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4th Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 24, 2009
Thanks But No Thanks.

Nicole and her baby are at the hospital. She's afraid to leave the baby alone with Nurse Maxine while she runs her tests but finally does. She walks out, hoping Stefano comes through for her. "When did I ever let you down?" he asks as he pops up. He promises that everything will pan out. As he leaves to take a call, she mumbles, "There's no way I'm going to lose my baby." Mia overhears this and asks her what's going on. Nicole tells her that Sydney is fine and just getting some blood work done. Mia worries when the word 'DNA' comes up but Nicole assures her things will be okay. Mia talks about how hard it was to lose Grace and how much she still cares about what happens to Sydney. "What if she gets sick like Grace did and she needs the right DNA?" she asks. Nicole repeats that she is handling this and asks her to keep her distance. Meanwhile, Dr. Baker runs himself further into debt. As Nicole wonders if her day could get any worse, he calls her to issue another threat. She realizes he blew everything she gave him already and tells him he'll be going to jail if he rats her out. After she hangs up, she tries telling herself that this can't be happening. Stefano returns and informs her that the tests will show that she and Elvis are related to the baby. He can tell something else is wrong. She tells him Dr. Dick called again. Stefano grits his teeth and groans. She thinks they should pay up. He tells her to stay calm while he deals with Dr. Baker.

Will thinks about Mia until his friend, T, shows up. Will tells him that his cousin is missing and he can't come to the party tonight. Chad walks over and offers to step in for Will. "Thanks but no thanks," Will says, meandering away. Chad wonders who will keep Mia company. Meanwhile, Mia goes off to write in her diary. She worries that things would fall apart if Will knew the truth about her. She thinks back to dating Chad, wishing she could hate him, but she can't. She heads to the party looking for Will. T tells her that Will won't make it. As she goes off to call him, Chad arrives. He puts on the song that he and Mia shared. They lock eyes as Will comes in and spots them.

As Rafe questions the nurse from Dr. Baker's, she notices a picture of Sami on his phone and explains that she was there the same night as EJ. They're surprised to find that there is a record of Nicole being there but the nurse only ever saw Sami, but there is no record for her. Rafe heads to the pub to tell his sister what he found out. She points out that the women could have been using aliases. That occurred to him but he thinks there is more to it and that Nicole must be hiding something. He thinks that Nicole wanted to get rid of Grace and befriended Sami because she feels guilty about it. Ari thinks that's a stretch. Even if things are over with Sami, he still loves her and has to check into this for her sake. "I'll figure out this Nicole thing and then say goodbye," he says.

Bo and Hope are at the station trying to find a way to work together. She worries that they won't survive if something happened to Ciara. They hold hands and she reminds him they need their daughter back. He makes promises and says that they will get to the kidnappers first. She refuses to back him up. He goes out to talk to reporters while Justin keeps her company. She cries and fears that Bo is about to make things worse. Bo goes live, offering five million dollars to anyone who helps get Ciara back. He asks Hope to come on camera with him. She does, but afterwards, she rants at him for dragging her out there. "You're going to get her killed!" she screams. She can't stand him anymore and runs off. The governor calls Bo to check in.

Justin follows Hope to the park. She cries on his shoulder and he tells her not to give up hope. Bo rushes over to them. "I need you to step back," Bo tells him. Justin walks away. Bo tells his wife that they shouldn't let this get personal. She reminds him that this is about their daughter and he keeps making things worse. "If she dies, the blood will be on both of our hands and I will never forgive you," she says.

Kyle is reluctant to trust Dean after their plan has fallen apart. Brenda tries to keep Dean cool and the cop explains that they need to exploit Bo's weakness. They can use Hope to manipulate him. They watch Bo's press conference on a laptop. Kyle chews on his nails and hops nervously, sure that it's over for them. Brenda thinks her brother is on to something. Dean tells them that they're as whiny as the little girl. Brenda says they should ditch the little girl and split up. Ciara's earplug comes loose and she hears Dean refusing to back down and playing with his lighter. Brenda puts the plug back in and then goes off with her brother. Dean pats Ciara on the head. She cringes.


August 25, 2009
The Honeymooners.

