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4th Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 22, 2009
Don't call me Goldilocks!

Chloe is on the set of "Hearth and Home" trying to figure out how to hold a bowl when Maggie and Lucas come in to tell her how excited they are. Chloe drops the bowl when she's told that Daniel is on his way over. When Lucas is called away, Chloe and Maggie talk about how awkward things are getting. Maggie explains that Daniel was reluctant to go through with this until she encouraged him. "Why are you making this harder for me?" Chloe asks. Maggie guesses that she still has feelings for the doctor and tells her to face it and get over them. "Maybe this is the best way for me to keep my promise to God," Chloe wonders.

Daniel calls Kate to ask her why they are meeting at the mansion. She tells him just to hurry over. At the mansion, Chris complains about the hors d'oeuvre until Kate sends him away. When she's alone, she slips on some gloves and begins dabbing the hors d'oeuvre with poison. Daniel arrives and she hands him his contract and explains that she wanted a moment alone to tell him how much this means to her. She claims that she has finally let go of her anger. When she toasts with him, he notices the appetizers and reaches for one. She stops him and claims that they are just for the show and asks him to take them over to the set with him. He thanks her for how hard she's trying.

"Long time no see," Chad says to Mia when he walks into the Java Cafe. He's missed her and reaches out to touch her hand. She jumps away and tells him to leave her alone. She tries to avoid him but he won't stay away from 'Goldilocks'. She flashes back to having sex with him in a car and tells him again to get out. "Don't call me 'Goldilocks' ever again!" she warns. She hasn't heard from him since last year. He asks her if she remembers the amazing times they had. Mia flashes back to making out with him again. The manager walks over and informs her that she has the rest of the day off. Chad suggests that they catch up. "I don't want to see you ever again!" she tells him.

After the funeral, EJ hands Sami a court order and informs her that he is taking Johnny from her just like she took his baby from him. Rafe tells him this is wrong. EJ rants until Will walks in and asks if it would be cool for him to visit his brother. EJ's alright with that. Sami feels betrayed. Will tells his mother that Elvis has every right to take Johnny after what she's done. Sami slumps in a pew. Will storms out and Rafe promises Sami that they can fight this together. Sami gets up and begins ranting at EJ. He threatens to sue her for slander.

In the vestibule, Nicole panics when Father Matt tells her that the nuns have finally made it. When Sister Agnes comes in, she instantly recognizes Nicole. She plays dumb and it seems to work. The nun lists all of the other nuns coming and says that Sister Theresa left Salem a few days ago. After Nicole sees Will run out, she goes into the chapel and asks what's going on. Sami tells her not to play the innocent and claims that this is all her fault. EJ tells Sami she has one hour to bring him his son. "I will see you both in Hell for this!" Sami shouts. The priest comes in and Sami storms out. He tells EJ that everyone is a sinner and they all need help. "Don't do anything that you're going to regret," Father Matt advises. EJ says Sami is the one who played God and will regret it.

Nicole follows Sami into the vestibule to tell her that she is innocent in all of this. Sami wonders why she looks so guilty then and commands her to confess. That's not going to happen. Sami warns her that EJ will always be focused on her and their baby from now on and walks out. Nicole returns to her husband. He's eager to go home and prepare things for his son. She wonders if they should take the memorial picture of Grace and begins to cry. When she claims that this is all her fault because Sami hates her, Elvis tells her she has nothing to do with it. She refuses to go and get the child with him and says she will come home later to make things easier for everyone. When he leaves, she gets down and cries, begging Grace for her forgiveness. She goes to the cemetery and prays by the grave and wonders if she caused all of this. "The worst part about it: Your leaving this world made my life better," she admits. "Oh God! Please forgive me!" she cries.

Will drifts down to the pier and calls his father, begging him to come and meet him. Lucas runs off, leaving Chris in command on the set. Chloe starts to worry again. When she opens the door, she walks into Daniel. He tells her that Kate is starting to come around. Chris begins gabbing about their chemistry together until Kate arrives. The director tells her they have to hurry before the cheese goes bad. Kate tells Daniel and Chloe that the appetizers are 'to die for tasty'. They wonder how to play the scene but Kate barks at them just to do it. Chloe forces a smile and picks up an appetizer.

Will meets his father at the pier and asks him why he didn't show up at the funeral. He confronts him for lying about everything just like Sami and Rafe did. Lucas claims that things are complicated. His son tells him that EJ will have full custody now. "I've gotta be with her," Lucas declares, running off to see Sami. When Will is left alone, Mia pops up. He hugs her and asks her why she's upset. Back at the Java Cafe, Chad gets a job working there.

