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4th Week of April Daily Summaries

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April 20, 2009
Drama Queen Diva.

Philip and Steph lounge in bed after their lovemaking session. She doesn't want to go back to the 'real world'. He promises her that things can always be like this. After she falls asleep, he stays awake. As he tucks her in, she wakes up. He can't sleep. He's still having nightmares about Tony but thinks they'll stop if he is there with her. They hear something. It's Signor Masi. When they ask who is there, he claims he's room service. Steph think it's champagne. Philip pulls on his pants and goes to the door. She stops him and says she doesn't want any. He returns to bed and Masi levels his gun at the door. Steph doesn't want to be fancy, she just wants cheeseburgers. They do it again and she explains that she has the room for two nights. Outside, Masi knocks out the maid and steals her keys. Inside, Philip drowses while Steph goes to the bathroom. Masi walks in and shoots him in the chest.

Mia walks into the church as Father Matt asks if anyone has any objections. She announces that she has something to say. EJ becomes furious that his wedding is being interrupted. Dr. Baker rushes over to Mia. "I do want you to be happy Nicole," Mia says as she sits down. Elvis is livid to see Baker there as well. Nicole just wants to continue but EJ demands some answers. She claims Mia is just a girl she's been trying to help. Lexi comes up and reads a scripture as Dr. Baker drags Mia out. He tells her not to ruin everything. She rants that her baby is now stuck with the family from Hell. "There's something you don't know and it changes everything," he says. He warns her that the DiMeras are evil killers. He takes her to the Java Cafe and shows her articles about all of the horrible things the family has done. The only people who are safe from them are other DiMeras, he explains. Trying to take her child back will only make everyone suffer, including the baby. She blames all of this on him. He tells her she should turn around and run.

Melanie walks down to the pier ranting on the phone. She steps over a man on the ground before noticing that it's Brady and he has been severely beaten. When he wakes up, he tells her that 'payback' happened to him. "They hit your face! What if you're not handsome anymore, like Mickey Rourke?" she asks. He laughs, but it's painful. She calls for help and begins complaining that no one is ever around to help when they need it. Taking his arm, she helps him walk.

After Sami hears the church bell ring, she realizes it's too late and decides to sit down with Grace at the pub. Max tells her that St. Luke's often rings the bells before the wedding. She decides to stay with her baby anyway and promises her that the truth will come out. When she checks her temperature, it's 105. She asks Max to call her a cab for the ER. He suggests she call a pediatrician and asks her if she has all of the medical records from the biological parents. She calls the pediatrician and realizes that Grace is just teething. Suddenly, Mel and Brady walk in. They're shocked to see what a mess he is. He says he was jumped from behind and mugged. Mel rambles and Brady refuses to go to a doctor. Sami gets up to go to the wedding. Brady forbids her. She ignores him and walks out.

Mel brings Brady to the hospital and they talk about what a 'drama queen diva' Sami is. She blames herself for his getting beaten up. He tells her not to. He goes on to talk about Sami and her four children with different fathers. From the way Sami has been acting, he can sense that there is something else going on.

Back at the church, Nicole and Elvis conclude their vows to love and honor each other for all the days of their lives. When the priest asks Stefano for the rings, Stefano refuses. He says that the family has known great sorrow and joy lately... Nicole looks worried, but Stefano begins talking about how she will become part of the family through a bond that can never be broken. "Do you truly understand what it means to be a DiMera?" he asks. She does. He gives them his blessing. Before the priest can bless the rings, EJ wants to say something. He wrote his own vows and talks about visiting her in prison and how much he's wanted her in his home. Although he knows that they may always fight, he will always love the fact that after a fight, they will come back strong. She thinks that's beautiful. When she tries to kiss him, Father Matt stops her and says it will have to wait. She thanks God and they light the unity candle. They take their final vows and the priest continues. Before the final blessing can be given, Sami runs in. "Wait!" she shouts.

April 21, 2009
You Are As Evil As Your Father.

Philip is shocked when he turns around and Signor Masi shoots him in the chest. Before he can put a bullet in his head, Stephanie walks out of the bathroom and starts screaming. He's ready to shoot her but his gun jams. She screams until a bunch of maintenance guys walk in. Masi runs out. They call an ambulance.