Rafe approaches Sami as she leaves a message for Nicole on her phone. "So you're like best buddies now?" he asks. She shrugs and asks him what his problem is. He thinks she should be more cautious about Nicole. "Losing Grace changed everything for me," she says. He admits that he has no right to interfere in her life. "You're not in my life. You're not my friend, my lover or my hero... stay out of my life," she says. After she walks away, he sulks his way into the pub to tell his sister what just happened. Taking out some ads he found at the clinic, he talks about how Baker could have run off to the Caribbean. His sister tells him to drop all of this and save Sami any more pain. He refuses to back down now. He gets inspired and makes a call. He tries calling Sister Theresa but that doesn't work. Suddenly, he gets inspired again and runs off.

Dr. Baker keeps calling Nicole and issuing threats. "You are out of luck. I'm going to let Stefano deal with you," she mutters as she sees his name show up on her phone. EJ comes out and says that all of the tests are done. "So why didn't you tell me the truth?" he asks. She acts dumb. He smiles and says he had no idea she was in such excellent health. They go home and she offers to take Elvis to bed early. They make out and then he says he has a surprise – it's time for their overdue honeymoon! When he asks her if she'd like to go to the Caribbean, she snaps and blurts out no. She claims the Caribbean is a cliché. He tries talking it up anyway. They try figuring out somewhere else and she suggests Paris.

Sami goes to the park and cries until EJ strolls by with Sydney. He asks her if Johnny is upset that Rafe has moved out, "Let me guess. You're thrilled?" she taunts. He tells her that Rafe is pathetic and he's not upset that he'll no longer be part of his son's life. She blames everything on him but he doesn't think she needs any help alienating men. He gloats about his honeymoon plans and then leaves. As soon as he's gone, Dr. Baker calls Sami. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up on Nicole's doorstep. She rolls her eyes but he won't go away.

In the park, Hope tells Bo that she will never forgive him if he's botched the kidnapping negotiations. He repeats that paying the ransom will only mean that Ciara dies. If they can't work together on this, he says, there is no way home for their little girl. They bicker and she refuses to back up all of his decisions. He begs her to stick with him but she still refuses.

Dean is in the cabin with Ciara. He's about to take off her blindfold when Brenda and Kyle return. Dean didn't expect them back so soon. They couldn't get away to get food because of all the checkpoints. He tells them to relax but Brenda wants to call it quits.

Lexi, Theo and Abe go to the station to see Roman. Theo says 'angel'. They try to figure out what that means and eventually realize he means the kidnapper had a tattoo. They go through the mug shot book. Bo and Hope arrive and they begin going through the tattoo databases. Hope suddenly gasps. They found Kyle. He's staying in a Salem motel and is a registered sex offender. The cops rush over to the motel and begin searching. They find women's clothes and the article about Hope. Then they find a marked map of the woods across the highway.

Dean gets a call to tip him off about the tattoo. He decides it's time to split and leaves to get their stuff, promising that he still knows how to work things out. "Hope Brady is going to be sorry that she didn't make the ransom drop when she had the chance," he says. The cop goes to Brenda's motel room and removes all traces that they had a relationship. Back at the cabin, Brenda covers up Ciara so they don't have to look at her anymore. Kyle offers to take her into the woods where she will never be found. Dean returns and announces it's time to go. He takes out his gun. Kyle and Brenda beg him not to do it. He turns and shoots.

Will arrives at the teen party. Mia is surprised to see him since he wasn't supposed to come. They talk about Ciara and then dance. Chad grouchily watches. A drunken Kinsey stumbles in and teases Chad since his song with Mia is playing. She offers Chad a swig of her booze but he turns her down and glares at Will and Mia. She pulls away when Will tries to kiss her. He leaves and Chad walks over to say how much it hurt him to watch her dance with Will during their song. "Is it my fault we broke up?" he asks, offering to make it up to her. He's still in love with her. His mom calls and interrupts. Mia runs off, bumping into Kinsey on the way. Chad runs after them and tells Mia not to go.


August 26, 2009
The Nightmare Is Finally Over.

Sami is shocked when Dr. Baker calls her. He says that he has something important to tell her. She thinks he's calling to offer his condolences. When it becomes clear that he had no idea that Grace died, Sami gets really confused. The doctor pretends he's at work and has to run. After he hangs up, she weeps and the doctor tries to figure out why Nicole never told him about what happened.

