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1st Week of December Daily Summaries

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November 30, 2009
Did I Just Ruin Everything?

In Cleveland, Fay goes to visit her daughter and the baby. She tells Nicole how beautiful the baby is and guesses they are in trouble. Nicole tells her that she has to leave the country with Sydney. She plays up the sympathy card and suggests that Elvis was controlling and abusive. They rehash her abusive upbringing and her mother hopes this can be her second chance to help her. She gives her the money she has and buys her some supplies. Nicole tells her they can never speak again. She tells Fay that she's a good mother and she'll never forget what she's done for her.

At the hospital, Philip and Stephanie are talking business. He's glad they can still work together and assumes this must mean they have 'officially' moved on. They talk about Mel and Nate and he claims Nathan doesn't appreciate her for who she is. However, he does think Nate appreciates Steph and suggests that they use this to help each other get what they want.

Nate and Melanie go to the Java Cafe after working all night. They chat and she teases him about Steph going gaga for him. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about. She thinks about kissing Philip. "It's not really Stephanie I'm worried about," she says. She tells him that she is totally over Philip... but she kissed him last night. "Did I just ruin everything?" she asks. He doesn't know what to say so she glosses over what happened and says she told Philip to leave her alone. "I will make sure he never touches you again," Nate says, kissing her.

Brady is wandering the town. He tries calling Nicole and begs her to get in touch with him. Meanwhile, at the pub, Rafe rants at his sisters for letting Sami run off. Gabi beats herself up for helping Nicole. Roman comes in and strategizes with Rafe. He's sure that Nicole isn't planning anything, just conning people as she goes. As they put together a plan, Will wanders in and overhears them. "Sydney's missing?" he asks. Roman asks Will to ask the other 'kids' in town to see if anyone saw Nicole hitch a ride. Rafe finally gets his old friends at the FBI to declare this case a kidnapping and get involved. He decides that Sami and EJ have had enough time alone and plods off.

Brady arrives at the pub as Ari tries to convince Gabi to stick around. Gabi walks off and Brady and Ari take a walk. He apologizes for being angry with her the other night. She explains that her sister thinks she's dealing again and is giving her a hard time. They sit in the park and she wonders if she'll ever get past all of her mistakes. When she borrows his phone to make a call, she hits the wrong button and sees all the calls he's made to Nicole. "Are you really glad she's out of your life?" she asks. He's offended when she suggests he would help Nicole again. She doesn't think they stand a chance at being together. Meanwhile, Will bumps into Gabi as she's hanging up wanted posters. "You're the one who helped Nicole escape," he says.

Sami shows up at the mansion and rambles to EJ about the latest developments. She tells him they need to work together if they're going to find Sydney. He insists that his father had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He's reluctant to budge from the mansion since this is the last place he saw the baby. She begins beating herself up for being a screw up. He claims that he's the one to blame for this. They try and figure who Nicole will turn to for help. She sees that he has Syd's baby book open and they flip through it. Sami weeps. Elvis promises her they will get the baby back. Rafe walks in as EJ puts his arm around her. Rafe clears his throat and they jump up. EJ offers Sami the picture book but she tells him to keep it and leaves with Rafe. He takes her home and tells her to go to sleep. "Sleep's for girls," he tells her, assuring her that he will be working to get the baby back. She worries about EJ, alone with his picture book. Meanwhile, Nicole interrupts Elvis' time with the picture book by calling him.

December 1, 2009
I Won't Walk Away.

Bo joins Roman to strategize at the pub. Roman's more concerned about him dropping his obsession with Carly. They bicker about the mess Bo is making for everyone, including Abe. Bo tells him to relax because Carly is moving out soon. Roman thinks he better move fast or he's going to end up alone.

Hope is at the Cheatin' Heart when Carly tracks her down. She's eager to clear the air between them. "You're going to admit you came back to Salem to steal my husband?" Hope asks. Carly tells her that wasn't her intention. Hope wants some enlightenment about her intentions. Carly assures her again that she has no interest in Bo and suggests she try healing things with him once she moves out. Hope isn't terribly impressed and says that, even if she's not in the same house with Bo, he won't walk away from her. "I won't walk away," Bo affirms as he walks in on them. Carly gives them some space. When Bo sits down, Hope says that his continued involvement with the other woman affects them. As she tries to leave, he kisses her and tells her how much he loves her. She walks out.

