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3rd Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 13, 2009
She's A Total Psycho.

Mia sits at the Java Cafe remembering giving birth. Will snaps her out of it and asks her what she's reading about in the paper. She's been reading about Nicole and EJ's wedding and says they seem perfect. Will looks down and explains that the bride used to be his step-mom. She asks him if Nicole was a bad mom. He can't really remember but he heard that she only married his dad for money and drank a lot. "Why do you care so much?" he asks. She admits that she knows her and claims that she was a mentor to a high risk friend of hers. Will explains that Nicole has major issues and begins to run through the catalog. He doubts her new marriage will last more than a few weeks. "She's a total psycho," he says before telling her about Nicole's porn past. She needs more specifics to tell her friend. He suggests that Nicole has softened up. Maybe she won't try to kill someone this time... Mia is shocked and demands an explanation. Will wants to shut up and tells her she can read up online. His father calls and he walks off. "I will not let you keep my little girl Nicole," Mia vows.

Brady wanders the chapel hoping that Nicole doesn't go through with the wedding. Meanwhile, Melanie is at the Java Cafe ordering a salad and belittling the waitress. She realizes that she can't afford to buy it. As she eats, she plants a bug in her salad and begins yelling. The waitress accuses her of putting it there. They argue until Brady shows up and offers to cover it. He sits with her and she rants until he tells her to drop the charade. She wonders why he is so nice to her and asks him if he is single because she thinks he registers high on the hotness scale. "You're still in love with that awful woman, aren't you?" she asks. He tries to change the subject but it turns out that she's talking about Chloe. Brady says she was a sweetheart but he's happy for her and Lucas. She guesses he's in love with someone else. He doesn't want to talk about it. After talking about how unpopular she is, she tells him that she wants him to be happy and offers him some advice - being honest freaks people out, but he still needs to tell his mystery woman how he feels.

From the hall, Nicole spots Sami and Rafe arguing in the townhouse. She remembers that he came to the mansion as the cable guy. She hurries off. Inside, Sami tells Rafe that she's afraid her daughter will resent her if the truth doesn't come out now. When Rafe doesn't seem supportive of her plans, she tells him that he is wrong about everything. No matter what she decides to do about EJ, she doesn't want Rafe to leave Salem... but she still doesn't know what she is going to do. He thinks it's funny that she's trying to make him promise things when she doesn't know what she wants. He is going to do what he thinks is best for Grace. She cries as he walks out.

Rafe wanders around the streets and remembers his time in the safe house with Sami. Back at the townhouse, she sits with Grace and tells her that she just wants to do what's best, even if she doesn't know what that is. Her phone rings. It's Rafe, but he can't say anything and hangs up. He calls someone else Sister Agnes. When he visits her at the convent, he complains about how stubborn Sami is. He's sure that there is no space for him in her life. Rafe has already bought a ticket and plans to leave tomorrow. The nun gives him a hug; she'll miss him. He asks her to check in on Sami.

Elvis mopes around the mansion when his father walks in. Stefano wonders where Nicole is. Elvis doesn't know. He doesn't even know if there will be a wedding. After seeing Steph hug Nicole, he felt derailed. "She is a traitor through and through. To Hell with her!" Stefano declares. Nicole steps in and says she can prove who the real traitor is. She explains that she was bringing Sami Johnny's medication and she saw her with Rafe. He was in the mansion months ago, pretending to be the cable guy and snooping around. She suggests that Sami was spying on them while she was in hiding. Stefano runs off to check out the story. Sami calls. He hangs up on her. Nicole tells him how much she believes in the truth, claiming that is why she stood up for Philip, and asks him if the marriage is going to happen tomorrow. Stefano interrupts to say that the story has checked out. EJ asks for a moment alone with his fiancee. He smiles. Before he can answer her question, Sami arrives. Elvis refuses to let her in after she's spied on him. "You don't want to have me but you don't want anyone else to have me either!" he accuses. Nicole asks her why she sent Rafe there to spy on them. Sami says she was worried about her child. Elvis closes the door in her face. Sami tells herself that she still needs to come clean. Inside, Nicole has a smug smile. EJ apologizes for how he has been lately and thanks her for proving her loyalty. He thinks she's a wonderful and kind person and they can be incredibly happy. Getting on his knees, he asks her to marry him again. She giddily accepts and kisses him.