Sami and Rafe are at the townhouse. She cries. She's already called Roman, Mickey and Abe and they all told her that she has no choice but to give up her son. She sends Rafe away so she can talk to Johnny alone. Lucas arrives and offers to help in any way he can. "If you need anything, you can always count on me," he tells her. She hugs him. He leaves. Johnny runs out and wants to play but his mother tells him it's time to go. He sticks out his tongue. She takes him straight to the mansion. "Shut the door on your way out," EJ tells her as he takes his son.

June 23, 2009
More Yummy Than You Know.

At Maggie's, the director explains how they will shoot the sequence to Chloe and Daniel. Kate tries to rush them through it. Daniel unwittingly offers Chloe a drugged appetizer. "Looks yummy," she improvises. "More yummy than you know," Kate thinks to herself. Before Chloe can eat it, she gets distracted by thoughts of sex with Daniel and spills the appetizers. Lucas arrives and Chris prances out with some more food. Kate claims they won't work. Daniel goes upstairs to change his shirt. Chris brings him a fresh shirt and then tells Chloe that she and the doctor ooze chemistry on screen. She goes in to see the doctor and apologizes for what happened. He thinks she's nervous to be around him. She admits that she doesn't think they can be together without something happening. He tries to rationalize things, explaining the donation Kate is making to cancer research and how this honors both his dead wife and Chloe. "So maybe this is fate," he tells her. After a tense moment, he does up her zipper. They both sigh. Downstairs, Kate drugs more food until Chris arrives. Kate goes up to get Chloe and Daniel and Lucas returns. As he paces and waits for everyone, he looks around for something to eat and picks up one of the drugged Deviled eggs.

Rafe walks up on Nicole as she weeps at Grace's grave. He asks her why she's there. She claims she's paying her respects. He asks her why she said she would do anything to get Grace back. Nicole tries covering and says she had more of a connection to her than he realizes. "She was my daughter's sister," she explains. He tells her to focus on the fact that she still has a daughter. Nicole still feels terrible for Grace and Sami. Since she's so sympathetic, he asks her if she'll talk to EJ about the court case. Arianna arrives and Nicole leaves. She asks him what that was about. He's not sure. Sadly, he remembers all of his visits to the convent to see Grace. The best way to honor her memory is to help Sami. When he's left alone, Rafe walks to Emily's grave. "I'm so sorry," he says as he reaches down to touch it.

Sami drops Johnny off to EJ. He tells her to shut the door on her way out. She wants to get a few things straight first. Once they send the kid off to play, Sami rants at Elvis, telling him that he is hurting their son and this is only temporary. She threatens to tell the judge that he's a sociopath. He blows up about her lies and deceptions and orders her to leave. Sami continues threatening him. "You bring it on!" he taunts. She tells him that Rafe is a better father than he ever could be and he can become Johnny's father. "I'll kill him before that happens," EJ threatens. She thinks he's a 'homicidal maniac'. He continues to taunt her, telling her that her son will be raised as a DiMera and she'll never even recognize him. He tells her she has no say in their son's life anymore. When she explodes again, he orders her to take a time out. She reminds him that he is capable of compassion and begs him to understand that she was only trying to protect Grace. "What you did was unforgivable. Any feelings that I may have had for you are gone forever," he tells her. He only wants to protect his son, even if that means ripping him from his mother's arms. When Johnny returns, his father tells him to say goodbye to Sami. After he does, EJ sends him up for his nap. Sami vows that she will see him sooner than he thinks. "Whatever you have to say to get you through the day," he says. As she storms out, Nicole arrives. EJ tells her that things went exactly as he thought they would. Nicole worries about how Johnny will take this and tells him this is cruel. He begins shouting and tells her that he is only protecting his child and doing what's best. Nicole hates what Sami did, but she still thinks he needs to forgive her, at least for his son's sake. She tells him that Johnny senses something is going wrong. He claims he can handle it and this is none of her business. She warns him not to underestimate Sami but he refuses to listen.

