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1st Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 2, 2009
On Top Of The World.

When Nicole bumps into Brady, she tries to get away. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him that EJ has forbidden her to see him. He can't believe that she is cowering like this. She sounds more like a Stepford wife than the proud and mischievous woman he's always known. She explains that Philip saw them together and thought they were having an affair. He offered to keep it quiet if EJ gave up the fuel project. As he tries to wrap his head around this, she repeats that she has to cut him out of her life for her sake and the baby's. He wonders why she would give in to Philip. She explains that this is the only way to keep EJ from poking around in her life. She is so close to getting everything she wants... He advises her to think of her daughter and reminds her that someone could come back to blackmail her at any time. Nicole tells him he would be happier staying away from her. "I am very happy where I am," he says. She claims that she is on top of the world. Brady is unconvinced. She seems to be letting a man control her and it's only a matter of time until her whole life goes up in smoke. He's depressing and scaring her. Brady thinks the woman EJ loves isn't who she really is. "Don't you know you're worth being loved for who you really are?" he asks. She knows. The topic quickly turns to Sami. He doesn't know why she is so worried. She admits that she doesn't feel worthy of EJ or anyone else. Brady tells her how great she is. She thanks him for being the kind of friend she doesn't deserve and kisses his cheek.

Phillip pops up on Elvis' doorstep after receiving a call from him. EJ informs him that his company is no longer interested in the fuel project. Before he can shut the door in Philip's face, Philip asks him what this is really about. EJ claims he is trying to protect his family from danger. Philip is offended and claims that he would never threaten Nicole. EJ orders him to stay away from her. "You don't order me around. I'm not afraid of you or your father," Philip shoots back. "Then you're a bigger fool than I thought," EJ mumbles as he closes the door.

Sami begins to cry as Will spontaneously appears in Lucas' hospital room. She hugs her son and tells him how much she missed him. He demands to know what's been going on and how his father was nearly blown up. They evade the questions and ask him where he plans to stay. Sami invites him home with her. Lucas sends Sami to get Johnny while he takes some time alone with his son. After she leaves, Lucas tells his son he can't believe how much he's grown up. Will demands to know why he is lying to him again. His father explains that he and Chloe hit a rough patch and he ended up drinking...and then he ended up in a gas explosion. But he hopes Will isn't sorry he came home.

Kate and Victor sit in the pub. He feels vindicated that she finally agrees with him about Chloe. She plans to cause deep and lasting psychological suffering for her. First, she needs to find her son a more suitable mate. "An inflatable sex doll?" he suggests. He's glad to see her nasty side is back. Stefano arrives and asks to join them. Victor tells him to get lost. Stefano accuses him of being a lout but Kate asks him to sit down. Stefano suggests that they focus on what they have in common: A devotion to family. "I think I'm going to throw up," Victor announces. When Kate tells Stefano that she is in remission, he wants to celebrate. Victor is disgusted and walks off. Stefano tells Kate that she has a beautiful aura. He digs for details about her romantic life and asks her out for dinner. She offers to think about it.

Chloe arrives at Maggie's to pick up Allie. Maggie is standoffish but Chloe wishes they could be polite. Lucas has partial amnesia so they don't have to tell him the truth and break his heart again. Maggie doesn't want to lie. "Don't you think that Lucas deserves better than you?" the redhead asks. Chloe explains that God gave her a sign that she and Lucas are meant to be together. She begs her not to reveal what happened. Maggie sighs and agrees not to say anything to Lucas.

Sami returns to the townhouse and Chloe soon arrives with Allie. When Chloe notices that Sami has had her baby, Sami puts the kid in the nursery and tells Chloe to get out before Will comes back. After chasing her out the door, Sami thinks about baby Grace. Her thoughts are interrupted when Elvis comes knocking on her door. He waves a stuffed penguin at her and she lets him in. They talk about Johnny and she repeats that she doesn't want him in the same house as Stefano and Nicole, but she can see that he was well cared for. He tells her how much her son missed her and she tells him how grateful she is for everything he's done. She touches his arm. There's a pause. He wonders why she seems sad. The baby begins crying so she runs off. He calls his father to talk business until Sami returns with the children. When she send him off to brush the children's teeth, she calls the convent and tells them that she is starting to put a plan together to bring her daughter back. Elvis comes back out and she suggests he must not be happy at home if he is there with her. She wonders if he is reconsidering marrying Nicole. "What if I made her worst nightmare come true and married you?" he asks. Meanwhile, Chloe has returned to the hospital. When Chloe walks into Lucas' room, Will instantly accuses her of being responsible for his father almost dying.

