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3rd Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 16, 2009
Clever Mummy.

At the mansion, Nicole and EJ play with Sydney. He tells her that Stefano is concerned that they haven't set up a baptismal date yet. She thinks Stefano keeps getting in her face and claims she's already arranged everything. He's amazed. "Clever mummy. She's always one step ahead of us," EJ says. She tells him that Lexi can be the Godmother but who will be Godfather? Elvis announces that he has to run out and get Johnny. He asks her if the baptism will be at St Luke's. "Why not the convent of the Holy Cross?" Stefano asks as he steps in. She claims she's never heard of it. Confused, EJ walks out to make a call. Stefano asks Nicole why she just lied. She asks him why he was following her and claims she was performing charity work. "Of course. And I am the King of Naples!" he shoots back. When Elvis returns, Nicole offers to go with him. He agrees to that, but Stefano takes her aside for a moment to warn that he will discover the truth.

Melanie is pacing at the pier when Tony arrives. She shivers so he puts his coat on her. He wants her prototype and claims he has the means to put it into production right away. She wonders what the catch is. Sitting, he tells her that they've both been wronged by their families. This could give them the chance to be independent. He wants to watch his father and 'pompous ass brother' eat crow. Melanie understands how he feels but doesn't trust him. He chuckles. She doesn't want to trust another DiMera. Shrugging, he tells her to go with her gut and is about to walk away when she stops him. When she outlines her terms, he agrees to them all and asks to see her copy of the blueprints. "I'll call you as soon as I get it," she says. Tony is very pleased with himself.

Kate is trying to find a flight to Vegas to stop Lucas and Chloe from eloping. Victor doesn't know what she can do. She's going to confront Chloe about the affair. He's sure that Lucas will resent her telling him he's a cuckold and advises her to stay out of it before she destroys everyone's lives. Kate is willing to sacrifice herself to stop the wedding. He thinks she should wait until Lucas finds out what kind of woman Chloe is and simply have the marriage annulled. She wants his jet. He tells her it's being serviced and she'll have to fly commercial. Kate dreads that but she still vows to stop the wedding.

Lucas and Chloe sit on a plane and kiss. He tells her to focus on their wedding so she won't become too nauseous. She admits she's never been to Vegas. He claims it will be one of the most romantic cities in the world when they're done with it. She has a horrible feeling. "What are we doing?" she asks. He's baffled. She thinks they should have told Kate their plans. She wants to call and invite her when they land. Suddenly, a voice comes over the intercom and announces that they are returning to Salem. A moment later, they correct the announcement and say they are going ahead. "Nothing is going to stop me from marrying my dream woman tonight," Lucas says. When they get off the plane, they rush to a justice of the peace. Meanwhile, Kate sits on a commercial flight while her neighbor tries to make small talk.

Outside of the pub, Rafe turns down a job offer in New York. He needs to stay there for a friend. He peers in the window at Sami. She's on the phone with a nun and starts to panic when she hears Grace crying. When Rafe comes in, she gets off the phone and asks him for help. Grace needs some ointment but she has to wait there for EJ. Rafe offers to drop it off. When he wanders off, Will arrives and tells her that Chloe and Lucas are eloping. She's shocked when she discovers that Kate wasn't even invited.  When she wants to sneak off to make a call, he begins interrogating her. Rafe is walking to the door when Nicole and EJ come in. As soon as he sees her, he remembers posing as the cable guy when she caught him in the mansion. He ducks out as the couple strolls over to Will and Sami. Will goes upstairs to get Johnny and Nicole asks Sami how she could have kept her sanity while separated from her children for so long. Sami sadly stares while Nicole plays with Sydney. The women bicker until Father Matt walks in and interrupts. Nicole looks forward to him performing the baptism. Father Matt hopes that Sami will be there too. Everyone freezes up. With an awkward laugh, EJ says that Sami is more than welcome. After the priest leaves, Nicole grudgingly admits that they are all connected and Sami is welcome. When Will comes down, Nicole offers to save him a seat in the front row. "I'm sure it will be a joyous day. One big happy family," EJ mutters through his teeth. After he and Nicole go up to get the children, Sami runs outside and calls Rafe.

