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3rd Week of September Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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September 15, 2008

I Didn't Know you Had so Much Time on your Hands.

Philip bumps into Nicole outside of the pub and asks her in to join him in drowning his sorrows. She's got sorrows of her own to drown. They go into the pub, grab a drink and talk about their dysfunctional love lives. She still wants to kill Sami. That's not news to him. They talk about her catching Sami and EJ getting 'freaky' in the stairwell. Smiling, she tells him all about her fantasy about killing Sami.

Flash to Lucas in black and white is in his PI office wondering how he can beat the heat... he also wonders how his wife is beating it. Flip over to Sami rolling off of EJ in his apartment. He tells her not to call him 'Junior'; only his wife calls him that. She laughs and caresses her Limey's chest. They hear his wife coming, jump into a panic and he pushes Sami into the closet. Nicole walks in and wonders why she bothers buying a beefcake like him suits. She's been driving and looking for a cool breeze. He claims he's been tossing and turning, looking for sleep. As he dresses, she asks if he's been stepping out on her; she doesn't like to share her toys. He's her weak spot and he still gives her goosebumps. He promises she's the most important thing to him. She says he'll be sorry if he cheats on her. After he convinces her to step outside, he smuggles Sami out, not noticing that her earring falls on the carpet. Later, as Nicole cleans the carpet, she discovers the earring on the floor.

At Philly K's club, he finds Chloe and offers his help. She doubts his intentions. When she tries to pay for her coffee, she finds she's broke. He offers her a job... cooking. She can sing, she explains enthusiastically, begging for a chance. After she belts out a tune, he claps and offers her the gig. She worries that all men are wolves. "Pin up girls don't get their clothes at the Salvation Army," he quips, lighting a smoke and taking off her glasses. She could clean up better than fine, he suggests.

Nicole goes over to Lucas' office where he dozes. Before he can take her case, he explains that he has a lot of enemies. She doesn't scare easy. They bicker about money. She likes his spunk so she hires him to find the tart who's been sleeping with her husband. When she flashes the earring, his eyes darken. He promptly takes her to the bar and shows her his wife with her husband. Dejected, he returns to his office and points his gun at Sami's photo. Chloe walks through the door. He's shocked to see his former, mousy, secretary now glammed up. She offers him some cash because she knows he's having trouble. He won't take money from a woman and worries how she's been earning it. Her heart only belongs to him, she says, kissing him.

"Even in your fantasy Chloe falls for my brother," Philip cringes as they break out of fantasy land. Nicole fills in some of the gaps. He's flattered that he shows up in her fantasies. After ordering her another drink, she continues her story. Flashing back to black and white, EJ tells her that he's leaving her. She begs him to stay. He takes a kiss and says goodbye. "No one walks out on me!" she bellows. Philip interrupts the story to tell her that he didn't know she had such a vivid imagination, or so much time on her hands. She takes a drink and continues to her favorite part: Choking Sami with her scarf. Sami gasps and falls on the bed. Nicole climbs on her and suffocates her with a pillow. Afterwards, she calls Lucas and he shows up asking where the fire is. He begins demanding to know where his wife is. She nods at the carpet. "I'm not taking the rap for this," he grumbles before pulling a gun on her. Philip interrupts, he wants more violence but Nicole isn't giving him any. Back in fantasy land, Lucas finds Chloe with her head out the fire escape. He manhandles her out. She was just trying to cool off but admits she has problems. She's given up the glitzy life though. That's music to his ears. He plants a kiss on her.

Nicole tells EJ that she just bumped off his mistress. He chuckles until he believes it. Sami's dead so only they matter now, she explains. "That's never going to happen," he says. She pulls out her gun and threatens a murder suicide. "You and me back in bed or dead?" she asks. It doesn't seem like much of a choice. She tells him what happened. He weighs his options and promises they can be like they were before but they've got to get her out of Salem first. They go back to her place to pack. The cops show up and tell her she won't be going away on a vacation. They arrest her for killing Sami. She asks EJ if he will wait for her. "Sorry doll face, I'm not that guy," he says, blowing smoke. They drag her off to the electric chair.

Once the story is finished, Philip wonders how things don't even work out for her in her fantasies. He hopes things work out better in real life and walks away. She hopes that EJ will come to his senses. EJ suddenly stomps in, ready to strangle her. "I know what you did to Samantha," he bites.


September 16, 2008
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz.

