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2nd Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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July 6, 2009
I Wouldn't Miss This For The World.

As Daniel takes Chloe home, she collapses in his arms. He rushes her over to the hospital and tries to keep her awake while they are testing her blood. Lexi watches and asks what's going on. She's shocked by how over-involved he seems to be in this case and suggests someone call Lucas. Across town, Lucas tells Kate that focus groups are really enjoying the preview clips of Chloe and Daniel on "Hearth and Home." When he walks off to take a call, she smiles and thinks about killing Chloe and listens to the tape she doctored to make it sound like Daniel threatening Chloe. Lucas returns and asks what that was. She talks her way out of it and assures him she is just working hard to make sure Chloe gets what she deserves. Lexi calls and tells him that he needs to hurry to the hospital. He and Kate rush off. "I wouldn't miss this for the world," she mutters under her breath.

When they get to the hospital, Daniel fills them in and lets Lucas go in to see his wife. Kate probes Daniel for details. "She was clearly poisoned," he says. She should be able to recover though. Kate prods at him and he becomes defensive. When he walks off, Maggie warns him that he better watch the way he's been overreacting to Kate and suggests he stop being Chloe's doctor. He insists that's his decision. Lexi comes by with the blood work. He's disturbed by what he sees and he agrees to let someone else take over the case. Meanwhile, Lucas sits with Chloe. "Thank God for Daniel," he says. Kate comes in and tells her how lucky she was to be with Daniel. Chloe wants a new doctor now that she and Daniel are working together. Kate tries to talk her out of it but fails. She walks out and groans.

Since Sami has no money, she starts looking through Rafe's wallet for cash to pay for dinner. She finds a note from Emily's memorial. Rafe walks out in his towel and asks her what she's doing. She says she needs money for food. He offers to go to an ATM on the way to pick up the food. They have a shower and she looks through the mail. He thanks her for not pushing him to talk about his past. When he leaves, she groans in frustration. After a few minutes, she makes her way to her computer. She debates what to do and finally starts an internet search for information on Emily. She soon discovers that Rafe was supposed to marry her... on the same day she died.

At Maggie's, Melanie weeps at the table until Nathan notices. She explains that her brother is leaving for London. She tells him that Max is the only person who cares about her. Nathan is sure that someone else must care about her. Mel's dejected. Nathan offers to take her out to eat and tells her to stop being down on herself.

Bo calls Max and tells him he's on the way over to the pub to say goodbye. When Max get off the phone, Caroline wonders what she will do without him. She'll miss him. They turn to Arianna and Max admits that he hasn't asked her to be the new manager yet. He awkwardly asks her and she agrees. Bo walks in and Max begins stuttering. He tells his brother that he loves Chelsea and wants to make her happy; he just hopes that Bo can give them his blessing. "No, I won't," Bo says. He explains that no one needs to give them permission to be together. As they chat about this, Mel come in, overhears, and freaks out when she thinks he's planning to marry Chelsea. He takes his sister aside and tells her that he's not getting married any time soon. She's afraid that Chelsea will change him and stop him from caring about her. Crying, she tells him she loves him. Across the room, Bo warns Nathan about Melanie. Everyone gathers around to say goodbye to Max as he leaves. Mel sobs and hugs him. He tells her to stay out of trouble. Caroline hugs him and tells him that Shawn is looking down on him with pride.

Rafe runs into his sister by the pier and she tells him about her new job. She asks him if he's made up with Sami yet. He wishes she wouldn't make it sound like a death sentence and insists that Sami will leave the past in the past. "How dumb can you be?" she asks. Rafe thinks Sami will do as she promised but his sister points out how often Sami goes back on her word. She even suggests that Sami must be doing an internet search right now. He claims she would never do that. His sister begs him to leave the past alone. "I would never do anything to hurt you," he says.


July 7, 2009

Pre-empted, but you're not missing anything. The episodes have been pushed back a day, with Tuesday's ep airing Wednesday.


July 8, 2009
Fireworks On The Beach.

At Maggie's, she and Nathan talk about Alice and how she thinks he's the bee's knees. She even gave him Tom's medical bag. Maggie's happy. Nathan's not; he's afraid he won't be able to live up to Alice's expectations. "I'm no Tom Horton," he says. Maggie talks about Tom and recalls his funeral. He never knew that living up to the name would be so hard. She advises him to carve his own way in the world. That would make Tom proud.

