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2nd Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 8, 2009
Poor Woman.

Will walks outside the pub praying that Grace will be okay. Caroline comes out and asks what's wrong. He explains the situation and then sadly confesses that he didn't want Grace originally. Caroline hugs him and assures him that he was a good big brother. She says a prayer and they leave.

In the pub, Lucas tells Chloe that things aren't going well with the baby. "Poor woman. First she loses her own baby and now this baby she adopts..." she says. She wonders if there is anything Sami could do. "God help her, there is," he says. Chloe talks about how amazing Sami's love for her children is.

Philip says goodnight to Stephanie. He rolls over and falls asleep but she is wide awake.

At the mansion, Stefano is on the phone making sure that Owen is taken care of. Elvis comes in with Sydney. "She looks more and more like her mother every day," Stefano says. They talk about how hard it is to lose a child and Stefano says there is something he should know. He tells him not to take his little girl for granted. They discuss Sami and EJ says that he can't imagine what he would do if it was his child in that situation. When EJ slips off, Stefano makes another call to make sure that Owen is taken care of. Elvis returns with toast and tea for his father. Looking at the meal, Stefano feels like he's being punished. Junior confronts him about his plan to take out Owen.

Mia and Nicole go in to see Grace in her hospital room. They cry. Mia asks Nicole why she told the nurse that she is Grace's mother. Nicole avoids answering and tells her to hold the baby. While Mia picks up Grace and tells her about her daughter, Nicole weeps. After Mia holds the baby for awhile, Nicole tells her they have to go. Mia can't and she can't believe that Sami left her alone like this. They finally walk away and Mia tells Nicole that she knows why she found it so hard to leave. She cries as she talks about giving up her baby and how some woman is losing a baby just like hers. Mia tells Nicole that she's sorry for saying how terrible she was before. She can see how much she cares about the baby too. "Mia I..." Nicole starts, but she can't finish and runs off. As Mia wanders the waiting room, Will returns. He apologizes for leaving her and admits that he can't say goodbye to his sister. She tells him that seeing Grace is scary, but if he has a chance, he should take it.

In the hospital chapel, Rafe tells Sami about the positive effect that Grace has had on everyone. Sami prays for a miracle. Daniel comes in and tells them that they need to be with Grace right now. The doctor explains that the news isn't good; they can't give her any more antibiotics and there's nothing else that can be done. As the couple rushes off, Daniel wonders how God can be letting this happen. When they get upstairs, the nurse stops them from going in to see Grace. Sami explains that she's her mother. The nurse is confused since someone claiming to be the mother was just in there. They argue until Daniel comes in and calms them. Sami and Rafe cradle Grace and promise never to leave her. Daniel tells them that it's time for them to prepare themselves. Sami refuses to give up. She's sure that her baby is a fighter and asks him to leave them alone. Rafe follows him into the corridor while Sami sings a lullaby. Daniel has to admit to Rafe that Grace won't make it. He's crushed. "I was going to adopt her," he sadly says. Daniel says he's sure that she knew he was her dad. When Rafe returns to Sami, she doesn't want to hear what the doctor had to say. She refuses to give up and tells him to get out if he doesn't have faith.

Nicole goes down to the chapel and asks God if he enjoys watching her suffer like this. She's never cared about Sami, but she knows how much she loves that baby and begs God not to let her die. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Punish me. Please don't punish her!" she implores, falling on her knees in tears. When she returns to the waiting room, Chloe calls and Nicole tells her that it's meningitis. Across the room, Rafe stands by the door when Roman and Caroline approach him. "It's not good," he tells them. Meanwhile, Lexi offers Daniel her help. He's beating himself up. "You're like the rest of us now. All you can do is pray," she says.

Roman goes in to see his daughter. She breaks down in his arms. He offers to call her mom. Sami claims that she doesn't need to come back because Grace will be fine. Rafe returns and Roman leaves them alone. Sami apologizes for snapping at him before. Will comes in and holds his sister. Outside, Chloe arrives and finds Nicole looking miserable. She tells her how bleak things look. "Everyone is in so much pain and I have everything I want," she says, shaking her head. Daniel is on the phone trying to track down any available treatment options.


June 9, 2009
Grace Died.

Will arrives at the hospital and holds Grace. "She needs to know people love her," Sami says. After awhile, he walks out and sits with Mia. They hold hands and he tells her that he's glad she's staying.

Caroline tells Sami that she's called Father Matt. Sami's angry and refuses to give up. Caroline goes out to the priest and asks him to wait around just in case. Rafe comes out as everyone paces the waiting room. Lucas arrives. He's amazed that Nicole looks like such a wreck when something bad is happening to someone else. Daniel rubs his temples and tries to think. Father Matt follows Rafe back into the room and gives Grace a blessing. Sami and Rafe tearfully tell the baby how much they love her. As the child flatlines, they stand still and cry. Daniel enters and turns off the machines. He asks them if they want the family to come in. "No," Sami sobs. After the doctor leaves, she continues fidgeting with the child's blanket and telling her how much they love her. "You're mommy's little angel," she weeps.

