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5th Week of December Daily Summaries

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December 28, 2009
All Ho Ho Ho.

At the mansion, Justin congratulates Philip on the engagement. Victor is less impressed. "Philip is in love with himself. Therefore, he's in love with women who are after his money and will kiss his ass," he offers. He trudges off as Hope arrives. She and Justin discuss Christmas. "All in all... it was a disaster," she says. She feels even worse because she should be 'all ho ho ho' but, instead, she's just a drag. When the topic of Carly comes up, she pretends she doesn't care. Hope is disturbed that she has become so cynical and wants to give up. He tells her that she will believe in love again but she thinks too much has happened. "I want to file separation papers," she declares. When she asks him to write up the papers, he refuses. Justin explains that his feelings for her would get in the way. Hope had no idea he has feelings for her and suggests he's just lonely. "It's more than that," he says, before pointing out that her reaction clarified how much she still cares about Bo. She wishes she could believe in her marriage half as much as he does. She looks at a photo of Bo and flashes back through their history. Suddenly, she decides that she does believe in her marriage again and hops away.

Nate and Steph are at the pub talking about how well he told Christmas stories to the kids. She wonders where he vanished to after the singing. When she begins rambling about New Year's, he looks distracted. She offers to change their plans but he says that going to Chez Rouge will be cool. After the intern leaves, Philip comes in and informs his former finacee that he just got engaged to Melanie. She wishes him well. He has to sit down so she can explain. He suggests that she just wants Mel out of the way so she can have Nathan. Steph's insulted. He hopes things work out for her and Nathan. She leaves. Kate comes in and tells her son that she wants to be involved with his wedding. He makes it clear he doesn't want that. His mother tells him that Mel is with Nathan so she assumes they are going to have an 'open marriage'. He tries to play it cool. "I really admire your courage," she says.

At Maggie's, Vivian is going over wedding plans with Melanie, who is listening in dread. Kate arrives. Mel looks terrified. Kate yells at Viv to get out. They screech about who is really Philip's mother and Kate throws Viv's papers in the air. They begin debating what kind of wedding they are going to throw. Gus calls Viv to give her some new information about Carly. Vivian bustles away. Kate promises that Viv will be gone by the wedding. Mel makes it clear that she isn't going to be cozying up to her either and disowns her in order to show solidarity with Philip. Kate's not impressed and threatens that she will pay the price if she cuckolds Philip. "I don't even know what that word means," Mel says. Nate comes in. Kate tells Nathan about the engagement and then flounces off. Mel's sorry he had to find out this way. He wonders if she is really happy. She insists that she is happy and everything happened organically and romantically. He accuses her of overselling this.

Bo confronts Carly at the hospital and accuses her of avoiding him. She barks at him to stay away and pretend that what happened never did. "It's too late for that," he says. Bo gets a call and then drags Carly away. They go back to his place. He tells her that Viv's people have been digging into her secret. She flips and vows to kill Vivian if she has to. Carly cries and he holds her face, promising her that he will protect her. As he lays a kiss on her, Hope arrives and sees them through the window. Meanwhile, Gus meets Viv on the pier and hands her some papers. "Oh my indeed!" Viv says as she reads them over. Victor arrives to meet her. She hands him the paper which shows that Carly had a baby. They wonder who sired the child.

Gabi pops into the Java Cafe and informs Mia and Chad that she will be sticking around. Kenzie, T. and Will arrive. Gabi spills the news and says she'll be living with her sister and attending Salem High. "You are so much prettier than the clothes you wear," Kenzie says. Chad pointedly declares that he wants to hang out with her. Mia rolls her eyes. Kenzie regales them with the latest insults she's come up with. Mia pulls Will away. They talk about how rough Christmas was. When she goes back to work, she tips Gabi off that Kenzie's a jerk and so are plenty of the other kids. "Stick with me. I've got your back," Mia offers.

December 29, 2009
Screaming Head.

Anna tells Syd that she will be filthy rich soon. She pastes together another note.

