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2nd Week of September Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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September 8, 2008

Are you Jealous?

Marlena runs into John outside of the pub. He asks her in for coffee. She tries to escape. He needs to make sure she really wants a divorce. She does; she spent months trying to get back the man she loved, but it won't happen. He thinks she's giving up. "I'm starting over. A brand new life without you," she explains. John think she's rushing things. She thinks she's already wasted too much time on him. He reminds her that he is still her husband and asks her to move in again. When he saved her life, he realized she was important to him. She informs him that she is going on a date with Trent, even though he sort of bothers her. John doesn't like this and forbids her to see him. "Oh my gosh! Are you jealous?" she awkwardly laughs. He's a hypocrite, she says, reminding him of his fling with Ava. "That was different," he grumbles, but he can't explain how. She walks off.

In the pub, Kate snaps Tony out of his ruminations to ask him what's wrong. He tells her that he is taking a stand against John and his father. She thinks he's asking for trouble. Anna pops up to say she thinks so too. Lexi arrives and asks to talk to her brother alone. The other women depart and Lexi sits down. She tells him how upset Anna is with his behavior. He's sure she's overreacting. Lexi thinks he's out of his mind for going after their father. Tony thinks he needs to keep an eye on Stefano, especially since he's making architectural changes, perhaps even building a new lab. He argues that the empire is up for grabs and they need to think of the next generation. The family name conjures only hatred and fear, she says, repeating that he needs to walk away. He refuses; he's determined to wrangle power from John and Stefano. She tells him he's baiting the Devil. "I'm not worried," he shrugs.

Bo and Hope meet in the park with a picnic lunch. They kiss and she feeds him liverwurst on rye. The smell almost makes her sick. They start talking about Daniel and Chelsea. She tried to get the details out of the doctor but he wasn't helpful. Bo thinks he needs to talk to him. Hope talks him out of it and tells him there is nothing they can do. They lounge around and he apologizes for the mess he got them in. She tells him to stop worrying. He makes her promise to make-out with him in the park more often.

Philip sits with Lucas across the pub. They quickly catch up. Lucas worries how Sami is going to react to joint custody. Philip stares across the room. Morgan sits with Anna who tells her not to give up; she needs to push through and go for what she wants. Morgan perks up and asks if she's heard of any new internships. Anna can't give her one because her company has gone bankrupt... but she has an idea and offers to get her an internship with one of their clients. After Anna steps away, Philip walks over. He wishes he would let go of her anger. She can't let go of him threatening to kill her father. He tells her that what they have is important. She knows that her father isn't completely innocent, but she loves her father and she can't forgive him. He wonders if they could have made it as a couple. "We'll never know," she says, walking away.

Kate is coughing and Anna becomes concerned. She tries to convince her to go and see a doctor. Kate agrees to go if it persists for a few more days. Anna tells her she has a great intern set up for her. Kate says she's busy and she'll have to be interviewed by Chris and runs off. Tony walks by and sits with Philip. He explains that he wants to remove John from the family business, therefore, he and EJ want to align with Philip for help. He promises that he is not working as Stefano's mouthpiece. Once John is taken out, they can take care of Stefano together. Philip smiles deviously.

At the mansion, Sami plays with the children and promises them that she won't let a judge separate them. EJ walks in and tells her that it's inevitable and she has no choice. He explains what sharing custody is. She snaps and claims that she has a terrible feeling about all of this. He tells her the judge's decision was fair and she needs to understand this is out of her hands. She's paranoid and reminds him of Allie's night tremors and asks what will happen when she wakes up with Chloe looking at her. He tells her Chloe is fine. She continues to worry. "I think she's more like her mother than you think," he comments. That doesn't comfort her; she knows she was never the poster child for mental health. He tells her to stop making things worse. She could have already made them better if she'd stayed married to him, he adds. Sami says she doesn't need anyone, she can take care of the children herself. He points out that she has no job or income. She reminds him that Lucas doesn't either. EJ brings up the mess with Will and tells her to be realistic. Sami claims that her "protective anger" will protect her child. She accuses him of keeping her and her children hostage. He says he's done it out of love. She calls him a control freak and demands that he file an appeal. If she does that, she could lose, he explains. She refuses to believe anyone would take her child away. He tells her she'll have to be a model citizen. She rolls her eyes. "If you do anything crazy, you're going to make this worse," he warns. He won't let her pull any stunts around his son or he will be forced to take him away from her.