Victor returns to the mansion. He's tired. Philip hands him the torn up copy of the fuel project and explains that EJ gave it up. He's happy but wonders how Melanie managed to get it into EJ's hands anyway. "Find out or find a new job," he demands. Philip isn't happy to be talked down to once again. Victor guesses that something must be wrong between his son and Stephanie. Angrily, Philip explains that he and Steph are finished and it's because of this project.


March 3, 2009
What About Mom And EJ?

Daniel wanders outside and remembers Chloe dumping him. "To hell with it," he decides, shrugging it off. He walks into the Cheatin' Heart and has a scotch. Chelsea comes in and sees him drinking alone.  Although he warns her that he's bad company, she sits down with him anyway. As she does, Max walks out and spots them. He wanders over and shows her a text he just wrote: 'Ditch him'. She thinks he's being juvenile. Daniel walks away to make a call and Max warns Chelsea that the doctor is a 'ticking time bomb'. When the doctor returns, more miserable looking than before, he asks Chelsea to leave him alone. She wants to know what's wrong. When she continues to pry, he tells her that Kate is in remission. No one told her this so she is thrilled to hear it. As she hugs him, Max watches and cringes until he walks over and she tells him the good news. He goes back to work and she sits down, still unsure why Daniel looks miserable. He's wondering what kind of man he is; he has hurt a lot of people, including her, and he's not sure he knows himself anymore. He tells her to go off and celebrate her good news with Max. The doctor leaves and Chelsea sits with Max. She tells him that she promised to have fun with him tonight. Throwing her arms around him, she kisses him. A drunken Daniel watches through the window and imagines he sees Chloe kissing Lucas. "Chloe, you did the right thing," he mumbles to himself.

At the hospital, Chloe apologizes for walking in on Lucas and Will. Will apologizes for being accusatory. Chloe admits that she is to blame for a lot of things but she hopes Lucas will forgive her. Sensing an awkward moment, Will decides to make himself scarce. After he's gone, Lucas tells Chloe that he blames himself for his drinking. He took her for granted and wants another chance. She tells him that they can both change and be happy. She wishes the last month had never happened. He makes her promise to tell him when things are going wrong and stop acting crazy. When he begins trying to figure out why he was at Daniel's, Nicole calls her and tells her to come over so she can vent about Sami. After she gets off the phone, Lucas tells Chloe that Sami lost the baby. He asks her not to let anyone find out about Sami and EJ. "Find out what about mom and EJ?" Will asks as he returns. Chloe decides it's time to go and leaves. Will wants to know what is going on between his mother and the 'jerk'. "You're scared I'm gonna shoot EJ in the back right?" he asks. Lucas doesn't want to hear him talk like that and he wishes he hadn't come back to such a mess. After Will agrees to stay in town, Lucas asks him for a favor: "I want you to be my best man." Will shrugs and mopes off.

Over at the townhouse, EJ asks Sami, "What if I made Nicole's worst nightmare come true and married you?" She guffaws. He suggests that she's jealous. "Nicole has me and you don't," he states. She thinks he's arrogant. He teases her and tells her that his private life is none of her business. "You're the father of my children!" she blurts out. He wonders if he missed something, but puts her slip down to her poor language skills. Nicole calls and he tells her that he is with Sami. He assures her that Samantha is as annoying as ever and offers to discuss this when he gets home. She hangs up on him and Sami wonders if she'll be waiting for him with the rolling pin. He tells her that women with babies get treated with patience. She pouts and they argue about what's best for the children. Sami assumes he can't see what is wrong with Nicole and Stefano. He laughs it off but she won't drop it and claims that she knows how she would act if she was in Nicole's situation. She tells him that having someone try to kill her made her reflect on her life. Now that Nicole has his heart, she worries that Nicole will hurt him. "A part of me will always love you," she admits. He smiles. She says it was 'a very qualified statement'. When she makes him promise not to let their son become like the other DiMeras, he shakes his head. "He's on his own," he says. They need to let their child grow up naturally, not mold him into something they want him to be. "It's like I'm seeing a side of you that I never got to meet," she says. As she checks on the children, there's a knock at the door. It's Rafe. Sami runs over to him and gives him a hug as soon as he walks in the door. Elvis is startled.

At the mansion, Nicole hands the baby to the maid and makes a vow: "Sami, you are not taking EJ away from me! No matter what." Soon, Chloe arrives and they begin discussing their problems. Chloe talks about dumping Daniel and the miracle God granted her. Nicole is sarcastic and the topic turns to Sami; she worries that Sami already has EJ running to her. "I don't think you have to worry about Sami or that baby ever again," Chloe says. She explains that Sami told Lucas that the baby died. Nicole wonders what Sami and EJ are talking about then. Before she can call him, Chloe tears the phone from her hands and advises her not to nag. Nicole decides not to let Sami get to her.


