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3rd Week of December Daily Summaries

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December 14, 2009

At the hospital, Carly interrupts Justin telling Daniel not to hire her. Daniel explains that Carly was a friend of his late wife and he's worked with her before. Justin leaves to take a call and Carly asks the doctor what he's been saying. Daniel assures her that Justin didn't succeed at sabotaging her. They catch up and she hopes he's found love again. He has and he feels lucky to have a second chance. Justin returns when Daniel steps away. Carly pressures him to apologize for trying to ruin her career. He won't and suggests that she is sticking around to ruin Bo's marriage. They bicker until Daniel breaks them up. He doesn't want to hear what Justin has to say and says the hospital would be lucky to have Carly. Daniel turns back to Carly and asks her what happened with her career. She avoids explaining and asks him to keep an open mind about what he hears about her.

At the pub, Ari asks Rafe how Sami is handling things. He tells her how hard she is taking losing her child all over again. Gabi pops up. Rafe runs off. His little sister wonders to Ari if Sami is worth all this trouble. They talk about the situation and Gabi worries about what will happen if Sami dumps Rafe for EJ. Ari understands her worries but claims neither of them can do anything to make their brother back off.

Nicole is in her cell. Chloe arrives. Nicole tells her that she's going insane from not knowing what is happening with Syd. Chloe doesn't know anything. She's sorry to see Nicole so miserable. "I deserve to be punished... but that sweet little girl does not," Nicole says. She tells her about falling in love with EJ and wanting to be part of a family... but he never stopped loving Sami and she's sure they will be drawn closer together by this mess. But none of that matters now: The only important thing is finding the baby. Nicole begs her for help. She asks her to convince Brady to visit her. Chloe offers to do her best. Once she leaves, Nicole remembers that the person who took Syd was a woman. Meanwhile, Syd is with her kidnapper. She tells her that once she gets used to her new life, she will be a happy little girl.

Over at the mansion, Stefano is on the phone telling someone to be patient. Bo creeps in. Stefano tells him how tortured he feels to have his grandchild missing. He gruffly tells Bo to get out. Bo informs him that he is their one and only suspect so he better tell him everything. Stefano groans and explains that Nicole is disturbed. He says his men are looking for Syd and are the only chance for finding her. Bo begins probing about how things are between Elvis and his father. Stefano insists that his only concern is Sydney. Bo trudges off. Stefano pours a drink. "Fools... every last one of them," he grumbles. "Don't they realize how much I love you?" he tells a picture of Syd.

EJ is at Sami's telling her that he is going to continue living with his father so she'll have an excuse to come over and antagonize him. He's sure that she can annoy Stefano enough to make him slip up. He suddenly decides this is a bad idea and worries Sami could make his father explode. As she begs him to let her do it, Rafe arrives and says it's the only way to go. He thinks that Sami should wear a wire though. EJ refuses. Rafe accuses him of being afraid to betray his father. Elvis insists that he just doesn't want to use Sami as bait. Rafe puts a wire on her and they head to the mansion. Rafe and EJ listen to the wire transmission as Sami goes inside. Stefano isn't happy to see her. She demands that he give her daughter back. He can't believe he has to put up with this stupidity and tells her to get lost. She badgers him and refuses to budge. He asks her to stop being an idiot and try doing something useful like going to see Nicole. She confronts him about the lies he's told to his own son. He reminds her of all the other children that she has who she doesn't pay any attention to. They trade more insults and he vows to make sure she never sees Sydney.

Justin meets with Bo at the Java Cafe. When he brings up Carly, Bo cringes. Justin insists that the only reason she is back is to destroy Bo's marriage. Bo gets defensive and refuses to listen. He tells Justin to stop worrying about his marriage and try concentrating on his own. He suggests that he is only fanning the flames and should stay out of his problems. Meanwhile, Carly is walking down the street when Daniel calls. He tells her that her job prospects are looking good. She thinks back over what Justin said about her still loving Bo until Bo pops up to see her.

December 15, 2009
No One Believes Me.

