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3rd Week of February Daily Summaries

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February 16

Summary posted on our blog

February 17, 2009
In the Traditional Sense.

At the pier, Melanie tells Philip that he can 'get back in the saddle' and be 'king of the hill' if he dumps Stephanie. He refuses. "Then your loss is EJ DiMera's gain," she says. He thinks she's playing a dangerous game. She accuses him of blowing everything for his girlfriend and reminds him that Steph only likes his nice side while she likes all of his sides. They're two of a kind and, together, they could come close to perfection. He thinks she's out of her mind. She repeats that he can have a lot of money, his father's respect, and her, if only he drops Steph. Philip shakes his head and calls her a 'bitch'. He threatens to do everything in his power to destroy her. "God I hope so," she sighs as he strolls away.

EJ returns to the mansion and finds Nicole already getting ready for bed. She begins to kiss him and asks him to make love to her. He reminds her that it's too soon since she just had a baby. "Yes, in the traditional sense," she says, kissing him and pushing him onto the bed. They snuggle up and get 'creative' until the baby wakes up. As Nicole gets some milk, Roman calls him. Elvis worries about when Sami is returning; his son misses her so much he cries himself to sleep. Roman says they are doing all they can. Nicole overhears all of this. Elvis explains that the killer has been caught and Sami will be back. Nicole launches into a rant about how she will soon become an afterthought in his life once Samantha is back. He insists that she has nothing to do with them. Nicole reminds him of how Sami loves to stir up trouble. He promises that she will never come between them. They feed the baby together until his phone vibrates. It's Stefano. She tells him to take it while she feeds the child. After he walks out with the phone, she wonders how she will keep her nemesis from ruining everything. She goes to bed and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds the baby gone. EJ walks in with the baby in his arms and stares at her. He announces that they are in 'a nightmare of monumental proportions'. He threatens her with a 'terrible revenge' for what she's done and orders her to pack up and leave while he takes his baby to see her real mother. Nicole snaps out of it. It was only a dream.

Hope walks out of the courtroom and hands Bo her badge. Before she can walk away, he stops her to say how sorry he is. He offers to do whatever he can but she reminds him that there is nothing he can do. This is about more than losing her badge, she adds. "Isn't there some sort of protocol for us too?" he asks. He loves her and wants to make up. She can't see a way out of this. He continues begging her to come home with him but she continues refusing and walks away from him.

At the pub, Max is confused when Chelsea suggests they should be more than friends. "I'm a normal person with normal needs. Why shouldn't I want something more?" she blurts out. They sit down and she blathers. Max is still confused but tries to clarify his feelings. He tells her that he isn't interested in Stephanie anymore and begins talking about his 'out of control' feelings. He admits to Chelsea that he's had feelings for her for awhile. After watching her with Theo, he doesn't know how he ever could have ended things with her. They kiss. Melanie pops up and Chelsea decides to make herself scarce. Max gives a goofy laugh as she leaves. Mel gives an even goofier laugh and teases her brother. "You've traded up. I approve!" Mel says. He doesn't want to talk to her, but that's no deterrent. She tells him about how she is playing Philip and what a fun adrenaline rush it is.

Steph goes to see her mother at the hospital. The family worries that Hope will be suspended for the shooting. Kayla worries that Hope's marriage could also be in trouble. Steph pouts and talks about Philip and how much she wanted a relationship with him before she discovered his ruthless side. Patch tells her to end things for good. She pouts more and tells him to leave her alone. "Philip and I are over. Done," she insists. He just wants her to be happy and gives her a hug. Deciding to get out of their way, she leaves and her parents continue to worry about Hope. Roman arrives with bad news: Hope has been suspended. His phone rings and he leaves. Kayla whips out her phone, refusing to let Bo and Hope lose everything because of her. Steve tells her she needs to let this go and concentrate on recovering.

