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4th Week of September Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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September 22, 2008

How Could They all be so Stupid?

Lexi storms into the mansion to confront her father about the lockdown at the hospital. He apologizes. She doesn't buy it. The hospital didn't fire her, but she has resigned anyway. He's sorry to hear it. She informs him that Abe quit his job too. Stefano isn't sorry about that. Lexi says that he's tired of the corruption in the system. "He cannot stand the idea that I am innocent," Stefano suggests. Lexi tells him that her husband will be going after him with everything he's got. He shrugs and reminds her that Abe has always failed. She explains that, since he isn't a cop anymore, he won't fail this time. She also points out how many other people are out to get him and suggests that he leave town. He's not surprised to hear this from her and doesn't see the point in getting angry about it. It's already clear to him that all of his children have given up on him and betrayed him. "I deserve better than that!" he snaps. After all he's done, no one is willing to try, she shoots back. Before she can leave, he claims that he would never have abandoned his children the way that they've abandoned him. It's incomprehensible to her how he can claim to love them and try to destroy them at the same time. "You're dead to me," she shakes, warning him to stay away from her son. He won't allow that. He knows that Theo has autism and can make sure that he gets the best treatment possible. She turns him down; he disgusts her too much. She storms off. "How could they all be so stupid?" he wonders.

At the pub, Bo tells Max to 'suck it up' and apologize to Trent. Max is just sorry that he didn't kill him. Meanwhile, Melanie tells her father that she hates him and threatens to kill him. He wonders what's gotten into her. She accuses him of pimping her out. Max steps between them and they argue until Patch steps between them. Melanie cries; he only had to ask and she would have gotten the money for him. Max threatens his father again. Caroline tells Trent she wants him to leave. She lays into him for using his daughter to pay his debts. Melanie runs out and Caroline continues telling Trent how sick he makes her. Steve tells him it's time to go. He says that his daughter is a pathological liar. Max rants at his father. "No one smears my good name and gets away with it," Trent states coldly as he walks out. Max is sure that his sister will never be safe as long as Trent is in her life.

Outside of the pub, Nicole worries that she'll have to give Victor his money back if he discovers that she's still married to Trent. As she mumbles this to herself, her ex-husband materializes and asks her what she's blubbering about. They go inside as the fighting ends. Bo and Hope eye them before he walks over to his father. After filling him in on what the fight was about, he tells him that they need to discuss Nicole. Victor glares at her. She asks Bo to let her do this alone. Victor follows Nicole back outside. When they get there, she tells him that her past has finally caught up with her. "You weren't my second husband... you were my third," she says, explaining that she was married to Trent. He doesn't care. She breaks it to him that she and Trent are still legally married. His scowl drops and his eyebrows perk up. She tries to explain the situation and tells him that she used to go by her porn name: that's why she didn't come up when he ran a background check on her. Victor chuckles. She tells him about Trent and how he mistreated her until he drove her away. He bursts out laughing. Her sob story is not going to convince him to let her keep his money. "You are about to be dirt poor again," he laughs. She walks off to be sick. When she comes back, he informs her that she'll be hearing from his lawyers and smugly walks off. "Trent, you are so going to pay for this," she vows as she grits her teeth.

Nick follows Melanie outside. She cries, feeling stupid and sure that her father never loved her. She cries on his shoulder while Chelsea watches in the shadows before walking inside where Steve sits with Kayla and their daughter. He wishes Steph had told him what was going on in France so that he could have helped out. She's just worried about Max. Steve says that he and Bo will keep an eye on him. Kayla thinks that they can talk him down. They ask her about Melanie. "She's a real piece of work and I definitely think she's going to be trouble," she says. When she walks across the room, she fills Chelsea in on what just happened and how scary it was. Chelsea says that she just saw Mel crying all over Nick and it was 'really pathetic'. Steph tells her to admit that she's jealous. Chelsea says that she cares about Nick and doesn't want him to be taken advantage of, but they're just friends. Steph tells her to let it go.

