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3rd Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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June 15, 2009
Sami Told You?

Rafe shows up at the pub and sits down with his sister to tell her about Sami and the baby. He tells her that Sami was the biological mother and EJ was the father. "DiMera? No wonder she wanted to keep it from them. I probably would have done the same thing!" she blurts out. He's surprised by her attitude. "I don't think Sami's the problem Rafe. You are," she says. He needs an explanation. She says that this reminds her of what happened before. He argues that this is completely different and doesn't want to listen to this again. "Whatever happens, don't let this be like Emily," she begs.

At the townhouse, Sami explains to Will that when she went into witness protection, she was pregnant with Grace. He demands to know who the father was. When she tells him, Will...

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June 16, 2009
I Have A Happy Life.

Philip and Victor are waiting at the pier, eager to get things over with. Elvis arrives. Victor and Philip demand that he hand Owen over. "I can't do that," EJ says. Philip is livid. Elvis assures him that when they capture the gardener, they will deal with him harshly. Victor demands to speak to Stefano. He immediately walks out of the shadows. "Unlike you, I trust my son to make some decisions," Stefano says. Victor wants to walk away but EJ wants to end the quagmire. He and his father announce that they want a truce, but they want to make it with Philip. Victor's annoyed. The families split up to conference. EJ tells his father that no one will control his life again. Philip tells his father that there is a changing of the guard and they should embrace it. He challenges his father to fire him again if he doesn't have confidence in him. This is about the future of their families and the fathers need to step back. The sons get together and they run through a set of proposals and then shake on it.

Stephanie goes out to the terrace for breakfast. There's a note from Philip saying he'll be back. She's startled by a vision of Owen and gasps. He talks about her skin and sniffs her, caressing her face. She begs him to leave her alone. "I'm never going to leave you," he says. She begs him to go and tells him she loves Philip. He's sure that Philip will let her down, but he can take her somewhere special. As she begins to shake, Henderson snaps her out of this hallucination and offers her an omelet. She turns it down and takes some pills instead before running off.

Melanie goes down to the pub to get some coffee from her brother. She asks him when he's leaving for London. He informs her that he doesn't think he'll be coming back. "No! You can't leave!" she pouts. He reminds her that she's made a friend, Brady. She shrugs and asks for a donut then rambles about her adventure with Owen and Stephanie. Max is shocked. As she eats the donut, she fills him in on the details and tells him how she saved Brady. Her brother worries about the chances she takes and he doesn't want to leave her there alone. Mel doubts Chelsea would appreciate her tagging along and saunters off. Stephanie comes in and Max wanders over. He tells her that she and Philip will never be a good fit and he's worried about her. She insists her problems are over. "Be careful," he warns.

Maggie shows Mia around her house. The young lady is a bit uncomfortable with how nice things are. "I'm not a good person," she tells her. Maggie wants an explanation. Mia can't pay rent yet and she feels terrible. She's done things she's not proud of and doesn't think Maggie would want her around if she knew what they were. They sit down and Maggie explains that she's had demons to deal with too. "You have to leave your past behind you where it belongs," Maggie says, asking her to reach out to her and stay for awhile. Mia can't say no and gives her a hug as Melanie walks in. After Mia leaves, Mel starts asking how well Maggie knows the new girl. Maggie says she's a lovely young woman, just a little lost, much like Melanie. When Mel asks for a new bedroom, Maggie tells her to stop being a selfish brat. "I'm just jealous. I don't want to share you with anyone," Mel admits. Maggie hugs her and then asks her if she's handed in her application for nursery school. Not yet. She takes it out and looks it over. "Maybe London wouldn't be so bad..." she wonders.

Brady bumps into Nicole at the Java Cafe. "I assume you know... you weren't the only one lying about EJ's baby," he says. They bicker. She argues that she and EJ are now closer than ever and her marriage is solid. Brady is unconvinced and tells her that with one wrong move, she could be the next Sami. She points out that she has made this work so far. "Unless doctor Baker comes back," he reminds her and then points to Mia as she walks through the door. Nicole is sure that she won't be a problem either. When he leaves to take a call, Mia walks over and thanks Nicole for getting her in to see Grace. After she leaves, Nicole tells Brady again that she can pull this off. "You are lying to yourself and I feel sorry for you," he says. She snaps and claims that she would do it all the same if she had the chance to do it again. Nicole knows he means well, but the nagging is getting to be a little much. "I have a happy life. A perfect life," she claims. She made it happen and will keep it happening. "Love has nothing to do with what you are going through," he tells her.

Philip goes home and meets Steph on the terrace. She's jumpy and asks him if he's found Owen. He tells her it's only a matter of time and the guards are on high alert. When Henderson hands him a note, she demands to know what it's about. He insists it's only a business thing and tries to calm her down. She rips the note from his pocket.

