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5th Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 27, 2009

In bed, EJ tells Nicole that he knows she isn't telling him the truth about something. "You're scared and I know that it has something to do with our daughter... you're not Sydney's mother," he says. She panics but he explains that he means that Sydney's mother is calm and rational and she hasn't been her old self. They bicker. She worries that their daughter will be walking soon and be in danger of falling down the stairs. He says that she must be more protective of Sydney because Grace died and she was the same age as their child. He's had some dark days lately, but he can see that she is in a lot of pain and wants to know why. She accuses him of projecting what he's been doing onto her. He is the one who is obsessed. "Why does everything always come back to Sami?" she asks. Elvis accuses her of avoiding his questions. She knows that he only married her because she was pregnant and doubts he would have if he had known that Sami was pregnant as well. He laughs this off. After they fall asleep, he dreams of being in bed with Sami, talking to the baby. He wakes up with a shock.

Sami arrives at home and finds that Rafe has lit candles and set things up for an indoor picnic. "I don't need surprises. I just need you," she says. They make out and wish they could have picnics every day. As he gets something, Roman calls and tells her where Meredith is staying. He won't dig any more until she tells him more about this woman. She hangs up as Rafe returns with smores. After eating one, she suddenly announces that she has to run to the pub and get Allie's smock. Once she runs off, Roman shows up at the door. Meanwhile, Sami runs into Meredith by the pier.

Stephanie shows up at the mansion. Philip tells her that Chloe may be dying. He doesn't want to talk about it. She explains her fight with Mel. "I came here to tell you that I'm sorry and I made a huge mistake," she says. She knows how bad he must be feeling about Chloe right now. He feels worse about losing Steph. Steph wishes she could take back some of the things she said and admits that she's still in love with him. They come close to kissing when Henderson interrupts to say that Lucas will arrive in two hours. Philip tells Steph she's lucky they were interrupted. He's the same guy and he won't change. If she can't deal with that, there is no future for them. They agree to be friends and she walks out, dejected.

Melanie runs into Maggie and Nathan at the hospital. As Maggie looks at her two wards, she wonders if everything is alright. They aren't saying anything. She leaves to call and warn Mia about the poison in the kitchen. Mel begins apologizing to Nathan for running out on their date. He doesn't think that's necessary and offers to reschedule. She smiles, "Yeah okay."

At the hospital, Daniel stares at Kate and tells Bo and Hope that he knows who poisoned Chloe. He tells the cops that Kate was in his apartment and she must have planted it. Kate has been jealous of him ever since they broke up. When the police bring this up to Kate, she turns on the tears and whines about how she has always defended him as a good man. Crying, she insists that there is no way she wanted to see this happen. Daniel gets angry so Bo forces him to back off. Maggie walks in and admits that she told Lucas about the affair earlier, after he started drinking again. Kate nearly explodes but Hope grabs onto the lead and begins questioning her. Maggie insists that Lucas never remembered the facts thanks to the explosion. Bo and Hope start putting things together and wonder if Lucas is guilty. Kate defends him and insists that she knows for a fact who did it. Lexi comes out and explains that Chloe isn't responding and could use a family member by her side. Kate offers to do it but Daniel begs the cops not to allow it. "I don't know why Daniel thinks I'm such a monster," Kate says, pushing past him.

Maggie is talking to Brady, filling him in on what's happened to Chloe. She cries as she talks about how this tragedy has unraveled in her home. He calls Chloe's parents, who Kate never contacted about any of this. Daniel approaches Brady and begs him to keep Kate away from Chloe, sit by the diva's bedside and help her through this. Meanwhile, Kate holds Chloe's hand and tells her that no one loves her and she should do herself a favor and let go. Brady comes in and sits with his ex-wife.

He tells her that he still loves her and wishes he could have helped her. "Fight," he begs, holding her hand. She seems to respond. Outside the room, Bo tells Daniel not to leave. Brady runs out and says that Chloe could be waking up. After Lexi checks her out, she says it was just an involuntary movement. Daniel begs for a chance to spend time with Chloe. The forensics report comes in and it proves that the doctor's fingerprints were on the vial of poison. Bo tells him to get a lawyer. Daniel is outraged. They drag him out as he screams about how much he loves Chloe. Kate smirks.

