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1st Week of February Daily Summaries

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February 2, 2009
The Bimbo, the Baby and the Nun.

At the clinic, Sami and Sister Theresa say a prayer for her baby's health. Dr. Baker comes in with a baby in his arms. "All she needs now is a mother," he says. When he asks if she would like to hold the child, Sami stares. "That's my baby?" she asks. She's confused because her child isn't crying. Baker has to assure her that the baby is okay. Sami holds the baby and tells her that she is beautiful. "I should just call you 'Beautiful Brady'," she says before remembering that she is not safe and her problems are far from over. When Dr. Baker leaves, Sami tells the nun that they need to run before the nurse returns and they begin asking questions. She has to protect her baby from the father. Sister Theresa doubts the child is up for travel but they pack up and go.

"You need to button your blouse Chloe," Maggie barks at Chloe when she catches her walking out of Daniel's apartment. Maggie doesn't have the words to describe what she is feeling. She confronts her about all the sob stories she's been telling. Chloe wants to explain but Maggie thinks that's impossible. The redhead stomps off and the brunette runs after her. When they get into the alleyway, Chloe spills her guts and makes her excuses. She kept trying to say 'no', and so did Daniel, but things just happen. Maggie doesn't care; she still has to suffer the consequences. Chloe follows her into the pub and continues begging her to keep quiet, promising to make everything right. "Didn't something like this happen in your life too?" Chloe asks, strategically. Maggie stares. Lucas walks in and wonders why they look so serious. When he sits down, Chloe worries that Kate's cancer could come back. Lucas says his mother is in a positive frame of mind. Chloe hopes it can stay that way. When Lucas leaves to get them a drink, Chloe tells Maggie that more people than Lucas could be hurt. Although the diva promises to do the right thing from now on, Maggie has her doubts. Lucas returns and announces that they need to set a wedding date so Kate can relax. Maggie cringes as they discuss it. He gets a business call and runs off. Chloe promises not to let Maggie down. "What are you going to do about Daniel?" Maggie asks. Chloe claims that she will make him face reality. Maggie relents but threatens to tell Lucas everything if she fails.

At the pub, Hope continues prodding Bo for the reason why he wanted her to cancel her plans with Kayla. He flashes to his vision of Kayla being shot and tells his wife that she'll have to wait to see her until some other time. When he tries to cancel her shopping plans with his sister and offers to go in her place, she guesses something must be seriously wrong.

"I could swear I've seen your face before," Kayla says as she stands by the killer's hospital bed. Hearing this, he leaps up and puts his hands around her throat. As the confused man yells that she's dead and he's going to kill her, Daniel and some nurses run in and sedate him. Daniel wonders what made the patient freak out. Kayla is still sure she's seen him before. When he suddenly begins to flatline, they revive him. Kayla thanks Daniel for saving the killer's life; she doesn't want any corpses on her watch. She walks out to check on something, calling Steve to ask him about the sketch he had. Since Steve isn't answering, she calls Hope and tells her that someone needs to come over. Hope soon arrives. Kayla explains the situation and says that she thinks they have the mayor's killer. When Kayla walks toward the killer's room, he bursts through the door and grabs her. Hope whips out her gun. The killer threatens to kill Kayla if Hope doesn't let him go.

Rafe crawls across the floor of the safe house. "Sami," he gasps. Standing up, he takes off his belt and ties off his leg wound. He limps over to the convent and asks a nun where Sami has vanished to. Sami and the nun walk through the door with the baby. Sami thanks Rafe for keeping her safe. He reminds her that they aren't. She notices that he's hurt. He collapses. They get some cold water and try to wake him.

At the clinic, Nicole cradles Sami's baby, saying that Sami can raise the other child while she raises this one with EJ. "We are going to take all the Sami inside of you and push it out a window," she promises, hoping that EJ will buy this charade. She's sure that EJ is still in Italy, so she calls the mansion to leave a message. Unfortunately for her, he's come home early and picks up. She hangs up and tries to figure out her next move. Baker walks in, disturbed that she is still around. She tells him that she has to stay there and he needs to 'get rid of the bimbo with the nun'. He thinks this is nonsensical but Nicole demands that he get Sami out and get her a room so that he can call EJ and tell him that she is giving birth. After she threatens him again, he leaves to do her bidding and discovers that Sami, the nun and the baby are already gone. When he returns to Nicole, he tells her the news. She orders him around some more so he finally calls EJ to tell him that they are at the clinic and she is in labor. Elvis is livid and disoriented but tells Baker to tell Nicole that he loves her. Getting off the phone, the doctor gags and relays the message. He thinks that she's been lucky so far. "It's how you play your cards," she says. He warns her that the baby looks like her real mother. That could change over time, but EJ will see her how she looks now. He advises her to pray that her luck holds up. Jumping in a hospital robe, she gets in a bed just before EJ arrives. With Dr. Baker at her side, she tells EJ that's he's too late and reveals the baby.

