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2nd Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 10, 2009
A Heartbroken, Blubbering, Red-faced Mess.

Nicole goes over to Sami's. "Rafe left... like I think he's not coming back," Sami weeps. They hug. Sami realizes what she is doing and breaks away before running across the room. She explains that Rafe was lying to her and shows her Meredith's letter. Emily knew a secret about Rafe that could have destroyed his career. After she confronted him, he took her for a drive. There was an accident and she died. Nicole says that she must be missing some details and encourages her to give him the benefit of a doubt. Sami finds her defense of Rafe totally weird and says that this must be because of how she stood up for EJ. Sami sobs and says she is paying for all of the horrible things she's done. Nicole insists that none of this is her fault.

EJ bumps into Rafe outside of the pub and suggests that he is spying on him. Elvis goads him, accusing him of being a liar who keeps secrets. After their little scene, Rafe goes into the pub to inform his sister that he is leaving town. She assumes this must be because of Sami. He's grouchy and doesn't want to explain. His boss calls so he leaves to take it and she sneaks out. She storms over to the townhouse and walks in on Nicole and Sami. Nicole excuses herself and Ari doesn't waste time. "I wanna know what you did to my brother," she demands. Sami says this isn't her fault and shows her the letter. Ari reads it and announces she has to go. Sami assumes this means it's true. She talks it over with herself and decides she should give him the chance to explain.

Mia and Will make out in the park. Chad spots them and interrupts to tell them that he is moving into the neighborhood and transferring to their school. "Sorry dude. You're not on my radar," Will says. They snub him and leave as Kinsey arrives. She and Chad sit down and try to figure out a new strategy. They return to the gym and she complains that this is all a 'time suck'. Chad is sure that something must have happened while he was gone and he wants to find out what it was. Meanwhile, Will and Mia sit down and she apologizes for putting him in a weird position by not telling him that Chad was coming to Salem High. He says it's okay; he just doesn't know why she never told him before. With everything going on in his life, she didn't think this was important. She promises that Chad means nothing to her.

Stefano is at the mansion playing with Sydney. Theo and his parents come by for a visit since they missed the baby's party. When Theo looks in the baby's crib, he wants her stuffed dog. Abe takes him outside to look for his own. Lexi and her father talk about how much it breaks his heart to see the little boy unhappy. "Worry, worry, worry... that's all you do," she says. EJ returns just as his sister is leaving. Once she's gone, Elvis tells his father that he feels like his wife is keeping something from him. He also ran into Rafe this morning and he seemed strange. "You're playing right into my hands Senor Hernandez," Stefano gloats to himself after his son walks off. Nicole returns. She tells Stefano that Sami is a 'heartbroken, blubbering, red-faced mess'. Stefano cringes at the image and tells her to relax - they nearly have Rafe out of town. He accuses her of being an ingrate and orders her to express some gratitude to him for cleaning up after the disasters that she's caused. She cries and tells him she doesn't like hurting people. Although she's done horrible things, she regrets them. He tells her that she will have to choose between her own happiness or Sami's. "What are you two arguing about?" EJ asks as he comes in. Stefano leaves and she says that she was just being insensitive about Grace and wants their daughter to be the focus of their lives. As they hug, he stares off.

Lexi and Abe head over to the pub to see if they left the stuffed dog there. As Abe makes calls, Rafe and Lexi talk about how hard Grace's death hit Nicole. He searches around and finds the dog. Theo's thrilled. After the family thanks him, he goes over to the cemetery and sits by Grace's grave. He tells her that he has to leave and he can't tell her mother the truth, no matter how much he wants to. When he returns to the pub, he corners his sister and asks her where she went. She admits that she visited Sami and saw the letter. He tells her not to stop him from running. "You know I have to do this," he says.

August 11, 2009
Hope, Apparently.