John and Marlena walk in on the argument. EJ and Sami explain. John sides with EJ, as does Marlena, who tells her daughter that the judgement was fair. Sami tells them all to go to Hell and storms out. John follows her to offer his support. "I know about trauma. It bites," he offers, promising to help her to a solution. She cries on his shoulder. When she rants about EJ, he promises that he will never let him keep her son away. Back inside, Marlena thanks EJ for encouraging Sami to be rational. He gets a call that Lucas will be coming over to pick up Allie. The doorbell rings: It's Lucas. Sami opens the door. He informs her that he is taking the child. EJ promptly walks out with her. Sami's mouth hangs open. Lucas tells his daughter they'll have a lot of fun and collects her things while Sami sobs her goodbye. EJ has to help the child out of Sami's arms and into Lucas'. He walks out. EJ tries to comfort Sami, but she is sure this is going to cause damage to her baby. She doesn't care what anyone says, she will do something to fix this.

September 9, 2008
Moose Hunting.

At the pub, Steve talks to Kayla on the phone and teases that he is feeding the baby pound cake. She thanks him for starting his new PI firm so she can cut back on her hours. They wonder where Stephanie is. She tries to calm his worries but it doesn't work. Kate shows up to get checked out. She coughs, but says it's nothing. Kayla takes her off to run tests. After Kate is checked out, she asks for some antibiotics. Kayla can't do that until she knows what's actually wrong with her. She wants her to get a chest x-ray and leaves to sort it out. A frustrated Kate glares at her watch.

In the corridor, Daniel takes out his phone and stares at a picture of Chelsea. Kate rushes by before being x-rayed. Kayla tries to chase her down. Daniel asks what Kate was doing there. Kayla passes him Kate's chart, reminding him that he is her doctor, and walks away. He groans. He tracks down Kate and tells her to get her chest x-ray done. She argues that there is nothing wrong with her. He says they need to make sure. She still refuses and says that Kayla is over-reacting. Daniel encourages her to get herself checked out for her family's sake. She warns him not to go there and leaves.

Back at the pub, Steve tries tracking down his daughter. He leaves her messages without luck. Next, he calls Hope and asks her to pull any info she has on Trent. She soon arrives and tells him that there isn't much to say about Trent. He's a classic academic and has spent all of his time working. Even his credit reports aren't bad. Supposedly, he is married, although there are no details about it. She promises to dig up a name. He's sure that will explain something and the wife must be the key. Nicole stands a few feet away and gasps. Hope reminds him that he works for Trent. He can't shake the idea that there is something wrong with the guy.

Nicole corners Trent and warns him that Steve and Hope are investigating him. He's not worried; his records are clean. She's worried that their secret will get out. He tells her that if she wants help, she needs to help him. He wants a loan. "You're on your own," she says, walking away. Meanwhile, Bo has arrived and repeats to Steve that Robbins' record is clean. Steve is still worried.

In France, Max and Stephanie return to his room, frustrated that his sister has vanished. Steph isn't worried; she's sure that Mel is resourceful. He begins to pace and wonders if they should call the cops. Nick calls. He's found Mel, he explains, but the phone signal dies. Steph answers a knock at the door and is surprised to find Chelsea smiling back at her. She hopped on her grandfather's jet and came over, curious to hear all about Max's sister. He shrugs it off and leaves to search for her. Steph wants to catch up with her friend, but Chelsea just wants to talk about Melanie. Steph vents about what a disaster she is and how Max can only see the good in her. She doesn't care what happens to Mel; she's just worried about Max and how miserable this is making him. Max suddenly returns with a cop and announces that he has found Melanie.

