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2nd Week of April Daily Summaries

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April 6, 2009
Not Half Bad.

Nicole's shocked to find Dr. Baker at the hospital. He's the new pediatrician. She's not happy. He thinks she should be glad that the baby's doctor already knows all about her. "We are done," she says, telling him to leave town. He needs the job. She accuses him of coming back to blackmail her. "If I were ever in need, I would have a wonderful friend to help out an old pal," he admits. She repeats her old threats. He tells her that she is frighteningly sly sometimes, but right now she is being an idiot. Nicole doesn't like his smirk. Her threats don't scare him anymore because she has more to lose than he does. He threatens her until she agrees to stop making threats... but she refuses to let him be her baby's doctor. Baker thinks that's a bad idea and points out how complicated things could get if Sydney had a different doctor. She still refuses and tells him to stay away. He warns her how upset Mia will be if she finds out what happened and then walks away.

At Sami's, Will asks Mia to take Grace in her arms. She can't. She explains she's been around babies before... sort of. "Adopted babies get lots of extra love," she says. He's confused. She explains that a friend of hers was adopted and always wondered who her real parents were. Still, she thinks that what his mom did was awesome. He agrees. She holds the baby and tells him how good it feels. As they begin changing diapers, Nicole calls Mia and asks her to meet up urgently. After she leaves, Will tells Grace that she's not half bad.

Nicole and Mia meet at the pier. Nicole tells her that Tony is dead and out of the picture. Mia thinks she should be relieved but Nicole explains they have another problem - Dr. Baker is back. Nicole accuses her of coming back for the baby. "Kind of," she admits, but she promises to stay away. Nicole doubts she can stay away and decides to lay down some rules, warning that, if she breaks them, it will hurt Sydney. She tells her to stay away from her and the doctor, or leave town. Mia agrees to stick to the rules. Nicole suggests she pursue her dancing dreams in New York. Mia wants to finish high school in Salem first.

Stephanie finds Philip moping in the pub. Stefano walks in and groans to himself when he spots them. She rushes over and tells him how sorry she is about what happened. Philip stands up. He knows that Stefano must want to break heads, but says, "I'm not the man to blame for Tony's death. That person is his father. It's you," he accuses. Steph gets between them. "You have no idea how I feel and you should pray to God that you never do," Stefano threatens before he trudges off. The couple sits down. He hates Stefano but isn't happy to see him go through this. He knows exactly how Tony felt though. Philip feels like a failure since his father fired him. "The way I see it, he just set you free," she suggests. He smiles when he realizes that he's in control of his own life. They go over to the mansion and he tells her how lucky he is to have her. After packing, he leaves a note for his father. They go back to her place and she tells him he can stay there as long as he wants. He's not sure that's a good idea, especially since she lives with Chelsea and she's dating Max. Steph still wants him to stay and invites him into the bedroom.

Sami shows up at the mansion to hug EJ and tell him how sorry she is about Tony. He tells her how hard things were between Tony and the family before he died. He's not sure that his brother knew how much he loved him. Sitting by the fire, he tells her how still the house is. The rooms seem empty now. She knows how hard it is to say goodbye but she might have something to make him feel better. They play with Johnny and then put him to bed. He says that losing his brother has helped him understand why she is adopting a baby. She's impressed by his change of heart and thinks he's such a good dad that she should tell him something about Grace. Sami hopes he's not a resentful person... Before she can explain why, Stefano storms in yelling about how Philip should be dead. Sami and Stefano begin arguing. Stefano insists that the DiMeras will look after themselves since the Bradys are looking after the Kiriakis family. After he walks off, EJ asks Sami what she was going to say about Grace. She just wanted to make it clear that her baby is a Brady and their families need to steer clear of each other. This doesn't make sense to him. She freaks and runs off, refusing to explain. Meanwhile, Stefano goes down to the scene of Tony's death. He sits by the stake where he was impaled and cries.