On the terrace, Steph is on the phone with Abby, telling her to get back to town for the wedding. As she plays with a pill bottle, Henderson brings her a letter from her mom. While she reads it, Philip arrives. They talk about how hard it is for her to be separated from her parents. Patch and Kayla are working in a clinic in the third world. She wishes she could help them. He makes some calls and arranges for medical aid to be sent over to help Kayla. Steph kisses him and tells him he's the kindest, sweetest guy. They kiss and he suggests that they go to see her family. He hopes he can get a little 'karma kick back' for this. When he runs off to make some calls, she fumbles with her pills. Philip returns and says that they can't get their visas in time to leave right away. Sami storms in and tells them that she needs their help. "I want to destroy EJ DiMera once and for all," she declares. Philip tries calming her. She explains that Elvis took her son and she doesn't think she can live without him. She suggests that they go to the police and expose EJ.

June 24, 2009
Did Your Really Say That?

Daniel tells Chloe that he respects her fighting for her marriage. Then he starts zipping up the back of her dress as Kate watches from the doorway. Chloe worries how this must look but Daniel points out that they've managed to be together without anything happening. Kate rolls her eyes and stomps off. Meanwhile, Lucas mills about downstairs and decides to steal one of the poisoned Deviled eggs. "Oh my God! No!" Kate bellows. She swats the egg out of Lucas' hand and steps on it. Chloe and Daniel run in as she shoves the eggs under the kitchen faucet. "What? Were they poisoned or something?" Lucas asks, jokingly. She admits they were poisoned... by rancid mayonnaise. When Chris comes in, she orders the shoot over with and throws him out. Kate asks to speak to Daniel in private at the Java Cafe.

Kate goes to the Java Cafe and Daniel soon follows. She tells him that he and Chloe are a thorn in her heart. "Did you really say that?" he asks. He thought she was better than to be so vindictive. Before he can walk away, he repeats that there is nothing going on between he and Chloe. He's sick of this. She accuses him of still being in love with Chloe. She predicts disaster, confident that Chloe is weak and will end up with him or someone else. The doctor tells her to go to Hell and let her son be happy. Kate begins apologizing and explains that this is really all about her not being able to get over him. He continues trying to back out of the TV show but she guilts him into it some more. Once he leaves, she opens her bags and pulls out the recorder that just recorded their conversation.

Chloe and Lucas go over to the pub. He's upset that his mom keeps upsetting her. She claims that it was all her own fault. She begs him not to make trouble with his mother. Lucas promises that the rest of the day will be better. They go over to their brand new home. When he picks her up to carry her over the threshold, she imagines he's Daniel and gets down, explaining that they should walk in with Allie, as a family.

Rafe corners Will outside of the pub to talk about Johnny. Will knows the DiMeras are a bunch of murderers but he still thinks his brother is better off with them than he is with Sami. He rants about what a manipulative liar his mother is. When he tries to walk away, Rafe grabs him and has to stop Will from taking a swing at him. Rafe knows how angry he is but tells him that his mother can't take it right now. If he loses his mom over this, it will eat away at him for the rest of his life.

At the mansion, Stefano tells Nicole that all of this grief is for nothing, but at least Elvis now has custody of Johnny. Nicole is less pleased. Stefano starts making plans for where Johnny can go to daycamp. She objects to him separating the little boy from his sister even further. He thinks it's too late for her to be developing a conscience. They bicker and he warns her about how dangerous guilt is. "Anyone who does not feel sorry for Sami is not human!" Nicole blurts out. Stefano tells her to be true to her husband. She worries that they are underestimating what Sami is capable of doing when she stands to lose her child. What Elvis is doing is just too cruel, she argues. "She defied this family and look what her life is like now... and look at yours," he warns her. After he leaves, she tells her baby that Stefano has threatened her one too many times. "Mommy is going to do what she never does the right thing," she says.

On the Kiriakis terrace, Sami begs Philip and Stephanie to come forward and tell the police what EJ did. Steph doesn't know what to do. Philip tries to block it but has to leave to take a call. Sami reminds Steph that they are family and this is all about what's right for her son. Stephanie wants to help her... but she can't. She looks down at her engagement ring. Sami urges her to lie to the police and say that she saw EJ with Owen. She says that people like her are the ones who let the DiMeras and Kiriakis get away with things. As she badgers her, Steph begs her to leave her alone and walks off. Sami won't back down. Philip comes out and confronts her for treating his fiancee like that after all she's been through. She accuses him of just using Steph and storms off. One of his men comes out and they make some business calls. As they shake hands, Steph returns. The man leaves and Steph wonders if she should tell the truth. She's afraid that it will be her fault if Johnny grows up without a mother. Philip tells her that Sami brought this on herself and gives her a hug. "Just try and block everything out," he tells her. When he steps away, she pops some pills. Philip returns to tell her he has to run off to work. She begins stumbling around as she heads off for a swim. After her swim, she collapses.