Daniel returns to the waiting room and tells the family that Grace went peacefully. As everyone cries, Daniel walks down to an office, closes the door and slumps to the floor in tears. Back in the waiting room, Caroline wonders how anyone can bear this. Will can't believe that this has happened so fast. Lucas tells him that his mother will really need him now. He leaves to look for Chloe. She has followed Daniel down to the chapel. She tells him that he did everything he could and he needs to believe that God wanted Grace to go. He doesn't believe that and tells her to go and be with her husband.

Mia and Will go outside and watch the sun come out. He feels a big hole in himself and so does she.

Lexi arrives at the mansion, ranting at EJ. He explains that their father can't stand being in the hospital since Tony died there. She backs down. They hang out with the baby and he worries about Grace. When his sister leaves, Junior sits with Sydney and tells her that he exists just to spoil her and keep her safe. The next morning, EJ goes downstairs and finds Nicole with Sydney. She tells him that Grace died last night. "Life can be very random sometimes," he says.

Brady walks into the Kiriakis mansion after Victor's invited him in. "I was hoping I could atone for some of the things I did," Victor offers. Brady refuses to forgive him and reminds him that he just disowned him. Victor is sure that he could have solved the hostage mess himself, but Brady insists that many of them would be dead now if the police hadn't got involved. Victor thanks him and offers him a pastry. He admires him for being a moral compass for the family and offers Brady his hand. Brady shakes.

Sami and Rafe go home. She can barely walk across the room to look in the empty crib. Sami blames herself for lying and keeping secrets. "God is punishing me for everything that I've done!" she screams. Rafe holds her and tries to calm her. He tells her what a good mother she is. She decides that she has to tell Johnny and Allie what happened immediately. He leaves her alone and she looks through Grace's baby book and cries.

Rafe goes to the mansion to pick up Johnny. Nicole lets him in and tells him how much Johnny loved his little sister. She cries and tells him how sorry she is. Elvis walks in and says that they won't be taking his son anywhere. Rafe explains why he is there and EJ says that he will take him to Sami himself. Nicole talks him around and he apologizes. As he goes up to get the child, Rafe thanks her.

Rafe, Will, Mia and the children all go to the townhouse. Mia tells Sami how sorry she is and then leaves. Rafe leaves Sami alone with her children. He wanders down to the pier and runs into Arianna. "Grace died," he tells her. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, EJ returns to work and Stefano corners Nicole. He wants to finish the conversation they started before.



June 10, 2009
She Was Ours.

Chloe wanders in the woods when Daniel approaches and begins caressing her hair. She tells him they can't be together. They make out. Lucas wakes her out of this dream when he climbs out of bed. He returns and they talk about Grace. He tells her that he doesn't want them to have any secrets from each other anymore and breaks the news that Grace was EJ's baby. She runs out of bed. Meanwhile, Kate walks in on Daniel as he dreams. She flashes back to learning to forge his signature and then places a pad of paper by his hands. He wakes up and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she got what she came for.

At the mansion, Stefano taps Nicole on the shoulder and tells her they need to finish their conversation. She's not in the mood to talk. He says that they would be preparing a baby's funeral right now if she hadn't switched the babies. He knows that she would do anything to keep the family together, but she better pray that EJ and Samantha never find out what she did. After he explains all of the scenarios that could have played out, she asks him if she did the right thing. He thinks she did and he's impressed. Stefano explains how he brought his son to town to ruin Sami and then things went wrong because he fell in love with her and ruined his life. That's why it's imperative that he never learn the truth.

Chelsea sneaks into Max's room and wakes him up. He's glad to see her but she tells him that she will not be moving back to town. They make love and he asks her if that changed her mind. It didn't. Actually, she came back just to ask him to move to London. He mutters that this is sudden. She thinks they could build a good life together there.

Arianna consoles her brother on the pier. She offers to do anything she can to help. Rafe's worried about Sami right now. "She was adopted though, right?" Ari asks. He gets angry at the suggestion and walks away. As she wanders, she literally bumps into Brady. As he picks up her purse from the ground, they start to banter but something is wrong. They go into the pub and talk about what happened to Grace. They both feel bad for Sami. Arianna worries about her brother. She thinks all of this seems too convenient and wonders if they are covering something up.