On the pier, Gabi's annoyed by her sister's persistent text messages. She complains to Mia about how overprotective her family is. They talk about what Gabi likes to do and wants to do with her life. Gabi wants to be a doctor. Mia explains that she recently had a bad experience with a doctor. The doctor even tried to move in with her... She never wants to see Carly again.

At Maggie's, Nathan confronts Mel for rushing into a marriage with Philip. The groom-to-be arrives. Nate trudges off. Philip follows. Mia and Gabi come in. Mia spots Mel's new ring. "It's huge!" Gabi gabs. As they congratulate her, Maggie walks in to hear the news. She checks out the stone and congratulates her. Mel seems miserable. "I know what I'm doing," she assures Maggie before walking out with a pout. Gabi and Mia are still wandering around the house. Gabi would like to volunteer at the hospital. Maggie overhears and offers to help that happen. Mia wants to be a candy striper too. Maggie's a bit taken aback. Gabi leaves and Maggie asks her lodger what this volunteering impulse is all about. Mia gets defensive and complains about how her mother used to bad mouth her and accuse her of being a selfish loser. "From now on, I'm going to pretend she's dead, that I don't have a mother," she says.

Philip tracks Nathan over to the Java Cafe and asks him if he was the one behind dragging Mel back to work. He tells him to get over Mel. "That ship has sailed," he says. Nathan fobs him off. Philip goes to the pub and Mel tracks him down there. He tells her he just got a great idea for New Year's Eve he wants to elope. Over at the hospital, Lexi corners Nathan for forgetting to check on a patient. She says that he seems distracted and advises him not to be stupid about Mel. If he thinks Mel loves him, he better do something fast.

At home, Carly cries on Bo's shoulder. He wipes her tears away and kisses her. As he does so, Hope arrives outside and spots them through the window. She walks in. "Happy holidays. You've been busy I see," she snipes. Carly runs out the door. Hope confronts him about the kiss. "I didn't expect you to move on this quickly," she says. He insists that this was the first time he kissed Carly. She declares that their marriage is over and she can't care anymore. "Carly and her secret can go to hell," she says.

Brady meets with Chloe at the Java Cafe. She explains that she and Daniel want to help him and then brings up Victor saying that Ari is a drug dealer. He tells her that's crazy. She apologizes and leaves. Brady broods. Meanwhile, Ari and her brother are at the pub. He tells her there may have just been a huge break in the kidnapping case. A call comes in explaining that the woman who bought the boots paid cash and can't be traced. After Rafe leaves, Brady stops by and warns her to watch her cover because Ari time may be running out. She explains that she is going to meet Troy and try to fix things. After she runs off, he wonders if there is something he can do. He hurries over to the mansion to confront his grandfather. Victor says he'll do whatever he has to in order to get Ari out of his life. While they bicker, Ari meets with Troy. When she asks him about moving up the corporate ladder, he tells her to 'know her place' and walks off. He accidentally leaves his phone behind and she finds it.

At the mansion, EJ questions the butler about an envelope and then sits down to stare at the kidnapping note again. Sami comes in and asks him what he's reading. He puts the paper away. She feels like he is keeping something from her. He rants about what a failure the vigil was. When he leaves to take a call, she snoops in his desk and pulls out the envelope, discovering the kidnapping note. She begins crying. EJ returns and she demands to know how he could have kept this from her. She bellows. He tells her that he wasn't going to tell her because she isn't level-headed and her 'screaming head' would only cause trouble. Sami wonders if this is a hoax and suggests they get Rafe involved. "He is the last person we're going to tell," he says. Rafe arrives. Before anyone can say anything, Rafe gets a call. EJ drags Sami off and begs her to keep her mouth shut, though he's sure she can't do that. He plods off to meet with Troy.

At Victor's, he and Vivian wonder who the father of Carly's bastard child is. She guesses he's worried the child might be Bo's. He claims that would be impossible. Vivian goes to visit Carly at the hospital. Carly accuses her of being ghoulish for the stunt she pulled with the corpse. They taunt each other. Carly flounces away. Viv vows to make sure she suffers and she'll use her love child to make it happen. Meanwhile, Carly heads straight to Bo's. She's sure Hope saw them and apologizes. Across town, Hope eavesdrops as Viv and Victor plot Carly's downfall.

