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5th Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 27, 2009
Good Day, Mrs. DiMera.

Outside of the pub, Brady tells Elvis that he will pay for what he did to him and Phillip. EJ warns him to be afraid but Brady isn't afraid of him. He calls him 'disgusting' and accuses him of being a coward. EJ smugly looks forward to proving him wrong about that. Meanwhile, in the pub, Victor tells Nicole that he's glad she's made such a stupid mistake. She tells him that she is a DiMera now and they take care of their own... and their enemies. Victor mocks her, but he's happy that Brady now knows exactly what kind of person she is. She looks over his shoulder and out the window at EJ and Brady standing outside, arguing. She runs out and breaks them up. Brady stomps away and Nicole begs her husband not to make things worse. He goes inside to talk to Victor. Once he's gone, Brady returns, twitching. He wishes 'Mrs. DiMera' a good day. She stops him from leaving and asks what happened to him. Brady tells her she doesn't want the reality of her new family getting in the way of her fantasy life. He wanted to help her but wonders if she did everything she did just to get an evil man to be the father of her child. Back inside, EJ tells Victor he's sorry about Philip. "Don't worry about Philip. Worry about your father," Victor recommends. He makes some cryptic remarks and asks Elvis to inquire after his father's health. After he walks off uttering another threat, Elvis begins calling around for his father.

Stefano stumbles into the hospital to see his daughter. He's exasperated. She rants at him about how she had to try and save Philip after he tried to have him killed. "Alexandra! I have been poisoned!" he groans. He sits down and explains when it started. He is already sure he knows who did this to him. She takes him in and checks him out. After running some tests, she asks for his symptoms. He keeps repeating that Victor is behind this. Fed up, she declares that she can't do this and tells him the war he is starting does nothing to honor Tony's memory. He passes out. She wakes him up. "I'm proud of you. I love you," he says before asking to speak to his son. Lexi calls her brother and asks him to the hospital. When he and Nicole arrive, she tells them that their father is claiming Victor had him poisoned. She rants about the violence between the families and he walks off to speak with his father privately. Lexi tells Nicole to get used to this.

Down the hall, Mia sits with Dr. Baker. She tells him that she saw her baby today but she didn't feel anything. He explains that there is a good reason for that she's not her baby. "But I gave birth to her," she objects. He reminds her that she gave the baby up immediately and never bonded with her. She wonders if she is a horrible person. The doctor says she's a good person for giving the child to people who can give her a wonderful life. "Growing up with a bunch of murderers?" she asks. He warns her again of how dangerous the family is and tells her once more that Nicole will be a good mom. After he assures her that she can still be a good mother some day, she smiles and talks about another baby she met who she felt a bond with. He's eager to hear about this baby but she needs to go. Dr. Baker is left wondering about the child.

Elvis sits with his father and tells him about Victor's gloating. Stefano finds that odd; Victor isn't the gloating type. Lexi returns and informs them that she just got the test results back. She explains that he wasn't poisoned but he has a serious problem. In the corridor, Dr. Baker tells Nicole about his little conversation with Mia. "You're home free," he tells her, insisting that this is all thanks to him. She's still worried about Sami and needs him to make sure he never runs into her again.

Mia goes to see Will at his place. She complains about his day and asks him if he's talked to his mom about her babysitting Grace. "You came here to see my baby sister?" he asks. She says Grace is the coolest girl she knows. He asks her to go over to the pub with him to see Grace. When they get there, Mia holds the baby and plays with her. Across the room, Brady sits with Victor. He insists that he was only saying goodbye to Nicole. Victor thinks that's the right thing to do. He tells Brady to be patient; he is going to make sure that EJ never smiles again.

Sami catches up with Rafe at the airport. She needs to tell him what he means to her before it's too late. "Sorry Sami. It already is," he says. She begins hitting him and shouting, berating him for not returning her phone calls. He's been trying to avoid 'stupid fights' with her. He tells her that he knows her strategies and asks her when she'll start crying. Although he's sure she's well-intentioned, he doesn't think they can work. Sami explains that she didn't tell EJ anything because she found out about the hit he put on Philip. She's disturbed by how he could order someone's death in such a calm way. Rafe tries to reassure her by saying that her kids won't end up like their father. She grabs him by the arm and tells him to come home with her. He repeats that he is going to New York; he's sure that he wants to be a bigger part of her life than she will allow him to be so things will never work out between them. Refusing to let him go, she throws her arms around him.

