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1st Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 3, 2009
This Is Not The End.

Sami sleeps in Rafe's arms as he remembers Meredith's warning that Sami will find out what really happened the day Emily died. The phone rings. Sami wakes up and answers. "Oh my God!" she gasps. It was Caroline calling to say that Chloe was poisoned. She calls Will but he doesn't answer. She worries about what to say to her children. When she discovers that Chloe cheated on Lucas, she angrily tells Rafe that Chloe brought this on herself and deserved to be poisoned. When she tells him that Daniel is the chief suspect, he can't believe it. "You can act crazy to someone sometimes even if you love them," she says. Allie wakes up and Sami tells her that Chloe is in the hospital but she'll be okay.

In Meredith's hotel room, Stefano offers to tell the new woman in Rafe's life all about what happened. "It's the humane thing to do," he says. She tells him that she already issued a warning, though she gave no details. Stefano says it's her responsibility to protect innocent women from Rafe. After he leaves, she stares at her phone. Rather than calling, she picks up a pad and begins writing a letter about what happened. "If only my sister had known what Rafe was really like, then maybe she would still be with us," she writes. "Rafe will think this is my revenge. He'll think this is the end, but he'll be wrong," she thinks to herself.

At the hospital, Nicole and Brady comfort each other and agree to be there for Chloe together. He explains what happened. She's flabbergasted. When he informs her that Daniel was arrested, she's surprised and explains that the doctor and Chloe were in love. He tells her how Daniel used to talk to him about how much he loves Chloe. They worry that Chloe will never wake up and the truth won't come out. She doesn't believe that Daniel could do this, but Kate on the other hand...

In the cells, Lucas can't believe that Daniel is suggesting that Kate tried to kill Chloe. Daniel insists it's only a matter of time before everyone knows. Lucas is in denial but even Daniel doesn't think he can be that stupid. The doctor explains that Kate has known about the affair for months but kept quiet. Lucas defends his mother and says that she always works to protect her children. Daniel points out that this is exactly what she has been trying to do in her own twisted way. He details the elaborate plot but Lucas still refuses to believe it and accuses the doctor of being a sexual predator. When he starts ranting about the 'poor girl' he had in his apartment before he poisoned Chloe, Daniel is confused. Lucas keeps ranting. Daniel grips him by the throat to make him shut up and tells him that, if he wants to save his wife, he needs to do what he says. He needs to see Lexi to tell her how Chloe can recover. This only outrages Lucas more. To make things worse, Daniel says that if Chloe survives, she will leave Lucas for him.

"Fleeing the scene of the crime?" Victor prods Kate at the mansion as he catches her packing. She's moving out. He thinks she's going on the run. She accuses him of betraying her. "Why would I want you here with what you're trying to do to my godson?" he barks, ordering her out. She announces that she will go and stay with Lucas. Victor goads her some more and threatens to reveal everything to her son. She crossed the line and he doesn't think she did this for her son's sake; she just couldn't take the fact that Daniel wanted a younger woman than her. "This is not about my ego!" she shouts. He thinks she should be using her indoor voice but she goes on to rant about Chloe and then taunts Victor, suggesting that she will find a place to live with Philip instead. She tells him that their son will hate him if he turns her in. He backs down and agrees to let her stay. Brady walks in and asks why there is a cab waiting. Kate says that Victor just talked her out of moving away. Once she leaves, Brady asks what that was about. Victor makes an excuse for her.

When Nicole goes home, she tells Stefano about Chloe. He offers his condolences and then offers her some good news no more worries about Rafe. "It is done," he assures her. Sami and Rafe's house of cards will soon tumble, he says. Nicole is forlorn and asks him to stop going after Rafe. He becomes outraged and tells her that she will lose everything if his plan is aborted.

Kate pays Chloe's hospital room a visit and tells her how sorry she is to see her still alive. She wonders if she can hear what people are saying to her. Kate thinks about how happy Chloe and Lucas might have been and how she might have had another chance with Daniel instead of being humiliated. She talks about the joy of being in bed with Daniel. She was falling in love with him. "But now neither of us will ever have him... because of you," she says.

August 4, 2009
I Know What You Did.

