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2nd Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 9, 2009
I Blew It Big Time.

Sami wakes up at the convent and drowsily looks around for Rafe. As she panics, she bumps into a nun who informs her that Rafe just left for a meeting. Sami has a bad feeling, like she will never see him again. Later, Rafe returns and tells Sister Theresa that Sami will have to get used to him not being around. His meeting with his boss was a disaster. She surmises that he could lose everything for the sake of Sami. After the nun leaves, he waits around for Sami. When she arrives, she demands some answers. He tells her that they can stay there a few more days and, lying, tells her that everything is okay between he and his boss.

Abe goes to see Bo at home. He needs to know what happened with the shooting. "I blew it big time," Bo admits. He blames himself for not telling Hope about his vision. Abe needs an explanation. Bo tells him about the vision that may have saved Theo's life. Then he explains his second vision and Abe tells him that what happened wasn't his fault.

Hope goes to see Kayla at the hospital and begs for forgiveness. Kayla forgives her and asks her over for a hug. She tells her not to blame herself for this. As Hope sits down, she tells her about Bo's vision of the shooting and how he kept it to himself... except for one person. Steve walks in. They stare at him. Kayla asks him if he knew. He asks for a moment alone. Once Hope is gone, he admits that he knew and they tried to prevent this. He asks her what he can do to make up for this. They cry as he climbs in bed and cuddles with her. She's just grateful to be alive.

When Hope gets home, Bo has a surprise for her - tickets to Hawaii. She turns them down; she isn't prepared to forgive either of them and orders him never to be so dismissive of her feelings again. She kicks herself for making a rookie mistake by laying down her gun. Bo tells her just to blame him for everything. She needs to make some changes so she is moving in with her parents. They're away right now so she can have time alone to think. He doesn't understand. She runs upstairs to pack. He chases her around and asks for an explanation. Hope can't explain. Bo assumes she is trying to punish him when he needs her the most. "I'm sorry," she weeps, walking out.

Stephanie arrives at Titan and tells Phillip that, after hearing him talk to his father about Melanie, he's not the man she thought he was. She's never threatened to bury someone like he has. "So you're a nicer person than I am," Philip says. He reminds her of how valuable the patent is and what a pain Mel is. He'll do whatever it takes to keep the project. She's shocked that he would destroy someone over money. He accuses her of resenting his being rich; he refuses to let 'some lowlife little bitch' take advantage of him. He yells at her until she yells back. "This company didn't get to where it is by playing nice," he says. Now that she has a better idea of who he is, he says, maybe she should walk away. She thinks he must want her to break up with him and tells him that he has no respect for her. He says she's wrong. She repeats that she is falling in love with him, and not just a fantasy of him, but the man she knows he could be. They continue to argue about what's right and wrong. He tells her to stop eavesdropping on his conversations and attempting to reform him. After he stomps away, she whimpers.

Mel calls EJ to leave another message threatening to bring her project back to Titan if he won't call her back. Max wanders over and asks her what trouble she is getting into this time. She tells him that she is giving the project to the DiMeras. He thinks she's screwing everything up. She brings up Philip and Steph sleeping together and then tells him to stop breathing down her neck. Before she can run off, he stops her to ask what this is really all about. He wonders if she is in love with Philip. She claims she's not, but he's easy to look at... and rich. Max is sure that Philip has no feelings for her. She tells him not to be so sure; Steph is too 'schoolteachery' for him and he'll get bored. "I'm going to play EJ against Philip and it's going to be a rip-roaring success," she says. He doubts it. He throws some mixed metaphors at her and she counters by announcing that she will take Philip or take him down trying. She plans to use the fuel project as bait to trap him.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ is laying into Brady for always hovering around Nicole. As he demands to know what is going on, Nicole screams that there is something wrong with the baby. Elvis and Brady rush over as she explains that the child is not breathing. They rush her to the hospital. Lexi takes her in to check her out and EJ cradles Nicole. She thinks back to taking Sami's baby. "She can't die. Not after everything I did to bring her home to us," she whispers. Brady watches them as Nicole cries that her life will be over without the baby. After EJ leaves to get refreshments, Nicole turns to Brady and tells him that this is all her fault. He thinks it's all random and no one is to blame. If the baby dies, she doesn't want to live anymore. As she cries in his arms, Elvis returns and tells Brady that Nicole only needs one pair of shoulders to cry on. He demands to know what is going on between them. Brady explains that he is just obeying the 12-step program and healing old wounds. "You're an idiot," EJ says. Brady excuses himself. Nicole tells Elvis that she's been a fool and she screws up everything she touches. "I have to yell you everything," she says.

February 10, 2009
The Week After Never Would Be Perfect.

