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1st Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 5, 2009
The Old-Fashioned Way.

At the pub, Bo tells Philip how he and Hope celebrated the New Year and then asks his half-brother if he had a good time with Stephanie. Philip says they had a good time but guesses that Bo has a problem with this. Bo thinks that Steph is a sweetheart and worries that Philip might break her heart like he has with so many other women. Philip gets defensive, but Bo walks away.

Bo returns to his office. Hope teases him about the gifts she gave him for the holidays. They kiss and she closes the blinds. He tells her they have to stop doing that because they're becoming a running gag in the office. Hope wants to take him on a romantic getaway. She promises him that he can get to know her anatomy again. They kiss.

Stephanie wanders around Titan looking for Philip. "Did you lose him already," Mel says as she approaches. She launches into a mocking routine. Steph starts acting dour and telling her that she needs to confide in her. As she speaks frankly about Philip, Mel is confused. Steph bursts into laughter and then claims that she knows what she is up to. She's sure that she is trying to get him for herself. "Settle in for a very cold, very lonely winter," Steph advises. Melanie says that Philip is hot like a fire and doubts that Steph can take the heat. Philip suddenly calls and asks Steph to meet him at his place. Stephanie rubs this in Mel's face and walks off.

Melanie walks into Chez Rouge after a call from Maggie. She tells Mel that Nick's hearing is coming up and he wants her there so he can make a public apology to her. Mel agrees to go. Maggie asks her for a favor: She needs her to be good to herself. Melanie is confused. Maggie is talking about Philip. She warns her that she'll never be able to wrap the young Kiriakis around her finger. Mel thinks it over and then tells Maggie that her dad taught her to be trouble. "Philip is nothing but trouble so I am going to stay away from him," she cries. Maggie leaves to take a call and tells her to 'keep up the good work'.

Stephanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to see Philip. They talk about how amazing New Year's was and she begins to kiss him. He pulls away. She follows him and kisses him more. He tells her that they need breathing room. "You bastard!" she blurts out, assuming the rumors about him are true. He explains that he really cares about her and doesn't want to hurt her. He lists his many failed relationships and blames their failure on himself.  She can count messed up relationships of her own, but she can also see that they could be happy. They kiss again and she suggests they go up to his room. When they get there, he asks her if she's sure. She is. They flop onto the bed.

Lexi is dropping Theo off at therapy when her father calls. He reminds her that he is still 'Grandpapa' and Theo's gift is still sitting under the Christmas tree. He asks her to bring the child over to get it. She refuses. Mark, the therapist, returns with Theo and tells her that her son is agitated. He may need a special reward to calm him. "A special reward?" she asks. She takes Theo over to see Stefano and begins telling her father that she knows what's best for everyone. He admires her feistiness.  As they talk, Theo skips off. While he goes up the stairs and climbs up to touch a painting, Lexi runs after him and he falls. Bo gets a flash of this while he sits in his office.

Nicole bumps into EJ in the mansion. The garage just called him about her car. He asks her what happened. She says she forgot about the car. He needs her to be completely honest with him. As she walks him to work, she takes off his ring, telling him that she has to give it back if he is going to be this difficult about a machine. He apologizes and asks her to put the ring back. "You don't need to tough it out without me," he says, promising to always make things okay. As he hugs her, she flashes back to losing the baby. She tells him life is hard. Elvis says it doesn't have to be if they face their problems together. When they kiss, he drops his briefcase. As they gather up his papers, she discovers a pre-nup. She's upset. He explains that it was his father's idea and he has no intention of asking her to sign anything. "You could have because I love you," she says. "Our child will have the best mother in the world," he says. Nicole smiles. "This is going to happen," she says. As soon as she gets away from EJ, she calls Dr. Baker and orders him to get her another baby. When she arrives at the clinic, she threatens him again and demands a picture of the potential mother. He says their chance at getting the baby is over. "The hell it is! Where does she live?" she demands.

Sami tosses in her bed at the safe house and mumbles about EJ. Suddenly, she hears Rafe call out in pain and rushes to him. She shoves a thermometer in his mouth and tries to call an ambulance. He stops her. She begs him to let her call a doctor. He refuses so she decides to heal him 'the old fashioned way'. He shakes. She tells him she'll have to give him a sponge bath. "I don't want that!" he cries. She won't take no for an answer. She washes him down. He grins as his fever breaks. After he passes out, she tries to steal his phone.



January 6, 2009
We Can Still Be Friends.