Stefano and EJ go home. Elvis can't believe how stupid he was about Sami. Stefano tells him just to be happy that he picked Nicole over Sami because she always has his best interests at heart. EJ complains about how selfish and inhuman Sami is. He vows that she will have to treat his wife with respect now because Nicole, at least, doesn't lie about children. Elvis already has a plan to get revenge on Sami. He hands his father a paper. Stefano reads it over and tells him it's brilliant. "She's never going to know what hit her," EJ says.

Melanie goes to the hospital. Nurse Maxine tells her that she won't make it through nursing school and then orders her to start passing out books to the patients. When Mel walks to the cart, she finds a brochure for London. Maxine comes over and Mel informs her that this is boring and she quits.


June 17, 2009
I Need Daniel!

At the hospital, Nurse Maxine tells Melanie to get back to work. Mel tells her she quits and flounces off, bumping straight into a young man. She starts blathering and gives him directions. He walks away. "I think someone just fell pretty hard," Brady comments as he steps over. She informs him that she's moving to London with her brother. He tells her that she has a very good reason to stay in town: She's just started to develop a life there and can break her habit of running whenever she has trouble. He offers to stand in for Max and be her brother. She's touched. He teases her about the guy he just saw her with and then gets called off to work. When Maxine walks by, Mel starts drilling her about the guy. He returns and introduces himself as Nathan. When she offers to show him around, his phone rings and he rushes off. Maggie arrives with Melanie's phone and asks her if she's turned in her application. Mel promises to see her at home and runs off. When she gets home, she's shocked to find Nathan walking out of the shower in a towel.

Kate meets with Chris at the Java Cafe. She's not happy when her assistant tells her that Daniel turned down the TV gig so he's been looking for someone else. "I need Daniel!" she bellows. She reminds him that he was supposed to dig up dirt on the doctor. He sighs and starts freaking out. Kate demands the information within ten minutes. They whip open a laptop and track down some info.

Daniel nearly collapses by the pier after a jog. As he catches his breath, Chloe pops up. They make out and tear off their clothes. That's just a fantasy. She snaps out of it and they talk about their talk the other day. The diva tells him that she's pulled herself together and knows what she wants. She explains that she and Lucas have talked out their problems and thanks Daniel for being such an amazing help. While they chat, they think about having sex. She thanks him for being a good friend and they awkwardly shake hands before she walks away. Kate calls and asks him over to the cafe. He tries to get out of it but she claims that what they need to talk about will change everything.

Kate smiles as she imagines standing over Chloe's grave. "Lying whores don't rest in peace," she says with a smile. Daniel arrives and she snaps out of it. She tells him she has an offer he can't refuse. He assumes she wants to blackmail him. Kate offers to match his hospital salary and make a donation to breast cancer research in memory of his wife. He asks her how she found out about how his wife died and wonders why she is so committed to putting him with Chloe. She repeats that she is trying to make amends. He still refuses. Kate tries to guilt him into it and then walks away. Maggie walks over after hearing the end of the conversation and asks him if he will consider the option. He doesn't think he can do it. Maggie points out that it's a lot of money for a good cause. The doctor gives in and calls Kate.  "I can't tell you how much this means to me," she says with a smirk before taking out her little black bottle of poison. "Goodbye Chloe. Goodbye Daniel," she says to herself.

Chloe goes to church and prays to God, claiming she wants to be a good wife. Her mind keeps wandering to sex with Daniel though. Before she can storm out of church, Father Matt catches her and asks her what's wrong. "I'm cheating on my husband!" she blurts out. She explains that it's only been in her mind and it's terrible. "I love Daniel so much... what am I going to do?" she asks. She weeps and says she loves him more than ever. He tells her that it's just a fantasy and will drift away in time. She hopes so. If Daniel wasn't so strong, she doesn't know what she would do.

On the Kiriakis terrace, Stephanie apologizes to Philip for being so paranoid. The note he had was just to say that he got her a new car to celebrate her graduation. They go off to check it out. She thinks it's sweet but she can't accept something so expensive. He talks her into taking it by saying it's more energy efficient. She gives in and then he tells her the news: He is taking over the family business and has already brokered a truce with the DiMeras. When he leaves to get her something, she pops some pills, thinks of Owen and then pops some more. Philip returns with champagne to toast. She tells him it will have to wait, but, as she stares down at her vial of pills, she changes her mind and takes a drink. She gets excited and starts kissing him and pulling off his tie. As they make out on the chaise, Brady walks out. He's about to duck away but Philip stops him to say that the war is over. Brady thinks that's great as long as it's for real. Philip leaves to take a business call and Steph asks Brady if he thinks the truce will work. "Who knows? Everyone is focused on other things right now," he says, telling her about Sami's baby and how EJ was the father. Steph nearly collapses. After he helps her sit down, they talk about Sami and then EJ. He's sure that EJ will crash the funeral and make a scene. Philip returns and asks her if she feels up to attending the funeral. "Nothing is gonna stop me," she says.

June 18, 2009
Pretty Idiot.

