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3rd Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 17, 2009
That's Not At All What Happened.

Philip runs into Mel at the pier by the place where Carlo was killed. She can see that he's upset and offers to make him feel better. She asks him if he still loves Steph. He admits that he can't turn his feelings off and walks away.

Brady and Arianna make out by the mansion's pool. Daniel walks in on them and looks away, apologizing. Ari makes herself scarce. Daniel tells Brady that he needs his help saving Chloe. As Brady agrees to do so, Victor comes out. Daniel thanks him for all of his help. Victor says he will treat him with the same devotion he shows to his children and grandchildren and he should use Brady's help if he needs it. Philip comes in and takes his father away to talk. Daniel turns to Brady and tells him he has an idea of how to save Chloe but he needs to find a way to access her records. Brady is sure there must be a way to get them. He has an idea but it might take a while to see if it works.

Inside, Philip is angry that Daniel is there. His father reminds him that the doctor is family and he's sick of hearing his son 'bitch' constantly. Philip demands to know what is going on. Victor gives him some errands. Philip throws them back in his face and says he's quitting for good. He feels like he's losing his soul. Victor had no idea he was so spiritual. His son claims he's given up everything for the family and watching Carlo die taught him that this is all wrong. Philip can't be the son he wants him to be. When he walks away, he calls Steph and says that he's just done something that could change everything.

Arianna returns to the pub when Mel stops by, desperate for someone to talk to. Ari tries to brush her off but Mel is rambling uncontrollably. Ari blows up, then apologizes and says she has work to do. Mel is sure that more is going on. Arianna chases her out anyway and then begins weighing her cocaine. Brady comes to the door and she stashes it. When he comes in, he apologizes for their interruption earlier and they make out until he spots a baggie of coke on the floor. She pretends to have no idea what it is.

Daniel goes drinking. As he thinks about Chloe, he hallucinates seeing her. "You will save me," she says. He snaps out of it when some woman sits beside him and starts flirting. He stumbles out and walks down to the water. Another vision of Chloe appears. She tells him that she can feel how much he cares and he will always be in her heart. "I will save you Chloe," he vows. At the hospital, the nurses are surprised when Chloe seems to show sudden improvement.

Stephanie and Nathan are at the Cheatin' Heart. She doesn't like the way Mel left. Nate says it wasn't their fault, it was all Mel's. Steph worries because when Mel is angry, she gets even. He promises that he will smooth things over and says that he is the one who should be mad because Mel assumes that he asked Steph out while he was on a date with her. She still wants to call Mel and sort it out but he orders her to stop obsessing and have some fun. They walk to the park and he talks about himself. As they flirt, Philip spots them and then pounces on Nathan. She pulls him off and tells him to go. She and Nathan run off when he refuses. Philip sits down and sighs as Mel approaches him. He tells her things have become clear to him and then kisses her.

Bo and Hope run through the woods looking for Ciara. They find her bear. The cops arrive and Bo sends them off to search. When he returns to the station, he issues an amber alert and co-ordinates search teams. He demands to know if Hope gave their daughter her bear back. They begin arguing until some cops come in with a ransom demand. The kidnappers want five million dollars. They realize that only Victor will have that kind of money. Justin rushes off to see him. Hope guesses the kidnappers took their daughter because they think she's rich thanks to her charity work. She's not sure that this is really about money and suspects that Bo is still placing the blame on her. He asks her again if she gave Ciara the bear back. "That's not at all what happened!" she shouts. The cops come back with test results. The note is clean but Ciara's DNA is on the bear.

Ciara is in a cabin with the stranger. He tells her not to be scared. When he hears police sirens, he asks her to be very quiet or she will never see her parents again. After the sirens disappear, he ties her up, blindfolds her and puts earphones on. He jumps when he hears a noise outside. Two people come in and update him. They keep the little girl quiet as one of them, Dean, leaves. He returns to the station and gets into his police uniform to join the search mission.


August 18, 2009
One Way or Another.

Victor and Justin are at the mansion talking about the kidnapping. They try calling Philip but he doesn't answer. Victor calls around to get the cash together. He and Justin talk about what a nightmare this must be for Bo and Hope. They discuss how important it is to put family first and then Victor explains that he is building a new set of villas in Greece for the family. The bankers call to say the money has been transferred.