Arianna and her dealer meet in the park. He compliments her on her skill moving their product. They set up another deal and she gets rid of him. As soon as he walks away, Bo approaches. She hides the drugs in her hand in her purse. He gets a call and runs off as Brady arrives. They have a picnic, chat and make out. When he reaches for dessert, he spills her purse. Nervously, she pulls everything back into her purse as a message comes in that a shipment is headed for the pub. After she spills some wine, she hurries off. When she gets to the pub, she takes the delivery. As cash is exchanged, Brady sticks his head in and asks her what's going on.

Melanie sits down with Nathan at the hospital. She tells him that her schedule has been changed and they will have to delay their date again. He lets her know how much he appreciates all the help she's given Maggie. After Mel walks off to start her shift, Stephanie hands Nathan a stack of paperwork. He complains. She filled some of it out for him. He thanks her and asks her out to the concert in the park. She says it's too soon for her to date. The intern tells her they will only go out as friends so she agrees. After he leaves, Stephanie looks for him since he forgot to sign out. Mel tells her just to forge her signature. Steph won't so Mel does it for her. Nathan rushes back in after remembering he didn't sign out. Lexi is busy showing his paperwork to the other interns to demonstrate how meticulously you have to keep paperwork. After everything's in order, they move along. "You've got friends," Steph tells him when he asks how this happened.

Carlo, one of Philip's men, calls him and tells him he needs a doctor. In a flurry, Philip calls for his mob doctor. Philip rushes to the pier and finds Carlo bleeding from a gunshot. Since his doctor is nowhere to be found, he calls 911. Carlo begs him to look after his wife and kids after he dies. Philip tries to keep him alive. The ambulance and cops arrive, including Bo. After Carlo is taken away by the ambulance, Bo begins questioning Philip. He complains about how futile his job is, but at least he gets to go home and sleep soundly at night. "What about you? Are you going to be able to sleep tonight?" he taunts his brother.

When Bo and Philip get to the hospital, they learn that Carlo died on the way. Philip blames himself. "Apparently you tried to do the right thing tonight. The problem is that, with this family, it will always be a losing proposition," Bo says. After Bo leaves, Mel pops up and tries to comfort Philip. That doesn't last. Carlo's widow, Joyce, arrives and asks him what happened. She slaps him when he tries to comfort her. "Because of you and your family he's dead!" she cries. He repeats how sorry he is and runs off. When he drifts into the park, he spots Stephanie. "There's something I have to say and it's really important," he tells her. Meanwhile, a worried Mel goes over to the mansion looking for him.

In the cells, Lucas and Daniel keep arguing. The doctor repeats that Chloe loves him and wants to be with him. This makes Lucas angry, but Daniel is sure he knows that he is right about all of this. When he repeats his accusations against Kate, Lucas becomes livid. Daniel insists that he needs to get out and help Chloe. The guard comes and shows Lucas out.

Kate sits with Chloe in her hospital room and asks her if she was thinking of Daniel on her wedding night. "You made me do what I did," she mutters as Hope walks in. The detective asks her what she did. Kate admits that she lied to her son and covered for Chloe about the affair. Hope takes out her recorder and asks her if she'd like to tell her side of the story. Kate offers her account of things and Hope begins poking holes in the story and goading her. Kate stays cool. "I have a really bad feeling Chloe's not going to come out of this," she says. As Hope leaves, Lucas calls his mother and tells her he knows what she did.

Lucas meets his mother at the mansion and confronts her about never telling him the truth. She doesn't think he could handle it. She gets nervous when he tells her that he talked to Daniel. Angrily, he confronts her about everything and accuses her of poisoning Chloe. She can't believe that he is taking Daniel's word over hers but this all makes perfect sense to Lucas. "What do you care if it's true? Look at what they did to you!" she says. He doesn't want his life to be remote controlled by her and says that this is all really because of her and her jealousy. She cries as he storms away. Chasing him down, she protests her innocence but he refuses to listen. Lucas returns to the hospital. "Why Chloe? Why?" he asks.

Hope goes to see Daniel and tells him that Kate says things aren't going well for Chloe. He freaks out, sure that she can't survive as long as Kate is on the loose. She tells him to hang in and runs off. Later, as he sleeps, Kate sneaks into his cell.