At the mansion, Anna walks in on Stefano. He invites her for a drink and a few words. She turns him down. He pours her some vodka anyway and hands her an album of photos. She smiles as she spots Tony at his first communion and playing cricket. He had high hopes for his son once... but not anymore. He's betrayed the family and has to pay. She tells him that the empty threats are getting old. He claims that he has only 'cherished' his children and they have disgraced him. "I've seen your version of love and it's brutal," she says. He tells her that he will be filling a new photo album when Kate has his child. She walks out and the maid walks in with a note for John. Since he's not around, Stefano takes it instead.

At the pub, EJ is laying into Nicole for calling the police and getting Sami arrested. She gulps a martini. He eats her olive and demands an explanation. She says he's doing a disservice by trying to save Sami from herself. She's a rotten person because people keep cleaning up after her. EJ refuses to apologize for protecting the mother of his child. Nicole is sure that Sami needs to suffer from her mistakes for once so that she can learn from them. She's always skated away scot free, she insists. He doesn't disagree, but what she did still wasn't nice. He walks away.

Lexi is uncomfortable when a child is confused as to why Theo never talks to him. Lexi explains that he's just really into his toys. The child's mother asks if he is returning to kindergarten. Lexi explains that he's been diagnosed with autism. The woman tells her of another child who was diagnosed and offers to get her their number. After she walks off, EJ joins them. He offers her any help that she needs with Theo. She's frustrated that the child has no interest in her or Abe, but she's sure that whining won't make things better. Theo starts playing with a spoon while Lexi catches up with her brother. EJ explains that he hasn't seen much of their father. She thinks she should go and see him and worries about her upcoming meeting with the hospital review board. "It's going to be okay," he reassures her. She goes on to talk about how livid Abe is about their father going free. She tries to stop her son from playing the spoon. He begins to cry until EJ tells her to just give the utensil back. She refuses and explains that he is dropping the spoon because he misses Chelsea. They chat about his children and his troubles with Sami. He's sure that her reckless behavior will land her in trouble and admits he still cares about her. "You are a glutton for punishment," she says, encouraging him to look elsewhere. He's not sure that he is ready for a relationship right now. She thinks he's still in love with Sami and worries that he'll get hurt. "Isn't there anyone you wouldn't mind getting involved with?" she asks. He stares at Nicole. Lexi smiles. He tells her that Nicole did something 'adorable': She called the cops on Sami. Lexi admits that she doesn't trust Nicole but she still encouraged her to go after him and get him away from Sami.

Daniel sits at the bar with Nicole. Seeing that she is drinking orange juice, he wonders if she is turning over a new leaf. She asks Pete to top off her drink with some vodka. He wonders where her dog is. She's on a play date, she explains. Seeing that her only friend is a dog, he suggests that she find somewhere more happening than Salem to live. She explains that she is sticking around because of a guy. They talk about Lexi's screaming child. She admits that motherhood is hardly at the top of her agenda. Her stomach twinges. He asks her to come over and get tested. She thinks some 'pop pop fizz fizz' will make her good as new. She tries digging into his life. He's defensive and it takes some prodding before he admits that there are problems in his love life. She doesn't succeed in getting much out of him, but they flirt a bit before he teases her about EJ. Nicole admits that she's made many mistakes with guys. He tells her that honesty is the best policy, or that's what Oprah says anyway. She's sure that EJ is hung up on his ex. He urges her to bite the bullet and try to make it work, otherwise she'll be stuck with nothing but a dog.

Roman drags Sami down to the station. She makes excuses. He reminds her that she has broken the court order and makes her promise to respect the judge's decision. "I can't do that," she insists. "Then you won't be surprised when Lucas gets full custody," Marlena chimes in as she walks into the room. Sami instantly launches into a justification but Marlena quickly cuts her off, telling her that she sounds like a 'spoiled brat'. Sami grunts. Marlena continues, explaining that the child needs both parents. When she walks out, Roman follows, agreeing with what she said but suggesting she may have been too hard. "We've been too soft on her her entire life. She is spoiled, selfish, a manipulator," Marlena says, refusing to enable her daughter and let her ruin her children's lives.

Hope shows up at the hospital to drag Kayla off to the Blue Note. She explains that she has everything set up with the husbands so they can have a night out to catch up. They worry about what their husbands may be getting up to now that Stefano is back. Hope promises that she and Bo will keep an eye on Steve. Marlena pops up. They ask her to join them. Kayla runs off to change. Hope and Marlena catch up on the investigation into her attack. Marlena admits that Stefano was just paying her back for what she did to him. Before she can explain, Kayla returns and reluctantly admits that she already knows all of this. Hope demands more info. Marlena explains what she did and why and lists all of the people who know about this already. She may have violated her oath as a doctor, but to protect her family, she would do it all over again. The next time Stefano comes after her, they will all be ready, they say.