Mel is lounging on a yacht when Trent calls with bad news. She's sure he's in trouble again. He sighs deeply and explains that he is strapped for cash. "When are you going to stop gambling?" she asks. He doesn't want a lecture, just a favor. He reminds her of his friend Claude and tells her that he wants to meet with her. One drink with him and his debt will be forgiven. She's sure that there is more to it. They lay into each other and she accuses him of trying to "pimp" her out. He argues that he's always tried to protect her from her worst impulses. She hangs up angrily. Nick sneaks in. She tells him he shouldn't be there. "What's going on here?" he demands. "She's repaying a debt and you're in the way," a thug announces as he steps in the room and knocks Nick to the floor. She runs to Nick and the thug throws some clothes at her, levelling a gun at her head and telling her to get ready. After getting dressed, she wakes Nick. Some thugs drag him out and leave her in there. "I'm never going to forgive you for this Dad!" she shouts.

Claude arrives. He pours champagne but Mel turns it down. He reminds her that they met a long time ago and she sat on his lap. She's grown into a beautiful woman, he remarks. She tells him he is sick. When he tries to kiss her, she pushes him back. He calls his thug in with Nick. She claims she's never seen him before. Claude doesn't believe her; he's seen the sparks between them and if she doesn't do what he wants, Nick is a dead man. He dances with her, she cries before sitting down and taking a drink. Max wriggles out of his restraints and fights off his guard. He jumps Claude, punching him. Melanie screams as a thug runs in and takes a shot at Nick. As Nick hits the ground, Max runs in with the cops. The paramedics check Nick out and Chelsea runs to his side as Max demands answers from his sister.

Lucas takes Allie to the Horton cabin. He hopes she gets to love him as much as she loves her mommy. "Let's make some magic," he says. Chloe slouches in, "sea sick" from the boat ride. She rolls onto the couch. He puts the baby in her arms to find her some pills. Later, she's feeling better and looking through the family album. He joins her and giggles, telling her how wonderful it is to be a Horton. They kiss. After having sex on the couch, he teases her that they will be going moose hunting next. He gets dressed to get some wood for a fire later. After he walks out, the baby starts to cry. She gets dressed and tries to calm Allie down. Lucas returns and she hands the baby over. "This isn't going to work," she says. She doesn't have a maternal bone in her body. He doesn't need her to be a super mom or anybody's mother for that matter. He's sure that she and Allie just need to become familiar with each other. "Familiarity breeds contempt," she quips.

Back in Salem, Chris is heading to the pub when he bumps into Morgan. He tells her that she is gorgeous and he's already done a background check and web search on her. They sit down and he runs through her life story, her education, her beauty pageants, her debutante's ball, etc. and tells her that she is hired. They talk about Paul and he says she can have time off to see him whenever she wants. She asks who she is working for. Chris tells her it's Kate. "This interview is over," Morgan announces, storming off. He follows. She explains that Kate hates her. Chris says that she is best candidate and that's all that matters. Kate calls and Chris tries to tell her about her new intern. Kate says she's sure that she's fine. He turns to Morgan and tells her she's hired.

September 10, 2008

EJ at the Laugh Riots.

In France, the cops question Nick while the paramedics treat him for his gunshot wound. He doesn't want to talk about what happened. Nobody else is saying anything either. Max demands answers and so do the cops. Chelsea runs across the room and begins laying into Melanie for letting Nick get shot. Max stops them from fighting and the cops separate them. Chelsea worries about Nick. He insists it's not so bad. The paramedics drag him off to the hospital. She turns and asks Max what happened. He makes excuses for his sister. She guesses that there is something going on between Melanie and Nick. He doesn't know why she cares. She broke up with him, but he's still her friend, she explains. They catch up about her failed relationship with Dr. Dan. She wishes things could be "simple and good".

Later, Max tells his sister that he can't believe what their father did to her. She just wants to get back to her own life. He thinks he should get back to his own life too. She agrees to keep in touch. They hug. She apologizes for putting him in jail and worries about Nick. When he walks away, she gets a text message from Trent asking if she is okay. She throws her phone away and sobs. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Stephanie go back to her room. She explains that Daniel slept with her grandmother. She tries to get over it but she can't. Stephanie wonders if this means she wants to get back together with Nick. Chelsea says no. They're about to go and check on him when Max walks in. He announces that they are going home and, when he gets there, he's going to kill his father!

