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2nd Week of December Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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December 7, 2009
Poor Fool.

Hope and Ciara finish Christmas shopping and go down to the pier. The little girl wants to go back to her real home. Bo arrives and tells them that he's the only one in the house now. They joke around and then Bo sends Ciara off to see Santa. They watch as she runs off. Hope double checks that Carly is gone. Ciara returns and asks if they can go home now. "Sure," Hope says. They all go home and Ciara hides Bo's gift upstairs. The parents smile. He asks her to move back in. She feels like she has been turned into the bad guy and worries about Carly. Bo assures her she is gone. Hope asks for the truth about what has really been going on with her. They've always shared everything and she doesn't see why that should stop now. Carly comes to the door.

Mia arrives at Maggie's to find Melanie being less than welcoming to Carly. The new tenant offers to leave if they don't want her there. Melanie thinks that's a good idea. Mia tries to be more sensitive. Carly knows that Mia must be uncomfortable because of their previous conversations and tells her how much she likes her. Mel thinks she's laying it on pretty thick. Maggie arrives and asks what's going on. Mel explains that they've decided Carly is moving somewhere else. She storms out and Maggie apologizes. She says that Carly is welcome to stay but the doctor has decided it's a bad idea. Mia walks away and Maggie asks what really happened. Carly explains her run-ins with Mia and how awkward she is. After Carly leaves, Mia comes back out. She apologizes for the situation and says she just can't deal with Carly. Maggie hugs her and says it's okay.

Brady talks to Ari on the phone. He tells her that Nicole is in the hospital in Cleveland and Syd is missing. He says that EJ has been screwing everything up. As Brady talks to a cop, Ari babbles on the phone and explains how much she cares about him. He gets back on the phone after missing everything she said and tells her he has to go. She feels rejected.

EJ is in Nicole's hospital room. He asks her what she did to his daughter. "I don't know," she repeats, crying. Elvis starts to explode when Sami comes in and stops him. "I am going to kill you!" he screams at Nicole. A nurse comes in and orders EJ out. When she leaves, he puts his hand on Nicole's throat and demands some answers. Sami tells Nicole to stop crying. Nicole explains that she was calling her to apologize and give Syd back when she was knocked out. The doctor comes in and orders Sami and EJ out. "She is lying," EJ insists as they walk out. He rants to Sami. She thinks Nicole might not actually be lying this time. Brady approaches them and tries to figure out what is going on. He hugs his half-sister.

Rafe runs into Stefano in the waiting room. Stefano refuses to go anywhere until he knows his granddaughter is safe and sound. They talk about what's been going on and how Elvis has been getting in the way. Rafe asks him to muzzle his son. Stefano doesn't think EJ is going to listen to him right now and warns Rafe about how close Elvis and Sami are becoming again. Rafe doesn't think they'll get back together. "Poor fool," Stefano groans. Rafe walks off and tells Elvis that someone is waiting for him. EJ is not happy when he finds his father in the waiting room. He asks him to leave. Stefano offers to help him. EJ orders him to leave.

Brady goes in to see Nicole. He figured she needed someone on her side. "You need to tell me everything," he says. She accuses him of thinking that she is hiding Syd. She swears that she isn't and begs him for help. He promises he will and walks out. In the corridor, he tells Elvis, Sami and Rafe that Nicole doesn't know anything. EJ assumes that his father must be behind this. "You have our daughter," he accuses as Stefano walks in.

Mel goes to the pub and chats with Ari. She's upset that Brady is still running after Nicole, even after she abducted a baby. She worries that he will never see her for who she really is. Mel tells her that the time for brooding and talking about Brady is over and she needs to fight for him if she wants him.


December 8, 2009
Just In Time.

Carly and Hope have a standoff in Bo's doorway. Carly explains that she can't move in to Maggie's anymore. Hope is disturbed that Carly is trying to cozy up to more members of her family. Victor arrives. "Looks like I interrupted just in time," he says. Bo is about to rant at his father when Ciara runs down and jumps into his arms. Victor takes the little girl home with him. Hope demands to know why Carly was moving into Maggie's. Carly claims she won't have anything to do with Bo from now on. The couple continues arguing and Hope decides that coming there was a mistake. She walks out. "This has to end. We have to tell Hope about my daughter," Carly says. He says his problems with Hope are deeper than that and they can't risk anything as long as Vivian is around. She wants to get a room at the inn, but he insists she stay with him so he can protect her.

