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4th Week of December Daily Summaries

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December 21, 2009
You Belong Here With Me.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Carly and Bo that they know who put the corpse in the room and why. Some guy did it as a prank apparently. When Carly bustles away, Daniel tells Bo about how he knows her from way back. Bo plods over to Carly and suggests they go talk to Vivian about the body but she thinks they should play it cool. He drags her back to his place and they yell at each other. He forgets what he was saying and she laughs at him. He's impressed that she's still impossible to deal with. Before she can leave, she notices that the family picture is missing. He confesses that it seems to be over with Hope. Bo can't understand how any of this happened. In the past, he could argue with Hope and resolve things... but not anymore. Carly cries. Bo doesn't understand so she explains that she feels bad for being happy that his marriage is over. "I can't deny it. I'm falling in love with you again," she confesses. He stops her from leaving.

Will shows up at Maggie's to ask Mia when he should pick her up for the dance. Chad calls and asks when he should come and pick her up. When Will asks her who that was, she covers and he asks her out for hot chocolate. She claims she's too busy so he leaves. T. shows up looking for his phone. He apologizes for Kenzie being stupid or mean, or both. "I did something stupid and horrible and I don't know how to fix it," she tells him. Mia explains how she agreed to go to the dance with Will and Chad. He tells her to call things off with Chad. Then he lists all of the other ways her mistake will mess up her life and wonders if she has early dementia.

Will bumps into Gabi on the pier and she offers her sympathy for the situation with his sister. He tells her about taking Mia to the dance. After Will leaves, Chad approaches her. He tells her about the dance and that he's taking Mia. "You're going with Mia and Will Horton?" she asks. He stutters. She runs off to the pub to see her sister. Ari says she'll need her help putting together a Christmas surprise for Brady. She wants to make tamales for the family and Brady. Meanwhile, Will returns to Maggie's. Mia starts to tell him about the mess but Chad shows up first and suggests they all have a chat. Will's confused.

Ari and Brady make out in her bed. She tries to send him away so they can get to work. After he leaves to take a cold shower, EJ shows up. She says this isn't a good time. He barges in anyway and begins interrogating her about why she went to Cleveland. "I think you know more than you are letting on," he accuses. She doesn't appreciate it. He blinks uncontrollably as he launches a paranoid rant. As he starts grabbing at her, Brady returns and barks at him to back off. They calm him down. Distraught, he sits, apologizes and weeps.

Chloe goes to the cells to give Nicole a book for Christmas. The only thing Nicole wants is for Syd to be safe and sound. She wishes she was free so she could help. Chloe says the police are doing all they can. That doesn't impress Nicole. She tells her friend about the woman and how Rafe, at least, believes her. They discuss Christmas and Nicole urges her to go and enjoy her holiday with Daniel. Later, Brady shows up and tells her that Stefano had nothing to do with the kidnapping. She worries.

At home, Sami wakes up and finds that Rafe has been awake most of the night. He tells her that he went to see Stefano and has discovered that he doesn't have Syd after all. Sami cries and then suggests they try giving Nicole truth serum. He says she didn't do it either and tells her about the boots. Sami flips out. He tries calming her down by asking her to hold onto faith. EJ calls and announces he has a plan. They go over to the mansion and he apologizes for ranting at Rafe's sister earlier. Elvis says that they should make a public announcement and offer a reward. Rafe gets a call tipping him off that the boots were sold to a woman they know.

Anna and Syd hang out. "You belong here with me," Anna says. She shows the baby a picture of Tony and tells her all about him and how being a DiMera destroyed him. "Thank God you'll never have to suffer like that," she says. Anna tells her that people may be suffering now, but soon they'll be suffering much more. She makes a kidnapping note.


December 22, 2009
The Best Christmas Card Ever.

Hope is at the Java Cafe when Lexi arrives. They talk about the stress of Christmas. Hope talks to her about her problems with Bo and wonders how she can be putting Ciara through all of this. She's confident that her jealousy of Carly is justified, however. She refuses to see Carly as a hapless victim. Lexi tells her about the corpse Viv had dumped in the hospital. They laugh and then Lexi admits that Carly called Bo immediately afterward.

