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2nd Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 9, 2009
I'm Going To Kill EJ DiMera!

"I don't think I lost the file. I think I lost everything," Stephanie tells Philip at Titan. They contact the tech service. It soon becomes clear that Titan's entire database was wiped clean. She wonders how that is even possible. He remembers his threat filled conversation with EJ. "I have a damned good idea," he says. The tech guy arrives and explains that the computers were infected with a worm which stole and wiped out their data. It will take time before they know if any of it can be saved.  Philip leaves, 'to deal with the worm'.

Nicole returns to the mansion and lays into EJ for taking an interest in Sami's personal life. He already knows that she was talking to Sami. Nicole half-wonders if she should be jealous. Elvis leaps up and kisses her. He thought he had proven that she has his heart. He has, she says, but Sami still pushes her buttons. He repeats that he is just concerned about his son. They talk about her wedding dress and he asks her what happened to the money he already gave her.

In the hall, Stefano orders his henchman to find out why Nicole was at the convent. Roman calls and asks Stefano down to the station to talk about Marino's death. They came up with some new questions that are sure to get his attention. Roman explains that they have ID'd the mayor's killer and checked out his background. Stefano refuses to come in until they get a subpoena. After he hangs up on Roman, he calls one of his men to have all traces of his dealings with the shooter erased. "I can't believe the incompetence," he grumbles. There's a knock at the door. Philip has arrived. Stefano lets him through and directs him to EJ in the main room. He tells them about the worm and EJ plays with Nicole's hair and says that Philip is being 'even more of an ass than usual'. Philip isn't willing to play any 'word games' and threatens that action will be taken quickly. Nicole leaves to check on the baby and Elvis tells Philip never to threaten him again in front of his family. Stefano eavesdrops in the hall and giggles while he smokes a cigar. Philip warns Elvis that industrial espionage is a major crime. EJ ignores him and makes a phone call. Philip walks out and Stefano begins applauding his son. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking to the baby upstairs, hoping that Philip won't tell EJ she's having an affair with Brady and Dr. Baker will soon get out of town. She tells Sydney how lucky she is not to be raised by Sami.

Brady follows a distraught Melanie to the park. He assumes that Philip must be making her miserable. She wants to run off but starts to cry. He holds her. She apologizes for being a crybaby. He offers to talk to her about her problems. "Why are you being nice to me?" she cries. He offers to help her work out all of her anger. His choice of therapy: The Cheatin' Heart. She's been there before and isn't old enough to drink. They start playing darts. She's impressed by his aim and asks him whose face he must be picturing. Brady smiles mischievously. Nicole calls and begs for his help. He rolls his eyes. She tells him that Philip and Elvis are fighting over the fuels project and she needs to know what is going on. He calls Titan to find out what is happening. Turning to Mel, he tells her about the infection and how everything is gone. "Your project is gone," he tells her. She pouts: She really wanted this project to work, not just for her sake, but for Nick's and her father's too.

Philip returns to Titan for an update. Things aren't going well. He announces that he will fix things. She wonders how. "I'm going to kill EJ DiMera!" he announces. Back at the mansion, Stefano tells his son how impressed he is with him. Nicole walks in and asks why Philip is so upset. They fob her off and Stefano begins talking about how much Sydney looks like Giovanni. After Nicole leaves, the men talk about what Sami is up to. Elvis refuses to let her problems interfere with his happiness. Nicole goes upstairs and holds Sydney. She wonders what Sami must be up to as well. "There's no way Grace deserves to be punished for Sami's sins," she says, deciding to get back her other baby girl.

Sami rushes to the convent and begins ranting at Sister Theresa for letting a woman hold her baby. The nun tries to calm her down. Sami notices that Grace is not in her bed. Sister Theresa explains that one of the nuns took her for a walk. Sami worries that they are 'passing her around like a pet bunny' and wonders what this woman could have really wanted. The nun thinks she needs to calm down but Sami continues worrying. Grace is brought in and her mom holds her and tells her that she met another baby who reminds her of her. Every time she comes back there, it becomes harder to leave her little girl behind.