March 4, 2009
The Full Service Agency.

Max and Chelsea are at the Cheatin' Heart. It's late so the place is empty. They decide to toast to her grandmother's health. Max admits to Chelsea that he's crazy about her. They toast with ginger ale and he tells her that her eyes are pretty. They sit outside and she notices a crocus sticking out of the snow. They talk about the promise of spring. After mixing some metaphors, they start to make out. She stops, scared that this could be a mistake: She doesn't want to lose him as a friend and has never dated anyone who means as much to her as he does. He promises that things will work out. She decides to trust him, but she hopes she won't screw things up again. Max is sure they've both grown up since the last time they were together. She doubts she's any more mature. He offers to simply have dinner with her and nothing else. Chelsea declares the date momentarily postponed so she can just talk to Max 'the friend'. As a friend, he tells her that something good is happening and she is scared. After hearing this, she declares the date back on and they begin kissing.

At home, Bo gets another flash of his vision. Hope sees how disturbed he is and asks him what he's thinking about. It ripped his heart out when they were separated, he explains. He doesn't want her to leave him like that again. She knows he was looking out for her before, but senses more is wrong. With difficulty, he admits that he had a vision of her making love to another man. She thinks that's disgusting and awful. Hope knows this is as hard for him as it is for her. He asks her if she came home because she wanted to or because she felt she had to for Ciara. She assures him he is the only man she loves and offers to prove it. As they hurry upstairs, Max and Chelsea arrive downstairs. Chelsea tells Max that their date was great. They have trouble saying goodnight and begin to make out again.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Sydney, "Your dad is still with that nasty woman who gave birth to you." Unfortunately, Stefano walks in as she says this and demands to know what she means. She explains that EJ is with Sami and she's upset. He wonders why she feels so threatened and offers to solve her problems. "Why in God's name are you so scared of her?" he probes. She claims the world was blissful without Sami. He thinks she needs to calm down and leaves to get some tea. She gets dressed to leave. He stops her and tells her not to run out and embarrass herself. Nicole wants some privacy and storms off. Stefano is sure that she is going after Sami.

At the town house, Elvis watches and bites his lip as Sami welcomes Rafe. After they gush about seeing each other again, Sami introduces EJ to Rafe. She laughs uncomfortably as Rafe tells EJ that he's heard all about him. They talk about the laughing penguin and how Rafe got it for Johnny. "We're a full service agency," Rafe tells EJ. While she gets the children, Rafe digs into EJ over the custody battle. EJ defends himself and reminds the agent that he is no longer on duty. After they snipe, Sami returns and they play with the children together. As EJ leaves the room to put the children to sleep, Sami points out what a great dad he is. "If I had a kid like Johnny with a mom like you, I wouldn't be so concerned about pleasing my daddy," Rafe comments. She blushes. He gives her a picture of Grace and tells her it's not right she isn't with her daughter. She admits that she can't stop thinking about the baby and all of the 'firsts' she will miss with her. He's upset and decides to leave. "Now you don't have to protect me anymore," she tells him. She wishes he could help her and rests her head on his shoulder. EJ watches in the distance. Rafe tells her that he has to leave for D.C. Elvis interrupts and tells Sami that she needs to finish putting the twins to bed. When she leaves to do that, Elvis tries to usher Rafe out. The agent decides to stick around and suggests EJ leave. They argue and Rafe suggests EJ is too possessive. Sami returns and asks EJ to leave. Rafe gets a call telling him he has to leave tonight. She wishes he had more time and walks him out. By the time they get to the hallway, she is nearly in tears and makes him promise to come back. He kisses her forehead and then her lips. EJ stands in the doorway and broods as he watches them.

Nicole pops up at the convent to see Sister Theresa. She tells her that she gave her baby up. When she hears a baby crying, she asks to see her. The nun thinks that will be hard on her, but Nicole says it will help. As the nun gets a bottle, Nicole picks up the baby and starts to get an idea. Back at the mansion, Stefano's henchman arrives and tells Stefano that he followed Nicole to a convent.


March 5, 2009
Giant Cup of Crazy.

