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3rd Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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January 19, 2009
The Empty Graveyard.

In her room, Mia gasps and nearly collapses. "The baby's coming!" she cries. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Nicole hugs EJ and asks him how his day was. He wants to know why he had to find out she is doing volunteer work from Tony. Nicole says she has taken a young pregnant girl under her wing. "You need to discuss these things with me," he says. He doesn't like her hiding things from him because it makes him look like a fool. She's offended and says that Tony is just blabbing about her because he is jealous of them. She claims that the only reason she hadn't told him was that she hasn't had the chance yet. He apologizes for overreacting and confesses that he's been withholding information too. That's now a huge part of his work. She tells him he's sweet and asks for his forgiveness... there's something else she's been keeping from him too. She hands him the sonogram. They kiss and then she tells him she needs to do some traveling, touring around to do speeches at teen centers. He's impressed and wants to accompany her. While she laughs uncomfortably, his phone rings. After he leaves to take it, Mia calls her to say that she has just gone into labor.

Nicole hurries over to the clinic to see Mia. She stops crying and explains that she thought she was going into labor but it was just a cramp. Dr. Baker comes in and explains that she was just having Braxton Hicks contractions and can go home. Meanwhile, Elvis arrives in the pub and asks for a word with Brady about Nicole. He demands to know why he is always showing up at his house. Brady declares that he is sick of Nicole and her drama and strides out. When EJ returns to the mansion, he finds Nicole walking in. "Where are you off to? Not going into labor are you?" he jokes.

Kayla sits with John at the pub and tells him not to trust Dr. Taylor. He needs a reason for her skepticism. She tells him that she had to stop a fight between Marlena and Charlotte. She has serious doubts about her mental state.

In her office, Charlotte starts to hyperventilate when she realizes that someone must have seen John's hypnotherapy session. She calls the IT department to find out who broke into her computer. The IT guy soon finds that the video was sent to someone by email and discovers that it went to Marlena. After he leaves, John arrives and asks her what she and Marlena were fighting about. She tells him that Marlena was behaving hysterically. He flatly tells her that Kayla thinks she's not to be trusted. He suggests that Marlena is just jealous and enlisted her friend to make trouble. "This therapy is over. I'm not coming back," he decides. "I feel like I'm digging in a graveyard where there aren't any bodies left," he adds. She agrees to respect his decision but, as soon as he walks out, she throws a fit and smashes things.

When Marlena gets home, Brady shows her the video of John's session. She cries as she sees that he remembers her. Brady is angry that the doctor has been lying to them. Marlena gets angry at him and tells him he's been acting unethically. He wants Charlotte to pay for lying to his dad. She forbids him to confront her until she can find out why Charlotte is trying to keep this from John. Smiling, she tells him that her prayers have been answered -- John is coming home to her. Brady wants to put together a plan to go after Charlotte. Marlena tells him she's doing it alone. "When I am finished with Dr. Charlotte Taylor, she will be praying to get her life back," she says. She calls one of Dr. Taylor's former associates and soon discovers what she's suspected. Meanwhile, Brady has gone to meet his father at the pub. He tells him that his shrink isn't who she thinks she is. As they sit down to talk, Dr. Taylor arrives at Marlena's townhouse, declaring that they need to talk. 

At his hideout, the killer hacks into Hilda's account to find out where Sami is. It doesn't take long for him to track her down. Nearby, Sami stomps around the safe house ranting about the plumbing. She notices Rafe has a grave look on his face. He breaks the news that Hilda has been murdered. Sami cries in disbelief. She wonders if this is her fault. Rafe tells her it's not. She tells him that Hilda was just there. He figures out that she must have been killed right after she left. Worrying that there is a rat in the Bureau, he tells her they have to leave and hide. Before they can go, he needs to know if anything else has happened. She confesses that she went to see the nun. Although he's furious, he's not going to waste time lecturing her this time since she'll likely be dead soon. She cries and yells after he says this. She feels bad that Hilda is dead and it's probably her fault. To stop her tears, Rafe promises her that she will be okay. As she continues crying, he vows to take the killer down. Before they can leave, he gets a call telling him that the killer hacked into Hilda's account. Rafe's sure he must know everything and be on the way. As he rushes her out the door, she stops him with an idea. They hurry off to the convent moments before the killer arrives. He tells her that neither of them will be safe until the killer is caught.

January 20, 2009


January 21-23, 2009

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