugs. Paul refuses to say anything about Philip and claims to be the only person responsible for his crimes. Roman isn't happy; he knows that he is covering and can't understand why. He tells him to think about his daughter. "Trust me, I am," Paul says. He's sent out to say goodbye to his daughter. He flatly tells Morgan that he is going to jail. He asks her to be strong and take care of herself. She tears up. He's led away. Philip tries to comfort her but she runs off and asks Roman to help her father. "Do you have something you'd like to say?" he asks Philip.

Stefano calls John and tells him that he has him to thank for his freedom. He interceded on his behalf and called Paul. Now, he needs him to keep silent on everything he did to him in the lab. John threatens to put him away for good. Stefano says that it will only take a word to make Paul renege on his confession. When he hangs up, Tony asks his father how he can live with himself and brings up what happened at the hospital. Stefano claims it was all a hallucination and had nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, John goes to Roman and announces that he won't sue Stefano and claims that he can't even remember what happened to him. Simultaneously, Victor calls Philip and informs him that Paul will be taking the fall and he will be in the clear. John walks out. "Looks like we're back on!" he taunts Philip. He won't be calling a truce with him or Stefano. "The old man hasn't taken control yet and, as long as I'm around, he never will," John declares.


September 4, 2008
When I Grow up.

Abe and Lexi play with Theo in the park. He warns her not to push things too much with their son. She's still impatient. Steve and Kayla arrive. Steve runs over to the boy to play with his trucks. Kayla asks her husband to take Abe away to feed the birds. Lexi sits with Kayla and tells her how frustrated she is. It isn't just Theo, it's Abe too... he makes her doubt that she can be a good mother. They talk about how hard it is to be a doctor and to admit that they can't fix everything. Lexi worries that she may soon lose her job because of the way she's been handling things. She would gladly give it up just to be normal, she cries. Now she doesn't know what kind of future her son can have... he might still be living at home for decades. Kayla tells her she isn't in this alone and she'll just have to give him lots of love. Meanwhile, Steve and Abe return, sit on a bench and talk about children. Abe doesn't want people tip-toeing around his son's autism. He tells Steve how frustrated Lexi is, but he knows that Theo may never show her the affection she wants. The couples rejoin and Lexi cancels her dinner plans with Abe. He walks over to get his son. Theo begins to cry until they give him a cookie. He throws it away but calms down. Abe asks Lexi to dinner again. She stares. He takes the boy off to therapy. As she picks up his trucks, she slumps on a bench and fantasizes about her son telling her that he loves her.

Tony is startled to return to the mansion and discover that Stefano is having renovations done. Stefano goes over his new design plans; he feels like he needs a fresh start and the estate could use a facelift. If only he could evict all his freeloading tenants... "That's not going to happen," EJ announces as he walks in. He shows his father an injunction to keep them there and claims that this is only the beginning of he and Tony reclaiming their birthright. Stefano imagines his sons are incapable of fending for themselves. They argue that they are only concerned about the family legacy. "I rule this family," Stefano says. "Not anymore you don't," EJ shoots back. His brother grins. The brothers show a united front but their father still doubts they can maintain the legacy.

Stefano and Tony talk about the time when they first began working together. He's saddened to see how weak his son has become. Tony believes that his father's strength is actually loneliness and cruelty, traits he doesn't want in his life. Tony warns his father that underestimating him could lead to his downfall. He walks out and tells his brother that he has made his point. EJ pats him on the back and goes in to see his father next. Stefano admits that his relationship with Tony has always been difficult. "'Whatever Tony said to you, that goes double for me," EJ tells him. Stefano is disappointed; he's the child he's always felt close to. EJ refuses to make any concessions to his father and calls him "the devil". "When I grow up, I don't want to be like you," EJ tells him. His father looks away dejected and pours a drink. He says EJ will never get the power he wants without his help. EJ says he's wrong. Stefano calls Tony in and offers them a final chance to make things right. He asks them to imagine what a future involving the three of them could be, a future possible with their loyalty. His sons think he just wants them as his puppets and turn him down again. He warns them that if they turn their backs on him this time, they won't get another chance. They walk out. Alone, he looks through the family album. Tony returns, stares at his father and walks out. Stefano sadly drops the family album in the trash.

