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4th Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 26, 2009

Summary posted on our blog

January 27, 2009
Kittens and Rainbows.

At the safe house, Rafe continues trying to outwit the killer. When that fails, he keeps quiet. The killer decides to play his 'trump card' and thumps away. Rafe struggles with the ropes and flashes back to times with Sami.

At the convent, Sister Theresa threatens to call 911 if Sami runs off to help Rafe. As Sami throws a fit, she suddenly goes into labor. The nun tries to keep her calm but Sami keeps worrying about Rafe until her water breaks.

A bewildered Dr. Baker asks Nicole why a nun would be calling him. Before she can explain, Mia calls to say that she is going into labor. Baker tells Nicole to get her over there fast. "It's showtime!" Nicole shouts, running off to leap into her car. By the time she gets to Mia, the contractions are one minute apart. Nicole tries to help her up but Mia refuses to go anywhere. Nicole calls Dr. Baker to explain the situation. The nun calls him on the other line to say she is bringing a woman in. "It's all coming together now!" Nicole gasps to the confused physician. Getting off the phone, she tells Mia that the doctor is busy and they have to do this together. She advises her to think of kittens and rainbows. Mia is scared and doesn't trust her to deliver a baby. "I am bringing this baby into the world now dammit!" Nicole declares. Soon, she can see the head. "Get it out of me!" Mia screams. After a great deal more screaming, the baby is born. Nicole cradles her and cries. She offers to show her to Mia but the girl turns her down.

The nun gets Sami to the clinic. As Sami is prepped, the nun thanks the doctor and tells him that one of his patients recommended him to her. When Baker goes in to see Sami, he starts to worry. The baby isn't getting enough oxygen and they aren't set up to perform a C-section.

Daniel walks out of an alleyway and runs into Chloe. She claims that she is going to the pub to see Lucas. The doctor asks her why she left without saying goodbye and if she's changed her mind about them. She claims she hasn't, but they have to wait until Kate is better and Allie has her mother back. Kate pops up and asks them what's going on. When she brings up visiting Daniel earlier, Chloe excuses herself. Kate says she doesn't like dropping in on people unexpectedly, but they need to talk. "About you and me," she specifies. He just wants her to be happy. She is; Lucas is finally getting married to a woman who isn't horrible. They gaze through the window at Chloe sitting with Lucas and Allie. Kate wants to hug them and asks Daniel if he wants in on the action. He claims that he has a phone call to make.

Inside the pub, Lucas asks Chloe if they're okay. "No we're not," she says as she plays with Allie. She's mad at herself for overreacting. "We can't let Sami keep pulling this number on us," he says, but he can't turn his back on her either. Chloe feels like a selfish jerk and asks him to forgive her. Kate comes in and hugs them. As they play with the children, the killer looms around the room and snaps photos. Chloe stares at Lucas as he tries to feed mashed potatoes to Allie. The little girl bats them away and they fly across the table at Chloe. The diva begins throwing potatoes at Lucas.

"You want what Lucas has, don't you?" Victor asks Daniel as he approaches him outside. Daniel admits that he'd like a relationship and a family... eventually. Victor wonders if he plans to make Salem his home. The doctor does; he feels like he belongs there. Victor is sure he'll find the right woman. "Sometimes I think that they're all taken," Daniel mutters with a shrug. Victor goes inside and Daniel stares. As Victor walks into the pub, Caroline approaches, laughing at the potato fight. Victor thinks that Chloe and Lucas are stupid pigs. Caroline tries to hush him. He's sure this relationship is doomed and so is Lucas. She brings him some decaf. Meanwhile, Daniel tries calling Chloe and leaving a message. He wonders if their time will ever come. He can't come between what she has with Lucas and his family.

At Titan, Philip sits on Steph's desk to stop her from working. He wants to take her to a wine bar in Chicago. "I can't do that," she says. She explains that she doesn't need 'hipster wine bars' to be impressed by him. He offers to take notes on what she wants and asks her what a perfect date would entail. They start making out. She takes him to the Cheatin' Heart. He doesn't appreciate being brought to the bar where her ex works. She tells him his jealousy is 'cute' and 'adorable'. He doesn't like that either. She wants to take things casually and asks him to play pool. He agrees, as long as he can decide the bet. With ease, she beats him and demands her prize. As she slips into the washroom, he hands the bartender two grand and asks him to close up. When Steph returns, Philip is the only person left in the bar. She's impressed. When he starts playing pool again, it becomes clear that he was pretending to be bad at it before. She pretends to be angry and tells him he won't be getting the prize she planned for him. He begs. She kisses him. His phone rings, but he doesn't answer until it starts to ruin the mood. Philip has to run back to the office. He kisses her and asks her to wait.

