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3rd Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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July 13, 2009
A Mother's Work Is Never Done.

On the set, Lucas informs his mother that Chloe is getting more test results run on her as they speak. When he wanders away, Kate starts playing with her syringe. "A mother's work is never done," she says, injecting some more food with poison. Afterwards, Chris putters around until Kate chases him off and a mysterious man arrives. He hands her a key and leaves. She plants Daniel's fingerprint on some of the murder evidence before heading over to his apartment, breaking in and searching for a place to hide the poison.

Lucas goes over to the hospital to pick up Chloe. He asks Daniel over to the house for dinner. The doctor abruptly runs off. As the couple leaves, they run into him again and remind him about that afternoon's tapping. He tries to back out, explaining that he doesn't have time to go home and get his clothes. Lucas volunteers to get his clothes for him. Taking his key, they head over. Kate is still inside and hides as they come through the door. Chloe seems disturbed to be there but Lucas assumes she is just remembering the explosion. As she looks around the room, she remembers all of the different surfaces she and Daniel had sex on. Sitting down, she spots a woman's scarf on the floor. "Is someone else here?" she wonders.

Rafe returns to the townhouse where Sami has been busy thinking about him. She asks him to move in. He's not sure that she wants this for the right reasons. Sami claims she's thought about this a lot and she wants them to be together. Life is short and she doesn't want to waste any more time. "You are what's best for me," she says.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells EJ that dropping the custody suit and putting Sami behind them is the right thing to do. He's not putting anything behind him - he's planning his next move. Junior will make peace with Sami for now, but, some day, someone is going to pay. He thanks her for being on his side. As she leaves, she sends a text to Sami. When she takes Sydney to the park, Sami arrives. Nicole tells her that things are different now. Sami assumes the worst and begs her to let her see her son again. "I've done the impossible: I've changed EJ's mind," Nicole explains. Sami is thrilled. Nicole warns her to be careful with Elvis and tells her that they have to keep their distance from now on. They talk about how they would do anything for their children and Sami holds the baby as Nicole searches for her pacifier. Nicole watches uncomfortably as Sami talks to Sydney.

EJ shows up at Sami's and pushes his way past Rafe. Spotting his boxes, he asks him if he's moving in. They trade sarcastic remarks until Rafe orders him out. They continue arguing and shouting, nearly coming to blows before Elvis stops himself and storms off. As Rafe unpacks his stuff, he finds Emily's wedding ring in one of his boxes. Beside it is a newspaper article about how she died mysteriously. Meanwhile, EJ bumps into Nicole and Sami in the park. He grabs his daughter out of Sami's arms and forbids her to ever touch her again. He admits that he was re-thinking the custody matter, but now that she's moving in with Rafe, he's changing his mind again.

Melanie is badgering Philip at the pub. He admits that Steph broke off the engagement. Mel's heard that before and is sure that she still loves him. She thinks this is a test and he needs to prove that he hasn't given up. He tries calling but Steph won't pick up. Mel asks him if she can come back to Titan while Stephanie is gone. Brady overhears this and asks him what he did. Philip is defensive and walks off. Melanie defends him and explains the situation before asking Brady why he is there instead of with Arianna. She pulls out her phone to do damage control but Brady advises her to leave things alone. She doesn't understand how all of these hot guys can be left alone and miserable. "I just want to ease your pain," she says. He laughs and assures her that he and Philip can muddle along without her.

Stephanie bumps into Nathan at the hospital. They fumble with his papers as her phone rings. It's Philip. She doesn't pick up. Nathan begins stuttering and apologizing. He introduces himself as she tries walking away. His name stops her in her tracks. Daniel says hello to her and Nathan catches her name. The two make the family connections before Daniel drags Nathan off to work. She smiles to herself. When she walks outside, she calls Philip back and asks him not to call her again. Even if they love each other, it changes nothing, she insists, hanging up. Melanie tracks her down and asks her out for tonight. Steph says she's not good company right now. "I'm used to that," Mel says, talking her into it. When Stephanie walks away, she calls Philip.

Brady runs into Daniel while he's taking a break from jogging. The doctor claims that he's just freaked out by a scare he had with a patient. He admits it was Chloe. Daniel confesses that he loves Chloe, even though things are over between them.