At the hospital, Nicole tells EJ that she can't keep him in the dark anymore: This is all her fault. He thinks that's madness. Lexi returns before she can explain. "Is our baby going to live?" Nicole asks. Lexi tells them that the baby is fine; she just wants to run some tests and needs more information about Nicole's family history. As she runs through the possibilities, Nicole becomes exasperated at the thought of SIDs. She nearly faints. Elvis holds her up. They sit down and she is about to say something when Stefano storms in. "You irresponsible idiot! What did you do to her?" he demands. EJ blows up at his father for 'waddling in' and blaming Nicole. Stefano mumbles Italian profanities to himself until Lexi returns, giggling and telling them again that the baby is fine. The parents run in to see her. "There's something wrong there," Stefano mutters to his daughter. She scoffs but he's sure there is something nefarious going on. Lexi tells him he's blowing this up and he concedes he may have overreacted. After some browbeating, he agrees to apologize.

Chloe shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and runs into Philip. She seems upset but she says it's nothing. He leaves and she goes in to see Lucas and Kate. They're eager to set a wedding date. Kate suggests Valentine's Day. Victor drifts in and suggests they put it off. "The week after never would be perfect," he jokes. Chloe agrees to Valentine's Day while Kate and Victor bicker. He's sure this whole thing will go up in smoke before it can happen. Kate looks at the kissing couple and worries.

Philip turns up on Melanie's doorstep and pushes his way in. He accuses her of being jealous of he and Stephanie. "How hot do you think you are?" she asks. He announces that he and Steph are finished. She doubts it. He says they broke up... and it was over her. Mel hates to see true love fizzle and die. Philip admits that he was a jerk and then warns her that if she takes the patent to the DiMeras, she will lose what she really wants - him. She shoots back sarcastically at 'Pumpkin' Kiriakis and asks him what he would do to get the patent back if the deal with the DiMeras was done. He starts to blow up at the suggestion but she cuts him off, saying that he always wants what he can't have. A man comes to the door and serves her an injunction. Philip explains that it forces her not to take her patent anywhere else. She tells him that he may have won this round but not the war. "Honey, we don't have to be at war; we're on the same team," he says. She's not pleased. "You're stuck with me pumpkin," he says, walking out.

Back at the hospital, Nicole cradles the baby and tells her that she almost told EJ the truth. She would have done it to make sure she was healthy, but luckily she didn't have to. "Mommy's secret is going to be safe forever," she says. EJ just happens to be standing in the doorway when she says this. He walks in and asks her what she was talking about. "Girl stuff," she claims. He tells her that he feels blessed to have her and the baby. She promises to be with him forever. They go home and he gets a call from Mel. She tells him that his foot dragging may have cost him the project. She needs to see him immediately. After he walks off, Dr. Baker shows up on her doorstep. "What the hell do you want?" she asks. Meanwhile, Melanie meets EJ in an alleyway. She tells him that they won't have a relationship if he doesn't solve her problem. "Eliminate Philip," she orders.

At the hospital, Daniel is giving Kayla a checkup when she suggests that he take part in the charity auction for the hospital. He doesn't want to be auctioned off. As he awkwardly walks out, Stephanie comes in. Kayla asks her daughter what's wrong. Steph tells her about her problems with Philip and how she can't be with someone dangerous like him. Kayla used to say the same thing about Steve but advises her daughter not to settle for someone who she can't respect. Kayla says that love can change a person, but it probably can't change Philip enough to make him right for her.

Maggie greets Kate as she arrives at Chez Rouge for the hospital charity auction. Kate tells her that they've set a wedding date and asks her to do the catering.  Maggie turns her down. Lucas and Chloe wander over and Maggie tries to be polite. When Kate and Lucas walk off, Maggie digs into Chloe. The diva repeats that she and the doctor are finished forever. Chloe and Lucas begin to dance. She notices Daniel and Victor walk in and stares at them. Kate stands up and makes a speech about her cancer treatment and how excellent the care at the hospital is. She asks everyone to open up their checkbooks and give. Maggie starts the silent auction. The guests circle around the room. Stefano arrives and asks Kate why she didn't put herself on the auction block. She doesn't want to be for sale tonight. He takes her hand and asks her out. She turns him down and sighs. As the evening winds on, Maggie discovers a check for $100,000. It's an anonymous donation made in Kate's name. Everyone claps.

As Chloe is called up to sing, Victor begins to snipe at her and Daniel snaps at him, telling him to shut up. Victor wonders if there is something going on between them. Daniel tells him he's sick of these insinuations. Victor is worried of the disaster that Chloe could bring to him, warning him that Lucas is already doomed now that he's set a date. Everyone listens as Chloe sings. Daniel stares into her eyes and begins to clap. She runs off as soon as she finishes. Philip arrives and tells his father that everything went as planned. Now he has 'the fox in the cage'. He looks around for Stephanie and soon bumps into her. Meanwhile, Daniel tries calling Chloe to tell her that he loves her. She's outside in tears. Lucas approaches her. "I'm sorry Lucas but I can't marry you," she cries.

