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2nd Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 12, 2009
Keeping It Real.

Hilda walks down to the pier when the killer pops up to confront her. He's looking for Sami. She shows him her gun. He grabs it from her hand and places a blade to her throat. He orders her to drop her purse and demands to know where Sami is.  He kicks her purse open and steps on her yarn. He can tell that family is important to her and asks whom the booties she's knitting are for before threatening to go after her family.  He takes her to his hideout. She claims she doesn't know where Sami is.  "You are of no use to me at all," he decides, putting a silencer on the gun and killing her.

Sami walks into the convent and begins blubbering to a nun that everything is wrong. The nun needs some clarification. Sami says the baby is okay, but after the baby is born, everything will change. They go into the nun's office. Sami explains that the father of her baby doesn't know she's pregnant and she's terrified of him. The Sister thinks she should try talking to the police. She gives Sami a cell phone with her number pre-programmed into it. Sami thanks her and runs off.

Back at the safe house, a feverish Rafe tosses in bed as he dreams of his fight with the killer. Sami sneaks back in and he wakes up as she sits on the bed. He's shocked that she is still there. "I guess I can trust you now," he says. He's sure they'll be alright.

Stephanie arrives on Philip's doorstep. As he lets her in, they kiss. Max arrives in the doorway and watches them until Steph notices. He awkwardly walks by. Philip asks Steph if she is okay. She's not; she still cares about Max and doesn't want to rub this in his face. Philip reminds her that Max is a guy and will pretend that this didn't happen.

In the main room, Kate tells Chelsea that Lucas and Chloe are so in love that she walked in on them earlier when they were 'distracted'. She wonders where Chloe and Daniel could have disappeared to. Max walks in and takes Chelsea aside to tell her about what he just got an eyeful of. He wishes that things weren't so complex and tells her that there is something complex going on between them too. He likes her, he just doesn't like talking about it. They decide not to talk about it anymore.  She says that something weird is going on and brings up Daniel and Kate breaking up. Max wonders if she wants him back. "That would be gross," she says. Max tells her that she's a 'class act'. She decides it's time to ditch the party. Before they do, they move over to Steph and Philip. The women talk about how they stole each other's earrings and try to be polite. Meanwhile, Philip tries to clear the air with Max and then they talk about sports. The women continue talking about their new relationships. Steph is sure that Chelsea and Max are more than friends. Chelsea doesn't know what's going on. Steph sort of wishes that Max was a little more 'shattered' from breaking up with her. Kate returns. Everyone wonders where Chloe is. The couples pair up again. Steph seems distracted by Max.

Upstairs, Daniel and Chloe are tearing off their clothes. Above his groans, she can hear Lucas jiggling the door handle. He calls in for her, demanding to know why the door is locked. As she pulls her clothes on, she tells him she's not ready. As Daniel does up his pants, he tells her they need to tell Lucas the truth. She can't do that so she tells Lucas a lie through the door and promises to be down in a minute. He relents but, inside, Daniel continues to badger her. He claims he cares about her. She thinks he just wants to sleep with her. He admires her for 'being real' and tells her not to settle for less than being fulfilled. "I'm done listening to you. I hate you," she says, walking out. "It's too bad you don't," he murmurs. When she returns from the bathroom, she's angry he's still there. She tells him that she can't stand him touching her and then storms out. Stopping in the hall, she looks in the mirror and cries, "Slut!" When she gets downstairs, Lucas toasts to her as the 'most real' woman in his life. He kisses her as Daniel stands in the doorway and stares.

EJ drifts around the hospital when he spots his father. He assures him that Theo is fine and tells him to respect Lexi's wishes and leave. Stefano tells him that he is on the verge of losing his patience. He reminds him that he is working for him but he will have complete control of the Pacific Rim project. Hearing about Theo has made Stefano want to dedicate all of his time to his family. "Whether they want you to or not?" EJ asks. Stefano knows it will take time, but, eventually, they can be a happy family. When Elvis asks about Tony, his father laughs and tells him he needs a report on the Malaysian deal. Elvis refuses, accusing him of giving him busy work like Tony said he would. He wants to leave so he can return to his family. Stefano hugs him and laughs. After EJ leaves, Stefano says, "Your devotion to Nicole is admirable… and a liability."