Vivian and Victor are birdwatching. She teases him about Kate and assures him he will have the last laugh. She explains that Kate is already burning up with jealousy. Inside the mansion, Philip is leaving messages for Mel until his mom storms in. She tells him that Viv is back and has attached herself to Victor. "Could be he's looking to get married again," Philip suggests. "Not to that old hag!" she blurts out. She never wanted to see Viv again. Philip doesn't care either way, but he's sure his mother is afraid Viv will take her place. Vivian and Victor walk in. "Philip... my baby!" Vivian cries as she hugs him. Kate grimaces. Victor drags her out and tells her that Viv is a 'breath of fresh air'. Kate reminds him about all of the misery the woman has brought into their lives. He claims he enjoys her 'contagious happiness' and then kicks Kate out. Meanwhile, Philip sits down with Vivian and tells her to drop the smile and tell him why she is really back.

At the Java Cafe, Will is blaming Gabi for helping Nicole escape. Ari comes in and stands up for her. Gabi tells her not to bother and walks out. Ari follows her and they begin arguing. Ari tells her that things aren't always what they seem to be. The drugs may be hers, but she is not dealing or using. Gabi doesn't get it and storms off. Ari calls Roman and requests a sit down. They meet at the pub and she explains that she has a new boss now and she's eager to take him down. He wonders why she is so enthusiastic all of a sudden. She just wants to put all of this behind her. He warns her not to take any unnecessary risks.

Nicole calls Elvis. She tells him Syd is safe and she's sorry things ended badly for them. All she tried to do was protect him and Syd but he was abusive the whole time. "This is a goodbye call," she says. He tells her she's out of her mind. She admits that the kidnapping wasn't planned, but after hearing him arguing with Sami, she couldn't leave the child there with them. Nicole tells him he threw away any claim he had over Syd when he threw her out of the house. He says that she will be caught and starts getting irate. She's sick of talking to him and hangs up. EJ calls the police to see if they traced the call. They already lost the signal. Stefano comes in and offers to help but his son tells him to go to Hell. Stefano is sure that Elvis is making a terrible mistake by putting his faith in the cops. EJ tells him that if he tries getting involved, he will never be able to see his grandchildren again. Stefano wants to prove how much he cares by being the one to bring the baby home. EJ refuses to allow it. After he walks out, Kate returns. Stefano tells her his son is making a terrible mistake and he feels like he could lose everything. She tells him to brace himself for some news. When she tells him Vivian is back, he chuckles, especially after he hears she's getting cozy with Victor.

In Cleveland, Nicole calls her mother over and tells her that she doesn't have enough money to leave. Fay doesn't have any more money but offers to help. Nicole is sure she has to leave tonight. Her mother rushes off and gets things together. After she arranges for a fake passport, Nicole thanks her for everything she's done. Her mom would do anything to help her escape.


December 2, 2009
I Started Out Life As A Stolen Embryo.

Rafe and Sami are at her place searching for leads. He comes up with another dead end. Sami is still determined to make Nicole wish she was never born. Meanwhile, at the pub, EJ walks in on Ari and Roman's sit-down. They cover. She tells EJ her sister feels awful for helping Nicole. After she leaves, EJ informs Roman that he has some news. He tells him about the call from Nicole and then they call Rafe and Sami over to tell them. She's impressed that Elvis is working with the police. Whenever the phone rings, Sami nearly explodes. It turns out that the Salem PD failed to trace the call from Nicole. Sami screeches and stomps and weeps. Rafe calms her down. She rants and pouts in a chair as EJ stares. When she's left alone, EJ sits with her and assures her that they will get their daughter back. "I hope we can put everything between you and I behind us," he says.

At the mansion, Vivian wants to take a picture of Philip with her phone. He refuses. "You're not my mother! You never were and you never will be," he says. She talks about the joy of having him grow inside her and wishes he never had to get stuck in the middle of so much chaos. He tells her to stay out of his life. She gives him a sob story about how much she has always cared and wanted to be the mother he never had. He's still not impressed and wants her gone. "I'm not going anywhere," she says.

At the hospital, Nathan is treating Steph's sprained ankle. She seems to like him touching her ankle a little too much so he asks what's going on. He thinks things are awkward. She thinks Mel has been telling him that she has the hots for him. Nate confesses that she is someone he 'could potentially want to be with', but he doesn't want all the drama. She asks him what would happen if she does have a thing for him. That makes things more awkward. He stutters and then tells her that she's amazing but Mel is the person for him. Before she can walk away, he stops her and apologizes if he led her on. She wishes him good luck and leaves.