Philip and Stephanie are eagerly pulling each other's clothes off. "I love being with you," she confesses. He's loving it too, but he stops anyway and tells her that they can't do this. That's hardly flattering her ego, so he explains that he can't do it because he cares about her too much. He brings up his past and his sordid reputation with women. She doesn't care about any of that because, when she is with him, she only lives in the moment. That sounds like something he wants to try so they start to make out again. He tells her that he wants to take her for a real date... one without Melanie.

At headquarters, Bo has a pounding headache and begins to see something that is happening across town. Over at the DiMera mansion, Theo falls down the stairs and out of consciousness. As Lexi runs to him and begs him to open his eyes, Bo calls an ambulance. Almost simultaneously, Stefano tries calling for one. He's startled to find that an ambulance is already on the way. While Lexi cries, her father tries to comfort her. The ambulance arrives and Bo and Hope quickly pop up. As Stefano tells them what happened, Bo stares off before telling Hope that this all reminds him of what happened to Zach.

At the clinic, Dr. Baker tells Nicole once again that the young mother changed her mind. Nicole is sure that if she could talk to her, 'mother to mother', she could work all of this out. When the doctor reminds her that she's not a mother, she becomes outraged. "I gave birth to a baby girl and will love her forever!" she shouts before grabbing the woman's file and reminding Baker of who calls the shots.

Daniel goes to visit Kate with a copy of "Sleepless in Seattle." She thinks that's sweet but isn't in the mood to watch a movie. "I've got something to tell you. I've decided to take my life in a new direction," she explains. That means that their relationship is over. He's shocked so she explains more. She feels like she is living on borrowed time and needs to tend to herself and her children. He will always have a place in her heart, she promises, adding that they can still be friends. He gets a call and runs. "It's an emergency!" he says. After he's gone, Stephanie and Philip come down. Steph quickly makes herself scarce. Surprisingly, Kate tells her son that she's always thought that Stephanie could be the perfect girl for him. She tells him to invite her to the engagement party she's throwing for Lucas and Chloe. Steph returns and Kate tells her that she wants her spending more time with her son. Stephanie smiles.

Nicole tracks down Mia, the expecting mother, at her dumpy place. When she introduces herself, the young woman is confused. "I'm the woman who's going to adopt your baby," Nicole explains. Mia has already changed her mind, but Nicole is not accepting it. After some prodding, she gets Mia to open up. Mia admits that she has all sorts of problems, like money and cockroaches, but she still can't shake the guilt she would feel about giving up a baby. As the two women talk, Nicole promises her that she will be happy one day. Mia notices her engagement ring. When she realizes that Nicole is still living out of wedlock, she panics and runs. Infuriated and desperate, Nicole chases her down and tells her that she is in a very committed relationship. Mia wonders why she is in such a rush to get a child. "I'll tell you why," Nicole begins. She tells her about not being able to get pregnant, then miraculously becoming pregnant and then losing her miracle baby. She promises to take good care of both the baby and Mia. After listening to the story, Mia gives in. "You remind me so much of me. I feel a real connection. I will be the kind of mother you want for this baby!" Nicole says in relief. It's short lived. "I want to meet the father," Mia adds.

At the hospital, Lexi continues to blame herself for what's happened and Tony arrives to try and comfort her. "I have to choose between being a good mother or a good daughter… if Theo pulls through I know what I have to do. I'll be the best daughter ever," Lexi decides. Meanwhile, the EMT is asking Bo how he knew what was going on. He can't explain. Hope asks him. He can't explain. Stefano asks him. He can't explain. Daniel arrives and Theo is wheeled off for a CT scan. Hope walks over to Lexi to lend her comfort. They've both been through this before and Hope promises to help her through it. Soon, Daniel returns with test results. Theo has a subdural hematoma and needs to be operated on immediately. Stefano wants to bring in specialists but Daniel warns that there is no time.


January 7, 2009
Sloppy Seconds.

Nicole chases Mia down and successfully begs her to go through with the adoption. Before Mia will agree, however, she demands to meet the father. "No! You can't!" Nicole blurts out. She claims he's out of town and won't be back for a while. Mia thinks this is all too creepy and is ready to walk away. Nicole reminds her of their connection. Mia still suspects that she is lying. Nicole says he'll be home today and she can meet him. Mia tells her to come back in an hour. Nicole promises to be the best mother she can be. After Mia walks off, Nicole takes out her phone.