Philip arrives at Titan and remembers that he was supposed to meet with Steph. He calls her and leaves a message. She soon shows up and tells him that she isn't interested in him and accuses him of being obsessed with Mel. He claims that he can't stand her; he only wants her for the fuel project. He then proceeds to mock Stephanie for her lack of ambition. Stopping himself, he apologizes and explains that he cares about her but he has to do what's right for his career. She wishes he could be kind and gentle. He kisses her and tells her that he wants to be with her. She shakes her head and walks away.


February 18, 2009
The Jig Is Up!

Melanie meets with EJ at the pier. She's drowsy. He's annoyed; he thinks she's been up to something with Philip. Yanking her coffee out of her hands, he demands to know how much Philip knows. She doesn't know what he knows but assures him that she has handled him like a pro. Elvis thinks she's a child and tells her that his research team is working on cracking her code right now. "You are completely disposable," he says before accusing her of using this deal as leverage with Philip. She claims that she is over Philip's dimples and is willing to do anything to prove her loyalty to the DiMeras. Elvis begins feeling her up and warns her that if you wage war, you can lose. He walks away.

Philip runs down the stairs of the mansion with an apple in his mouth. His father asks him why he's in such a rush. Philip claims he needs to get to work to close the Kaiser account. Victor tells him that Brady already closed it. Philip is annoyed: that was his account. Brady explains that he didn't mean to close his deal. Philip flies off the handle and a sarcastically tells his father to just give Brady his office. He and Victor bicker and snipe. Victor is uneasy to leave the fuels project in Philip's hands. He wants Brady to step in and work with Melanie. "No one understands the way that girl ticks like I do," Philip objects. That's what's worrying his father. Brady has a rapport with Mel and doesn't want to sleep with her, he says, much to Philip's annoyance. He asks for another chance to prove himself. Victor relents but warns him that one more mistake will mean that Melanie isn't the only one looking for a new job.

At the hospital, Daniel calls Chloe to tell her how much he misses her. He adds that Kate is getting her medical workup done today. After they exchange their 'I love you's, he turns and finds Kate standing in front of him. He claims that he was just speaking to a former patient. She's just had some of her tests done. If the news is good, she's sure it couldn't have been without him. As she hugs him, Maggie walks in and cringes at the sight. She approaches and they discuss Chloe breaking her engagement. Kate still has hope that it will go through. After she walks away, Maggie grabs Daniel and lays into him. She says that Chloe is just in love with doing something illicit and is in for a rude awakening. He asks her to appreciate that he and Chloe never wanted to hurt anyone. Maggie doesn't appreciate it. Daniel doubts the truth will make Lucas feel better. He's not ashamed of anything he's done. "You are even more despicable than I thought," she says, pointing out that he will have to tell Kate the truth too, and it won't be pretty.

Back at the mansion, Philip rants at Brady until Kate arrives. Brady leaves for work and Kate tells her son that she is positive that the test results will be good. "I am finally ready to be back," she giggles. As they have coffee, Victor returns. She asks if she can take her son away for a few days. Victor can happily spare him. Philip slouches off after hearing this. Victor explains that her son screwed up. She tells him there are more important things than work. Now that she is on the mend, she wants to make things right for her sons again. He thinks she should back off. She's sure they need direction. Victor trashes Chloe but Kate defends her and vows to make things right. "You are a curmudgeonly old bastard with a heart of stone," she says, but she likes him anyway. He wonders if she still has feelings for Daniel. She does and she's going to tell him so. Once she leaves, Kate returns to the hospital and flatly asks Daniel if they can go back to his place. There's something he has to tell her first. She assumes it's more bad medical news.

