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4th Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 20, 2009
Oh No!

"You showed me your secret spot and now I'd like to show you mine," Sami tells Rafe at the townhouse. He likes the sound of that. They pack up to go out but a strange noise stops them. The air conditioner just died. Sami's afraid that the place will turn into an oven. Rafe announces that he is taking off his shirt so he can fix the AC. As he crawls around the attic fixing it, she holds the ladder. When she steps away, he tries climbing down and falls to the floor. She runs to him and cries about how she can never lose him. He's okay. She apologizes for being sad all the time. He says she has every right to be sad. You never get over losing someone, you just deal with it better over time. He just thanks God he found her and love again. She asks him to meet up with her later because she needs to run some errands. As he showers, she leaves directions to her secret spot on a pad. When he comes out, he finds them. "Oh no! Not there!" he sighs. Meanwhile, when Sami arrives at the secret spot, a woman is crying nearby. "Emily!" she howls.

At the mansion, Stefano tells Nicole that there is someone she needs to worry about Mia. Nicole insists that she can handle her. Elvis wanders in with Sydney. He tells her that he bumped into Mia the other day and she told him what a good father he is. Mia spent more time with Grace than he was ever allowed to, he grumbles, before saying that Sami and Rafe will get payback for what they did to him. When EJ leaves to take a call, Stefano and Nicole's conversation continues. He assures her that Rafe and Sami's fate is sealed. EJ returns as she thanks him. "Thank you? For what?" Elvis asks. Stefano says he set up a trust fund for Sydney. After Nicole leaves with the baby for a walk, Elvis begins interrogating his father about being as thick as thieves with Nicole. Stefano says they've formed a union for the sake of Sydney. They've seen how much he has been suffering and they're trying to ease that. He assures his son that Sami will soon have her comeuppance and will no longer torment him.

At Maggie's, she's talking to her two female houseguests, telling them how proud she is of their schoolwork. She talks about Mia's short story and how impressive her depth of feeling is. Maggie talks about rehab and suggests that Mia start a journal as a form of therapy.

When Brady walks into the pub, Arianna tells him that there is something they have to get straight. She's nervous and stutters. He tries to decipher all of her mixed signals but it's confusing. She offers to start over and introduces herself. She's been changing her mind about taking a chance with him. He wonders if it's because her feelings for him aren't strong enough. He asks her to test them and begins kissing her. "Don't say anything," he says before turning and walking out. When he gets outside, Nicole is standing there. As she digs about Arianna, he tells her he needs to get to work and leaves. Nicole and the baby go inside and begin quizzing Ari about her brother. She refuses to gossip about him with anyone. After Nicole leaves, Melanie comes in. "I want you to stay out of my life!" Ari barks at her. As they bicker, she gets a call. "I'll make it happen," Ari says to someone on the phone. Mel begins digging into her life and guesses that whoever she was just talking to is who is keeping her from Brady. Meanwhile, Brady runs into Maggie by the pier. He tells her that he tried to end things with Ari but it didn't last. He wound up kissing her and realized that this was the wrong thing to do. He can't get involved with anyone now. "I won't let it happen. I can't," he says.

When Will walks into the Java Cafe, Chad asks him about Mia going to rehab. Will refuses to discuss it. Chad is sure that the whole thing is a lie. Will thinks he's full of crap and walks out. He runs into a friend of his who asks him to the beach. When his friend tells him that kids from Salem West will be there, Will wonders if he can learn more about Mia's past. "I think I know everything I need to know," he decides. Meanwhile, Mia walks into the Java Cafe and Chad tells her that he knows why she suddenly left school after they broke up. She drops a mug and it smashes. He starts to drill her about rehab and she reminds him that he never called her after he was shipped off. He notices that she's bleeding and takes her hand as Will walks in. She rushes off to get the First Aid kit and the two boys begin bickering. Mia returns and says the manager is sending her home. After she declines Will's offer to take her home, Chad says, "Sorry dude. She's just not that into you." Will tells him to back off and leaves. Mia goes home and begins writing in her journal. She writes about how her lies are only making things worse.