At the pub in Salem, Philip asks Morgan if he can sit with her. The answer is no. He asks if they can start over and sits down; he doesn't want to lose what could have been between them. She accuses him of feeling sorry for himself and putting her father behind bars. He refuses to take responsibility for that and blames it all on John. Daniel calls him and asks him to come down and talk about his mom. Morgan seems worried from the look on his face. He asks her to come with him. Reluctantly, she agrees.

Morgan and Philip head to the hospital. He tells her that her father was a desperate man who got himself deep in trouble. He's a weak man and that's how he ended up in prison. She doesn't know why he seems to care so much. He wants them to work through this. "You're with her again? What the hell is wrong with you?" Kate asks as she walks in. Morgan assures her that she and Philip will never have a connection again. She walks off. Philip defends his choice in women and accuses his mother of being over-protective. They bicker. He's sure that no woman he or Lucas get involved with will ever get her approval. She insists that she's given them both support. He never noticed. Daniel arrives and says he wants Philip to talk some sense into her. She asks for antibiotics. He needs to do an x-ray. She still refuses. Philip doesn't understand why she is being so difficult. She tries to change the topic back to Morgan but he explains that he sincerely cares about her problems and takes them as his own. Morgan happens to be listening to this but stays silent. Kate makes a veiled statement about her relationship with Daniel but Philip is quick to decrypt it. "You and Daniel! I don't think I can handle this right now," he says, turning around. He lays into Daniel, accusing him of being disloyal after everything Victor did for him. Daniel admits that he's told Chelsea and she's left him. "Smart move," Philip comments. While he tries to digest this, Morgan comes over and gives him her hand. They walk off. He rants about his mother before stopping himself and telling Morgan that they could be good together. They kiss.

Nicole drops by the mansion to see EJ. He thought they had nothing left to talk about. She needs him as her lawyer. "I can't help but be attracted to you. It's a matter of biology," he says. She tells him to forget about 'us' as long as he has a thing for Sami. Of course, Sami walks in at this point and begins laying into EJ for talking to Nicole when he should be off fighting for their daughter. He accuses her of flip flopping and suggests that she is only his daughter when it suits Sami's ends. Nicole is bored listening to them and wishes she could change the channel. Sami re-runs her rants about her little girl being around Chloe. Nicole interrupts and asks her to hit the road. Sami tells her to get a life. Nicole admits that she has more free time than her since she doesn't have all of these children from different fathers running around. EJ snaps and demands that they stop. "I was not put on this planet to fix your problems!" he shouts. He's got problems of his own and refuses to solve theirs. Sami doesn't buy it. "Poor EJ! All his rich relatives sniping at each other!" she mocks. He says his life isn't a 'laugh riot'; he's stuck in the middle of a war. Nicole rolls her eyes; she thinks he's a drama queen. He tells the women to take a deep breath and relax. They don't listen. Sami is ready to leave. He warns her not to do anything 'monumentally stupid'. Nicole tells Sami that Allie is probably already calling Chloe mommy. Sami is going crazy thinking about this. "It's not the end of the world," he says. She swats him and walks out. Nicole tells him his 'Dr. Phil thing' is not working. Later, EJ looks around the room and realizes that Sami has taken Allie's teddy bear and must have gone after her daughter. Nicole returns. He explains the situation and runs off to deal with it. Once he's gone, she calls the cops to report a kidnapping.

At the cabin, Lucas finally gets Allie to sleep. Chloe asks him what to do next. They make out and then go out to the shower to make out some more. She hands him soap. He's confused, so she shows him that it's for washing her back. Allie starts to cry. They towel up and go back inside. He calms the baby down. Chloe's sure that Allie will learn that life without Sami is calmer. They get the baby to sleep. She wakes up. Chloe offers to look after her while he gathers firewood. She tries singing. It works. Noticing that she still has shampoo in her hair, she hurries outside to rinse it out quickly. As soon as she steps out, Sami barges in and runs to her daughter. EJ follows, sure that she came there for more than to just give her daughter back the teddy bear. He urges her to leave with him immediately. She refuses to leave the child alone with Lucas again... ever. He hopes that she isn't about to kidnap her daughter. She insists that she's not. He's not convinced. She claims that she just wants her daughter to be okay. "She's fine," Lucas barks as he walks in, threatening that she'll never see her again if she doesn't leave now. "You left her alone to be with your new BFF," Sami says. They bicker until Chloe walks in. The cops arrive and announce that they are searching for Sami. They order her to hand the child over to her father. Lucas is happy; it looks like she's put him one step closer to getting full custody.