Melanie arrives at the Cheatin' Heart to see her brother. They chat and he assumes she wants something. She admits that she needs to see the blueprints. Although she claims she just wants to make sure they're okay, he is sure there is more. The bartender calls him over to open the safe. Mel watches as he opens it and spots her papers inside. She runs off and meets with Tony. She assures him that she can get him the blueprints.

Rafe arrives at the convent to see Grace. He tells the Mother Superior how heartbroken Sami is that she can't see her baby. Sami calls and tells him that she wants her little girl back right away. Meanwhile, Mia returns to Salem by plane. "She's my baby Nicole. Mine," she grumbles to herself.


March 17, 2009
A Sheep In Heat.

Melanie calls Tony and asks him if he has her check. He'll have it for her if she has what he needs. They arrange to meet up. She's giddy at the thought of a big check and Philip squirming. Meanwhile, Brady and Bo are having a drink at the Cheatin' Heart. Brady asks him if he has any leads on the sabotage that's happened at Titan. This is the first that Bo has heard of it. After Brady fills him in, they guess that the DiMeras must be behind this. Max is eavesdropping and interrupts to ask if they think his sister is involved. On cue, Mel flounces in and sarcastically defends herself. Brady asks Max if he has any documents they can use to reconstruct the formula. He claims he doesn't. Bo and Brady leave to see Philip. Mel tells Max he's a good liar. He claims he is trying to protect Nick's project. She stares at the safe. Seeing the look on her face, he advises her not to do whatever she is thinking of. They tease each other and she leaves her phone video camera on the bar as she steps out. It records Max unlocking the safe. She returns and he walks out to take a look at her car after she claims it's not working. She checks her phone and then tries the lock. As Max returns, she sits down and tells him to make a drink so they can toast to their futures. She has a feeling they could be bright.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie is trying to tear herself away from Philip but he doesn't want their make-out session to end. They watch a corny movie and then Victor walks in on them before immediately running off, embarrassed. Steph is embarrassed too but Philip assures her that his father actually likes her. Moments later, Victor angrily returns. He just talked to Brady and discovered what has happened at Titan. They kick Steph out as Bo and Brady come in. Victor launches a tirade against Philip and tells him the shareholders will want blood. "Then give them mine!" he yells, storming out. Victor continues to fume and tells Brady that he will have to choose between being a DiMera and a Kiriakis. That's no choice to him. Bo tries to keep his father calm. He offers to bring the Feds in to help. As Bo walks out, he asks Philip for a timeline and other info. When Philip returns to his father and Brady, he promises that he will be handling this his way and coming out on top. Brady is skeptical but Philip vows to make the DiMeras crash and burn. Brady reminds him that he is vice-CEO. They bicker about Melanie and Nicole until Brady declares this a waste of time. "If you're not having an affair with Nicole, what is going on?" Philip taunts. Brady warns him to lay off Nicole or he'll be the one getting hurt.

Kate is eager to get off the plane as soon as it lands. The stewardess orders her to sit down. Grudgingly, she does so and starts going through the wedding venues list, calling them up one by one. She tells her nosy neighbor that she is there to stop her son from getting married. Kate lists Chloe's crimes and claims that she 'lives her life like a sheep in heat'.

In Vegas, a justice of the peace tells Lucas and Chloe that they should only proceed with the marriage if they are truly in love. He asks if there is any reason why they shouldn't be joined together. Chloe seems to hesitate. She insists there is nothing but Lucas thinks there actually is: They need witnesses. The justice tells them that's no problem, he will take care of it and calls them in. He sets up his DVD camera and puts the music on. Before they can start, the phone rings: It's Kate. She hears Lucas laugh and then the signal dies. Kate freaks out and demands to be let off the plane. Meanwhile, the wedding continues. Lucas suddenly realizes that he left the rings back in Salem. The witnesses stand up and offer them their rings to use. Moments later, Kate arrives. Everyone's gone but the DVD is there. She watches it, hoping something could have gone wrong. Nothing did. "'Till death do you part indeed," she says with a sneer.