Philip tells Melanie that things have become clear for him. He kisses her, she tells him to back off. He kisses her again and she slaps him before apologizing. She's trying to get her self-respect back and can't run around kissing boys just because they are cute. She doesn't want to be a rebound. "You are maybe the only person who accepts me for who I am which is why you are the one I want to be with. Only you," he says. They kiss. Victor starts calling but Philip won't answer. He explains to Mel that he quit his job and should have done it years ago. They sit and talk about their fathers and how hard it is to break away from them. He tells her that she makes him laugh but he still knows how to take her seriously. "You saved my life," he tells her. She admits that she has been waiting for him. They make out and decide to take this somewhere else. They check into a motel and jump into bed.

Ari plays dumb when Brady finds cocaine on the floor of the pub. He brings up the fact that her ex was an addict. She doesn't want to talk about this. He thinks they need to do something about this. She reminds him about his past. He becomes defensive. She knows he's clean but this is her responsibility. Brady suggests she call the police. Ari doesn't think that Caroline could handle the pub's reputation being tarnished. She says that it must have been the businessmen from out of town who were there. He agrees to drop this. As he stares at the coke, he says, "It's hard to believe that something so small can screw up your life." He promises that he will never screw up his life like he once did. She offers to get rid of it for him. "I need to do this myself," he says, dumping it down the drain. He gets a text saying there is a family emergency. Before he leaves, they thank each other for being open and honest. Once he's gone, she calls to arrange the next shipment.

The male kidnapper returns to the cabin with food while the female kidnapper complains. They wait for Dean to call. She complains about the girl but he feels bad. "She'll be leaving us one way or another," the woman says. Dean calls and says they are ready for the next step. "I can't wait to see that bitch's face when the call comes in," he says.

Dean is at the station getting instructions from Bo. As he rushes off to work, Hope and Bo begin brainstorming. She reminds him that most children are abducted by someone they know. Dean listens in as they try to figure out why they haven't gotten a call. The woman who was watching Ciara comes in and explains that her daughter saw something. She explains that she saw a man gave Ciara candy. Hope starts to cry and blame herself, insisting that they should have constantly told their daughter to stay away from strangers with candy. Bo tells her that they can't blame themselves. Hope guesses that this isn't about the money, but about the fact that Bo is a Brady and a Kiriakis. When she suggests that the DiMeras are behind this, Dean smirks. He walks over to them and says he has a lead on a spotting. He runs off to check it out as Victor and Justin arrive to say they have the money. Bo takes his father into the office and asks him who would have a grudge against the family. They bicker about what to do but Bo insists that he is calling the shots. Meanwhile, Hope clings to the evidence bag full of Ciara's things and remembers having a tea party with her in the park. As she breaks into tears, Justin puts his arms around her. As he reassures her, Victor comes out and Bo makes him promise to behave. Bo takes Hope into the office and holds her in his arms as she cries. A call comes in as Dean returns and sits with them to trace it. The woman kidnapper uses a voice distorter and tells Hope that they will kill her daughter if they don't get the money. Hope begins crying. Victor returns to the mansion and tells Justin that if he catches who kidnapped Ciara, they are as good as dead.

Steph takes Nathan to the Cheatin' Heart to get him some ice for his bruises. She tells him how embarrassing having Philip beat him up was. "Yet you're still in love with him," he points out. He doesn't blame her for falling in love with the mob prince but asks her what she is going to do about him. She's going to forget him, she claims. They agree that Philip must have noticed that they have a connection. When they walk out, they run into Victor in the park. "Moving on already I see... you little tramp," he barks at her. Nathan defends her but Victor only gets more gruff and explains that his son renounced the family thanks to her and now he has nothing. He off-handedly tells them that Ciara has been kidnapped and walks off. She sends Nathan off to see Bo while she tries to call Philip.

August 19, 2009
Don't Get Your Knickers In A Twist.

At the motel, Melanie wakes up in Philip's arms and remembers last night. When he wakes up, he tells her he's surprised that it took them so long to reach this point. There has always been something between them, but Steph always got in the way. "That part of my life is gone for good," he says. As they wonder what their future holds, a noise erupts outside. Mel ducks into the bathroom as Philip opens the door. He finds the desk clerk fixing the air conditioner. He tells Philip that the girl he brought in last night was 'tasty merchandise' and asks for her number. Philip flips out and throws him against the wall. After the guy limps off, Philip goes back inside and apologizes to Mel. "You're like my hero," she says. He asks her if she is interested in exploring things and seeing where they lead them. She likes that idea. He notices his phone is dead. They arrange to meet later and kiss.