Rafe drops by the mansion to talk to Nicole about Sami and her baby. He wants a straight answer about her connection with Grace. Nicole claims she just cares about Sami. He thanks her for being a friend to Sami. "Somebody has to be after what you did to her," Nicole barks. She thinks he should leave town. Her phone begins ringing. She can see it's Dr. Baker on the line. She won't answer. Rafe prods her to pick up as it keeps ringing. Nicole finally does and Baker begins demanding answers and tells her that the price to keep her secret just went way up. She hangs up and tells Rafe the call was just about Sydney's pictures. He doesn't buy it so she says it was Sami. As he badgers her, he swipes her phone when she's not looking and then leaves. She quickly notices her phone is gone and realizes that Rafe must have taken it. Meanwhile, Rafe is already going through her phone records and figures out where the doctor is.

Chad chases Mia outside and refuses to let her get in the car with the drunken Kinsey. She thinks he's after sex and doesn't want to make the same mistake as last time. He's confused by her gloomy attitude. After he tells her he loves her and doesn't want anything to happen to her, he runs to get his keys. Kinsey drives off and crashes down the block.

Hope is starting to go crazy as she worries about what the kidnappers have done to Ciara. Bo is sure that the map will lead them to the kidnappers. They call out the reinforcements and head off in search. In the woods, they find male and female shoeprints and follow them.

At the cabin, Kyle and Brenda cover Ciara in a blanket and try to figure out what to do with her. Dean arrives. They ask him what happens next. He takes out his gun and shoots Kyle. Brenda freaks out over her dead brother. Dean explains that there is a new plan. He wants Bo and Hope to find him so they can fall right into his hands. Cocking his gun, he tells Brenda that he liked her, but he likes his new plan even more and levels his gun at her. She tries to convince him that revenge isn't sweet and they can run away to Canada, killing Ciara on the way. He offers her the gun and tells her to kill the kid. She can't but still wants to run away to start a new life. After he tells her he loves her, he kisses her and shoots her while she's in his embrace. He drops her body onto the floor and then shoots himself in the shoulder as Bo and Hope rush in. They find the bodies on the ground. Dean is in the corner wounded. The parents grab their daughter and ask Dean what happened. He tells them that he busted in and had to shoot. Bo tells him they are grateful. "How can we ever repay you?" Hope wonders. "I'm just glad this nightmare is finally over," Dean says. Kyle begins to twitch. Bo leans down to look for a pulse. Kyle slaps him with a log. Dean jumps on Kyle and crushes his windpipe as he gasps, "I didn't do it alone." Roman and his men arrive. Bo thanks Dean again. When Dean walks outside, Hope tells her daughter that they owe him a thank you for rescuing her. "No he didn't," Ciara says.

Will and Lucas are at the pub. Lucas thinks his son should be out partying. Will didn't feel up to it. They begin arguing about Mia and all the baggage she brings with her. "I like Mia a lot and if that's not cool with you, that's your problem," he says. Lucas wonders what Mia is hiding. Will thinks this is really about Chloe. T calls and tells him there was an accident and Mia is in the hospital. Will hops away.

Lucas goes to help Sami pack Allie up to go and stay with John and Marlena. She tells him about the call from Dr. Baker and how she had to tell him about Grace. He teases her about not having any friends to help her. She tells him what a good friend Nicole is. "What are you thinking?" he asks, wondering if this is a sign of Armageddon. She points out that she's his wife's friend too. They bicker and he admits that he still loves Chloe but that isn't enough. Thinking of Rafe, she tells him that love really isn't enough sometimes. Lucas is sorry things didn't work out and goes back to wondering how she can be friends with Nicole. Sami sends her daughter off with Lucas and then sits down to cry. She stops herself and wonders why Dr. Baker really called when he didn't even know her name.

At the hospital, Mia is giving her statement to the police. She wasn't actually in the car, which was lucky since the passenger side was crushed on impact. Crying, she thanks Chad for saving her life by keeping her out of the car. They hug as Will walks in. After Chad says how important Mia is, Will thanks him and shakes his hand. Chad goes in to see Kinsey. She has whiplash and worries she just committed social suicide. Chad confronts her for not even caring about nearly killing Mia. "You're already dead to her," she tells him. He tells her that things aren't over between he and Mia. Meanwhile, Mia tells Will she feels bad that she nearly got into the car.


August 27, 2009
Psychological Cocktail From Hell.