April 14, 2009
It's a Promise.

At the cabin, Chloe is looking at a dress and wondering where Nicole is. Kate calls. She needs to see her immediately. Chloe groans and tells her this is a bad time. Outside, Mia surprises Nicole on the cabin's lawn. "You're a liar Nicole. I hate you," she says. She knows all about Nicole's past and won't let her keep her baby. Nicole insists that she is a good mother. "You're an alcoholic porn star who tried to murder someone!" Mia barks. Nicole claims that is all ancient history. Mia's read all about it online. Chloe walks out and interrupts. They go into the cabin and Nicole claims she is mentoring Mia. "Why don't you tell the truth for a change?" Mia asks. Nicole tries to get rid of her but she won't go anywhere. Chloe has to leave for a meeting. Once she's gone, Mia tells Nicole that there will be no wedding. Nicole wants to talk this over but Mia thinks she a monster. When Nicole claims that she is good and was born to be a mother, Mia refuses to listen. Nicole admits to everything and tries to make excuses, not that Mia is willing to entertain them. Getting angry, Nicole reminds her that she had no resources to raise a child and now Sydney can have a mother and father and everything she needs. "I would be a helluva lot better mother than you ever would!" Mia shouts before vowing to get her daughter back and storming out the door. Nicole chases her outside and tells her how much she has changed. She talks of falling in love with EJ and being genuinely happy before she lost the baby. After she's told her sob story again, Mia demands to know what else she is lying about. "Sydney is my daughter. She belongs with me," Mia repeats. Nicole refuses to fight but warns her that there could be repercussions. Things will be bad for her, but they will be worse for Mia and the baby. Nicole points out that if this goes to trial, it will look like Mia sold the child. Mia isn't impressed by her threats. "It's not a threat Mia. It's a promise," Nicole says.

Bo wakes from a nightmare about Roman and Hope. Looking over, he realizes that today is the day in his dream. He reads a note that Hope left by his bed. Meanwhile, Hope walks into the Java Cafe and spots Roman. He tells her that he'll be her new stakeout partner. Half of the force is sick so he has to step in. Before they can leave, he gets a tip that they'll be working at the Hacienda Motel. Hope looks worried. As soon as they leave, Bo runs in looking for them. Maggie tells him that they left together. She asks him why he seems so distracted. He has another flash of his vision and turns pale. Maggie leaves. A cop arrives and fills Bo in on the situation. The radio communications are down and no one knows where Roman and Hope are. They get a lead on where Roman's informant is but it turns out that he's vanished.

Roman and Hope arrive at the motel. Their communication line gets cut and their cell phones get no signal so they stay quiet. He watches through the window until she spills coffee on them. She gets undressed and puts on a robe, batting him away when he gets too close. He demands to know why Bo wants them to stay away from each other. She won't explain. As she looks out the window, she spots the man they are after but worries he spotted her too. They panic and pull their guns when someone comes to the door.

At the pub, Kate sits with Daniel and tells him about the show she is launching for Chloe. She asks him if he'd like to do a guest spot. He claims he's too shy. She's sure that's what draws women to him. He agrees to, as long as it helps people. "I can think of someone who it will help already," Kate perkily says. He gets nervous when she tells him they are waiting for the host. Chloe arrives. Kate tells her that she has terrific news - Daniel will be on their show. Chloe says it's a bad idea. Kate is sure that he's famous and has a face for TV. Chris runs in and babbles to Kate that there has been a fire at the studio. "Looks like the show just got canceled," Chloe says in scarcely hidden relief. She's happy that she can go to Vancouver now. Kate reminds her that she is under contract and she will make this show work. Kate doesn't think she knows just how important this is to her. As they talk, Maggie walks into the pub and asks Daniel if everything is alright. He explains about the fire and worries that Kate needs to slow down. Maggie has an idea. She strides over to Kate and offers her Chez Rouge as a set. Kate enthusiastically thanks her and asks Daniel and Chloe if she can count on them. They agree to go along with this. Kate says that Daniel can talk about nutrition and Chloe can sample food she will have prepared.

