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March 30, 2009
It's Just Wrong.

At the convent, Rafe looks away as Father Matt christens the baby: Grace Raphaela Brady. Rafe is moved. The priest wishes them the best and leaves. "I just hope the big world is ready for Grace," Sami says, worrying how her family will take its latest addition. Rafe promises that he's got her back. Sami tells the baby how great Rafe is. He tells the baby that he doesn't even have a job. "Your godfather is about as crazy for you as your mother is," he says, promising not to let anything bad happen to her. Sami smiles as she watches him talk to the baby.

They go over to the pub so Sami can let the baby be seen in public. After rehashing the story she is going to tell everyone about adopting an orphan, she sits at a table while he orders lunch. Will walks in. "Whose baby is that?" he asks. She changes the subject and says that she's disappointed that he blew off his dad so he could play basketball. They don't have anything in common, not even the same sense of humor, he explains. She wishes he would cut him some slack and then introduces him to his new sister. "Shut up," he says. He assumes she's joking when she tells him the baby's name. "We could start a show," he sarcastically remarks before telling her she is nuts. She gives him her story but he accuses her of lying to his face as usual. Sami wants to talk this through with her son. He tells her that she's been neglecting all of her children and he's angry that she's just found 'a new toy'. Sami objects but Will refuses to talk if she is going to cry all the time. Everything was screwed up when he was a kid, but he's okay now, in spite of the fact that she wasn't there for him. She knows she was never a perfect mom. He tells her that having another kid 'is just wrong'. She's sorry he feels abandoned but she's always loved him. Tearfully, she tells him that Grace will need a big brother. He's finished dealing with her tears and walks out. He runs into Rafe outside. He can understand why he would be ticked off about this but there is something else he needs to know.

At the hospital, Stefano rants at Daniel when he admits they can't do much for Tony. Stefano doesn't want anyone associated with the Kiriakis family looking after his son. He wants Lexi to look after Tony and demands that she be put in charge. Daniel agrees to call her, but they have done everything they can. He suggests that he call the family and prepare everyone for the outcome. Stefano paces, worries and weeps. It breaks his heart that this has happened after he had a fight with Tony. Lexi arrives, out of breath and stuttering. They explain what happened and Stefano levels the blame on Philip. She checks out the medical report and her father tells her to take over. Lexi is sure that Daniel is better left in charge of this. Her father continues vowing revenge on Philip. She doesn't want to hear that kind of talk and orders him to sit down.

Philip tells Bo that Nicole saw everything and can back up his story. He repeats that Tony stumbled and fell. Bo calls Hope to take care of this. He can't work it since they are brothers. Philip is tense but he's glad Hope's on the case. Bo is sure that he is still keeping something from him. Philip can't tell him any more about why they were fighting. Hope arrives. Philip doesn't want to explain any more. They threaten to call Victor. He opens up and tells them his story but worries what Nicole will say.

Nicole slips into Tony's room so they can have a little chat. He looks so awful she actually feels bad for him, but she's sure that he would have enjoyed destroying everyone's lives. "One way or another, I am going to make sure that you never say a word," she warns. She taunts him and watches his heart rate go up before telling him that she saved his life. That means he owes her. As she shouts at him, a nurse comes in and informs her that he can't say anything to anyone. The nurse ushers her out. She sneaks back in and warns him that he better play nice. His heart rate goes up. Daniel walks in and asks her what she is doing there. The defibrillator is brought in with Lexi running in behind it.

Nicole wanders over to EJ and Stefano. She tells them that she was with Tony and he is dying. Daniel comes out. Tony's heart stopped but they got it going again. When the doctor walks away, Nicole tries to give Elvis some hope. He admits that he was relieved his brother was leaving. Across the room, Stefano eavesdrops as Hope questions Daniel about the injury. He says that Tony definitely fell but it's unclear if he was pushed or not. Meanwhile, Lexi gives Tony a paper and pencil. She tries to keep him calm as he writes 'EJ'. She rushes off to get him. Nicole wants to go with him but Hope stops her to ask some questions. Stefano and Philip pace the room and try to listen in. Once EJ is left alone with his brother, Tony begins writing on the pad again.


March 31, 2009
That Is so Not True.