Kate and Daniel are going at it in her bed. Suddenly, she snaps out of this fantasy and plods off. Meanwhile, Daniel is mumbling to himself about how Kate cannot be in control. He tries calling Lexi but she won't pick up. Brady comes in after hearing the news about Ciara. Daniel asks him if they can get back to saving Chloe now. Brady doesn't think he can help him. The doctor becomes livid when his friend refuses to give Chloe the drug but Brady can't take the risk. Daniel rants about Kate and Brady suggests that he sounds like a nut. The doctor gets on the phone to Justin and tells him they need to go after Kate. Then he turns to Brady and tells him that the lawyer is too concerned with just proving that he is innocent, not that Kate is guilty. Daniel tells his friend that Kate has an Achilles heel – him. "It's love and hate mixed up into a psychological cocktail from Hell," Daniel says. Brady knows how Kate gets when anyone messes with her children. He agrees to help.

Kate drops by the hospital and sneaks in to see Chloe. She promises to come and tell her when Daniel is convicted and sentenced to death. Nathan walks in and asks her what she's doing there. They snipe a little and he wonders if she even wants Chloe to get better. She doesn't want her son clinging to false hopes and tells Nathan that he is very naïve and reminds him that Chloe hurt Lucas.

Lexi and Nathan are at the hospital worrying about Ciara. When they walk into the waiting room, Abe is there with Theo. The little boy cries about Ciara. Everyone worries. Nate gets frustrated. Melanie runs into him with a cart. A call comes in to say that Ciara is okay. Nathan picks Mel up and twirls her around then runs off to make calls. Mel's sure that Philip will be happy. Mel pouts about doing inventory as Nathan returns. She feels bad because she is mad about Philip and Steph while all of this has been happening to Ciara.

In the woods, Hope tells Ciara that Dean is the nice man who rescued her. "No he isn't," Ciara says. Dean reaches for his gun. Ciara explains that it was Hope and Bo who rescued her. Her parents sense something else is wrong. They guess she's worried about Dean's bullet wound. Roman takes the cop to the EMT and Bo and Hope tell their daughter how proud they are of her. "You don't have to be scared anymore," Ciara says. Hope kisses her and tells her she smells good. Bo says they can go home and have hot chocolate and broccoli.

Stephanie holds a poster for Ciara and says prayers while Brady and Philip talk on the phone. When he gets off the phone, he hears something and they run off. They run into some cops who tell them that everything is okay. They hug and go drinking. He reminds her that he is unemployed. She jokingly says they can live large together on her salary... but can they live together? "But we love each other, that counts for something," he says. She feels guilty that she might be the reason he doesn't have a relationship with his father. He says he had to make a change and she's helped him grow up. Steph points out how awkward it would be if they had a baby and the child wasn't allowed in the Kiriakis mansion. He tries to joke about it but she says they are both family people but their families don't go together. Philip thinks that she is just looking for a way out. She admits that she has hope for them this time as long as they are honest with each other. He thinks about having sex with Mel and tells her that honesty is the best way to go. He promises that the past is over and he will do whatever he has to to make her happy.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Roman and Abe that the bullet went straight through Dean's shoulder and he'll be okay. Roman still has a bad feeling about this case. They're checking to see if the perps had anything to do with Bo and Hope. Roman tells Lexi that the guy who took Ciara was a sex offender. Ciara comes in with her parents. After Ciara goes off to be examined by Lexi, Bo tells Roman that he doesn't think Kyle touched his little girl. "What do I do if he did?" he wonders. Lexi returns to say that there are no signs that Ciara was assaulted. The parents check on their little girl and then go to see Roman and Dean. He nervously gives them his statement. Afterward, Bo tells Hope that they need to know what their daughter knows because the two kidnappers weren't smart enough to do this alone. When he stands up, he nearly collapses. She sends him off with Lexi to get checked out. Roman wheels Dean out. Hope doesn't know how to thank him. He acts modest. Bo returns with a slight concussion and heads for the door. When they pick up Ciara, she talks in her sleep. "Mommy no," she mutters. Dean begins playing with his lighter and Ciara twitches at the sound.

Brady meets Melanie in the park and tells her that Daniel needs help saving Chloe. They need the help of an intern. She's reluctant but admits she might know someone. She enlists Nathan and begs him for help. He thinks this is a huge risk, but, considering how Kate has been acting, he agrees to talk to Dr. Jonas. Meanwhile, Daniel goes down to the pier and drinks. He imagines making out with Chloe and telling her how much he loves her. Snapping out of it, he decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. He hides in the bushes until Kate comes out. He drunkenly stumbles over to her.