July 14, 2009
You're On Thin Ice Young Lady.

Daniel confesses to Brady that he still loves Chloe but has to stay away from her. "Do you know how she feels about you?" Brady asks. He says she's married to Lucas and that's all that counts. Love isn't Daniel's thing. He usually keeps things simple but, this time, he doesn't know how to let her go. He can't shake the feeling that he and Chloe were meant to be. Brady suggests that he should try and spend less time with her. When Daniel tells him about the TV show, Brady apologizes. "Dude! This must be your own kind of hell," he says. Daniel tries rationalizing this but he knows how stupid the situation is. He calls Chloe and leaves a message, asking her to meet him.

At Daniel's Chloe discovers Kate's handkerchief on the floor. She wonders if someone else is there and walks to the closet where Kate hides. Before she can open the door, Lucas returns. She tells him what she found and he teases her. She has a feeling something weird is going on. Chloe can smell perfume and she even recognizes it. He says this is none of their business and drags her out. As soon as they're gone, Kate climbs out of the closet, plants the poison and leaves.

Brady goes into the pub to see Arianna. She apologizes for being so abrupt before but he appreciates her honesty. She tells him that she has her own troubled history and really does like him, but she doesn't think that she can do this. Ari had a boyfriend who was an addict and it was awful. He understands and tells her that if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. After he leaves, she mumbles to herself, "I can't tell you the truth Brady. I just can't."

Sami and EJ are shouting at each other in the park. Nicole tries to calm Sami down but she only becomes more livid. "I am not afraid of you," she claims. "You should be," he warns her. Nicole tries to get between them but they continue arguing. Elvis orders her to go home. After she and her child leave, EJ tells Sami how much she could lose in this court case. He suggests that they can forget the hearing if she will answer some questions he has about Rafe. She tells him what a good man Rafe is, unlike EJ who has become the man he never wanted to be. It's like he has no heart anymore. Before she can leave, he tells her that he won't push for full custody... but Johnny is his son and if she chooses to spend time with Rafe, he will have to find out everything there is to know about him. She tells him he won't find anything. He says that if he does, they'll be right back in court. "You've never been a very good judge of character," he tells her. "You're proof of that," she says.

Chloe goes to see Nicole at the mansion and tells her that she's upset because Daniel is seeing another woman. Nicole says that maybe this will help them both move on. "How would you feel if EJ was in love with another woman?" Chloe asks. She's decided that she needs to stay as far away from the doctor as possible.

Lucas is on the set with Daniel. He tells him that if he is seeing someone new, he doesn't have to hide it from Kate. Daniel is confused and asks him what he's talking about. Lucas tells him that Chloe stumbled onto something when they were at his place. Before Lucas can explain further, Kate arrives and interrupts, taking her son off. Chloe comes in and Daniel asks if she got his message. She says they have nothing to talk about. Kate and Chris return to get things started. Kate unwraps the food she poisoned. "Time to start the show," she says. They tape the segment. Chloe takes a few bites of the food and then Lucas rushes off to take care of some business in Japan.

Rafe is at the townhouse looking over his mementos of Emily. He burns a newspaper article about her mysterious death. Soon after, Will arrives. Rafe asks him to hang out. Will notices all of his stuff and asks him if he's moving in. Rafe admits he is and soon begins lecturing Will and shouting. He stops himself. He knows that Sami needs him and he's screwing this up. "I think your mother needs you and you need her," he says, offering to move out. That impresses Will but Rafe insists he's far from perfect. He suggests that he is taking his anger at losing Grace out on his mother. As Rafe urges him to talk to his mother, Sami sticks her head through the door. Mother and son cry and embrace. They sit down and she tells them about her fight with EJ... but in the end he agreed to back off on the custody case. After Will leaves, Sami thanks Rafe for talking to him. She can't believe how good this day is turning out to be.

When Elvis gets home, he tells Nicole that he is dropping the suit temporarily. She urges him to leave things alone and asks him if he is jealous of Rafe. He guffaws and angrily tells her he's not jealous. "You're on thin ice young lady," he tells her, forbidding her to talk to Sami again. She accuses him of being obsessed with Sami; she's not convinced it's hatred he feels for her. Elvis takes a drink and tells her that something about Rafe really bothers him.