Brady confronts EJ outside of the pub. He claims that anything he does to his friend Nicole is his concern. EJ finds this 'touching' but he reminds Brady that he is her fiance. Brady mocks Elvis for trying to persuade everyone that he's not like his dad. EJ shoots back at him for being a reformed junkie. Brady worries that Nicole has no idea what kind of guy her fiancé really is.  Elvis is outraged and complains about Brady's 'over-friendly concern'. Suddenly, Nicole calls and interrupts, desperate to see Brady. Promptly, Brady walks off.

Lucas and Chloe sit in the pub. She's in no hurry to go to the mansion. He tells her that his mother will be happy to see them. EJ walks in and compliments Lucas on his taste in women. Lucas asks him how things are going with his ex. "Which one?" EJ says with a laugh before telling them that he and Nicole have also become engaged. Chloe rushes off to call her friend and EJ sits down. Lucas snipes at him. EJ informs Lucas that he has talked to Sami and told her that she is now free of him. "Why the hell would I want to know that?" Lucas barks. He claims he isn't interested in Elvis' sloppy seconds. EJ tells him he is pathetic.  Lucas insists that he has no interest in Sami or EJ; he's moved on too. After Lucas and Chloe walk out, Elvis makes some business calls. Stefano suddenly calls and tells him he's needed at the hospital.

Nicole brings Brady down to the alley to see Mia. He imagines that she has finally told EJ the truth. When it becomes clear that she didn't, he gets annoyed. She doesn't want to listen to him being sanctimonious. "I need your help," she begs. She tells him all about Mia and asks him to pretend to be her fiancé. He refuses. She knows how much he has done for her and that's why she's sure he will do this too. He tells her again to come clean with EJ. She continues to beg and threatens that she won't take 'no' for an answer. When she was pregnant, she realized that she could be a whole person and do something meaningful with her life, but, without a baby, she feels worthless. She keeps begging until Mia suddenly pops up.

Lucas and Chloe arrive at the Kiriakis mansion. Kate tells them that she is throwing them an engagement party. The couple is  startled so Kate explains that she has a lot of free time and realized that they haven't celebrated the engagement yet. Lucas is up for a party but Chloe says this is not okay with her. She thinks about Daniel and then says that she is worried Kate is taxing herself. Kate claims she is feeling great so Chloe agrees to go along with it. Kate tells them that she needs to go and invite Daniel in person. After she leaves, Lucas asks Chloe if she is having second thoughts. He thinks she isn't ready to get married. She claims she is having no second thoughts; she just feels 'spoiled' for not helping Kate do the planning.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Lexi and the family that they have to operate on Theo's brain immediately or he will die.  Lexi tells him to do what he has to do. Abe rushes in and asks his wife what is going on. She blames herself for everything. He tells her to stop and try to be kind to herself. He walks off to get her coffee and Stefano walks over to say that he has called one of the greatest doctors in the country. She doesn't want another doctor. Her father is becoming distraught, desperate to help. She orders him to leave. He wants to be there for her. She berates him and demands that he leave; whenever she focuses on him, her life turns to disaster. Stefano tells her that Theo doesn't need her blaming herself; he needs her to be strong. Daniel comes out and tells them that Theo survived surgery and he is optimistic about his recovery. Lexi hugs him.  After the doctor leaves, Abe repeats to his wife that this hasn't been her fault. They look forward to the future and embrace. EJ arrives and embraces his sister. Abe walks away to make some calls and Lexi tells her brother that she's learning not to take things for granted. He walks away as Daniel returns.  She tells him that this has reminded her that you need to express love you feel while you still have the chance. He stares off.

Kate shows up at the hospital and startles Daniel. He tells her about the surgery he just performed. She invites him to the engagement party. Down the corridor, Elvis finds his father yelling at someone on the phone. EJ says he took care of one of their problems this morning. Stefano tells him they have another problem to take care of in Central America. Elvis promises that he will do it. Stefano walks down the hall and looks in on Abe and Lexi as they stand by Theo's bed.

Bo and Hope go over to the pub. She worries about the visions he has been having and suggests that he talk to a psychiatrist. He says that's not going to happen. She tells him that there could be a medical explanation for his premonitions. He gruffly tells her that no one can know what is going on with him. Ciara runs over and leaps on his lap. He urges Hope again to support his decision. She agrees to… for now.


January 8, 2009
False Premises.