Across the room, Caroline shakes and wonders how Trent could do such things to his own children. Bo tries to calm her. She says that she would do anything to protect her children. Bo turns to Max and tries to get him to calm down and stay away from Trent. Max can't promise anything. Bo admits to Hope that he's not thrilled with Trent either. After Max walks off, Victor walks over. He tells them he's had some good news for once, which he is glad about, considering what's been happening with Kate. While he's benefited from Trent being around, he still thinks that the way he treated Nicole was awful and he should be punished for it. When he walks out, he calls Nico to take care of something involving Trent.

Back outside, Nick tells Melanie that he'll help her through this. She feels like she's lost everything. He tells her she still has a friend. "And family," Trent grumbles as he walks over. He asks to talk to her. Nick is defensive. She assures him she'll be okay. After he goes inside, Trent apologizes for what happened... and asks her if he still owes Claude money. She explains that he's in jail for attempted rape and no doubt blames him for it. He worries. She points out that Nick almost died because of him; she can't believe that they're related. "Remember darling, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree," he tells her. He knows all about what she was up to in Europe and she's exactly like him. Max shows up and pushes Trent away. His phone rings and he walks off. Max takes his sister in and introduces her to Caroline. "You're family," Carline smiles, telling her to treat the place like home. Max leaves them alone while he leaves to take care of something. Stephanie follows him off.

Back inside, Chelsea sits with Bo and Hope. They want details about what happened in France. She tells them what happened. Bo becomes outraged. As he runs off with a grimace, Hope prods Chelsea about how obviously hung up she is on Nick. Meanwhile, out in the alley, a furious Nicole runs into Trent. He tells her that her problems with Victor are not his fault.


September 23, 2008
No Way!

Trent finds Melanie outside of the pub. He tells her to cut the innocent act. He thinks that it's time to clear the air and get back to the way things used to be between them. She refuses; she may have flirted for him in the past, but being pimped out is new. "We both know you would have gone through with it if your brother didn't show up," he says. She says he's disgusting. He defends himself and claims he had no idea what Claude wanted. She doesn't buy that and wishes he was like every other dad. Seeing that she was acting like a 'whore', he decided to capitalize on it, he explains coldly. She threatens to kill him once again and walks off. Nick soon shows up and starts to lay into Trent. He tells him that his career will be over the second the school finds out about him. Trent tells him that his grant will vanish when they discover that he is a fraud and Max did all of his work. Nick doubts anyone will believe anything that Trent says and demands that he stay away from Mel. "I can't do that, she's my daughter," Trent says. Nick threatens him. Trent doesn't care and walks away. Melanie's been listening to the whole thing. "Maybe things would be better if my father just died," she concludes.

In the pub, Lexi stares at her watch. Hope wonders what's wrong. The doctor is not used to having this much free time. They talk about how positive all this time could be for her, her child and her marriage. She worries about what Abe will do with his free time. Hope thinks that standing up to the Mayor was very noble. Lexi wants to believe that. Hope tells her that Abe could be making a lot more money working in the private sector... but she worries about him going after Stefano. Lexi's worried too; now he doesn't have to go by the books.

Bo and Roman show up at Abe's door with news about a smash and grab at an electronic store. Abe doesn't know why they are talking to him. They need him to get back on side with them. He refuses to work with an administration tainted by DiMera money. Roman thinks the crime rate is going up without him. Abe smiles and suggests that Roman replace him. "No way in hell!" Roman objects. Abe and Bo pressure him. Roman reminds them that he was on board with Abe for all of the unpopular decisions he made. Abe offers to make some calls and worries that the Mayor will just appoint a sycophant. Roman can't handle the paperwork. Abe looks over at Bo next. "No way!" Bo bursts out laughing and reminds them that he was just under investigation. He's had countless suspensions and reprimands and is known for breaking the rules. Roman gets called away on business. Abe sits Bo down to talk him into the job. He still refuses and tells him he'll have to find someone else. Before he can, Roman calls to say that the Mayor has already picked someone and will soon make the announcement. Lexi walks through the door as Bo leaves. She asks Abe how he feels about having someone take over his job. "Depends who it is," he says. Soon, they get a call that the announcement will come in a live news conference.