At the mansion, Nicole walks downstairs looking for EJ. She finds Tony instead. He tells her that he has some bad news and some worse news. EJ is with Stefano and this is only the beginning. As he puffs on a cigar, he brings up what's happened to Theo. It's the first she's heard about it. Tony's sure that Stefano wants to be the center of EJ's life and will keep him away from her. "Do you want EJ 10,000 miles away when you give birth?" he asks. "Maybe," she says with a shrug. After Tony leaves, Elvis arrives. Nicole rushes over and gives him a hug. She tells him it's fine if he has to work 24/7 because they are a team and she trusts him. He takes her hand, promising that he trusts her completely and they rush off for a party. Tony returns and grimaces. 

January 13, 2009
Can I Get My Parking Validated?

John sits with Dr. Taylor in her office. She has him under hypnosis. After he finishes his nice thoughts of Marlena, he flashes to being locked up and begins to worry that Marlena is in trouble. As he becomes distraught, she brings him out of it and back to consciousness. He demands to know what he said. She says that she will have to watch the tape and then report to him. He assumes that this has all been pointless. She urges him to be patient and not to give up. "Can I get my parking validated?" he asks. She worries that if he walks out now, he may never get his memories back. He walks out.

At the pub, Marlena is searching around the web for information on Dr. Taylor. She begins calling some of the doctor's former colleagues. John soon arrives. He's gruff and disappointed that things haven't gone well. "I'm not in this for the joy of being shrunk!" he shouts. She apologizes and then tells him that she has been digging around about Dr. Taylor and it turns out that she's a keeper. "Does that mean you're giving me permission to date her?" he asks. That's not what she meant at all. She begs him not to give up. He agrees to attend one more session. When he leaves, she gets a strange call from one of Charlotte's associates. Meanwhile, Dr. Taylor watches John's video and grimaces as he talks about Marlena being the love of his life.

Victor isn't thrilled to return home and find EJ and Nicole on his doorstep. They instantly launch into insults. Victor repeats that Nicole is a liar who will bring him down. Elvis proclaims his love for Nicole. "You're not just an idiot, you're a damned masochist!" Victor snaps. As he steps up his attack on Nicole, EJ doesn't know how Victor can talk to a mother like that.

Inside, Lucas kisses Chloe. She thinks of Daniel. Across the room, Daniel stares at her. Kate walks over and asks what made him come back. "Chloe," he gasps. When he announces that there is something he needs to say, Chloe asks him not to. Victor and his unwelcome guests walk in as Daniel proposes a toast to Chloe and Lucas, wishing them every happiness. As the couple kisses, Steph and Philip admire them before filing off to the kitchen. Victor begins taking pokes at Chloe and tells Lucas to give himself time to see past Chloe's physical attributes and into her empty soul. Lucas claims she's the most genuine person he knows. "How many people do you know?" Victor asks. Kate grabs him by the arm and takes him away.

EJ saunters over to Lucas to congratulate him on throwing a great party. They compare the insults that Victor has doled out to them. Lucas advises EJ to listen to Victor about Nicole. Elvis assures him that he can take care of his women. Lucas walks off. Max drifts over to him and offers to get him some strippers for his bachelor party. Lucas turns him down and teasingly tells him that he and Chelsea could make a cute couple.

Nicole hurries over to Chloe. "I think I made a huge mistake," Chloe confesses. Lucas is everything she's always wanted but... Daniel walks over before she can finish and asks for some time alone with Chloe. She runs off to look for Lucas leaving Nicole and Daniel to fake their way through some small talk. When he asks about her new doctor, she drops her plate. After Daniel moves away from her, Mia suddenly calls and demands to meet her immediately. Nicole promises to do so. EJ approaches and asks her who Mia is. She claims she is just someone who found her bracelet. He offers to accompany her to pick it up.

Chelsea wanders over to Kate to talk about Daniel. She warns her that it won't be easy to be friends with him and then claims that he is already out of her system. Kate assumes she's moved on with Max but Chelsea insists that they are strictly platonic. The party winds down and everyone starts to leave. Chloe approaches Kate to thank her for everything. Kate returns the thanks and hugs her. Chloe has a worried look. Meanwhile, Victor complains to Daniel about what an awful party this has been. They argue about what is best for Kate and Victor begins grumbling about how Chloe has nothing going for herself but her 'big bazoons'. Daniel forbids him to talk about women like that in his presence. He adamantly defends Chloe and tells his godfather that his attitude only cheapens him.