Sami tracks down Roman at the pub. He doesn't like her staying at the townhouse all alone when the man who hired the hitman is still free. He tells her that it looks like Stefano was behind the mayor's death. Sami is irate but says that Will is staying with her so she should be okay. Roman reminds her that he's only 16. She asks him for a favor involving Rafe: She wants him to put in a good word for Rafe. He already has. She asks him if he can hire him at Salem PD. Roman is sure that Rafe will be able to move on and be fine. He just wishes she would do the same.


March 10, 2009
Let's Elope!

As Chloe tries on her dress at the cabin, she imagines Daniel is playing with her hair. Lucas arrives and ruins the fantasy. She makes him close his eyes while she takes off her wedding dress. He didn't know she was so superstitious. She just wants their wedding to be perfect. "It will be," he promises. Marrying her means more to him than she'll ever know. They kiss and he enjoys her lipstick until he announces that he has to go and discuss Will with Sami. Chloe is not happy and is sure that Sami is pouring poison is his ear. He assures her that he never listens to Sami.

Kate runs into Daniel at the pier. She tells him that she had a horrible premonition: She can't shake the feeling that someone has a reason to stop Chloe and Lucas' wedding. He can't imagine why. Kate points out that Chloe has already broken it off once. She suggests that Chloe just took Lucas back out of guilt, but over what? She prods for reasons why and he squirms.

Daniel goes to the chapel to pray. He hasn't done it since he was a child but he is in need of some clarity. The doctor tells God about the woman he loves and how he has forced himself to try and respect her choice... but this is all a lie. She is only with Lucas out of guilt and that's not right. He can't be complicit in this lie anymore. When he kneels at the altar, Chloe comes in and sees him. She runs down the hall and tells herself that she can't do this anymore. "Problem?" Kate queries as she pops up. Chloe claims that everything is fine. Kate tells her what a joy having her in her and Lucas' life has been. Before Chloe can run away, Kate asks her when they can get her new dress. The bride-to-be is going with her original choice. Kate promises her that they will have plenty of other chances at 'quality time'. After Chloe walks away, Kate tells herself, "I've just gotten started with you... and Daniel."

Stephanie and Chelsea arrive at Bo's. Steph wonders why her friend has decided to move out. Chelsea explains the scene her father made when he found out that she slept with Max. The topic flips to Steph's conflicted feelings for Philip. She admits that she can even see herself with him for the rest of her life.

Max fills up peanut bowls at the Cheatin' heart and thinks of his bedroom romp with Chelsea. He invites her to come by his watering hole before they open. "That was smooth," he tells himself. Will pops in and Max seems disappointed. Will teases him and Max digs for stories of his travels. As they talk about Will's family, Chelsea stands in the door and listens. Max talks about how he can't wait to be a father. They play pool and Will decides to leave. Once he's gone, Max sends Chelsea another message. He talks to himself and wonders where she is.

Chelsea runs into Daniel in the chapel. She tells him that she was just hit with something that she thought was over, but there may be a way out and he could help. She knows what a great doctor he is and wonders if there is anything he can do to help her have a child. There's nothing he can do. Although she cries, she doesn't want his pity. She wishes that he could at least give her some false hope. After she leaves, he continues to pray. Maybe he can't help Chelsea, he thinks, but he can help Chloe. Lighting a candle, he realizes he just has to let her keep her promise. When he returns to work, Kate finds him and continues to worry about the wedding. He tells her that she shouldn't be worried. This wedding will be the best thing for everyone. She cringes when he says that. Meanwhile, Chloe wanders by the pier and wonders what she should do. She decides that she can't wait until the wedding day and hurries off.

Chelsea arrives at the Cheatin' Heart. Max pulls out a gift he got her. "We have to end this before it goes too far," she says. He doesn't understand; he thought they were happy and lists all of the things they have together. Crying, she tells him that there is something 'further down the line' that she can't deprive him of.