Sami storms into the church and interrupts the wedding. Nicole panics. EJ demands to know what she is doing there. Sami mutters. EJ grabs both women and drags them out to talk. Chloe and Stefano are left wondering what's going on. Lexi gets involved in the speculation. Stefano thinks his son is too accommodating to people. Outside of the chapel, Nicole accuses Sami of being a 'pathetic drama queen' who doesn't want anyone to be happy. Sami claims that this has nothing to do with her. Elvis is sure it must be something important. Nicole just thinks Sami's a psycho and orders her out. Sami grumbles cryptically and asks to speak to him in private. He refuses. Sami suggests that he won't be walking down the aisle with Nicole after they hear what she has to say. After additional protests from Nicole, EJ prompts Sami to continue. Before she says any more, Lexi runs by, telling them that Philip has just been shot. Sami stares at EJ. "You bastard," she says. "You are as evil as your father," she groans before running off with the baby. He starts after her but Nicole stops him. "It's her or me," she challenges. He apologizes and says that this was all very disconcerting. She's surprised he doesn't seem more upset that Philip has been shot. He offers to wait a few minutes before continuing the wedding. "This doesn't have anything to do with you or me, does it?" she asks. He stutters. She doesn't want to talk about everything else that's going on. The most important thing is that they finish this ceremony. They join hands and go back inside. Everyone claps. The wedding concludes and they are pronounced husband and wife.

At the hospital, Melanie starts applying alcohol to Brady's cuts and bruises. She tells him that she's only worked there a few days but has gotten used to all the suffering. "I guess I found my true calling. I'm a sadist," she jokes. Suddenly, she gets upset and reminds him that she could have found his dead body on the pier. She worries about him and makes him promise not to go back to the church. He won't be going back; that wedding was meant to be. He puts on his shirt. She's still sure that he wants Nicole, no matter what he says otherwise. She rambles more and more, not letting him get a word in. He finally puts his hands around her face and asks her to stop talking, especially about this. She wishes her friend wasn't in love with someone who didn't love him back. He doesn't want her pity and says he'll just have to move on. She offers to take him home, but, before she can, Philip is wheeled in with Stephanie screaming behind him. Melanie holds her as she cries.

At home, Victor gets a call about Philip and runs off. Over at the hospital, a distraught Stephanie tells Brady what happened. He says that Philip is tough and tries to keep her positive. Melanie gets Steph some clothes so she can get dressed. Brady rushes off to take care of some things. Mel tries to keep Steph calm. After she's changed, Lexi arrives and runs around. Brady returns and wishes he hadn't always been fighting with Philip. He walks off to call Kate. While Mel tries to comfort Steph, Victor runs in. Moments later, Lexi walks out of surgery and says that Philip has survived but is still in critical condition. Victor asks her to put Daniel in charge of this. She agrees to that and tells them that Philip only said one word before losing consciousness: Stephanie.

Sami sits in the park. She calls the hospital, telling them that she is Philip's sister, and asking them how he is doing. Afterwards, she returns to the church as the wedding ends. Inside, Stefano tells his son that he is going over to the hospital to see what's going on. EJ tells him they need to keep the reception quiet so it doesn't look like they are dancing on someone's grave. Nicole stands and looks uncomfortable. Elvis winks at her as the guests walk off. He walks outside and spots Sami. "I want to hear you tell me the truth," she demands. He offers to tell her what she wants to know if she will tell him why she is there. Back inside, Chloe asks Nicole what Sami had to say. "Nothing," Nicole says, sighing deeply.

Back at the hospital, Victor sits down and thinks back over his recent troubled history with his son and the feud with the DiMeras. He broods as he recalls Stefano's threats. Victor walks over to Steph and asks her what happened. Brady isn't sure that this is the right time but Victor is desperate to know. She explains that she was in the shower and couldn't hear the shot. When she came out, the man took a shot at her but missed. Victor guesses he was using a silencer. He urges her to go and talk to Philip now. When she steps away, Brady asks his grandfather what he's thinking. Victor wonders what happened to his grandson's face. Brady says he was jumped by a thug. Victor is sure that was a message from the DiMeras and he's furious. Brady tries to keep him calm but Victor won't hear it. After Brady and Mel leave for coffee, Stefano arrives. Victor stomps over to him and accuses him of being behind this. "The pain is unbearable, isn't it?" Stefano says. Victor vows that this is only the beginning. Meanwhile, Steph sits at Philip's bedside. She remembers their romantic moments, cries and begs him to come back to her. His eyes open and he begins to flatline.