At the station, Mayor Marino asks Roman if he has any objections to his choice. He doesn't. They're sure they'll get some good press out of this for once. Outside, Hope arrives and asks Bo for news. Before he can say anything, the news conference starts. After taking some subtle jabs against Abe, the Mayor announces that Hope will be Abe's successor. Everyone claps. Hope is stunned. At home, Lexi is shocked. Abe smiles and says that he made some calls and suggested Hope.

John finds Stefano reading stories to the children at the mansion. He objects to his taste in reading material and calls the maid in to remove the 'rugrats'. Stefano thinks his brother is looking for a fight and gets in his face. John tells him that everything he once had is now his. Stefano laughs. John gets a headache and blames it on the company. His brother offers him some ibuprofen. John doesn't accept the pills and repeats that the whole DiMera empire is his. Stefano laughs again. John intends to have him declared incompetent. They bicker over business details. Stefano claims that he was the one who made the business grow, not his father. John thinks he is owed half of everything. Stefano threatens to send him to prison and John threatens him back. He's not sure why John is so upset about what he did to him; after all, he likes his new self better than the old one. John repeats his threats. "This is not a little fight anymore; this is a major war," Stefano says. He would bury a hatchet with the devil for the sake of 'Gianni', he claims. Hearing that, John offers to call in Elvis to have something drawn up for them. Stefano turns him down flat. He reminds him that he already has the Alamain fortune and suggests that he is being greedy. John wants to fight for what is his. "You're going to be wasting your energy. You are nothing. I created you, I can destroy you," Stefano explains. John's headache returns. He says that he will take everything and asks him to sign over the house. Stefano laughs again. "Any spider can build a new web," John quips. He's tired of having his relations crowd him there. They threaten each other again until John leaves. Rolf hurries in and tells Stefano that everything he had him arrange is now ready. He also says that John is entering a 'critical stage in his engineering' and his brain may soon overload. "Soon he will be dead," the doctor explains.

Anna and Marlena are sharing breakfast at the pub. They gossip about John and how strange he has been lately... more strange than usual anyway. "I think he's heading off the deep end," Marlena assesses. She's disturbed by John's new hair trigger temper, but that's not going to stop her from divorcing him. Ava was the last straw for her and John's problems are profound; they're biological. Anna encourages her to reconsider. Marlena thinks that she's given him more than enough chances already. Anna knows he may be different in the head but could be the same deep in his heart. Marlena is lonely for him, but he's gone. Anna wonders if she can really sit there and watch him self-destruct. Marlena's offended by this suggestion. Anna apologizes and starts to wonder if her friend is right after all. Marlena thanks her for listening and runs off to work. Anna calls John and tells him they need to have a talk.

September 24, 2008
Retiring the Outdated Model.

At the station, Hope is slightly baffled that the mayor has selected her as the new commissioner. Although she thinks that having a female in the job is long overdue, she knows that many of her colleagues are more qualified and says she will have to think this over. Bo and Roman congratulate her and think she is exactly what the city needs. 'Fancy Face' says this is too much. Roman advises her not to turn the job down because the mayor will then select one of his lackeys and they'll never get DiMera. She doesn't know what she wants. They tell her that she's perfect. She's just worried about how this could impact on her life and doubts that this will work. Later, Bo corners her in her office and repeats that she's perfect. She's tired of the pep talk; she knows how terrific she is, she just doesn't want to do it. The long hours could take a toll on the family and on her. If she does take the job, she'll be his boss, she points out. That turns him on. They kiss and cuddle. She's still conflicted; losing Zack has made her treasure her time with Ciara too much, but she knows that her daughter would be fine if she took the job... She makes it clear to him that nabbing Stefano would not be her sole purpose. Roman sticks his head in to say that the mayor needs an answer. Hope calls the mayor and turns his offer down. The mayor's happy, Bo is less thrilled but he agrees to respect her decision. She prays it was the right one.