February 3, 2009
No One Else Touches Me!

As the killer grips Kayla, Hope whips out her gun. He threatens to kill Kayla if Hope doesn't do as he says. "I'd really hate to hurt this nice lady after she saved my life," he threatens. After some shouting, Hope puts her gun on the floor. Lexi watches from around the corner and slips off to call Roman. The killer begins inching towards the door. Hope offers herself in Kayla's place but he turns her down. "I know you don't want to hurt her," Hope suggests. Kayla blurts out that he's a psychopath and the killer doesn't appreciate it. As he holds Kayla, the cops begin to crowd the hallways. Roman arrives and has them circle around while Hope talks to the killer. When a cop lunges at him, he shoves Kayla out of the way. Hope drops and grabs a gun, lifting it and shooting. She misses the killer and hits Kayla instead. As Kayla falls to the floor, Bo runs in and instantly takes a shot at the killer. Steve rushes in and over to his wife's side. As Kayla is rushed off for treatment, Roman tells Bo that he will have to turn this over to IA. Bo walks to his wife's side. Hope feels terrible. "You did exactly as you were trained to do," he tells Fancy Face. He takes the blame for this on himself. "Oh my God! You knew!" she gasps, realizing this is what he saw in his visions.

Philip returns to the Cheatin' Heart and tells Steph that he couldn't stay away. They kiss. He suggests they stop playing pool and cultivate some 'vertical' interests. They dance and he admits that he's never imagined them together. Neither did she; she's trying not to think too much, but all she thinks about is him. As she rambles, he kisses her some more. He confesses that he may be falling in love with her. "I'm afraid of hurting you... getting hurt. I have a pretty lousy track record," he says. She says that she may be falling in love with him too. They kiss some more and he decides it's time to go back to his place. They hurry to the mansion and he carries her up the stairs. When they get into bed, her father calls and ruins the moment when he tells her that her mother has just been shot.

EJ rushes to the clinic. When he gets into the delivery room, he finds Nicole sitting in a bed with a baby in her hands. Dr. Baker watches as Elvis takes his daughter in his arms. As he looks the child over, he notices that she actually resembles someone. Nicole worries. He shows her the baby's birthmark and then reveals that it is identical to his own. After EJ thanks the doctor for his help, Nicole tells her fiance that there was a complication he should know about. The miracle baby wasn't breathing when she was born but now everything is perfect. EJ begins apologizing for not being there. "We will always be together," she says. He announces that he wants the baby checked over by another doctor. Baker and Nicole protest but EJ insists and adds that Nicole will have to be examined as well. "No one else touches me!" she challenges. She asks the doctor to step out and then explains her insistence on not being examined by anyone else. He relents. She wants a word with the doctor alone. He agrees but tells her to be quick because he doesn't like Baker at all. As Nicole tells the doctor to go and check on Mia, they hear the nurse telling EJ about the birth and the nuns. Nicole pushes Baker out to do damage control. The doctor hurries out and sends the nurse away. He explains that a local nun volunteers there and never left Nicole's side. When EJ turns, he's startled to find that Nicole is already dressed and ready to go. He asks if she wants to nurse before they go. "I'll try again at home," she says. "I want to thank you for giving me something Samantha never could... a family," he tells her. She thanks him; now she has everything she's ever wanted.

At the convent, Sami wakes Rafe up and begins calming him. When she tells him that everything is okay, he tells her it's not. Sami's confused. Rafe passes out. The nuns crowd around and begin to treat the FBI agent. They want to take him to a hospital but Sami says they can't. She begs them to do everything they can. After the nun treats him for his wound, Sami thanks her and then worries that the killer knows where she is. The nun knows a place where they can hide. They're shown to a room and left alone. As Rafe rests, Sami takes out the baby and tells her that they will be safe. Sobbing, Sami tells Rafe how grateful she is for everything he's done. She's sure that this will all be over soon and they can go back to their old lives. The only thing she'll miss is him, but she's sure he'll be glad to be rid of her. "Wrong again," he murmurs. He takes out his phone to call reinforcements and her dad but she forbids it. He still has to call his boss. When he does, he finds that the killer is dead and they are now safe. Sami seems disappointed. Rafe guesses she isn't ready to return to town.

