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1st Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 1, 2009
The Definition of Nothing.

Brady and Melanie are locked in the Kiriakis mausoleum. She starts freaking out, worrying that if she dies today, she's going to Hell. He tells her that she isn't going to Hell because she'll have plenty of time to make up for her past. She's cold so he takes off his shirt and puts it on her. Pacing around and blabbering, she suddenly freaks out. She thought there was a rat on the floor but it's just a flower. Brady suddenly gets an idea and asks her for her bra wire. He builds a little signal booster for his phone. They jump for joy and then the battery dies. He tries her phone but it's dead too. When he sits down, he plays with the flowers in the tomb and sadly explains that they were for his mother. Brady tells her how he never knew his mother. It's been a long time since he even visited her grave... but he's always felt like she was looking out for him. Mel wishes she knew what that felt like and she's sure that his mother died happy and would be proud of him.

Bo and Hope are lurking around the Kiriakis mansion. Lucas lets them in and explains that Brady and Victor were fighting. He tells them that they can have a look around. Before they can start, Henderson pops up and asks to see their search warrant. They agree to leave but they'll be taking him in for questioning. They file out and stop by the pub and talk about Cheerios while Henderson makes a call.  Bo invites the butler to join them for a little chat. They ask him when he last saw Brady. Henderson explains that he saw him walking to the cemetery with Melanie. The cops let him leave and rush off in search of Brady. As they look through the graveyard, they discover Mel's hospital badge.

On the Kiriakis terrace, Kate catches Daniel and Chloe in an embrace. They claim it isn't what it looks like. Kate claps. Chloe cringes and then explains. Kate lashes out at her but Daniel and Chloe continue defending themselves. Kate calls for her son, saying that it's time that he knows the truth. The doctor tries to calm her but Kate insists that she's serene right now, though Lucas will be another story. Daniel repeats that there is nothing going on. "Your definition of 'nothing' is considerably different from mine," Kate says. She rushes inside with Daniel and Chloe following her. She calls Lucas over and he begins demanding to know what is going on. Chloe takes him aside and asks him to stop being paranoid. He gets more paranoid and accuses her and Maggie of keeping something from him. She thinks this is about his bad dreams and insecurities. She promises not to be like the other women he's been involved with. He still feels like there is something she should tell him. "I'm not hiding anything!" she insists. Lucas doesn't think they should be married if she can't be honest with him. He's sure that she is lying to him because she's afraid of hurting him. "Go ahead Chloe! Tell me! I can take it!" he demands. "Okay. I will," she says. She explains that she was going to leave town without saying goodbye. He's baffled and tells her she's the only person he wants. They hug.

Meanwhile, Daniel tells Kate that she owes him. They walk down by the pier. She continues to refuse to listen to his advice. He thinks this isn't really about Lucas, it's about her. "You are jealous of your son's wife and this jealousy is eating you alive," he suggests. She admits that Daniel satisfied a need for her, but he turned out to be the most repulsive man she's ever been with. "That is really saying a lot," she points out. He advises her to let her sons learn to live on their own. She agrees to leave things alone. Daniel tells her that's the right decision and walks away. "You broke your promise... and now I'm going to have to break mine," Kate says to herself.

At the morgue, Philip can hear Stephanie crying in the corpse drawer. He calls to her from his drawer and promises to get her out of there and take her home. They realize that they are both trapped and she explains that Owen stopped following orders from the DiMeras and decided to do things on his own. Philip sends a text to Brady. Steph is impressed that he's done all of this for her. "I love you more than my own life," he whispers.

Owen tells his father that he just needs to lay low for awhile and urges his father to go away on his trip. Gordon won't leave until he takes care of the mysterious body that just arrived. He asks his son to help him embalm the body. When they go into the morgue, Owen freezes up. Gordon can hear some strange noises. Owen tells his father someone must have come into the funeral parlor. They walk off to check, leaving Philip to worry about his impending embalming. Owen returns and tells Steph it's time to go. She stalls. Taking out his gun, he tells her that if she isn't willing to go with him, he may have to take care of her permanently. When he grabs her and points the gun at her head, Philip begins kicking at the door. Stephanie breaks free and grabs the gun. As Philip kicks his way out, Steph is distracted and Owen grabs the gun away from her. When Philip leaps up, Owen levels the gun at them.

