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4th Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 23, 2009
The Time for Thinking is Over.

Outside of the mansion, Philip eavesdrops as Nicole tells Brady that he is the only person she can rely on and he promises her that EJ will never discover her secret. After he kisses her cheek and she opens the door, Philip smiles to himself and says, "This is going to be a great day." He rings her doorbell. She opens up and isn't happy to see him. When she tries to push him out, he snickers and walks in. He asks her what she and Brady are hiding. Nicole insists that there is nothing going on between them and then claims that she is only trying to hide her past transgressions. He doesn't buy it and threatens to tell EJ that there is a big secret he needs to know. When he grabs a phone, she pulls it from his hands. He tells her that he has a 'situation' that he needs her help with. She refuses to do anything to betray EJ. "It already seems that you have," he says. He wants her to make sure that Elvis backs off on poaching his project. Otherwise, he threatens, "Gone baby gone."

Stephanie returns to Maggie's and slaps Melanie in the face as soon as she opens the door. Mel warns her not to pick fights with people she can't handle. Steph barges in and notices that Mel is making a sandwich on the infamous kitchen table. "I hope you hosed it down first," Steph jokes. Mel grabs her by the arms and tries to chuck her out the door when Elvis arrives and begins bellowing at her. Stephanie leaves and EJ advises Mel to stop being reckless. He takes out the contracts. She wants to think about it before signing. "The time for thinking is rather over," he announces. He refuses to play any games with her. She's scared and he's glad to see it. He orders her to sign and offers her protection from the Kiriakis clan after she signs. She signs, he repeats his warning and asks for the other half of the formula. After handing it over, she asks for her money. He chuckles and repeats how dangerous the stakes are. She doesn't feel sorry for herself; she's used to men threatening her and then acting protective when they get what they want. For now, she just wants to buy a safety deposit box.

Brady finds Stephanie crying in the park. She claims that nothing is wrong. He assumes she had a fight with Philip. She claims Philip isn't worth a fight; she was fighting with Mel. Brady tells her that Philip is a jerk. She wonders if she's ever known the real Philip. Pouting, she walks away. He leaves for Maggie's and runs into EJ in the doorway. "What the hell are you doing here?" Brady asks. "That's funny. Don't I usually ask you that question?" Elvis says. He tells Brady again that he should stay away from Nicole and find a new best friend. After he leaves, Brady goes in to see Melanie. She complains that Philip has been messing with people's heads and will pay for it.

Melanie chases Steph down in the pub and tells her that nothing happened between she and Philip after he left. Mel knows that she doesn't like her, but she still doesn't want to see her sad. Steph doesn't care and walks out. Mel cries. Stephanie walks over to the mansion and confronts Philip about Melanie. He tells her that what he said to Mel was all a show and it didn't mean anything. She doesn't need to hear any explanations. She only came to say goodbye.

Maggie shows up at the hospital searching for Lucas. She tells Daniel that she told him the truth about Chloe and he ran off looking for revenge. Daniel is outraged that Maggie has done this but realizes that Lucas must have gone to his apartment looking for him. As he leaves, she offers to go with him. He insists that he can get rid of Lucas alone and worries about what might have already happened.

Lucas is banging on Daniel's door and ranting. Chloe is about to answer the door when an explosion sends a fireball through the hall and blows the door off. Chloe is knocked to the ground but pulls herself up and finds Lucas on the floor. She gives him mouth to mouth and yells. Grabbing her phone, she calls for an ambulance. Chloe begins praying again and begs God not to do this to Lucas' kids. "If you bring him back to life, I will be the wife that he needs," she offers, vowing to give up Daniel. Suddenly, Lucas comes back to life. She assumes that God must have listened to her. Lucas begins drunkenly apologizing as Daniel arrives. The paramedics come next and wheel Lucas away. Daniel tells Chloe she shouldn't go to the hospital and offers to deal with the fallout from everyone now that their secret will be revealed. She blames herself for Lucas drinking again. Daniel tells her that he loves her and kisses her. She pulls back and he leaves for the hospital.

Maggie is at the hospital when Lucas is brought in. Daniel follows and Chloe comes after him. He tells her that she shouldn't be there but she refuses to leave. When she bumps into Maggie, she explains that there was a problem with the heating system and an explosion. Nervously, Chloe begins talking about her prayers. "He can't hold me to this," she says. Maggie needs an explanation but gets called away before she can get one. Chloe sits down and wonders if God gave her a sign. Daniel comes out and announces that Lucas is fine. "It's as close to a miracle as I've ever seen," he says. After he's called back to work, she assumes that she's received her answer.