Steph goes to the hospital and checks to see if Philip was admitted. He wasn't. Lucas arrives and asks what's going on. She explains that Ciara was kidnapped and worries about where Philip has vanished to. As she walks off, he stares at Chloe's door. When he spots Nate, he asks for an update about Ciara. There isn't one. Lucas goes to see Chloe and Nate and Steph talk. She admits that she's been thinking about Philip since she discovered that he ditched his family. After Ciara is found, she will suggest to Philip that they have a 'talk'. Nathan wonders what that means. She doesn't know, but being with Nate last night made her feel better.

Mel arrives at the hospital to tell Maxine that she won't be coming to class or work today. "You're not dropping out of medicine because of me?" Nathan asks. She rambles and tells him the world doesn't revolve around him. He apologizes. She admits that she may be a bit bent out of shape that he went for Steph instead of her but his two-timing may be the best thing that's happened to her. Meanwhile, Lucas visits Chloe. He tells her that he found something while he was cleaning her living will. Nathan comes in and Lucas shows him the will. It says that doctors are instructed to do nothing if she's in a vegetative state. Since it wasn't registered with a lawyer, the decision still rests with Lucas.

Steph goes to the mansion to see Philip. He's surprised to see her. He's even more surprised when she tells him about Ciara. She tells him how proud she is of him that he is breaking with his family. "This is something we should talk about," she says. He doesn't know what they have to talk about. It means a lot to her that he would leave his family. She doesn't want to rush anything though. "Do you want to get back together with me?" he asks, confused. Mel stands in the hall and overhears them. Steph is surprised that Philip doesn't seem totally interested.

On the pier, Daniel anxiously calls Brady and reminds him that he needs his help. Kate walks out from behind some crates and begins taunting him, asking him if he is going to wage a propaganda war against her. She's sure his lawyer is less than brilliant and he'll be going to jail. Kate suggests that he's an animal who can't control his own urges. "You are one sick lady," he says. She fantasizes about watching him get the death penalty. He reminds her that Chloe saved her life. "I think she did it for attention," Kate groans. Daniel talks about what a wonderful person Chloe is. Kate tries to slap him but he grabs her hand and they share a close moment.

Kyle the kidnapper tries to feed Ciara. She's not interested. Brenda, the female kidnapper, tells her she can eat or starve to death and never see her parents again. That's enough to make her take a bite. Dean calls and they prepare for the next step. "When I'm done with her, she won't be a problem for anybody," Brenda says. Dean arrives and gloats about how miserable Hope looks. "If it wasn't for that bitch I would have made detective years ago," he says. He complains about how Hope always got everything because she was rich and took everything he deserved. Dean and Brenda make out to celebrate getting payback and then he declares that it's show time.

At the station, Bo fills Roman in on the details of the case. They plan to pay the ransom. Hope says that this is all her fault. As she weeps, Dean arrives and smirks. Justin comes in with a suitcase full of cash. Hope mumbles to herself as Bo and Roman co-ordinate things. Dean tries to suggest to Bo that Justin might be involved. The phone rings and everyone leaps over to it. Hope begins crying uncontrollably. Bo takes the phone. Brenda tells him not to 'get his knickers in a twist' and check his email. When they do, they find a photo of Ciara holding today's paper. Bo sends Roman off to analyze the picture and then complains about how they can't trace any of the calls. Hope panics. The phone rings again. Brenda gives her instructions and reminds her that this is all her fault. Hope cries even more as Dean watches. She insists that she do this alone. Bo insists that she have backup. She keeps flipping out while Dean stifles a laugh. Hope repeats that they have to do things as the kidnappers have demanded. Bo finally gives in, embracing her and telling her to come back to him with their daughter. After she leaves, Dean tips off his fellow kidnappers. Bo suddenly gets a vision of the kidnappers shooting Ciara as they release her to Hope. "God no!" he gasps.

August 20, 2009
We Spent The Night Together.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker to make sure he received his last pay off. When she asks him if she will never hear from him again, he smirks. She refuses to be harassed even more. He tauntingly asks for pictures of Sami's daughter. "She is my daughter! Damn you Dick!" she barks. He agrees to keep his lips sealed about her dastardly deeds. Once he gets off the phone with her, he calls his bookie. Moments later, he's back in debt.

