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June 29, 2009
Why Do I Have To Do Everything Myself?

At the church, Stephanie tells father Matt that she's starting to think her fiance is a liar and worse. She doesn't want to be a part of the kind of family who Philip has. When he brings up her family, she gets paranoid. The priest worries about how much her trauma has affected her. "You're a very moral person and you are involved with people who are less so," he says. She agrees, but the worst of it is that she's in love with someone who will never change. He tells her that his mother came to him twenty years ago with a similar problem. Steph is sure that Philip isn't Patch; he won't change. She cries as she says that it's a sin to be in love with a man who does bad things. "I don't think I can help you," the priest admits. He explains that she already seems to have chosen what her future with Philip will be.

Judge Fitzpatrick arrives at the DiMera mansion to see Stefano and EJ. They tell the judge that there is clear evidence that Sami is an unfit parent. Fitzpatrick tells them that the case is solid, but a trial would make things complicated. Elvis gets irate so they begin threatening her. She warns them not to bully her and Elvis repeats that they expect her help. They walk her to the door but she refuses to promise anything. EJ says he finally understands why his father always claimed he would do anything for his children. He just kicks himself for getting involved with Sami. Stefano tells him to forget the past and be happy he is with someone as loyal as Nicole.

At the pub, Philip asks Mel what she thinks is wrong with Steph. Melanie flounces away instead. He follows her and demands some answers. She runs off again. He goes home, calling around for Stephanie. As he paces, he notices a vial of her pills.

Rafe wanders around town making calls about Mia and Nicole. When he spots Brady in the Java Cafe, he goes in to talk to him about Mia. Brady doesn't have any information to give him. Arianna comes in and he excuses himself. She sits down with her brother and he asks her what's going on between her and Brady. After she tells him that Nicole tried to set them up, she runs off and tracks Brady down to talk. They sit down at the pier and she tells him that Nicole trying to set them up made her uncomfortable. She tells him that she's not pushy or desperate. "Sure you are girl!" Melanie exclaims as she walks up on them. Arianna barks at her and Mel teases her for blushing. After Arianna rolls her eyes and leaves for work, Melanie teases Brady.

Arianna goes back to the Java Cafe. Her brother thinks she looks rattled and quizzes her some more about Brady. She's not admitting to anything. Rafe announces that he has to go to the cemetery to visit Emily's grave. He admits that he hasn't told Sami anything about her and he's not going to. As she walks off, she bumps into Mel again and tells her not to try and set her up with Brady since neither of them want to go out with the other. "Why do I have to do everything myself?" Mel asks. As she thinks of all the people she has to set up, she wonders who will set her up so she can be happy.

Sami anxiously waits for Nicole to come by with Johnny. When they arrive, Sami clings to her son and tells him what a great time they will have. She sends him into his room and tells Nicole how grateful she is that she is doing this. "I'm doing this because it's right," Nicole explains. Sami assumes she must have another reason. She says that she doesn't agree with what EJ's doing and this is all she can do to help... but she might not be able to do that for long since Rafe keeps digging around. Nicole tells her Rafe will have to stop snooping if she wants to keep seeing her son. "I'm on your side," she claims, repeating what's at stake. She ushers Sami off to play with her son and prays that this is worth it. After Sami plays with her son, she hands him back and he leaves with Nicole. "I lost Grace but I'm not going to lose Johnny," she cries. When she goes to the cemetery to visit Grace's grave, she cries and tells her that she will come to visit her all the time. She turns around, she sees Rafe in the cemetery. As she walks over to him, he's placing flowers on Emily's grave. "Who is Emily?" she asks. Meanwhile, Nicole returns to the mansion with Johnny and talks to him about seeing his mother. EJ walks in on them.

Bo wakes from another nightmare about Zack and calls out for Ciara. Hope points out that she's sleeping right beside them. He tells his wife that he had a vision of Zack, who told him that something bad will happen if Ciara loses Tommy Bear. "We're in this together," Hope reassures him and warns him not to torture himself over meaningless visions. He's sure they have to trust what their son is trying to tell them.