Bo runs into Carly at the pier. She snaps and tells him not to believe anything that Justin says. Bo explains that he thinks Justin is actually on the right track. "You moving back to Salem may not be a good idea," he says. He thinks that she could end up pushing her daughter too hard and ruining things. She knows that the smart thing to do would be leaving but she can't leave her baby behind. He looks uncomfortable when she tells him that he's always understood her. They go back to his place so she can get something she left behind. When she accidentally spills her bag, he discovers that she is still carrying the Mayan scroll from their wedding ceremony. They flash back to the ceremony.

At the mansion, Hope gives Ciara a gift, announcing it's from Miss Alamain. "Really?" Vivian interrupts. Hope sends her daughter upstairs and tells Viv that her moving in with Victor is a terrible idea. When the topic moves to Hope's marriage, she becomes defensive, but Vivian insists that it's her business too. Vivian wants Christmas to be magical and not full of depressing personal problems. Hope promises it will be a happy event for Ciara. Hope rehashes her problems with Bo and admits that Carly is part of them. Viv offers to help her out if she's having problems with her.

Troy corners Ari in an alley and tells her they have a problem. He says that next week's shipment will be late. She tells him not to make her wait too long. He plods off. She sighs. Inside the pub, Chloe meets Brady. She says that Nicole needs him. He knows that she's in agony, but he's been addicted to her and is trying to break the habit. He refuses to be pulled in again. After Chloe leaves, Ari pops up. She admits that she was eavesdropping on his conversation and she's impressed that he's not rushing off to Nicole. He tells Ari that he loves her and has never stopped. She kisses him. They discuss what's going on with her undercover operation. He takes her hand and promises her she's not going back to prison. "I think I know how to meet the big guy," she says.

In the cells, Nicole calls for Roman, she tells him she knows who took her baby. She remembers that it was a woman. He thinks her memories are a little too convenient. He agrees to look into it though and walks off. She tells herself that Brady will come and help her. Chloe arrives a minute later to inform her that Brady wants to stay away from her. Nicole tells her what she remembered. Chloe is skeptical. Nicole becomes dejected and barks at her to leave. "No one believes me," she cries.

At Casa DiMera, EJ and Rafe hide and listen to the wire Sami's wearing. As she antagonizes Stefano, he becomes furious. When she prompts him to confess that he took Syd, he repeats that he's innocent. "Nicole makes ten times the mother you are," he tells her. Stefano vows to find the little girl and make sure Sami can't ruin her life. He lists all of her lies and mocks her relationship with Rafe. "The FBI fired him because he'd rather have sex with you than do his job," he says with a laugh. Sami flips out. He gets even nastier. "You couldn't even keep your pretend daughter alive," he spits at her. They bicker and he suggests that she could be desperate enough to keep the baby from he and EJ that she planned the kidnapping herself. She refuses to talk about what she's done in the past. He's sure that's because she knows this is all her fault. They bicker more and she slips up when she demands that he 'tell us the truth'. He tears off her shirt and finds the wire. Rafe and EJ run in and pull them apart. Stefano is shocked to see that his own son has betrayed him. EJ smirks. Stefano can't believe he's teamed up with 'the scum'. Roman arrives. Sami and Rafe explain that they were trying to goad Stefano into a confession. She wants to press assault charges against him. Roman arrests Stefano. "Judas!" Stefano bellows, spitting on his son.

Sami and Rafe go back to her place. She enjoyed watching Stefano get carted off to jail and tells Rafe that he will be a great father to Sydney. "I think you're right," he says. They kiss and then he announces that he has to take care of something. He leaves. EJ arrives. Sami apologizes for screwing up but he says he's proud of her. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up in the cells to visit Nicole. She rolls her eyes.

Maggie sits down with Justin in the Java Cafe. She tells him that Carly getting hired at the hospital is a huge mistake. She thinks that Carly really might have feelings for Bo. He's not sure they should get involved. Maggie says they need to get involved for Ciara's sake. After Maggie departs, Hope arrives. She complains about Carly and explains that she is pretending to be friends with Vivian to dig into what's really going on. He thinks that's a good idea.

In the cells, Roman offers to have the charges against Stefano dropped if he'll tell them where the baby is. Stefano is sure the charges won't stick and argues that Sami is the one who was in the wrong. Roman says the FBI will be all over his house while they have him locked up.

December 16, 2009
A Whole Lot Of Nothing.