August 5, 2009
She's Brain Dead.

Kate sneaks into Daniel's jail cell. He wakes up and asks her what she's doing there. She came to watch him suffer for what he did to her. When she was dying, he told her that he loved her. "You saved my life and then you ruined my son's," she cries, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing him. He pushes her off. She gloats about Chloe dying. "She's brain dead... which has been her state of being since forever," Kate says. He thought she'd have better things to do than rub it in. She tells him that she loved him more than 'the brain dead slut' ever could. He's impressed by her 'word craft' but tells her she's wrong. She accuses him of preying on his patients and says the coma is his fault. Kate suggests that he and Chloe broke her promise to God and this is his revenge. If that's true, the doctor says, Kate must be looking at eternity in Hell. She tells him that she was only using him for sex and he won't get a confession out of her. He takes off his clothes to prove he's not wearing a wire and taunts her to frisk him. She freaks out and tells him he'll never touch anyone again.

As Lucas stands over his wife's hospital bed, she flatlines. Nathan rushes in and adjusts the monitor on her finger. He explains that it was just loose and the pulse returns. Lucas thinks she would hate being in a coma like this. Nathan assures him they will do all they can to keep her alive, but Lucas is her next of kin and he will have the final say. After the intern leaves, Lucas talks to Chloe, asking her how she could pretend to be happy with him. If she was really planning to run out on him and his kids, she deserves to rot in hell, he barks as Father Matt comes in. Lucas tells the priest that Chloe isn't very religious. He asks him if he convinced Chloe to marry him. Father Matt insists the decision was hers. Lucas doesn't understand why God would want her to marry a man she doesn't love. Father Matt offers to pray for both of them and tells him that he will only find peace in his heart if he can learn to forgive. "I wish I knew how," Lucas says.

Philip runs into Stephanie in the park. He says he's finally realized that leaving him was the best decision she ever made. She disagrees and wants to help. He explains that someone who worked for him died tonight and he had to break the news to his widow. She's sure that he'll make it up to her because he's a good guy. He laughs bitterly. She encourages him to walk away from the family business again. They're interrupted when Nathan arrives, eager to start his picnic with Steph. Philip ducks out and they rush off to the concert in the park. They drink cheap wine and toast to their jobs. Meanwhile, Philip returns to the mansion. Henderson shows Joyce, the widow, in. She wants to apologize and tells him that she doesn't blame him for her husband's death. Crying, she begs him for forgiveness. He shakes her hand and sends her out.

As Arianna and her dealer trade cash and product at the pub, Brady arrives. The dealer heads for the door and Brady offers to help her with inventory. When he slips into the back, the dealer worries that he'll be trouble. Ari assures him that she can handle Brady. When Brady returns after doing the pantry inventory, she serves him a milkshake. They talk about his time in the music business and she tells him that she plays bass. After she puts on some Cuban jazz, they dance and kiss. When they get back to inventory, she has to stop him from opening the drug shipment sitting on the table. He bids her goodnight and they agree to see each other in the morning. After he leaves, she opens the box and tests her cocaine.

At the mansion, Nicole has a cake for Sydney's six month birthday. They blow out the candles and she wonders where EJ is. Meanwhile, Elvis goes to Grace's grave with flowers. He's sorry he never came before, but he's angry when he sees that 'Brady' is written as her last name. When he gets home, he apologizes for missing the little party and explains that he went to the grave. He tells her what name is on the headstone and vows to make sure that no one forgets she was really Grace DiMera. Sitting down, they open Sydney's gifts. She knows he's still heartbroken about Grace but there's no more he can do for her. "We'll see about that," he mumbles. As Nicole puts the baby to sleep, he calls the graveyard's caretaker, telling him that there is a 'headstone emergency' and his child's grave marker must be changed immediately. His wife returns and he tells her about his dream of Samantha. She starts ranting about his on-going obsession but he stops her and tells her that he knows how horrible Sami is and just wants to do the right thing for his daughter. Despite her protests, he walks out to take care of the gravestone.

EJ arrives at the cemetery and begins digging out the gravestone. Nicole arrives and watches, disturbed. "If only I had known that you were mine, I would have done everything to save you. Damn your mother!" he screams, smashing the old gravestone.