Kate and Vivian argue over a decaf low fat mocha latte at the Java Cafe. Kate begins ranting at Viv over Philip and tells her that she was never more than a 'gestation device' for him. They bicker about Victor and Stefano and Kate flounces off. Gus arrives and tells Vivian that he discovered a letter in Lawrence's safety deposit box. "Someone else needs to read this," she says after skimming it. She heads over to the mansion. Victor isn't thrilled to see her but pours her a drink anyway. He's sure she is there just to get revenge on Carly and assures her that he is on her side. "It's time for revenge," she says. She wants it to be long and painful and asks him for his help.

In Cleveland, EJ accuses his father of taking Sydney. Rafe holds Sami back. Stefano says he has an idea about where the baby is. Everyone blows up until Stefano yells at them to stop. He explains that the child must be wherever Nicole has hidden her. Everyone else says that Nicole knows nothing. EJ accuses his father of being in this every step of the way and suspects he's still involved. Sami begs for the truth. Elvis continues throwing accusations at his father. "I have an idea of how we can find her," Stefano says. He explains that his people have been tracking Nicole since she left town and Elvis has done the same thing. He suggests that they combine their resources to find Syd. EJ says this is a bad idea. Sami backs him up. "You two want to act like idiots? Go ahead," Stefano says, walking off.

Rafe gets off the phone with his contact at the bureau. Roman arrives and explains that the local cops have a lead on who might have taken Syd. They think that Fay may have taken the child. Rafe doubts she would have knocked her own daughter out. Roman joins the others and chats to his daughter. Stefano gruffly trudges away, refusing to be turned into the villain. He calls Kate and fills her in. She worries he'll get all worked up. Stefano says that Elvis, Nicole and Sami will pay for trying to keep his granddaughter from him. Meanwhile, EJ assures Sami that they will find their daughter. Rafe turns to the guard at Nicole's door and does his best to convince him to let him in.

Nicole talks in her sleep, hoping that Syd is okay. "I have to find her," she gasps as she wakes up. She pulls herself out of bed and discovers that the back door is locked and the front has a guard. She manages to pick the lock and escape before Rafe comes in.

Mia goes back to Maggie's on her break. Maggie offers her a sandwich. Mia talks about how much she misses Grace. Maggie suggests she try talking to her mother after the hard year she has had. She worries that Mia may turn bitter and cynical. "That's what happens when your baby dies," Mia says, walking out. When she returns to work, Hope drops by and begins chatting to her. The topic of Carly comes up and Hope asks Mia why she didn't end up moving in. Mia doesn't want to talk about someone she doesn't know.

December 9, 2009
She Came To Take My Husband.

Justin runs into Hope at the Java Cafe. She tells him that Carly is ruining her Christmas. They sit down and Hope rants about Carly. She thinks her gut reaction may have been right after all. "She came to take my husband," Hope says. He doubts it but she is determined to find out what's going on. They go back to the mansion and she continues complaining about Carly. He goes through the Christmas letters from his family and then tells Hope that she should be trying to get back with her husband for the holidays instead of digging into Carly's life. She tells him that this isn't about her, it's about Carly's power over her husband.

At Bo's, Carly worries that her daughter hates her. She also worries that she will never be able to reveal the truth to her daughter as long as Vivian is around. Bo says they'll have to eliminate her. They just need to find some skeletons in her closet to use against her. Carly's skeptical about his plan. He puts on a Santa hat and tells Carly she can stay the night. She feels like she's ruined Christmas enough and says he should spend the evening trimming the tree with his family. Suddenly, she realizes that today is their anniversary. She flashes back to their little ceremony and the vows she made. She tells Bo that there is still a chance for he and Hope and he shouldn't give up. As she touches his face, Justin looks in the window.

Over at the mansion, Vivian asks Victor to help her make Carly suffer. "I'll certainly enjoy watching and helping if I can," he says. She takes out the note which Lawrence left behind. She reads it to Victor and wonders if Carly betrayed Lawrence with Bo. Victor thinks there is more to this than a 'roll in the Persian rug'. She thinks they should convince everyone that she only came to town because she loves him. Hope comes down the stairs and they explain that Viv is moving in. Hope thinks that's a great idea.

In Cleveland, Rafe discovers that Nicole is not in her room. The guard has no idea what's going on. Rafe notices the back door is open. EJ rants at the guard while Rafe starts to search the hospital. Meanwhile, Nicole rushes around the hospital looking for Sydney. She finds some clothes in the linen closet and changes. As soon as she's gone, Rafe comes in and finds the medical tag she left behind. Rafe returns to tell the cops. EJ begins barking orders.

Outside, Roman and Brady are talking to the local police commander. He doesn't have any leads. After he walks away, Roman talks about how hard Sami is taking everything and suggests Brady talk to Nicole again. "She can't be responsible for all of this," Brady insists. Roman leaves to check something out. Ari arrives, eager to be helpful. She admits that she just heard him talking about Nicole and she can't live with him having Nicole in his heart. She complains about what a user Nicole is. He claims he only wants to help her because she is alone. "You're like addicted to her," Ari says. He thinks this is ridiculous. He gets a call telling him that Nicole has escaped. Brady runs off.