April 7, 2009
There's Plenty Of Blame To Go Around.

At the cabin, Kate is giving Chloe pointers on how to segue and pretend she cares about things she's talking about. Chloe is overwhelmed. Kate thinks she's underestimating her ability to fool people. Maggie arrives and chats with Chloe while Kate talks to Victor on the phone. He's worried about Philip and explains that he's moved out of the house. They bicker over what's wrong with their son. "He left you and you can't take it," she suggests. When she gets off the phone, she finds Maggie giving Chloe a copy of The Bible. They sit around and drink tea. Chloe doesn't know how to let it steep properly. Kate runs off to volunteer at the hospital and leaves them alone. Chloe doesn't understand why Kate wants her to do this; Kate's niceness seems fake to her. They wonder if Kate knows about Daniel, but assume she would have come after her by now if she did. When Maggie glimpses that Chloe has an appointment with Daniel in her day planner, she blows up. Chloe explains he's the only doctor qualified to treat her. She swears on The Bible that things are over between her and the doctor.

Stefano sits at the crime scene. A cop comes by and begins to clean up. Stefano insists that his son was murdered and Philip will pay for it. He gets a call from one of his men who informs him that the Kiriakis mansion is now under surveillance, in spite of some hiccups getting in there. Stefano gets off the phone as Victor arrives. He doesn't want to talk. Victor offers to go somewhere else. "Is there anywhere else that my son is not dead?" Stefano asks. Victor repeats that this was all an accident and admits that they are both to blame. Stefano has been staring at Tony's blood all day and decided that he needs to make his enemy know how this feels.

Philip and Stephanie are making out on her couch. Chelsea walks in, sees them, walks out and then rings the bell. When she comes in, Philip apologizes. Chelsea brushes past and Steph wonders what her problem is. Philip is sure he's the problem. Steph explains the situation to her friend. Chelsea worries about how complicated this situation is. Once she flounces away, Philip tells Stephanie that Chelsea may be right to try and warn her away from him. She gets his shirt off and they make out. As she climbs on his lap, he looks down and sees Tony on the front of the newspaper. That ruins the mood. While he puts on his shirt, he tells her she doesn't want to share his messy life. She complains about his father and tells him that she likes that, without Victor around, he has the chance to be the real him. They make out until Victor comes knocking at the door. "I'm sorry," he offers. Victor wants to be a better father and asks his son back to Titan and the family. Steph goes to her room and leaves them alone. "I know you want change, I just don't know why," Philip says. Victor doesn't want to give up on his dream of working side by side with his son. Philip thinks he's sacred. His father warns him that there is plenty to be scared about. Before he leaves, Philip offers his apologies. "There's plenty of blame to go around," Victor says as he leaves. Steph returns and tells him he can't go back to his father.

At the hospital, Mel is in her candy-striper uniform and standing with the nurse. She spots Dr. Daniel. "That's Dr. Don't-you-go-near-him," the nurse advises. Mel instantly runs over to him and introduces herself. He tells her to stay with nurse Maxine and walks away. Maxine advises her to wash her hands and change her attitude so she'll be ready for the lunch rush. As it starts, Melanie gets into a fight with an old man who throws creamed kale in her face. Meanwhile, a fellow doctor asks Daniel out. He tells her it will have to wait. When she walks off, Kate arrives and tells him he'll be seeing her around. Melanie paces around the nurse's station when Chelsea arrives, disturbed to see her working there. "My love for mankind kicked in... and this is the only job I could get," she says. She wanders over to Kate. They chat about Philip and Chelsea notices her grandmother is staring at Daniel. "Poor Daniel. I don't think he knows what's coming," she says as she walks away. Kate stands there and fantasizes about killing Chloe while drinking a cocktail and forcing the doctor to watch.