February 11, 2009
Foolproof Plan?

In an alleyway, Melanie tells EJ to eliminate Philip. He asks if she means he should kill him. She just means that they have to do whatever it takes to keep control of her patent. He whips out his phone and makes a call. She thinks he's putting a hit out on Philip and starts to panic. When he mocks her for taking this seriously, she calls him a jerk. He explains that he has a 'foolproof plan'. He tells her that getting a copy of the blueprints will be enormously helpful. She cockily assures him that it won't be a problem to get them.

Melanie hurries over to Titan and sneaks in so she can hack into the computer. She gets stuck when she's asked for Philip's password and the machine begins bleeping at her. Pretending to be Steph, she calls security and tells them not to come. She finally hacks into the system and laughs. "EJ you are so going to thank me," she says.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie strides over to Daniel to tell him to stay away from Chloe and Lucas. He says it's none of her business and trudges off. He returns to the hospital to check in on Kayla. She asks him how the auction went and teases him. He seems lonely to her. "Nah," he says. He steps out to make a call to Chloe. When he returns, Kayla assumes he was making a date and digs for information. She's concerned that he hasn't been his 'effervescent self' lately and wants to see him smile again.

Stefano finds Victor sitting at the bar. Victor doesn't want to talk but Stefano thinks they need to discuss Melanie. They issue some polite threats before Stefano leaves. Brady drifts over, two hours late, and apologizes, explaining that there was a problem with Nicole. "I don't want to hear that girl's name cross your lips again," Victor forbids. Brady wishes he would let him decide who to be friends with. "Where's your family loyalty? Where's your pride? Where's your brain?" Victor prods. Brady refuses to shut the door on a friend. Victor threatens to shut some doors on him and walks out.

Steph arrives at Chez Rouge to see Philip. They sit down and she explains that she went to her mother for advice. Kayla thinks she should dump him. Steph wants to say goodbye, but she can't because she loves him. They kiss and then notice that everyone else is gone. Music plays and they dance and flirt. She leaves to change so they can go out. His henchman arrives and Philip pays him off for giving Melanie the fake injunction. They laugh at how scared she was. Stephanie watches this from across the room. When she walks over, she accuses him of ambushing Mel. He makes excuses and refuses to apologize. "Goodbye Philip," she announces, walking out.

Outside, Chloe repeats to Lucas that she can't marry him. He needs a reason but all of her excuses are lame. She loves him, she says. That doesn't explain anything to him. She wanted to be a good mother and wife, but the best thing she can do for him is to walk away. As she lists all of her failed relationships, he begs her to stop. Lucas thinks that what they have is perfect and special; she could never break his heart. "I already have," she cries. He asks for an explanation. "I'm a horrible person," she insists. He demands to know what she's done. She thinks he deserves better and has to trust that this is what's best for him. He doesn't believe that giving up their future is what's best. Chloe hands him the ring he gave her but he refuses to take it. "I'm so sorry," she cries, running off.

Chloe goes to Daniel's. As soon as he opens the door, she begs him to run away with her tonight.

Dr. Baker shows up at the mansion to issue a new threat to Nicole. She tells him that their deal is off and threatens to have him locked up. He says he has nothing to lose. "How about your life?" she challenges. He scoffs. She tells him that they already had to take the baby to the hospital. He tells her she's not being noble, no matter how hard she tries to convince herself. When she opens the door for him to go, he refuses to budge. They continue to threaten each other until he finally leaves. She instantly gets on her phone. "I need your help," she begs.

Nicole shows up at the mansion to see Brady. She tells him the baby is fine but Dr. Baker won't go away. He asks how much she needs to make him go away. She needs $10,000, and, since he's a trust fund baby, that must be small change for him. He can't help. She asks him to borrow from Titan. He can't and he's heard all of this before. When he warns her not to get more attached to the baby, she blows up at him, claiming that the baby might not even be alive without her because Sami... She stops herself and he asks what Sami has to do with this. He doesn't get an explanation, just more complaints. "How would not helping that baby be the right thing to do?" she asks him. He wrestles with what to do, knowing that helping her could lead to being kicked out of the family by Victor. Nonetheless, he can't say no to her. She hugs him. He walks across the room and opens the safe to get her some money. "You're a life saver," she says, hugging him as Victor walks in. "What the hell is going on  here?" he demands.

EJ returns to the mansion and Stefano asks him how the meeting with Melanie went. Elvis is sure that she took the bait. Stefano is still concerned because he knows what a 'nut burger' Melanie is. They toast to this working. When he sees the maid taking milk up for the baby, EJ offers to do it and asks where Nicole is. The maid tells him she's out.