Back at the station, Roman returns to Sami and tells her that Judge Henderson just heard about her little stunt and extended Allie's stay with Lucas. Sami is furious and wants to call her lawyer. Roman warns her that she will only make things worse. "Whose side are you on anyway?" she barks. "Allie's. What about you?" he shoots back. They bicker until he gets called off to deal with trouble in the interrogation room. As soon as he's gone, she gets on her phone. As she paces, she's shocked when Stefano shows up.

September 17, 2008
Prepare to be Amazed.

"What the hell is the meaning of this?" John asks as he walks into the mansion, wondering why anyone would send him an invitation to his own house. EJ explains that this cocktail party is Stefano's way of announcing that the house is his again. John's annoyed. EJ blinks and tells him that they should wait and see what Stefano has to say. John imagines Junior is siding with his father. EJ insists he isn't; they just need to wait and see what's happening. They drink. Sami walks in and says that she is on the guest list as well. EJ's baffled. Sami explains that her messages to John were intercepted by Stefano. "I could hardly leave one of my party guests stranded," Stefano announces as he steps in. He snaps his fingers and music begins to play. They wonder what his motives are. He claims he doesn't have any. Sami explains that she didn't want his help and took a cab over. John starts defending himself, reminding his half-brother that he still has legal title over the DiMera holdings. Stefano chuckles and walks out to check on dinner.

EJ takes Sami out to the foyer to thank her for not taking his father's help. She instantly lashes out at him, accusing him of abandoning her when she is trying to raise their daughter. He tells her that she is erratic, self-destructive and childish and that she needs to grow up. Outside of Johnny, he could care less what happens to her. He walks off and back to the room where Tony and Anna bicker with Stefano. They're sure this is just a charade to get them back on Stefano's side. He tells them that he is not their enemy or the reason that the family has been torn apart. For that, they have to thank someone even more ruthless than he is.

Back in the foyer, Sami thanks John for all his help. He seems to be the only person who understands her. She always thought that EJ did, but it doesn't seem that way anymore. John tells her not to be so sure. He thinks that she's a great mother and the only person who understands him too... especially since Ava left him. He warns her about Stefano, but claims that he knows how to stop him and he's the man to do it. Joining arms, they walk in to join the others.

Stefano tells his assembled guests that tonight will mark the reuniting of a family that has been tragically torn apart. John seems to be getting a headache and tells his half-brother to 'cut the crap'. Tony needs a better answer about why they are there. Marlena suddenly walks through the door. "Your timing is impeccable as always," Stefano smiles. She got a message asking her to meet John but thinks she's interrupting a party. John tells Blondie he didn't send her anything, he knows better. Stefano confesses to the ruse and explains that she is the guest of honor. Everyone's patience starts running thin and they begin threatening to leave. Stefano stops them and announces that they will be shocked to learn that Marlena has a heart blacker than his. He asks her to explain to everyone what she is capable of. "Go to hell!" she says before walking out. John follows her. She admits to him that Stefano is right and she has done a terrible thing. He says that she only did a terrible thing because Stefano had done a terrible thing to her. She's lost everything because of him and he wishes he was back in that coma. He vows that he will kill anyone who tries to hurt her. She thanks him for clarifying to her why she did what she did. Crying, she explains this wasn't just about vengeance, it was because she realized just how dangerous Stefano is. John tells her to feel good and empowered that she did this to protect her family. He can see how the guy he used to be was in love with her. They smile.

Back inside, Stefano argues with Anna, furious that a homicidal maniac like Marlena is revered while he is reviled. Anna refuses to believe it. Marlena returns and explains that it is all true and she would do it again. Anna's still in denial. Sami says her mother had no choice. Stefano says there is always a choice. Marlena agrees and justifies herself. Her conscience wouldn't let her kill him, but it would let her put him in a state of living death. He calls this the cruellest kind of torture. Sami says he deserves it and she's proud of her mom. Stefano shrugs and says that family should stick together. He turns to his sons and asks them what they have to say now that they've heard the truth. EJ says that nothing has changed and Tony says he won't get any sympathy from him. Stefano bites his lip. "This is the final insult. The final treachery. I am through with both of you and, as of this moment, I put you all on notice. Vengeance will be mine," he vows. "I put you on notice," John shoots back.