At Bo's, Carly is uncomfortable after confessing to Bo that she is falling in love with him.

...Read more from Tuesday on the blog!


December 23, 2009
Ho Ho No.

Brady arrives in the cells to visit Nicole. He still hasn't heard any news. She admits to him that she had lied to herself so much that she'd forgotten that Sydney wasn't actually hers. He'd noticed. She asks him if he can get her a picture of Syd. He thinks that would be a bad idea. Although he's trying to keep her calm, he reluctantly tells her the latest developments. When he mentions the vigil, she feels bad for how desperate EJ must be. She admits that she still loves him and wants to help. Brady rolls his eyes. A lawyer comes in and tells Nicole that she is there to help her. As she joins her in the cell, she begins talking about stolen earrings. "I didn't take any earrings... I switched two babies!" Nicole blurts out. The lawyer starts laughing and says she'll probably end up locked up for decades. Brady rants at her and then orders her out. He promises Nicole he will get her a good lawyer. She worries about Syd some more. After he leaves, she tries to picture Syd in her mind. As she concentrates, she remembers the voice she heard when Syd was taken.

Anna is smiling at the picture she just took of Syd. She's shocked when she gets a call from Roman. He tells her about Sami's problems. He's feeling sentimental so he asks her over to the Horton Christmas party. She'd like to go but she can't. He asks again. She tells him she's not alone... Tony is with her in spirit and will help her do what she has to do. Getting off the phone, she tells Tony's picture that Stefano needs to pay for what he did; he and his family will know what it's like to lose someone. "Now they'll understand what grief feels like," she says.

Philip goes over to Maggie's. Melanie's on the phone with Max. When she gets off, she tells Philip that she's been invited to the Brady Christmas. He wonders if she's having second thoughts about their anti-Christmas. They joke about spending the holidays with his family. "Ho ho no," he says. He gets a call and she runs off to the Java Cafe.

At the Java Cafe, Steph and Nate are going over their plans for Christmas Eve. He begins stuttering about how he feels about things. She laughs. They only have nice feelings for each other. She claims she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. They notice that they are standing under some mistletoe. She claims that kissing would just mean they're friends. As he leans in to kiss, Mel comes through the door. She walks over and pretends that what she just saw doesn't bother her. Mel taunts her with her plans to run off with Philip. Steph taunts back with her seasonal plans.

Mia and Will go to the pub to meet T. and Kenzie. They wonder where Chad is. Kenzie sticks her foot in her mouth. Chad arrives and shows Mia the corsage he bought for Gabi. As Chad and Mia step aside to talk, T. questions Will about how he really feels about this situation. Will makes excuses for her but he's obviously a bit annoyed. Meanwhile, Chad tells Mia that he is only going to the dance to dance with her. Upstairs, Gabi hates the dress her sister put her in. Ari begins teasing her and tells her she can wrap all of the tamales herself and then wash all of the dishes. Gabi grouses. Her sister offers to find her something else. She changes and goes downstairs. Chad's impressed. Ari comes down and warns him that her bother will pound on him if he lays a hand on her little sister. They take pictures and rush off. Will stops Mia to talk. He confronts her about lying to him. She understands if he doesn't want to take her to the dance. He still does but he needs to check for news on Syd first. Mia offers to meet him at the dance and leaves.

Chad and Gabi slip out of the dance to look at the water. He sees she is shivering so he puts his scarf around her neck. She confesses that she doesn't know how to dance. Chad says he went to dancing school and offers to teach her. He turns on his MP3 player, takes her hand and they dance. Mia sadly watches in the distance.

Philip meets with Justin outside of the pub. He tells him that he's bailing on their plans to go to a football game. Sensing something is wrong, Philip digs. Justin admits that Adrienne doesn't want him home for the holidays. They discuss his divorce and Justin puts on a brave face before walking off. Later, Philip takes Melanie out of town to an inn decorated with Christmas stuff. She's not disappointed they aren't flying off. He admits that the person who called him needed a friend and he didn't want to be too far away. She's impressed and asks him if he wants to be naughty or nice. They make out and she puts on some Christmas music. He tells her he loves her and hands her a gift. It's a ring. "I don't want to just spend Christmas with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he says. He gets down on his knee and proposes.