Victor is at the jail to pick up Daniel. The doctor asks him if he thinks Kate set him up and then worries that she will attack Chloe again. He asks his godfather to put a guard on Chloe's door until he finds proof against Kate. Victor refuses. Daniel assumes that Victor knows the truth but he's protecting Philip. Victor assures him that he has a lawyer for him who can get him out of this.

Kate sits at Chloe's side urging her to die when Maggie interrupts to say that there is good news. There's been a major increase in Chloe's brain activity and she even spoke. "Now there's hope, apparently," Maggie says. Lexi comes in and they dig for details. She says the brain activity might be meaningless or a prelude to her system shutting down. "Our Chloe may not be with us much longer?" Kate asks. Lexis says they'll have to wait and see.

Daniel heads straight to the hospital. Maxine stops him from going in to see Chloe but she fills him in on Chloe's developments. He wants to go in and save her and begs to be allowed in. Maxine walks away. He sneaks over to the door but Lexi runs over and tells him to stay away. The DA has put a guard at the door to keep him from entering. She tells him to go home and offers to keep him informed. A few minutes later, Daniel meets her in the park and begs her for help.

Hope and Bo are talking at the station. They still don't think the case against Daniel is strong enough. The DA sticks his head in and orders the case closed. "Time to move on," he says. Bo has doubts but the DA dismisses them and points out the massive conflict of interest he has in the case. Bo and DA Woods continue bickering and insulting each other. "Stay off the case. Both of you," the DA repeats before he walks away. Woods walks over to the pub and meets with Kate. He tells her that Victor has freed Daniel. She's not thrilled but the DA insists that he will prove Daniel is guilty.

Bo and Hope go to see Victor. He tells them that he backs Daniel and expects everyone in the family to do the same. Bo tells him they need to be impartial. "Family first!" Victor barks. They bring up Daniel's accusations against Kate and ask him if he would be willing to see Kate in jail. "If that's where she belongs," Victor says. They inform him that the DA has forced them off the case. Victor is livid. He needs action right away and announces that he has a lawyer who will provide it. Justin walks in.

At the pub, Ari urges her brother to stay in Salem. He can't stay and he can't lie to Sami. Ari blames herself for this mess but he insists it's his decision. Love isn't enough to keep him around - that's something they've both learned. They talk about his wedding day and how he's moved on from tragedy. He tells her that they both need to move on and never talk about what happened.

Sami calls Rafe and leaves a message telling him how much she wants to believe him. Lucas comes to the door. He has the feeling she's not happy to see him. They bicker and he rants about Chloe. Right now he just wants to play with his daughter. Since she's busy having a tea party, he starts digging into his ex-wife's personal life to kill time. "What did you do to him this time?" he asks. She swats at him and then explains the Emily story. He assumes that Rafe must be guilty but she's sure there is more to it. Lucas warns her not to let love blind her to the truth. She says that Rafe helped her through the hardest time in her life. He reminds her that when she follows her instincts, she puts everyone in danger. Rafe walks in. Lucas grabs his daughter and leaves. Rafe asks if Lucas helped her work things out. Sami says they need to be honest with each other and she wants to hear his side of the Emily story.

Lucas takes Allie to the park. Maggie comes by and he tells her to keep walking. He doesn't want to talk to someone who lied to his face. He's remembered everything and doesn't understand how she can be so cruel to him. Maggie sobs and makes excuses. She just wanted he and Chloe to have another chance. "I don't want you to be my AA sponsor. Stay the hell away from me!" he shouts. Crying, she runs away. Kate arrives and tells him that Daniel is out. As he gets upset, she explains that the DA will make sure that Daniel is executed or spends the rest of his life in prison.

August 12, 2009
This Isn't Over.

Kate approaches Daniel in the park. She admits that she wants to see him fry in the electric chair and then kisses him. He pushes her off. "I'm showing you what could have been," she says. Instead, he chose Chloe and ruined her son's life. She snaps out of this little fantasy. "If the state doesn't send you to the chair, I'll take care of you myself," she mutters to herself.