Tony, Anna and EJ pace around in the foyer wondering what John and Stefano are talking about inside. They know they have to take power from both of them one way or another. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Sami that she feels better now that this is all out in the open. Sami tells her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and she shouldn't be so hard on herself. Marlena apologizes for being so hard on her before. Sami knows that she is just concerned. Marlena just wants her to use her head more often. "I'll try," Sami cries.

Stefano lights a cigar. He's amused that his 'pawn' is putting him on notice. John tells him to stay away from Marlena and not breathe a word of what she did. Stefano can't do that. She has to pay. "You're going to have to go through me," John dares. "That can be arranged," Stefano smiles. "You thought this was war before... brace yourself," John threatens as he leaves. Stefano's sons file in. He bursts out laughing. He can't believe that John and his two sons, the 'clowns', think they can win against him. He tells them that he is getting his 'ducks in a row'. "What are you going to do? Shoot us?" Tony asks. Meanwhile, as John leaves, he finds Marlena and tells her how proud he is of her. He tells her that Stefano will curse the day he was born if he touches a hair on her head.

Abe goes home and finds a frustrated Lexi. She worries that their son keeps withdrawing more every time she tries to play with him. He worries more that there may be something wrong with her. She's distracted. He sits her down and she tells him about the incident with the boy at the pub and how Theo ignored him. Abe tells her it doesn't make her a bad person to wish her son was more like the other kids, but adds that burdens can be overcome and Theo is making progress. She worries that Theo is suffering because of their hectic work schedules. He tries to be encouraging and promises her that things will be okay. They discuss her upcoming meeting with the hospital review board. She's sure that they know she isn't responsible. He knows that Stefano is responsible for the lockdown and wants to drive over to the mansion and tear him limb from limb. She explains that they have an invitation to the cocktail party there tonight. He reads the invitation aloud. "What do you suppose he means, 'Come prepared to be amazed'?" she asks. His curiosity aroused, he thinks they should go. She adamantly refuses, not wanting anything more to do with her father. Angrily, she tears up the invitation. They sit down. He pours them a drink and tells her that he and Theo are very lucky to have her. She thanks God every day for both of them and cuddles up. The moment is spoiled when the secretary for the board calls to make sure that she will be there for the review in the morning. She worries; she knows that she has been letting things slip. There is so much more that she could do, but doesn't have the time. "Theo needs you a whole lot more than that hospital," he says, promising that he can take care of the family if she gives her job up.

September 18, 2008
We Have a Serious Problem.

At the pub, Nicole rambles about the problems of going to a wedding solo. Philip tells her to just bring a friend. She can't and kicks herself for not being in a relationship, even after she's found 'the man of her dreams'. On Cue, EJ walks in and Philip makes himself scarce. EJ saunters over and begins making jokes about Nicole's alcohol intake. She says she's been having a rough time and may have some kind of bug. He suggests she see a doctor. She's touched that he cares and invites him to sit down. They complain about their living arrangements and he tells her the story of the cocktail party last night. He's still not sure what it was all about. He thinks that she is lucky and should take her divorce settlement and run. She likes Salem, besides, she wouldn't want to travel alone. "You'd have Pookie," he says. She doesn't like being teased. They flirt. He'd love to run off with her, he admits, explaining that he would be devastated if she ran off with another man. He wants to explore their feelings and suggests they have a proper date. After some jokes, he plots out a detailed evening with her involving lobster, red wine and a stroll by moonlit water. "You deserve to be treated like a lady," he says. She begins crying and runs off. He follows. She's sure that they will go through the same vicious cycle again. She wants to have faith in them, but the ball is in his court; Sami needs to be out of the picture. He repeats that she'll always be part of his life, because of Johnny. It may be impossible for them to have a relationship if she can't understand that. She respects that he puts his family first, it's just Sami she can't share him with. EJ takes her hand and asks her to give a little. She agrees to be flexible, but only if Sami is.

Daniel is frazzled when he arrives at the hospital and bumps into Lexi. He's been called in to testify at her hospital board hearing today. She says it's not fair of them to put him in this position and worries it could get ugly. She admits that she has fallen behind on some things, including things she can't defend. He tries reassuring her when Julie arrives. She tells Lexi that she and Mickey are both on her side.