Nicole comes home with Sydney and finds Elvis sitting at his desk brooding. He tells her that he knows she's been keeping things from him. She asks for a chance to explain. Before she can, he tells her how deeply touched he is by how concerned she is for him. But, no matter how well intentioned her secrets are, they still shouldn't be kept from him.


July 21, 2009
You Must Be So Relieved.

Daniel and Philip are working out in the park. The doctor tells him that he's leaving town, hoping that it will be easier to start a new life somewhere else. Meanwhile, Kate encourages Chloe to stay in the hospital but she is eager to get home. Kate tells her that today is Daniel's last day. "You must be so relieved?" she prods. Chloe doesn't look relieved. Kate wonders why that is. Chloe claims that she really is and Daniel deserves a fresh start. They chat about Lucas and then Chloe wanders off. Kate begins going through her bag and takes her cell phone. "Third time is a charm," she grumbles.

Roman arrives at the townhouse as Rafe is leaving to see Sami. He's looking for the kids and is surprised to see that Sami isn't spending every waking hour with her children. He notices that Rafe's moved in. Rafe assumes that Sami's father isn't okay with it. Roman's not, but Sami's an adult and Rafe may be the first man who can actually take care of her. Rafe promises to look after her. Roman will hold him to it.

As Sami sets up a picnic in the woods, she runs into a woman crying, "Emily!" When Sami asks her what's wrong, the woman tells her how beautiful the area is. "I just can't believe what happened," she says. She explains that it's filled with memories of her sister. When Sami asks her what happened, she says that this was Emily's favorite place. Sami talks about losing her baby and they introduce themselves to each other. The woman's name is Meredith Hudson. Recognizing the name, Sami starts digging for information on Emily's death. Meredith would rather not talk about it. After she leaves, Rafe arrives. He tries to be cool about being there and asks her what's wrong. As they picnic, she tells him she's worried about him. He explains that her father came by and gave them his blessing. She's impressed. Rafe pours wine and toasts to their future. They make out but she stops him before it goes too far. She declares that she has to go home and runs off. She meets up with her father and asks him to find out everything he can about Emily.

As Melanie skips home, Maggie surprises her as she tries to sneak a donut. She mourns her matchmaking flops. They talk about Mel's date with Nathan and Maggie wishes her a wonderful time. Mel says her expectations are low and runs off. Kate, Chris and Chloe soon arrive to start the latest taping for 'Hearth and Home'. Kate sends them off to look for a scarf and then poisons some brownies when no one is looking.

Stephanie tracks down Nathan at work and tells him the hospital will be doing a special piece about his part in the Horton legacy. After she walks away, Daniel comes in to finish off some things before leaving. Nathan asks him if he can check out a difficult file and offer a diagnosis. Before he can, Nathan's beeper goes off. After he does some running around, he runs into Steph again and tells her he's late for his meal with Mel. Steph makes a face but refuses to give any relationship advice. After the intern rushes away, she thinks back to breaking up with Philip, who just happens to walk in. He awkwardly says hello and they share some small talk. She says they can be friends some day. He doesn't think he can handle that and walks away to the meeting. When he comes out, he's loudly flirting with one of the hospital board members.

Melanie goes into the pub and chats with Ari. She nervously talks about her dinner with Nathan and apologizes again for what happened with Brady. Nathan shows up late. Right after he shows up, his beeper goes off. He has to leave but she offers to wait. When he gets to the hospital, he sees Steph after Phillip leaves. They talk about how awkward things are for her. Meanwhile, Melanie continues sitting at the pub, blowing bubbles in her drink. Ari comes by and suggests that she would rather be on a date with Philip. Mel says the old her would take advantage of the heartbroken Philip, but that's not her anymore. When Philip comes in, he sits with her, slightly drunk after just buying a new Ferrari. He asks her for a ride.