At the pub, Sami tries telling Grace that Will will come around and be happy to have her around. Roman walks in and asks her who the baby belongs to. "It's mine Dad," she says, explaining she adopted her. "No you didn't," he says in disbelief. He has to sit down. She tells him her story. He reminds her she has three children already... and he doesn't buy her story either. Roman digs but she won't answer questions and claims that the baby is a gift from God. Her father isn't convinced that this is the best time for her to be adopting children. "What's done is done," she says. He refuses to pretend that this is a good idea. She rants at him and forbids his trying to tell her what to do. "You're making me feel like you don't have faith in me," she weeps. She's sure Will can take care of himself and she has enough love for everyone else. Caroline comes over and orders Roman to stop being so hard on Sami. She sits down and tells them that adopting Max and Frankie wasn't at the best of times but it worked out. Sami announces that she has to leave. Caroline congratulates her. Roman admits he is proud of his daughter, even though he meant everything he said to her before. He agrees to be there for her. She hugs him.

Outside, Rafe tells Will he understands why he is ticked off, but is sure that Sami is doing a good thing by helping the baby. Will thinks she's just 'playing mommy' again until she finds another distraction. "That is so not true," Rafe says. Will finds him hard to believe. Rafe explains that the reason she adopted Grace was because of him. He tells him how terrified Sami was and how Grace gave her focus. Will isn't impressed. Rafe thinks he's being a jerk and tells him that his mother did nothing but worry about her children. "Do the right thing," he tells him. Will thinks his mother will go nuts with another kid but Rafe continues being positive. Although Will refuses to accept the kid as his sister, he will help out. Rafe keeps gushing about baby Grace but Will is sure she will end up alone. That doesn't stop Rafe from lecturing Will to let go of the past. After Will mopes away, Sami comes out and tells Rafe that she sold her story to everyone. Will returns and tells his mother that he wants everything to be cool with them. She hugs him and tells him he's the best son a mother could ask for.

At the hospital, Hope questions Nicole about Tony's fall. She wants to talk to EJ. Hope continues to question her. Philip shouts at her to tell the truth. She needs time to think. Bo drags his brother off and tells him to stay out of this. Stefano begins prodding Nicole to talk. Bo walks over to him and repeats what he just said to Philip. Victor arrives. "Don't say another word Philip," he instructs. Victor admits that he's to blame for what's happened; he pushed his son too far. Philip doesn't blame him for being disappointed after he bungled everything at work. As father and son talk, husband and wife chat and decide that Philip is innocent. Meanwhile, Stefano badgers Nicole to tell the cops that Philip is guilty. Lexi finally stops him. Hope asks Nicole again for a minute of her time. Nicole doesn't want to talk to her; the last time she did, she arrested her for a murder she didn't commit. Stefano rants at everyone and Hope wonders why he seems more interested in blaming Philip than worrying about Tony. After he storms off, Nicole asks Lexi if Tony will live. "His chances, they're not good," Lexi admits. She's sure that's why Tony is with EJ right now.

Stefano wanders over to Victor and Philip. He warns them that, in the long run, it isn't the authorities they are going to have to worry about. Stefano wonders how they managed to live and work in the same town for decades... but then Philip took over Titan and everything blew up. If Philip turns out to be responsible, "You can expect me to do what any father would do," Stefano warns.

EJ sits at his brother's side. Tony tries to write on the pad, eager to see the look on Elvis' face when he finds out that Nicole never gave birth. EJ suggests he wait. Tony grunts, groans and keeps trying to write. The pencil is no good. Elvis leaves to find a new one but comes back with a pen and tells him that Anna will be there soon. Nicole walks in and Tony's heart rate shoots up. Lexi runs in and kicks the couple out. Elvis wonders why his brother is so upset. Hope chases them down and demands a statement. As EJ returns to his brother, Nicole begins her statement to Hope. Bo arrives and pulls her away for a moment. Hope returns a moment later and Nicole clams up again, refusing to speak until she knows what's going to happen to Tony. Back in the room, Lexi takes Tony's pad away because writing is elevating his heart rate. She begs her brother to stay calm and leaves. Elvis sits by his brother and offers him the pen and paper if he will relax. Tony begins scribbling again but then flatlines. The nurses rush in. Lexi tries to revive him but there's no chance. Elvis stumbles into the hall and looks at the paper. "B?" he asks, reading it. He walks back to the waiting room and tells Nicole that Tony just had another heart attack. Lexi follows. "He's gone," she tells everyone before breaking into tears.'

April 1, 2009

Lucas shows up at Sami's and checks out the baby. "Why don't you tell me who that baby really is?" he asks. Sami says she is her daughter... in her heart at least, and repeats her story about losing the baby. Lucas has heard her lie before and assumes she is doing that now. "Why don't you give me the name of the agency that gives babies to women who have paid assassins coming after them?" he demands. He's sure it is really her baby with EJ. They bicker and he continues to demand to know the truth. He even asks for Rafe's number so he can check out her story. Sami rants until the baby begins crying. He puts the baby back to sleep. "Putting girls to sleep: That's my specialty," he jokes. She continues trying to convince him of her lie and he finally leaves. Sami plays with her kids and promises them that she is never going away.