Hope runs into Daniel at the hospital. She asks him what he's doing for St-Patrick's Day. He seems scattered. Hope wonders what's up. "I was wondering how doing the right thing can feel so wrong," he says. He's not anxious to talk. She hopes he'll call her if he changes his mind. Daniel wanders around and fantasizes about marrying Chloe. "It's never going to happen pal," he mournfully tells himself. He bumps into Hope again and she asks him out for coffee. He gives in. As she takes his arm, Bo arrives and sees them. Daniel telld her that she should be with her husband and walks off. Bo wonders what that was all about. "Do not go there," she forbids, promising that she will 'never, ever, ever be with another man'. When they hug, his vision comes back. In it, Hope says that Bo had a vision of her doing this but she convinced him it could never happen. "It was one of my best performances," she declares.

Melanie arrives at the mansion and hands Tony the blueprints. She's startled that he only hands her a check and no contract. He promises it is coming. "We'll be in touch," he smiles, closing the door on her.



March 18, 2009
Uh Oh.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max notices that the safe is open. He looks inside and is disturbed to find that the plans are gone. Meanwhile, Melanie jumps up to surprise Tony outside of the mansion. She's cashed his check but doesn't think that it was enough. He can't give her anymore until things are up and running. She demands her contract. He tells her it will take time. "I knew it," Mel says, accusing him of being a liar like his brother. She's not a weed he can throw away, she says. He tells her that she is pretty but greed makes her look ugly and then trots inside. Max calls and tells her she better get back there with the envelope right away. "Uh oh," she says.

Philip paces and orders his underlings to recreate the project even if they have to be locked in a room until it's done. Steph arrives and suggests that he stop making himself crazy. He asks her to stay with him today so he doesn't go mad. She thinks it's ridiculous that his own father is so hard on him. Philip's used to it, but he's determined to prove that he is a winner. She doesn't care about that; she loves his more human side. "The problem is that Philip isn't enough for me. Never will be," he explains.

Mel arrives at the Cheatin' Heart in tears. She hands her brother his half of the money and tells him it's all they have left. He demands to know who she sold the blueprints to. It was Tony. "Pretty stupid. I got ripped off three times," she says. She's ended up a loser again. Max wishes she'd waited. This was all she had; it was the only way to make something of herself and now she has nothing. He tells her to take the check for his half. She suddenly gets an idea and pulls out her phone. Max begs her to stop but she calls Philip and offers him another copy of the blueprints. He accepts. Max warns her of how dangerous Tony is. She says she'll be careful and runs out.

Steph returns to the mansion. Philip explains his call from Mel. She can't believe that he would trust her again. "This isn't about trust -- it's about survival," he insists. When Mel arrives, she makes a deal with Philip. He signs off on it. She tells him that Nick had Max hid a copy of the blueprints but they were stolen by Tony. He's working alone and made her an offer. Since she's 18, she impulsively took it. Philip announces they're done and she walks off. "He could be the answer to everything..." he grumbles. "I got Titan into this mess and I'm going to get it out," he declares, running out.

Brady arrives at the mansion to tell Nicole that he's finally convinced Philip they aren't having an affair. She hugs him just as EJ walks in. She explains that Brady's invited to the christening. "A family affair?" he asks. She points out that he invited Sami. Brady leaves to take a call and Elvis berates Nicole for inviting him. Stefano and Tony barge in. Stefano takes a picture and laughs. He wants to get the christening going. It's time to claim the child as one of their own. "You are now a DiMera. Now and forever more," he tells the baby.

At the pub, Sami is ready to go to the christening. Will stops her to ask why she is rushing off to hang out with Nicole, someone who she hates. "I hate Nicole but I don't hate her baby," she says. Will thought that hate meant hating everything about someone, including their children. The real Sami would never want to go anywhere near that baby. Sami claims she is trying to make peace with EJ. Will thinks that's bull. She admits that she's been weird lately but she's been through a lot. The only thing that matters is that she loves her children and always will. He already knows that but it's really not the point. She announces that they aren't going to the christening after all.