April 15, 2009
A Pre-Packaged Baby Deal.

At the cabin, Mia doesn't appreciate Nicole's continued threats. Nicole ignores this and tells her that she better think things through or she could lose her daughter for good. Mia refuses to let that happen. "Words are cheap," Nicole says. She went through a lifetime of pain and humiliation as child. "What's that got to do with me?" Mia asks. Nicole says she reminds her of herself; she thought she was tough too and made some pretty big mistakes. Now she has everything she wanted because she overcame her past. She's sure that if the truth comes out Mia will only ruin her own future. Mia tells her she might be right, but her instincts are telling her to get her baby back, so that's what she's doing. Before Mia can leave, Nicole gives her a copy of a family portrait and asks her to keep it for Sydney, "No matter where she ends up." She warns her again that the truth could make her lose the baby to foster care. Mia cries and wishes things were different. She doesn't want to risk losing her child again.

Rafe remembers his most recent goodbye with Sami and then knocks on her door. Will answers. Rafe mumbles. Will wonders if his mom dumped him. Rafe hands him a medallion for Sami and tells him that he is leaving town. Grace starts crying. Rafe offers to help out. As he does, Mia calls Will in tears. She needs to come over and talk. Rafe hands the baby to Will, who wishes him well as he leaves. Mia shows up a few minutes later. She's reluctant to talk about what's bothering her. Will hands her the baby to hold. Her face lights up.

Brady wanders around by the pier and thinks over Melanie's advice about the woman in his life. He sneers at a newspaper article announcing Nicole's marriage and runs off. He arrives at the cabin to see Nicole. She's surprised to see him and tells him he'll have to make it fast. When he asks her what just happened with Mia, she tries fobbing him off, but he refuses to go. She asks him to be supportive of her on her wedding day. "There's something I have to tell you," he says. She assumes he is going to tell her to come clean with EJ again. He tells her she will never be happy with EJ and she deserves to be loved for herself, not because she's part of a 'pre-packaged baby deal'. He leans in to kiss her. She pulls away. He tries again. She pulls away once more. "You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be happy," he repeats. She says that she and EJ are wired the same way; they aren't good like him. She knows that they are dysfunctional but Elvis is what she needs. Brady needs her too. Nicole asks him to walk away and reminds him of when he threw her out of his life. He doesn't want to see her get hurt again. She's willing to accept that she is damning her own life by marrying EJ. "Find someone who deserves you," she says, he kisses her tenderly and walks away. She bursts into tears.

At the Java Cafe, Bo starts gritting his teeth when Hope and Roman seem to have vanished. He runs around town searching. Over at the motel, Hope and Roman are stuck with no way of communicating with the outside world. Someone starts trying to open the door so they whip out their guns. It's just housekeeping. They pretend to be a couple and get rid of the maid. They get back into position and wait. Bo suddenly kicks the door in and they almost shoot him. Looking out the window, they notice that the other cops already arrested the drug dealers. Roman leaves to help. Hope and Bo hug. When he picks up the newspaper, Bo says, "I'll be damned!" He explains that his vision was accurate, but was wrong about why they were there. She tells him that they will always deal with his visions together and then they kiss and cuddle.

The new pub waitress, Arianna, tells Max that she's settling in well. Mel walks in and orders some food. They sit and she complains about the hospital. When the waitress hurts her hand, he runs over to tend to her. As he's holding her hand, Chelsea walks in and spots them. After an awkward moment, Max introduces everyone around. When Arianna goes back to work, Chelsea and Mel start trading barbs until Mel flashes the application for medical school that Max filled out. Chelsea wonders if he was ever planning on telling her. "Truth? Probably not," he admits. She thought they were going to be honest with each other. He claims he was just trying to shield her from disappointment. She already thinks he's terrific and is sure he will make a fantastic doctor. Mel leaves them alone and Chelsea teases him.