Sami is surprised to find Rafe in the pub. She wonders why he didn't call her. He's awkward and tells her it's complicated. When he tries to leave, she refuses to let him go. She guesses he's been fired because of her. He's sarcastic but she's serious. If he had to do it all over again, he would do everything the same. They share an intense moment and then he excuses himself to get them coffee. She slips away and calls Abe. "You're my last hope," she begs. As she makes a case for hiring Rafe, the man himself returns and grabs her phone away. "What the hell are you doing?" he demands. He takes her phone and apologizes to Abe, asking him to forget this. Rafe doesn't want Sami to fix things she's not good at it. She doesn't want him to walk out of her life again. He promises to call her soon and heads out the door. Lucas drifts past him and over to Sami. He asks if that was the man who was 'guarding her body' and guesses he must know what happened with the baby. She gets upset and tells him to go away. He apologizes but she won't forgive him or talk about her baby. When he offers to talk about Will, she barks at him and thinks they should talk about 'opera bitch'. She doesn't think having her around will be good for anyone. Lucas refuses to listen. She storms out and starts kicking herself for screwing things up for Rafe. Back in the pub, Chloe finds Lucas and she has an idea: "Let's elope! Right now." Meanwhile, Rafe shows up at Salem PD looking for Roman so he can ask for a job.

March 11, 2009
I Don't Like Talking To Perceptive People.

Nicole is startled to find Dr. Baker on her doorstep. He tells her that the truth will set her free and that's what he's going to do for her. She doesn't easily relate the word 'free' with him. Before she can throw out her usual threats, the doctor announces that he is leaving town and shutting down the clinic. She assumes he wants more money. "I want something much more important than that," he says. He jokingly tells her he wants an invitation to her wedding. She doesn't laugh. Baker is just glad this is all over and leaves.

By the pier, Sami is on the phone with the nun. She discovers that her daughter is already sitting up and moving around. She promises to bring them a camcorder, unwilling to miss anymore of Grace's big moments. As she hangs up, Will surprises her and asks her who Grace is. She covers and changes the topic to him. She admits that she's been preoccupied and hasn't been paying any attention to him since he got back. He suspects something bad is about to happen. Her life has been 'gnarly' lately, she admits. He wishes she would tell him if something is going on. Her phone rings and he walks away.

At the office, Bo is tortured by more visions. Roman interrupts and asks what's wrong. When he doesn't get an answer, he drifts off and meets Rafe. He's looking for a job and apologizes for Sami calling the mayor. That's news to Roman and he's not thrilled by it. Embarrassed, Rafe is about to leave but Roman tells him not to. He can take him on as part of a long-term investigation into the DiMeras. Rafe says he's very motivated to help. As Rafe fills out an application, Sami arrives and offers to give him a recommendation. Roman wanders away to get a coffee. Rafe asks Sami what's wrong. All of her kids are screwed up because she's a screw-up she explains. He promises that things will turn out and puts his arm around her as Roman returns.

Chloe rushes into the pub to see Lucas. He tastes her lipstick and then she announces that they should run off and elope tonight. "What's gotten into you?" he wonders. She just wants to get it done. He's confused and guesses something must be wrong. Daniel wanders into the pub and finds Hope torturing some lettuce at the table by the door. When he sees Lucas and Chloe across the room, he decides to join her. She tells him her problems. He doesn't think she did anything wrong and should find a way to forgive herself. "Like you're good at that," she says. "I don't like talking to perceptive people," he admits. Chloe and Lucas walk by on their way out as Abe walks in and tells Hope that he got her her job back. She hugs him and thanks him. Abe chuckles. Bo rushes in and discovers that she's already heard the good news. Abe wishes them the best and leaves. Hope thanks Bo. "Things are looking up," he says, kissing her.