"Who is ready for some fireworks on the beach?" Mel asks as she arrives at the Horton cabin. Arianna and Brady are already there and not happy that they've been tricked into being together like this. Mel insists that she isn't trying to do any matchmaking. Arianna heads for the door but Mel points out that there won't be another ferry until tonight. When Mel and Brady are left alone, he asks her what possessed her to do this. She says it's nice to help someone else. He's glad she's making progress to becoming a human being, but she needs to stay out of his love life. Arianna returns and tries dusting the ceiling fan. She falls off the chair and straight into Brady's arms. After an awkward moment, they go back to cleaning and Ari dumps a bucket of water on Mel when she's not paying attention. Melanie's disgusted by the dirty water and goes outside to shower. Ari says she had it coming. She and Brady talk about the people who annoy them and she says that, just because they don't want to date, doesn't mean they need to be hostile to each other. They agree that they like each other and he pulls a bug out of her hair. Outside, as Mel showers, Nathan shows up. She screams when she spots him. He gasps.

At the mansion, Nicole leaves Sydney alone for a minute to get a bottle. Someone stalks in and, by the time she returns, the baby is gone. Nicole freaks. As she's calling the cops, Stefano walks in with the child. When she objects to him talking the child off like he did, he tells her that he owns her and Sydney and they have to play by his rules. Nicole claims she's starting to understand why Sami did what she did.

At home, Sami searches the internet and wonders what happened to Emily. She's interrupted when Rafe comes in, exhausted after a jog. She worries that EJ will get custody of Johnny so Rafe tries to calm her down. While he's taking a shower, she begins looking through his wallet again when Will catches her. "If you can't trust Rafe, who do you have left?" he asks her. When Rafe walks out, Will leaves. Rafe notices she's been going through his wallet again. She admits she can't get over the fact that he's keeping a secret from her. "Maybe I don't know you very well at all," she wonders. Although she says she trusts him, she worries that his past could harm her case in the custody case. When she digs some more, he agrees to tell her everything, but hopes she won't be sorry. Emily was the love of his life. He was going to marry her but she died on their wedding day. "And?" Sami asks. He doesn't understand what else she needs to know. She asks if there's more. He claims there isn't.

Mia isn't happy when Chad shows up at the Java Cafe. He hops over the counter and begins explaining that he works there now. She's not pleased and repeats that she never wants to see him again. He thought they could be friends. She's not interested and tells him to stay away from her. Chad won't back down. He apologizes and tells her that he couldn't get in touch with her while he was at military school because his parents wouldn't allow it. They talk about missing each other, but she doesn't want to have this conversation. After he walks off, Will arrives, but neither of them feel like talking. Chad returns and sees them together. He tells Will that he is Mia's boyfriend.

Elvis is at the Java Cafe with his son. He tells him that his mother loves him. Johnny says he has a secret about his mother. When they go home, Elvis tells Nicole that he just had an interesting chat with his son about Sami. He asks her what the secret she is sharing with Johnny is. She claims she simply blurted out an insult about Sami and then asked Johnny not to mention anything about it. Stefano plays with his beard while they talk. Johnny is smashing pots and pans in the kitchen so Elvis runs off. "You would not be foolish enough to lie to my son again, would you?" Stefano asks her. She tells him that she worries about Rafe poking around. He offers to take care of him. They can kill him or make his life not worth living. Nicole is about to walk away when EJ returns and asks to talk to her alone. He sits her down and apologizes for being so hard to be around lately. Wanting to show her how grateful he is, he hands her her old locket on a new chain with pictures of Sydney and Johnny inside. While they cuddle and he tells her how lucky he is, Johnny calls for his father. EJ rushes off and Nicole calls Sami. "We need to talk about Johnny," she says just as EJ walks in. Out in the hall, Stefano gets a call about Rafe.

uly 9, 2009
Forever Ago.

Stephanie pops up at the mansion. Philip is eager to fix things with her and holds out a peace offering. She refuses it and hands him back the keys to the car he bought for her. He can't accept being without her. She admits that she can't sleep or think straight without him either, but even if she doesn't want to live without him, she doesn't know how they can be together. He offers to start a new life with her in Greece like she wanted. She's unconvinced. He offers to go and live with her family, helping out in Africa. "I would do anything for you," he says, giving her a kiss. He wants to make love to her but she turns him down. She's realized that they can't change for each other and she can't be safe with him.