February 4, 2009
You Knew?

As Philip and Steph make out in his room, Steve calls and interrupts to tell her that her mom has been shot.

Philip goes to Titan and bumps into Melanie. She sits on the file he's been searching for and begins talking about all of the money her patent could make for them. This turns him on so they start making out on the desk. She snaps out of it; it was only a fantasy. Max interrupts her daydreams to take her out. She flashes him her new business cards and he worries that she is still trying to ignite a bidding war. Caroline suddenly calls to tell Max that his sister has been shot. He rushes off and Mel trails behind him.

At the hospital, Hope figures out that Bo must have been keeping her away from Kayla to avoid this. She's sure that he had a vision of her shooting Kayla. He admits it. "You lied!" she yells at him, blaming him and saying that he could have stopped all of this from happening.

Steve sits at Kayla's hospital bedside. He tells her that his life was nothing before he met her. She promises not to leave him. Lexi comes in and announces that it's time for them to operate on Kayla. As she's wheeled out, Hope stops them in the waiting room to say how sorry she is. "My God! You knew?" Steve angrily asks. Bo says he only had confusing images in his head. Steph arrives and runs to her father. Hope and Bo step aside. She pushes him away when he reaches out to her. He tells her that it wouldn't have mattered if he warned her because she always does what she wants anyway. Besides, this stuff with the visions is all too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously. She's insulted by his lack of faith in her abilities to believe in him, but Bo just thought that he was going crazy.

Melanie shows up at the hospital and offers everyone coffee. Philip takes her aside and warns her to stay away from Stephanie. She explains that she is only there to comfort Max. Across the room, Steph cries on Max's shoulder. Steph says some prayers in the chapel and then returns. Philip tracks her down and asks her if she has any regrets about what's happened between them. She doesn't. Melanie watches them from across the room. Lexi returns and explains to everyone that the bullet missed Kayla's heart but they have to stop it for a few minutes to repair some internal damage. Steve tells her to do whatever she has to do. The family paces and waits until Lexi returns. Finally, she comes back and announces that Kayla made it through the surgery and her prognosis is good. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Steve and Stephanie take little Joe and go in to see Kayla and Mel stalks over to Philip. He tells her to see him in the morning. Meanwhile, Hope tells Bo that she needs some time alone and walks out.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the mansion. He holds the baby by the fire and tells Nicole that he gave everyone the night off so that they can spend some time alone. As Nicole cradles the baby, she thinks of her own childhood and hopes she doesn't let the little girl down. Elvis repeats how disappointed he is that he missed the birth but promises not to miss any more important moments in his daughter's life. When he walks out to take care of something, her phone rings. It's Mia. Nicole isn't thrilled to hear from her. Mia just wanted to check in and explains that she's leaving for Japan in the morning. The baby starts crying and they agree to talk later. Mia hangs up in tears as EJ returns. He hands Nicole some champagne so they can toast to a lifetime of love and happiness. A doctor arrives to check over the baby. After giving the child a clean bill of health, she says that the child will have to come down to her clinic for more tests and blood typing. "No!" Nicole says with a jump. She stutters through a brief consultation with the doctor. EJ is disturbed when she says she won't be breastfeeding. After the doctor leaves, he asks Nicole why she changed her mind about it. "It's not for me," she repeats. He gives the baby a bottle and she says it's amazing that they can love someone so much after only a day. They place the girl in her crib and stare at her, watching her furrow her brow. They laugh and then start sorting through baby names. This is the happiest day of EJ's life. He tells Nicole that he loves her and gives her a kiss.

At the convent, Rafe tells Sami that the killer is dead and she is safe. She still needs time and isn't ready to go home yet. He listens as she conjures up reasons for them to stay hidden together. Roman calls and Rafe hands her the phone. Her father tells her to stay put while they find out if the killer was working alone. Then he tells her that Kayla's been shot. When she gets off the phone, she and Rafe are slightly smug. "I guess you're stuck with me a little bit longer," she says. He doesn't mind; he's still worried about her. She vows to do whatever it takes to protect her child from the DiMeras. Wondering what's going on with Nicole's baby, she's sure that it will help keep EJ from finding out the truth. She cradles the baby and Rafe tells her that watching them together is amazing. He asks her who the child looks like. Sami realizes that she doesn't look like her siblings or her father and that's probably a lucky thing. They begin going through baby names and Sami suddenly comes up with the perfect name: Grace. She lets Rafe hold the child and then begins to cry. "I don't know how I'm going to be separated from my little baby," she weeps.

February 5, 2009
Dude, I'm Sorry.