The killer returns to the safe house. He reminds Rafe that he threatened to kill Sami's family. To prove that he's serious, he shows Rafe the pictures that he took of the children.

January 28, 2009
Is My Baby Okay?

Brady runs into Philip at Titan and asks him to play basketball with a client. Philip is busy on a paper trail hunt. They may have a serious problem with Melanie. "What has she done now?" Brady asks. Philip is defensive and angrily explains that EJ is trying to steal Melanie and the fuel project from them. Philip refuses to tell him his source but they could lose billions if this is true. "We have to stop her," he says, sure that Mel is dying for a bidding war. "I know exactly how to get to Melanie," he assures Brady.

A giggling Melanie sits at the pub and asks Max what he knows about EJ. Max squints. She claims she's networking. He's reluctant to say anything. She explains that Elvis tracked her down and is interested in funding the project. "The more greedy hands reaching for it, the more money in the pot," she giddily explains. She thinks it would be awesome to start a bidding war between the families. He thinks she's in over her head. Before she can flounce off, he stops her to say he is only looking out for her. She wants to do this for Nick so that he'll have something to look forward to. Max is sure that Philip won't be happy about this. She says he treats her like dirt anyway. "I can handle this," she insists. Philip suddenly arrives and asks to speak to Mel alone. She uncomfortably sits down at a table and he tells her that he's tracked her down because he doesn't want to eat alone. He wants to talk about the project. She stutters and runs out. He promptly walks over to Max and asks him what his problem is. "I want you to stay away from my sister," Max demands. Philip laughs and guesses that Max is mad about he and Stephanie. Max claims it is only about his sister and threatens to make sure that Mel takes her patent away from Titan if she's not treated with respect. Philip claims that he treated her 'damn well' and she just 'pisses off everyone she comes in contact with'. Max repeats his warning as Philip walks out. The bartender walks in and hands Max an envelope. "Who sent this?" he wonders.

Melanie finds Brady outside. They talk about his father and she tells him that he will get better. She sadly talks about losing her own father. This is the first time that Brady has heard anything about this. Trent wasn't perfect, but he gave her the fuel project and it is her last chance at redemption.

At Mia's, Nicole cradles the burping baby she just delivered. Mia doesn't want to see the child. Nicole lowers her into a drawer and sits on the bed. Mia cries and doesn't want to talk. Nicole tells her that she is very brave. "I can't do this," Mia weeps. She's afraid to see her face or hold her. Nicole reminds her of why she decided to give the baby up and urges her to get checked out. The young woman insists she is fine and asks her to promise that the child will always be happy. That's a promise that Nicole can't make because she can't keep it, but she can promise to always love her baby. Mia worries that her daughter will never forgive her but tells Nicole to take the child. They share a long goodbye and Mia thanks her for taking care of her, sure that she will be a great mom. After Mia falls asleep, Nicole picks up the baby and looks down at the mother. She hopes that she doesn't regret this too much. Placing an envelope by the bed, she thanks her for giving her a baby who she and EJ can love. "You're everything I've ever wanted," Nicole tells the baby. She just wishes that she really were her baby with EJ. They leave to find out if Sami has given birth yet.

At the clinic, Dr. Baker tries to keep Sami calm but she has a bad feeling about her labor. Sister Theresa tries to keep her hopeful. The baby starts to come but it's not getting enough oxygen so they have to rush. After a few screams, she dilates more. "Is my baby okay? Answer me!" Sami demands. She takes a break to complain. The nun makes her concentrate. She shoves some more and the baby crowns. Finally, a baby girl comes out. Sami begins to panic when she can't hear any crying.

At the safe house, the killer shows Rafe the photos he took of Sami's kids and threatens to kill them if the agent doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Rafe is smug and reminds the killer that one of Sami's kids is a DiMera. The killer shrugs; he's sure he's a walking dead man either way. Rafe tells him to leave innocent people alone. The killer doesn't see any innocent people. Rafe stares at the prayer necklace on the table. When the killer notices, he picks it up and guesses that Sami must be at the convent. He takes out his gun to shoot Rafe.

January 29, 2009
A Custom Made Affair.