July 28, 2009
Do You have Any Antacid?

At the townhouse, Rafe asks Roman why Sami is covering up the calls which she has been making to him. Roman thinks he's jumping to conclusions but Rafe is sure there is more. Roman's not helpful but Rafe assures him he is only trying to help Sami since she is making impulsive choices at the moment. After Roman leaves, Rafe starts calling around looking for Sami and hopes she's dropped her obsession with Emily.

Sami startles Meredith on the pier. Sami's glad to see her. "What is it you want with me?" Meredith asks. Meredith is weirded out and wants to escape but Sami is desperate to talk about Emily. She promises she's not a stalker. Meredith begins opening up about how horrible her sister's death was and how it never should have happened. They talk about grief and how it never goes away. She and her sister used to tell each other everything, but then Rafe came and everything changed. Meredith thought he was great at the beginning... but that all changed. She becomes distraught and runs off. When Sami goes home, Rafe is waiting and begins interrogating her as soon as she arrives. "I had an interesting conversation with your father," he says. She fobs it off but he wants to know why she is lying to him.

Daniel is dragged down to the station. Bo threatens to put him in a holding cell if he doesn't talk. The doctor agrees to tell him everything. Bo wanders out to Hope and they discuss whether Daniel or Kate could be behind this. Hope goes in and begins interrogating the doctor after reading him his rights. He tells her the affair was inevitable. Daniel explains that Kate has been obsessing for a long time and must have created an elaborate plan. "She is weird about her son. It's like she has to run his life," he says. She returns to the evidence and how it all points to him. He tells her that Kate blackmailed him to work with Chloe and things got out of hand. Hope repeats that there is no one to back him up. He suggests that Kate could have confided in someone about her plan... like Victor. The detective thinks that he's made Kate look like quite an opponent.

Bo and Abe talk about the case. Bo's already sure that Daniel didn't do it. Abe's a lot less convinced and wonders if Bo will be coddling another suspect like he did with his brother. "Your ass is on the line," Abe warns him. As they argue, Bo taunts him to go ahead and fire him. The lab results are handed to Bo. He soon admits that things don't look good for Daniel. Bo still thinks he's innocent, but that doesn't change what he has to do next.

At the hospital, Kate tells comatose Chloe that she needs to die. As Kate begins trying to disconnect the IV, Lexi comes in and orders her out. When Kate walks out, Victor arrives. "Chloe's in a coma. Do you have an antacid? This coffee is bilge," she groans. He wonders why she is sticking around unless she's afraid she'll miss the finale. He needs some details and jokingly asks if she caught Chloe's collapse on tape. Victor is eager to help make sure that Chloe never wakes up and guesses that this is all Kate's handiwork. "Bad things happen to people you hate," he says, wondering why she is still alive at all. She runs into Nathan and asks him for an update. He tells them about the tox screen and hurries off. Victor is giddy for more details. She says Chloe was poisoned over a long period of time and had plenty of enemies. He tells her she should be worried about what her son will think of this. "You don't think I have that covered?" she says. He teases her some more about the 'death watch' and she tries to chase him off. "Good girl. Nice work. See you at the funeral," he says, but before he leaves, he asks her how she is going to keep Lucas from suspecting her. Bo calls Victor and tells him that they are about to arrest Daniel and he needs a lawyer. When Victor gets off the phone, he tells Kate that he doesn't care what she does to Chloe but she can't pin this on a member of his family. Lucas arrives and asks what's happened. "Are you going to tell him Kate, or should I?" Victor asks. Meanwhile, Lexi tells Nathan that the antidote isn't working, just prolonging the inevitable. "She might never come out of this," Lexi admits.


July 29, 2009
This Time You've Gone Too Far.