August 6, 2009
Stop Empathizing!

EJ rolls over in bed and finds himself alone. He remembers changing the tombstones and begins cursing Sami before turning to Nicole's portrait and saying how precious she is. Stefano runs into Nicole downstairs and offers to give her a lift. He tells her what he found out about Emily's tragic death and how Meredith filled in all the blanks for him. She'll soon be doing the same for Sami. Nicole sneaks away. Before Stefano can leave, Elvis comes downstairs and his father tells him he's just going out to say goodbye to someone.

At the townhouse, Sami is getting things ready for the kids. She mixed their lunch up with Rafe's. He gets a call that he doesn't have to go in for work for a few hours. She asks him to play Scrabble but he'd rather make out. Before they can, Nicole comes to the door. She informs them about what EJ did.

Stefano shows up at Meredith's with a rose and a goodbye. She thanks him for the grant he awarded her hospital and says that coming to town has been therapeutic. She assures him that Sami will find out everything that Rafe ever did to Emily. It was all written in a letter and sent over by messenger.

Nicole returns home to Elvis and the kids. He asks her about her errands. She tries to ignore the question but he won't drop it. She claims that she was buying baby clothes. They bicker about trust and he tells her how wonderful she is. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe are at the graveyard. Sami freaks when she sees that the stone has been changed. She thought it was just a sick joke. "He is a vindictive son of a bitch!" she says, vowing not to let him get away with this. They head over to the mansion to confront him. EJ answers the door and groans when he sees them. Nicole runs in to calm things. EJ demands to know who told Sami about this. "I visit my daughter's grave," Sami points out. Arguing commences and Sami advises Nicole to take her daughter and run. Rafe and Sami leave. Moments later, Stefano walks through the door and tells Nicole that Sami and Rafe will be finished soon. After he walks off to get a drink and celebrate, she returns to her husband and tells him that she doesn't blame Sami for being furious. "Stop empathizing!" he screams. Across town, when Sami gets home, she finds the letter which Meredith sent.

Mia finds Will in the park and asks him how things are with Chloe. He doesn't want to talk about it... then he explains what happened. He wishes he could just have a normal family and tells her she'd stay away from him if she was smart. That's not going to happen. Mia tells him that his dad will need him to be strong right now and she wants to help him through this. They hold hands.

Kenzie is showing off her new outfit to Chad at the gym. He assures her that Mia and Will are on the fast track to being over. She wants to win Will and then dump him quickly. Kenzie calls Will and turns on the tears. He shows up and she tells him her parents are splitting up. As she acts desperate for a friend, Mia comes in. Chad corners her and they talk about kickboxing before he points out Will and Kenzie across the room. Kenzie asks Will out for coffee and a shoulder to cry on but he turns her down. After she walks away, Will's friend comes over and teases him about how easily Kenzie puts out. Will spots Mia and walks over to her. She admits that she heard everything they said. "Just because a girl sleeps with a guy doesn't necessarily mean she's easy," she says. He's confused so she explains that she is not a virgin.

Stephanie is fumbling with breakfast and paperwork at the pub. Roman arrives and sits down with her. He assumes she's still upset about Philip. She wants to will herself to get over him. Roman reassures her, reminding her of how feisty she can be and saying that there are other guys in the world she could have a chance with. She tells him she had a good time with a guy the other night but they are just friends.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Mel out for coffee but she brusquely turns him down. Maggie listens and pouts. Maggie begins to prod Nathan for details. He tells her that he took Steph to the concert instead and doesn't want to get involved with anyone right now. She wonders why he keeps staring at Mel then. After he fobs it off, Maggie tracks down Mel and starts to dig. Mel stutters. Maggie interprets this as meaning that Mel thinks Nathan's too good for her. Maggie tells her to stop using her past as an excuse. She should stop looking for a guy who will hurt her and look for one who will love her the way she deserves. Mel goes out to the park and finds Nathan sitting alone. In a roundabout way, she admits that she was afraid he wouldn't like her if he got to know her better. She likes herself when she is around him and that's unusual for her. "My focus right now is my career," he says, tersely, claiming he has no time for distractions. She admits that she was interested in him and walks away. He sighs and then stops her, offering to give dinner another shot. "I'll have to check my calendar," she says.