Philip runs into his mother outside the pub. She coughs so much she can barely speak. He takes her phone away. She makes excuses and tells him he's worrying about nothing. As she coughs on him, he urges her to talk to Kayla again, sure this is more than a cough. He calls Chris and orders Kate's schedule cleared. She's infuriated. Her son announces he's taking her to the hospital. He drags her over there and confiscates her phone. He asks the nurse to page Kayla but she's off. Daniel sticks his head in and announces that he has some time. He offers to take her into the cubicle. She'd rather wait for an appointment with Kayla. "She's seen enough of you," Philip snipes at Jonas. He and Daniel argue and the doctor urges them not to let their problems get in the way of him helping Kate. They need to run tests and x-rays. Philip turns to his mother and urges her to take the tests right now. She gives in. Daniel questions Kate and then leaves Maxine to check her vitals. Philip follows the doctor out and asks for details. Daniel has to run off and take care of things and tells him he'll know soon enough. Philip returns to his mother and tells her she's not a very good patient. They remember when she took care of him when he had chicken pox. He says it's now time for him to take care of her. She apologizes for being so reluctant to come. As she begins coughing again, blood comes out of her mouth. He calls for a nurse.

Abe paces in Roman's office, worrying about Lexi's hearing and vowing that he will do whatever it takes to nail Stefano. Abe steps out for a moment and Mayor Marino calls to announce that he is coming over. When Abe returns, Roman informs him that the mayor has something important to discuss with them. Marino soon arrives and begins doling out football metaphors. Abe needs an explanation. "We have a serious problem," Marino says. He shows them the op-ed piece in today's paper which trashes the department. Abe and Roman think it's ridiculous. Marino says his office has been getting complaints about how they handled the lock down at the hospital and he's not pleased either. Abe accuses him of trying to put their heads on the block just because he let Stefano walk. The mayor points out that there is no evidence of anything against Stefano, but there's plenty of evidence of their incompetence. Abe becomes furious and defends everything he did. Marino says it was half-hearted. Abe's outraged. He's been doing the same thing for twenty-odd years. "The people of Salem deserve better," Marino says. Abe suggests that Stefano must have bribed him. Marino's annoyed but Abe keeps accusing and taunting. "The last thing I want to do is work for a corrupt, cowardly and intimidated City Hall. I'll find a way to get Stefano on my own!" Abe growls. Roman tells him not to do this. Abe drops his badge on the desk. "I quit," he announces, walking out.

Victor arrives for the hospital board meeting, joining Mickey and the others. Lexi and Julie arrive and it starts. Eleanor, the Head of the Board, starts running Lexi down and suggests that her personal life has been interfering with her duties. She's confident that Lexi should never have been given this job. Julie defends her, as does Mickey. Daniel arrives and offers his support as well. Sitting down, he explains that he has stayed because he likes the way things work there and he has a good relationship with her. Eleanor asks again about whether Theo has impacted on Lexi's job performance. Lexi insists that it never will. Daniel argues that Lexi is the best person to lead and represent the hospital and they are all blessed to have her. Eleanor asks them to leave so they can deliberate. Before they leave, Daniel repeats that he's never been in a hospital where the Chief of Staff has been so highly regarded.


September 19, 2008

Public Threats.

"Misty Circle?" Bo calls out to Nicole as she walks outside the pub. Startled, she turns around. "Would you prefer we call you Mrs. Trent Robbins?" he asks. She plays dumb. Bo and Hope explain what they know. Nicole finally sits down and explains how she and Trent hooked up. He was decent at first but then he began gambling and drinking. He became angry and abusive. She left and assumed he'd filed for divorce. Hope points out that there are legal ramifications for all of this. They will have to tell Victor, she explains.

Trent drifts into the pub and orders a beer before calling Nicole and ordering her over to the pub. He tells her to bring her check book. Next, he calls a bookie and places a bet. Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie arrive outside, happy to be home. He thanks her for helping him find his sister. She's had a great two months in France... outside of jail and Nick being shot and Melanie... When she peers inside, she spots Trent and decides that they should go to her apartment first. He looks in the window and sees his father. She begs him to deal with Trent tomorrow. He storms in and punches his father in the face while she calls her father for help. Trent gets up and asks Pete for ice. Max tells his father that he ran into Claude in France and accuses his father of pimping out his own daughter. Trent claims that he did nothing. Max is about to clobber him again when Stephanie gets between them. As they argue, Melanie pops up. He walks to her to explain. She slaps him across the face. He asks her to come home and talk with him. She refuses and demands answers about why he never told her that she had a brother. Max tells his father that his life is over. Trent tries to grab his daughter and leave. Max puts a strangle hold on his father and holds a broken bottle against his throat. Melanie urges him to go ahead and kill him. Steve, Kayla and Caroline rush in, yelling at him to stop and telling him that Trent isn't worth it. Steve begs him to give the bottle up. Caroline steps up next. Max claims that he is doing the right thing. She tells him that Pop would not approve. Bo and Hope walk in and Max finally drops the bottle. Trent says he wants him arrested for attempted murder. Bo asks everyone to relax and pulls Max aside to demand some answers. He orders him to apologize. "I'm only sorry I didn't kill the bastard!" Max shouts. Meanwhile, Stephanie drags Melanie out to rant at her and Nick takes a moment with Trent. He seems remarkably calm for someone whose career is about to end. Trent threatens him to think twice about spreading disinformation. Trent walks over to his daughter to apologize. She begins threatening to kill him.