July 15, 2009
Enjoy It While It Lasts.

Sami and Rafe are at home enjoying doing nothing. "You're really good at it," he jokes. She looks forward to having her son back. She talks about helping him unpack but he'd rather do something else while the kids are out. They start making out but his peppermill gets wedged into her back. He promises that there aren't any peppermills in bed. Before they can get there, she sees his dogs playing poker painting. He wants to hang it up. She wants it in the dumpster. He looks for a place to hang it. She cringes and forces a smile. He finally stops; he's been taunting her all along. They start making out again. When she sits on the couch, she notices that she just sat on a ring box. She guesses it must have been for Emily. He tells her that Emily was his past but she is his future. They go into the bedroom and have sex. They get dressed and look for her keys. She finds the rattle that Caroline gave to Grace. Rafe tells her that they should have some of her things around because she will always be part of their family.

EJ is playing with Johnny in the park when Will stops by. He tells him he's glad that he's dropped the custody fight, but he wonders why. EJ claims his wife talked him into doing the right thing and tells him that he is always welcome to come and visit his brother. They talk about Grace and Elvis wishes he had as many memories of her as Will does. Will offers to give him a copy of his pictures of Grace. "That would mean the world to me," EJ says. Mia wanders by. Will introduced them and then leaves with his brother for a minute. Mia tells EJ how sorry she is that he didn't get to know his daughter since he's such a good father. He doesn't know why she cares so much about his parenting skills. Will returns and takes Mia away to the movies. "There is something very strange about that girl," EJ says. Sami comes by to pick up her son. Rafe arrives and the family rush off for lunch. "Enjoy it while it lasts Samantha because it won't last long," EJ mutters.

Mia and Will can't get into the movie so they go to the Java Cafe. When Will spots Kinsey, he thinks they should go. She refuses. Kinsey is with Chad at the counter, wondering what it is about 'tapioca' Mia that makes him so obsessed with her. He flashes back to making out with her by his locker. Kinsey tells him that Mia was in rehab.

At the mansion, Kate tells Philip that Stephanie is just being independent but she'll come back. He's sure it's more than that. She even quit her job. "She's moving on and I need to do the same," he says. Kate calls Chloe to ask her how she is doing and tells her to enjoy her day off. Chloe collapses in the middle of the park as soon as she hangs up on Kate. Daniel wanders by and stops. He tries reviving her. She comes to. "You saved me. You always save me. I love you," she says. They kiss. He breaks away and tells her it's too late for them. But this is all a dream. She's still unconscious. Kate finds her body and tells her it will only get worse. She is taken to the hospital and begins having a fit. As Lexi runs toxicology tests, Chloe fantasizes about having a domestic life with Daniel. Since Lexi can't come up with any ideas, she decides to consult with Daniel. "I don't want him anywhere near me," Chloe groans.

Kate goes to see Daniel at his apartment and he abruptly tells her that he's quitting. He's also quitting his job at the hospital. She claims she's sorry to see him go but he's not convinced. Kate tries talking him into sticking around a bit longer so things can turn out the way they should. He heads over to the hospital with his letter of resignation while Kate pays off another one of her henchmen. He hands her a doctored tape of Daniel threatening Chloe.

Nathan runs into Maggie and Steph at the hospital. Lexi rushes out and congratulates her on her new job. Nathan hugs her. She asks him if he ever actually works. Mel calls and Steph tells her that she can't go out with her now that she's got a new job. Mel talks her around. "Don't play cards with her," Nathan suggests. Melanie then calls Philip and arranges to meet him at the cabin, promising him a good time. As she bustles around Maggie's kitchen with a picnic basket, Maggie strolls in and asks her what she is up to. Mags warns her about the dangers of matchmaking and Melanie happily hops away.

Stephanie arrives at the cabin. She goes out searching for Melanie on the grounds. Mel arrives with Philip and tells him to change while she takes care of something. When she gets outside, she bumps into Steph and sends her inside to change. As soon as Steph takes off her shirt, Philip walks out of the bathroom half naked. She pulls her clothes back on. He tells her not to be too mad at Melanie for this and decides to leave. Melanie comes in and asks him not to leave. Steph reminds him that the ferry won't be by for hours. Melanie suggests that they talk to each other and leaves them alone. Steph doesn't know what they can say to each other. "I do," Philip says.