Stefano is at his mansion mumbling about how John is drunk with power. Rolf comes in with a fax and reminds him that John's brain is a time bomb. Stefano doesn't want him dead, that's too easy; he wants to see him suffer. He picks up a pawn from the chessboard. The end game he is playing has nothing to do with John anymore, he says. His new plan will be to destroy Marlena once and for all.

At the pub, Anna tries to get through to John and reminds him that Marlena is set to divorce him. He's blank. She repeats herself. He already knows that she wants a divorce. As she talks, his vision blurs and her voice echos. His mouth hangs open and his head falls back. He snaps out of it. Anna badgers him more. He becomes dizzy and collapses.

A nauseated Nicole wanders around the alley outside of the pub. The fact that Salem smells like fish and garbage doesn't help. She bumps into Trent. That doesn't make her feel better either. He taunts her about Victor discovering her secret and losing her settlement. She wants the money he owes her. He tells her that she has no one to blame but herself for everything that's happened. As he chuckles, she walks off to be sick. Sirens ring. He tells her that John was just taken off in an ambulance. She wonders if the chowder did him in... "You still look as good as you did when I first married you," he smirks. "Maybe Locker room Lolita can make a comeback?" he suggests offering to see if she is still worth the five dollar rental fee. She's disgusted. He wanders off and bumps into an angry Max. He threatens to kill his father if he doesn't leave town. "Ooo Maxie! I'm shakin' in my boots!" Trent giggles. He wonders if his son is really like him deep down. No matter how much he goes to church and drinks green beer, he'll never be a real Brady. Meanwhile, Nicole goes inside and, after seeing a knife for cutting lemons on the bar, is sick again.

At the hospital, Kayla gets the attention of a distracted Marlena. She wonders what could be bothering her. Marlena tells her that John is spiralling out of control and she can't help him. She suddenly tries backing out of the conversation. Kayla corners her. Marlena admits she obsesses over John every minute of the day... A tear runs down her cheek. She tells Kayla about John's crazed behavior. The more she tries to help him, the more he resists. "I'm quitting him," she says, wiping away her tears and walking away. When Kayla turns, she sees Daniel ranting at a nurse until she bursts into tears and runs off. Kayla tells him to settle down and stop yelling. He continues to rant and shout before heading to the door and bumping into Chelsea. She wants info on Kate. He can't say anything.

Chelsea and Daniel sit in the corridor. He apologizes, but he can't say anything about Kate. She asks him to remind her of why he didn't tell her that he and Kate slept together. He didn't want to hurt her. She lays into him and then tries to leave. He begs her to stay and tells her that it was all his fault and Kate never meant to hurt her. She's had enough and walks off. He returns to the nurses' station and apologizes to the nurse he berated earlier. She hands him Kate's test results. Looking them over, he's dazed and shakes his head before pulling out his phone. He leaves Kate a message telling her to come in so they can decide on the next step.

John's taken to the hospital by ambulance. Kayla asks what happened. He had a seizure. Kayla wants to run a brain scan on him before he has a stroke. Kayla sends Anna off to call Marlena. The doctor soon runs in and Anna explains what happened. Marlena hurries over to John. He tells her that Anna's voice kept getting louder until it didn't make sense. "That probably didn't have anything to do with the seizure," he says. He wonders if she despises him. "I could never despise you," she says. She has to go and see a patient but promises to come back. Meanwhile, Kayla has already run a brain scan on John. As she looks over the results, she gasps. Marlena comes down and they look at the x-rays together. They're unlike anything they've ever seen. Kayla explains that John's mid-brain region is clouded over. Kayla goes up to get John for more tests. He just wants to leave. Before he does, he asks her if he is dying. She's not sure. "Now I feel much better," he snaps. She needs to run more tests. That's not an option, he says. He takes a call and plods off.