When Chloe and Lucas get outside, he still demands to know why she wants to elope. She reminds him that he almost died. He thinks that's a good reason to get insurance, not to get married. Offended, she flounces away. When she gets back to the cabin, she thinks of Daniel until Will interrupts. They're awkward together. She offers to help him find his phone and opens up about her fight with Lucas. She feels like a jerk for fighting with him. They talk about how nice Lucas is but what a drag it is to fight with him. He wishes he could help out. Chloe has an idea.

Bo and Hope arrive at the station. Roman and Sami welcome them and then she runs off. He sends Hope to do paperwork while he and Bo look over Rafe's report. They are impressed by his work but worry that he's the kind of guy who can go too far. Bo stares at Rafe speaking to Hope and has another flash of his vision. He tells Roman that he doesn't want Rafe to have a job there. When he walks out and takes the application from Rafe, he's cold and says they'll call him. Once Rafe leaves, Hope is hopeful that he'll be back, but Bo tells her they won't be hiring him. She guesses he's jealous. He admits he had another vision. He takes her into the office and closes the blinds so he can 'welcome her back'. Meanwhile, Rafe gets a call rejecting his application but offering him a job with the anti-terror task force in New York. "There's nothing keeping me here," he says.

As Nicole takes the baby for a walk, she runs into Lucas by the pier. He tells her about Chloe's plan to elope and asks her what her friend seems to be so upset about. Before she can run away, he checks out the baby and tells her that she looks exactly like Allie. Nicole turns to leave just as Sami appears. She begins laying into Sami but Lucas defends her before he leaves. Sami asks Nicole if she's convinced EJ to leave her alone. Elvis doesn't want a 'loose cannon' like Rafe around his son. Sami doesn't think that's fair. Nicole advises her to get used to living like a nun and walks away. Moments later, Rafe finds Sami on a bench. She cries and tells him how much she needs him.

Lucas goes into the Cheatin' Heart. His phone rings but he won't pick it up. Daniel follows him in and asks him if he is looking for alcohol poisoning again. He's just thinking of Chloe and tells him about the eloping idea. She's a great girl but he doesn't understand her and he can't have a relationship full of secrets. Daniel offers to tell him the truth. He explains that he and Chloe got to know each other very well. Before he can say more, Lucas tells him that he's been a screw up.

March 12, 2009
It's Scary to be This Happy.

EJ walks into his bedroom with a bottle of champagne and finds Nicole lounging on the bed in lingerie. She tells him how happy she is about to make him and they kiss. They exchange their vows of love and giggle before she pulls him into bed. After they make love, they talk about how much they love each other and how happy they are. He thinks the sex was worth the wait. "It's scary to be this happy sometimes," he confesses. She never imagined that she would have everything she has now. He still wants to get her a ring. She jokingly lists all of the other things he could get her. "I have everything I've ever wanted and no one is going to take it away from me," she says. When he falls asleep, she thanks God for everything she has. Suddenly, her phone vibrates. "What do you want?" she demands as she picks up.

Kate goes to Titan to visit Victor. She can barely suppress her desire to go after Chloe with a machete. Victor wants to know how Chloe is ruining Lucas' life. "With my son's ring on her finger, she's slept with another man," she says. She wanted to fix him up with another woman but now she's worried that the truth will shatter him. Chloe is too 'ethereal' to pick a wedding date so she doesn't know how long she has to launch her attack. "Humiliated is better than being married to her. Botulism is better than being married to her," Victor says. He suggests she arrange for Lucas to discover the truth rather than to simply tell him. She's tired of having to play games to protect her son's pride, but she decides to take Victor's advice, even if she'd rather just shoot Chloe. Victor reassures her by explaining that Chloe can suffer for a lifetime this way.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Lucas wonders if Daniel is hiding something and demands that he spit it out. "English is my first language," Lucas reminds him. Daniel begins explaining but Lucas interrupts. Daniel tries again and advises him to stop interrogating Chloe. He needs to remember that she wants to marry him; why should he worry about the how and the why? Daniel knows that he would never risk losing someone like her. After furiously listing all of the things that Chloe has done for him, he tells Lucas he would be an idiot not to go ahead and elope.