Trent bumps into Marlena at the pub and offers to buy her a drink. She doesn't drink cocktails before noon and turns him down. Walking across the room, she bumps into John. He didn't hear her leave for the gym this morning and was worried; he doesn't want her by herself and insists she come home. She's not comfortable with that. He pressures her until she snaps and walks away, taking a seat with Trent and ordering a Mimosa. Nicole walks past them and over to John who has taken an instant dislike to Trent. "Join the club," Nicole says. Trent notices John staring at them and asks if he's jealous. Marlena admits that they're still married but John isn't letting it work. They make small talk and discuss their jobs. He asks her to have dinner with him. She's baffled. He begs and bats his eyelashes. She brings up what he did to Max and reminds him that he's part of her family. "We've all done things we regret," he says. She repeats that she's married and he walks out.

As Nicole tries to talk to John, he stares at Marlena. Nicole prompts him to tell Marlena how he feels. He won't; he's sure she'll come around. Nicole laughs and advises him not to stupidly throw things away. "I'm going to break his arm," John grumbles. She tells him to play it smart. Nicole explains that Trent has a dark side and if he wants to drive a wedge between he and Marlena, she can help. After she gives him some advice, she shakes him to loosen him up and sends him over to Marlena's table. When he sits down to talk, he's taken aback when Marlena flatly tells him that she wants a divorce. Their relationship is a losing battle and they'd be happier if it was over.

Kayla and Steve arrive at the pub and talk about Lexi and Theo. She worries that Lexi can't take much more. They worry about Stefano. Steve vows to watch their son for every minute of the day. Meanwhile, Nicole walks out and bumps into EJ outside of the pub. She tries to get away, but he wants to apologize. She understands that he wants things to work with his kid's mom. He's not sure what he wants with Sami... but when he was with her at the hospital, he felt like he was cheating on Nicole. 


September 5, 2008
Relationship Advice.

Daniel bumps into Lexi at the hospital. She's awkward. He can tell something is wrong and asks her to unload on him. She can't talk about it without getting upset. He pulls up a chair and she tells him about Theo's therapy and the hospital review board looking for someone to take the fall for the lockdown. He offers to speak on her behalf. She might take him up on that. "I feel like my life is spiralling out of control," she confesses. He puts his arms around her just as Abe walks in. They jump up and smile. Abe is dour and flatly tells Daniel that he wants him to stay away from his wife. Daniel is insulted. "Lexi and I are just friends and colleagues," he objects. Lexi asks him to leave. Abe is outraged; he demands that she only turn to him with her problems in the future and reminds her that the last time she had a male confidant, she ended up in an affair. She's been withdrawing from their relationship for months and he's seen her and Daniel together several times. He's not sure he can believe that they are only friends.

Hope chases Daniel down in the corridor. She wants to know what he did that made Chelsea run off to France. He had no idea she even left. "What did you do to her?" she demands. He tells her it's personal and none of her business. She wants to help. Daniel cares about Chelsea, but what happened between them, they will have to work out themselves.

Abe and Lexi go in for their session with Dr. Carrington. She tells him that Abe thinks she is having an affair again. Carrington reminds them of when Abe said the worst day of his life was discovering her affair. She insists that what she and Daniel have is innocent. She doesn't want to talk about her affairs when she's lost her little boy. They ask her what she means by that. She doesn't want to talk about it. Abe is annoyed by her refusal. She opens up and admits that she had a fantasy about living a normal life with her little boy. "Why did this have to happen to him?" she cries. The doctor decides to leave them alone. Abe thanks her for being honest about her feelings. She feels like a horrible mother. He tells her she's wrong; they both want what's best for Theo and want answers about why this has happened, but there aren't any.