June 2, 2009
Someone Need A Construction Worker?

EJ returns to the mansion. Nicole is thrilled to see him until he tells her that his problems are far from over. He makes some calls. "I don't care if Stephanie is alive or dead... but I've got to find Owen fast," he tells his wife. After he calls and checks on his father, Nicole tells him that she wants his father back and healthy for everyone's sakes. Elvis knows his father is 'cantankerous', but he is also soft-hearted to the people he trusts. He confesses that he worries a lot about whether he's been doing the right thing lately. Nicole tells him that he's like his father, devoted to his children and family. They kiss until Sydney gets their attention. When he says he's going upstairs to get Johnny, she stops him and tells him there is something he should know Rafe is adopting Grace. Junior starts freaking out, refusing to let Johnny gain yet another surrogate father. Nicole thinks he has more important things to worry about at the moment. He becomes more irate. She suggests that he'll only make things worse if he gets involved. She accuses him of being jealous of Rafe. Elvis accuses her of being jealous of Sami. Nicole asks him to put his real family first for once.

Sami answers her door in her negligee. "Someone need a construction worker?" Rafe asks, waving his hammer at her. She pulls him into a kiss. He thanks her for the welcome. They sit down and he becomes confused when she doesn't know what to say. She feels bad that he's out of the FBI and into construction work. He loves being a carpenter, that's what he used to do before joining the bureau. They go to bed. After making love, he takes out the adoption forms. They've been filled out and notarized. She's amazed. He asks her not to cry. She stops herself and they make out until Grace begins crying. Since he is now Grace's father, he offers to take care of it. The baby has a fever. Sami explains to him that teething can go on for months. She tells him that she finally has everything she wants and is happy. She tries calling her doctor to arrange an appointment when she notices that the baby has taken a turn for the worse.

Bo and Hope search around the graveyard. They find Melanie's badge and some footprints. Meanwhile, in the mausoleum, Brady suddenly gets an idea about how they can escape. There are windows which he could climb up to. She tries to talk him out of it but he begins scaling the wall. Losing his grip, he falls on his back. He gets up and prepares to climb again. She hears someone outside. They can hear Bo and Hope shouting. After they shout back, the cops break the door open and Brady quickly fills them in. They all run off to the morgue.

In the morgue, Philip lunges at Owen and they begin wrestling for the gun. It goes off. Steph screams. After Owen breaks away, he grabs her. "Say goodbye to Stephanie, Philip. Right now!" he yells. He says that he will be taking her somewhere she'll be safe. Philip tells him that she's pregnant. Owen gasps. Steph breaks away from him and Phillip jumps him, throwing him to the ground and pounding on his face. Bo and the others rush in. Steph assures Philip that Owen didn't hurt her. They hold each other while Bo shouts at Owen. Hope drags him away and Bo follows. He'll be back to get statements. Brady and Mel catch up with them and Steph tells Mel how grateful she is. "I'm just glad we're all okay and you guys can be together again," she tells the couple. Brady looks at her funny when she says that. After everyone gives their statements, Brady leaves and Mel trails after him. Philip asks Steph if she wants to talk to someone about what she's been through. She's sure she'll have nightmares but she'll be fine. He tries to get her to open up to him, but she seems reluctant.

Brady returns to the mausoleum and talks to his mother's grave. He tells her how much he misses never having the chance to get to know her. As he sadly stares, Melanie stands in the doorway and watches him.