When Melanie gets home, she's shocked to see Nathan wander out of the bathroom in a towel. She thinks he's an escaped mental patient. "You're pretty, but you're a real idiot," he tells her, snapping up her phone. She demands he hand it back. He taunts and teases her, asking her up to his room. She refuses and calls him a 'pervert'. They bicker and he stuffs his face with donuts. As Mel freaks out, Maggie comes in and tells him to share. "Grandma, do I gotta?" he asks with a pout. Maggie explains who he is and that he's an intern at the hospital. Mel informs her that she is moving to London with her brother. They'll miss each other, but Mel says it's hard living somewhere where no one likes her. Maggie hopes she isn't just running away and wishes she could have got to know Nathan. She points out that they both lived in France. They reminisce about Europe and try to speak French. After he leaves, Mags asks her when she's leaving. "I don't know. There's no rush," Mel decides. She heads over to the hospital and tells Nurse Maxine she wants to 'unquit' her job. Maxine wonders who changed her mind.

On the terrace, Stephanie reads the newspaper article about the funeral. Caroline arrives to check in on her. She's not happy that Philip has left her alone to run off on business. She has a horrible feeling of deja vu. Caroline complains about the Kiriakis family but Steph isn't backing down on anything. She wants to go to the funeral so she can have the chance to stare EJ down and prove she isn't scared.

At the Java Cafe, Mia tells Evan that she is going to the funeral whether he likes it or not. Will comes in and tells her she doesn't have to do this for him. She's not. Evan backs down and tells her he'll cover for her. Mia asks Will if he's talked to his mother. He's been avoiding her. Mia thinks that's a bad idea but he explains that she doesn't know what his mom is really like. Kinsey comes in and taunts Mia, telling her that she bumped into Chad. Mia drops a glass at the sound of his name. Will starts ranting at her for doing this on the day of his sister's funeral. "You're a real bottom feeder," he tells her. Mia sends him off to get his tie. Kinsey continues laying into Mia and asks her why she is freaked out about Chad.

Over at the townhouse, Rafe begs Sami to eat something so she'll have strength. He offers to talk EJ out of going to the funeral. She refuses to allow it, saying that he has the right to be there. They sob and talk about how hard it is to accept that this is real. Roman arrives, pushing past Rafe to embrace his daughter. He tells her that Rafe has been manipulating her. When she walks away to take care of Johnny, Rafe comes over and tells him how worried he is about today. He asks Roman if he can talk to EJ. Sami returns and asks Rafe to go and talk to Father Matt for her. After Rafe leaves, Sami tells her father that she knows Elvis will come after her and she's scared. They talk about Will and she admits that he has a right to be angry. She's afraid this has been the last straw for him. Will walks in and past them, refusing to look at his mother.

Hope and Bo are at the church. She lights a candle and they talk about Zack. Hope remembers how important it was to have people there to grieve with her and help her through it. As Rafe arrives, Bo walks off to check security. Hope tells Rafe that she understands what he's going through. They talk about Zack. She tells him how much Sami will need him. When she leaves him alone, he tries to pray. As he breaks into tears, Father Matt comes in and asks what's wrong. Rafe thinks he shouldn't be here when he's angry and his faith is challenged. He doesn't know if he can forgive God for letting Grace die.

"It's as if she didn't have a father," Elvis sighs as he drops the newspaper. Stefano watches and tells Nicole that she should be with his son right now. Nicole feels terrible that both Sami and EJ are mourning a child that isn't even theirs. She's not sure she can take causing all of this grief. He warns her that if she lets the truth out, there will only be more grief. Nicole comforts her husband, but he's silent. She tells him not to grieve like this when Grace wasn't... "Wasn't what?" he asks. She points out that he never bonded with her and he still has Sydney. "One daughter does not make up for the loss of another," he says, launching into a rant about how evil Sami is and how sorry she is going to be. After he tells her what he has planned, she can see that he will make Sami's life a living hell. He announces that he's taking Sydney with him. Nicole thinks that's a horrible idea. "I don't want her used as a weapon," she argues. He backs down. Stefano comes in and announces that he isn't going; he can't cope with another funeral... or the sanctimonious Bradys. He just wants to concentrate on the future. When EJ and Nicole arrive at the church, he vows to make Sami pay. She arrives with tears in her eyes.


June 19, 2009
An Eye For An Eye.

Brady runs into Arianna at the Java Cafe. They are both going to the funeral. She's afraid for her brother. He's told so many lies for Sami that he could be in danger. Brady tells her just to worry about EJ.

EJ and Nicole are at the church when Sami and Roman arrive. Roman instantly gets in EJ's face to back him off. Elvis isn't impressed. Bo reminds him that he's in a church. "I wouldn't dream of disrespecting my daughter's service. It wasn't me that made her entire life a lie," he snipes. Will and Mia arrive. He doesn't want to talk to his mother. As Sami and her family go into the chapel, Will explains to Mia who Grace's father is. After they walk off, Nicole tells her husband to wait until after the service before he tries to get revenge. She tells him he needs to take some time to grieve....

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