April 28, 2009
Will This Shut You Up?

Stephanie arrives at the hospital and grimaces when security asks for her ID and informs her that she'll have to be searched before going in to see Philip. When she gets in to see him, she complains about being searched. "I can't take it!" she yelps. He's startled that she lost it so easily. "What have I done to you?" he wonders. She insists that she is with him by choice. Taking his hand, she offers to read to him. Lexi interrupts. Philip tells her to get out; he refuses to let another DiMera anywhere near him. Lexi leaves and Steph gets a headache. He assumes she's mad at him. She's frustrated and walks away for medicine. She runs into Lexi and apologizes for Philip. Lexi understands his anger and tells Steph she should see a therapist about the traumatic event she witnessed. After Lexi gives her a pep talk and walks away, Steph returns to Philip's room. She makes a call. "I need your help," she says. After she gets off the phone, she promises Philip that she will take care of both of them.

At the hospital, Lexi explains to her father and brother that he wasn't poisoned but something is seriously wrong. Stefano has type two diabetes. He laughs and assumes it isn't serious. Lexi tells him that it will be far from easy and will completely change the way he lives his life. Distraught, she leaves and Stefano sends his son after her. Once he's gone, Stefano climbs out of bed and rushes home to the mansion. He takes some things out of his vault. Elvis tracks him down and lays into his father for running. Stefano says he can't be a patient in the hospital with things as they are. He's going to Brunei to get into shape. That will leave Elvis there to take care of Kiriakis. EJ doesn't think he can just run off. Stefano tells his son that he has proven himself and he is proud of him. Elvis warns him that they can't take out Philip right now and Victor will be after them. Stefano's not worried and shows his son his fake passport. He asks his son to take a lot of pictures of the baby while he's gone. Elvis smiles when he thinks about finally being in control. His father heads to the airport and gets through security. As he walks to the plane, a man follows him.

Sami has tracked Rafe down at the airport. She throws her arms around him, refusing to let him go and offering to change. He doesn't want her to change and he has to go. She cries and asks for a chance to change his mind. They can't work together, he claims. What they had in the safe house was just a dream. Sami protests that it was wonderful. "It's gone now," he repeats. Before he can walk away, she grabs him again, forbidding him to give up on her. She accuses him of being scared of her. "That's what I call crap," he insists. Sami grabs him by the collar and tells him she's never met anyone like him or felt the same way about anyone before. She would do just about anything to stop him from leaving. He claims that they went through some 'something' but the 'something' isn't there anymore. "I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry," she weeps. He's baffled. She explains that she hates being honest with herself, but she has to admit that he understands her and was right to warn her that EJ was dangerous. The final call is made for his flight. He leaves. She stands around and bites her lip. Rafe pops back up and tells her he missed his flight. As he explains that he'll be sticking around, she cries and hugs him. The she pouts because he didn't tell her he was happy to see her. "Will this shut you up?" he asks, kissing her. She takes his hand to lead him home. When they get there, she tears his shirt off and they make-out.

Chelsea goes to see Max at the pub. He's rushed off his feet so she offers to help him out. He refuses at first but she talks her way into it. As she waits tables, he takes out his letter from med school. Chelsea returns and spots it. Max is sure it's a rejection letter and rants. When he opens it, he sees it's just an acknowledgement that they received his application. Max apologizes to Chelsea for freaking out. He explains that he didn't just apply in Salem, but to Chicago too. "So what about us?" she asks. Max asks her to move with him. She says no but he outlines how easy things could be. Chelsea says this would all be 'peachy' if he asked her about it first. All of this has made him realize that he couldn't leave her behind. She tells him that if he gets accepted, he needs to go. "I wouldn't want to be here without you," she finally admits. They know it's a big step and coyly talk about getting their own place together. He thinks it would be great to open up his eyes and have her there. She feels the same. They kiss.

April 29, 2009
Big Problem.