September 4, 2008
Excuse me?

In France, Max explains to Steph and Chelsea that Trent tried to pimp out his own daughter. "Now maybe you understand why he deserves to die," he says, insisting that this is just like what happened with Ford. Chelsea doesn't think so; Melanie brought this on herself. Melanie sticks her head in and says that Chelsea actually has a point. She just feels terrible about what's happened to Nick... Max suddenly announces that he doesn't want to walk away from her. "Don't make this harder than it already is," she says, suggesting they could meet again someday. She leaves to say goodbye to Nick.

Melanie arrives at the hospital and teases Nick about his hot nurse. She apologizes again for getting shot. "Maybe I'll finally get some street cred?" he jokes. She giggles and asks to see his wound. He wishes he could be more daring normally and starts to spill about Chelsea. "You're a great guy Nick. She was stupid to leave you," she offers, before planting a kiss on him. Chelsea appears in the doorway but ducks away as Melanie steps back. She tells him he'll make a girl happy some day. If she's ever in the States, she'll look him up. After she walks out, Chelsea walks in. He tells her that he's sorry about what happened between she and Daniel. She thinks it's what she deserves for dumping him. After telling him all about her breakup, she asks him if there is anything wrong with her. Nick thinks she's perfect. "Then why don't any of my relationships last?" she asks. He says the last few guys she dated were jerks but one day she'll find the man she deserves. She warns him to be careful with Melanie. He smiles and doubts he'll ever see her again.

Back in his hotel room, Max starts to pack and worries what will happen to his sister once he leaves. Steph warns him that getting rid of Trent isn't the answer... and he'd end up spending his life in jail. He promises that she won't lose him. They start making out and then get ready to leave. She worries that he is still going to go after Trent. Melanie suddenly returns and tells him that killing their dad won't solve anything. He must need his kid sister to look after him and stop him from doing something stupid. She suggests she go back to Salem with him, after all.

Marlena goes to the mansion. John called her there to give her the hair tie he found in the bathroom. She's sure there must be another reason. He doesn't think she should see Trent. She wonders why he's taken such an instant dislike to him. Then she suggests that knowing she will no longer be part of his life makes him uneasy. He enjoyed her pursuing him and, now that she's stopped, he no longer has control. He doesn't like it. "You don't want me to date," she smugly concludes. He begins playing with the chess pieces until she announces she's leaving. "You're giving up on us?" he asks. She's letting go, she clarifies. If he hadn't destroyed the disc, maybe things could have been different... He admits that he may have made a mistake, but he can't fix it. She brings up Ava. "I can't believe that woman makes you feel so insecure," he says. Marlena wants to know if he slept with her. He smirks and reminds her that she prompted him to see other women. She concedes it, but now she wants to think of herself for once and put a lot of distance between them. "I don't think we're very good together. Not anymore," she declares, walking out the door. He grins.

"That was nice," Philip says after kissing Morgan. They walk into the pub and he passes her some corny pick-up lines. They laugh. He asks her if she is willing to give them another shot. She is. As long as he doesn't push or keep secrets. Philip gives her his promise and then asks her to fly away with him to Chicago. She reminds him not to push. He wants to work on their relationship without distractions. She's too busy, she says, explaining that she will be interning for his mother. "Excuse me?" Kate asks as she steps in and overhears this. Philip claps and says it's great. Kate is less pleased. Morgan offers to step out. Philip takes his mother aside and requests that she stay out of his life. She suggests he take Morgan as his intern, then rolls her eyes and agrees to go along with this. They return and he asks if she can start in a week so they can go out of town. She doesn't think it's a good idea. Neither does Victor, or so he announces as he walks in.