Sami is furious when she catches EJ filing a complaint against Rafe at the station. He says it's not appropriate for her to have a relationship with her guard. She argues that he is no longer her guard and she can be as inappropriate as she wants with him. Her yelling is interrupted by her father, who wonders why she is there at all. She wants him to put in a good word with Rafe's superiors. Roman gets a call and leaves. EJ tells Sami that someone in Rafe's position shouldn't be involved with her. She accuses him of spying on her private moments. He has a vested interest in whoever the mother of his son is 'hooking up with'. She admits that she kissed Rafe because she has feelings for him. They bicker and she refuses to let him belittle Rafe. He's sure that if she pursues him, she'll get him. She claims that she doesn't pursue men... anymore. When EJ leaves, Roman calls and tells him that he will make some calls on Rafe's behalf to get him back to Washington. Elvis is pleased and hopes he'll soon be gone.

As they try on dresses at the wedding salon, Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn't understand why she still feels threatened by Sami. Nicole is sure that Sami will always try to get him back. Chloe thought EJ was smart enough to know that Sami is a 'phony, classless loser'. Chloe tries on a dress and says that the wedding must be perfect; she needs to convince Lucas that they will have a wonderful life forever. To Nicole, it sounds like she is trying too hard to convince herself. Chloe repeats that she loves Lucas. They go over to the pub for lunch. Nicole orders light and claims she is watching her weight. "You look like you never even had a baby," Chloe says. The topic turns to Chloe's upcoming lunch with Kate. The bridal salon calls Chloe to tell her that she left her credit card there. She runs off to get it and Nicole asks the waitress to look after Sydney for a minute while she slips out to make a call. Once she steps out, Sami comes in the back door. She approaches and begins making googley eyes at the baby. Nicole looks in through the window and spots her.

At home, Hope and Bo discuss his visions. She tells him that his psyche must be lying to him and suggests that he is punishing himself for feeling guilty. Bo wonders why she is assuming that his visions are lying to him all of a sudden. He worries that he won't be able to protect her. "You really believe this is going to happen?" she asks, annoyed. She claims that he is just imagining her with other men and, from now on, refuses to say that he even has visions, 'just terrible thoughts with no base in reality'. She orders him to stop his thoughts and vows that no one will come between them.

Chelsea and Max make love in her room. He promises her that things will be different this time. She hopes so; he was 'horrible and hateful' last time they were a couple. He admits that he was self-absorbed but she was a 'giant cup of crazy'. She was once obsessed with him and wonders why he picked her. Max thinks she's beautiful, fun and challenging. He has no regrets. Noticing what time it is, he gets up and dresses. They share some more kisses and he runs off. As he walks down the stairs, he runs into Bo. "Max? What a surprise," Bo says. Max is slack jawed. Chelsea runs down and hands him his wallet before she notices her father staring at them. Before Max can explain, Hope comes down the stairs. Bo explains that Max spent the night there. Chelsea tries to change the subject. Bo demands to know what Max was doing there last night. Max admits he spent the night with Chelsea. Bo kicks him out. Chelsea gets angry and flounces upstairs. Bo tells Hope that their home isn't a hotel. She reminds him of when they were young. She leaves to make things right with Max while he talks to his daughter.

Bo goes upstairs to apologize to his daughter. She reminds him that she isn't 15 years old and he has no right to stick his nose into this. He explains that he's been overcompensating since she was absent from his life for so long. She reminds him that he needs to let her go so she can make her own mistakes. "I'm moving out," she says. When she leaves, he gets another flash of his vision of Hope and wonders who she is with. Meanwhile, Hope chases Max down to tell him how sorry his brother is. Max can't stay angry at him.

Brady and Daniel are working out in the park. When Brady asks him about what's going on with Kate, Daniel says that there is someone else. He seems sad so Brady imagines it must already be over. "It will never be over," Daniel says. He tells him that the woman he loves is marrying another man. "I know what it's like to be in love with a woman that you can't have," Brady commiserates. They jog around the block some more. Once Brady leaves, Hope arrives. She asks the doctor if he's okay. He claims he is. She assumes he's lying. She tells him that she saw the article on him in the paper claiming he is Salem's most eligible bachelor. He tells her that he's not eligible. She hopes he's happy and hopes she sees him again soon. Brady returns and bumps into Chloe on the way. After she spots Daniel, she's about to run but Brady stops her.

March 6, 2009
Just Let me Step Out And Get a Lobotomy.

Melanie rings EJ's doorbell. He tries to blow her off but she wants the rest of her money. He refuses to squeeze out another dime. He thinks she should have read the contract before signing it and tells her that the project, and their deal, is now null and void. In addition to that, she owes him the advance she was given. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asks. He thinks she needs to learn and grow up a little bit. When he closes the door in her face, she flounces off.