Elvis returns to the mansion and tells Nicole that speaking with Mel reminded him of how terrifying growing up is. Still, he's smug and tells her that he just 'bested' the Kiriakis family. She begs him not to cross them. He's baffled and doesn't see how this is any of her business. She doesn't want him making dangerous enemies for her and her baby. "Why are you so scared? What's going on?" he demands.

February 24, 2009
I Made A Huge Mistake.

At the mansion, EJ accuses Nicole of sticking her nose in his business. She claims that this is personal. She argues that making war with the Kiriakis family will put her and the baby in danger. He's not scared and suspects that there is something going on. "I want to know what happened," he demands. After he shouts and prods at her some more, she explains that she ran into Brady and he told her about the war that was starting over the fuel project. Elvis announces that the deal is done and takes a drink. She's scared that Victor might retaliate. EJ screams and smashes his glass. He's outraged that Brady would talk to her about his business. She begs him to let the project go. He refuses and won't discuss this any further. When he walks out, she yells. He returns and tells her she needs to think about her 'so-called friends' and how they upset her. She's sure that the threat is real. He's sure that Brady is manipulating her. She blames Philip and imagines that he is the one who Victor will send to do his dirty work. "If you want to cry and work yourself up into a state, be my guest," he says, insisting again that she stay out of his business. She announces that she cannot raise a child with a man who doesn't care about his child's safety and threatens to call off the wedding. "You will marry me and you will never threaten to take my child out of this house again! I love you and you love me. It's final. Irrevocable. Do you understand me?" he screams in her face. She says yes as the baby begins to cry. He orders her to tell him what she is keeping from him. Suddenly, the FBI calls to say that Samantha will be returning. He doesn't want to talk about this. Instead, he repeats to Nicole that she and the child can never leave and she can have no involvement in his business. "You are to stay away from Brady Black," he orders.

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and finds Philip drinking. "You just cost our company billions of dollars!" he yells at him. Philip tells him to stay out of this. Brady is afraid that Philip is letting his personal life screw up business. He threatens to make sure that he'll end his career if he can't keep the two things separate. Philip tells him he should worry about himself and hints that he knows what's going on with Nicole.

In the park, Bo is hugging Ciara and telling her how much he misses her. She asks when she can come home. Hope shrugs and tells the little girl that she can visit her father any time. Bo wants to talk so he sends his daughter down the hill. He accuses Hope of tearing the family apart. She doesn't know if she can get past what's happened. Whenever they have problems, it's because he doesn't trust her. They've made promises about trust before, but they keep ending up back in this situation. It seems like nothing is ever going to change and she's tired of living like this. If they are going to have a future, she needs to see change. He offers to do anything she wants. She wants some time to herself. As they argue, Ciara runs up to them and asks them to stop fighting. They apologize and promise her that everything will be okay.

At the convent, Rafe tells Sami that the person who was leaking information about her has been arrested. They are safe and can go home. Sami isn't that excited to hear it because it means she has to say goodbye to Grace. Rafe isn't thrilled either. This means that he won't get to hear Sami whine anymore. He teases her for being feisty and says that there are a lot of things he will miss about her. When he is about to walk away, she stops him. He tells her that it's doubtful she'll see him again. Sami tries to keep herself composed. He hands her a baseball cap. She laughs and then hugs him.

Chloe cries as she stares at Lucas in his hospital bed. Daniel assures her that he will be fine. He leaves to check on a patient. "Lucas is going to live and I have to live up to my promise," she says to herself. Maggie rushes over, excited to have learned that Lucas will be okay. She admits that she didn't help things by telling a drunk and angry Lucas about the affair. Maggie thinks they should forget about pointing fingers and take another chance to make things right. "That's exactly what I'm going to do," Chloe says. She wants to be open and honest and let Lucas make a choice.

Kate rushes up to Daniel. He assures her that Lucas is fine and tells her about the explosion. She can't imagine what Lucas was doing at Daniel's apartment. She rushes over to Maggie and they hug. Maggie explains that Lucas went off the wagon. Kate weeps but is still confused. Maggie suggests she talk to Daniel. When she does, he's not informative. Meanwhile, Chloe sits alone with Lucas and takes his hand. She doesn't have the words to express how sorry she is, but she vows to make it right and live up to her promise. When she kisses his hand, he opens his eyes. "Why am I in the hospital?" he asks. She explains what happened, but he doesn't understand why he was at Daniel's. Before she can explain further, a nurse asks her to step out so she can conduct some tests. Chloe leaves and wonders what God is trying to tell her now. She goes to Maggie and tells her about Lucas' memory blank. Maggie insists that he still needs to know the truth. Chloe promises to do the right thing and returns to Lucas' room. "I made a huge mistake," she confesses, but God has given her a second chance to do what's right. He passes out. As she leaves his side, Kate asks her what she is doing in her son's room. Daniel takes Chloe away and warns her that Kate is putting things together. He thinks they need to explain their relationship to people. "We don't have a relationship anymore," she tells him.