July 16, 2009
No Daniel. No!

In the park, the family celebrates Ciara's birthday. As Nathan and Caroline go in the bouncing house with the little girl, Bo asks Hope if they can have some action in there later. In the distance, a man watches from the bushes. Abe arrives with Theo as Hope serves cupcakes. Bo and Abe catch up about his visions. He admits that he's still having them and tells him about the vision of Tommy Bear. Hope sits on her husband's lap for awhile until everyone begins clearing up the party. Ciara is left alone for a moment. The mysterious man walks over and tells her it's his birthday too. Since they're 'birthday buddies' he offers her some candy. When she takes it, he tells her that he has many more. He rushes off as the parents return.

At the cabin, Philip tells Steph that he just wanted to make her as happy as she makes him. He'll always love her. She'll always love him too. If that's true, he doesn't see why they can't be together. They kiss. She breaks away and repeats that this won't work. He's annoyed, but she insists that she has made her choice.

Melanie watches them from outside until Brady startles her. He confronts her about trying to get Steph and Philip back together. They watch them together and Mel begins congratulating herself. Brady tells her that her attempt to pair him up with Ari was a flop. Mel won't give up trying to get them together. Brady doesn't understand why she is doing all of this. She says she isn't making a play for Philip; she just wants to see him happy and thinks he needs a push. Stephanie strides out with Philip trailing behind. "I can't believe you did this," Steph says to Mel. Brady drags Philip into the cabin and tries to calm him down. "I can't lose her," Philip says. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells her friend that she always used to go and see romantic comedies, but life isn't really like that. Mel feels stupid but Steph tearfully tells her that her heart was in the right place and then rushes off. Brady comes out and follows her to the ferry. Melanie goes to Philip and he tells her that this time it's finally over. He decides to call for a boat.

Chris arrives at the Java Cafe as Kate watches a cut of the episode of 'Hearth and Home'. She tells him how awful it is and suggests that something went down between Chloe and Daniel. Kate says that Daniel is disposable but Chloe is family so she's relived that the doctor is quitting before she has to fire him. He goes over to the set and babbles to the crew that Daniel is quitting. Maggie overhears and gets concerned. She prods Chris for information but he's terrified of what Kate would do if he gossiped. Kate calls and she tells him that he can open up to Maggie as long as he keeps her name out of it. Chris blathers to Maggie.

Daniel arrives at work with his letter of resignation. He asks Maxine to give it to Lexi but she tells him he'll have to do it himself. Meanwhile, Chloe asks Lexi to keep Daniel away from her, even if he is the best doctor around. Lexi tries to convince her but Chloe says she has a personal problem with him. When Lexi walks out, she catches Daniel trying to come in. She tells him the patient is off limits to him. He hands her his resignation. She's shocked but he insists that he needs to make a clean break. She guesses this has to do with one of his patients. He's defensive but she keeps trying to talk him out of it. That doesn't work. She returns to Chloe. She's been tossing and turning mumbling to herself about her promise to God. "No Daniel. No!" Chloe moans. Lexi wonders what he did to her. She looks through some more tests. While she goes off to try and figure out what's wrong with her patient, Chloe continues to fantasize about Daniel. When she wakes up, Kate sits beside her and offers her concern.

Nathan arrives and Daniel teases him for the makeup he still has on from the birthday party. Daniel tells him that he's moving on. Nathan wishes him good luck. The doctor morosely walks through the hospital and stares at the door of Chloe's room. He heads home and starts to pack when he notices his old shirt. He remembers when Chloe used to wear it and smiles. He gets frustrated but tells himself that he can do this as long as Chloe will be happy.

Back at the hospital, Brady calls Steph to check in on her. She never wants to talk about Philip again. Nearly breaking into tears, she hangs up. She slips into the locker room to cry and bumps into Nathan as he's changing. She cries on his shoulder.

July 17, 2009
Dude, He's Been Sober For Ages.