Chloe hurries home with a pregnancy test. She begs God not to let her be pregnant, or, at least to be pregnant with Lucas' baby. Kate arrives and Chloe lets her in. After Kate drops some pointed criticisms, she tries to be friendly and tells her that she thinks her daughter-in-law is more open with her than her own son. Chloe gets nervous. "I am going to make you a star," Kate announces. Chloe is bewildered. Kate explains that she wants to produce a show for her. Chloe assumes she is joking but Kate is insistent. When she turns around, she knocks over the pregnancy test. "For God's sake, tell me you are not pregnant?" she demands. She says she needs to make sure, since this could also be her cancer returning. "A pregnancy would ruin everything, wouldn't it?" Kate asks, disappointed that the pregnancy will be getting in the way of her plans. She refuses to leave until they get the results from the test. As the diva takes the test, Lucas arrives. He's not happy to see his mother crashing his honeymoon. She tells him that his wife is taking the test. They argue about whether this is even any of her business. Chloe stumbles out. Kate prompts her for the answer to the test.

"My Anthony!" Stefano exclaims at the hospital after he is told that Tony is dead. Philip apologizes but insists it was an accident. Stefano stares and Elvis pulls him away. When Stefano leaves to see his son, Elvis spars with Philip. Victor takes his son away to have his hand looked at.

Stefano walks to his son's deathbed. "No one should outlive their children," he says. He used to laugh when people would call him arrogant, but now he knows that he has been. He thought that he could toy with his son and bring him back into the fold at the time of his choosing... but that will never happen now. "I'm never going to see you smile again... hear you call me father," Stefano grimly says as he stares into Tony's face. He will pay for the rest of his life, but so will the people who did this. "Your death will be vindicated or I will die trying," he vows.

Victor tells his son that this was an accident. Philip admits it wasn't entirely an accident. He was there with Tony and he had a hand in this. Victor doesn't know how his son ended up being so introspective but he's proud that he's trying to be honest with himself. He just hopes that he's on good terms with Nicole or she might end up saying something to send him to jail.

Hope continues to badger Nicole and asks her what really happened with Tony. Brady rushes in and asks her what she did. That only makes the cop more suspicious. "Was it an accident or not?" Hope asks. Elvis walks in and announces that his brother is dead and it's Philip's fault. Brady urges Nicole to tell him it's not true. She asks if Tony said anything before he died. "He left me a message," EJ says. Hope asks what it was and he hands her the note. She doesn't know what the solitary letter 'B' is supposed to mean either. He is sure that this is all Philip's fault and wants him charged with murder. Elvis tells Nicole to tell the police what she saw; only she can make the call on what will happen next. She tells Hope what she saw and explains that Philip had nothing to do with it. "Wrong answer Nicole," Stefano says as he arrives. He throws accusations at Philip until Hope stops him. He's sure that Salem PD will do nothing. "I know what happened and I know what needs to be done," he says, warning Nicole that he will never forget what she's done. After Stefano stalks away, Brady tries to comfort Philip and Nicole tries to comfort EJ. Elvis feels guilty for the way he treated his brother. She repeats that the death was an accident. He doesn't blame her for telling the truth. "It's lies that kill," he says.

Brady asks Nicole if she is okay. She's not. He wonders why she was on the pier. She claims that she was only going to talk to him. "You got what you wanted, didn't you?" he asks. Nicole repeats that she told the truth. Hope butts in and asks if there is something she should know. They claim there isn't. After she leaves, Nicole decides to talk to Philip alone. He thanks her for telling the truth. She didn't do it out of the kindness of her heart. He wonders what she expects in return. Stefano walks over. He's disgusted to see her talking to Philip. Meanwhile, EJ sobs over his brother's body. He stares down at the note he left and wonders what it could mean. He promises that he will figure it out.


April 2, 2009
We're Done!

Chloe comes out of the bathroom and tells Lucas that she doesn't know if she is pregnant. There was something wrong with the test. Kate offers to get her another one. Lucas barks at his mother to stay out of it. Everyone bickers. Chloe needs to know the answer. "There's a chance that I'm going to have another grandchild and my heart is pounding," Kate claims. Chloe thinks back to sleeping with Daniel. On cue, he calls Kate. The doctor tells her that Philip is at the hospital and she should get down there now.