Melanie walks around the hospital making beds and complaining to herself. Maggie comes in to check on her and tells her she needs to remake the bed. She offers to help and starts showing her how to make a bed properly. Melanie begins asking her about Daniel and giggling. Later, she is delivering pills when Kate bumps into her. She knocks the pills on the floor. Kate swipes a key and Mel flounces off. Chelsea walks in and reminds Kate that she's met Mel before. Stefano arrives to pick up his son's death certificate. Kate tells him how sorry she is; her son is beside himself over this. He tells her to cherish her son's life. "Life, as we've learned time and time again, is only temporary," he says. She wanders over to the medicine cabinet. Before she can get to the pills, Melanie catches her. They exchange threats until Mel cowers. Kate hands the key over and Mel sulks away.

Daniel walks into the pub and sees Chloe. He almost walks out but then decides to sit down with her. She thinks this is a bad idea. He says pretending they aren't casual friends would look more suspicious. She's paranoid about Kate. "I have this weird feeling that she is somehow torturing me," she admits. He tells her that Kate quizzed him about them before but is sure she knows nothing. As she pokes at her salad, he asks about the pregnancy and wonders if she would have told him if it was his child. She makes her excuse. He's sad she went through it alone. "You're not the guy I go through things with," she reminds him. He leaves her alone. Chelsea walks in and asks Chloe if she's seen Kate. Meanwhile, Stefano wanders down to the pier and talks about Philip in Italian on the phone.


April 8, 2009
She Always Needs A Babysitter.

Stephanie is disturbed to hear Philip announce that he is returning to Titan. He tells her that his father is really sorry for how he's treated him. She doesn't think Victor can change. He knows she wants him to be his own person, and he wants the same thing, but he has to sort out the mess he has made. Although he may not have wanted to kill Tony, he did want to hurt him. Steph can't take it anymore. "I guess this is goodbye," she cries. He asks her if she knows how many times she's broken up with him; it's lost all impact by now, and just when he was used to having her in his life. Philip asks her to help work this out. She can't stand to watch him turn into someone she doesn't like; she just wants to be his girlfriend, not his conscience. Walking out, he wishes that he could be the guy she wanted. They both know that's not possible. As she falls on the couch in tears, Chelsea arrives. Steph explains that he is gone for good. She pouts and Chelsea suggests that Philip wanted her to dump him for her sake. Chelsea tells her to cut her losses. Steph starts to worry about the danger Philip is in and decides what she wants to do about it. As Philip returns to the mansion, Stephanie shows up. "If you want me to leave, you're going to have to make me," she says, kissing him.

Mia calls Will and asks him to meet up so she give him back the book he lent her. He agrees to see her after his mother comes back to look after the children. Rafe comes through the door. Will isn't thrilled to see that he's not Sami. Rafe isn't thrilled to hear that Sami has gone to see EJ. He questions him and Will is defensive. Rafe apologizes and asks if he can hang out and wait for Sami. Will offers him a seat and asks him if he is hung up on his mom. Rafe claims he's not. Will is sarcastic. Rafe needs beer. "I'm pretty sure she's not into you the way you're into her," Will tells him. He advises him to keep it simple and tell his mom the minimal.

Mia bumps into Dr. Baker at the Java Cafe. He asks her why she's come back. She tries to avoid him but he asks her how she is. "Have you seen your little girl?" he queries. She tries to get rid of him so she can start her life over. He apologizes and walks away as Will walks in. He asks who the old guy was. She makes an excuse and asks him about the baby, reminding him to treat her like a real part of the family. She offers to babysit whenever Sami needs it. "She always needs a babysitter," Will says. Mia admits that something about Grace really got to her and she wants to help take care of her.