Philip and Stephanie have returned to Titan so he can search for a disk. She quickly finds it and makes him promise not to work all the time. "I can make time for other things," he says, kissing her. She imagines that being at his former lover's engagement party must have been hard. Not for him; he's already moved on to someone incredibly sexy. "Sexually harassing an employee?" she jokes. "You're right. We can't do this," he says. She was joking. He's not; they shouldn't work together anymore. She offers to quit her internship. He refuses to allow it. "If you want to break up with me, just say so," she challenges. They aren't breaking up; he just needs to reassign her to someone else. She thinks he just manipulated her to make her squirm. He finds her squirming sexy. They make out.

Chelsea and Max go over to the pub. She talks about how crazy Daniel and Kate breaking up is. He asks her again if she will make a move on the doctor. She's annoyed and repeats that she has no interest in him; why does he care anyway? Max laughs uncomfortably and then talks about how weird it is for people to be together off and on. They talk about how relieved they are not to be in a relationship. When the waitress comes over, they order each other's meals. "What a cute couple," she remarks. As they eat, they coyly wonder why everyone thinks they are a couple.

When EJ and Nicole get home, she wants to run off to see Mia. He tells her to wait until the morning and takes the car keys away from her. As soon as he goes up to bed, she calls Mia to tell her she can't make it. Mia offers to come to her place. "That's a terrible idea!" Nicole blurts. "If I'm not good enough, then obviously my baby isn't either!" Mia shoots back. Nicole apologizes and promises to see her tomorrow. Mia demands that she bring her fiancé and hangs up.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe tells Lucas that she doesn't deserve all of this. He tells her to get used to it and asks her why she's acting weird. "Nothing lasts forever," she says. He asks if this is about Brady and promises that their relationship will be different. When he leaves to get the car, Daniel pops up. "That's a nice act you put on," he says. He tells her that what they have is more than physical. She has comforted him in a way that no one else ever has. She begs him to stop. He promises that this isn't over by a long shot.


January 13, 2009
Last Night Didn't Happen.

Kate sits with Stefano at his mansion and he lays on the charm. Taking her hand, he asks her if she has thought about his proposal. He tells her that it may have been sudden, but it was genuinely heartfelt. She explains that struggling with disease has made her more adventurous. Being with him makes her spirits feel lifted, but she's not ready for a commitment yet. He tells her that he knows about Daniel. She claims that they are only 'special friends'.

Chloe shows up at Daniel's door to tell him last night didn't happen. "The hell is didn't," he objects. She walks in and tries to reason with him. He repeats that marrying Lucas is a terrible mistake. She tries to rationalize kissing him and claims that she was just nervous. He's sure there is more between them than just an attraction. With his shirt open, he walks to her, taking her hand and kissing her fingers. They pull off their clothes and make love in front of the fire. Suddenly, Kate begins knocking on his door. Daniel and Chloe pull some clothes on and he sends her hiding. When he opens the door, Kate hands him his pager. He left it behind at the party. Seeing that he is half naked and exasperated, she asks if she's interrupting something. He makes an excuse. After Kate leaves, Chloe returns. "Do you see what you're doing to that woman? Her children mean more to her than anything in the world," she says. He didn't want this to happen, but everything is out of control. She tells him that this can't happen again. He doesn't think they can bury this; their feelings are too strong and he doesn't see how they can walk away from what they feel.

Brady finds his father sitting at the pier. He asks him what's going on. John talks about trying to get his memory back and failing. Brady suggests he try a different doctor. John needs his memories back right now; he's sure that Blondie is in there and he wants her back. He knows that there was something good there that he should remember. "For Blondie... and maybe for some other people too," he says. As Brady leaves, he tells his father that he has always gone all out for what he wanted, and always got it.

Charlotte sits in her office watching the video of John's hypnosis session. When she stands up, Marlena walks in. "How dare you barge in here!" Charlotte shouts. She tries to cover how upset she is and stutters, allowing Marlena to sit down for a chat. Marlena checked her out and was impressed by all of the awards she's won. She is concerned about the last job she left though... Charlotte claims that she left that position so she could take care of her father while he was dying. She takes a stab at Marlena for never reaching out to him at the time, but tries to be polite. Marlena apologizes for hurting her feelings; she wants them to be friends so they can help John recover - that's a goal they both share. "At least one of us does," Charlotte says to herself. When she's left alone, John arrives, eager to get back to work. She tells him that she just reviewed the video and hypnosis won't work for him. "You probably will not get your memories back," she says.