Victor takes his son outside and lays into him. Philip is confused; he thought business was great and wants a break. Victor thinks that he is slacking; heading Titan should be a 24/7 commitment. They sit down. Victor reminds him that when he was young, his whole life was immersed in golf; he needs to immerse himself in Titan like that now. There will be plenty of time for the rest later. Philip has to wonder if that's true and asks his father if he ever wonders what it would be like if he was still with Kate. She could use a man in her life right now, he adds. Victor doesn't know what he's talking about. His son tells him about the cough and hints about Daniel, but he'll leave the details for him to find on his own.

Back inside, Morgan tries to be friendly to Kate. "Why are you brown-nosing?" Kate asks before coughing. Morgan worries. Kate says that she convinced Kayla to give her some pills and she'll be fine. The men return. Victor asks Kate away. Philip sits with Morgan and they talk about Chelsea and Daniel. He admits that he's made mistakes too but nothing like that. He probes for details about her former boyfriends. She says that Max broke her heart, but they weren't meant to be. Morgan asks him about Chloe and he explains that she is dating his brother. Meanwhile, across the room, Victor berates Kate for what she did with Daniel. "It just happened," she shrugs. None of it was intentional. He worries about Chelsea. She explains that she is in France. He worries even more.

Elsewhere in the pub, Trent sits down with Nicole. She barks that he's not getting a dime out of her. He knows how much cash she got out of Victor and asks her again for her help. He even says 'please'. "You must be desperate," she smirks. He's twenty grand in the hole. She can't believe he's still gambling. "You have a serious problem and twenty grand isn't going to fix it," she says. He threatens to reveal their secret again and reminds her that if it weren't for him, she would still be on the streets. "You have some nerve asking me for anything!" she snaps. He rises and walks across the room to Victor, asking for a word alone. Nicole rushes over and pulls him away before he can say anything. When they get outside, she reminds him that he needs her more than she needs him. She asks for a divorce. He needs the money immediately. She stomps away and John calls him, asking him to stay there so they can discuss their 'issues'.

September 12, 2008
I'll Rearrange Your Face!

At the station, Abe is infuriated that Stefano seems to have paid off the right people yet again. Hope is frustrated too. Bo walks in while Abe pounds on his desk. He's sick of Stefano working the system better than they do. He can't understand why John isn't pressing charges against his enemy either. Abe's spent most of his career trying to stick something to 'the monster'. Thinking of him living a cosy life just doesn't sit right with him; it makes him sick. Bo is disturbed by how hard he is taking this. Abe explains that he feels out of control, both at work and at home. He feels useless, he admits as Lexi stands in the door. Hope and Lexi rush through some perfunctory girl talk before Hope asks Bo to leave with her. They close the door behind them. Lexi promises her husband that their son is making progress. He's still frustrated and worries it's bleeding into his work day. He suggests that they take vacations. She thinks that would only disrupt things for Theo. The hospital calls and tells her that she's missed her meeting. She asks them to reschedule but it's too late. She's frustrated. He tries to comfort her. Lexi feels like a failure and worries about work. He offers to pull back his work hours to help. She won't allow that. Another call comes in: She's being summoned to appear before the hospital review board. He offers to make some calls for her but she turns his help down.

Bo and Hope sit at their computers waiting for their sources to get through to them. Hope's does first. She discovers that Trent's wife is named 'Misty Circle'. He recognizes the name. She sits with him and he shows her the list of Misty's porn titles. She wonders how he knows who she is. "I'm related to her," he says uncomfortably. It soon becomes clear to her that Trent was married to Nicole.

Outside of the pub, Trent is calling his daughter and asking for favors. She isn't taking his calls. While he paces, Nicole pops up and wonders who he is waiting for. He's waiting for John. She's surprised. He asks her again for a loan. She turns him down. If he wants money, maybe he can be a lab rat for Marlena, she suggests. "I believe they use mice," he corrects her. "Whatever. You're still vermin!" she snipes before stomping away. He goes inside the pub and tells Marlena that beautiful women shouldn't eat alone. She looks around and then tells him she doesn't want company. He asks her about John and starts probing her financial details. She only wants her freedom, she claims. He gets her coffee. She points out that she already has tea. She asks him about Max, although she refuses to talk about her children, or her life.