At the mansion, EJ and Sami are bickering. She worries that Stefano is in the mood for revenge and doesn't want him conducting 'business' anywhere near her son. As they argue, Nicole arrives and listens from the foyer as Elvis promises Sami that he will never let anything happen to her. Sami rants about Stefano and Elvis defends his father until Nicole interrupts and asks her why she is so upset. They talk about the situation and Nicole admits that she's worried about how dangerous things are. Elvis bellows at her. She tells him they should act like adults, even if that means agreeing with Sami, and invites Sami to bring Johnny to the wedding. Sami is stunned that they are going through with the wedding. Nicole wants to do something positive. "It's going to seem tacky," Sami suggests. "It's going to be magical. Every girl's dream," Nicole insists. Flowers are delivered to the door. Nicole asks if they are for the wedding. "They're condolence flowers," Elvis explains. He begins barking at Nicole for letting Philip go free. Sami thought she'd have known better than to betray the family. Nicole throws a fit and stomps out. Sami doubts that Nicole understands why he is siding with his father over her. He changes the subject. She reminds him he has children to think about. "I don't need the reminder," he says.

Elvis begins ranting at Nicole for changing his child's doctor without telling him. He also rants about Baker being at the hospital and demands to know what is going on. She accuses him of becoming more like his father. Watching Tony die was painful and scary for her but all she got was the cold shoulder because she refused to perjure herself. He doesn't trust her anymore and tells her they need to stop and think about this wedding. She assumes that he wants to call it off and doesn't know what to do. As she cries, he guesses that she is sad. Although she claims otherwise, he knows the difference. She thinks they are exhausted and grieving. "I think we need to spend some time apart," he says before kissing her and walking out. She sits down and weeps.

When Sami gets home, she finds Rafe with the baby. He asks her what's wrong but she doesn't want to talk to him about EJ. She wishes she could have gotten Elvis out of there. "It's not like you can put him in a car seat and drive him away," Rafe reminds her. She knows another way - telling him the truth about Grace. When he blows up at this, she accuses him of being jealous. He doubts she would even think of telling the truth if EJ wasn't walking down the aisle with someone she hates. Sami is starting to feel like she is denying her daughter the truth about who she really is. He thinks that would be dangerous but she is sure that delaying things will only make it more dangerous. "You're not telling him!" he forbids. This isn't his decision, she points out, weeping and running off. He tells Grace that her mother doesn't think he's part of her life. He walks out as Sami returns.


April 9, 2009
This Marriage Is Doomed.

Stephanie arrives at home and finds Chelsea attempting some carpentry. She tells her friend that she doesn't have any doubts about Philip anymore but she thought they both needed some time apart to process stuff. She worries that Philip is in danger. Chelsea suggests she focus on the good things and enjoy her time with the person she loves. Steph is inspired and rushes off.

Elvis goes down to the pier and looks at the memorial for Tony that's been set up under the police tape. "How can this be all that's left? I will avenge your death, even if it's the last thing I do," EJ vows. Max steps up and asks him if that's the last thing he wants to do before he gets married. Elvis doesn't want his advice and refuses to let bygones be bygones. Max doubts Tony would want his death to set off more fighting. As they bicker, Chelsea arrives. She tells him to take Max's advice and reminds EJ that he and his family have been terrorizing the town for years. They should leave Philip to live with his guilt. Elvis isn't impressed and thinks this is a waste of time. After he flounces away, Max tells Chelsea that he loves her because she's feisty. She doesn't want him to patronize her. He worries her 'feministic spunk' could get her into trouble.

Nicole is with the wedding planner, Monique, at the church. She worries that someone could get killed at the wedding. She feels like everything will fall apart and flashes back over everything that's happened lately. "This marriage is doomed," she declares.