When Rafe goes to the townhouse, he finds Sami packed and ready to run. He guesses that she is going to snatch the kids and run. She refuses to talk about it. "I'm not going to help you if you won't let me in on what you're planning," he says. When she fills him in, he stops her and tells her that she can't do this, it would only lead to her losing her son forever. He swears that he will do whatever it takes to get her son back. She sobs but he assures her that everyone is on her side. When he leaves to get her some water, Nicole suddenly calls and tells her that she will find a way to let her see Johnny.


June 25, 2009
Rich and Sweet.

Brady runs into Nicole at the Java Cafe and asks her what's wrong. She tells him about what EJ is doing to Sami and why. He guesses that she isn't very supportive of this idea. Nicole can't stand to see Sami suffer and is going to try and help her out. Brady thinks she's still worried about Mia. She claims that she's okay on that score. Brady just wants things to work out for her.

Rafe finds Mia crying in the church chapel. She hugs him and he wanders off to talk to someone for a minute. When he's gone, Father Matt comes in and recognizes her as the girl from the funeral and the wedding. She sends him off looking for Rafe and tries to slip out, bumping into Brady on the way. He's there for an AA meeting. She talks about her baby and hopes she is safe, but she still worries. As they talk about Sydney, Rafe walks in. He's surprised that they know each other. They tell him that they met in AA. Rafe tries interrogating them, but Brady defends their story. After he walks away, Rafe continues digging. Father Matt interrupts and Mia rushes out. The priest tells Rafe about Mia's outburst at the wedding.

After Stephanie gets out of the pool, she collapses on the terrace. Soon, Daniel comes out and finds her. He calls the hospital for an ambulance and discovers a vial of pills on the ground. When she wakes up, she's in a hospital bed. Daniel asks her about the pills he found. He tells her that she needs to limit her intake and it appears that she's already taken more than double the maximum. She apologizes. He questions her about her problems. She refuses to dump this on Philip.

Philip is at the pier when his father shows up to check on him. Victor thinks he has things under control. His son appreciates the confidence and tells him that he wants to appoint Steph to head of PR. Victor isn't convinced that her loyalty is absolute. As they debate, Bo hops over. He and his father argue. Lexi calls Philip to tell him about Stephanie. He rushes over immediately. Stephanie tells him everything is fine and Daniel leaves them alone.

Melanie walks in on Nathan flexing in the kitchen after his workout. She asks him if he wants to hang out. He has to check his schedule first. When he wanders off, Maggie bustles in and asks Mel to help her get the cabin ready for the summer. Mel looks for excuses until Maggie tells her Nathan will be there. She pouts her way to the pub and complains to Arianna about missing her brother and hints about Nathan.

Arianna brings Tommy bear out to Ciara as she and Hope walk out of the pub. Bo flashes back to his vision of searching for her bear in the woods. Ciara and Hope go to Maggie's to see Nathan. He tells Hope about his new work and then they begin talking about Melanie. She fills him in on her past and how Nick got sent to prison. Before she can explain the details, she has to run off. Mel returns and he tells her that he's not free to spend any time with her ever. He brings up Nick. She becomes upset and storms off.

Hope, Maggie and Ciara go to the hospital to see Lexi. They show her the newspaper article which outs Hope for her charity work with autism research. Lexi promises to find out what happened. Hope and her daughter run off. They meet with Bo in the graveyard to lay flowers on Zack's grave. When the ladies step away, Zack's ghost appears. He hands his father the bear and tells him that if he loses it, something bad will happen. Meanwhile, someone reads the paper and circles Hope's picture. "Yep, rich and sweet," he says.

Back at the hospital, Maggie gets Mel to help her out after her volunteers don't show up. Philip finds her. They talk about how she's changed. Stephanie comes out, eager to leave. Melanie finds Steph's pills and wonders if she is having problems with Philip. Meanwhile, Philip and Stephanie have returned to the mansion. She eavesdrops as he tells his father that he will keep Stephanie in the dark about everything.

Nicole goes to the pub and asks Arianna what's going on between her and Brady. "I hope your husband doesn't find out you're asking questions like that," she says. She's sure that Nicole has a problem with what's going on between her and Brady. Nicole claims she doesn't mind who he gets involved with, but asks her to be nice to him. She loved him once and he's been burned by many; she only hopes some woman can make him learn to love again. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Brady asks as he walks in. Nicole runs away and bumps into Mia outside. She thanks her for getting her in to say goodbye to Grace and tells her she knows she'll be a good mom.