At the cabin, Will tells Chloe he wishes he could help her out. She's glad to hear that. Unfortunately, he was just saying that to be polite. She asks him to have a word with his father for her anyway. "No way," he says. She apologizes. He worries that she and Lucas are too intense all the time and wonders if they are ignoring dealing with something... like Sami. Chloe says that's not it and tells him his parents will never be together again. He claims they are meant to be together. She hopes they can be friends if they never talk again. "If you still want to be part of this family, call my stupid dad," he advises, walking away. Chloe decides he's right. She calls Lucas and leaves him a message, asking for another chance. "That's just what I wanted to ask of you," Lucas says as he suddenly appears. He wants to marry her and he doesn't care how they get there. She wonders if he wants his family at the wedding. He doesn't want to talk anymore and kisses her. He announces that he's reserved the jet and they are leaving for Vegas.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Kate arrives and tells Daniel that she knows Chloe was having an affair. He asks her where she heard that. She won't say but thinks this explains the couple's behavior. Daniel reminds her that she may owe Chloe some good will after she saved her life. She suggests that he's been Chloe's other man. She's sure that when she gave him up, he must have been 'adrift' and started the affair. He thinks she should drop this and let her son be happy. "I thought a man like you would have fought for her," she says. When he becomes livid, she asks him again if he has been having an affair with Chloe.

Sami tells Rafe that Nicole has ruined things. "I can't take this anymore! I just like seriously can't take it," she cries. He makes her sit and calm down. She tells him that Nicole says that EJ doesn't like him and that means that he'll be poking around in her life as long as Rafe's around. That also means she'll have to stay away from Grace and she can't do that. Before she runs off, he stops her and explains that Roman says the DiMeras were behind the shooting. She slaps him and yells at him for believing her father but not her. He wants to help her get Grace back in her arms. Rafe rants about EJ and says he's not even a real man. Sami can't continue living as a captive of that family so he has an idea: Take the DiMeras down. She points out that it's already been tried. Suddenly, she gets the idea to adopt Grace. "I can't do it without you," she tells him. The best part of the last year has been meeting him. He becomes uncomfortable and tells her there are things he needs to work out. Will arrives and Rafe tells him he's heard all about him. Will is sarcastic and watches them bicker. Rafe tells Sami they can talk later and he walks away. Sami insists that she isn't Rafe's girlfriend. Will doesn't buy it and thinks they are 'co-conspirators' and more than friends. He brings up his conversation with Chloe. Sami knows that all of this must bother him. He thinks his father is just weird but he's actually worried about his mother. He's sure that everything will go wrong just like it always does. Meanwhile, Rafe passes on the job in New York so he can stay in Salem.

March 12, 2009
Romantic, Without Slot Machines.

Chloe is happy that Lucas is now gung-ho about eloping. He admits it took a little convincing from Daniel to make him aware of what he wanted. She's a little bewildered. "You think it's weird that Daniel's happy for us?" he asks. She can't imagine why he would care. Lucas says the doctor really cares. Chloe changes the subject and asks if she can pack the wedding dress. He says a Vegas wedding doesn't have to be tacky. "It's going to be you and me for the rest of our lives," he promises. She looks worried and tells him they can go on a real honeymoon after they're married. "Some place romantic, without slot machines," she suggests. He says that will have to wait. They make out. Will walks in and shudders at the sight. He pulls his phone out of the fridge. They tell him they are eloping to Vegas. "I guess you got what you wanted?" Will shoots at Chloe. Lucas insists he is happy with this and asks his son to be his best man. Will reminds him that he has to go to school. Suddenly, Lucas gets a call: There are mechanical problems with the plane and they can't leave until tomorrow.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Kate continues to interrogate Daniel about his relationship with Chloe. He's offended and is about to walk out. She begs him to stay and pour out his heart. He asks who has been spreading these rumors. She won't say and keeps prodding. He refuses to admit to anything. She's afraid of what Lucas would do if he found out Chloe had an affair. He nearly killed himself when she dumped him after all. Daniel tells her that Lucas and Chloe are in love. She thinks Chloe simply tolerates Lucas. He furrows his brow. Kate says she believes he's innocent after all; Chloe is 'too common' for him. "We don't ever have to worry about Chloe getting jealous if we get together again," she says. Going into remission has made her feel like a new woman and there are things she wants to do. She wants him back. He squirms. She tells him her late night fantasies about him. "It's not going to happen," he says, sobering up. She's surprised. "We're not the same people we were six months ago," he explains. The way he handled their relationship was a mistake, he admits. He wants Chloe and Lucas to lead an enjoyable life, he announces before swaggering out. Kate tells herself that she will have to stop this wedding all by herself if Danny boy isn't up to helping. She rushes to the cabin. Only Will is there. He tells her that his father just eloped with Chloe.