Brady walks into the Cheatin' Heart with flyers for Sydney. He bumps into Mel. She babbles until he tells her he broke up with Ari again. She guesses it was over Nicole. Brady defends Nicole, much to Mel's chagrin. "You can't choose who you fall in love with," he tells her. That shuts her up. Ari walks in and Mel makes herself scarce. The ex couple bickers about Nicole and she hopes he can get through to her. Across the room, Mel gabs to her new friend about how gorgeous Nathan is. Philip walks in. Mel gulps. Her pal leaves and Mel goes to the bar to see Philip. He tries to push her away but she wants to know what's bothering him. Philip tells her about his life as a stolen embryo in Vivian's uterus. "How could I be a success if I started out life as a stolen embryo?" he asks. She understands; she had a tough childhood too. Mel takes his hand. As they get close to kiss, Nate walks in and his jaw drops.

In Cleveland, Nicole packs up and is about to run off with Syd when her landlady, Marge, stops her at the door. "What's the hurry Mrs. DiMera?" she asks. Nicole tries to get rid of her but it fails so she tells her that she's been abused. Marge won't let her leave until she gives her money to keep quiet. Nicole warns her that calling the cops could be bad for her rather dubious business. Growling, Marge tells her to get out. Nicole goes to the bus station to get her fake passports. The guy takes the rest of her money. Now she can't pay for bus tickets. Dejected, she sits down and some woman begins chatting to her baby. Nicole lets her make goo goo faces at Syd so she can swipe her phone while she's not looking. After the woman leaves, Nicole assures Syd that they can have a great life in Canada... but she'll miss Brady. She starts to worry that he might be in trouble and calls him. She tells him that she and the baby are okay but she's worried about him. He's the only person besides Syd who she cares about. "Come home right now," he begs. As he starts talking her around, she tears up and the phone battery dies. "Sydney, what should I do?" she asks. Meanwhile, Brady goes to the pub to tell everyone that he just talked to Nicole and he's hoping she'll come back.

December 3, 2009
I Would Slay Dragons For You.

In Cleveland, Nicole sits with Syd in the bus station. She asks the baby if she's doing the right thing. Syd has no idea. When the bus for Toronto is announced, she gets ready to go, but then thinks about Brady and stops. The departure is delayed so she calls her mom to say goodbye. After watching a couple play with their baby, she has a change of heart and decides not to board the bus. She won't give the child to the police so she wonders what to do. First, she nearly calls EJ, then Brady and finally...

Lucas surprises Will when he shows up at Sami's. He was so good at rehab that they let him out early. He tells his son that he's sorry and will never hurt him again. Will informs him that Sami has lost her baby... again. Will fills in the details and explains that Chloe must have told Nicole that Sami was pregnant. Meanwhile, Chloe shows up at the hospital and tells Daniel that the kidnapping is all her fault because she turned her back on Nicole. The doctor tells her that she's not responsible for making Nicole insane. As soon as he leaves, Lucas arrives and begins berating her for ruining Sami's life and everyone else's. While he yells at her, Daniel returns and makes excuses for Chloe, telling Lucas he might want to focus on doing something useful instead of laying blame. After Lucas is gone, Chloe thanks Daniel for his help. "I would slay dragons for you," he says.

At the pub, Brady tells Sami about his call from Nicole and suggests she might come back. Sami is hopeful, but EJ is furious. He tells them all that Nicole is crazy and he's sick of Brady acting like a hero. The two men scream and bellow until Rafe stops them. Sami still thinks that Nicole is crazy and desperate and won't be coming back. Rafe gets a lead on the call that Nicole made to Brady. Brady thinks they should all go to Cleveland but EJ refuses to let him get involved. Brady and Elvis keep bickering until Rafe stops the 'idiots' again. Sami hopes Nicole is trying to call her. Elvis tells Sami she's deluded if she thinks Nicole will ever call her. A call comes in from Cleveland. "Nicole?" Sami asks. Back in Cleveland, Nicole has collapsed on the floor as the phone dangles.

Steph drops a package from the hospital off at Maggie's. She admits that she's feeling uncomfortable after their last conversation about Nate. Maggie begins quizzing her and Steph explains that she made a pass at Nate but he wasn't interested. Later, Steph leaves and Maggie gabs to Mickey on the phone. After, she chats and fakes speaking French with Mia, who tells her how wonderful she is. Maggs goes on a walk and bumps into Lucas on the pier. He tells her that he's been acting like a jerk and then complains about Chloe and his persistent mistakes. He admits that he's really the one who betrayed Sami's trust and it's his fault that all of this has happened. She's glad he's starting to take responsibility.