Daniel arrives at Maggie's. Kate hands Chloe a brownie and then leaves them alone. He tells her that he is leaving and she asks him about the woman he was seeing. He doesn't know what she is talking about. "There is no other woman for me," he tells her. As he stares in her eyes, she tells him that she's been having dreams of a future with him. He is all she ever thinks about. Almost dying made her realize what a terrible mistake marrying Lucas was. "You are the only man that I'll ever truly love," she says. When she tries to end the conversation, he tells her how much he loves her and how long he has waited for this moment. When he touches her face, he senses she's warm. She tells him that she was in the hospital again. He realizes something is wrong with her and he refuses to leave town while she is sick. She tells him that God can damn her, but she is leaving Lucas. Meanwhile, Kate and Chris are yelling. She runs off to take care of something and he watches Daniel and Chloe through the door. Soon, Kate calls and tells him to get the set ready. She calls Maggie using Chloe's cell phone and then plays the doctored tape of Daniel threatening Chloe.

July 22, 2009
You're Going To Shut Up.

A drunken Philip stumbles into the pub and tries to get Mel to go for a ride with him in his new Ferrari. She tells him that she has a date, but when he keeps drinking, she agrees to go along. He grabs some beers and she follows him to the door. She swipes his keys and leads him to the car. They drive out to the cabin and she accuses him of acting out over Stephanie. He concedes it. He loves Steph but he knows it will never work with her so he's stuck being alone. When he makes a pass at Mel, she says she is taking him home and she won't be his rebound. He grabs her and asks her to prove there has never been a connection between them. He kisses her but she pushes him off. "I'm sorry," he says. He doesn't mean it. They begin making out.

As Nicole is about to go and set the world record for the amount of shoes bought in one day, Will shows up at the door. He thanks her for helping negotiate things between Elvis and Sami, but he's never known her to do things like that before. They talk about the pain a mother goes through when she loses a child. After he thanks her again and leaves, she breaks down in tears.

Chad is staring at Mia in the Java Cafe and trying to figure out how she became such a liar. He prods her for some proof of her alleged addictions. When she refuses, he says he'll find out on his own. After he plods off, Nicole comes in. Mia complains about Chad and how he is starting to dig into her life. She worries that he'll never back off. Nicole asks her for all of the sordid details she knows about him and offers to 'fix this'. Mia goes out to the park and writes in her diary about her problems. Will pops up and asks her what's going on. She tells him that he deserves to know everything. Meanwhile, Nicole corners Chad as he's jogging. She introduces herself as his 'worst nightmare come to life'. She tells him that he's the reason that Mia was forced into addiction and now his return is threatening her newfound sobriety. "You're going to shut up," she orders, threatening to make sure his parents hear all about him and then he'll wind up back in military school.

Kate calls Maggie and plays the doctored tape of Daniel threatening Chloe. As Maggie freaks out, Kate drops the tape into the harbor and hangs up. Hope approaches Maggie who tells her that something terrible has just happened. Bo comes by and Maggie details what she just heard. Bo tries calling Chloe but gets Chris who accuses him of being a sicko stalker and hangs up on him. Since they seem to be taping the show, everyone assumes that things are okay, but Hope suggests they check just in case.

On the set, Chloe tells Daniel that she is leaving Lucas and wants to be with him forever. He kisses her and pulls on her hair until Chris starts knocking on the door. Daniel promises Chloe that he'll never let anyone get between them. When Chris comes in, he calls the crew and Chloe starts eating more brownies. Daniel notices her temperature is spiking. She insists that she's fine. Kate arrives and slips Chloe's phone back in her purse as the taping begins. Chloe passes out as soon as they start rolling. They call an ambulance and Daniel rushes her out. Maggie and Kate talk to Bo and Hope about how often Chloe has been sick. They take notes as Kate drops hints about the affair. Bo warns them that this is becoming a police investigation. Maggie tells them about the affair. Chris tells them that Daniel and Chloe were talking in private and she seemed messed up when he saw her after. Kate protests but Bo is suspicious. They bag the brownies and Kate tells them about Daniel's plan to leave town. Bo calls for a warrant and starts a search of Daniel's apartment. He and his men quickly find the vial of poison.