Lucas and Chloe are having lunch at the pub. He doesn't want to be one of those couples who never spend time together. She worries about her new job and how it could take up all of her time. This job isn't for her and she can't do it. He suggests that she try it for awhile. The wedding planner calls and asks her to come down to the church right away. Chloe rushes over to see Nicole and find out what's wrong. Nicole talks like the wedding won't happen. "I didn't ruin things because I told the truth, I ruined them because I lied," she explains. Before, she always got married for money. She thought it was different this time but now she's not so sure. "Do I really want to marry a man who isn't one hundred percent in love with me?" she asks. Chloe says there are different kinds of love. Nicole admits that Sami is getting in the way. Chloe tells her that love should be stable and safe. Her friend thinks that's boring and asks her how her marriage with Lucas is going. "Are you ready to shoot yourself yet?" she jokes. Unfortunately, Chloe lost her sense of humor when she got married. Nicole tells her about the look in EJ's eyes when he thinks of Sami, plus she doesn't believe her story about the kid. Chloe says Lucas believed her story and he's not dumb. The blond thanks her for the great advice. They hug. After Chloe leaves, Nicole promises Sydney that everything will be okay.

Maggie runs into Daniel at the pub. She congratulates him on staying away from Chloe and thinks he's a great asset to the hospital. She reminds him that he is a doctor, not a monk, and he should do what's right for him. He gets nervous. Maggie tells him a lot of women in Salem are after him and tries to set him up. Reluctantly, he agrees to think about it and she leaves him alone. Maggie walks across the room to bother Lucas. He tells her how bad he feels for Nicole and for Philip and their troubles with the DiMeras. "That family better stay the hell away from my brother," he warns. Chloe returns and Lucas talks about how wonderful things are. Daniel awkwardly watches them as they plan a post-wedding party. Maggie hurries away and leaves the couple to kiss. The doctor loses his appetite. Chloe gets a call. "This is the best news ever!" she exclaims as she gets off the phone. Her agent just offered her a lead role in Vancouver. "Don't tell me you are thinking of accepting this," he says. Later, Daniel runs into Maggie at the hospital and tells her that she is right. He has been 'monastic bordering on masochistic' and would like to have drinks with a woman. She bustles off to set it up.

Stephanie goes to the church. "Hey God," she prays. She thanks God for bringing Philip into her life and hopes he is safe and can find peace. She goes into the chapel and thanks Nicole for helping Philip. She wishes her well and gives her a hug. Elvis watches from a distance. After Steph leaves, he walks in. Nicole apologizes for fighting earlier. He came to apologize too, but after seeing Stephanie thank her, he's sure that she is hiding something from him. She's tired of explaining herself to him ninety times a day. While she understands that he wants to blame Philip, he should remember that Tony is the one who betrayed the family and they shouldn't be blaming her. She demands to know if the wedding is on or not. "We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings," he says.

Max and Chelsea go back to her place. Seeing the unassembled bookcase, he mocks her carpentry skills and they start making out. He's distracted by the wood and wants to put it together. She finds that annoying and tells him she wants to do it on her own. He tells her that she is inept at this but good at other things. They kiss. Stephanie shows up and interrupts. Max covers his shame with a pillow. She explains that Philip won't be staying there anymore but they haven't broken up. Max thinks she's nuts and is putting herself in danger. She refuses to be a coward. The former lovers bicker. Chelsea looks uncomfortable.

April 10, 2009
One Bird Down.

Rafe arrives at the convent and bumps into Sister Agnes. He has a major dilemma and doesn't know how to handle it. She guesses he's talking about Sami. "I think we're through," he suggests. He complains that Sister Theresa was giving Sami bad advice about EJ. The nun suggests that Sami has just become more realistic and wonders if Rafe wants to be the man in Sami's heart. He's sure that she is in love with the baby's father. The nun tells him to fight for Sami if he loves her and encourages him to tell her how he feels.

Sami leaps up when there is a knock at her door. She expects Rafe but it's Caroline. She says that Sami looks like she just lost her best friend. "I might have," Sami says. She was obviously hoping to see someone else. As they sit down, Sami asks about how she kept the truth from Bo about his father. Caroline says she was foolish and very, very wrong. She wishes she had been honest from the beginning because secrets and lies are destructive and hurtful. Sami thanks her for the advice. After Caroline leaves, Rafe shows up. He wanted to apologize for the way they left things. She rests her head on his shoulder. He tells her that he has been pushy and irrational and she needs to make decisions for herself. She can't make a decision. Rafe tells her that EJ is rich and powerful and she loves him. "You can get EJ back and blow Nicole out of the water at the same time," he suggests. She gasps. He wants to stop interfering in her life but she refuses to let him walk out.