Nicole's disappointed when Rafe comes to visit her jail cell. He asks her if she knows where Syd is. She repeats that she doesn't and she just wants to die. He says she doesn't deserve that. She argues that he is as responsible for this mess as she is and even accuses him of wanting this. Nicole tells him that Sami and EJ will get closer as soon as the baby is found. She's sure that thought is driving him nuts. He claims he doesn't care and only wants to do right by Syd. "All I've ever wanted is what's best for her," she says. Rafe believes her so she tells him what she knows about a woman taking Syd. She thanks him for trusting her. He thanks her for her help and leaves. Suddenly, she remembers more and calls out to him. She describes the woman's leopard-skin boots.

At the Java Cafe, Philip regales Mel with stories of terrible office Christmas parties. Nathan walks by and spoils the mood. Philip asks Mel to go caroling. She's not interested. He thinks Nathan sucks the fun out of everything. She mopes. He enjoys it when she acts like a 'Debbie Downer'. She decides to call their date quits and leaves.

Nathan meets with Steph at the pub to complain about Mel. She begins ranting at him for calling her to discuss Mel and Philip. He apologizes and probes her about her relationship with Philip. "It was very serious until I realized it was very seriously wrong," she opines. She loved him but had deluded herself into thinking he was right for her. They talk and laugh until Mel comes in. She nearly jumps into a Christmas tree to avoid them but decides to try being friendly instead. Nate leaves to take a call. Steph tells Mel that she is spending the holiday with the intern. He returns and Mel walks off. Steph informs him that they are spending Christmas together. He's confused. She tells him they are going to mass together and she just embellished things to push Mel's buttons. He says it doesn't have to be an embellishment and asks her to hang ornaments with him.

When EJ gets home, he finds Troy waiting for him. He informs him that Ari is going to be a problem. Meanwhile, Brady and Ari are at her place trying to figure out the next step in her undercover plan. She calls Troy and offers to help the boss get the latest shipment to town. Troy gets off the phone and asks EJ how they should handle this. Troy thinks Ari may be more trouble than she's worth. Across town, Brady doesn't like this situation and promises to work out a new plan if this one doesn't work. Troy calls Ari back and arranges for her to meet the boss at the pier. Brady tells her that he's got her back. She tries to fob him off.

At the mansion, Victor nearly chokes on the bourbon filled eggnog Vivian made for him. Kate comes in and tells him he's lost his mind. When she sees his sunglasses, she wonders if Viv has been abusing him. Kate and Viv begin trading barbs about who Philip hates more. Victor says they should try and stay in the holiday spirit and not be bitches. He ducks out of the way as the women rehash the past. "'Tis the season to kick your butt to the curb!" Kate barks. Victor returns to say there will be no butt kicking. Viv informs Kate that her hubby is behind bars again. Kate warns her not to mess with her son. As they argue over Philip, he walks in. Kate tells her son how much she misses him. Philip tells them they're all disgusting and mopes away. Kate leaves too. Victor worries about his son. Viv tells him not to worry and not to pay any attention to Kate the 'botox bitch'. She relishes her revenge plot until Brady comes in. She makes herself scarce. Victor tells Brady that being involved with Ari is a travesty.

Philip goes to see Mel at Maggie's. He tells her he's never decorated a cookie and asks her what she's doing for the holidays. "A whole lot of nothing," she says. They talk about his crazy family and then he asks her to 'not celebrate Christmas' with him. He suggests they watch "The Exorcist" and then they spray each other with frosting and make out.

Ari arrives at the docks and is pissed when she only finds Troy there. EJ stands in the shadows. He steps in and acts like he's rescuing her from Troy. Elvis sends him away and asks her what's going on.

Stefano paces in his cell. He asks for his phone call. The cop can't process the request. Kate arrives and her husband tells her what happened. He stews about his son betraying him. Stefano asks her to tell his 'idiot son' that he will pay for what he did.

December 17, 2009
You've Grown Up A Lot Lately.

At Sami's, Rafe paces as he talks on the phone. He gets off when Sami comes in. She worries that Syd is out of her normal routine. He thinks she should be napping but she wants to go and see Will. They kiss and she leaves. He calls his contact and tells them to come as soon as they can. Abe arrives. Rafe fills him in on what Nicole told him. They discuss what it could mean and wonder if Stefano is behind all of this. After Abe leaves, Gabi shows up to worry about her sister.