At Titan, Mel tells Philip that she needs the day off. He asks for an explanation. She won't give one. Meanwhile, Maggie nearly bumps into Max at the pub. She tells him that she is going to Nick's hearing. Max offers to accompany her. She says Nick only wants her and Melanie there. Once Maggie leaves, Stephanie arrives. He tells her about the hearing and says that all of Nick's friends should be there. She asks him to take her with him. He wonders what Philip would say. This is all about Nick, she insists. As he runs off to get the car, she calls Philip and tells him she knows why Mel wanted the morning off.

Nick meets with EJ at the courthouse. He's glad that he could step in for Mickey, but he's sure that he is going away for a long time. As he sits and waits, Maggie and Melanie arrive. When Mel tries to offer him her support, EJ backs her away. Max and Stephanie arrive. Maggie is glad they came. She bursts into tears and steps out. Stephanie and Mel talk until Judge Fitzpatrick arrives and the hearing begins. Maggie is the first called to the stand. She cries as she talks about what a good boy Nick is. The judge is about to end the hearing when Mel stands up and asks to be heard. She reads a statement, telling Nick that she forgives him for what he did. He is a good person and everyone who knows him would lose a great deal by having him locked up. She cries and steps down. Maggie hugs her and thanks her as Philip watches from across the room. The judge soon returns after deliberating and decides that justice must be tempered with mercy. She sentences Nick to two to five years, with the possibility of parole in 18 months. Nick's relieved and so are his family and friends. As they hug him, Philip rushes over to Melanie and tells her that what she did was incredibly generous. When he steps out to make a call, Steph grudgingly comes over and says that she is impressed as well. Melanie walks over to Nick. He thanks her for saving him and asks if Philip is the reason why she did. She admits that may have been part of it, but she does think he deserves a second chance. Tearfully, she hugs him and walks out, running into Steph and Philip making out in the hallway.

Nicole shows up at Mia's door. Since she doesn't have her fiancé with her, Mia isn't thrilled to see her. Nicole tells her she needs to talk to her. As she gushes about what a bright future Mia could have, Mia continues insisting that she meet the possible father. Nicole makes excuses until finally admitting that her fiancé won't be coming at all. Sadly, she tells Mia all about losing her baby and how she can never become pregnant again. Mia's shocked to learn that Nicole is still fooling her fiancé into thinking she is pregnant. She's disturbed by the crazy plan to pass her child off as Nicole's. Opening the door, she orders Nicole out. Nicole drops to her knees and tells her that she is her only hope. "Give me back the happiness I lost," she begs.

EJ returns to the mansion. His father toasts to his success in the courtroom and tells him it's good to have the Horton's indebted to them. "Your future is not only bright, it's brilliant!" Stefano declares.

January 15, 2009
Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Melanie stomps back into the courtroom to tell Max that his ex is swapping spit with Philip. Chelsea arrives, apologizing for missing everything. Melanie snaps at her and leaves. Chelsea can't believe everyone is prepared to go about their normal routines right after Nick has been sentenced. She rants at everyone until Nick is brought in. He didn't think he would ever see her again. He tells everyone that he needs them to make sure his invention stays out of the wrong hands. They promise. Nick asks to talk to Chelsea alone. He tells her that he wouldn't trade the time they had for anything. She tells him he doesn't need to apologize and she's sure the sweet person she knew will be back some day. "You'll always be in my heart," she weeps. They embrace and then the guard makes her leave.

At Titan, Melanie and Philip chat after attending their first meeting together. She giggles about it. He tells her that she's surprised him, both at the meeting and at the hearing. He really likes this new side of her. Steph arrives and Melanie teases him. Steph grimaces and he takes her aside. They talk about Nick and then he tells her that he has a surprise for her. Mel announces that she isn't feeling well and walks off.

In Charlotte's office, John is angry that his 'leap of faith' isn't being paid off. She tells him that there is zero chance he is going to get his memories back. "Screw it!" he declaims, storming out. She sits at her desk. "I can help you... just not in the way you think," she says.