At the townhouse, Will listens as Sami reads a story to her other children about death. When she can't read any further, Will takes the book and reads. His mother tells Johnny and Allie that Grace is with the angels now. He calls Mia and then takes the twins off for breakfast. Sami is left alone to cling to Grace's blanket and sob. Rafe calls and offers to be there if she needs him. When he hangs up, she smashes the phone and cries. She falls asleep and dreams about waking up and finding Grace missing from her crib. As she screams, she wakes up. Elvis comes to the door. When he walks in, they talk about how the children reacted. "I did everything I had to do," she sobs. He's confused. "She wasn't just my baby EJ, she was ours," she confesses. He doesn't understand, begins waving his hands and clearing his throat. Sami explains the dates and he goes into denial. "You lied to me. You lied to me," he repeats. He begs her not to have lied and let his daughter die. "I had to," she insists. He nearly collapses. She claims that she could never tell him the truth because his family is evil and disgusting. She was going to tell him but then the mayor was shot and he got Nicole pregnant. He begins screaming, arguing that Nicole, at least, has not betrayed him.

Rafe goes to the hospital to start arrangements for Grace. The nurse notices that there is no record of a father and there is nothing she can do for him. Nicole steps in and backs him up with the DiMera name. That's enough for the nurse. She bustles off to prepare the paperwork and Rafe wonders why Nicole's being helpful. She knows he loved that little girl. He still wonders why she is so upset.

June 11, 2009
You Killed My Baby!

At the hospital, Daniel questions Kate about why she is there. She claims that she came to give him her sympathy. She knows what a devoted and emotional doctor he is. Although on one level, she despises him, on another, she can see that he saved her life and gave up Chloe. "I want to start all over again," she tells him. He's skeptical. Kate has a favor to ask of him: She wants him to do a medical advice segment on her new TV show. He has no desire to do it. "It would be good for us," she says. Reluctantly, he agrees to think about it. Kate leaves and goes down to the pier and meets with a man who has worked for her in the past. He's dressed in scrubs, as per her orders. She hands him a piece of paper. He goes to the pharmacy and picks up some highly toxic substances. When he returns, he hands it to her and she hands him an envelope full of money. She tells him to take a long trip.

At the nurses' station, Nicole tells Rafe how sorry she is. He wonders why she's so upset. She claims that she is just an emotional person, and a mother, and that's all that's going on. The nurse comes out and hands him the paperwork. She becomes distraught and is about to run off when Rafe stops her and hands her the phone she left behind. Sobbing, she tells him that her heart is breaking and you never get over losing a baby. "I know what loss is way too well," she says, claiming that she knows how Sami feels. After she storms off, the nurse tells him he can take Grace home now.

At the townhouse, Elvis tells Sami that what she did was unconscionable. He doesn't want to hear that she's sorry; he thinks that she should be sorry for the rest of her life. "Thanks to you, I will never know my daughter," he says. He screams at her, telling her that she deserves to be in hell. She claims that she only wanted to protect Grace. "I never cared for her. Now I have to live with that for the rest of my life... I will hate you for the rest of my life," he says. After he walks out, he sits down in the hall and calls the hospital. He tells the nurses that he needs to see his daughter, Grace Brady.

Lucas follows Chloe to the Java Cafe and asks her what's wrong. She rails at him for going on at her for weeks about keeping things from him when he's been keeping something from her. She has been fighting day and night to keep their commitment to each other strong. He wonders why they have to fight so hard. She feels like someone else is living in their marriage. "Whoever you're talking about, it isn't Sami," he says. "I wish you cared about us as much as you do Sami," she shoots back, flouncing off.

As Chloe walks through the park, she finds Daniel's scrubs in the grass. As she turns around, he walks out from the bushes, glistening from a swim. He pulls on his clothes and asks her what's wrong. She explains that she and Lucas have been keeping secrets from each other and that says something bad about their marriage. He suggests that their meeting like this could be a sign. She doesn't like his sarcasm; she knows that she's been a fool. He tells her that Lucas being flawed shouldn't be a big shock; if she still loved Lucas, this shouldn't matter. "I do love Lucas... but I love you more," she admits. Meanwhile, Lucas runs into his mother at the Kiriakis mansion and asks her what she has in her hands. She claims it's just some special liquid vitamins. He begins questioning her and asks her what she's hiding.

Max brings Chelsea breakfast in bed. She reminds him that she has to go back to London tomorrow. He begins blathering and hands her some papers. Chelsea realizes that he got a full scholarship to med school. She kisses him and tells him it's great and feels selfish for coming back and asking him to leave with her. He tells her how much he loves her and they start to make out. She looks off pensively. Later, he tells her that he will be going to London with her.

Nicole returns to the mansion. She tells Sydney that she did the right thing and this was all part of God's plan. She calls for flowers to be sent to Sami and Rafe. Stefano comes in and tells her again that it's only thanks to her ingenuity and cunning that they aren't the ones grieving right now. Stefano begins playing with his granddaughter, telling her that things will be different with her. He couldn't bear to lose another child or grandchild.