February 12, 2009
Prepare to Feel Like a Jerk.

Brady takes a wad of cash from Victor's safe and hands it to Nicole. She thanks him but then Victor walks in and demands to know what is going on. Brady says the reason for this cash giveaway is private. Victor's money is private too and he wonders how Nicole could have gone through the DiMera fortune already. Brady claims that he owes Nicole money. He offers to pay his grandfather back. Victor refuses. Brady threatens to leave with her and the money. Victor's offended. Nicole walks out and Brady continues to argue with his grandfather about trust. Brady claims that he's glad to have been caught now he can be really honest. If Victor has no faith in him, he's not sure that he should be working for him. His grandfather doesn't like this challenge and continues to snipe at Nicole until Brady announces that he's leaving and walks out the door.

An agitated EJ calls Nicole, furious that she has left the baby with the maid. Dr. Baker suddenly walks into the mansion. Baker claims he is just there to check on the baby and asks to speak with Nicole. When he's told that she's not home, EJ adds that he would like him to leave her alone. Baker tells him how proprietary baboons become over their children. This clarifies nothing for EJ who really starts to wonder what's going on. Moments later, Nicole arrives and EJ barks at her as she walks in. "Prepare to feel like a jerk," she shoots back, shoving the apnea monitor she bought into his arms. He apologizes. She checks on the baby and then sits on his lap. Her phone begins to ring and he grabs her purse to shut it off. She grabs it away, claiming there is a surprise in it. She sends him upstairs while she steps out. When she gets to the doorstep, Dr. Baker is waiting. She hands him the cash and tells him this is over. He leaves with a threat. She vows never to lose what she has.

Lucas stands by the pier and tries to stop himself from freaking out. Kate rushes over to him to ask why Chloe ran off. He asks her to harass Philip instead. She realizes something must have happened. "Chloe dumped me," he admits. Kate wonders what he said to her and demands that he track her down and apologize. He doesn't even understand what the problem is and forbids his mother to do anything. She suggests that this might not be as serious as it seems. Lucas blames himself for this and Kate blames herself too. "She was unhappy and I didn't know it," he says, feeling like he wasn't good enough for her.

Chloe shows up at Daniel's and asks him to run away with her tonight. He pulls her in and asks her to calm down. She ended things with Lucas. Daniel doesn't seem happy with the news since the news doesn't make her happy. Breaking hearts doesn't make her happy, she explains. She wants to run away so they don't have to sneak around; Lucas still doesn't know the reason why she dumped him. The doctor refuses to run. He pours a drink and says it's good that a decision was finally made. "You have got to do things for yourself," he says. He can't run away and he can't be the reason she broke up with Lucas. Playing with her hair, he tells her that the world won't end. His phone starts to ring. It's Kate. He doesn't answer. He tells Chloe how much he needs her and asks her to stay. She turns him down. They kiss and he leaves for work. She slumps on the couch and wonders where to go from there.

Daniel rushes over to the hospital to see Kate. She tells him how worried she is about Lucas. One of the only things that has kept her stable lately has been her son's newfound happiness. She can't imagine what could have destroyed that.

Mel hacks into the computers at Titan to find the blueprint for her patent. Before she can print it off, Philip pops up. "You just made a very big mistake," he says. She thinks his eyes are mean and scrunchy when he's smug. He shreds the blueprints and laughs; he set her up for this and it's all on tape. She taunts him about the falling value of Titan stock and threatens to make a public stink. He threatens to call the police. She repeats that he doesn't want the bad publicity... or for her to go. He calls in security to escort her out and tells her she's fired. "One of these days I'm going to wipe that smug smile off your face," she warns.

Brady runs into Lucas by the water. Lucas gruffly runs off. Chloe shows up and demands to know what he said. He explains that Lucas seems upset, but he walked away from the water, which is usually a good sign. When he asks her to stay and talk, she remembers the prom. "Do you ever think you have to be really stupid to be happy?" she asks. He gives a slight laugh and tells her to take it a day at a time. She wishes today was over.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max talks to Nick on the phone. He promises to keep Mel and the patent safe. Melanie arrives and tells Max about what Philip's done. He suggests that she talk to a lawyer but she refuses. She admits that she was caught hacking into the computer. He thinks she should be glad she isn't going to prison. As they sit at the bar, he pulls out the blueprints that Nick sent him.

Philip arrives at the mansion and tells his father about catching Melanie. Victor is pleased until his son tells him that he didn't have her arrested. Philip claims that, since they have the tape, they can have her arrested anytime. "I think you and I basically disagree about the definition of 'nailing her'," Victor growls. Philip enjoys the double entendre but claims he has no attraction to Melanie.


February 13, 2009

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