Victor bumps into Bo by the pier. The mobster is cheery. Bo thinks that won't last when Steph gets off the short leash they put her on. They bicker about what should be done with Stephanie and Victor tells Bo just to leave things alone. Bo grumbles and then heads over to the mansion to see Philip. His brother tells him that things are over with Steph and he blames Victor for it. He wishes that he was lucky enough to get out. Bo knows how hard it must be for him after being groomed to take over. Now he'll have to figure out what's the most important to him and make a choice.

Brady and Arianna are close to kissing in the cabin when they hear Melanie scream. They run out and find Nathan surprising Melanie as she takes a shower. Brady nearly decks Nathan until Melanie shouts at him to stop. They introduce themselves and start to chat while Melanie begs them all to give her some privacy. Ari finally leads Brady inside and Nathan sneaks over to take a peek of Mel, recalling when she met him and he was half naked. "We really have to stop meeting like this," he jokes. Everyone goes inside and they chat. Melanie says the TV is broken and then leads Nathan outside so Ari and Brady will be left alone with no distractions. He suggests that they play poker. Mel comes back in. "You have the whole cabin to yourselves and you're playing Go Fish?" she asks. She and Nathan sit down to play. Mel suggests they play strip poker to make things interesting. It looks like she and Ari don't know how to play so the boys get excited. This proves to be a scam and the women soon have the men nearly naked.

"He's your boyfriend?" a befuddled Will asks Mia about Chad. She says he's not. "Old habits... hard to break 'em," Chad says. After he insults Will and walks off, Will asks Mia why he's never heard of this guy before. She admits that she went out with him a few times 'forever ago' but he's a psycho and she doesn't want to think about him. Chad stands in the corner and exchanges stares with Will. When Mia finishes her shift, Will asks her to play goofy golf with him. After she leaves to get ready, Will corners Chad and orders him to leave her alone. Chad tells him that she's hot and gets around. He claims that she was really into him. "You and Mia are finished," Will claims. Meanwhile, Mia goes home and tearfully wonders why Chad has come back. She flashes back to being in high school and wanting to be with him before everything went wrong.

After spending his morning looking for Curious George, Elvis goes to see Nicole to talk about Sami. She doesn't like him talking to her like she's a naughty child. He grills her for talking to Sami on the phone and demands to know what she is keeping from him. She claims that she was just trying to get Sami to back off. EJ wonders if she has become more sympathetic to Sami. Nicole can understand where she's coming from. That admission makes Elvis furious. He berates her. She tells him that he and the children are always her first priority. Junior apologizes for taking things out on her and begins cursing Sami. After he calms down, he wishes he could handle this with more dignity since he still has Nicole and his children. As they embrace, Stefano wanders in and EJ leaves to take a call. Nicole wonders if her father-in-law enjoys torturing her. "It has its moments," he says with a laugh. He confronts her for smuggling Johnny out to see Sami. He thinks she is slipping under the pressure and shudders to think of what his son will do when he discovers her secrets. If they're supposed to be allies, she asks, then why is he always threatening her? Exasperated, she leaves to get some air. "This woman will not deprive me of my progeny," Stefano mutters to himself. EJ returns and overhears. He asks if he's referring to Nicole. Stefano says he was talking about Sami. Elvis confesses that he's been disturbed by how unphased his father was by Grace's death.

Nicole runs into Stephanie at the pub while she's looking for Brady. Steph doesn't live at the mansion anymore; she and Philip broke up. Nicole asks her what happened. Steph can't live like a Kiriakis. "Does this means you're going to testify against EJ at Johnny's custody hearing?" Nicole asks. Steph says she'll do what's right. After Steph lays into her for siding with EJ, Nicole flits off. Victor drifts over and asks her if they were plotting. She informs him that she and Philip are over. "Like hell you are!" he objects. Meanwhile, Nicole hurries home and warns her husband that everything has changed.


July 10, 2009
Believe It.