"You're a hypocrite," Brady tells Victor at the mansion. Victor doesn't care much for his opinion and rants at him for shacking up with a drug dealer. Brady begins accusing his grandfather of having the best product in town. Victor reminds him that he sold his drug business. Brady thought he would do the right thing and shut it down. He threatens to call the police if he doesn't reveal who he sold it to. Victor grumbles and points out that doing something like that would end up costing Ari her life.

On the pier, EJ interrupts Troy and Ari. He threatens Troy and sends him off. Ari's annoyed. He asks her what's really going on. She makes an excuse but he doesn't buy it. Ari doesn't see why he cares. He worries about her and says there are a lot of 'unsavory types' hanging around there. He suggests that her brother must have prejudiced her against him and asks her what Troy supplies to the pub. She claims he provides seafood. Elvis guffaws and wonders why she hangs out down there so much. He thanks her for trying to find his daughter. A call comes in to update him about Syd. There's no news. He clears his throat. She can see he's upset. He tells her he enjoys sparring with her. When the topic turns to Syd, he asks her if she knows anything about what Rafe knows. Brady arrives and watches them. He intrudes and tells EJ he should talk to Rafe if he has any questions. Elvis thanks Ari for sparring with him and walks away. "You have no idea what that guy is like," Brady says. Ari insists he doesn't need to protect her. They decide not to talk about EJ and he explains that his grandfather admitted to selling his drug business. A moment later, they begin bickering about Elvis and he tells her the most dangerous thing she can do is feel sorry for EJ. Meanwhile, EJ and Troy talk. Elvis says he's close to knowing what he needs to know. He calls one of his snitches and they tell him about Nicole's tip to Rafe. EJ decides to go and see her.

At Maggie's, T., Mia and Kenzie talk about Emily Dickson. Kenzie wants donuts and suggests they drag Will out for some ironic caroling. Mia doubts 'Jingle Bells' will cheer him up and walks out for some air. When she returns, Kenzie apologizes and digs into whether she is back with Will yet. When she and T. leave, Maggie comes in and tries to cheer Mia up. Mia admits that she feels like moving on would be a betrayal. Maggie knows how she feels but is sure that Grace wouldn't want her to live in sadness.

Sami runs into her son outside of the pub. He tells her that he wants to cancel his date with Mia. He can't go to a dance when he doesn't even know where Syd is. She assures him they will find his sister. He still says it wouldn't feel right. His mother beats herself up for being such a 'childish' parent. "You've grown up a lot lately," he tells her. She urges him again to go to the dance. Abe comes in and Will walks off. Abe gives Sami a hug and she babbles about the baby. "It's going to be okay," he says. She believes it. Meanwhile, Will heads over to Maggie's and tells her that he will be going to the dance after all. He worries about how alone Mia is.

Sami goes home. Rafe has a surprise for her. She assumes it's about Syd, but it's not. She begins crying. He apologizes. She thanks him for putting together the tree and decorations for the kids. They wrap gifts and gab about how much they love each other. He gives her a special mother's ring with birthstones for all of her kids. She tells him she's sure that they will have Syd home for Christmas. They make out. After they have sex on the couch, he gets a message from his contact. He calls Roman and tells him that Nicole's tip is turning out to be true. "We should have Sydney back in the morning," he says.

At the Java Cafe, Chad and Gabi look at the poster for Syd. They chat and she says she kind of likes Salem and was thinking of transferring there. "That would be awesome!" he says. As he talks her up about the dance, Mia walks in. Gabi walks off and the parents commiserate. He tells her he just goes through the motions and that helps. She's tired of feeling sorry for herself. "You used to like to dance... what do you think about going to the dance?" he asks. She says that could be fun.

Syd climbs around in her crib. Her kidnapper goes outside to hang a wreath. She slips off her step ladder and is knocked out. The door is open so it starts getting cold eventually. The kidnapper wakes up and stumbles in. She checks on Syd, who seems to be okay.


December 18, 2009
You Think I'm Easy?