August 7, 2009

Kate finds her son in the pub. Lucas isn't that enthusiastic to see her, but he's more concerned with making sure Daniel doesn't make bail. His mother thinks they should stay out of it. He agrees not to go to the hearing. She suggests they have some mother-son time but he'd rather talk to his comatose wife. "About what?" she asks. "Whether or not I forgive her," he says. She follows him as he goes outside. She wants to be with him when he talks to Chloe.

At the hospital, Lexi notices that Chloe's brain activity is constantly diminishing and there isn't much they can do. Abe arrives to visit his wife with some good news. He tells her to check her email. When she does, she's shocked to find that Theo has been accepted into kindergarten. She worries that he won't be able to keep up but Abe is more optimistic.

Daniel paces in his jail cell, anxious for his bail hearing so he can get out and help Chloe. Bo warns him to calm down and points out how much of the evidence is against him. Besides that, he's also a flight risk. The doctor starts to suspect he will be locked up in this cell until his trial and then another cell until he dies. Bo wonders if he missed something during his investigation and then gets called away. As Daniel lies in his cot, Victor arrives and tells him to get ready to get out. He talked to the judge and they granted bail. Daniel is his godson, has saved the lives of most of his family and he's sure that he's innocent. Daniel asks him who he thinks did it and begs him to tell him what he knows.

Lucas visits Chloe. He wishes he could forgive her, but he's not a saint, just a moron who thought she was an ideal wife and mother but was really sleeping with another guy. He refuses to forgive her for anything. "It doesn't really matter if you live or die... as far as I'm concerned, we are dead," he whispers to her as Kate comes in. After he storms out, Kate gloats to the comatose Chloe, telling her that she will die in this bed. When she leaves, Chloe mumbles, "Daniel..." Meanwhile, Kate returns to the mansion and gets a call telling her that bail has been denied.

At the mansion, Elvis rants about how much he wants to punish Sami. Nicole mumbles that it's already happening. He needs an explanation. Normally, Nicole thinks Sami is to blame for all of her problems, but this time she just made a mistake. EJ is baffled and accuses her of being on Sami's side. She doesn't see how he can be happy if he spends all of his time making someone else miserable. Although he suffered losing Grace, so did Sami. It's the fact that she lied that bothers him so much. "It didn't have to be this way. What if it wasn't even her daughter that died?" she blurts out. He's baffled by this statement. She tells him that nature is random and this could have happened to anyone. As she talks about the pain of losing a child, he wonders who she is really talking about. She claims she's talking about Sami. He's not convinced and can see how invested she is in the pain of losing a child. "Whatever is going on has something to do with you and Sydney and Grace," he says. Her recent behavior strikes him as 'hysterical' and he's sure there's more to it than being a mother. He's called off to work but wants answers when he returns.

"I'm not a virgin," Mia confesses to Will at the gym. He assumes it must have been Chad. Rafe intrudes on this awkward moment. Mia walks off and Will awkwardly explains. Rafe says it would be a big deal to him too. "Jealousy is a real killer," Rafe explains, advising him to live in the now. Will stares at Chad leaving. Chad finds Mia crying in the park. He guesses it's his fault, like usual. He hates to see her cry and wishes he could make her laugh again. Chad wishes he hadn't been shipped off to military school and they could still be at the beach. "I wasn't crying because of you," she says. Will rushes over. Mia smiles at him. Mia asks Chad to leave. Once he plods off, Will tells Mia that he's glad she could be honest with him and he's not going to waste time caring about the past. He wants them to have a future and kisses her.

When Sami returns home, she finds the letter Meredith has sent. She reads it and then crumples it, declaring that it must be trash. A moment later, she pulls it out of the garbage, uncrumples it and reads it again. After dropping it on the floor, she stares blankly until Rafe comes home. He's confused by what he sees. "Tell me it's not true," she pleads. He picks up the letter. She asks him if what it says is true and begins quizzing him about what happened before Emily died. He accuses her of accusing him of killing Emily. He's infuriated and walks out, running into EJ outside of the pub. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Sami and finds her distraught. Sami tells her that Rafe just left her. They hug.


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