Rafe goes to the funeral home to make the arrangements. The funeral director walks off to get him the catalog. EJ walks in and punches Rafe in the face. "Oh my God!" Sami gasps as she stands in the doorway. Sami gets between them and defends Rafe. The funeral director returns and orders them to settle down. Rafe asks for a moment alone and tells EJ this isn't the time or place. Elvis tells them they can blame themselves for that. He vows to make sure that the 'injustice' they have done to him will be 'remedied'. Rafe claims that this was an inevitable tragedy. Sami and EJ continue arguing. They scream and she slaps him. "You killed my baby!" he yells at her.

June 12, 2009
She's Safe Now.

In the woods, a shirtless Daniel does his best to convince Chloe that she loves Lucas. "I just...I love you more," she admits. Daniel reminds her that she ended things and he walked away. He promised to stay away and he will stick by it. "You want to move on?" she asks. He doesn't appreciate the cliche, especially considering the misery and longing he's felt. The doctor doesn't regret loving her, but he is pushing her away because he loves her so much. He doesn't think that she could take what would happen to Lucas if she left him and he can't make her, or anyone else, suffer through that. Chloe can't stop thinking about him. He stops her and tells her again to go back to Lucas.

At the mansion, Lucas can't understand why his mother needs to take liquid vitamins. She tries to fob him off but he's sure she's lying and continues questioning her. She tells him that they aren't vitamins and she doesn't want to discuss it anymore. He's tired and sad about Grace. When he tells her about his fight with Chloe, Kate assumes that Grace must have been his baby with Sami. "No! Mom no!" he objects. She guesses that Junior must have been the father. Kate can't believe that Sami never learns. "It really makes me realize that Chloe is the lesser of two evils," she says, claiming that she is looking forward to making things right with her. Later, Chloe arrives and she and Lucas exchange apologies, hug and agree to a fresh start.

Kate goes to the hospital and runs into Will. He's distraught and couldn't go home. She tells him how sorry she is. He confesses that he was jealous of Grace and said some things that he wishes he could take back. "Why did this have to happen?" he cries. She hugs him. When she spots Daniel, she asks him again about the show. He tells her to find someone else and walks away.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano promises Sydney that things will be different with her. He couldn't stand to lose another member of his family. Nicole thinks of how things could have fallen apart and how lucky she was. She's happy that Stefano is on her side now. He's not keeping her secret for her and feels bad about keeping it from his son. Nicole worries that Elvis could end up in jail. He assures her that things will be fine. The doorbell rings. She answers and Stefano trails after her to see Victor at the door. "What a beautiful little girl. It would be a shame to see her caught in war between our two families," he says. She thinks that's a threat. He claims not. After she crosses the room, Stefano asks him how he intends to achieve peace. "Perhaps I'll be back with an offer," Victor says, leaving. Nicole wonders if he meant that. She takes Sydney into the main room and tells her that they're lucky to have Stefano on their side.

At the funeral home, Rafe insists that what happened was inevitable. That isn't good enough for EJ. Sami and Elvis scream into each other's faces. She slaps him and he accuses her of killing his baby. Rafe holds her back and defends her, insisting she was only trying to keep the child safe. Elvis brings up how well he's raised Johnny and Sami admits she almost told him the truth at his wedding. That doesn't make him happy. He thinks she wanted to destroy his wedding and then decided to punish him by keeping his child away. Rafe tells EJ that he's finished tolerating his lashing out. "There's nothing that anyone could have done," Rafe repeats. "Maybe... but I could have told her that I loved her... I could have said goodbye to her," Elvis says. Sami's heart is broken too. "My only regret Samantha is loving you," he says. Rafe tells them that they should honor Grace's memory by trying to understand each other. He tells EJ to go home and thank God for his kids. She asks EJ if he wants to help with the arrangements. "You killed her. You bury her," he says morosely. They leave and Elvis stays to make a request from the funeral director. They go into the morgue so EJ can see the body. When he's left alone, he can hardly breathe. Finally, he sits with the body and repeats over and over how sorry he is. "I wish I could have known you..." he says. As he lifts the sheet, he shakes and cries. "Be in peace. You'll be in my heart always," he says.

Sami and Rafe go back to the townhouse. He tells her that she did the right thing today, just like she did before. "She's safe now," he says. Sitting down, she writes the insert for the funeral and then reads it to Rafe. He tells her it's beautiful. She cries as she picks up the little dress they were going to have Grace wear for the family photos. She worries about how she is going to tell Will the news. Her son arrives. Rafe leaves them alone. Sami explains that Grace wasn't actually adopted, she gave birth to her.



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