Marlena runs over to Stefano's. She demands his disc containing John's brain. He'd rather play chess. She says that John is in the hospital and needs help; how can he do this to his own half-brother? He tells her that they are not very different from each other. She's afraid that if they don't restore John's memory, he will die. She plays the guilt card with him and begs him to think of John's children. He repeats that John's fate was sealed years ago and there is nothing they can do. After she storms out, Rolf comes down and tells Stefano that he hacked into the hospital's server and saw John's x-rays. They need to get him before he 'flames out'. Then they can reprogram him as their pawn. Stefano doesn't think they need him anymore; it's time to "retire the outdated model and find someone new to play with".

September 25, 2008
Good as Gone.

Nick spots Chelsea sitting at the pub. He sits down and she begins complaining about her lack of judgement when it comes to men. He assumes this is about Daniel and asks her to open up. She tells him that she saw Daniel talking on the phone to Kate and imagines that they are together again. "I just feel so stupid," she says. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes and suggests that she learn to trust the right people. He urges her to forgive Kate and Daniel so she can let go of them. She asks him if he's forgiven her. Nick could never stay mad at her for long. "Now you've moved on from me haven't you?" she asks. Laughing, he finds it bizarre that she is possessive of him. She doesn't like him with Melanie. "People who date cheating doctors shouldn't throw stones," he says, accusing her of manipulating him into becoming her consolation prize. He wants to pursue things with Mel; if she doesn't like it, she needs to leave him alone. He continues to be defensive of Melanie, but Chelsea continues refusing to trust her.

Trent is finishing his interlude with an escort in his hotel room. After she departs, his phone rings. It's Claude and he is not happy. Trent begins apologizing and promising to get him the money. Claude wants the cash or Melanie. Trent hangs up and looks at a photo of his daughter. He weighs his other options. This appals him, but he doesn't feel like he has a choice so he calls her.

A frustrated Max sweeps the pub when Melanie arrives. She knows how he feels. Their father really pushes both of their buttons. She tells him that he needs to play it cool. It does her heart good to know that he cares about her but she can't get used to being so near her father and needs to get away. Max forbids her to leave. "If anyone's going to leave, it's going to be him," he says. Suddenly, Trent calls. He wants to meet her. She panics and cringes. Max offers to take her so they can make it clear to their father how they feel about him.

The siblings soon arrive at Trent's. He knows they aren't 'warm and fuzzy' for him now, but he's in trouble and needs help. He tells her that she left a big mess in Marseilles. If she can't help fix it, he'll be a dead man. Max is sarcastic, but Trent is really worried. He pleads with his son. Max feels nothing for him. Trent turns to Melanie and sadly begs her for help... just one last time. She holds back her tears while he continues to beg and promise to change. When Max sees that she might believe this, he gets in his father's face and pushes him back. Grabbing his father by the throat, he threatens to kill him. Melanie calls for Nick while Max pummels his father. Nick and Chelsea soon run in. Nick pulls Max off and offers Trent the grant money to leave. "I'm not going anywhere," Trent says as he climbs off the floor. He likes Salem and Nick's project can make him rich. Nick holds Max back while Trent continues to beg his daughter, "the chosen one", not to side with "the reject". She refuses to listen. He decides that they are both "worthless losers". They all walk out while he yells at them. In the hall, Max promises his sister that their father is as 'good as gone', one way or another.

Philip has taken his brother out for dinner at Chez Rouge. They toast to family and discuss his situation. Lucas says that Chloe is babysitting his daughter right now. Philip doubts that since she's just walked through the door. Lucas is not amused. She tells him that she hired a babysitter. She thought that he might be happy to see her. He's not happy that she's pawned off his daughter. As he leaves to call and check on Allie, Nicole arrives and tells Philip that she needs to talk to him. Lucas returns, irate that Chloe left his daughter with a stranger. She's insulted and walks away. Nicole follows. Philip knows that he's a protective dad, but he's overreacting. Lucas explains to him that he and Chloe banter acerbically; that's the basis of their relationship.