Melanie is hacking away on her computer when Nathan catches her. "I hope you're not thinking about cheating," he says. They bicker and she explains that she can't just rely on her brains. She has confidence issues and wants to impress people. He tells her to get over herself. Being a nurse should be about helping other people, not herself. Nathan tells her about Maggie's accident and how important it is to have a passion to help people if you are entering the medical profession. If she doesn't have the kind of passion that Tom Horton had, she should find a different career. He encourages her to take the test for real to prove to herself that she can do it.

Victor catches Brady dripping all over the living room after he's taken a swim. He asks him out for breakfast at the pub. Brady's not interested in stepping a foot in there. He explains that he has a problem with the new manager but doesn't want to talk about it. Victor demands some answers and they bicker about women. Brady accuses his grandfather of being misogynist but Victor thinks any woman would be a fool not to be trying to get her claws into his grandson. Brady insists that she is a smart woman and she is just protecting herself. "To hell with her! She doesn't deserve you!" Victor blurts out. Brady gets dressed and his grandfather tells him that he is proud of him for defeating his demons.

Arianna shows up at the townhouse with some muffins for her brother. He offers her his painting of the dogs playing poker in exchange. She guesses he must be moving in with Sami. He expects her to lecture him but she won't, she just wishes he would take things a little more slowly. "Try to think with your head, not your heart," she suggests. He doesn't want to be difficult and lonely like her. She says that's a sacrifice she had to make. He asks her if she's met someone. She tells him that she met someone who challenges her and is fun but... she changed her mind about him. He tells her that no matter what happened in their past, it doesn't mean they don't deserve to be happy. She claims that she likes to be alone.

Nicole runs into Sami while she picnics in the park with her kids. The women sit down and Sami talks about how grateful she is. She even hugs Nicole, who seems utterly disturbed by the outburst. They joke that this must have looked like a sign of the coming apocalypse. Sami tells her how much she trusts her after she risked her neck but Nicole is sure she must still have questions. She wanted to ease Sami's pain, she explains. "Being a mom has changed you," Sami observes. "We both suffered a lot of pain. We both lost our little girls," Nicole says. Sami doesn't follow so Nicole says that Sydney stopped breathing once but it turned out to be nothing serious. She apologizes for making an analogy to Sami's situation. "It's just not the same. There is something going on with you," Sami accuses. They drop it and play with Sydney. Sami talks about how amazing Rafe is. She asks Nicole for a favor she wants to declare a truce in honor of Grace. "I think it was struck when Grace went to heaven," Nicole says. Rafe approaches as they finish their bonding session. Sami gives him a hug and tells him about the truce. As Sami gets the children, Nicole and Rafe begin arguing. He admits that he still doesn't trust her.

Melanie chats with Ari in the pub, she tells her that she just bombed her exam since Nathan convinced her not to buy answers off the internet. She brings up Brady and quizzes Ari on why she turned him down. "Dude, he's been sober for ages," Mel says. Ari likes him, but she can't give him a chance. She runs off and meets with Brady. She tries to talk to him about Ari but he wants her to drop it. "I don't know if I should feel sorry for you or envy you for being able to walk away from a love like that," she says. He asks her to mind her own business and she walks away. Back inside the pub, Ari thinks of when she almost kissed Brady. She stops herself from smiling. Making a quiet phone call, she tells someone that she got the gig at the pub and they are good to go. Meanwhile, Melanie runs into work and bumps into Nathan. He has the results from the nursing exam. She's thrilled to discover that she has passed. "It doesn't hurt that I have a photographic memory," she says. He tells her that she's smart and she owes him dinner.

At the mansion, Stefano groans as he looks through his new dossier on Rafe. He grumbles about how pathetic Rafe is and then smiles when he gets to the info on Emily. Later, Nicole returns and reaches for a drink when Stefano approaches her. She complains about how Rafe still has a problem with her. He's really irritating her. Stefano tells her to relax. Soon enough, Sami will be full of doubts about Rafe. "There is, however, somebody that you do have to worry about," he says.

Sami and Rafe take the kids home for their nap. He rubs her shoulders and talks about how edgy Nicole always seems to be. Sami just wants to move on and look to the future. Rafe says he's figured out a good way for them to do that. She decides that they should hang his painting. He won't ask her to do that, but he tells her that she is his soul mate.


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