Will goes into the pub to see Mia and tells her that he has access to a pool. "I may have to go away," she informs him, and it may be for good. She explains that she won't have anywhere to live at the end of the month. Mia thinks this may be as it should be. Lucas wanders over and begins quizzing them. Will says they have a problem, but before he can explain, he has to go and grab something for a friend. Lucas sits with Mia and begins probing her. She claims that they just met at school. When he looks at her textbook, he finds a brochure for the 12 step program. He asks her if Will has been drinking. "It's me," she says, telling him the rehab story. Lucas wishes her good luck and abruptly walks out. He corners his son outside and tells him that they have to have a sit down. "This girl Mia. I want you to be careful with her," he warns. Will tells him to chill and insists that they are just friends. "No, you're not," Lucas says. He orders his son to stay away from her. Will refuses to give Mia up.

June 3, 2009
I Need To Tell You Something.

At the mansion, EJ accuses Nicole of threatening to leave him again. She explains that she's just being insecure and he's allowed to go and see Sami. Even though they're married, she still doesn't feel important to him. EJ's angry to hear that; it's like he can't do anything to prove that he loves her. Nicole thinks it's all because of Sami. She hates her own neediness. EJ loves it and everything else about her. "You mean the world to me and you are everything that I need," he says. He admits that he overreacted about the adoption. A call comes in to tell him that Owen has been captured. After he runs off, Chloe arrives. Nicole tells her friend that she and EJ have finally had a breakthrough. Now she feels like she will be living happily ever after. "Gives us all hope," Chloe says. She feels like she is part of a family now and that's what she needs, but she still needs to erase a certain doctor from her mind. She really loves Lucas and Allie, she insists. Chloe comments on how comfortable Nicole seems to be as a DiMera wife.

At the townhouse, Sami calls the hospital to tell them to rush an ambulance over. Grace is having a seizure. The ambulance comes. Meanwhile, Rafe is at the construction site. His boss orders him to turn off his cell phone. When his break time comes, his sister walks by. She begins laying into him about Sami so he blows up at her. Arianna is sure that this is just like before and she won't let him make the same mistake again. He claims that he won't but she thinks he has no idea how hard being a father really is. Rafe loves Grace so much it doesn't matter and he accuses his sister of being jealous that he's found someone to love. She thinks that he's deluding himself if he believes that he's not leaping into this new setup to escape from his past. As he ends the conversation, Nicole walks by. Ari storms off and Nicole steps up to tell Rafe that she admires what he's doing for Sami and Grace. He's suspicious of her and asks what she wants. She claims that she just wants everything to work out. When she walks away, he notices that his phone is dead.

As Daniel showers, he's startled to find Chloe's hands running over his body. She tells him that she loves him. As they make out, he snaps out of this fantasy and turns the water off. While he gets dressed, he imagines that Chloe is in the shower beckoning him in. When he pulls on his scrubs and walks into the waiting room, Sami arrives with Grace. Daniel begins examining the child and the nurse forces Sami out. As she stands in the waiting room, EJ arrives, looking for his father. He spots Sami and asks her what's going on. She tells him that Grace is having seizures. As she cries, he offers to stay with her and orders the nurses to get her an update. Sami paces and Elvis tries to calm her fears. Daniel comes out and explains that the seizures have stopped and they're harmless. He wants to do some tests and blood work to make sure things are alright. Nicole arrives and watches from a distance.

Outside the pub, Will tells his father that he will never give Mia up. She listens from the door as Lucas orders his son to stay away from her. Will is shocked that his father, of all people, has a problem with this. He walks back inside and finds Mia packing to leave. Will apologizes for his father but Mia says that he's right. He refuses to let her leave and promises to find her a place to stay. On cue, Maggie walks in. Will explains the situation to her, but Mia insists she will be fine. Maggie decides that she should move in with her. Mia agrees, but only as long as she pays rent. She and Will go back to the townhouse and he tells her how happy he is that she's sticking around. When he checks his messages, he hears that his mother is at the hospital with Grace.

Chloe goes over to the pub to meet Lucas and Allie. He tells her about his problems with Will. She's shocked that he actually forbid his teenage son to date Mia. He realizes that he needs to use reverse psychology just like his mom did. He takes Allie to visit Caroline and Maggie walks over. She asks if Lucas has remembered anything. Chloe says no but she's starting to think she should tell him the truth before someone else does. Lucas returns after Maggie leaves. "I need to tell you something," she says.