In the alley, Brady continues to pressure Nicole to tell EJ the truth. Mia pops up and asks him if he is Nicole's fiancé. "Are you going to be my baby's father?" she asks. Nicole stares at him, hoping he'll play along. "No, I'm not," he says. Mia turns to Nicole and says that she will never get her hands on her baby. As she runs off, Nicole tears into Brady, accusing him of ruining her life. He tries to calm her. She cries and rants. He tells her she can't take a baby 'under false premises'. Nicole thinks he's a 'sanctimonious creep'; without a baby or EJ, she may as well be dead. He urges her to tell Elvis that she wants to adopt the baby. They continue arguing. She tells him that he never comes through for her. He thinks that she's just lashing out at him because she can't lash out at EJ. "It's time to take a leap of faith," he encourages. "There is no way I'm going to end up like you," she barks, calling him a 'buzzkill' and ordering him to get lost. He tells her not to call him again and walks off. Left alone, she prays to God; all she wants is to give the love she feels for the baby she lost to another baby. As she cries, Mia returns and puts her arm around her. Mia can see how much she wants a baby. She tells her that she won't give the baby to anyone but her; she just wants to meet her fiancé first. Nicole says he's away on a business trip. Mia says she can wait. Nicole needs an answer now. Mia won't give her one until she meets the dad. Nicole programs her number into the woman's cell phone and promises that this will work out for all of them. After Mia leaves, Nicole vows to make this work, whatever it takes.

John bumps into Charlotte at the pub and spills something on her. As he tries to clean her off with his hands, she backs away. Marlena walks in just as John tells his doctor that he wants to go ahead with the hypnosis. She's happy to hear it. Charlotte spots Marlena and then makes herself scarce. He sits down with Marlena. She tells him how happy she is that he is going through with this. He's eager to learn about his past and apologizes for making things difficult. Marlena thinks John may be enjoying his sessions with 'wonderful Dr. Taylor' a little too much. She berates him. He tells her that if she wants this to succeed, she should just wish him luck. He walks out, passing Brady on the way. Brady sits down with Marlena and she updates him on his father's therapy. She worries that she's pushed him into something that he may not be willing to end.

At the hospital, Daniel is confused that Kate is inviting him to the party. She thought she made it clear that she valued his friendship. She wonders if he has a problem with Chloe. He insists that she has nothing to do with this. She's noticed the tension between them. He downplays this. She asks him if he'll show up. He agrees to go for her sake.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe notices the gift in her room. Lucas says it's not from him. She reads the card. It's from Kate. Lucas tells her that she is the first woman he's hooked up with that his mother approved of. She thinks Kate is just lowering her standards. Lucas says that he would fight for her if he had to. She kisses him and pushes him into bed. Before things can get too far, Kate walks in and interrupts. Chloe leaps up and thanks her for the gift. Kate tells her that she should open it first. When she does, she finds a green dress inside. She loves it. Kate wants her to feel like a princess. After she walks out, Chloe can't believe how good Kate is being to her. "Sometimes I just feel guilty," she confesses. Lucas wonders what she's not telling him. She claims there isn't anything and asks him to leave her to get dressed.

When Lucas gets downstairs, Daniel has already arrived. Kate is glad he came. Lucas wonders why he wouldn't. Kate explains that she and Daniel are no longer seeing each other. Lucas flies off the handle and punches the doctor in the face. Kate explains what happened to 'Mr. Punch first and ask questions later'. Lucas apologizes. Daniel goes upstairs to administer some first aid to his face. When he walks up, he heads into Chloe's room. Her dress is still open. She spots the bruise on his face. He promises that he didn't tell Lucas about them. "There is no 'us'," she insists. He helps her do her dress up and tells her that they've been wasting time fooling themselves and other people. "You don't have to marry a man you don't love with your whole heart," he says. She gulps. He feels like they keep getting into this deeper and deeper. She doesn't want to break Lucas' heart. Daniel's sure she also feels something for him and urges her not to go ahead with the charade.

Chelsea arrives at Chez Rouge to pick up a cake for the party. While she waits, Max comes in looking for his cell phone. He spots Chelsea and walks over. He's been trying to get in touch with her since she ran out on him. He thought they were friends. "Do friends go around kissing each other?" she asks. He claims that it was only New Year's Eve and he doesn't know what it means. She needs to know where they stand. They avoid answering this and she confesses that she is going to feel like an outcast at the party. He suggests that she bring a 'handsome guy' along and offers himself. She'd rather go alone. She thinks he's just feeling sorry for her… and wants to wear her 'aloneness' proud. She walks out with a smile, leaving him confused. She arrives at the mansion with the cake. Lucas is there to greet her. He advises her not to ask Daniel about his face. She sits and eats cookies while Lucas impatiently waits for Chloe to come down.