On the pier, Daniel offers Lexi a vial of the drug that put Chloe in a coma. He says that administering it to her is the only way to bring her back. As he places it in her hands, Abe arrives and demands to know what is going on. When Lexi explains, Abe explodes and tells her Daniel is going back to jail. Lexi tells her husband to calm down but he decides to make a citizen's arrest.

Justin shows up at the mansion. After quickly catching up with Bo and Hope, he tells Victor that the case against Daniel is strong and he needs a miracle. He explains that he's never actually tried a criminal case before. Victor doesn't care as long as he's family. Bo and Hope tell them that the evidence conveniently pointed to the doctor. After the detectives leave, Justin demands to know everything that Victor knows. Before he can say anything, Kate arrives. When she guesses that he's back to defend Daniel, she snaps. Justin doesn't see what the big deal is. Victor sends Justin down to the station. Kate begins digging into what Victor will do when suspicion falls on her. "You'll have no one to blame but yourself," he says.

Justin arrives at the station as the DA grills Daniel. "I'm a Kiriakis. I don't lose," Justin announces as he steps in. The DA begins questioning Lexi about what just happened with Daniel. She admits that his suggestion could save Chloe's life but she can't do it - she would have to get permission from Lucas. Justin begins tearing apart the DA's reasons for putting Daniel back in jail. The DA has to admit that there has been no real violation of bail. Abe admits that he overreacted to what he thought was a violation. Justin asks them all to leave so he can talk to his client. "This isn't over," DA Woods warns as he leaves. Daniel tells Justin that Kate did this and set him up. "She may make this very difficult to prove," Justin says. The doctor worries that Chloe will die if he is not freed soon.

Bo and Hope are at the pub talking about whether Kate did it. They say that they aren't taking sides, but soon Victor will have to. Bo has the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Ciara comes out with a cake for her parents. After dessert, they go out to the water and look at the boats. Ciara talks about Zack and they promise her that they will see him in heaven. Hope gets a call from the station and has to leave for work. As she runs off, Bo and Ciara walk to the fairground and a stranger begins to follow them. He drops her off with Ciara's friend and her mother. Once he leaves, her friend runs off to see a horse with her mother chasing after her. As soon as they're gone, the stranger comes out and offers Ciara a candy. 

EJ and Nicole are at the mansion. He's sad because he's thinking about Grace. She tells him how sorry she is for pushing him to stop obsessing over Sami. Nicole feels sorry for her and explains that Sami and Rafe seem to be breaking up. As she takes the baby to bed, Dr. Baker calls her. She barks at him and asks him what he wants. "I'll give you one guess," he says. She refuses to give him any more money. He threatens to call EJ and she hangs up. When she returns to EJ, she offers to get some kid friendly food for tonight. They make out.

Rafe shows up at Sami's. She asks him to tell her that Emily's death was all an accident so they can move on. "I can't tell you what you want to hear," he says. No matter what he tells her, she will keep asking questions and there are holes in his story he can never fix. More bickering ensues. He can't believe she doesn't trust him after all the times he's saved her. Meredith coming to town didn't reveal the truth about Emily, but the truth about them. "We're over," he declares. She begs him not to leave and starts kissing him. He stops her; he loves her and that's why he can't do this anymore. Johnny coughs and cries as Rafe packs up his painting of dogs playing poker. Sami hands him a photo of them with Grace and tells him he was a wonderful father. They say a sad goodbye and he walks out. Will comes home and his mother begins crying on his shoulder. EJ arrives to pick up his son. Sami says he's got a cough. Elvis is annoyed that she didn't bother calling to cancel. Will tells him that Rafe moved out. "I don't care," EJ says, walking out. Meanwhile, Nicole is heading home when Dr. Baker calls again. As she tells him to rot in Hell, Rafe approaches.

August 13, 2009
Did You Want To Be?