June 30, 2009
Goodbye Philip.

Daniel arrives at the mansion. Philip begins quizzing him about Steph's medication. The doctor can't say anything, but Philip needs answers. "You need to talk to her," Daniel says, walking away. Meanwhile, at the church, Stephanie tells Father Matt that she will be leaving Philip. He advises that if she is going to break away, she has to truly mean it. Philip calls and asks her if everything is alright. "No," she admits. The phone line breaks up. She rushes off to the mansion. Philip confronts her about the pills, eager to sort things out. She claims she's done with the pills for good, but things have changed between them. He's given her a lot, but he can't give her peace of mind. If she lives with him, she can't live with herself. "We've been through this before. We've broken up a few times. We can work this out," he says. She knows she can't change him so she's leaving him for good. He's sure this is all just 'post-traumatic stress stuff'. She agrees, but it has shown her the truth about her situation. As she pulls off her ring, he grabs her hand and refuses to let her go. Stephanie can't handle benefiting from his crimes and the suffering of other people. He tells her that he loves her and wants her to be happy. Crying, she tells him she loves him too, but she can't hide from the truth. She places the ring on the table, kisses him and tells him she wants him to be happy. "Goodbye Philip," she says, walking away. He picks up the ring and stares at it.

In her new home, Chloe thinks about Daniel. She confesses to Maggie that she's always thinking of him. Maggie suggests she must still feel guilty. "No, I'm still in love with him," she confesses. She still has feelings for Daniel and doubts they'll go away. That doesn't mean she is any less committed to Lucas; she's just in love with someone else. From now on, she just has to avoid Daniel.

Maggie goes to see Daniel at the hospital and makes some cryptic remarks about Chloe. She tells him he can make this situation go away if he has strength and discipline. He knows that she means well but he's had enough of her advice. Nothing will take away what is in his heart for Chloe.

Kate arrives outside of Chloe's and grabs the apples that Daniel had delivered. She whips out her needle and injects some of them with poison. She hides until Chloe comes out and picks up the basket. Kate pops up and asks for a tour of the house and begins making digs about the doctor. Pulling out an apple, she hands it to Chloe and tells her to take a bite. Before she can, she remembers that she has to pick up Allie. Kate offers to go with her. They drive over to the pub. As Chloe gets a cup of coffee, Allie reaches for the apple. Kate freaks out and Chloe wonders what's going on. Kate covers and then offers to go with them on a walk to the pier. When they get there, Kate encourages Chloe to eat. Before she can take a bite, Daniel appears. Kate gives them some distance and Chloe takes a bite of the apple.

Nicole is chatting with Johnny at the mansion when EJ walks in. He asks them what secret they're sharing. She claims it's about ice cream. He's happy to see they're getting closer and takes his son off to lunch. When he returns, he tells Nicole that she will be the most important woman in Johnny's life from now on. He's disappointed that she doesn't think gaining sole custody is wonderful news. She loves Johnny, but she can't replace his mother. EJ's not asking her to. She tells him that the boy cries over his mother. He's sure the pain will be eased with time and difficulty in life breeds character. He tells her to stop empathizing with Sami and empathize with him instead. "I lost a daughter. Me, not you," he says. "I lost a daughter too," she sobs. She corrects herself and says that she feels like she's lost a daughter. He begins ranting about Sami until his father steps in. After EJ walks out, Stefano asks why Rafe was there. She doesn't know but is sure he doesn't know anything. "Not yet," Stefano warns. When she starts to panic, he tells her that he will be taking an active interest in Rafe.