Brady shows up at the pub to see Marlena. He tells her that she is the one thing from John's past who means the world to him. He wants his memories because he wants Marlena, but Brady worries that his father is lost to him forever. He wonders if he brought this on himself. She tries to tell him that's not the case. John walks in and sits down, announcing that he needs a second opinion. When he calls her 'Doc', she's thrilled. He doesn't get it. Brady gives them some space and John explains his problems with Dr. Taylor. "Do you have any suggestions?" he asks. Marlena kisses him. When she pulls away, she apologizes, but he's not complaining. She asks him if Charlotte is sure the hypnosis didn't work and then pulls out her charm bracelet. It doesn't mean anything to him so she explains it. He seems to start remembering but it turns out that there is nothing there. She wants to keep trying, sure that they are close to a breakthrough. Charlotte walks in and asks to speak to John. Marlena leaves them alone. Charlotte thinks he and Marlena have been going behind her back. He insists that Blondie can't help him. Charlotte has another idea. She advises him to leave town and be a whole new man... with her help.

Outside, Marlena tells Brady that Charlotte has been rude and hostile to her all along. She's disturbed by her defeatist attitude. Brady tells her to hang in there. After she walks off, he says, "Your hands may be tied, but mine are not." He runs off for awhile before showing up at the hospital. He sneaks into Charlotte's office and begins watching the video of John.

Nicole drops to her knees and begs Mia to give her a chance at the happiness she lost. "If losing your baby made you so sad that you're out of your mind, why are you telling me to give up mine?" Mia asks in tears. Nicole tells her their situations aren't comparable; Mia's baby can still live and have a good life. Mia knows that Nicole can give her baby a great life, but this still seems sketchy. Nicole tells her that EJ is a perfect gentleman and is a great dad. Mia demands to see where her baby will live.

At the mansion, Elvis tells his father that he wasn't trying to get brownie points by representing Nick; he did it out of the goodness of his heart... more or less. Stefano seems confused. His son tells him that he has come across some information that may be of great interest to him and the DiMera legacy. He claims that they can improve the family name, and make a lasting profit, if they can steal something away from Victor. Stefano smiles at the thought. After they finish their drinks, Stefano shows his son the new crib he had shipped over from Italy. EJ admires a teddy bear until Nicole calls. She doesn't seem happy to find out he's at home but covers and asks him if they can spend some time alone. He wants some 'afternoon delight'. "No!" she snaps. He announces he has to run off to a meeting.

Nicole promises Mia that she will never let the child down. They head over to the mansion. Mia is amazed, impressed that Nicole must have millions. Nicole tells her that there is more to life than money. "I can only give you so much," she insists. Mia claims she only wants enough to be comfortable. Nicole shows her inside. Mia is fascinated. She looks at the crib and recalls being raised in a drawer. After she admires a picture of EJ, Nicole tries to escort her out. Mia notices the portrait of Stefano and asks who he is. Before Nicole can answer, Tony wanders in and asks her who her friend is.

EJ tracks Melanie down at the Cheatin' Heart. She's surprised he's been looking for her. He thanks her for her testimony and says she is magnanimous. He's got something else to talk to her about as well...

January 16, 2009
Deals Can Be Broken.

At the pub, Charlotte tells John that he won't have any peace unless he breaks his ties to the past and leaves Salem forever. He sarcastically jokes about moving and tells her that he needs a damned good reason to do so. She claims that she's thought this over seriously. He grouches about his failed hypnosis session. She tells him he should treat the memory loss like it's permanent and become his own man. He likes the sound of that but he won't leave alone. "I'm taking Blondie with me," he says. "That's a mistake," she barks with a jump. She's sure that Marlena will never accept him for who he is. "I can be negative and pessimistic on my own. Why pay a psychiatrist?" he asks. She claims that she will help him get Marlena back if that's what he really wants, but it's not going to happen. He seems confused by this statement.

Marlena goes to see Kayla at the hospital. She tells her how concerned she is about Dr. Taylor. "I can't figure her out," she admits. After explaining that Dr. Taylor almost instantly shut down the hypnotherapy, she says that sort of defeatism is unthinkable, especially when John seems on the verge of a breakthrough. Marlena brings up the issue of Charlotte leaving her last job abruptly.