At the clinic, Sami finally pushes her baby girl out. When the baby isn't crying, Sami starts to scream, demanding to know what is wrong. The doctor explains that the baby just needs some extra attention. He runs out with the child while Sami continues yelling. The nun tries to calm her. Nicole arrives in the corridor and listens to the screaming, trying to figure out what is going on. Sister Theresa continues talking to Sami but she is too busy beating herself up for neglecting the baby's care to listen. "If I had just been honest..." she cries, sure that God is punishing her. The nun doesn't think God works that way. Sami worries about Rafe and then about her baby again. A nurse comes in to calm her down with some sedatives and tells her to go to sleep. Sami slumps as she's drugged. Rafe arrives at the clinic. Sami is thrilled to see him. He tells her that everything is going to be fine and she doesn't have to be scared anymore. "Don't ever leave me!" she yells, hugging him. But this is only a dream. When she snaps out of it, the nun tells her to go back to sleep. Sami refuses, ordering the nun to go and find out what is going on.

Nicole follows Dr. Baker into a room. He treats the baby and she demands to know what is going on. "That's EJ's baby! Don't tell me that baby's dead!" she shouts. He tells her to get out and pray. Nicole walks out, doubting a prayer from her will help. She worries about EJ and blames herself for this. If she didn't have a heart of stone, she wouldn't have been able to make it through her loss. She's sure that EJ wouldn't survive the loss of a child. After she prays for help, she can hear the baby cry. When she rushes back inside, Dr. Baker tells her the baby is fine. Before he can take the little girl back to her mother, Nicole says they have to have a little talk. They have to protect each other's interests, she says, adding that EJ is the father of Sami's baby. Dr. Baker is confused. Nicole won't tell him the long and convoluted story but she promises that it will have a happy ending. She thinks there is a divine plan involved. He doubts blackmail is divine. Mia's baby starts crying. "Who the hell is this?" Baker asks as he spots the baby in a basket. She tells him that she delivered the baby herself. Admiring the child Sami just gave birth to, she says that EJ deserves to raise his child so there has been a change of plans. She knows that Sami will take care of Mia's baby, so she can still keep her promise to the young woman that her child will have a good home. Picking up Sami's baby, she says that she and EJ will raise this child instead.

At the safe house, the killer finally figures out that Sami is in the convent. Before he can kill Rafe, the agent gets free of his restraints. They begin wrestling for the gun. After it goes flying, they struggle for a knife. The killer is stabbed but runs out the door, leaving a trail of blood in the snow. Rafe climbs off the floor and then stumbles across the room.

As Chloe sits in the pub, she flashes back to fireside sex with Daniel and then checks her messages. She hears Daniel saying that he can't come between her and what she was with Lucas. "He's right," she tells herself. She calls Daniel and leaves a message, saying that they need to talk. Maggie has arrived and hears this. "Are you having problems with Lucas?" she asks. Sitting down, she offers to listen and keep her mouth shut. "Remember when you warned me not to hurt Lucas?" Chloe starts before rambling. Maggie is confused by the end. Chloe clarifies by saying that Lucas is too soft on Sami and she's scared that she may have moved too fast with Lucas. Maggie still wonders what has her so upset. Chloe says that her mother has suggested that she's not ready for marriage and she worries that she could be right. Maggie warns her not to keep any secrets from Lucas and soon guesses there is more to this than Sami. When she tells Chloe how perfect she is, the diva stops her, insisting that she isn't perfect and sure that Lucas is in love with an idea of her rather than the real thing. Maggie's sure that she's right. Lucas is living in a 'pink cloud' and eventually they will start hurting each other, but, in time, they will love each other even more with all of their faults and will be able to get through anything.

In his condo, Daniel sits by the fire and tries convincing himself that he's done the right thing. Kate comes to the door. She doesn't like the way they ended things, she explains as she walks in. She thinks she's been too hasty. Daniel wonders if she's changed her mind about them and asks if she is jerking his chain. Before she can extrapolate, the phone rings. When he sees that it's Chloe, he doesn't answer. Kate admits that she's never known what goes through his head or how he feels. He says he just gave her what she wanted and he accepts it. "You don't go overboard about anything," she observes. He wants to order a pizza. She tells him that breaking up was the right choice but she misses him. He thinks that's nice. She has a family, but who does he have? Daniel can't open up to her; he hates talking about himself. She thinks he's custom made for an affair passionate in the bedroom but aloof everywhere else. "Would you just shut up!" he barks. After he orders a pizza, he says she needs to worry about her recovery, not his relationships. He announces that he needs some 'alone time'. She leaves, wondering what is really going on with him.

As Chloe is about to leave, she bumps into Kate. She tells Chloe that she was just with Daniel and he needs to talk to someone. Chloe heads straight over to Daniel's. As she stands in the doorway, he reminds her that they can't be together. "I know. That's why I'm here," she explains.


January 30, 2009
I've Got Nothing To Lose.