When Daniel gets Chloe to the hospital, he begins ordering tests. He promises her that he will find out what's wrong and never leave her. She feels like her head is spinning and he asks her about what she ate. She remembers the brownies and then starts having a seizure. They manage to stop it and Daniel tells her to sleep. Her blood pressure starts dropping so he calls for dopamine. "I will not lose her," he says. As she stabilizes, Lexi comes in and announces that she has news to change everything. She tells him about the drugs they found in Chloe's blood. Meanwhile, Hope tells Maggie and Kate that they have uncovered damning evidence against Daniel and he is their prime suspect.


July 23, 2009
I Would Never Hurt Chloe.

At the hospital, Kate plays up her worries over Chloe's fate for Maggie's sake. Kate looks into Chloe's room through the glass. "Let go Chloe. Just die," she thinks to herself. Maggie begins apologizing for telling the cops about the affair. All the while, Daniel sits by Chloe's side begging her to come through. "I am not going to lose you," he says. Lexi offers to take over but Daniel won't step back. Bo arrives at the hospital. Hope tells him the name of the drug that's poisoning Chloe. It matches up with the one he found in the doctor's apartment. Bo heads in to question Daniel. The doctor refuses to move but Lexi orders him to go. Bo takes Daniel into the locker room and questions him about the affair. Daniel begins blowing up over being questioned about his personal life. He insists that he and Chloe love each other, even though they tried hard to fight it. Bo tells him about the threat which Maggie heard on the phone. Daniel tells him there must be some mistake and then Bo questions him about the drug. The detective informs him that they found some of it in his apartment. "I would never hurt Chloe," Daniel insists. He pleads to end this and get back to treating the woman he loves.

Hope questions Kate who tells her about Daniel quitting and planning to leave town. Maggie chips in information about how strained things seemed to be between Daniel and Chloe on the set. When Hope asks about the affair, Kate acts distraught and tells her that this is all her fault for putting Chloe in such an awkward situation. Maggie stands up for her. Lexi overhears about the affair. "Now it makes sense," she blurts out, telling Hope that Chloe didn't want Daniel treating her. After explaining this, she adds that there is a good chance Chloe won't make it. Maggie gets Kate water and assures her that everything will work out. She leaves to call Mickey and Kate stares in at Chloe. "Too late for forgiveness now," she grumbles. Meanwhile, Hope continues questioning Lexi. Kate cuts in and tells them that the apple which made Chloe sick was from Daniel. Maggie goes to sit by Chloe's side and begs her to come back. Her machines start to ring and Lexi runs in. As Daniel returns, Bo has his men grab him and hold him back. He screams out to Chloe, vowing not to leave her.

Stephanie walks into the pub and bumps into Nathan. He tells her that Mel has stood him up. She warns him that there are things about Melanie that he should know. He's heard all about her already. Steph kicks herself for being a gossipy idiot and suggests that Mel may have genuinely changed. Nathan informs her that Melanie just left with Philip. She tells him to just forget anything nice she said about Mel and assumes that she is back to her old tricks. His beeper goes off again.

At the cabin, Mel tries backing away from Philip's kisses. He says that he is just giving her what they both want. She stops him and asks him to stop smiling. "We've always had this connection," he claims. She tells him there is someone else. He's surprised and sits down. Mel talks about Nathan and says that he's one of the reasons she's stayed in town. When she reveals that she was on a date when he dragged her out there, he asks her what's wrong with the picture she just painted. She tries to avoid looking at his dimples and insists that they are just friends now. Trying to be a stand-up person, she refuses to be his rebound from Steph. They go back to town. He apologizes and asks her to keep this quiet. Mel admits that she can't figure out what just happened, but if it was real, he needs to be over Steph before he tries this out again. She walks back to the pub just as Nathan is leaving. When she goes into the pub, Steph gets in her face and calls her a 'two faced bitch' before accusing her of trying to seduce Philip.

In the park, Will interrupts Mia while she's writing in her diary. He asks her why she seems upset. She tells him that he deserves to know everything. There were things she did at Salem West that she's not proud of... Chad jogs up to them before she can explain. Will steps away to take a call and Chad tells Mia how great they were together. "Shut up," she says. He tells her that he met Nicole and she told him to stay away. "I can't," he says. He apologizes and tells her he wants another chance. "Are you for real?" she asks. Will returns and Chad leaves. Mia confesses that she and Chad were 'really together', but that's all she tells him. He doesn't understand what the big deal is.