Brady sneaks into Charlotte's office and checks out her computer. He quickly finds his father's hypnosis session. As John talks about the love of his life, Brady wonders if his father can really be getting his memory back. He also wonders what the doctor could be up to. "Marlena's not going to believe this!" he says. Suddenly, he can hear Dr. Taylor arrive outside. Before she can find Brady in her office, Marlena interrupts, desperate to talk. Charlotte thinks she just wants to dig into her personal life more. Marlena wants to know what she has in mind for John's therapy. Brady sticks his head out the door. Marlena's jaw drops as she sees him. He goes back into hiding before the doctor can spot him. Charlotte tells her rival that this is outrageous and is ready to walk away when Marlena continues to prod. "How dare you question my methods?" she asks. As the argument gets heated, Kayla steps in from the hallway. Charlotte wants Marlena reported. Kayla orders them both into her office. As soon as they're gone, Brady runs out. Down the hall, Charlotte is already apologizing and then runs back to her office.

Kayla finds John in the pub and tells him that his doctor's behavior concerns her. "I don't trust her John and neither should you," she advises. At that moment, Dr. Taylor has already returned to her office and begins freaking out as she realizes that someone has been on her computer and seen the video. Across town, Marlena arrives home and finds Brady loading the video onto her computer. As she sees John talking about the 'love of his life', she gasps.

EJ hunts Melanie down at the Cheatin' Heart. He wants to talk about the Alternative Fuels Project and says that it has incredible potential. She claims she's not at liberty to discuss it. They smile at each other and he continues to probe about how Titan is treating her. She wonders if he is making her an offer. He is. She reminds him that she already has a deal. "Deals can be broken," he says. She doesn't know anything about what his company does. They make a lot of money, he explains. "I can make you more money than Victor Kiriakis has ever dreamed of," he offers. "I'm flattered you want me... er, the project," she says but she thinks it can't get any better than working with Philip. He tells her that Philip is enthusiastic about new projects and then gets bored. She insists that she and Philip make a good team. "I would advise you not to be hasty," he says. Melanie says she won't change her mind but she'll think about it. After he leaves, Maggie takes his seat and tells Melanie how much she admires her for what she said at Nick's hearing. Melanie meant it all. "I feel that, when you're around, everything will be okay," she says. Maggie is touched. They begin talking about his lawyer and Mel digs for some details. Maggie tells her that EJ is engaged to a pregnant woman. Mel says she's just looking for a lawyer. Maggie warns her that Elvis may be charming, but he's a DiMera.

Nicole gets a shock when Tony pops up as she gives Mia a tour of the mansion. She tries to get rid of him but he asks her to introduce him to her new friend. He grins at Mia. Nicole introduces him but Mia seems disturbed to hear that he is a DiMera. Nicole tries glossing over it, but Tony still wants to know who Mia is. Nicole claims that they met at the youth center where she has been counseling pregnant teens. Tony stifles a laugh. She explains that she is trying to help the less fortunate. He wonders why she is helping her in the mansion. Nicole claims they are just doing 'mom stuff'. Mia backs her up and they hurry away.

Nicole and Mia go to the clinic. Mia asks her all about the DiMera family. Nicole tells her how nice they are. Dr. Baker walks in, disturbed to see Nicole there. She tells him that Mia invited her there. "Does she know the truth about you?" he asks. The women smile at each other and confirm that they know the score. He agrees to go along with this. The women hold hands as they prepare for the ultrasound. They soon discover that it's a little girl. Mia is sad; she always wanted a little girl. Baker tells her it's natural to have second thoughts. Nicole panics but bites her lip. Mia wishes she could keep her baby, however, Nicole is what's best for the child. Baker tells them that the baby should be at least another week in coming. He just looks forward to this all being over. As soon as he steps out, Nicole starts planning how she is supposed to slip away and give birth.

Elvis arrives at the mansion. Tony is waiting for him and tells him about his run-in with Nicole and her work at the youth center. He claims that she was evasive and he found the whole thing odd. "Something is up," Tony suggests. Elvis claims that pregnancy has changed Nicole and made her kinder. He's been busy so she must not have had the chance to tell him about all of this. "Bless your kind, trusting soul," Tony says. After he leaves, Nicole arrives. She tries to hurry into the kitchen but EJ asks her why he had to find out about her volunteer work from Tony. Meanwhile, Mia returns to her room. As she pours a glass of water, she suddenly clasps her belly in pain.


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