Chloe walks into the hospital to see Daniel. They slip into a corner so she can tip him off about Maggie knowing their secret. Before she can, Daniel is called away on pressing hospital business. Maggie suddenly arrives and asks if she's broken off the affair yet. Chloe sighs and flounces off. Maggie strides off to find Daniel and immediately orders him to end his affair with Chloe. He tries to play dumb but she won't back off, not until she's sure that he and Chloe will break things off. She thinks he's exploited Chloe's confusion. He suggests that Chloe wouldn't be so upset about this if she and Lucas were actually happy. She's sure that he's wrong and orders him out of her life. He thinks that threats won't help anyone. Maggie continues to demand that he end things. He refuses and tells her this is none of her business.

At the mansion, EJ sits by the crib and tells his daughter that everything will revolve around her. Nicole watches him from the door for a moment before walking over. He can see she's been crying. "Every time I see you with her, it makes me so happy," she says. He thinks she looks just like her. She gets a call from Mia and slips into the hall to tell her that the baby is fine. Nicole tells her they named the child Sydney. Mia's relieved and sure she can move on now. As she hangs up, Elvis walks over and asks her why she is upset. She cries about everything since she gave birth. He thinks that's adorable. Stefano wanders in, excited to meet his new granddaughter. He's sure that she will have Nicole's beauty and strength. She introduces the baby to Stefano. "Can you say, 'I want a pony'?" EJ jokes. Stefano probes for details about the delivery. He's not happy when he learns that EJ missed it. He's even angrier to learn that she gave birth in the clinic. He suspects there is something she's not telling him. She blows up at him, claiming that she would rather live in a mobile home than have him breathing down her neck. He admires her tenacity. Chloe arrives and the two men run off to discuss work. Chloe checks out the baby and then begins confessing her affair with Daniel and how confused she is. Nicole tells her that this isn't about either of the men, it's about being free. She explains that her body isn't ready to give up being single even if her mind is. Chloe stops the analysis to say that Maggie knows. She worries that she's no longer good enough to marry Lucas and have a 'perfect life'. Nicole finds that hard to believe and advises her to do whatever it takes to get him if he is what she wants... just like she did. "What did you do?" Chloe asks.

At the convent, Sami feeds baby Grace and promises her a happy life; one as far away from EJ as possible. She tells Sister Theresa how grateful she is for everything. She's sure that her baby will be safe with her, but she doesn't know how to leave her. Tearfully, she explains to the child that she has to leave her behind and they won't see each other for awhile. "I will always come back for you," she promises.

At home, Bo walks down the stairs as Hope thinks about shooting Kayla. She tells him that she's been having trouble sleeping and blames him for what's happened. Chelsea hops down the stairs, offering to take care of their daughter so they can take care of each other. They turn her down. Bo wants to stay and talk with his wife but she's not interested. After he leaves, Chelsea tells Hope that she's full of 'bull'. Caroline calls and Hope talks to her, relieved that Kayla had a good night. Chelsea tells her that she knows how it feels 'to feel really, really bad'. Hope worries how Kayla will look at her from now on. Chelsea tells her there was no way of knowing this would happen. Hope says that's not exactly true.

Lucas walks into the pub and spots Max. He asks him what's wrong. Max fills him in on what's happened to the killer and to Kayla. "Dude, I'm sorry about that," Lucas offers. Max rushes off to see his sister and Lucas worries about Sami returning with a baby under her arm. EJ walks in and tells him about his new baby. Lucas tips him off that the killer is dead and Sami will be coming home. Elvis thinks that's terrific for the kids... but he's sure that Sami won't be affecting his life anymore. Lucas doubts that and is sure that Sami and Nicole will continue battling. After he walks out, Stefano arrives and they discuss Sami. Stefano will miss the tranquility they've had in Salem thanks to her absence.

Max finds Bo standing on the pier. He admits that Hope doesn't want to talk to him right now. Max suggests that he and Hope take a vacation and work things out. Bo's too busy for that. After he walks off, Chelsea arrives. She and Max discuss what's going on between Bo and Hope and worry that things will only get worse between them. Meanwhile, Bo returns home. The phone is ringing. Hope runs to it but he tells her not to answer. Internal Affairs will want to talk to her. "Let's go," he says, with some difficulty. They trudge off to the station.


February 6, 2009
Those Days Are Over.

At Titan, Victor asks Brady if Mel is getting 'squirrelly'. Brady imagines that the DiMeras have talked to her, but she is still on their side. Victor suspects that Miss Melanie is the kind of woman who likes to bring men down. Victor begins insulting Chloe until Brady stops him. Victor moves on to trash Nicole but Brady refuses to go there either. Cynically, Victor laughs about the fact that the DiMeras may be trying to steal their fuel project but at least they're stuck with Nicole. Meanwhile, Melanie walks along the pier and tries to convince herself that she doesn't care about Philip and Stephanie.