July 24, 2009
I Want This Nightmare To End.

At the mansion, EJ tells the staff not to disturb him this evening while he spends time with his wife. Nicole comes home, trying to call Mia and demanding that she call her back and tell her what's happened with Chad. "I'm not going to lose Sydney to some teenaged punk!" she grumbles. When she spots the baby sitting alone, she starts to freak. EJ comes in and she asks him why no one was watching the child. She's afraid a 'hoodlum' could have come in. He's sure something is up. She wants Mary fired. He tells her to be angry with him and wonders why she is being so irrational. Nicole claims she heard a report about a kidnapping and got paranoid. After putting Sydney to sleep and turning on the baby monitor, she asks Elvis to go upstairs and work off their stress. Once they've worked off their stress, she promises to stop being an overprotective mother. She stares over at the phone and makes him suspicious.

"In a bad mood or are you christening the house?" Brady asks Philip as he catches him smashing a glass against the mansion mantle. Brady stops him from trashing the crystal and guesses he's having woman problems. Philip blew things with Steph and put the moves on Mel. Brady doesn't offer him any sympathy. "I'm swearing off women," Philip claims. Brady laughs and leaves for work.

"You two faced bitch!" Steph bellows at Mel as she walks into the pub. She accuses her of sleeping with Philip. Mel slaps her across the face and tells her that she didn't sleep with him. Stephanie admits she bad mouthed her to Nathan. Mel reminds her that she dumped Philip, even after she'd tried to put them back together. Steph continues calling her names. "If you have a sensitive bone in your body, you'll think about what I went through as a child," Mel says. She insists that she was only trying to do the right thing. As she cries, she turns and runs into Brady. She tells Brady what happened and how Steph has been treating her. She could have been with Philip, but she's sure that he was just looking for someone to fill the void. Mel couldn't do that and she couldn't hurt Steph that way. Stephanie apologizes and they hug as Brady, his work done, leaves. After Melanie has dinner alone, Brady returns and checks in on her. She gets a call about Chloe and then tells Brady what happened to his ex-wife. He admits that he still cares about her and she tells him he should go to the hospital.

Chloe flatlines at the hospital. Daniel screams her name as the cops hold him back. Maggie and Kate pray as Lexi tries to revive the dying diva. She whips out the defibrillator as Daniel screams, "Come back to me!" She suddenly revives. Bo comes in to get an update. Lexi says it's still too soon to know all the answers. Maggie is busy thanking God and Kate is busy groaning. Bo gets his men to release Daniel. The doctor is still livid. Bo advises him to call a lawyer. When Lexi comes out, Kate turns on the tears and asks for the prognosis. Lexi explains that she is in a coma and there's a chance that she may never recover. Maggie weeps and wishes she had been nicer to Chloe.

Bo and Hope question Daniel in the locker room. Lexi comes in to say that Chloe has been stabilized. Daniel begins telling Lexi what to do next but Bo won't let him leave the room. He tells him again to call a lawyer. Bo continues questioning him. Hope gets an update on the drugs and says that the man who picked up the drugs matches Daniel's description. They show him the forged prescription and ask him if it's his handwriting. When they ask him if anyone had access to his apartment, he remembers that Chloe and Lucas went there. They continue demanding answers for all of the evidence and ask him why he is lying to them. He refuses to answer any more questions. The doctor thinks back over his various unpleasant run-ins with Kate and starts to put things together.

Philip arrives at the hospital and his mother tells him that Chloe is in a coma. "I don't understand how anyone could be so malicious," she says. Meanwhile, Maggie sits on the grounds and cries when Nathan finds her. He comforts her as she tells him what's wrong. He's shocked when she tells him that Daniel has been accused of poisoning. When they go home, they better not eat anything, she says. Maggie goes inside and joins Philip and Kate. Philip continues to be baffled and Kate keeps insisting that the doctor must be innocent. "I want this nightmare to end," Kate says. Daniel comes out and stares at her. "You," he whispers. When Philip heads home, he asks Henderson to try and track down Lucas. As he turns to leave again, Stephanie comes to the door.

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