February 25, 2009
Love Is What It's All About.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip accuses Brady of having a 'thing' with Nicole. Brady becomes defensive. Over at the DiMera mansion, Elvis tells Nicole that Brady is 'an annoying gnat' who keeps hopping into his living room. Even worse, he's a business rival and he's making her paranoid. Nicole gives in and agrees not to see him anymore. EJ softly promises to cherish and protect her. After kissing her, he picks the baby up for a feeding. Nicole sobs and wonders what she will do now.

After Elvis has left, she calls Philip and tells him she tried and failed to get EJ to give up the project. He doesn't care and repeats his threat. "You didn't do your part, now you've gotta pay the price," he says. After hanging up on her, he calls EJ. Although he has to fight to keep him on the line, he promises to tell him something 'very personal'. As Philip gloats and claims that he has something to tell him about Brady, Henderson rushes in and informs him that there has been a horrible accident with Lucas. Philip drops the phone and runs.

When Philip gets to the hospital, he runs into Steph in the corridor. "I am so sorry," he says. When things fell apart with her, he realized that she was worth 'everything'. He asks for another chance. She's waited a long time for him to say these things, but the way he's treated her has killed the love she feels. She walks away.

Lucas wakes up as his mother sits by his hospital bed. He's angry at himself for drinking again and almost destroying everything just for Chloe. To cheer him up, she tells him that she is in remission. Now she wants to help him put his life back together, even if that includes having Chloe in it. She asks him why he was at Daniel's. They can't figure it out but Chloe has said she wants the engagement back on. He's not sure how he feels about it. Kate advises him not to walk away from a second chance at love. She admits that she is seeing things differently concerning Daniel now that she is in remission. Philip arrives as she says this and congratulates her. As Kate leaves, Lucas tells her to show Daniel how grateful she is. Philip sits with his brother and they try to piece together what happened. Lucas admits that he is scared to commit further to Chloe, but he can't turn away from what he's committed to her already. Philip understands. "Love is what it's all about," he says as Stephanie eavesdrops in the hall.

In the hospital corridor, Daniel tells Chloe that they have something special but she insists that their relationship is over. She refuses to discuss it. He won't let it go and refuses to let her out of his sight until he explains that he will never let her go. They go out to the park. She tells him that Lucas died in the explosion but she prayed to God and he brought him back to life. She promised that she would give Daniel up if this miracle was granted. The doctor explains that this is medically impossible and she is trying to convince herself of something that is an illusion. She doesn't care about logic; she made a promise to God. He shakes his head. She can't walk away from a second chance with Lucas. "I get it," he says. She's suffering from guilt, he explains, and guilt is the worst reason to be with someone. "Guilt will ruin your life. Believe me," he says. Although she loves him, she has to stop, she insists. He offers to tell Lucas everything so she will be off the hook. She begs him not to and says it won't make her come back to him. That's a risk he's willing to take. She repeats that they are finished. He repeats that he refuses to let it end. "It already has," she sobs. As they kiss goodbye, Kate arrives in the distance and spots them.

Back at the mansion, Nicole panics and decides to run off and see Philip before he can get to EJ. Unable to imagine things getting any worse, she opens the door and finds out they are. Sami is on the doorstep. "Sami's back. She's here to stay!" she says. Nicole demands to know why she is there. Sami wants to take her baby. Nicole is confused until her enemy makes it clear she means Johnny. Nicole reminds her that he is a little boy now and he's off at the petting zoo. They snipe at each other about baby weight. Sami doesn't think that Nicole even looks like she was pregnant. When she pointedly tells Sami that a child should always be with their mother, Sami becomes uncomfortable but insists that she is fine. As she fiddles with her purse, Nicole suggests that Sami has a lousy future while she spends every night with EJ. Sami doubts that Elvis will even walk her down the aisle. As they argue, Elvis walks in. They stare. Nicole demands no more surprise visits. "I just got the surprise of my life: You two set a date. You're really going to marry the bitch, huh?" Sami asks. The women bicker at each other until EJ yells and begs them to get along. Baby Sydney starts to cry. EJ leaves the room to go after her and the blondes continue to bicker. Sami advises her enemy never to forget that she is living with the DiMeras and they control everything they touch. Nicole is happy to be a DiMera. Sami is about to walk away when EJ walks in with the baby. Sami tears up as she looks at her. When he offers to let her hold the child, Nicole freaks.