At the pub, Bo hands Hope some sugar and suddenly has a vision of her with a gun and Kayla being shot. Seeing that he's disturbed by something, she asks him what's wrong. He doesn't explain. Steve arrives and tells them that he has a lead on Marino's killer. He and friend hacked into the DiMera computers. They found a corporation that may be bankrolling illegal opportunities. Hope walks off to call Abe. When Kayla calls Patch, Bo has another vision of the shooting. Patch notices he's off kilter and asks him what's up. Bo says he had a vision of someone getting shot... Kayla. Bo worries that he's going crazy. Steve says they have to keep Hope and Kayla apart until they know what is going on. Hope returns and announces that she is off to see Kayla. "That's a bad idea," Bo says. Steve explains that Kayla was called to the hospital. After he leaves, Hope asks him why he doesn't want her to see her friend. He says they need to put their personal lives aside for awhile to concentrate on work.

Maggie walks by the pier and notices a man face down in a pool of blood. She brings him to the hospital and Kayla checks him over. Later, she talks to Maggie about it. Maggie wishes she knew who he was. The babysitter calls Kayla to say that she can't find Joe's stuffed dog. Kayla remembers it's in the car. Maggie offers to drop it off for her. As Kayla goes in to see her patient, the killer, she can't shake the feeling that she has seen him somewhere before.

Chloe shows up at Daniel's door. He tells her it's over. She knows; that's why she came. When she refuses to leave, he lets her in. "Your message was a complete 180," she says. He explains that he saw her at the pub with the kids and couldn't destroy what they have. She's angry and says that Kate thinks he's sad and alone. "Does it matter?" he asks, before telling her again to leave. She's sure that isn't what he wants and he's only pushed her away to prove that they can't really end it. "Predictable," he says. After watching her have fun with children, he's seen that she can push him out of her mind for a moment. He refuses to break up a family. "How noble," she sarcastically says. She pouts and they begin yelling at each other. She hates him, but she can't stop dreaming about him. He admits that breaking up with her by voicemail wasn't a good idea. She's disgusted with herself for trusting him. He encourages her to keep lashing out at him so it will be easier to split up. They start making out instead. "Son of a bitch!" she exclaims, pushing him off. She grabs his shirt and pulls him back, throwing him onto the couch and leaping on top. After sex, she's angry at herself for not dumping him. The hospital beeps him and he announces that he has to leave. As he leaves, she remembers she's forgotten her purse. They kiss and he runs off. When she grabs it and walks out, she finds Maggie staring at her.

At the safe house, Rafe tries to pull himself off the floor. Spotting a cell phone, he drags himself over to it. When he gets there, he finds that the battery is dead.

EJ is on the jet, eager to get home to Nicole. He calls Stefano and tells him that they have a bright future in Rome. He remembers leaving Nicole behind and calls her to say how much he misses her. Later, he tries calling again but the plane is about to land.

At the clinic, the nun reminds Sami that she needs to stay in bed. Sami agrees to do so only as long as someone finds out what is going on. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she wants Sami's baby. He tells her that she should be thankful that she has Mia's baby. She is, but she wants Sami's baby instead. Baker thinks this is beyond the pale but it's exactly how Nicole wanted it. She confesses that she was envious when she discovered that Sami was carrying EJ's baby. She's sure that fate has allowed her the chance to give EJ his own child. "Now I'm convinced that you're a psychopath," Baker says. She begins to taunt him and threatens to call the cops on him. He threatens to call EJ. She begs for some compassion and says that Sami's baby is the one she is supposed to have. Baker doesn't think she can pull a swap off. Nicole doesn't think Sami will know the difference. Besides, she's abandoning it to the nuns anyway. The doctor still thinks this is too risky. The nun barges in looking for an update. Nicole hides behind the door. Once the nun is gone. Nicole is sure that they have no choice but to switch the babies. "This is over!" he declares. She tells him it's only beginning and threatens to reveal his baby brokerage. He threatens to bring her down with him. "I've got nothing to lose," she says with a shrug. If she can do everything she's done so far, she can pull anything off.  He wonders if she can handle the guilt. "Yes, I will be able to handle it because I will have everything I've ever wanted," she says, wishing things would go her way for once. The doctor gives in. They swap the children and he leaves with Mia's baby. Nicole cradles the baby and promises her that they will be very happy. "I've been waiting for this moment for so long!" she cries.

Sister Theresa returns to Sami and tells her to be calm. Sami freaks out. The nun tells her that the only thing she can do is pray. After they say some prayers, Dr. Baker walks in with the baby, explaining that she is perfectly healthy and just needs a mother.


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