Rafe is in the graveyard leaving flowers for Emily. Sami walks up on him and asks him who Emily was. He says it's a long story and maybe he'll tell it to her someday. "Why are you hiding this from me?" she asks. He won't say anything. She backs down and brings up Nicole. He's surprised to learn that she snuck Johnny out to see her. As he leaves, she peers down at Emily's grave. When she heads over to the pub, she talks with Arianna about her trip to the cemetery. When she brings up Emily, Arianna gets uncomfortable. "What the hell are you doing?" Rafe asks as he walks in. Ari makes herself scarce and Rafe grills Sami before making her promise never to bring up Emily again.


July 1, 2009
Junior High All Over Again.

At the pier, Kate watches as Chloe bites into the apple she drugged. Chloe cringes after a bite and readies to throw it out, explaining that it tastes weird. When Kate tries to guilt her into eating the whole thing, Chloe stops and takes another bite. Kate begins gabbing about the next episode of the show. Daniel and Chloe try to brush her off, claiming they have other plans. Kate drags them to the Java Cafe and explains that she wants to do a special segment about their true relationship. Lucas walks in and asks what she's talking about. Kate says it will be all about cancer and how Daniel and Chloe saved Kate's life. Chloe is embarrassed by the praise and suddenly get woozy. She claims she's fine and says goodbye to Lucas as he leaves with Allie. Kate gets called away on business and leaves them alone. Daniel offers to drive Chloe home since she's looking pale. When he takes her home, Chloe suddenly collapses. Meanwhile, Kate gives Lucas some work to do and they argue about whether Chloe is smart enough to know how lucky she is. He accuses his mother of always being disgusted with his wife.

Melanie goes home and finds Maggie packing up her cleaning supplies. Mel encourages her not to go along with her so she can clean the cabin alone. She adds that she doesn't want Nathan there either; she just has two friends who she wants to play matchmaker with. Maggie wonders what's in it for her. She explains that she's doing this for good karma so she can get someone who will love her for who she is.

As Arianna walks out of the pub, she bumps into Brady again. After apologies, she asks him to try and convince Sami to stop seeing her brother. He thinks that's a bizarre request. She claims Sami's all wrong for her brother. When she walks off, he wonders what her deal is. He follows her to the park and tells her he's worried about her. She seems too highly strung and he wishes she would relax some more because her relaxed personality is very interesting to him. Ari says he's nice, but... "Me neither," he agrees. He wasn't hitting on her, he claims, and she claims that she enjoys being single. They ramble and then part ways. He smiles.

Brady goes to the pub to meet Melanie. She tells him that she volunteered to clean the cabin but she needs help. "Why do I feel like I'm Tom Sawyer and you're trying to get me to paint a fence," he says. She doesn't follow the analogy, but he agrees to go along for a distraction. He goes over to pick Maggie up for an AA meeting. She notices that he seems distracted. He admits that there is a woman he can't stop thinking about. He's sure that she will never admit that she likes him though. "I'm in junior high all over again," he says. Maggie advises him to take his time. He agrees. Meanwhile, Melanie corners Ari and asks her to help clean the cabin on her day off. Ari agrees, but only if they don't have to talk about guys.

In the pub, Rafe makes Sami promise never to bring up Emily again. She tells him that she loves him and wants to know everything about him. He tells her that if she keeps lying and invading his privacy then they are over. Sami can't believe he's threatening to leave her over this. He claims that there are things he needs to keep private. She doesn't see how that's fair and accuses him of being dishonest with her. Sobbing, she walks out. He follows her to the townhouse and they continue arguing. Rafe wants to work through their trust issues because he loves her. "You don't even know me," she says. She's impulsive and questioning and if he has a problem with that, they don't have a chance. He tells her that fighting is part of life; that doesn't mean they need to give up on each other. "I love you so much," she says. They kiss, they tear off their clothes and then leap into bed. After sex, they pick their clothes up off the living room floor and he makes fun of her cooking. When he goes to take a shower, she gets ready to order some dinner. Since she has no money, she looks in Rafe's wallet and finds a memorial notice for Emily.

July 2, 2009

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July 3, 2009

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