Elvis is at the mansion when his father walks in looking for a drink. He tells his son that they have a major problem. After he fills him in, Elvis says, "I guess there's only one way to deal with this." They arrange a meeting and then Nicole arrives. He tells her that Ciara has been kidnapped. They talk about how horrible this is. He's so happy that he has her and Sydney.

At the mansion, Melanie walks in on Philip as Steph is asking him if they want to get back together. Stephanie doesn't understand why she's there. "Do you want to tell her or should I?" Mel asks. Philip jumps in to say that Mel has been listening to him vent about his problems. Steph asks why his phone was off all night. "We spent the night together," Mel explains. Philip abruptly says Ciara should be their priority at the moment. They're cold to Mel and she walks out. Steph asks what happened last night and then claims she has no right to ask or be jealous... but she is. He reminds her that she never wanted to speak to him again. That was before he abandoned his family, she says. "Do we have another chance?" he asks. She says that depends on what happened last night. He covers and claims that they only talked. What he feels for Steph hasn't gone away and he thinks about her constantly. Steph doesn't know what she wants and thinks they should concentrate on Ciara, but she worries this mess will pull him back into the family. He repeats that that part of his life is over.

At the station, Bo has a vision of Ciara being shot by the kidnappers. He begins to gasp. Dean asks what's wrong. Bo decides that the drop off has to be stopped and runs out with Dean trailing behind him. Victor arrives and Justin fills him in on what just happened. Victor worries that his son will never be able to forgive himself if he screws this up.

In the cabin, Troy is trying to calm Ciara. Brenda tells him not to give her any false hope and slips out. Hope goes out to the woods for the drop off. As Brenda approaches, Bo runs over yelling. He tells her that if they pay, Ciara will die. Bickering erupts and then he tells her about his vision. Dean arrives and tries telling Bo this is a bad idea but Bo refuses to listen. He repeats to Hope that this is the right thing to do. When Bo and Hope return to the station, he tells Justin they would never get their daughter back if they paid. Justin doesn't get it. Hope reminds her husband that Ciara is her daughter too and he's acting on things that have no basis in reality. He continues insisting that they can never give them any money. Justin agrees with Hope that they need to play by the kidnappers' rules. Bo refuses. Ciara has seen one of them so if they get the money, they can't afford to let her go.

Dean wanders over to the cabin to tell the other kidnappers what just happened. He's sure that Hope won't stop until she gets her way. "And what if she doesn't get her way?" Brenda asks. Dean heads back to the station and interrupts Bo arguing with Hope and Justin. He shows them paperwork on comparable cases and explains that the child always came back after the money was given. Brenda calls using her voice synthesizer and demands the money again. Hope agrees on everything but Bo grabs the phone and says there will be no pay off. He's going to use the money to pay off snitches and then hunt them down if it takes the rest of his life.

Rafe is at the pub with his sister. They're on a message board for Dr. Baker's old clinic. He hooks up with a woman who used to work there by claiming that he had a problematic delivery at the clinic and leaves to meet her. He shows up at the clinic, discovering that it is open and the power is still on. He tries to hack into the computer without luck. A woman arrives and he startles her before explaining that he's the one who contacted her. She notices that he is not a woman with a baby so she doesn't think she should talk to him. He tells her that he got in touch with her on behalf of a friend and begs her to help him get in contact with her doctor. She claims she has no idea where he is... and he did something terrible.

Melanie goes to the pub to chat with Ari. She excitedly tells her about her night with Philip. "You got hmm hmm?" Ari asks. Mel confirms, but they aren't exactly 'together' yet because Steph is still in the way. She's not worried though. When she heads back to the mansion, Philip tells her that he and Steph may have a chance to get together. Her heart sinks. He tells her that what happened cannot happen again. She begins to cry. He apologizes. She thinks he's just getting everything he wants. He asks her to stay quiet about everything but she refuses to back him up this time.

Victor meets with EJ and Stefano on the pier. They tell him that they had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Victor refuses to take them at their word. EJ admits that they all do bad things, but they don't harm children. He would make sure that anyone who took a child from him died a slow and painful death. Meanwhile, Nicole drops by the pub to talk to Ari and tell her she's sorry that Sami and Rafe broke up. Ari doesn't see how this is any of her business.

August 21, 2009
Default Setting.