December 30, 2009
Sometimes I Hate Being Me.

On the pier, EJ gets angry after Troy admits that he just lost his business phone. Elvis gives him a death threat and order his thug to go and find his phone before someone else does. Before Troy can run off, Elvis explains that he can disarm and erase the contents of his phone using a special program on his own phone. As he starts doing it, he doles out a few more death threats. He tells Troy that he likes Ari and thinks she could work her way up once they get rid of some of the dead wood.

At the Java Cafe, Ari finds Troy's phone and looks for her boss' number. She calls Roman and hands it to him. The phone is locked, but that doesn't bother Roman much. He switches the phone's card and opens it up. As soon as they get in, the memory is wiped. Roman says this means that Troy has already told his boss about the missing phone and they need to make sure he doesn't think she took it. He makes a call to arrange something. Moments later, Troy arrives in the cafe and a woman hands him the phone, claiming she just found it there. Troy goes over to the pub to see Arianna. He tells her that he overreacted before. As she walks off, he mumbles to himself about making sure she has a serious accident.

At the mansion, Rafe senses something is wrong and asks Sami what's happened. They bicker. She tries to avoid fighting. He admits he's having a hard time putting up with EJ, even if he is Syd's father. He gets another call about another tip that turned out to be a dead end. They talk about why she is so upset. Another call comes in and interrupts them. The FBI wants to start surveillance of the mansion. She doesn't like this idea and worries that doing things by the book could cost her Sydney. He admits that he's starting to worry this kidnapping isn't about money. Sami loves him for being so frank. As they hug, EJ returns. Rafe heads for the door. Before Sami leaves, Elvis tells her again not to say a word about the note to her boyfriend.

At Bo's, Carly tells him that she wants out of the drama. He makes it clear to her that he's not sorry for what has happened between them. He refuses to let her be alone while Vivian is after her. "We're in this together," he says. She may not be able to stop him helping her, but she still doesn't want to be 'the other woman'. He takes her to work. They continue arguing and he explains that his problems with Hope go all the way back to what happened to Zack. He and Hope have talked and talked but nothing ever gets resolved. Carly still doesn't want to make things worse and tells him that what's between them is going no further. As they discuss what to do about Viv, she flashes back to making love to him when they were younger.

Anna has her groceries and diapers delivered. Her contact tells her that everything is quiet in town. She wonders if they got her note. He worries the Feds will get involved but she assures him that won't happen.

At the Kiriakis compound, Hope eavesdrops as Vivian and Victor talk about Carly. She listens closely as Viv begins discussing Carly's secret. Justin sneaks up and startles Hope, which forces her to reveal her presence. Victor asks them in, telling them not to linger in hallways. Viv invites them to the New Year's party in Chicago but they turn her down. After Viv leaves, Victor tells them that talking to Viv is like watching a Groucho Marx movie dubbed into Italian. After he walks off, Justin makes some jokes about Hope's plan to befriend Vivian. She's dumped that idea. He can see she's upset about something else so she explains that she caught Carly and Bo kissing. Justin tries offering her some sympathy but she's not sure she deserves it. They argue about what she really wants. He's sure she's a good person and will make herself stop Vivian. "Sometimes I hate being me," she says. Hope has decided to take out Viv herself. Justin offers to be the Danny Glover to her Mel Gibson.

Victor and Vivian go to the Java Cafe. She worries about what Hope might have heard. Victor reassures her and asks her what's next. She explains that she is going to let Carly lead her to her child. Viv plays a game of hangman on her napkin and tells him that she will take away Carly's child just the way that Carly took Lawrence from her.


December 31, 2009
Happy New Year.