April 22, 2009
This Is Just The Beginning.

Stephanie prays at Philip's hospital bedside. When he opens his eyes, he begins to flatline. She calls for the nurses. Daniel and the nurse rush in and start trying to revive him. Another doctor comes in to help and Daniel starts giving injections.

In the waiting room, Victor confronts Stefano, accusing him of having his son murdered. "This isn't over. This is just the beginning!" Victor vows. Kate arrives after Brady's called her. Stefano stomps away and Victor tells her that their son has been shot. She is desperate to see him. Stefano returns and offers his condolences. Victor threatens him again. Bo interrupts. "Stefano DiMera put a hit on your brother," Victor tells him. Bo asks for details and his father tells him that this was a professional job and Stefano has been threatening the family since before Tony even died. Weeping, Stephanie walks in and asks if anyone cares about Philip. She tells them what just happened in his hospital room. Kate begs Victor to go in with her but he thinks they need to stay out of the way.

At the church, Nicole wonders what is taking EJ so long. Chloe tells her not to go checking up on him. "You married Prince Charming, not Sami," Chloe reminds her. Nicole tells her that Philip was shot. Chloe is distraught and calls Lucas. She runs off to be with the family and Nicole is left to talk to Sydney and argue with the caterers on the phone.

In the vestibule, Sami accuses EJ of being behind Philip's shooting but wants to hear it from him. He offers to tell her if she tells him why she interrupted his wedding. He knows that there is a connection between them and it's about more than just their child. He admits that he feels it and is sure she came to stop the wedding because she's still in love with him. There was a time when he loved her too but he's married to Nicole now and there is no future for them. "You are out of your freaking mind!" she shouts. If she was dumb enough to still be in love with him, she would have done something before his wedding day. He's baffled. She claims that she usually doesn't have a good reason for doing things and just wanted a cheap thrill. She knows what he's done, she's just grateful that the killer he hired was incompetent. He begins to grumble until Sami runs off. Nicole walks out and asks if everything is okay. He's jumpy. She asks him who he's been talking to. He changes the subject and tells her they might need to cancel the reception. She already did; she heard about Philip. Nicole cares about him, but she's a DiMera now and any accusations and insults against the family, she will take personally. Elvis tells her to get in the car. He makes a phone call to his father and offers to take care of their problem personally.

Back at the hospital, Bo begins making calls to get an investigation underway. Victor checks with Daniel and tells Kate that their son is still fighting. He and Stefano begin shouting at each other some more. Daniel comes out with news. He explains that things are complicated and they are deeply concerned about internal bleeding. Although he has high hopes, he can't guarantee anything and he has to restrict access for now. Bo takes Stephanie off to question her. Chloe joins them and the three of them worry. Kate marches over to Stefano and slaps him across the face. She despises him and doesn't know how he could do something so evil to her. He protests that he is innocent. "Philip is my baby and you tried to snuff out his life! You are dead to me!" she yells. She storms away and Bo walks over to question him. Stefano isn't helpful and tells him to call his lawyer. Meanwhile, Daniel gets Philip's test results. He shakes his head and orders the tests to be run again. Victor approaches and asks what's going on. As everyone gathers around, Daniel explains that there is a serious complication.

Sami goes home and tells Grace that she is so happy she didn't tell EJ the truth. Will surprises her and asks her what she's talking about. She makes something up to cover. He tells her that Rafe came by and dropped off her locket. Will mumbles and walks out. Sami assumes that this token means that Rafe must really care about her. She talks herself into calling Rafe and discovers that his number has been disconnected.


April 23, 2009
That's That.