June 26, 2009

Nothing Says Impersonal Like A Big Basket Of Apples.

"Steph, you've got a real problem don't you," Melanie says as she looks at the vial of pills. Nathan startles her and asks her what's up. Mel rants at him and storms off as Maggie walks in. "How can you let her live here?" Nathan demands. They argue about how Mel can be living there when she ruined Nick's life. She tells him to stop jumping to stupid conclusions. She fills him in about Nick's pill addiction and how he began stalking Melanie, took her hostage and killed her father. After hearing all of that, Nathan feels bad and Maggie suggests that he try apologizing.

Kate is editing the recording she made of Daniel. Meanwhile, Daniel bumps into Chloe and Lucas by the pier. They show him all of their shopping and tell him they've moved into their new house and he should check it out some time. "No! Can't do that!" he blurts out. Lucas leaves to see his brother and Daniel begins apologizing. Kate calls, eager to discuss the next episode of the show. She orders Chloe over to the Java Cafe and hangs up. Chloe calls back and tells her she'll have to wait until another time. Kate grudgingly accepts. Daniel claps and tells Chloe she's brave. She complains about Kate and Victor and how much they hate her. As she tells him how much she appreciates him looking out for her, things start to get awkward.

Stephanie walks out on the terrace. She knows that Philip is keeping secrets about the business from her. When she takes his hands, they are covered in blood. She wakes up. This was a dream. After she and Philip get up and go outside, she asks him what he was talking to his father about. He claims it was nothing. After he leaves for work, Melanie arrives and tells her she got into nursing school. After blabbing on, she pulls out the vial of pills. She asks if she can do anything for her. Steph says no but she grabs the pills. "If you need 'em, you need 'em," Mel says. Steph admits that Philip doesn't even know about them and doesn't want him to worry about her. Mel tells her that she's got her back and walks away. Chloe comes by a moment later and Steph starts acting jumpy. She apologizes for snapping at her. Chloe understands and tells her she knows someone who could help her.

Maggie runs into Kate at the hospital and starts talking about housewarming gifts for Lucas and Chloe. When Daniel walks by, they ask him what he'll be getting them. Kate leaves to take a call and Maggie tells Daniel that this must be torture for him. He twitches. Later, he tries buying a gift online. "Nothing says impersonal like a big basket of apples," the nurse suggests. He gets on the phone and orders a bushel delivered. Kate eavesdrops. "You're making this way too easy for me," she says.

Philip meets his brother at the pub. He asks him to be his best man. "Sorry Bro. There's no way in hell," Lucas says. He explains that he can't stand up for him while Victor treats Chloe like scum. He lists some of the names that Victor calls Chloe. Philip understands, he's just worried that he won't be able to give Stephanie the wedding she deserves. Steph is having a hard time getting past the Owen thing and keeps pretending to be fine. Lucas advises him to be patient. He goes to see Chloe at the Java Cafe. She hands him an old photo album he thought was lost. He guesses that Alice put it together and happily flips through. She wanted to give it to him so he could add new pictures to it. "I am the luckiest man on planet earth," he says.

Rafe shows up at Nicole's door to apologize. He should have been sympathetic when he caught her at Grace's grave instead of interrogating her. "Us law enforcement types get suspicious about everything," he says. She's suspicious about why he's really there. He has Johnny's favorite book to deliver. "Sami's not giving up is she?" she asks. He says no and walks to the door. Before he leaves, he brings up his run-in with Mia. She tells him the story about volunteering at a center for troubled teens and claims Mia is not a drug addict. He begins probing her and suggests that Mia isn't who she claims to be. He wants to dig around in her past. She reminds him that he was fired from the FBI and can't push her around. "If you think Grace getting meningitis was something Mia did," she starts. He stops her and tells her he only wants to talk about the court case. Nicole is uncomfortable discussing all of this and tells him to leave.

Nathan runs into Melanie on the pier. He apologizes for not giving her a chance to explain. She asks him what he wants. He claims he's being sincere and offers to get on his knees. She stops him; she's not used to this. "I don't want you to stay away," she tells him. He asks her about the pills he saw her with. She explains that they belonged to a friend of hers and tells him how worried she is about her. Melanie wanders over to the pub and finds Philip. "I have to talk to you about something," she says.

Stephanie goes to the church to talk to Father Matt. She claims that she is in desperate need of help.


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