Nate flips out when he walks into the Cheatin' Heart and catches Mel and Philip nearly kissing. Philip says he deserves to know the truth. Nate wants to punch him but Mel takes him aside. He asks her if she would have kissed Philip if he hadn't just walked in. "I have feelings for both of you," she admits. He thinks this is twisted and can't believe anything she says anymore. He storms off. Mel weeps. Philip comforts her. She feels like an indecisive flake. He smirks. She thanks him for standing up for her. Philip says he wants her in his life for all the right reasons. Mel points out that they've never made it for more than a day and a half together. Besides, she still has feelings for Nathan. He still refuses to let her go.

Nathan returns to work. Steph can see he's upset and asks him what happened. He tells her that Mel has proved she's not over Philip. She thinks it's really unfair when a kind and sincere guy like him can't get what he wants. Nate says she's wrong. After he stumbles off to work, she smiles to herself.


December 4, 2009
Who Has My Baby?

Carly packs up her stuff and admits to Bo that she's nervous about moving into Maggie's. She worries that she will make a fool of herself when she talks to her daughter. Since she's finding it so hard to leave, Bo wonders if she should wait. She tells him she used to be a tough cookie but Lawrence scared her... and so does Vivian. She thanks Bo for protecting her and making her feeling strong again. They hug. Philip walks in and sees them together. Bo introduces his brother to Carly. "Were you going to marry my brother before or after my father?" he asks her. She decides it's time to leave and heads out. The brothers begin bickering about manners and then Philip asks him out for a beer. He informs him that Vivian showed up at the mansion. Bo gulps and his brother tells him he's now stuck in the middle of a 'mommy war'. Philip begins reciting cliches until Nate shows up looking for Hope. Bo gets a call and has to leave. Philip fills Nate in on the 'rough patch' between Bo and Hope and then apologizes for what happened with Mel. Nate gets defensive and accuses Philip of sabotaging his relationship with Mel. "I'm going to make sure you leave her the hell alone," Nathan says.

At the pub, EJ rants at everyone that Nicole will never call again. Nicole calls, but she passes out before she can say anything. Sami can hear the baby crying and yelps into the phone. EJ grabs the phone and yells into it, telling her she will pay for this. Rafe gets the FBI to trace the call and says the cops are on the way to get her. Sami wonders why Nicole wasn't talking. EJ calls for the jet and they all run off. When they board, Sami worries about what is wrong with Syd. Rafe holds her hands and promises that all will be well. She can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. EJ complains that the plane hasn't taken off. Brady boards last and has to sit next to him.

In Cleveland, someone hangs up the phone and then people gather around the unconscious Nicole, noticing that she is the kidnapper from the news. She's brought to the hospital. When she wakes up, she notices Syd is nowhere to be found. Rafe, Elvis, Sami and Brady arrive outside. They're informed that when Nicole was brought in, no baby was found. Brady tracks down a doctor who explains that Nicole had a head injury. EJ goes in to see her. "Oi! Wake up!" EJ prods Nicole. When she doesn't know where Syd is, he becomes outraged. Meanwhile, Rafe and a cop talk to witnesses who claim they saw no baby. "Who has my baby? Where is she?" Sami frets.

At the Java Cafe, Mel tells Ari that she's realized that she's not very mature. Mia comes over and says she can't remember what kind of muffin she ordered. They snipe at each other. Mia walks off and stares at the poster of Sydney. Mel apologizes to her and then returns to Ari to babble about her complicated love life. Ari tells her to pick the guy who floats her boat, not the one she would elect to the Supreme Court. Mel insists that Nate isn't a stick in the mud and she's wrong if she wants Philip. Carly comes in and finds Mia at the counter. She tells her that she is moving in to Maggie's today and begins asking her a million questions. "When you move in, I'd like it if you left me alone," Mia says, then apologizes. When Carly turns around, she spills her scalding coffee on Mel. "Oh burning... ah oh owow!" Mel says. Carly apologizes and then stares blankly as Mel gasps. Gabi comes in and Mel leaves. Ari asks her sister if they can have a truce. Gabi is curious about the baby and asks her to call Brady for news. Ari won't. Her sister badgers her about the drugs until Ari drags her outside to talk. She explains that she is working undercover and tells her to keep her mouth shut.

Bo goes to the pub and argues on the phone about the baby case. Mia comes in and asks him if there's any news. He says that things are looking up. When she leaves, Philip arrives and sits with his brother to complain about how smug Nate is. Bo thought that things were over between Mel and Philip since he had sex with her. Philip says he has a shot with Mel again and he's not going to blow it. Meanwhile, Carly goes into Maggie's with her stuff. Mel walks in, trips over Carly's bags and then screams when she bumps into her. Mia comes in next and tries to avoid Carly. The doctor offers to move out. Mel thinks that's a good idea.

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