At the church, EJ calls his father and promises to make sure that Philip is taken care of. He turns to Nicole and the baby and asks them if they're ready to go. They are but Nicole seems slightly uncomfortable. Elvis whisks them home and over the threshold. Nicole is startled when she bumps into the newest DiMera thug, Marco. Elvis gets him to back off and explains that he is only there to protect them. His wife isn't exactly feeling safe and isn't sure that she can live like this. He says it's too late to be having second thoughts. She doesn't think they should need bodyguards. "We do. That's that," he declares. Their life will never be simple. She gets it, but she worries about their daughter. Elvis is sure she will be fine as long as they love her. He takes her outside to carry her across the threshold again and twirl her around. Pouring champagne, he promises that their night is only beginning. They kiss and he gives her earrings to match her wedding ring.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Philip's family that his blood can't clot and it might be impossible to save him. As everyone worries, Lucas finally arrives. Daniel goes on to say that there is one chance for Philip, but it is a radical treatment. Kate begins to panic and refuses to trust him. After she rants, she finally backs off and asks him what he plans to do. The doctor quickly explains and then walks away to start work. She's still uncertain and worries about putting her son's life in his hands. She spontaneously decides that it's time to be more forgiving. Victor wonders if that means what he thinks it does. She will be giving up her revenge plots against Daniel and Chloe. "If Phillip survives, I'm open to forgiving anything," she says, anything else is a waste.

Stefano goes to the Java Cafe. As he sits and reads the paper, Bo walks up to him. Stefano isn't in the mood to talk and suggests that he consult his attorney instead. Bo tells him to have some decency for once in his life and threatens to put the last nail in his coffin if he even looks at his brother the wrong way again. Stefano isn't impressed by his 'idle threats' and just wants to drink his latte in peace. After Bo leaves, Stefano calls his contacts for updates on Philip and growls. He calls his son and tells him that they need to take care of Philip immediately. Bo walks over and tells him that he just eavesdropped on his half of the conversation and threatens to bring Elvis in for interrogation. Stefano offers to give him his son's honeymoon address in the Caribbean but tells him he won't get what he's looking for.

Back at the hospital, Stephanie and Daniel go into Philip's room. She asks if she can touch him, worried that last time she did, he almost died. Daniel tells her that love is the best medicine. He steps out into the hall where Lucas is waiting to thank him for everything he's done for his family. Back inside, Steph touches Philip's arm and tells him that today was the best and worst day of her life. As she begs him not to leave her, his machine starts to ring. Daniel runs in and checks on him before coming out and telling the family that Philip seems to be turning a corner. Lucas and Chloe hug. Victor and Kate hug. The two women lock eyes and the family files into Philip's room. He's awake, but weak. His mother recalls when the marines came and told her that he was critically injured. She was terrified that he would lose faith but he fought and came back. Victor sits by his son and tells him that he's proud of him and loves him. "I've got your back Philip. We're in this together. We're going to win," he says. Lucas sits with his brother next and admits that he's always looked up to him for never taking the easy way out. "No more hospital, alright?" he begs. After he leaves, Philip asks Steph what happened. She explains. He worries that she could have been shot and tells her she needs to get away from him. "Leave. Now," he orders. She loves him and won't turn her back on him. "If you want to be here, then that's what I want too. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he says with a smile.

Chloe wanders out to Daniel and thanks him, telling him there is no better doctor anywhere. She hopes that he's happy. "It goes both ways," he says. As he starts to smile, Lucas walks out and tells him he's worked another miracle. Daniel gets more uncomfortable as Lucas piles on the compliments. Chloe finally drags him away. Across the room, Kate asks Victor what he meant when he was talking to their son. She wants the war with the DiMeras to be over. He says Hell will freeze over before they get to his son again. He has already taken care of everything. She walks away to get some fresh air and he places a call. The family regroups a few moments later for another update from the doctor. He tells her how well things are going. Kate and Lucas realize that they owe him a lot. Victor goes in to see his son. He assures him that he will be safe now. "The DiMeras however..." Victor says before uttering some words in Greek.

Back at the mansion, EJ and Nicole make out and dance. She feels safe in his arms. He assures her that she is very safe. They go upstairs to bed. As Elvis tries to get her out of her negligee, she hears a noise. He runs downstairs to check it out and finds his father. Stefano sends him back upstairs but evidently has trouble breathing. As EJ and his bride make love upstairs, Stefano stumbles around downstairs before collapsing with a horrid gasp.


April 24, 2009
Thanks For Not Ruining My Wedding.

EJ wakes up in bed with Nicole. He rolls over and wakes Mrs. DiMera up. She had a dream about marrying 'the most incredible, hunky guy' who took her home and made love to her. That sounds like a good time to him, but he had a dream that he met an extraordinary woman and she became his wife. They kiss. She puts on her robe and looks out the window at all the guards. Elvis tells her not to complain. When he walks off for a shower, Mia calls Nicole and demands to see her baby. After getting off the phone with her, she calls Baker and tells him that if Mia slips them up, they are both taking the fall. He jokes and says they should send her off to Sami.