Roman returns to the hospital with Fay. Elvis begins demanding to know where she took his daughter. Fay swears she doesn't know. They tell her that Nicole has escaped and Roman says that this is her last chance. None of this makes much sense to Fay. She yells about how abusive EJ was to her daughter. Roman realizes that Fay doesn't even know that Syd isn't really her granddaughter. "Your daughter stole her and passed her off as her own," EJ explains. She's shocked. They ask for her help again.

Nicole hobbles to the bus station and calls her mom. There's no answer. She realizes she's standing exactly where Syd was taken. Suddenly, Rafe grabs her. She gasps and looks confused before bursting into tears when Rafe suggests Syd could be dead. Nicole repeats that she doesn't know where the baby is and wanted to give her back to Sami. When he tries to take her to the cops, she threatens him with scissors. He wrestles her to the floor and threatens her. Brady runs in. "Don't hurt her," he says.

December 10, 2009
You're Not Alone.

At home, Bo stares at the Christmas tree and tells Carly how much he misses Hope. She tells him not to give up. As she touches his face, Justin arrives at the door and sees Bo taking Carly's hand. Hope and Ciara arrive outside and ask Justin what he's doing there. He makes an excuse and Hope explains they are there to decorate. She knocks and Bo answers. "I wasn't quite expecting you," he says. They walk in. Ciara spots Carly. "What's she still doing here?" the little girl asks. Bo pulls her away to start trimming the tree. Justin grabs the file he came to get and asks Carly to come with him. Hope announces that she's not sticking around. Ciara and Bo beg her to stay. She gives in. As Ciara goes upstairs to put on carols, Hope tells Bo not to use their daughter like that. Justin and Carly walk out. Ciara returns and they decorate the tree. Bo sends his daughter into the kitchen. Hope sobs. They remember when they renewed their wedding vows on Christmas Eve. He doesn't want to be alone this year. "You're not alone," she tells him. Ciara returns and they look at ornaments. She finds some mistletoe and says they should hang it up. Her mother tells her it has lost its magic. She takes her daughter and leaves.

Justin and Carly go out for coffee at the Java Cafe. They talk about what they are doing for the holidays and he wonders why she came back to Salem. "You came back here to see Bo... you still love him, admit it," he prods. She's defensive and tells him to be more direct. He says that if she's sincere about not wanting to get between Bo and Hope, she should leave. She says he's out of line and he brings up what he saw earlier and it convinced him that she wants Bo back. Carly tries throwing things back in his face and accuses him of wanting Hope for himself.

In Cleveland, Fay swears that she didn't take Syd. EJ threatens her. Sami nearly hyperventilates. Fay admits she was helping her daughter but the baby disappearing wasn't part of the plan. When she mentions that Nicole has escaped, Sami flips out and begins trashing Fay. Fay tells her she's a bitch and she has no idea what's going on. EJ defends Sami and insists that this is all Nicole's fault. Roman returns and says that Fay couldn't have had anything to do with the disappearance and Rafe has captured Nicole. Sami asks EJ not to protect her from the truth. "We're in this together," he says.

At the bus station, Brady and Ari arrive as Rafe rants at Nicole. She bursts into tears and collapses on the floor. They pull her up. Rafe chants that she's going to jail. Brady asks her where Syd is. "I don't know where she is!" Nicole weeps. She apologizes for dragging Brady into her messy life and tells him that she loves him. Brady asks her to prove her love by ending the nightmare now. Nicole says that she is not a monster and was only trying to do the right thing when everything went wrong. She suddenly remembers something but it's too blurry. As she cries on his shoulder, Rafe decides it's time to usher her off.

Nicole is returned to the hospital. Roman brings Fay by. She asks her daughter how she could have lied to her. Nicole apologizes and is dragged off. Sami cries to Rafe. EJ stares and then makes a call to one of his associates. Roman brings Nicole back and says she's going to jail without bail. Nicole takes a moment to tell Sami how sorry she is. EJ orders Roman to take her away. Ari tells Brady he did all that he could. "It wasn't enough," he grumbles. As Rafe takes Sami home, EJ stares off.

Mia drops by Sami's to see Will and tells him how bad she feels about his sister going missing. Lucas pops up and asks Will to check on the twins. He apologizes to Mia for misjudging her. When he begins suggesting she give his son another chance, Will returns and asks him to stop. Mia says it's okay; his father was just apologizing, but she's the one who is really sorry. Will and Mia sit down together and chat about the winter dance. He's on the planning committee but doesn't plan on going because he would only go with her. "Are you asking me to go?" she asks. He is. She agrees.