Brady wanders down to the pier when Melanie pops up. She can see he's upset and offers to help out since he's always helping her. He tells her to stay away but she kisses him instead. Meanwhile, Nicole tries on her wedding veil and tells herself that nothing will stop her from getting married today.

April 16, 2009
The Way Too Weird Category

Chloe returns to the cabin. Seeing how upset Nicole is, she wonders if the wedding has been called off. Nicole cries and explains that the wedding is going ahead, but as she was trying her veil on, she started to think she was making a huge mistake. She tells her about what Brady said to her but claims she's having no doubts. Chloe thinks she's just stressed out. They go through the wedding routine and Chloe pulls out a necklace from Nicole's mom. Nicole is shocked to see it. She vows to be ten times the mother her mother was. Chloe hands her something 'new' a bracelet she bought for her. When she tries it on, it breaks. Nicole gasps. They gather up the pieces and Nicole interprets this as a bad omen. Chloe worries about why she is freaking out so much and guesses that Sami must be the problem. Chloe doesn't understand why she cares so much and tells her to, "Forget the bleach blond witch with a soul the size of a pea." It isn't Sami she's worried about. She even gloats about how she humiliated Sami for spying on her. Chloe worries about her karma. As they get dressed, Nicole insists that she is wrong and nothing bad is going to happen.

"Are your ready to see this happen?" Stefano asks his son. "Are you talking about the wedding or our plans for Philip?" EJ asks. He's talking about the wedding. They wish Tony was there and hope they can take care of this mess today. EJ can't believe his father wants to take Philip out today. Stefano says that it's a good idea, even if that means they're imitating "The Godfather." He tells his son not to be sentimental and worries that he has doubts. Elvis wants Philip dead but he doesn't want his wedding day ruined. Stefano argues that today is their best chance. EJ finally agrees and tells his father to make the call. Stefano calls his hit man and announces that it's time. Stefano brings in Signor Masi, one of the best hit men around. He asks his son again if this is what he wants. It is. He hands the hit man an untraceable phone and gives him instructions. As Masi leaves, Stefano looks proudly at his son.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie walks over to Philip and kisses him. He gets a business call. She rolls her eyes. After that call, another one comes in. As he talks, she tries to leave. He chases her down. She can accept that he's a workaholic, but she doesn't want to stand around waiting for him. She walks out.

Brady is gloomily standing by the pier when Melanie approaches. He warns her to steer clear but she's used to being around angry people. She tells him that anger can turn into romantic passion. She kisses him. He breaks away. She pouts. "We should both put this in the 'way too weird category' and move on," he suggests. She jokes around, saying that she is used to guys using her. Although she thinks his strong and silent type routine is cool, she's sure he's dying inside. They go to the Java Cafe and she orders him donuts. He doesn't want to think or talk about his personal life. She continues to pry anyway until she realizes he's in love with Nicole. Mel thinks it's good that he stay away from her, especially since she's marrying someone who is 'pure evil'. She warns him of how EJ could destroy him and Nicole. "She doesn't know it yet, but when she says 'I do', she is really signing her death warrant," Mel says.

Lucas shows up at Sami's after she sends him a text. He's not in the mood for drama and wants to get this over with. She explains that she is about to do something that will change many lives. Grace is actually her baby and she is EJ's daughter. Lucas shakes his head and tells her how many people will be angry... plus EJ will go 'bonkers'. He understands why she lied, and forgives her, but wonders why she wants to tell the truth now. She says that a nun convinced her to tell the truth. Lucas suspects she just wants to 'stick it' to Nicole. She claims she doesn't care and then moans about Nicole. He thinks that she is doing this to get EJ back. Although she argues otherwise, he's sure about what's going on. Sami is confident that Elvis will quickly overcome his anger.

April 17, 2009
Good Luck Nicole.