Rafe sits at the Java Cafe with his plane ticket. "Goodbye Sami," he mumbles. Meanwhile, at home, a pig-tailed Sami thinks back over her last exchanges with Rafe and starts kicking herself for what she said, worrying that she will never see him again. She goes to the pub for food with Roman. He tells her that he's had a change of heart and he's glad she has the baby now. She explains how things ended badly with Rafe and she wishes that could change. Roman calls around and discovers that Rafe will be leaving for a new job overseas in two hours. She leaves Grace with her father and Caroline and runs off to the airport.

Stefano wakes up on the floor of the mansion. "What the hell?" he asks himself. Pulling himself up, he catches his breath and wonders what happened. As he sits at the breakfast table, he reads the newspaper. He sees that Philip was shot. "Shot, but not dead. That's the problem," he grumbles. Elvis comes down and interrupts him. Stefano feels bad that his son can't go to the Caribbean for his honeymoon. He warns him that they have to be ready since the Kiriakis family will be coming after them. Stefano tells him how much things will have to change. EJ gets it. Nicole walks in and objects to all the new security. She refuses to be imprisoned and wants to go out. Elvis tells her she can go out if she takes a guard and warns her that if she puts her individual wishes before the safety of the family, things won't end well. After she leaves, Stefano misses Tony. Roman arrives at the gate and they let him in. He tells them about Victor's accusations. They aren't impressed. He leaves.

Nicole meets with Mia at the pier. Her bodyguard is with her but she asks him to step back and explains things to Mia. The young woman gets it but asks to see her baby. Nicole makes her swear that this is the end of it. She swears. When Mia holds the baby, something seems wrong. "She doesn't seem like my baby," Mia says. She even babysat for another baby who she felt more connected to. Nicole says she must be moving on. EJ calls Nicole and tells her to come home. She turns to Mia and suggests that, since she seems to have the baby out of her system, they shouldn't be seeing each other anymore. As Nicole leaves, Mia accidentally cuts her arm on a nail. She goes to the hospital and Dr. Baker treats her wound. She tells him about her mental anguish and seeing her baby today. When she held her, the baby didn't even feel like she was hers. Baker is surprised that her instincts are that good and thinks it's time she knew the truth.

When Nicole gets home, Elvis is ready to take a walk with her. Stefano walks in and his son worries that he doesn't look well. Stefano fobs it off and walks away. Nicole still seems disgruntled that they have guards following them around everywhere. Meanwhile, Stefano arrives at the Java Cafe and asks about the woman who served him yesterday. He discovers that she was Greek and no longer works there. As he sits down, he recalls Victor's threats and guesses that they must have poisoned him.

Rafe arrives at the airport and thinks of Sami. He's trying to let her go. As he stands up, she literally runs into him. She catches her breath and he asks her why she is there. Sami needs him to know what he means to her before it's too late.

At the hospital, Victor is muttering profanities while Brady brings him coffee. He tries to keep his grandfather cool but Victor gruffly says that Stefano and EJ are going to regret ever screwing with his family. Brady understands that he wants revenge but can't see any happy ending coming out of that, only insanity. "You're in no position to tell me what to do," Victor reminds him. Brady says he's wrong and suggests that he take the high road. Victor is tired of this rant. Brady reminds him that they don't even know who shot Philip and suggests they wait until he can ID the shooter. Victor tells him to stay out of this; he'd rather die than let the DiMeras get away with this. "I'm going to hit them where their heart is," Victor says. Brady can see that arguing is pointless, but tells Victor that he will be there for him if he needs him.

They meet again later at the pub and Victor lets him know that what he has planned for Stefano will hit him right between the eyes. Brady walks outside and bumps into Nicole. She thanks him for not ruining her wedding. He's sure she's exactly where she needs to be. When she walks into the pub, she and her bodyguard see Victor and his bodyguard. He wants to talk and starts making jokes about her taste in men. She seems disturbed when he tells her that her husband had Brady beaten on her wedding day. "Get used to it Nicole. It's going to get darker and darker," he says. Outside, Elvis approaches Brady who instantly tells him that he will pay for what he did to him and Philip.

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