At the church, Nicole asks EJ if the wedding will go ahead. He tells her that they will have to wait and see. She needs a better answer. As she begs for one, Brady waits in the corridor. Elvis explains that he's not angry, he just needs time to think. "I'm calling the shots here," he tells her. He doesn't think she understands how much his life has changed since his brother died. She cries as he walks out. Brady comes in and asks her to explain. She complains about how her life is falling apart and tells him how Elvis thinks she betrayed him to the Kiriakis family. Brady reminds her that she didn't do anything wrong. "He's not the right man for you and he does not deserve you," he says. She refuses to give up and vows to be EJ's wife, whether he deserves her or not. He doesn't think that her attitude is healthy and he doesn't want to watch her go through this anymore. Brady tells her that if she wants to give the marriage a shot, she has to come clean. The truth isn't an option anymore, she claims. She tells him that their time is past. Brady insists that he only wants to help her. Nicole is sure she only has to make EJ remember why he fell in love with her and begins laying the blame on Sami. He's sure Sami isn't the problem. If Elvis loves her, everything will straighten itself out. Right now, she should just chill out. Hugging him, she tells him he's a saint for dealing with her. Left alone, Brady prays and asks God for help showing Nicole that EJ is the wrong man for her and she deserves someone else.

Nicole goes back to the mansion. She wants to keep a clear head but starts drinking anyway and then opts to take a nap. When she falls asleep, she dreams of the wedding. Elvis declares that he is taking Sami as his wife because she is honest. Sami gets up and says that she and EJ have two children together. Dr. Baker backs her up but points out that Sami's baby is actually Mia's. Nicole runs to the baby and holds her, telling everyone to back off. She wakes up. "I can't let that happen. I won't!" she vows. She gets plastered and vows to make Sami 'toast'. When she runs over to the pub, she spots Sami chasing Rafe down to the pub. As he tells her that this is for the best, Nicole suddenly recognizes him.

Elvis bumps into Mia in the Java Cafe. He buys her a new drink since he spilled hers. When he walks away, she picks up the paper and spots a picture of EJ and Nicole. "Nicole's fiance? My baby's father?" she mutters.

Kate wanders around outside the pub and sends Chelsea a text message. As she sits, she sees Irene talking to Maggie on the phone, thanking her for setting her up with Daniel. Kate walks over and tells her that she knows Daniel. She warns her that he gets around. "Thank God he's a doctor. If he can't cure it, at least he can give you the prescription to help ease the discomfort," she says. Irene is grossed out.

Lucas and Chloe are in the pub. He's trying to convince her not to take the job in Vancouver. Daniel walks over and congratulates her on the new gig. Lucas asks him to join them. Daniel tells them he has a date. The hospital calls and he walks off. Lucas spots his mother outside and runs off to see her. Irene walks in. She and Chloe are old friends and they begin catching up. Irene is there for a date. Chloe guesses it's with Daniel and tells her he's a great doctor. Irene has heard he's 'a dog'. When Daniel walks over, Irene tells him that it's not cool for them to be together since they already work together. Outside, Lucas asks his mother if she is spying on him. She claims she's not. When he tells her about Chloe's new job in Vancouver, Kate barks, "No! She can't!" Lucas explains that he and Chloe thought she could do the hosting job and sing too. His mother groans. He wants his wife to be happy, even if she will be exhausted. She starts to wonder if a fatigued Chloe might be useful. Lucas goes back in to get his wife. Kate watches Irene mope out. "One bird down. One songbird to go," she says.

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