At the station, Bo still claims that Daniel is innocent, even though all the evidence is against him. Abe tells him he has to move on factual evidence. Bo thinks they still need to question Lucas before they move ahead.

Hope tells the doctor that his theory about Kate makes her look like an impressive opponent. He begs her just to keep Kate away from Chloe. Bo comes in for a second and says that Chloe is slipping further into a coma. Daniel is distraught. Bo questions him off the record. The doctor assumes that he and Hope actually think he's innocent. Bo's getting a lineup ready for the pharmacist. Daniel thinks this is all a puppet show being run by Kate. After the lineup turns out to be a bust, the DA calls and declares that they will be pressing charges anyway. Bo is forced to place Daniel under arrest. As the doctor is led to booking, Bo tells Abe that they just made a big mistake.

At the hospital, Victor tells Kate that she can't frame his godson. She claims the evidence against him is overwhelming. "This time you've gone too far," he says. Lucas rushes in and asks what's going on. His mother hugs him and tells him how sorry she is. She breaks the news by pointing him to Chloe's room. After Lexi fills him in on the poisoning, he's exasperated and returns to his mother. Philip arrives and explains that he just heard Daniel has been brought into custody. Victor claims that he's certain the doctor will be completely exonerated. Lucas and his brother go in to see Chloe. Lucas sits with his wife and begs her to wake up. Lexi admits that she might not wake up at all. "This is not how the story ends," he says to his wife. As he furrows his brow, her hand twitches.

Victor taunts Kate, sure that Lucas will believe anything he says about her. Kate says that he can't stop this. He threatens to tell Bo everything. "You do everything you have to to get what you want. So do I and I want Daniel free," he says. She gets upset that Daniel will go free after everything he's done. He only believes her tears when she's crying for herself. Victor makes some more snide remarks about Kate's extraordinary level of empathy as Philip returns. Kate tells him about the affair. "Good God I thought my life was a mess," Philip says. He walks off to check on his brother while Kate tries to hammer something out with Victor. He pushes past her when he sees Hope arrive. She's not interested in talking to him right now; she's eager to talk to Lucas. Kate tries to stop her from talking to her son and Victor tries to stop her from talking to Kate. Although they're acting suspicious, she goes in to see Lucas instead. Hope tells him that she needs him to prove he was out of the country when Chloe got sick. She asks him a few more questions and he tells her about the woman's scarf they found on Daniel's floor. "You find out who did this and make them pay," he says. Meanwhile, Kiriakis takes Kate outside and tells her that he is giving her a chance to fix this. "Or you're facing prison, or worse," he threatens. After he leaves, Hope comes out and advises Kate to find a way to fill Lucas in as sensitively as possible. When she departs, Philip returns and his mother tells him she needs his help. She wants him to tell Lucas about the affair. When Lucas approaches them, Kate blurts out, "She betrayed you!" Philip explains about the affair. Lucas plods back to Chloe's room. "How could you?" he asks her.

Hope arrives at the station and tells Bo everything that she got out of Lucas. Victor arrives as Hope leaves for the booking. Victor tells Bo that Daniel is innocent. He complains about how 'soul deadening' working in the police department must be. When Bo asks his father if he knows who did the poisoning, Victor claims ignorance. Meanwhile, Daniel is booked, fingerprinted and taken down to the cells.

At the townhouse, Sami acts shocked to learn that her dad came by. Rafe wonders why she is lying to him. She tells him that what she's been up to is none of his business. They bicker about how he never talks about his past. He tells her his past hurts. So does hers but she told him anyway because she loves him. He refuses to say any more. "Then we can't move forward," she declares, ordering him to tell her everything. He doesn't appreciate ultimatums when she's been going behind his back. She assumes he's scared that the truth might change their feelings for each other so she offers to tell him everything about herself first. He takes a chair and she tells him about her rapes, her numerous crimes, her time on death row, her life as a man in the middle east and adds EJ as a footnote before asking Rafe for his story. He tells her that this hasn't changed anything she still chose to tell him this and he refuses to be coerced. She accuses him of having something to hide. He finally gives in and tells her that he was in a car crash and Emily was killed. He took her away from her family and they hate him for it. Upset, he walks out.