February 26, 2009
You Win.

In the park, Daniel tells Chloe not to let guilt get in the way of what could be a perfect relationship. She refuses to listen and wants to devote herself to Lucas. Daniel can't accept this. She insists it's over between them. As she cries, they kiss goodbye just as Kate approaches in the distance and sees them. Chloe and Daniel can't resist the passion in their kiss and continue. She tells him to stop, but he isn't finished talking. He'll try to respect her belief that Lucas' recovery is a miracle, but he won't believe it and he's sure that, one day, she won't either. "When you finally realize that you are deluding yourself, I will still be here waiting for you," he says.

Philip is in his brother's hospital room. Lucas announces that he'll be giving Chloe another chance. Philip leaves and Lucas chats with Allie on the phone until his mother arrives. "There's something I need to tell you," she says. He has something to say first. He loves Chloe and can't turn his back on her.  When he tells her he'll be giving her another chance, Kate blurts out, "No. Absolutely not." He's baffled about how she can suddenly be against this. When she tries to explain, he throws a fit and keeps interrupting her. As he becomes distraught, his machines beep and a nurse rushes in. Kate is pushed out. A doctor comes and tells her to stop agitating her son. When Kate goes back into his room, she explains that she just wants to protect him. He demands to know what's up with her. She claims it's not important. She's learned her lesson about meddling and wants everyone to get along.

Philip walks out into the park and interrupts Daniel and Chloe. The doctor decides to walk away. Before he does, Philip tells him that he will be grateful for everything he's done for his mother. Daniel trudges off and Philip turns to Chloe and tells her that Lucas had a lot to say about her.

When Philip gets home, Victor is angry that he didn't call him to tell him where he's been all day. Philip wants to go to sleep but Victor wants to know what's happened with Melanie. "Is this another mess that Brady is going to have to clean up?" he asks. He needs some proof that his son hasn't blown this. Philip tells him that he's lost a woman he loves over this deal. Seeing how upset he is by this, Victor says that he's in even worse shape than he suspected. "I'm here for you if you need me," Victor offers. Philip slouches into a chair and tries calling Steph. He leaves a message.

At the convent, Rafe cradles the baby and tells her that her mother has a heart of gold and is missing her like crazy. Sister Theresa comes in and is happy that he's come by to check on the little girl. He asks her not to tell Sami that he was there. The nun thinks that he and Sami would make an excellent match and hands him a photo of Sami.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole panics when EJ offers to let Sami hold Sydney. She watches nervously as Sami takes the child in her arms. It doesn't last and Nicole hurries the baby away for a feeding. Sami sobs. EJ puts his hand on her. She backs away and starts to blubber. He asks her why she's crying. She misses her children and has been tortured by the thought of Nicole taking her place. Elvis thinks she's paranoid. "She's a complete fraud," Sami claims. She tells him that Nicole is not a good role model for her son. EJ forbids her to say anymore. Johnny runs in and Sami screams and clings to him. They play and EJ smiles. After Mary takes the boy away to pack his things, Sami is relieved to know that her son hasn't forgotten about her. EJ explains that he said goodbye to a picture of her every night while she was away.

Nicole stands in the hall and wonders why Sami is crying. After she puts the child to sleep, she returns to EJ telling Sami how much she means to her children. When he leaves to take a call, the women begin taking swipes at each other. The baby wakes up and EJ goes up to check. Sami doles out maternal advice to Nicole and she becomes furious. Elvis returns after having no luck with Sydney. Nicole leaves to look after the baby and Elvis tells Sami to stop with her obsessive hatred of Nicole. Mary comes down with Johnny. He's packed so she can take him to stay with her at Marlena's townhouse. As he takes his son to the bathroom, Sami calls the convent to check on Grace. Nicole listens in and then runs off. When Elvis comes back, he tells Sami about Lucas' accident. She immediately runs off and Nicole strolls down the stairs. After listening to him talking to Sami, she assumes that he's still in love with her. He's angry and claims that he's only been 'cordial' with her. Again, Nicole threatens to take Sydney and leave.

Back at the hospital, Daniel corners Chloe and repeats that he will always love her. She sighs and he strides off. He arrives in the hospital chapel and sits down. "You win," he sobs. Meanwhile, Kate stops Chloe before she can get in to see Lucas. They need to have a little chat first. While they start, Sami gives Lucas a surprise by showing up in his room.

February 27, 2009
Are You Two Still Fighting Over Me?