June 4, 2009
The Rat Will Never Know What Caught Her.

Philip and Stephanie go back to the mansion. They kiss and talk about how much they love each other until Kate interrupts. She hugs them both and then checks out the engagement ring. While she's welcoming Steph into the family, Roman saunters in to rain on their parade. He asks to speak to his niece alone. Everyone else leaves and Roman tells Steph how worried he was about her. He promised her parents that he would look after her so he's packing her up and taking her away. "It's my life and I'm going to live it the way I decide," she says. Roman thinks that she's being unrealistic; if she becomes a Kiriakis, she will be living in a very dark and different world. She insists that's what she wants. Roman points out that she will have to talk to the authorities about what happened and neither of the families will want much to do with her after that. Meanwhile, Kate worries to her son about what he's been through. He's still upset about nearly losing Stephanie. He returns to his fiancee as Roman leaves. She promises that she will never leave him; he's her best friend, her hero and her lover. She tells him that she won't lie to the police but she would never hurt him. He picks her up and carries her upstairs. They go to bed and he vows to protect her.

At the pub, Chloe tells Lucas that she's been thinking about their relationship. He tells her that the past doesn't matter anymore; they need to let go of it and only think about the future. "That's where you're wrong," she says. Will calls to say that Grace is in the hospital. Lucas decides to run over, but he tells Chloe that their love is the only thing that should matter, not their past. When he's gone, she imagines confessing to him. He takes it really well. "Maybe Lucas would forgive me?" she wonders. Then she realizes that this is ridiculous and imagines Lucas freaking out at her, then downing a bottle of gin and threatening to shoot Daniel. Kate walks in and sits down with her. She talks about how inspirational Philip and Stephanie's love is. After seeing them, she's decided to let Chloe and Lucas have another chance. She even offers Chloe the hosting job again. Chloe accepts. After Kate leaves, Chloe starts to think that she may not have to come clean after all. Outside, Kate says to herself, "The trap has been set. The rat will never know what caught her."

At the hospital, Nicole watches from across the waiting room and prays that Sami doesn't tell Dr. Jonas anything about Grace's real parents. Sami tells the doctor that there's no need to do any testing because she knows the biological parents. EJ's confused. Daniel needs more information. The nurse pops up to tell him that the baby's fever has spiked. He asks Sami if he can do a lumbar puncture. She allows it. He rushes off and Sami freaks out. EJ holds her and tries to calm her. Nicole continues to watch them when Stefano creeps up on her. He worries that Sami has pulled his son back into her web. Nicole says he's way off. Stefano thinks his son and Sami are acting like long lost lovers. After Sami rushes off to make a call, Nicole and Stefano wander over to EJ. He asks for a word with his father and they chat about Owen and Steph. Stefano laughs and tells him not to worry; they will make sure that no one says anything.

Will tries calling Rafe and his mom without any luck. He and Mia decide to head over to the hospital. When they arrive, Sami is praying for Grace's recovery. Sami warns her son that she may have to come clean about some things that will upset him. She calls Roman and asks him to track down Rafe. Will asks her what it is that she doesn't want him to know. Before she can explain, Lucas arrives and asks her if she really wants to do this. Sami decides to send her son home to pick up some things for the baby. When he leaves, Sami admits to Lucas that she may have to come clean. He offers to support her. She cries and prepares herself to tell EJ.

Meanwhile, Mia wanders off and bumps into Nicole. They begin bickering about her spending time with Will. Nicole warns her that if Will finds out the truth, he will have nothing to do with her. Mia realizes she's probably right. As Mia mopes away, EJ returns and she begins to worry that any testing on the baby's DNA could cause all hell to break loose. She goes down to the chapel. "Once EJ knows... damn you Sami Brady!" she says. Stefano approaches her. He tells her that there is no way to reverse what she's done; not even God could help her now. She plays dumb. "That child out there... is not Sami's baby at all. And you of all people should know that since you are the one who has Sami's real baby," he says.