Max and Chelsea meet at the pier. She's received his many messages but what they had is still over. He doesn't understand why she thinks they can't have a future. Chelsea remembers hearing Max talk about how much he wants to be a father. She tries to walk away but he makes her stay and explain. She tells him that she can't give him what he wants in the future. He insists that only he can tell her what he wants the most. He doesn't care that she can't have kids. They were both adopted so they can always adopt. She'd be happy with that too. Max knows that he wants her and leans in for a kiss. They go back to the bar and he checks to make sure all of the fuel project blueprints are safe. She shows him that the delivery guy just gave her his phone number. She teases him when he's jealous and then throws the number away.

"Is my project really DOA?" Melanie asks Brady as he returns to the pub. "It's a total disaster," he tells her. He accuses her of sabotaging them and being in bed with the DiMeras. As he walks away, Melanie massages her temples and thinks.

Nicole is angry to get a call from Philip while she's in bed. "Your fianc screwed me over and now it's payback time," he barks. She insists she had nothing to do with his stupid fuel project. Philip is sure that EJ was up to industrial espionage and she is going to have to say 'ta-ta' to her Eurotrash loverboy. He's going to reveal her affair with Brady. She gets dressed to leave. He wakes up. She claims she needs to get some baby formula. EJ's in the mood for love. She backs him off and he tells her the maid can fetch the formula. The baby cries so Nicole runs off, calling Brady on the way to tell him she is in major trouble.

Philip sits in his office grumbling. Steph suggests he try calling Bo. He can't let anyone know what happened. If Victor found out, he'd be out of a job. When he becomes defeatist, she tells him his father will understand that this isn't his fault. He laughs bitterly. Not only has he let his father down, he's let her down too. He hasn't; she likes his vulnerable side. "Then we have a problem. We have to end this now," he says. She giggles. He thinks she wants him to be weak. She just wants him to be human. Telling him to relax, she gets on his lap and they make out. He decides they should go out. They get drinks and she admits that she imagines them together for a really long time. He thinks about their future too, but thinks she deserves better than him. She tells him he's a good and caring person under his arrogant facade.

Melanie barges into the DiMera mansion. EJ tells her to go her 'merry little way'. She yells at him and accuses him of never planning to develop her project in the first place. She discovered that he has connections with big oil companies and is sure they quashed it. Tony eavesdrops as they argue. Elvis laughs, sure that Melanie has forgotten the formula already. "This is not over!" she threatens. He grabs her by the scruff of the neck and throws her out the door. "Kids!" he mumbles. Tony rushes out to Melanie and tells her he wants a word with her.

Brady meets Nicole on the pier. She's in over her head again. Philip is threatening to tell EJ about the affair they aren't really having. Elvis is jealous enough that it won't matter that it isn't true. She will lose everything. "I won't let that happen," he promises, telling her to go home and look after her daughter. She tells him he's an amazing friend and kisses his cheek.


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