Melanie walks into the pub with a bag full of expensive clothes and gifts. After showing them off to Max and Chelsea, she admits to her brother that she has already spent all of the money she received. Max breaks the news, "Tony's dead." He explains and she is sure that this is her fault. Worrying about Philip, she decides that she needs to see him and runs off.

Stephanie arrives at the hospital and gives Philip a hug. He tells her how awful Tony's death was, but guesses that she thinks this was his fault. She doesn't think that at all. He admits that he deserves some of the blame. His father has been there with him and was, relatively, supportive. Philip wonders if all of this was set into motion before he and Tony were even born. When Philip steps away, Melanie arrives. Steph wants to get rid of her but Mel needs to talk to Philip. Stephanie taunts her about the project and insists that it is dead.

Back at the pub, Max is left alone with Chelsea. She worries about Steph and Philip and how dangerous he can be. They worry about a conflict between Mel and Steph. Mel returns. "The project is over Max. It's done. We're done!" she proclaims.

Kate and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Daniel tells them what happened and explains that Philip won't be charged thanks to Nicole. After the doctor wanders off, Kate tells her son to go home and keep his eye on Chloe. He's happy at the thought of having another baby. His mother is much less enthusiastic. She tells him that she wants Chloe to be a host for 'Hearth and Home'. He reminds her that pregnant women are allowed on television and hurries off. When Lucas gets back to the cabin, Chloe tells him that she's not pregnant. "Not right now," he says with a smile, offering to try again, promising that it will happen. Kate calls. He gives her the news. She thinks it's for the best. After she hangs up, she pretends that she is still on the phone and loudly discusses Chloe's possible pregnancy as Daniel walks by. He approaches. "Chloe's pregnant?" he asks. She says 'no' and she makes some pointed remarks about what a caring doctor he is. They talk about her meds and she gets him to sign off on some so she will have his signature. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Chloe how great she would be as a host. Plus, they would be working together. She agrees to take the job.

Stephanie takes Philip back to her new apartment. He thanks her for being there for him. Only twelve hours ago the fuel project was the most important thing in his life, but now it seems worthless. He's fatalistic and worries that he is already like his father and Stefano. He takes a nap and dreams of Tony's death only to wake up in shock. She reminds him it's not his fault. It doesn't feel that way to him.

At the mansion, Stefano takes a drink before smashing his glass. "Get the hell out of my house you lying bitch!" he yells at Nicole. Elvis orders his father to apologize or he will walk out. Stefano tells him to go ahead. As EJ holds Nicole, Stefano tears into her, accusing her of dishonoring Tony's memory. She had one chance to show her loyalty to the family but all she did was laugh in their faces. Elvis refuses to allow him to talk like this. "The most egregious thing is the lies to you!" Stefano shouts at his son. EJ doesn't understand. Stefano brings up the convent and says he doesn't believe any of her excuses. "You lost one son today. Keep going if you want to lose another," EJ snaps. Father and son argue and shout. Elvis doesn't care if Nicole is having an affair with the Mother Superior, it still wouldn't be any of Stefano's business. "I am your enemy," Stefano growls at Nicole. He leaves the couple alone so Nicole can tell him the truth.

EJ tells Nicole not to worry and shows her the note that Tony left. She doesn't know what it means. Elvis begins questioning her about what she has been doing. He can sense that something is wrong and knows there was tension between her and Tony and now he's dead. "If that's what you think, maybe we should call off this wedding," she pouts. He agrees; he's sick of her threatening to leave whenever things don't go her way. She says everyone is mad with grief. Elvis says his father was right and she and Tony clearly couldn't stand each other. Nicole doesn't know why Tony is suddenly a saint when he was just trying to destroy the family. That doesn't matter to EJ because he's family. "You have absolutely no idea what you've done," EJ sneers at her. He accuses her of letting Philip kill Tony and walk away. Screaming, he accuses her of having a reason of being with Philip. She refuses to lie to put Philip away. Maybe if he holds their child for awhile, he'll feel better, she suggests. He doesn't think so.

Stefano answers the door. Anna slaps him across the face as soon as he sees her standing there. She refuses to come in. "I know it was murder and I know it was you that killed him," she says. Stefano blames Philip and Nicole. Anna accuses him of lying to himself and repeats that this is really his fault. She wanted to come and look at him in the eye one last time just to tell him how much she hates him. He tells her they need to be family now. "I will make the arrangements alone," she says, refusing to let him have any more to do with this. She wants him to go to his grave without a chance to say goodbye. "I have peace and you never will," she vows. "I may never have peace, but I will have revenge," he intones.

April 3, 2009
I Don't Learn From My Mistakes.