At home, Sami stares at the gift she got for Syd and sighs. Rafe comes in and blows a party favor in her face. He offers to give her a party in a box. After he puts a feather boa on her, she thinks he should wear one too. They rehash how he saved her life last year and then drink some champagne out of plastic glasses. He tells her there's a chance that he may be re-instated in the FBI and that could help them with their search for Sydney. When he walks off, she calls EJ and tells him that they should tell Rafe about the kidnapping tonight. Rafe returns with real glasses and she hangs up on EJ. He pours some champagne and promises her that the next year will be much better. They toast to themselves and their family. He thinks they should go camping with the kids. She's afraid of camping. Rafe tells her that last New Year's he was just starting to fall in love with her, but now he's with her. They make out. After they have sex, he leaves for more champagne. She receives a text message from EJ asking her to meet him in secret.

Daniel swaggers into the hospital in his tux. Nate teases him and they talk about their plans for the night. Daniel thinks he's still hung up on Melanie. Nate complains about Mel's ring and how strange this rushed marriage is. Daniel points out that she isn't married yet and he should take the opportunity to work out any unresolved feelings they have. Nate stutters to himself and walks off. Daniel wanders over to Carly. Seeing how tense she is, he offers to help her if she needs it. She confesses that no matter how many lives she takes, it will never make up for the life she took. "I killed him," she says.

At Maggie's, Mel gets the night off from work and Philip says they can run off to Vegas and get married. She seems reluctant. She insists that she's not but she worries his mom might poison her like she did to Chloe. Philip assures her his mom is no longer part of his life and he will never let anyone hurt her. After he departs, she stares at a photo of Nathan. Stephanie pops up at the door to get Maggie's camera. They rehash their unfriendly time last year. Before Steph can leave, she notices Mel's bags. Mel explains that she is eloping. Steph congratulates her but wonders why Melanie doesn't seem all that happy. Steph tells her how happy she is with Nate and how they are getting stronger every day. This raises Mel's ire. She tells her that she will never look at another man after she's married to Philip.

Nathan runs into Philip outside of the pub. Philip announces that he and Mel are eloping. "No you're not!" Nate says. He says she is only rushing into marriage because she is confused. Philip claims Mel's decision has nothing to do with him. "Dude, you had your chance, you blew it," Philip says. Nathan refuses to back down so Philip punches him. A cop runs over and breaks up the fight. "I'm done with this loser. I'm getting married tonight," Philip says as he walks away. Nate runs up and punches him in the back. They get dragged down to the station and thrown into jail.

At the mansion, Viv paces and wonders where Carly's bastard child is. She vows to use them to make Carly pay. Downstairs, Hope tells Justin that as soon as Viv and Vic leave, they will dig around and find out what Vivian knows about Carly. Victor and Viv walk in on them. He accuses them of conspiring about something. Hope claims they were just talking about Ciara and then prods them to leave. "Try not to burn the house down," Victor says as they head out. Hope and Justin immediately run upstairs and start searching Vivian's room. They both reach for the closet at the same time and their hands touch. After backing off awkwardly, he lets her in to look. She discovers a box inside.

Chloe is at the Java Cafe when Daniel surprises her. She's shocked to see him in a tux. He suggests they back out of their original plans and just ring in the New Year alone. She's eager to help him out of his tuxedo. He notices Carly and drifts off for a minute. As they talk in the corner, Viv and Victor walk by and spot them. They go inside. Carly heads for the door. Viv catches her and makes some snide remarks about how Lawrence won't see the New Year. Carly runs off and begins flashing back to being buried alive. Victor wanders over to Daniel and wishes him a happy New Year. Daniel is defensive and leads Chloe out. Viv returns to his side and he complains about Chloe. They sit down and he starts to worry that her revenge on Carly could involve Daniel. Since they're now too late to venture to Chicago they go home. When they walk into her room, they catch Justin and Hope kissing.

Maggie and Julie are admiring each other's snazzy outfits and talking about how terrific their men are. Before they can leave for Chez Rouge, Mickey calls and explains that he won't be able to make it. She tries to put on a brave face. Julie asks her to come along with her and Doug. Maggie remembers getting her dancing shoes years ago and Julie promises her that they will be partying tonight. They sing and head out the door. Meanwhile, Chloe and Daniel walk down by the pier and recall last year when he had to take her to the hospital. As fireworks go off, they wish each other a happy New Year and kiss.


January 1, 2010

 Happy New Year!

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