At the mansion, Kate tries comforting Stefano and tells him to be positive. They play chess and he stresses out. She stresses out about how stressed out he is. Stefano rants about how EJ is going to try and keep his granddaughter out of his life. "I'm not going to be putting up with his arrogant crap anymore!" he vows. Kate tries to calm him. He weeps as he thinks of Syd's face and prays she will be safe. He vows to fight EJ and Sami so he can keep her in his life. "I will win," he says.

December 11, 2009
Is That You?

Justin shows up at Bo's to confront him about what he saw last night. Bo defends himself and accuses him of causing trouble. Bo tells him he's a jerk and he should get a life of his own. Meanwhile, Sami paces listlessly at home until there is a knock at her door. When she opens up, she finds Syd sitting there. She snaps out of it. It was only in her mind. Bo arrives and offers to go over everything again. She's now convinced that Stefano is behind this. Bo promises her this will work out for the best.

Philip shows up at Melanie's door. "No no no," she says as she sees him. She tells him that she will still prove herself to Nathan. He laughs. She's sick of his attitude and he needs to start taking her 'madness' seriously. Before she can flounce away, he says he likes every side of her whereas Nathan only likes the boring parts. She misses looking at herself through Nathan's eyes.

Nate is at the pub thinking about Mel when Daniel arrives. He has some positive news for him. Chloe arrives and they explain that they've nominated him for a special commendation because of his saving Chloe's life. They also have plans for him and Mel. Mel walks in on cue. They hand them tickets to a romantic weekend away. Nate and Mel gulp. Mel explains that it's a really generous gift but they aren't a couple anymore. Chloe apologizes profusely and leaves to take a call. Nate snidely tells Mel to take Philip and make another video. He apologizes and tells her they should be proud of making a good team. "We were a good team but not good for each other," she sobs. After she leaves, Chloe returns and apologizes again. Nate calls Steph and leaves a message.

Elvis approaches his father at the mansion and demands to see his daughter. Stefano is furious that he's blaming him for the 'tragedy'. They bicker. Stefano orders him to get out of the house. Elvis says that if anyone is leaving, it will be Stefano. He explains that he put the house in his name while his father was in a coma. Kate comes in as they are shouting at each other. EJ accuses his father of kidnapping Syd again and stomps off. Stefano tells Kate his son is finally getting what he deserves. Kate leaves to get tea and Stefano places a call. Kate returns and promises her husband that she will always be on his side. When EJ walks out of the house, he calls Sami. He heads to her place and tells her that he is going to fight his father for control of everything. He's already bugged his father's room and is having his phone tapped so that he can catch any hints that he drops about where Syd is. Elvis says that she just needs to get under his father's skin and make him slip up.

Syd is rocking with a woman. The phone rings. The woman answers and says that everything is fine. She tells Syd that no one will ever find out where she is and who she is with.

At the mansion, Viv finds Victor wearing sunglasses. He shows her that he got injured skating with his granddaughter. She promises to look after him now that she is 'lady of the manor'. He reminds her it's all for show. Philip comes in and starts to worry about his father's sunglasses. Viv says she's living there now and then rushes off. Philip thinks his father has gone crazy. His father tells him he's re-connected to Vivian. Philip thinks this is insane but Victor refuses to elaborate. Viv returns to get her coat and asks Philip how things are going with his ladyfriend. He wants her to butt out. She wants him to accept her as his mother. "I guess everyone's right. I really am a son of a bitch," he jokes. As Viv is about to leave, she finds Mel on the doorstep and pulls her inside. She leaves them alone. Philip explains that was just incubator mom and asks her if she's changed her mind about him. Mel wants to 'hang out' and keep things simple.

At the hospital, Maggie bumps into Carly and apologizes for the girls kicking her out before she could move in. Carly is there to apply for a job. They take a walk and Maggie guesses that there is something Carly is keeping from her. Justin comes up to them and says that she wants to stick around town for Bo. Carly bickers with him and he leaves. Maggie thinks that Justin must upset her so much because she really does have feelings for Bo. Carly claims she doesn't but Maggie's unconvinced. Bo comes by. The women make themselves scarce. Viv walks by. Bo orders her to stay away from Carly and says she'll have to climb over his dead body to get to her. Viv doesn't mind the challenge.

Justin goes to the hospital and tells Daniel that the family needs his help. They need him to turn down a woman applying for a job on staff. Carly arrives. "Is that you?" she says to Daniel. He can't believe it's her. They hug.

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