At the bar, Nicole tells Chloe that Lucas has always been highly strung. Chloe is sick of it. Watching Allie sleep and breathe all day is getting to her. She feels like she's not ready for the family thing. She knows she can never do enough. "I'm starting to feel trapped," she admits. "I know what you mean," Nicole sadly says. Chloe likes Allie, but she doesn't feel cut out to be a mom... yet. She stops herself, remembering that Nicole can't have kids. Nicole urges her to talk to Lucas. He pops up and apologizes for being neurotic. He asks her to dance. As they dance away, he apologizes again and tells her that he likes having her in his world. Meanwhile, Nicole sits back down with Philip. She begs him to help her with his father. He can't make his father budge. She can't pay back the money that she has already spent; her whole future will go up in smoke if Victor demands it back. She's sure Trent will pay for this; he should be 'shot dead and buried in an unmarked grave' she says. He tells her to talk to her lawyer. Lucas takes Chloe back to the table and announces that he is going home to work and tells Chloe to stay there. Nicole leaves next. Chloe sits down. Philip toasts to getting what they want. She asks him if he knows what he wants. "Do you?" he shoots back.

At the station, Bo tells Roman that he's taken Hope home. She worries that he thinks she made the wrong choice. Roman turned down the job too, but he worries who will be taking the job now. They're both willing to quit if a DiMera associate gets put in. Roman urges Bo to take the job and makes his case. They start to bicker because Bo doesn't want the job any more than anyone else who has turned it down. Roman challenges him to make a difference for the town's sake. Of course Bo wants to make a difference, he admits, but... Roman decides to call and recommend him. Bo's infuriated but Roman tells him that this is the best thing to do. Caroline shows up. She's worried sick about Max and his obsessive hatred of Trent. Roman tells her not to worry; Max is 'smart'. She's still scared. They tell her to calm down. She refuses until something is done to keep Trent away. They offer to take Max out to dinner and talk to him. She's sure that won't work and they have to get Trent out of town. Bo tells her their hands are tied. "Mine aren't," she says, walking out.

September 26, 2008
You're a Real Tiger.

Kate walks into the hospital and begins rambling to Daniel about her corporate taxes until he cuts her off and tells her that he's called her down there for important reasons. She's been coughing up blood and that's serious. He still needs to run more tests. She thinks he's making a big deal out of nothing. Chelsea arrives and leaps into the conversation, accusing Kate of doing anything to keep seeing Daniel. Kate hopes they can still talk. Chelsea says she'll never forgive them. Kate insists that she's told her everything already and it's over. If that's true, then why has he asked her there to talk about the next step? Chelsea asks. Kate is shocked that she was eavesdropping. Chelsea assumes they will start sleeping together whenever they are lonely. Daniel tells her to apologize for saying that. She refuses. Kate asks to talk to her alone. Daniel's reluctant but Kate begs. As he leaves, she begins coughing. She admits that there may be something seriously wrong with her, but they don't know what. "I don't want you to be sick," Chelsea admits. Kate is trying to do the right thing, but it's not her 'forte' so it's hard. Crying, she repeats that she would never have tried to hurt her, especially after what happened with Billie and Nick. Chelsea thinks apologizing is too easy. It's harder for Kate than it is for most people. Chelsea thought Daniel was the one. Kate tells her to think of second chances. "I don't think that's ever going to happen," she says. Kate coughs some more before telling her that she doesn't need to forgive her, but begs her to forgive Daniel. Chelsea declares that nothing will help make this better and walks away. Daniel returns and tells Kate that he and a pulmonologist have examined her x-rays. "I'm sorry Kate, you have lung cancer," he announces.