At the mansion, Elvis is wondering what is taking Nicole so long. He tries calling her but there is no answer. His father changes the subject and asks what happened at Sami's. He brings up Rafe and EJ explains that he is now out of the picture for good. Elvis takes a drink and walks out. He goes to the cemetery and visits Grace's grave to tell her that it should have been him with her and her mother instead of Rafe. His sister approaches. Lexi admits she overheard what he just said and asks him if he still has feelings for Sami. He explains that he only regrets that he has to share his son with Sami and he has to discipline himself to stop thinking about her. If he doesn't constantly remind himself of how much he hates her... Lexi probes and asks if something has changed. He tells her that Sami and Rafe broke up and he doesn't know how he feels. Although Nicole is a wonderful wife, he can't stop thinking about Sami.

Dr. Baker calls Nicole to ask for more money. As Rafe approaches, she tells the doctor to rot. She threatens to hang up but he reminds her about the letter he left with his lawyer detailing her crimes. When she goes into the pub, Rafe follows her in and thanks her for telling Sami about the headstone. She's anxious, takes her order and leaves. Ari asks her brother what that was all about. He wonders and then drinks a beer and explains that Sami is going to need him to protect her so he's not leaving town. He tells her about Dr. Baker and vows to find out what is going on. He calls a friend at the FBI and asks them to get him into some secret sites. Suddenly inspired, he runs off.

Nicole goes home and tells Stefano that Dr. Dick Baker called her and wants $100,000. She asks him to write a check but he won't give a penny. She talks him into it but he advises her to warn the doctor that blackmailing a DiMera is bad for your health. He gives her an untraceable account she can wire the money from and repeats that this is the last time. When he admits that EJ knows about Sami and Rafe's break up, Nicole assumes that her husband must be with Sami right now. When EJ comes home, she asks him if he was with Sami. He wasn't. "Did you want to be?" she asks. He admits that he considered it but his love for Nicole is deeper than anything he's ever experienced. Meanwhile, Stefano makes a call. "There is someone I need you to take care of," he says.

The mysterious man approaches Ciara as she sits alone in the park. He offers her some candy and tells her that he would get her anything she wanted if she were his little girl. She smiles and then runs off to say goodbye to Bo. He leaves and she joins her friends. As they walk off, she leaves her bag and teddy bear behind. The man grabs the bear and then hides. When Ciara comes back, he lurches out again and she tells him that Tommy Bear is gone. He offers to look for the bear for her and walks off as she returns to her friends.

At the station, Hope walks in on Justin while he's taking an awkward call from Adrienne. Bo calls to say that he just dropped their daughter off. Justin and Hope talk about balancing kids and work. She's afraid of her little girl growing up and holds onto her a little too tightly. After losing Zack, she knows every second she has with her children is precious. Bo shows up at the station and runs into Theo and Abe as they leave for the carnival. He asks them to keep an eye out for his daughter. He approaches Hope and Justin and assures her that their baby is fine. They go to the pub for a bite to eat and Hope tries calling to check in on her daughter. Bo's vision of the bear in the woods suddenly flashes.

Lexi arrives at the carnival as a kid twists their ankle. They gather around with the parents to tend to the child. The man comes out of the bushes with the bear and Ciara runs over to him. He tells her that her dad called him and told him to take her home. She stares blankly. He then tells her that her mother was in an accident and they need to hurry to the hospital. She drops her water bottle and they run off as Theo watches. As they run through the woods, she drops her bear.

August 14, 2009
If You Don't Like It, Teach Kindergarten.

Ari surprises a nearly nude Brady by the pool. They awkwardly chat and she tries not to stare at his wet pecs. She hands him a present. It's a pub gift certificate for a picnic basket. He doesn't know who to take so they joke around until he suggests she go with him. She admits that this was her way of making sure they could have another date. He asks her to swim with him. She has to clean up after bingo night at the pub tonight. Brady seems disappointed so she offers to come back later when she has a swimsuit. He says swimsuits aren't allowed and they kiss.