Hope is on the phone with Bo. She complains that they still have nothing on Philip's shooting and offers to take a crack at Stefano herself. Meanwhile, EJ calls Nicole and tells her that his father will be gone for a few days and he has some errands to run. He hangs up and she plays with the baby. She hopes that the Mia problem is now solved. Hope comes to the door looking for Stefano. She walks in and asks questions, wondering why Nicole isn't off on her honeymoon. Nicole claims it's just been postponed and explains that they had the wedding in spite of Tony's death, just to break up the sadness in the family. She becomes irate with further questioning and rants at Hope, who isn't impressed. The baby cries. Nicole checks on her and Hope continues asking questions. Nicole doesn't know anything. Hope accuses her of lying and asks what could have been so important for Elvis that he would tear himself away from her. Nicole tells her to dig for dirt somewhere else. "EJ DiMera is not worthy of your loyalty," Hope insists, telling her that the family will chew her and her daughter up and spit them out. Nicole kicks her out.

Sami gets Rafe's shirt off and they make out on her couch. He's wanted her for a long time but didn't think she wanted him. "I do," she says. More kissing follows. He picks her up and is about to carry her into the bedroom when there's a knock at the door. He drops her and throws her a shirt as she hops over to answer it. EJ stands there smirking and asks to see the kids. She tries closing the door on his face. He barges in with an envelope full of preschool brochures and asks Rafe while he's still in town. Before he can answer, Elvis has a business proposal for him; he explains that the family is looking security and his wife could use a bodyguard. "No way!" Sami blurts out. EJ pointedly says that Rafe is already familiar with his house. He continues taking swipes until Rafe gets a phone call and walks away. Sami rants at EJ. He's snide and demands an explanation for why she interrupted his wedding. "You still going to harp on that?" she asks. He laughs bitterly and says she nearly ruined the most important day of his life and he has no idea why. Since she claims she doesn't love him, he assumes it must have had something to do with their child. When she refuses to explain, he tells her that he is worried she seems incapable of 'weaning herself' away from him. She repeats that she doesn't love him. He tells her that what she has with Rafe is just a 'rebound thing'. Rafe eavesdrops and grimaces. He interrupts and Sami tells EJ to leave. Once he's gone, Rafe explains that he's lost the job in New York. When she offers to pick up where they left off a few minutes ago, he's not interested. She guesses that he heard what EJ said and insists that it's nonsense. Rafe still thinks there is a big problem and accuses her of still wanting Elvis. She repeats that it isn't true. He is sure that she was trying to steal him away from Nicole and asks why she thinks that would actually work.

At the hospital, Brady steps in to help Chloe when security is giving her a hard time. They catch up and he curses the DiMeras. She reminds him that Nicole is one of them now. He says that doesn't affect him at all. Chloe is sure that he's in love with Nicole. He claims that is no longer the case and he never wants to see her again. When he gives her a cold, hard look, she worries and begs him not to start acting like Victor. He assures her that he wants things done by the book. "And if it isn't?" she asks. Brady changes the subject to her new husband. She claims that things have been chaotic with Lucas but she feels lucky. Brady is happy for both of them and gives her a hug. Before he can leave, she begs him again not to seek vengeance.

Mia and Will are at the Java Cafe. She's distracted by thoughts of Grace and tells him how fun she is. He has an idea for something else that's fun his baseball game next week. Will mumbles and stutters but she agrees to go anyway and smiles. They practice their Spanish until one of Will's friends, Tad, walks over. Mia gets uncomfortable when Tad claims he's heard all about her. She changes the subject but the guy keeps going on about her. After Tad takes off, Will asks Mia why she is so closed off about her past. She claims there is nothing to tell and her past doesn't matter.

Elvis returns to the mansion. Nicole tells him that Hope was there questioning her. He's not interested, but he's excited that the house is silent and they are alone. After whispering in her ear, he takes her hand and leads her to the hall. As he locks the door, she spots the envelope he was going to give to Sami. "You and Samantha have a nice visit?" she asks. He explains that he was only bringing her brochures for preschool. Elvis tells her to close her eyes and then whispers a sensual fantasy to her while he kisses her. Finally, he lifts her up and carries her up the stairs. When they get to bed and begin making love, he imagines she's Sami.


April 30, 2009
Rebound Guy.