Daniel takes samples from Grace and the nurse rushes them to the lab. The doctor tells Grace that she is small, but strong and he needs her to fight like hell. The nurse returns with results. He doesn't like the look of them and orders the baby flushed with antibiotics. In the waiting room, Sami asks to talk to Elvis alone. "It's about Grace and her birth parents..." she begins before Daniel approaches. He tells them that Grace's situation is much more serious than they expected.


June 5, 2009
Losing My Baby All Over Again.

Philip and Stephanie are making love in his bed. After, she tells him that sex is nice without him getting shot. They joke around, but she admits that it doesn't seem like things are over. Owen may be in jail, but the war is still on and the DiMeras won't let her go. He promises to protect her and tells her not to worry about anything. When they fall asleep, she dreams of being trapped in the body drawer before bolting awake and out of breath. He wakes up and asks her if she's okay. She can't sleep; she had enough of that when she was in the morgue.

At the hospital, Sami is about to tell EJ about Grace's birth when Daniel returns. He informs them that Grace has bacterial meningitis. As she realizes how serious this is, she starts to cry. She blames herself for not bringing the child in sooner. When she spots Rafe, she runs into his arms crying. Daniel walks over and fills him in. He says that they don't need to worry about the birth parents right now, they just need to see how the antibiotics work. EJ is awkward watching Sami and Rafe so he decides to leave, but he promises to help her find the parents if she needs to. She says that they can't help. Junior hugs her and offers to pray for her. After he walks away, she sits with Rafe and admits that she almost told EJ the truth. Sami tries to be positive.

"Not even God can help you now, Nicole," Stefano tells her as they sit in the hospital chapel. He confronts her about the baby swapping, letting her know that he knows every detail. Nicole gasps and tries to play stupid but Stefano explains that keeping secrets from him is impossible. "The game is over," he announces. She tells him to take his lies elsewhere. Stefano tells her that he was almost impressed by how well she has improvised her entire scheme just to bag his son and his money. She brings up how devoted she has been and how much she has risked for his son. She suggests that he's already tipped his hand and asks him why he's confronting her, not EJ. She is raising EJ's daughter, even if she's not her own, and telling Elvis the truth now would only destroy his world. Stefano worries about what would happen if Sami discovered the truth; she might even fight for custody... and win. "This is your problem too," she tells him. He agrees. He doesn't want to lose the baby any more than she does. EJ walks in and asks them what they're talking about. Stefano says that he was just comforting Nicole. Elvis asks to talk to his father alone. Once Nicole leaves, EJ explains that they have a problem. His father tells him to concentrate on his family while he handles things. He promises that they won't have to worry about the kidnapping.

EJ and Stefano go back to the mansion. Stefano pulls out a cigar and wants a drink. EJ forbids it, takes his cigar away and offers him some tea. His father tells him that he will be taking care of Owen once and for all.

Will and Mia go back to the townhouse to pick up some stuff for Grace. She cries and worries, hoping her baby was lucky enough to have a family like his. When they get to the hospital, they ask Daniel what's up. He admits that they don't know if the baby will survive. Mia cries and feels ill. She apologizes to Will for reacting like this and goes to the washroom. The doctor wanders over and Will admits that he's afraid there is nothing he can do. Daniel suggests that he bring the family there. As Will leaves, Nicole comes in. She finds Mia crying. "It's like I'm losing my own baby all over again," she says. Nicole tells her that watching other mothers suffer is painful. Mia tells her that she's starting to think that giving her baby up was the best thing for her, but she will still regret it for the rest of her life.

Sami and Rafe stand at Grace's side and encourage her to get better. She takes out her saint's medallion and puts it on the crib. Rafe says that she's a fighter and will fight to be with them. Daniel comes in and tells them that he has to run some more tests. Sami and Rafe go down to the chapel. She tells him that she used to do stupid things to get what she wanted. Now all that she wants is for her little girl to get better and she can't do anything. Rafe promises her that they will get through this together. Meanwhile, Daniel gives a nurse instructions and tells her that he'll be back and she should only let the parents in to see Grace. Nicole and Mia come in and ask to see her. Nicole explains that Mia is the mother.


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