Bo, Hope and Justin are at the pub when Bo suddenly gets another flash of his vision of Tommy Bear. He slips away to make a call and check on Ciara with her friend's mom. When Bo asks to talk to Ciara, the woman notices she's gone. Bo freaks and they run out the door. At the carnival, Theo and Abe are helping to search for Ciara. Bo, Hope and Justin arrive. They begin shouting for the little girl. As Hope searches, she finds the little girl's water bottle. Bo gets a call that someone saw the car but they didn't get a license. Hope cries. Abe rushes up to say they've found a car matching the description. They run through the woods and Bo finds Tommy Bear on the ground.

Victor catches Philip on the phone setting up a college fund for Carlos' children. Victor bristles. Philip thinks they should help the guy's family. Victor thinks that he's mishandled the whole thing but Philip is livid that a man lost his life doing business for them. None of that bothers his father. Victor dismisses all of this saying that Carlos knew what was expected and he was well paid for it. Philip thinks he's a cold son of a bitch. "If you don't like it, teach kindergarten," Victor growls.

Steph drops by Sami's to hang out and notices the pile of boxes by the door. Sami explains that she is breaking up with Rafe just when she was expecting a happy ending. She gives her the whole story. Steph understands - all of her relationships fail too. Sami tells her that she is too good to be with Philip and his nasty business. Maggie arrives. Sami breaks the news that she broke up with Rafe. Maggie commiserates and tells her that she will find her true soulmate. "What if you found him already?" Sami wonders.

Rafe sneaks into the hospital and tries hacking into the computer when Mel catches him. He claims that he was looking for a patient's room number and tries to charm his way out of it. She likes his smile but is sure he's playing her. He keeps trying to lie his way out of it but she doesn't buy it. Mel stands guard at the computer until he leaves. As soon as he's out of sight, she walks off and he returns. After he grabs some information on his USB stick, he turns around and bumps into Sami. They talk about Johnny and then she asks him why he's there. Has he changed his mind about leaving? There are things he has to do before he leaves. She would try to change his mind to convince him to stay longer, but she's sure it would be a waste of time. "I'll miss you," she says, walking off. She goes home and tells Maggie what happened. "Why does love have to be so hard?" she asks. Sami feels like she is making the biggest mistake of her life by letting him go.

Ari goes back to the pub and meets with her cocaine courier. He tells her how impressed their bosses are with the way that she moves the product. After he leaves, Rafe arrives to use his sister's computer to dig for information about Dr. Baker. He discovers that he knew Nicole and she must have met him at the clinic. Ari returns to the mansion and strips down to her bikini to ask Brady into the water. They leap in. When they get out, he towels her off and they make out.

Mel rushes over to the Cheatin' Heart to meet Nathan. He notices that her shirt is buttoned up wrong so she slips away to fix it. Stephanie comes in and they chat about hanging out as Mel returns and overhears. She accuses them of planning this and refuses to become part of some kind of triangle. "He is all yours princess," Mel says, flouncing off. Nate and Steph wonder if Mel had a point and then joke around but she's sorry for interfering. He asks her if she is still into Philip. She repeats that they are finished and agrees to hang out with him and have dinner. They hang out and toast to having uncomplicated, fun relationships.

Dr. Baker goes back to his room only to be surprised by a man waiting for him. Baker tells him to leave but the man wants the money he is owed. He takes out a gun and tells him he's finished with waiting. Baker offers him his business card and cash. He promises more and begs for more time. The guy gives him two days and walks out.

Philip wanders down to the place where Carlos was shot. Mel walks out of the shadows and startles him. She isn't in a great mood and neither is he. He can't stop thinking about Carlos. When she tells him he wasn't family, Philip blows up at her. She admits that she thinks it's awful and just said that because she thought it was what he would want to hear. This is making him question everything and he doesn't know what to do. She offers to make him feel better.

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