Stephanie is at the hospital booking a flight to Greece. She goes in to see Philip. He's anxious to get out of there. She kisses him. They smile. He asks her what's up. When she hands him the newspaper, he becomes furious to see EJ and Nicole's wedding on the cover. She begs him not to get stressed out. He's eager to take care of his enemies. Steph advises him to ditch his anger and resentment and run away with her. "We can start a new life in Greece," she suggests. "And never come back to Salem?" he asks. As he adamantly refuses, Mel walks in with his goulash. Steph leaves to take a call from her parents. Mel serves him and jokes about poisoning his food. She tells him how worried she's been about him and she hopes that he kicks the DiMeras' butts. He's happy to hear that someone else shares that sentiment. Outside, Steph rips up her flight reservations and throws them in the trash. She goes back into the room and Mel runs out, noticing the torn flight plans in the garbage.

At the mansion, Elvis brings Nicole up to bed. After he drops her on the sheets and their clothes disappear, he begins imagining that she is Sami. It only lasts a moment but he turns pale and seems disturbed. Nicole asks him what's brothering him. He claims it's nothing and doesn't want to talk. That makes her worry more. He's sick of talking and accuses her of looking for an argument. His phone rings and he practically kicks her out of bed. Signor Masi is on the line, telling Elvis that he is trying to finish the job. The connection is bad. Elvis tries ordering him to call off the job. Masi doesn't hear it. "This time the job will be completed," Masi says to himself.

Nicole and Sydney wander around the mansion. She gabs to the baby and promises her that her life will be like a fairytale. The maid comes in. She explains that she had the night off to go fishing but she missed the boat so they won't get any pike for breakfast. Nicole puts the baby to bed and goes back upstairs to EJ. He wants to resume things and starts kissing her. As they make-out, he gets another call. She tells him to let it wait and pushes him back in bed. After sex, they continue arguing about her worries. He used to like that she was independent. She doesn't know what that has to do with all of the danger they're in. Elvis insists that if she refuses to stay in the dark about everything, this marriage will fail. "Imagine if I talked to you like that," she says. He points to occasions when she has and then announces that the conversation is over. He grouchily steps away to get some champagne. She wonders what's going on and assumes it must have something to do with Sami. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and tells him to leave town before it's too late. Downstairs, EJ walks around with his champagne, he tells the portrait of his father that things are being taken care of. His computer beeps. He checks out an e-mail from Stefano. "Looks like my instincts about Baker were right. More than a few skeletons that I can see," he says. Meanwhile, Masi makes a call and tells someone where they can pick up an envelope full of cash and all the information they'll need to get to Philip. A gloved figure picks up the envelope.

Chelsea is at the hospital snooping around on the computer for Max's admissions files. Melanie watches her. "Naughty Chelsea. You are so busted," she says with a smirk. She wanders over to Dr. Baker and tells him that she saw a trainee doing something unethical. Baker walks over and catches Chelsea looking through the admissions. She apologizes profusely and Baker agrees to let it slide this time. Meanwhile, at the pub, Max tells Arianna that she can take off early. He wonders where Chelsea is. His sister calls and tells him that Chelsea is getting grilled by a doctor. "I'm not totally sure, but I think she may have ruined your chances for Salem med school," she says. He rushes over and asks Chelsea what just happened. She assumes Mel called him over. He takes Chelsea back to the pub. Max is upset that she felt compelled to look over his application. He promises that he will not be leaving her. She suddenly gets a phone call telling her that her mother was in an accident and is in an English hospital. Max hugs her.

At the townhouse, Sami tells Rafe that EJ is just a narcissist. "I can't live like this," he claims, suggesting that she may just be keeping him around to get EJ jealous. She tells him to get out. When he tries leaving, she stops him. He asks her what she would have done if Elvis left Nicole at the altar for her. She acts outraged but Rafe points out how much it looks like she loves Elvis. He doubts Junior would come over the day after his wedding if he wasn't interested. Sami repeats that she doesn't love him. To prove it, she kisses Rafe. After a lengthy kiss, he pulls away and refuses to be her 'rebound guy'. When he accuses her again of using him to make EJ jealous, she concedes that, if he really thinks that, then they have a big problem. Rafe walks out, bumping into Will on the way. Sami whimpers. Her son asks what's wrong. Sami's disoriented. Will thought Rafe was leaving town and asks if they are getting back together. She doesn't know. Rafe walks down to the pier. He's surprised when Arianna walks up to him. "I never thought I'd see you again," he gasps. They embrace.

May 1, 2009
My Secret Is Safe With You.