Brady goes into the pub. He arranges a lawyer for Nicole. Ari hops over to see him with promises of tamales. She gushes about having a good time with her sister and how much she loves him and her family and the season and... Her enthusiasm overwhelms him.

December 24, 2009
Forever Is A Really Long Time.

At the mansion, Stefano stops his son before he can leave for the vigil. Elvis asks him not to attend and then walks out. Kate comes down the stairs. Stefano complains about how children never know how much they need their parents.

Anna looks over her kidnapping note and then assures Tony's picture that she won't be alone for Christmas. Her day is interrupted when Stefano calls to wish her a merry Christmas and invite her over. He really wants her to be closer to the family so he can feel closer to his son. "You want to feel closer to Tony? Drop dead," she says, hanging up. Since even Stefano is trying to do the right thing, she decides to take Syd for a drive to town.

At the inn, Mel looks at her ring. Philip asks her if she'll say 'yes'. She jumps away from him and says that this is a big decision and they didn't have a long courtship. He claims he feels something for her that he's never felt before. So does she but she still wants to wait. When she tries to take the ring off, she finds that it's stuck. "It's fate," he says. She laughs, but he's serious and thinks they should be together forever. "Forever is a really long time," she says. They have sex. He assumes this means that they will get married. "How could I say 'no'?" she says.

Brady paces the mansion trying to follow leads on his phone. Ari comes in and checks out his tree. He's distracted by a phone call. He argues with a lawyer about Nicole. Ari doesn't like the sounds of this and confronts him. She accuses him of still protecting Nicole and walks out. He looks down and notices a gift sitting on the table. Opening it, he discovers some cuff links and a note saying they belonged to her grandfather.

Rafe and Carly are stunned when they bump into each other in the park. They rehash their past and catch up on their presents. After she admits that she knows Sami, he invites her to the vigil. Rafe heads over to the pub to see his sister. He can tell that Brady is depressing her. She tells him about Brady hiring a lawyer for Nicole. Rafe suggests Brady is just doing Nicole a Christmas favor. Her brother is shocked when she tells him that she gave Brady their grandfather's cuff links.

Hope bumps into Sami in an alley. They catch up but Sami knows nothing new. Hope gives her some advice. She tells her to follow her gut and act without thinking. If she'd done that herself, Ciara could have avoided her ordeal and everything would be different. "Sounds like her life isn't the only one that's changed forever," Sami says. After Hope leaves, Rafe calls and reminds Sami about the vigil. She runs off to take care of something first.

Steph and Nate got to Maggie's to pick her up. They're all excited for the Horton-Brady Christmas. When Maggie leaves them alone, they kiss. Meanwhile, Doug and Julie arrive at Bo's. She drops her swag and begins checking out the tree and gabbing about how perfect everything is going to be. Bo tries to keep his distance as she spouts optimism. He assures her that he is right and they have to work this out the right way. She threatens not to hang any ornaments on his tree if he doesn't work things out. Bo repeats that she shouldn't expect a Christmas miracle. Doug leaves to smuggle grandma and Mickey into the kitchen. Julie chases Bo around the house babbling about how his breakup with Hope makes no sense. Hope arrives and explains that a Christmas party won't solve anything. Julie isn't backing down. Doug returns and asks her to leave the couple alone. Julie apologizes for interfering. Lucas arrives with Will, Allie and some ornaments. They deck the tree. Nathan and Steph arrive and join in. When Hope is hanging Zack's ornament, she remembers when they lost him and then sadly looks at her family.

Bo and Hope go outside. He tells her that he always felt like part of the Horton family. She wishes there was a way out of this mess. She wishes things were more like they are in the movies. "It's not that simple," he says. Too much has happened and they never dealt with any of it properly. He leaves her alone. She cries.