John stands outside and spies on Marlena and Trent. Nicole walks out and tries to talk to him. "Man's got a lot of nerve," he stares. She wishes they could get him behind bars. "The man destroys lives," she says, suggesting that Trent is more dangerous than Stefano and could ruin Marlena. "He has to be stopped," John concludes. He promptly walks in, grabs Trent out of his chair and punches him in the face and knocks him out. As he kicks Trent, he goes into a spasm and almost collapses. Trent crawls up to call the police. John demands explanations from Marlena for associating with Trent. "You have no right to interfere with my life," she reminds him. She tried hard to love him, but the man she loved is really gone. "You don't understand love," she says, explaining that he just wants to own her. He's exactly like his brother and that's why she's divorcing him. "Stay the hell away from me," she orders. John throws cash on the floor to cover the damage to the pub. "What about the damage to my face?" Trent asks. John throws some bills at him and walks away. Marlena walks over to Trent, accuses him of also being guilty in this. She makes it clear that they don't have a relationship and threatens: "If you annoy me again, I'll rearrange your face!" She tells him to stay away from everyone. Nicole watches through the window and suddenly covers her mouth, running off to be sick. Marlena walks out, wondering what's gone wrong with John. "You shouldn't have messed with me Marlena," Trent grumbles to himself. Meanwhile, John goes to the shooting range. "I won't let you win. Even if I have to kill you!" he utters as he opens fire.

Tony and Anna return to the mansion. She thinks that her presentation at their client meeting was a great success. He thinks the man they were meeting with was a perv and the impression she left on him didn't have much to do with advertising. He tries groping her as they walk into the main room. They discover the table is elaborately set. She thinks he's surprising her, but he's not. Stefano walks out and explains that his, "How do you say? Date?" is going to be arriving soon. They laugh. "She can't be much of a lady!" Anna suggests. Kate walks in. Anna and Tony's jaws drop. Stefano grins from ear to ear before kissing her cheek to cheek. Anna tells Kate that if she's that lonely, maybe she should try speed dating. Stefano asks them to leave. Tony is belligerent. His father asks him not to make a scene. Tony asks the ladies to excuse them. Once they step aside, Tony probes for his father's intentions toward Kate, Stefano laughs. Meanwhile, Anna is surprised to see that Kate and Stefano are 'chummy'. Kate's not his chum but they're on good terms, she explains before coughing. When Anna hears Stefano arguing with his son, she drags him away and out of the room. He stands at the door eavesdropping. Stefano is already hard at work passing out compliments and red wine. He wants to make a life in Salem again, he announces. They toast to new beginnings and 'us'.

Anna makes jokes about Kate. Tony is not amused. She accuses him of being over protective. He accuses her of being jealous. "She needs our help," he says, searching for a way to thwart his father's plans. Anna gets an idea. As they rush off, Kate and Stefano continue to gab about business. He's always been impressed by her talent to 'rise from the ashes'. She gives Tony some credit for it. Tony and Anna walk in wearing servant's clothes and start serving dinner. Stefano apologizes, but tells Kate they'll have to put up with their 'idiotic antics'. Kate doesn't mind; she likes having Anna wait on her. Once dinner is over, Stefano dismisses them. Anna offers to play Scrabble with them but he's not in the mood and orders them away. "If you need our help, just scream," Tony says to Kate as they walk out. He and Anna stand at the door and listen. Stefano apologizes for all of the stupidity and moves on to more important matters. He has an intimate proposal for her. "You and I should get married," he says. She's shocked. "I adore you and respect you. So what do you say? Shall we merge?" he asks. Tony and Anna wonder if Kate could be insane enough to accept. Kate's still bewildered but she's single. She's flattered, but can't answer right away and wonders where this could be coming from. He's spent months in a state where he could only think. He realized that, among other things, he wants her. Does this mean he loves her? It means he wants her by his side. She admits they've always had a connection but she thought Marlena was his Queen. He's not done with her yet, but says it's time to crown a new Queen.

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