Lucas is shocked when Sami walks into his hospital room. He's also startled to see that she isn't pregnant anymore. She wants to concentrate on him and asks what happened. He doesn't remember; he was too drunk. She assumes that 'ghoul girl' drove him to drink. While she gets exasperated insulting Chloe, he returns to the topic of her vanishing baby belly. She explains that she had a girl. He asks where she is. "She was stillborn," she claims. He's sorry. She begs him never to tell EJ that she was pregnant and then warns him not to do so. When he tries to offer advice, she refuses to listen while he is involved with 'that slutty Chloe Lane'. She's still sure that Chloe is responsible for his drinking. He claims responsibility this time, but argues that if anyone is responsible for his drinking problems, it's Sami. The troubles with Will come up and he reminds her of how she betrayed their son. At that moment, Will walks through the door. "Are you two still fighting over me?" he asks.

Philip leaves a message to Steph that they aren't finished. Victor walks in and takes a jab at him. He thought that his son was finished with her. He's not impressed to see him begging a woman who won't accept him. "Throw her out on her ass," he advises. Philip doesn't want his advice. Victor thinks he's kowtowing to women who don't even care about him. They bicker about Lucas and his terrible record with women. Victor tells his son to be a man and maintain his position of power over women.

Philip runs into Steph at the pub. She asks him if he thinks they can overcome their differences. "I don't," he says. She reminds him of the message he left and asks if he was high when he sent it. He claims that he was willing to fight for her but she seems to be a quitter. Steph brings up his kitchen table romp with Mel. Philip asks her if she wants to take a shot reforming him. "You think I'm an idiot?" she asks, accusing him of playing her. He accuses her of the same thing. After kissing her, he tells her to call him when she figures out what she wants.

Hope arrives at the station to drop off a report. Bo assumes she is just there because she misses him. She misses him, but that's not why she's there. He's curt. She's about to walk out but then admits that she really came just to see him. Hope thinks about him constantly and wants him near her. He wonders why she keeps pushing him out of his life then. He feels sorry for her and is filled with guilt, but this is what she wanted. She ought to have some sympathy for him and leave him alone. She's shocked because he's never spoken to her like this before. When she is about to leave, he leaps up and apologizes. She apologizes and admits that she's been selfish. They embrace and she tells him she is ready to come home. Before she can move back, she needs him to promise her something: To tell her all about his visions. He promises. As soon as she walks out, he imagines her in bed with a man.

Kate corners Chloe at the hospital to talk about Daniel. Kate thanks her again for saving her life. "I am never going to forget what you and Daniel did. It's seared into my memory," she says. Chloe tells her that she wants to be with her son more than anything. Kate wonders why. Chloe admits that seeing him almost die reminded her of how much she loves him and looks forward to a future with him. Kate tells her how happy she is to hear this; she just wants to put all of the ugliness behind them...but she wonders why she was at Daniel's apartment. Chloe avoids a direct answer and promises not to let Lucas get away again. When she is about to go in and see Lucas, Kate stops her and says that he needs his rest. Bringing up the surgery and Chloe's donation, Kate asks, "I still can't help wondering why you did that. What was in it for you?" she asks. Chloe tells her that helping her meant the world to her. Kate looks forward to paying her back for everything she's done.

Nicole threatens to leave EJ again. He's sick of being threatened so he opens the door for her and yells at her to get out. She assumes this means he doesn't care. He tells her that he is not 'fickle' just because Sami is back and he can't mistreat every woman he comes across to make her feel better. Nicole confesses her insecurities and wishes she were worthy of him. She reminds him that he didn't love her until she was pregnant. He tells her that she got pregnant because they are meant to be together but what happened with Sami was nothing, or at least, 'nothing that lasted'. He can't understand what's wrong with her; he thinks that he's been a decent beacon of tolerance. She accuses him of trying to make space in his life so he can reconnect to Sami. He blows up at her for being paranoid but she suggests that her insecurity is resurfacing because he is taking on the Kiriakis family. Once more, she accuses him of not caring about their child's safety. He doesn't want to broach this. She claims she's having nightmares about it. "We only discussed it today," he points out. "I'm going to have nightmares," she clarifies. He doesn't like her treating their love like a farce and suggests that her fears are all in her head. She weeps. He offers to prove how much he loves her and grabs the project. He tears up his copy and tells her that he is finished with it.

Victor finds Kate sitting in the pub and congratulates her on her remission. He can see that she's not very happy though. She's not happy now that Lucas and Chloe are getting back together. Now she has to find a way to show her son the light without him knowing she is behind it. "Revenge is a dish best served cold," she says.

Nicole meets with Philip in the park. She gives him the papers that EJ ripped up. He congratulates her on the nice work. She warns him that if he double-crosses her, she will make him wish he were never born.


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