As Nicole sits in her cell, she tries to figure out who the voice she heard belongs to. While she's trying to remember, Sami walks in and begins quizzing her about the voice. Nicole can't remember so Sami orders her to try harder and then call her when she comes up with something. Sami rushes off to the vigil. When she arrives, she tells Rafe that she keeps wondering what their life would have been like if the baby switch had never happened. EJ listens as she talks to Rafe about how perfect it could have been to raise Sydney without Elvis getting involved. EJ finally interrupts them and the vigil begins. Abe thanks everyone for coming. EJ and Sami join together to make a plea to the cameras for the return of their daughter. Everyone listens sadly as she tells her story. As Sami cries, everyone joins hands and prays. Brady arrives and joins Ari. Meanwhile, Nicole sits in her cell and prays for the safe return of EJ and Sami's baby.

December 25, 2009
Lots Of Drinks.

At the inn, Melanie and Philip lounge in bed. He checks her out. She keeps checking out her ring.  "Last night was the best Christmas present ever. So was the fact that you agreed to marry me," he sighs. As they discuss their honeymoon, she reminds him that she can't just swan off - she's a nursing student after all. Moments later, the hospital calls and tells her to get in to work.

At the mansion, Stefano stands by the tree sadly. When EJ comes in and announces that Johnny is at Sami's. Stefano is outraged. "This won't be his home until you are gone," Elvis says. Stefano badmouths Sami, even if she is Johnny's mother. "Everything was for your sake you heartless ingrate. You still side with the Bradys," Stefano rants. They throw blame around. Feeling festive, Stefano tries to be conciliatory and offers him a gift. Elvis throws it away and stomps out. As Stefano sulks, his wife comes in to cheer him up.

Vivian welcomes Daniel and Chloe as they arrive at the Kiriakis compound. Viv's impressed by his taste in women and oozes compliments. "I'm not fond of the name 'Chloe' because of a lousy opera singer who gave Brady an addiction, not to mention a few terrible performances. But Chloe, I'm sure you're nothing like that little slut," she says. Chloe's eyes nearly crack. Viv apologizes as Victor comes in. Vivian tries to get more friendly but things simply go from awkward to awful as everyone bickers. "We need drinks. Lots of drinks," Daniel suggests. Brady groans. His grandfather wonders why Ari isn't on his arm. Brady decides to bail on the party. After Viv leads Chloe off, Victor tells Daniel that Brady, "Can't stand to be around happy well-adjusted people." He informs him that Ari is a drug dealer. Philip finally makes his way in with some shocking news of his own. When the women return, he declares that he is now engaged to Melanie. Victor's unimpressed and sneers, "Have you and Melanie ever been on a date that wasn't broadcast over the internet?" He takes another drink while the rest of the family congratulates his son. Kate and Stefano arrive just in time to hear the good news. Stefano tries being polite, especially to Vivian. Kate throws a tantrum at her son, while Vivian showers him in best wishes. Kate finally comes around and manages to spit out a congratulations at her husband's prompting.

Sami and Rafe are at home wondering if the vigil got them any new leads. His friend at the bureau calls with some news. Sami gets excited but he cautions her to stay calm until they hear more. They wait and Johnny plays under the tree. Ari shows up to get the party started and EJ arrives soon after. He and Rafe begin bickering after Elvis discovers he wasn't immediately informed about the latest possible lead. Another call comes in. Rafe informs everyone that the lead went nowhere. Elvis leaves. "We lost the battle but we'll win the war. We will find her," Rafe promises Sami. Meanwhile, Arianna goes back to her room and discovers a present waiting for her. Brady pops in a moment later and they get under the covers.

Anna stares at Tony's picture and wonders if she's doing the right thing. A package arrives. She sings a carol to Syd and says, "Any minute now, Sydney and our little errand from last night will work its magic." Elsewhere, EJ returns to the mansion where he finds the note which Anna sent.

At the hospital, Nate and Steph put things together for the children's' Christmas party. Abe and Lexi arrive with Theo, who hands a gift to Stephanie. It's from Nathan so she opens it up and discovers that it's a... calendar. She flips through it until she discovers an 'x' on December 31. "I made a reservation for two at Chez Rouge," he explains. They continue with the gift giveaway. When Maggie arrives, she asks him to take Tom's place and read the Christmas story to the children. He resists but she goads him into it. As he reads to the children, Maggie begins singing carols. Mel mills around and is moved by the season.

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