Mia runs into Will at the Java Cafe. She just registered at the local high school. "I hear this is where all the cool kids hang," she says. He laughs but he's bummed out by something his mom did. She adopted a kid just when her other kids need her the most. Mia's sure she must have had a good reason. Will doesn't think his mother ever has a good reason for doing things. Mia makes him promise to love and look after his new little sister. He asks her to go and see the baby with him.

Sami meets with a nun at home. The sister isn't happy that Sami is still hiding the truth from the baby's father. Sami explains that the story she told is working. The nun worries that it won't last. After she leaves, Mia and Will arrive. The women have met before. As he shows Mia around, Sami flashes back to changing the results of Will's paternity test. "I don't learn from my mistakes," she says to herself. Sami asks them to look after Grace while she goes to see EJ. She runs off and tells them to call if they need something. Mia keeps her distance from the baby. Will finds that odd. The baby starts crying. He rocks the crib but it makes things worse so she takes over and Grace calms down. She cries again. Will picks her up and asks Mia if she wants to hold her.

Bo and Hope are relieved to discover that Philip will not be charged. Roman walks in and they share the news. Bo flashes to his vision of Hope and Roman in bed. Roman begins telling his brother how amazing Hope is. Bo asks him to stay away from her until he says otherwise. Roman's startled but Bo refuses to explain. When Bo heads over to the Java Cafe, Sami arrives. She reminds him of when she faked Will's paternity and asks if that caused lasting problems for her son. Bo doesn't think that Will will ever get over it. Caroline lied to him for years and it had lasting effects. She decides to do the right thing and rushes off. Back at the pub, Hope finds Roman at the bar. He tries to run off. She guesses that Bo must have talked to him. He claims he is just in a hurry and walks out.

At the mansion, Stefano weeps to EJ, furious that Anna has walked away with Tony's ashes and left them no chance to grieve properly. He blames Nicole, 'the traitorous whore' for Philip walking free. Elvis forbids him to talk like that and reminds him of how happy he was when she gave him an heir. Nicole has been good and patient with them, he insists. "I want to think about the son I just lost, not you," Stefano says. Elvis tells him that he and Nicole will be exchanging their vows somewhere else. "Great," Stefano shrugs. He tells his son that, one day, he will think as he does. "You will know who Nicole is and you will be a broken man," he warns.

Nicole is down at the pier. She thinks over the accident until Brady arrives. She tells him that Philip won't be a problem for them anymore. Brady wonders why she is so upset. "I may have killed my future with EJ," she says. Now she is tainted in EJ and Stefano's eyes. "I think it's for the best," Brady says. She doesn't agree. He doesn't like seeing her in pain all of the time but wishes her good luck.  Nicole doesn't need luck, she needs things to be different.

Nicole returns to the mansion. Elvis drinks by the fire. She wonders if he still thinks she's failed to live up to the DiMera code by failing to send Philip away. He's sure that Philip isn't innocent and there are reasons that she was at the pier. She cries; it hurts her that he has no faith in her. He wants to be alone. "I need to know if the wedding is still off," she says. It's not. She's surprised. Elvis explains that this is about Sydney and adds that, perhaps, in time, they can get over their differences and reconcile. Stefano stands in the doorway and listens as Elvis tells Nicole that the most responsible thing to do for the child is get married. Nicole asks Stefano if he will give them his blessing. He breathes deep and then says he won't turn his back on her; they have his blessing. Stefano still refuses to believe that his son's death was an accident. "Philip and his whole family will pay for Tony's death," he promises.

Chloe arrives at the hospital only to discover that Daniel has been assigned as her new doctor. He tried to find someone else but the closest doctor he can refer her to is a hundred miles away. A nurse announces the exam room is ready. They think back to their sex filled afternoons and then go in. She gets in her hospital gown. After he gives her the going over, she tells him that she's glad they've moved on. He says that he made the wrong choice getting involved with her but he's learned from it and would never do anything like that again. Daniel wants her to have a long and happy life with Lucas. She asks him what he wants and deserves. He'd like to be loved someday. She's sure he will be.

Kate uses Daniel's prescription note to learn how to forge his signature. Once she has perfected it, Chloe calls and asks her if she wants to talk about her new job. Kate agrees to meet up with her later. After hanging up, she calls Chelsea and asks her out for lunch and a tour around the hospital.

Nicole and Sydney arrive at the hospital for the baby's checkup. She's there to see the new doctor and asks Daniel if he knows who he is. "Here he is," Daniel says. When she turns around, Dr. Baker is smiling at her. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Stefano is sure that nothing will bring his son back so they need to forge ahead with courage and not let the tragedy mar the marriage. "I will not let anything interfere with your happiness," he promises. EJ squints.

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