Chloe gets off the phone and sees Lucas and Allie walking through the park. Allie runs into her arms, but Lucas tells her they have to go. He lets the little girl play while he talks to Chloe. He orders her out of his daughter's life. "I never meant to hurt you," she says. Lucas doesn't want to hear anymore cliches so she stays quiet for a moment and then reuses her cliche and cries. "You chose to blow things up between us," he reminds her. He can't hate her though; he still loves her. She still loves him too. He doesn't think she knows what she's saying. "I don't know what happened, but I know that it had nothing to do with you," she says. He's heard enough and walks away. She sits on the bench and cries. A priest arrives and sits with her. "I've done a terrible thing," she confesses. She tells him that she has always struggled and, lately, has felt guilty and weak. "I'm a slut," she explains before detailing her broken engagement.

Brady runs into EJ outside of the pub and begins mocking him. Elvis tells him that he won't be invited to the wedding and warns him that if he clings to his Kiriakis roots, he'll be fair game. Brady brushes him off. As soon as Elvis is gone, Philip pops up and demands to know what he is doing. He accuses Brady of talking about the fuel project behind his back. "If you don't back off from my project, you're going to be the one looking for a job!" Philip barks before stomping away. He heads to the DiMera mansion and begins yelling at EJ. "The jig is up!" he says. "We are going to settle this right here, right now!" Philip yells.

Lucas stalks into the pub and sits at the bar. He stares at the booze. As he orders a Bloody Mary, Melanie asks him if he's Philip's brother. He claims he's too busy to talk to her. She wants advice. "Leave me the hell alone," he advises. After she flounces off, the bartender hands him his drink. Lucas tells himself not to drink it and then pulls out Chloe's ring. He remembers her dumping him and then takes a drink. Meanwhile, Maggie's at home taking pills when Melanie walks in. She tells her that she just met 'the infamous Lucas' at the pub. He was mean to her and ordered a Bloody Mary. Hearing this, Maggie whips out her phone.


February 19, 2009
I Am The Golden Child.

Philip is on EJ's doorstep and tearing into him over Melanie. He pushes his way in and vows that he won't allow Mel to bring the project to the DiMeras. Elvis snidely laughs and thinks it's 'remarkable' that Philip believes he can scare him. Tony drifts in and tells them that they're both out of their minds. That doesn't stop them. EJ begins mocking Philip and accusing him of letting his feelings for the girl get in the way of his business. He lays the blame for this entire mess on him. Philip grabs him by the lapels and threatens to run him out of town. Elvis opens the door and bids him good day. Once Kiriakis is gone, Tony groans, "My my my... you have  a lot to learn little brother." EJ doesn't want to listen to this. They begin sniping at each other. Tony thinks his brother is 'an insolent little bastard' for claiming that the company is his. Elvis tries to fob him off but Tony thinks that he's been starting a war with the Kiriakis family. EJ could care less about that and doesn't appreciate being undermined by his own brother. The siblings argue about who would disappoint their father more. "I'm the chosen son," EJ smugly insists. Tony thinks he's 'screwing up royally'. EJ continues to be smug. "I am the golden child," he proclaims. "Golden child? You are a damned fool EJ," Tony laughs, bitterly.

Chelsea and Stephanie meet at the pier. "Max and I... I kissed him," Chelsea confesses. She thinks it really meant something too. Steph's uncomfortable but says she is happy for her friend. The topic turns to Philip and Steph says it's over; she thinks he's still chasing after Melanie and she can't trust him anymore. Chelsea urges her to stake her claim anyway and Stephanie leaps up to do so. 

At the hospital, Theo hands his parents a picture he drew of a boat. They're impressed. When Abe tries to say goodbye, Theo becomes distraught and begs him to stay. Lexi tells her husband that they can't always give their child what he wants. Chelsea arrives and Theo runs into her arms. She offers to take him to his therapy session. "Family," he says.

After Mel spills to Maggie that she saw Lucas drinking a Bloody Mary at the pub, Maggie immediately calls him. He doesn't pick up. Melanie realizes that he must have a drinking problem. Maggie already knows exactly why he fell off the wagon and hurries off to pull him back on. Philip shows up after Maggie leaves. Melanie expects him to read her the riot act. He begins kissing her instead. She's shocked. He takes off his coat. "A couple of weeks ago you hated my guts... now you have feelings for me?" she asks. "That about sums it up," he says. He can't shake his feelings or stop thinking about her. As he kisses her, he tells her how much he wants her. They break apart. He thinks she's hot when she's angry and he's wanted her since the first time they met. She wants to believe him. They kiss some more. When he lifts her onto the kitchen table, Steph arrives outside and sees them at it.