In the cabin, Melanie and Ari are mocking the scantily clad Nathan and Brady during their strip poker game. Brady finally realizes that Mel has been counting cards. She begins bickering with the men and grabs Nathan's clothes away, offering to sell them back to him. Ari joins in and clutches Brady's clothes, telling him that he can make his way back to town in his boxers. "I forgot how much I love poker," Mel quips. Nathan has to borrow money from Brady to buy his clothes back. Once he does, Mel offers to take him out for dinner. "We should totally hit Vegas," he jokingly suggests. Across the room, Brady asks Ari out for dinner, just the two of them. Brady gets dressed and leaves with her while Mel and Nathan make plans. He explains that he won't be able to help her with her studies because he is her new teacher's assistant. She walks him to work at the hospital and tells him that his high and mighty attitude is bringing out the 'pukiness' in his personality. He tells her to go home and study. "Will do... or I'll just picture you in your boxers," she says. Meanwhile, Brady walks along the pier with Ari. She asks him why he seemed upset when Nathan suggested they play poker for beers. He confesses that he used to be a cocaine addict. He's in rehab and thought it was time that she knows. When he suggests that they go out for Thai food, she tells him this won't work. "I don't think we're ever going to have that dinner," she says.

At the mansion, Bo tells his brother that he knew what he was getting involved with when he hooked up with Steph. Philip finds it hard to turn his back on Titan and all the power that comes with it. Bo repeats that he can't have Steph as well as the power and money. Philip thinks it's an attractive idea. Bo takes her side and argues that becoming a Kiriakis was turning her into someone she didn't want to be. Philip can't walk away; there is no other job he could love like his.

At the pub, Stephanie informs Victor that she is not about to become a Kiriakis. He tries to talk her around by telling her how happy she makes his son. He urges her to carefully consider what she is doing. She tells him that she's seen "The Wizard of Oz" so she knows how things work behind the scenes and he should back off. He tells her how much she reminds him of Caroline, but he says things aren't as simple as she is suggesting. Philip steps in and orders his father out, claiming that he and Steph will work things out alone. They go outside and Caroline confronts Victor, ordering him to leave her granddaughter alone. She suggests that this is all history repeating itself. He's sure his son won't make the same mistakes he did. Caroline still orders him to back off. Outside, Steph tells Philip she is leaving Titan. He offers to walk away from everything but she doesn't think he can do that and be himself. He can't believe it's over. "Believe it," she says, begging him to say goodbye. He does and she walks away. When he goes inside the pub, Melanie saunters in and begins rambling to him about the cute and funny guy she met. When he tells her the engagement is off, she reminds him that Steph always comes back to him. Across town, Steph finishes a job interview at the hospital and bumps straight into Nathan.

Over at the DiMera mansion, Nicole rushes to EJ and tips him off that Stephanie is planning to speak against him at the custody hearing. "This is unfortunate," he says. He suddenly blows up and says that Steph is mentally ill and Victor is pulling her strings. When he berates Nicole, she gets defensive and insists that, even if he has the judge in his pocket, Stephanie will still be a real threat. She begs him to think of what this will do, for her sake and the children's. Moments later, she brings in Sydney to remind him of what he is risking. She suggests that he isn't thinking of his children, just seeking revenge on Sami and this will only lead to Johnny hating him when he grows up. "You hate what I'm doing and you think you're going to hate me," he says. She argues that she never knew what love was until she met him; he's her world, but she worries that he can't see what's coming. As she sobs, he apologizes. No matter what he does, she will be on his side. "But just be you EJ, be the man that I love," she says. He decides that he doesn't want to put his child through a custody trial and offers to come to an agreement with Sami. "But if anybody, anybody, betrays me like that again... they will be punished," he vows.

Hope takes Ciara out of the park. They've lost Tommy Bear again so she gives her a giraffe to play with. She leaves the little girl with a friend and rushes off. Bo and Hope meet at the Java Cafe. He's frustrated by dealing with Philip, but he's proud that Stephanie has stayed true to herself. He knows that it would be tough for his brother to walk away from the family, but he's sure he could be happy with Steph. They talk about his vision and she says that hiding Tommy Bear from Ciara won't make them go away. She couldn't go through losing another child again. Meanwhile, back in the park, Ciara's friend pulls out a teddy bear and trades her for the giraffe. Bo and Hope arrive and take her home with the bear in her backpack.


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