It's wedding day and Stefano and his son are drinking at the mansion. He assures Elvis that he will act the part of the proud father. They toast to Tony and Stefano gives a bitter little laugh. Today, his living son gets married and Philip pays for taking his other son. Elvis talks about how lucky he is to have a father like him. "You get to love your children more than you love your own life," Stefano says. EJ worries about what Nicole will say about Philip's death. Stefano blames it all on her. If she had told the police on Philip, he would have let him just go to jail.

The hit man drifts around town. He hangs out at the pier and even goes to the Kiriakis mansion to search for Philip. Meanwhile, Stephanie has called Philip over to a hotel on the pretext of business. She meets him in lingerie and takes his phone away. As they slip into bed and out of their clothes, he's happy to finally be alone with her and have no other obligations. After they have sex, she tells him that she's glad they've had fights and faced their issues. Now they are through with all of that and she can really trust him. "I'm not really comfortable with it, but I'm going to try and be the guy you can trust," he says.

At the hospital, a nurse is telling Lexi to get going and stop being a workaholic. She will but she has to go and read a scripture at her brother's wedding. Dr. Baker listens in. "My my... I guess my invitation got lost in the mail," he mutters to himself. Lexi leaves and heads over to the pub for a bite before the wedding. Max offers her commiserations for Tony's death.

At the church, Nicole is talking to her baby and telling her how perfect she is. Chloe tells her that she needs to finish getting ready. Nicole wants some time alone. As she prays to God for a chance to be a good wife and mother, Chloe spots Brady and tries to chase him out. She tells him to leave Nicole alone and stop upsetting her. He's sure that this wedding isn't what Nicole wants. Chloe blows up at him and orders him out again. He refuses. She is sure that if he wants a shot with Nicole, barging in won't work. She offers to talk to her friend for him.

When Nicole gets off her knees, she turns and sees Dr. Baker standing there. She orders him out but he's not going. He's smug. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that firing her as Sydney's pediatrician made a bad impression. He warns her not to get on his bad side. She offers to pretend that he's human if he just leaves her alone. Baker tells her never to talk to him like that again. They are close and nothing will ever change that, he insists. After the doctor walks away, she returns to her prayers.

The Dimeras arrive. EJ is nervous and stands alone to collect his thoughts while his father and sister go inside with the priest. Masi, the hit man, calls and tells ej that he hasn't been able to find Philip anywhere. Elvis doesn't know where he could be. Getting off the phone, he walks over to Brady and threatens to throw him out. He sends one of his guards over to sit by him during the wedding and tells his father that Masi just called him. Meanwhile, Chloe tells the bride that Brady and EJ are there. She starts to panic. Chloe tells her not to go 'nutso'.

As the bridal march plays, Nicole stares at Brady. He tells her not to do this. She walks down the aisle to EJ anyway and Brady walks out. He watches from the back. "good luck Nicole. You are going to need it," he grumbles to himself as Father Matt begins the ceremony. The Dimera guard follows Brady as he leaves. The priest continues the ceremony, talking about the ups and downs the couple have had. The couple remembers some of their fights and Nicole weeps. EJ checks his watch as they receive a blessing.

Across town, Sami is wheeling her baby down the hall. She calls Rafe and tells him how much she and the baby miss him. She hopes that grace's dad is ready to get the surprise of a lifetime. On her way to the church, her car gets a flat and she runs into the pub to get max's help. She badgers him into going out and fixing it. He comes back in a few minutes to say that her spare tire is flat too. She runs out to get the stroller and bumps into the hit man on the way. Meanwhile, max feels the baby's head. "you don't feel good, do you?" he surmises. Sami returns, ranting, and max tells her that she needs to take her baby to a doctor. She insists that her baby is fine and they have a mission to accomplish. When she storms out, she hears the church bells ring.

As the church bells ring, Brady walks down to the pier. The Dimera guard pops up behind him. Across town, following a tip from a mysterious source, the hit man shows up at Philip's hotel room. Inside, Philip vows never to leave Stephanie. Back at the church, Mia arrives and calls out just as the priest asks if anyone has an objection.

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