August 28, 2009
Dispensable Doctor Daniel.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Lucas she knows how hard this must be for him. He still doesn't know how to decide what to do with Chloe. Dr. Craig Wesley arrives and offers to help. He examines his daughter but sadly admits that the other doctors didn't miss anything. Lucas blames himself but Craig tells him not to. He asks Dr. Wesley what he should do. Craig wishes there was a miracle but he knows the chances are slim. Lucas gives him some time alone with his daughter. Craig tells her how much the family loves her and how she didn't deserve this. Lucas returns. Craig tells him that this is no life for his daughter. Kissing her head, he tells her he loves her and leaves. "I know what I have to do," Lucas says.

Kate walks through the park when she runs into a drunken Daniel. She tries to veer away but he thinks she owes him five minutes. Kate's not interested in listening to his accusations. "You don't know what you did to me," he says, explaining that she broke his heart. That suggestion makes her stick around. He says that he had to work hard to keep his heartache hidden from her. He had to run out and find 'the anti-Kate' to replace her. She threatens to walk away but he taunts her, suggesting that she must have never felt about him the way he does about her. She made him feel 'dispensable'. Kate starts to get upset. He tells her that if she wanted him back, all she had to do was ask. "I don't know how I could have been so blind," she weeps. She rips off his shirt and asks him where the wire is. He's not wired. He takes his shirt off and then goes for the pants to prove it. He repeats that none of this needed to happen and they could have been happy. Daniel tells her that, according to his lawyer, his fate is nearly sealed and tells her to go home. She drifts back to the mansion and wonders what just happened. Daniel sits on the pier, planning to do whatever it takes to bring Kate down.

Brady is at the pub telling Ari that her coffee is the best. He says he'll come back after work for more. After he's gone, she walks over to her brother. He explains that he is still digging into what Nicole and Baker did. He still has too many unanswered questions. The phone he stole from Nicole rings. It's Baker. He picks it up, says nothing and traces the call. After hanging up, he sends Dr. Baker a text message from 'Nicole'. Baker sends back a note saying they have a lot to talk about and begins threatening her. Rafe decides to take the next step to finding out what secret they're hiding. He asks his sister for her credit card so he can buy a plane ticket. She gives in. As he rushes off to get tickets, she gets a call and leaves for the park.

EJ talks to Sydney about football. She cries. Mia tries to run but they catch her. When he gets a call, he asks Mia to hold the baby while he takes it. After his call, Mia tells him how lucky Sydney is to have such wonderful parents. Elvis takes the child off to a doctor's appointment. Brady walks by and asks pouty Mia if things are okay. "Not really," she says. He sits down and offers to listen to her problems. She claims that she did what was best for her, not what was best for the baby. Brady assures her that the baby is alright and she did the right thing. She thanks him and leaves. He calls the pub but Ari isn't there. As he wonders where she is, she wanders through the park and meets with Troy. She demands a meeting with his boss. He agrees to get her one, but he wants something other than money for it. As she offers to work something out, Brady sees her and calls out to her. Troy runs. Brady recognizes him as the guy who attacked her and demands to know what is going on.

At the mansion, Nicole is on the phone trying to stop her account from being compromised. She's interrupted when Sami comes to the door. She says that Dr. Baker called her and told her something unbelievable. Sami explains that the doctor didn't know what happened to Grace and she had to explain it. That brought it all back to her. She begins weeping. They hug and Nicole tells her to stay strong. Sami explains that Baker called to tell her something but never said what it was. Nicole tries to convince her that dredging all of this up is a step backwards. After Sami leaves, Nicole decides that the doctor has gone too far and she's going to make sure it never happens again. Baker calls and taunts her about texting him. She explains that someone stole her phone and refuses to pay him off again. The phone goes dead. Nicole wonders where Stefano is.

EJ drops by the hospital to pick up the test results from Lexi. She thinks he's overreacting. He's defensive. She wants to talk about his relationship with Sami. Lexi thinks that he should think about what he's doing and wonders if his anger is really about the fact that Sami is sharing her life with another man. "Why can't you let Sami and Rafe go?" she asks.

Sami goes to the pub looking for Rafe. Pete tells her that he's run off to the Dominican. "You're after Dr. Baker. So am I," she mumbles, hurrying out. She packs up and goes to the airport. Meanwhile, Dr. Baker has an unexpected guest come to his door.

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