Chloe is talking to Father Matt in the park. He tells her that he works with lots of couples and they commonly delude themselves by thinking that they have to be happy all the time. She knows that she can't expect other people to be responsible for her happiness, but she is greedy and immature and still wants those things. When she gets comfortable and secure though, she gets bored and wants the man who makes her heart beat faster - Daniel. They sit down and she explains her situation. When she met Daniel, she felt something stronger than she'd ever felt before. After acting on her feelings and sleeping with him, she hated herself. The priest tells her that if she were truly happy with Lucas, she never would have cheated on him. He suggests that Daniel may be her soul mate and she shouldn't fight the way she feels about him. He doesn't know what would make her happy, but maybe God does. She's sure God has more important things to worry about than her love life. Father Matt tells her that God always has time for her and this could be a chance to test that idea. She tries praying to seek advice on which man she should be with. The priest stifles a laugh and tells her that God will find a way to get back to her. After he leaves, she tries praying again, begging for a sign.

At the hospital, Kate panics when Daniel has something to tell her. Before he can, a nurse hands him her latest test results. He looks them over and tells her that she's in remission. She laughs and hugs him in relief. Now she can have hope again and relish her own uncertain future. Wishing to embrace her life, she begins kissing him. Backing off, she apologizes. She explains that she broke up with him because she was afraid of putting him through her death. He suggests that she go and tell her family the good news. She bounces away and he smiles. Now he's in the clear and he can come clean about Chloe.

Lucas is at the pub drinking and complaining to the bartender about how complicated his life is. Then he talks to his drink about how hard his life is. After a second drink, he heads over to the Cheatin' Heart and gets another one. Before he can take a sip, Maggie grabs his vodka away. He begins joking about Chloe, his wife 'not-to-be'. Maggie doesn't find him amusing. He demands that she tell him whatever it is she seems to know. "Chloe is having an affair," she flatly states. He prods her to tell him who she has been seeing. She tells him it's Daniel. "I'm going to kill that dude!" Lucas gasps. He takes out his phone and begins to dial. Simultaneously, Daniel takes out his phone and begins to dial. Meanwhile, Chloe sits in the park and her phone starts to vibrate. She looks at it. "There's my sign," she says.

February 20, 2009
Maggie's New Year's Buffet.

Stephanie arrives at Maggie's. She looks through the window and watches Philip making out with Melanie. Mel spots her and smiles. Steph storms in and grouses. Philip sputters. "When they say 'get a room', they don't mean the kitchen," Steph says. She never thought that Philip would stoop this low. "If you weren't such a self-obsessed moron, you'd know that this wasn't passion but the way a Kiriakis does business," she explains to Mel. Philip shakes his head and Melanie pouts. She tells Steph to leave. Before she does, she gives him an ultimatum: "Her or me?" He chooses Melanie. "You can't choose who you fall in love with," he glosses. She flounces out and begins hyperventilating on the porch before running off. Back inside, Melanie tells Philip that she won't hold him to what he said. She thinks they should call it a day. He thinks it's good that he was forced to choose and repeats that he loves her and can't stop thinking about her. They begin kissing again. He offers to take her somewhere. She tells him to back off; Steph may be an idiot, but she's not. His passion for her only seemed to be ignited when she was bringing her fuel project to EJ. "Don't trip on your way out," she giggles. He mumbles and angrily walks out.