Lexi bumps into EJ at the pub and gives him a hug, they excitedly talk about his new baby. She's eager to meet her niece but he doesn't think that now would be the best time. They sit down and discuss how he feels about Sami returning. He wishes her the best, but she is Johnny's mother and nothing more. In that case, Lexi wonders why he doesn't go ahead and marry Nicole.

Stephanie stops by Titan to see Philip. She wants to thank him for taking her to the hospital and helping to hold her together. He repeats that he's falling in love with her. She's falling in love with him too. They kiss. Melanie arrives as Steph leaves. She cancels their meeting, announcing that she is having second thoughts about keeping her project at Titan. She lays into him for all of the lab delays and the fact that he seems to spend more time with his 'sex kitten' than actually working. Philip is offended. Mel giggles and reminds him that Titan's option on the project is about to expire. He tells her that he doesn't want to argue and offers to work this out. "Don't try to con a conner," she says. He accuses her of being jealous of Stephanie. She points out that there is nothing legally binding her to Titan. Whipping out her phone, she calls Elvis and informs him that she will be taking his offer. She's eager to meet up but he needs to get back to his baby. After he gets off the phone, she continues babbling just to rub Philip's face in it. "It's not going to happen Melanie," he warns. She tells him to get over himself. Whispering, he promises that they can make things work. "Those days are gone," she says. He calls her 'childish' for walking away over Stephanie. Mel won't let him mess with her ever again. Victor arrives and asks what's going on. Mel informs him that she's ended things with Titan and walks out. Stephanie returns and watches from down the hall as Philip vows that Titan will keep this project and he will bury Melanie.

When Lucas arrives at the hospital searching for Chloe, he meets Maggie instead. When she tells him that there are some things he needs to know, Daniel listens in and nearly hyperventilates. Kate pops up and rushes over to Maggie and Lucas to remind her son that they have a lunch date. He leaves to take a phone call and Kate turns to Daniel, telling him that she has news that could destroy Lucas' future with Chloe. When he tries to say something, she stops him. She has to have her blood work done and hurries off. Meanwhile, Maggie and Lucas are speaking again, she warns him that he doesn't know Chloe as well as he thinks he does. He repeats that everything is fine between them. After he strides off, Stephanie arrives. Maggie quizzes her about Melanie and asks if she is causing problems. "There's no way she can touch what Philip and I have," Steph insists.

At the mansion, Chloe asks Nicole what she did. "I did something wonderful," Nicole says. Chloe needs more of an explanation. She asks if the baby has something to do with Sami. "Everything," Nicole admits. She explains that knowing Sami's situation helped clarify things for her. "I need one last favor and then everything will be perfect," she says. She needs her knowledge of Sami's secret kept a secret. That's no problem for Chloe. They turn back to the problem of Daniel. Nicole reminds her that everything is still under her control and she just needs to decide on what she wants.

Kate and Lucas meet at the Cheatin' heart. She wonders where Chloe is. He hasn't been able to get in touch with her and can't imagine where she would be. They discuss wedding dates and she admits that she wants this wedding to happen soon because she knows that Chloe is perfect for him.

Chloe goes to see Daniel at his place to tell him that Maggie knows. He already knows this but he won't be bowed by her threats. She tells him that they are still in control. He doubts it. Once again she tells him that it's over between them. He's heard that many times but they can't forget what their kisses feel like. The doctor doesn't want to hurt anybody, but he can't lie and he can't walk away. She shakes her head and declares that it's over. They start making out.

Brady walks into the DiMera mansion and sees Nicole cradling the baby. He blinks in disbelief. She tells him to drop it and congratulate her. "I pulled it off, no thanks to you," she says. She has gone through a nightmare and she has won. "Your nightmare is just beginning," he worries. She doesn't want to hear his 'doomsday scenarios' and is confident no one will ever find out the truth. He points out that Mia could change her mind and she has no legal agreement with her. When he tells her to look at the possibilities, EJ walks in and asks what he's talking about. She claims they were arguing about vaccinations. Elvis wants to know why Brady is there. Brady excuses himself. EJ follows him, saying that he's ruined the happiest day of his life. As he starts to rant, Nicole gets between them. He sends her back to look after the baby. Brady doesn't want to fight but EJ demands answers. Suddenly, Nicole screams that there is something wrong with her baby.


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