January 9, 2009
The Love Of My Life.

Sami tries to grab Rafe's cell phone while he sleeps. He grunts and wakes up. He had a dream that she was in trouble. She tells him he needs to keep sleeping off his sickness. He passes out. She tries snatching his phone again. He wakes up and asks her what's going on. She claims that she's just trying to calm him down. He needs to get his fever down so he asks her to help him into the shower. She offers him another sponge bath instead. He needs a shower. She agrees to help and holds him as she walks him into the washroom. Once he starts to shower, she hurries back to his bed and finds his phone. Before she can call, Hilda walks in. "Put the phone down now!" she orders. After taking it away, she tells 'poodle pants' that using a phone could bring the killer to her doorstep. She tells her that she will only have to wait there a little while longer. Sami notices that Hilda has been knitting a baby bootie. Hilda tells her to be easy on Rafe and leaves. Sami locks the door as Rafe comes out of the shower. He nearly collapses in the doorway. She helps him to the bed and he falls asleep. Leaping up, she picks up the phone. Remembering that she promised she wouldn't use it, she takes her coat and walks out instead.

The killer meets with an informant. He tells him about Hilda and says that she knows where Sami is. "One way or another, she's going to tell me," the killer says. Later, he tracks down Hilda by the pier and tells her that he wants Sami.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas tells Chelsea he admires her for coming to the party in spite of Daniel and Kate. He tells her that his mother and the doctor broke up. She guesses that one of them must have already moved on… probably Daniel. Lucas insists that Kate just wants to concentrate on the family. Kate comes in and backs him up. "If you love someone, set them free," she says, refusing to give much more of an explanation. Her life will be simpler with Daniel serving only as her doctor. Chelsea doesn't want to see her grandmother alone. She claims she won't be; she just wants the sort of relationship that Lucas has with Chloe. "She's mine. All mine," Lucas says with a laugh. After Kate leaves, Lucas tells Chelsea that he never thought he would have the feelings he has for Chloe. He goes upstairs to bring her down and Kate wonders where Daniel has disappeared to.

Upstairs, Daniel begs Chloe to talk to him about their relationship. She repeats that there is nothing between them and tells him to get out. "Look me in the eye and tell me you want me to go," he challenges. She can't do it. They kiss passionately.  She pushes him back. He tells her that she has to stop lying to everyone. Chloe doesn't want to hurt Lucas and that's the end of it. Daniel tells her that Kate dumped him. He's sure it means something to her that he is free now. He thinks about her day and night. She claims that Lucas is everything she wants. "It's too bad I'm what you need," he says. She admits that she never wanted something like this to happen and she's sure it can't end well. Daniel continues to dig into her until she admits that she wants him too.  What they have is nothing like love, she insists. He thinks they have a 'raw connection' and can see each other's souls. It feels like he's been waiting for her his whole life. Slapping him, she asks him how he could do this to her tonight. She hates herself for the way she feels. He blames himself. After apologizing, he begins kissing her again. They begin tearing off their clothes and leap in bed. Lucas stands outside the door.

Melanie walks into the pub and asks her brother what's up. He tells her about his problems with Chelsea. Melanie smiles deviously.

Maggie and Marlena sit in a booth at the pub. Marlena admits that she still has no idea if she is making progress with John or not. She senses a change in him, but she fears that it will unleash all of the anger he's been repressing. She just wishes she knew more about Charlotte and what she's up to. Maggie suspects that her friend is jealous. "No!" Marlena objects before claiming that she is only 'professionally' jealous that someone else could get through to him. Maggie can see that she is still suspicious of her rival and encourages her to dig around. Marlena just hopes that Charlotte can help John remember his love for her.

John arrives for his meeting with Dr. Taylor. He tells her that he won't be going through with the hypnosis. She's not surprised that he's scared to be vulnerable and trust her. However, she's also sure that he will take a huge risk to get his memory back.  He sits down and they begin the hypnosis. He quickly goes under and she prompts him to remember yesterday. He can only remember darkness. She tells him to look at it and see the light. He will be able to see someone from his past. When he does, he sees Marlena. She asks him what he remembers. "The love of my life. It's Marlena," he says.


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