Lucas shows up at Sami's after she has sent him many messages. She's worried about Grace and EJ. Lucas is sure that she didn't come clean with Elvis. She needs Lucas to continue keeping things a secret. He guesses this has to do with what happened to Philip and promises to stay quiet. "There is someone else who knows... Rafi, or whatever his name is," Lucas reminds her. She blows up and then calms down. He asks what happened between her and her bodyguard. She says they were wonderful for two hours. Although she's sure they can trust him, she's worried because he has a problem with Elvis. She thinks that she may have scared Rafe away. Lucas needs more information on the situation so she tells him about disturbing the wedding. Now EJ thinks that she is in love with him and he runs around saying that she is. Lucas wonders if she is being honest when she claims she isn't. She continues claiming it's not true and he keeps badgering her. Sami claims she couldn't love someone who had someone killed. He still thinks she is tempted by EJ, even if it isn't wise, but Lucas won't let anyone he cares about get hurt. He advises her to get her feelings straight and grow up fast. After he doles out some more advice about being honest, she thanks him for being a good friend to her. "I know my secret is safe with you," she says, resting her head on his shoulder. Will walks in and asks what she's talking about. He accuses Sami of dragging his father into her problems. Lucas tells him to back off and Sami covers with a lie. She leaves to see Rafe. Will asks his father if he tells Chloe Sami's secrets. "I think Chloe's got secrets of her own," Lucas says.

"I take it last night made up for everything?" Rafe asks Arianna. She says it will take more than that and hugs him, happy to have him back in her life. They go to the Java Cafe and she asks him why he is always deflecting questions about himself. She questions him about work and he changes the subject. Finally, she wrangles some information from him and he admits that he's out of the FBI. She's sure it was because of a woman and asks him if she was worth it. He doesn't know. "Looks like I found you again in the nick of time," she says. He insists that he's doing alright and tells her about his recent job offer. She's sure some 'awful woman' is ruining his life. He accuses her of being jealous and tells her that he loves her and no one will take her place in his heart. As he says this, Sami walks in and overhears.

Chelsea grabs her grandmother at the hospital. She's checked on Billie and the doctors say she is stable but her injuries are severe. Kate's already got a ticket to London so she can take care of her. Chelsea reminds her about Philip and tells her not to go. She suggests that Kate stay here while she goes in her place. They bicker over who should go. Kate leaves to make arrangements as Daniel walks over to say how sorry he is. Chelsea is beating herself up about not being a better daughter. He tells her not to and is happy to hear that she is happy with Max. Daniel will miss having her around and gives her a hug. Kate returns, spots them and gags. She interrupts and begins arguing with Chelsea again about who is going. Daniel makes himself scarce and Kate takes a sardonic jab at him. She gets a call from the doctors in London and gets teary. Chelsea gets on the phone and tells them that she'll look forward to meeting them and helping out. Kate tells her that they should go to London together. Chelsea tells her again to stay here with Philip. Her grandmother backs down and Chelsea leaves to set things up. Daniel walks by and tells Kate they need to talk. She agrees and tells him that he's part of the family, after all, nearly all the women in it seem to lean on him. She wants to say more but he gets called away. Kate promises that she has more to say, but it can wait until just the right moment.

Theo is running around the hospital when he bumps into Chelsea. His parents come in after him and Chelsea tells the Carvers that her mother has been in an accident and she needs to go to London to look after her. She gives Theo a paper airplane and a hug. She returns to her grandmother to say goodbye. They say their sad goodbyes and Kate promises to be in London as soon as she can be. "You're the best grandmother ever," Chelsea says. After she leaves, Kate says it's a good thing she will be gone because things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Daniel returns and Kate explains that she has a problem. "I now know for sure that Chloe was having an affair... and I'm shattered Daniel," she says. He claims he can't believe Chloe who have an affair. She tells him she knows he was the one 'whoring around' with her. Meanwhile, Chelsea calls Max and tells him she needs to see him right away.

Chloe catches Will at the Java Cafe. He complains about the cliques and clumps at school. Chloe hated cliques too and was never popular. They talk about her past and his father's past. Will knows that Sami is the one who ruined the marriage with Lucas, not Chloe. "I was wrong, my dad's better off with you," Will says. When she walks outside, she runs into Father Matt. He's happy to see her looking happy. She explains that her marriage has been clear sailing. She's happy that she never told her husband about her affair. God gave her a 'do-over' when Lucas had his accident. Chloe is sure that some secrets should be kept, even from her husband. Lucas arrives in the distance and listens.


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