July 30, 2009
Something's Very Wrong.

Sami runs to the pub and demands to know where Rafe is. Ari doesn't know and asks her what she did to her brother. Sami suddenly get an idea and runs. Meanwhile, Rafe is at the cemetery visiting Emily's grave. He thought he could move on but doesn't know if he can. Sami arrives to apologize. Rafe says she shouldn't have come. She admits to being a hypocrite and he tells her she doesn't know the whole story. He hopes they can learn to understand each other better. They hug, but that doesn't last since Sami brings up bumping into Meredith. Rafe goes pale. He leaves.

Mia and Nicole meet up in the park. Mia tries assuring her that Chad won't be a problem anymore. Nicole vows that she will never lose her husband or daughter. All the while, Elvis is hanging out with Sydney at the mansion. "Something's very wrong," he tells his daughter. Nicole comes in and asks him what's wrong. He's worried that she and Sydney will go away. She's baffled. Before he can explain, Stefano comes in to discuss business. Junior heads to his office to get some paperwork and Stefano grills his daughter-in-law. "I have a feeling something awful is going to happen," she says. He finds her optimism overwhelming and is tired of hearing the same words over and over again. "Something is wrong with us," she insists. "What's new?" he shrugs. She's sure that Rafe will get proof of their deception. When Elvis returns and his wife leaves, his father asks him what's wrong. "I love my wife," EJ explains, "but I can't get Samantha out of my mind." His dream about Sami is haunting him. Stefano clears his throat and says that his feelings for Sami are unhealthy. He advises him to prove that he loves his wife and daughter before he loses everything.

Chad is at the gym working out and thinking of Mia. He spots Will arriving. Kinsey comes over to flirt with Chad and notices him staring at Will. She points this out and accuses him of wanting Mia. He accuses her of having a thing for Will Horton. He suggests she start laying the groundwork for her future with Will. She immediately corners young Horton and begins apologizing for being a bitch. He thinks she should be apologizing to Mia. Chad watches from across the room. Mia walks by and Chad catches her. He chats with her and points out that Will is with Kinsey. Mia marches over. Kinsey plods off and Mia interrogates Will. He wants to forget about Kinsey. As they chat, Kinsey and Chad check in and plan their next move. After Will gets a message, he leaves for the hospital and Chad heads straight for Mia. She tries to leave but Chad stops her to tell her he will be sticking around this fall and going to school with her.

Brady shows up at the hospital. The nurse informs him that there was been no change with Chloe. He's sad. "Think good thoughts," she advises. Meanwhile, Ari walks into the park outside. A man rushes up and starts hassling her. Brady suddenly appears and clobbers the guy. She pulls him off and the man runs. Brady is wrought up and tells her that he will always be there for her when she needs help. He cares about her a lot and no one he cares about will ever get hurt again. Brady tells her about Chloe and how he wishes he had done things differently. She thinks he's wonderful. He doesn't know what that means. After he promises her that he won't slip up, he begs for a chance to prove himself to her and gives her a kiss. They kiss for awhile and he convinces her to go out with him. After he leaves, the man from before comes out and calls her name. She hands him an envelope and he passes some stuff into her hand before they part ways.

Sami runs into Nicole by the pier. Nicole asks her what's wrong. "It's Rafe. We broke up or something," Sami grumbles. Nicole tries to reassure her. Sami runs off, leaving Nicole wondering if Stefano made this happen. She hurries home and searches for Stefano. Only EJ is there and he has bad news - Chloe is in a coma. She's shocked, but tries to keep herself from falling apart. Elvis says it's okay to be upset and she can lean on him. "I'm always here for you," he says. They hug.