Hope slips some gifts under the Christmas tree at Bo's. He walks in and pays her a corny compliment. She raises an eyebrow and tells him not to peek at his gift. Bo just wants her and Ciara home for the holidays. She says that's up to him. He says it's up to her and this pattern they are stuck in is making him crazy. Hope feels like their conversations never go anywhere. She's noticed that he's not happy. He confirms that for her. They discuss being honest and she tells him how worried she is. She begs him to tell her that he didn't have a baby with Carly. He makes it clear that Carly's secret has nothing to do with him. "You have to trust me," he says. If she can't do that, they don't have a marriage. Bickering follows and then she kisses him, telling him that she loves him. He loves her too but that doesn't seem to be enough. "No it's not," she affirms. Bo can't do this anymore and runs upstairs. She grabs her coat and accidentally smashes a family portrait. She picks it up and runs.

On the pier, Brady berates Ari for feeling sorry for EJ. They argue about Nicole and she insists that she belongs in jail. She defends Elvis and talks about all the pain he's in. He lists the young DiMera's many crimes. Nicole deserves to be in jail for her crimes, but so does EJ, he insists. She admits that EJ's sob stories had her feeling for him, but she wondered why he 'tracked her down'. Brady flies into a rage and declares that it's time EJ get what's coming to him. Mel arrives and joins in the EJ bashing. Brady walks away to check on the Sydney investigation. "EJ is poison," Mel tells Ari, asking her not to let him get between her and Brady. Ari takes the hint and leaves to find Brady. She finds him at home and takes him back to her place and tosses him into her bed. "You think I'm easy?" he asks. She starts tearing off his duds.

At the mansion, Henderson brings Vivian an armload of flowers as she reads her tarot cards and plucks up the justice card for Carly. Meanwhile, Lexi runs into Carly at the hospital. She congratulates her on getting back to work. They joke around and giggle while Maxine berates Mel for her lack of people skills. Maxine introduces her to her new boss Carly. "Great, the woman I kicked out of my house," Mel groans before she introduces herself. She apologizes for being a jerk. Vivian comes in with flowers. Carly isn't thrilled when Viv greets Mel, who quickly makes herself scarce. Carly tries to get rid of her enemy. Vivian tells her that the flowers are for her. She makes a few barbs. Carly tells her to get lost. Viv gabs about her boyfriend Victor and their animal passion. Carly shudders and says goodbye. "It's a shame Lawrence had to die. Now you have nothing but misery," Vivian says. Carly thinks that's a threat. Lexi interrupts. Carly tells Viv that she can shove her flowers and plods away. Carly tends to a patient and Vivian goes out for coffee at the Java Cafe. A message comes in for her and she smirks. Mel walks in and Viv asks her over for a chat and probes her about Philip. Back at the hospital, Carly tells Lexi how much she likes being a doctor again. When she goes back to check on her patient, she finds a corpse in her place with flowers in her hair.

Nicole is pacing around her cell talking to herself when Elvis shows up. He orders her to tell him everything she knows about who his father is working with. She tells him about the woman. He claims the only woman his father is working with is her. He suggests that she is just sending everyone off on a wild goose chase while she plots her next move. Nicole protests and insists that the mystery woman has the child. He twists her arm and demands that she remember more. Although he keeps probing, there is nothing there. Nicole worries and hopes that whoever has Syd is looking after her. "She was alright before you stole her!" he says. She says she was going to bring her back. EJ stops her. "He took her because he didn't trust me to bring up my own daughter," he realizes.

The kidnapper hangs out with Syd. She looks through her scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the kidnapping. It's finally revealed that Anna is the kidnapper.

Rafe calls his contact at the bureau to tip him off about Nicole's info on the kidnapper. Then he calls his contact at the jail to get the latest on Stefano. He heads over to the pub to get some truth serum from his FBI friend. Rafe then goes to the cells just as Stefano is waking up. "Go away," Stefano says as he drinks some water. Rafe wants to chat. Stefano doesn't want to waste his breath. Rafe reveals that he drugged his water with truth serum. As Stefano begins feeling the effects of the drug and getting uncomfortable, Rafe starts questioning him. Stefano attempts to laugh it off but has to answer. He admits that he hired someone to kill Rafe and he helped Nicole with the baby switch. When Sydney comes up, Stefano says he didn't take her. EJ eavesdrops and shakes his head. Stefano tells Rafe that everything he did was to keep the child with Elvis. It becomes clear that Stefano is telling the truth and knows nothing about the kidnapping.

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