Daniel tells the hospital review board that Lexi is what the hospital is all about. He's never worked at a hospital where the Chief of Staff was so highly regarded. He urges them to keep that in mind when they make their decision. Daniel and Lexi file out so that the board can deliberate. Outside, Lexi thanks Daniel for all the nice things he said. He meant them. She admits that she's been falling behind. He urges her to be positive. She panics and explains that if she'd known about what was wrong with Theo, she may not have taken the job. He suggests she take a break. "He needs a full-time mother," she says. They return to the meeting. Before the official decision can be announced, Lexi stands up and says that she is resigning. Learning that her son is autistic has taken a toll on her job and her marriage. Now, her focus needs to be on her family. She will continue her practice, but needs a much more flexible schedule. She thanks everyone for what they've said. Eleanor, the Chairperson of the board, asks her to reconsider. Lexi repeats that her family needs to come first. Daniel shakes her hand as she goes.

A depressed Abe sits outside of his house before going inside and seeing Theo with Kelsey. He thanks her for sitting and shows her to the door. He sits down with his son to play with blocks. Abe opens up the most recent evaluation that Theo's had and is happy with the results. He and his son play until Lexi walks through the door. They show her his progress report. She's so happy she cries. Taking Abe aside, she explains that the board asked her to stay but she resigned. He would have liked a heads up. She tells him not to worry because he will still be bringing home a pay check. "You're not the only one who resigned today," he says. He handed in his badge. Abe explains his fight with the mayor. She worries about the cost of Theo's therapy. Abe says he's already had offers from security firms for work; he can't work in a system corrupted by Stefano DiMera. He's been pulling the strings for too long and someone needs to step up and stop it. "Your attention right now needs to be on our son," she says. That's why he's doing this, he explains. Theo suddenly finishes the train puzzle. They run to him and tell him how proud they are.

At the hospital, Kate begins coughing up blood. Philip calls a nurse and then calls his brother. Lucas soon arrives and worries. Philip sends his brother in while he takes the nurse off for a chat. As soon as Lucas walks in, Kate barks at him to go away. He tells her that coughing up blood isn't good. Philip returns and says she needs to let them take care of her. Philip gets called away. Lucas stays to keep an eye on her. She snipes at him for spending all his time with Chloe and worries that he is falling too hard, too fast. She promises to keep an open mind, "She is a step up from Sami, isn't she?" The nurse arrives with a wheelchair to take Kate down for her x-rays.

Down the hall, Victor takes Daniel aside to lecture him about his embarrassing behavior with Kate. He doesn't know how he could hurt Chelsea the way he has. Daniel says that he and Kate were only together a couple of times. Victor expects this sort of thing from Kate but not from him. Daniel vows that he isn't finished with Chelsea yet. Victor forbids it. Daniel says that Chelsea is important to him. Victor snipes again. The nurse brings Daniel results from Kate's tests. Victor demands information and storms off to find her. As Daniel looks them over, he can hardly believe what he is seeing.

Meanwhile, the brothers sit and wait for Kate. Lucas' phone rings. He's sure it's Chloe so he doesn't answer. Philip tells him it's okay. Things didn't work out between he and Chloe, but his brother has his blessing... he just wonders how Sami is taking this. Lucas wonders if he should sue for sole custody, but it's hard if you don't even have a job. Philip suggests he come back to work at Titan. They shake on it and return to Kate's bed as she is wheeled back in. Philip sets up a computer and announces that it is time for a family meeting. They call up Billie and Austin for a video chat. She's thrilled to see her children again. They tell her that she needs to take care of herself. Kate gives in and agrees. Victor suddenly arrives and asks about her x-rays.

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