EJ's at the pub downing a pint when a sweaty Nicole walks in. He offers her his handkerchief, but she says she doesn't perspire, she glows, and then complains about Bo outing her to Victor. He tells her she's lucky she wasn't arrested. Victor's found this hilarious, she explains. "I hate Bo Brady and I hate my dearly departed husband even more," she says. He asks her what she meant by that remark. She just thinks he'll be on the way out now that everyone knows he was married to a porn star. The conversation turns back to Victor. He tells her that she has a chance to keep her money. She smiles. He gets her a drink and she tells him she earned every penny of her settlement. He thinks that getting her to cry on the stand will melt any judge's heart. Nicole feels stupid; her father pushed her into porn and she let him and then she wound up with Trent. EJ asks her if she can prove that Trent was violent. She'll have to dig up some neighbors. "By the time I finish with the judge, he'll need a box of kleenex," he promises. She says that he won't have to worry about Trent making it to the stand. "Did you do something you shouldn't have?" he asks. She tells him not to be ridiculous and runs off to be sick.

Bo and Hope arrive at Chez Rouge to celebrate her not taking the job. Kayla and Steve arrive and tell her she should have taken the job. Bo finally admits that he's agreed to take the job. They're all impressed and laugh before walking over to a table. As they sit, Hope admits she would have liked the challenge, but it would have consumed her. Bo doesn't want the job at all, but everyone browbeat him into it. From his new position, however, he'll be able to keep an eye on the mayor and stop the DiMera lackeys from turning Salem into an open city. While they chat, the mayor walks over and reminds Bo that there is no guarantee he's even got the job yet. Bo says that he's just happy to be considered. The mayor says he'll be in touch and walks away. Bo isn't 'counting his chickens' on getting the job. He knows his record is not clean enough to get it. Kayla tells him not to worry. Steve stares. The meal ends and Steve and Kayla congratulate them before they leave. Bo wants to go to the graveyard and get his father's blessing.

Caroline walks through the graveyard at night with a basket of flowers. Stopping at Shawn's grave, she tells him about the weather and how much she misses him. She tells him how much Max needs him right now and how angry Trent makes her. "I took care of him tonight... we don't have to worry about Trent bothering Max anymore," she says before offering him her confession. When she stands up, she hears a thud from the bushes and heavy breathing. Trent stumbles out of the trees at her.

Bo and Hope walk into the graveyard and chat with the cops hanging around and gossiping. They tell him that the whole force is behind him. Suddenly, they hear Caroline screaming. As they run across the graveyard, she crawls out from underneath Trent after he's collapsed on her. She pulls the knife out of his back as Bo and Hope arrive.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie is telling Mickey all about how they can become more environmentally responsible. As she gushes all about it, he chuckles. Meanwhile, Melanie looks through Trent's wallet when Nick bumps into her. He asks her where she was. She tells him she was just taking care of something. So was he. She shoves the wallet in her purse and notices Maggie and Mickey 'sucking face'. Nick says that's the look of lasting love and calls them over to introduce them to Melanie. Maggie probes for details about her. Nick asks them what they were so excited about. She tells him they're under review for green approval. As he orders celebratory cider, Maggie asks him what happened to his hand. He says he hurt it in France. Melanie doesn't remember that. Pocketing the cash from Trent's wallet, she offers to buy Nick dinner.

Max goes into his room and takes off his bloody shirt. Steph comes knocking. He slips into another shirt and lets her in. He doesn't want to talk about his father ever again. She sits him down and massages his shoulders. Max tells her that he's finished thinking about Trent. They start making out. After sex, she suggests that they stay in bed forever so they'll never fight about anything. She asks him where he was earlier. He claims that he was in the garage. They go another round in bed. He needs a shower. When he gets up, she spots the scratches on his back and asks if she made them. "You're a real tiger," he says. While he's in the shower, she spots the bloody shirt on the floor.


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