Chelsea chases Stephanie down in the park. She asks her what's wrong. Stephanie admits she caught Mel and Phillip on Maggie's kitchen table. "I don't think I'll ever feel the same about Maggie's New Year's buffet," Steph mournfully says. She's sure that he doesn't love Mel, but this is still disgusting. "I'm not going to be stupid sweet Stephanie anymore!" she shouts, running off. Chelsea is left behind wondering how to do it on a table. Steph returns to the house as Melanie paces in the kitchen and wonders if she's made a mistake. When she opens the door, Steph slaps her. Mel chuckles.

At the mansion, Stefano smiles at his son. EJ smugly tells him, how much he is enjoying making money and sticking it to Titan. Elvis marvels at what a shrewd businesswoman Melanie is. "Too bad you aren't," his father says. He warns his son that Mel isn't greedy, she's needy, and that's dangerous. He's sure that she's been playing EJ all along and wants more than money, namely Philip. "I feel so cheap," Elvis jokes. He's made it clear to Mel that if she crosses him, there will be no happy ending for her. Stefano is impressed by his ability to threaten teenaged girls and tells his son it's time to draw up a prenup for Nicole. He repeats that he trusts Nicole. Stefano tells him to keep telling himself that.

After some practicing, Chloe prays to God for a sign. Meanwhile, at the Cheatin' Heart, a drunken Lucas rants at Maggie and whips out his phone to call Chloe. Simultaneously, Daniel calls Chloe and tells her that he needs to talk to her and asks her to meet him at his place. She smiles. Back at the bar, Lucas is too plastered and has called the wrong number. He starts dialing again so he can tell Chloe she's a 'slut'. Since dialing is too complicated, he decides to do it in person. Before he can run off, Maggie forbids his getting in a car, or doing anything else, while drunk. "You're to blame for this whole thing!" he barks at her, accusing her of setting his fiancee up with the doctor. As he sits at the bar and continues to drink, Maggie requests a drink for herself. Lucas is shocked. She's can't leave him alone; she's worried about how stupid he will be if she does. She's been through this before and he needs to get himself together for his children's sake. "They'd be better off without me," he says. She slaps the glass out of his hand and forbids him to say that again. "That stupid doctor thinks he's so cool. He's not going to get away with it this time," he grumbles. She demands his car keys and offers to take him home. When he passes out on the table, she runs out to get her car. He leaps up and laughs. After he runs into the bathroom to escape, Maggie returns and panics when she sees he's gone.

When Chloe shows up at Daniel's, an alarm starts to go off. Daniel goes out and checks. The super is fixing the wiring in the hallway. The doctor is relieved and returns to Chloe to tell her about Kate's good news. Now he thinks they can go public. Chloe claims that she is still too much of a coward, but he wonders if she is having second thoughts. She's not, but she's had an odd day. She saw Lucas and the pain in his eyes and then confessed to a priest and prayed. When he called her earlier, she took that as a Divine sign that they are supposed to be together. They make out until his phone rings. He has to run but tells her that he is 'crazy happy' knowing she'll be there when he gets back. After he leaves, Lucas arrives. He bangs on the door and shouts for Daniel. When Chloe rises to answer the door, a huge explosion suddenly erupts.

Brady finds Nicole sitting in the pub with Sydney. When Brady sits down, she tells him that Dr. Baker is under the impression that he is in love with her. "Who knows more about human feelings than a baby stealing piece of human dirt?" Brady asks sarcastically. Seeing him get this upset makes her wonder if the doctor is right. Brady ratchets up the sarcasm even more but that only makes her more sure he is hiding something. "I do love you," he admits. She reminds him that she loves EJ. He accepts that, but after seeing her when she lost her baby, he couldn't help but love her for how devoted she is... but he's not 'in love' with her. "Too bad you're still in love with me though," he says. He's mocking her. She claims that she's suddenly developed a conscience and it's been wrong for her to treat him the way she has. He assures her that he is doing alright and she doesn't need to worry. But he still thinks that she should tell EJ the truth. He walks her home and assures her that he will keep her secret. As he does this, Philip stands in the bushes and listens.


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