Mel confronts Philip for going back on his word. "Is this your default setting?" she sobs. He says what happened shouldn't have. They continue to argue as Steph walks in and asks what's going on. Mel says she's happy for them. Steph points out that it's not clear that they are getting back together yet. It will be a long time before they know that. He doesn't want to talk about this in front of Mel. Steph snaps at him and demands to know what is really going on between them. Mel says Steph deserves to know the truth and brings up Nathan and how Steph has been leading him on. Philip stays silent as the women bicker. Steph insists there is nothing between her and Nate. After Mel leaves, Steph and Philip admit that they 'kind of feel bad for her'. They sit down and Stephanie demands to know what she is not being told. Victor calls to tell his son there is no news. Philip tells Steph how bad he feels for him. She takes her book and leaves.

Mel heads to the pub to moan to Ari. Arianna wonders if she will tell Steph about sleeping with Philip since it doesn't look like he's going to. Mel doesn't want to give in to them but Ari says that she may have actually done the right thing for herself by just walking away from them. Philip calls her and asks her to come back and talk. When she arrives, he tells her that he still loves Steph and, as much as he hates hurting Mel, he still has a chance with Steph. She agrees not to tell her what happened because she doesn't want to belittle what happened by trying to get revenge. He thanks her. Meanwhile, the man from the sleazy motel looks at a video he took of Philip and Mel in bed and smirks.

At the pub, Nicole and Ari are bickering about Rafe. Ari drops out of the conversation, leaving Nicole sure that something is up with Rafe. Meanwhile, Stefano and EJ are at the pier wondering if Victor believes that they are innocent in the kidnapping. Elvis thinks about how Bo and Hope are suffering and then thinks of them at Grace's funeral. Thinking of that makes him angry. They return to the mansion. Stefano stands up for Sami's mothering skills but EJ continues flipping out. He wants to set up a panel of genetic tests for his daughter. Nicole walks in as he declares this. She begins to rant about this and suggests it's all Stefano's idea. He clears his throat and walks out. EJ says this is his decision. "She's our daughter and I'm exercising my veto," she says. She tries to argue but he refuses and walks out. Stefano returns and tells her Elvis won't back down. "If I go down for this, I'm taking you with me," she says. He points out how stupid threatening him is. She can take the test but he will make sure they say what she wants them to say.

At the clinic, Rafe asks the woman to tell him the terrible things that Dr. Baker did. She doesn't know what he did but things were seriously 'off'. He was a good doctor but there was something strange about him and some of his patients. She doesn't want to talk but he keeps digging. He asks about Nicole. She's never heard of her. He's sure it must be in the computer. She gives him the password and he quickly gets in. "Gotcha," he says. They find that most of her records have been deleted but they can see that she had a walk-in and then a delivery there later. The woman was the only nurse on duty and she delivered the baby. He shows her pictures of Nicole and EJ. When she recognizes EJ, he gives her a kiss. She explains that he wasn't there with Nicole. When she sees a picture of Sami, she says that she was there the same night.

Brenda calls the station. Everyone gathers around the speaker phone as she taunts Hope. Bo flips out and grabs the phone, refusing to pay a penny and vowing to hunt them down. "You can try but your daughter will be dead before that ever happens," Brenda says, hanging up. Hope cries and holds her head in her hands. Justin interrupts the misery to tell Bo that he's been dead wrong about this. The press arrives. Bo goes out to talk to them and Justin tells Hope to let her anger at her husband go. He says that no one should have to act like a cop and a parent at the same time. They worry that he may be out of control. Justin leaves as Bo returns. He repeats that they would have lost Ciara if they paid. He will never forgive himself if they take this out on their daughter. They hold hands and agree to work together. She worries that they won't be able to make it if Ciara doesn't survive this. He assures her she will be fine.

Kyle tries to keep Brenda calm and tells her that Bo must be close to cracking. She thinks he's being smart and they need to stop listening to Dean, ditch the kid and run. Kyle thinks that's a bad idea but she's determined to go. He calls Dean and tells him things are falling apart. Dean rushes over and grabs Brenda, telling her that she signed on for this and isn't going anywhere. Kyle complains that they are stuck there all day while Dean's in an air conditioned station all day. Dean chokes him and tells him he's an idiot and he must do everything he says or he's dead. After he lets go of Kyle, they all argue and Dean says they have to stop underestimating a mother's love for her child.

Roman and Abe are in the park going over leads in the kidnapping case. As they talk, Theo and Lexi arrive. "Ciara missing," Theo says. He screams her name. They try to calm him down. He explains that he saw Ciara.



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