EJ hunts Sami down in the pub. He has news: The judge will be making a decision on Allie's custody by the end of the day. She turns and stares at Lucas across the room. She wonders what will happen if the judge rules in his favor... EJ tells her that she is a wonderful mother and asks her if she is afraid of losing Lucas as well as her daughter. She insists she just doesn't want to lose Allie and doesn't care what happens to Lucas. EJ asks her if she regrets what happened between them. She doesn't.

Across the room, Kate begins coughing. Chloe gets her some water while Lucas frets and offers to call Lexi. Kate stops him and warns him not to get involved with another doomed relationship. Chloe's heard enough and decides to walk away. Lucas walks her to the door and asks her to get the keys from Maggie. After she leaves, he sits with his mother and she launches into her anti-Chloe catalogue. He argues on her behalf and then they turn to bickering over Sami and the custody battle. "Chloe is not mother material," she argues. "Neither were you," he points out. She always put him first, she says, hurt. He's sorry. She still finds it hard to sit back and watch him make the same mistakes over and over again. Mickey arrives with a message for Lucas from his lawyer: The decision in the case should come in at the end of the day.

Chloe meets with Maggie in the park. Maggie hands her the keys and explains what each of them is for. They discuss Kate and how protective she is of her children. Chloe wishes that she would leave them alone. She also admits that the entire Lucas-Sami history has become a lot to put up with. Maggie knows how she feels; she tells her the story of the love affair she had with Don when she thought Mickey was dead. She suggests that Lucas may just be Chloe's rebound guy. Chloe's not sure if that's the case. Maggie asks her if she's really moved on from Brady. She has, but she's not so sure that Lucas has moved on from Sami, in spite of what he says. Maggie advises her to think about what she really wants: Lucas may gain custody of Allie and that could have an impact on their relationship. Chloe hadn't thought about that. Maggie repeats her advice to think this over and leaves for tea with Alice. Once Maggie is gone, Nicole pops up. She instantly digs for what Maggie had to say about her and Lucas. "She was giving me relationship advice," Chloe says. "Oh you poor thing," Nicole sighs, grabbing her arm to pull her back to the pub.

At the pub, Sami has overheard Mickey telling Lucas that Maggie just gave Chloe the keys. She can't believe that Lucas is going to the cabin with Chloe. Neither can Kate. Mickey asks Kate aside to talk business. Sami lays into Lucas for "shacking up with Chloe" and says she doesn't want her anywhere near their daughter: She's not a good role model. "And you are?" he shoots back. Chloe might be Allie's stepmother some day, he suggests. Nicole and Chloe have returned and hear this last comment. It makes Chloe very uncomfortable. They sit at the bar and start to drink. Nicole tells her not to worry; she was a step-mom for one of his kids too. Chloe's not sure she's ready to be a mother... she's still just getting to know Lucas. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami continue to bicker; he's sure this is all about her hatred for Chloe. EJ rushes in. Lucas excuses himself and walks over to Chloe. He tells Nicole to get lost and sits down with Chloe. She hands him the keys. He tells her that he hopes that all three of them can head to the cabin tonight. She won't be going, she informs him. "I think you should spend this time alone with Allie," she explains. He's been gone more than he's been around and the child deserves time alone with him. He knows that she's right and, whatever the judge decides, he still wants her in his life.

Nicole sits down with EJ and tries to tempt him into a martini. "Would you like to talk about it?" she asks. He plays coy but takes her hand and admits that he can't get her out of his system. It seems to her that he's still trying to do so. She likes him a lot, but she's losing her patience and he needs to make a decision quick. She walks over to the bar so he can think. Sami starts pacing around him and worrying about the judge's decision. Mickey suddenly stands and informs everyone that the judge has granted joint custody. "No," Sami says, adamantly refusing to go


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