At Titan, Stephanie is called into Philip's office. He kisses her. He tells her that they can have what they had again. "Just let me step out and get a lobotomy," she suggests. She knows that he's handsome and then some, but he's also her boss and she's seen the worst of him. Holding her, he asks her to steer him in the right direction. "Philip..." she sighs. Melanie storms in. She reminds Philip that good things don't happen to president's who hit on interns in their offices. She announces that they can go ahead with the project now that EJ has dropped out. He's curt and tells her he's pushing on without her. Melanie protests but Philip threatens to have her charged for corporate espionage and orders her to leave before she is thrown out. She guesses that he got EJ to back out. He acknowledges this and refuses to be blackmailed by 'Smurfette'. Melanie sarcastically congratulates Steph on snagging 'Prince Charming' and walks out. Steph tells Philip he's unbelievable. She doesn't like the way he does business and doesn't like to watch him trying to be as strong as his father. He tells her they should discuss this over dinner and hands her some work to do. When she tries to open the file, she realizes something has gone wrong. He begins to panic.

In the park, Chloe spots Daniel at a distance. Before she can run, she bumps into Brady. He asks her what's wrong and quickly puts together what must have happened. "Not sure if you picked the right guy?" he asks. He just wants her to be happy. Since he's personally screwed up both of their lives once, he can't judge her and wants to listen to her problems. She has to decline but gives him a peck on the cheek and walks off.

Melanie goes to the Cheatin' Heart and pouts to Max. She complains about EJ and Philip. Max reminds her that she has no money and no one will bother suing her. He suggests that her problems are self-inflicted. She wants to be alone for awhile and mopes toward the door. Before she leaves, she walks right into Brady. "How you doin'?" he asks. "Why don't you ask Philip?" she says.

At the pub, Nicole sees Sami holding Sydney and storms over to her. "Give me my baby now!" she demands. Sami hands her over and claims that she would never hurt a baby. Nicole puts the baby away. Sami tells her not to leave – they need to have a little talk. Nicole sits down and Sami tells her that she and EJ talked about their situation, but the people who really should be talking are the two of them. Sami explains they are all connected and have to respect each other's privacy. She says that EJ is already butting into her life and she doesn't want him there anymore than Nicole does. Sami tells her what happened with Rafe and EJ. She imagines that Elvis believes he still owns her. Nicole guesses she must be scared of something. Sami wants her to explain to Elvis that he has to stop obsessing over her. Although Sami wants to be nicer, she warns Nicole that she still has power over EJ and she should be afraid. EJ saw her kiss Rafe and went ballistic. "None of us may want to admit it, but what EJ and I have is still there," Sami asserts. "In your dreams, bitch!" Nicole barks. Sami wants a ceasefire but warns her again that she is a 'formidable opponent'.

Stefano runs into Kate outside of the pub and invites her to lunch. She already has a date. When they walk in, he asks if he can sit until her date shows up. He spies on Nicole and Sami as they talk. She suggests that he bug the baby carriage. He laughs. She tells him that Chloe is a 'bug that needs to be squashed'. Stefano is impressed by her change of tune. "God had her spare my life so I could spare my son's," she explains, announcing that Chloe will regret what she's done. Stefano heads out and Chloe arrives. She begins apologizing to Kate who hopes they can be honest to each other from now on. Chloe pulls out her camera and shows her pictures of her wedding dress. Kate thought she was going to wait a little longer to plan the wedding. Daniel walks in and Kate calls him over to ask him his opinion on the wedding dress. He says it looks fine and awkwardly walks away. Kate tells Chloe that she knows what is going on... he must have hated the dress. She tells Chloe that Daniel and her are incapable of hiding their real feelings. Kate continues asking uncomfortable questions and warns her that she could end up hating her soon. When Kate talks about her bedroom antics with Daniel, Chloe starts to cough.

At the mansion, Elvis and Stefano discuss the market and then turn to domestic issues. "I just saw your fiancée having a cozy little luncheon with Samantha Brady," Stefano says. Elvis pretends not to be interested and looks for excuses. His father laughs when EJ suggests that the two women in his life could actually be acting mature. The two DiMeras check their computer and see that Melanie has done exactly what they expected. Stefano wonders if the older and younger Kiriakis men have any idea that they are about to be blown out of the water. "Somebody is about to have a very bad day," EJ says. After his father walks away, Nicole walks in and accuses him of trying to run Sami's life. She asks him why he cares about who Sami kisses. Stefano eavesdrops and calls his henchman. He asks him to find out why Nicole was at the convent. Meanwhile, Sami calls the convent and is outraged to learn that a woman came by and saw her baby.


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