Rafe heads to the Salem Inn to see Meredith. "It's been a long time," he says. "Since you killed my sister," she shoots back. He insists that it was an accident. She used to believe that, but now she thinks his grief was just can act. The subject of Sami comes up and she taunts him about how terrible it must be to have his past come back to haunt him now. He tells her that he is moving on with his life and refuses to feel guilty for falling in love again. She warns him that the world will discover what really happened. When he returns to the townhouse, Sami is shocked that he actually came back. He tells her he loves her and they make out. Meanwhile, Meredith is busy thanking Stefano for bringing her back to town.


July 31, 2009
We Still have Each Other.

Kate pays Chloe a visit at the hospital and tells her how comforting it is to see her in a coma. She says how much better off everyone will be if she just drifts away. After she leaves, Nicole comes in to visit her friend. She tells her how grateful she is for her friendship, especially considering their past, but she doesn't feel like she deserves it anymore. "I didn't want to burden you with my terrible secrets," she says. As she weeps, she tells her about her miscarriage, meeting up with Mia, swapping babies, the baby dying and Sami not knowing that her baby is still alive. "Maybe I will never forgive me for what I've done," Nicole cries. As she does, Chloe seems to respond. Nicole runs to the nurse and is told that it was just an involuntary movement. Nicole returns to weeping, telling her friend how much she loves her and needs her to open her eyes. Brady comes in and hugs her. "I'm here for you," he says. They talk about how much they care about Chloe and how hard it would be not to have her around. "We still have each other," he says.

Will arrives at the hospital and asks what Chloe is doing there. Kate hugs her grandson. He needs some answers. She tells him that Daniel tried to kill his stepmother. He assumes that the doctor was in love with her and she rejected him, but Kate explains that Chloe really loved Daniel. "Are you saying she tricked me? She tricked everyone?" he asks. He can't believe that he never noticed anything. Kate warns him that Daniel might get out of jail and put the blame on her.

After Lucas claims to be Daniel's lawyer, the guards let him into his cell. Daniel says he's sorry. "Sorry my ass! You slept with my wife then you tried to kill her!" Lucas bellows. He tries to figure out how everything happened. When he calls Chloe a 'whore', Daniel punches him and they begin to wrestle. The doctor shoves him off and warns him not to talk about Chloe that way. Lucas continues insulting his wife before insulting Daniel. The guard looks in and they brush him off. Daniel takes responsibility for the affair and insists that she loves Lucas. The cuckold refuses to simply blame Daniel and thinks he needs to spread it around. The doctor tells him to do something constructive and spend some time with his comatose wife. Lucas feels like he's been made a fool of and guesses this is why Chloe broke off the engagement. Lucas also guesses that she was with the doctor when the explosion happened. Daniel explains that she married him because she made a pact with God. He insists that Chloe was faithful once they were married. The doctor goes on to tell his rival that he didn't try to kill Chloe, it was Kate.

Stefano shows up at Meredith's door. She thanks him for bringing her to town. He hands her an impressive check and tells her she deserves it for what she's done. They chat about being Salemites. She's not happy to be back in town. He probes and opens up about the pain of losing his son. She opens up about losing her sister and how the man responsible for her death is still in town. Stefano pours on the sympathy and she explains that she wanted to come back to face her fears. She tells the story of Rafe and Emily and she says he should be in jail for murdering her sister. Emily discovered a secret about Rafe that could have destroyed his career so he killed her. She remembers the day it happened. When Meredith slipped off to change, she was called about the accident. No one knows why they got in the car and Rafe refused to explain. After he left town, she stopped trying to get justice. "For justice, it is never too late," he says. He tells her that there is someone who should know what Rafe has done.

Sami and Rafe make out. He wants to go into the bedroom but something is wrong. She admits that she wants to know where he went after he left Emily's grave. He admits that he went to see Meredith and then beats himself up for Emily's death. She compares this to Grace's death and says he couldn't have helped. Rafe claims he could have stopped her from dying. She doesn't see how. They talk about how much of a torture it must be to remember the past and how strong he has been for her and her family. "My strength comes from you," he says. They go to bed. After sex, he tells her that she is his hero. "You are my life," she tells him. After she falls asleep, he remembers cradling Emily as she died.


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