Tony is back at the mansion when the doorbell rings. It's Mia. Stuttering, she asks for Nicole and whether the baby is alright. He suddenly remembers meeting her during the winter. When he asks her how her baby is, she seems upset. "Did something happen to your child?" he asks. She says she had a daughter and gave her away. "Please don't tell Nicole you talked to me," she begs. He wonders why. She tries to get away but he continues questioning her. When she asks if Sydney is there, he shudders. "Nicole lost her baby. I gave her mine," she admits. As she runs off, Tony groans, "Oh Nicole! You have been a very naughty girl."

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. He wanders off to find the priest. She tells Sydney that she did the right thing giving up Mia's baby because now she has EJ's daughter. Sami has changed her mind and arrives. They're awkward. Sami admits that she resisted coming. Nicole tells her that she wants her there since she won't be coming to the wedding. This will prove that she and EJ are a real family and they will live happily ever after. She vows never to let anyone pull her family apart. Sami claims she has better things to do than ruin Nicole's life. Elvis and Will walk in. Sami panics when she's told that Johnny is home with a fever. Will thinks they should go but his mother wants to say a prayer first. While she's praying, Nicole bumps into Brady. He tells her he doesn't want to stick around and make things awkward but he hopes she enjoys the day. Moments later, Stefano and Nicole are in the vestibule looking at the christening gown that has been in the family for generations. He leaves to take a call and her phone starts ringing. It's Tony; he tells her to stay put. "We have to talk," he says. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami are with Sydney. He tells her that seeing her with the baby 'seems right'.

Brady rushes over to the mansion after Steph calls him. She tells him that Philip has gone after Tony. Meanwhile, Philip arrives at the DiMera mansion and begins screaming for Tony to come out. Tony is already at the church, however. He arrives in the vestibule out of breath. "Nicole darling, we both know that she's not your daughter," he whispers to her.

March 19, 2009
I've Got Your Number!

Rafe is on the phone at the convent making arrangements to rent an apartment when Sister Agnes comes in. She tells him she knows he feels close to Sami. He says he wants to spend more time with Sami and Grace. Sister Agnes says it's quite a commitment, staying in Salem, but she's not surprised - it's not the first time he's made a sacrifice for a woman! Rafe replies that Sami's different - not like anyone else. Sister Agnes warns him to make sure he's thought this through - she wants what is best for him. She suggests that he make certain that Sami wants him! He says Sami needs him, and thanks the sister for looking out for him - what happened before won't happen again! Rafe picks up Grace and plays with her, and he and Agnes joke about his newfound maturity. He says Sami changed him - simple as that - she's beautiful. Agnes says, "So, she is 'the one'."

Sami and EJ are at the christening. Sami is holding the baby and EJ remarks that seeing her holding his daughter just seems so right! EJ says while Sami being with the baby doesn't thrill Nicole - he'd like to see them put their differences aside for the sake of the children. Sami notes that the baby seems so comfortable with her - it reminds her of Johnny when he was an infant. Sami puts the baby in the stroller and EJ tells her that in spite of all their differences, she's had a profound influence on his life - for the better! Sami returns the sentiment. They agree that they want each other to be happy. She questions EJ about getting Rafe in trouble, and now wanting her to be happy with him. EJ reiterates that he wants her to have a happy life.

Nicole is in another room with Tony. He confronts her about lying, whispering in her ear, "We both know she's not your daughter." Nicole plays dumb, but Tony threatens to expose the truth to EJ. Nicole says she is not hiding anything - the baby is hers. Tony says she might be able to fool EJ and his father - but he's got her number! Nicole tells Tony he's not welcome there anymore - she never wanted him to be Sydney's godfather anyway! He warns her that the truth will come out. She tells him that his accusations are unfounded and cruel! Tony says that the child may be hers in her heart - but genetically, biologically and maybe legally - she belongs to sweet, young Mia! Tony recalls Mia being at the house when she was pregnant, and then informs Nicole that Mia was just back at the house again - and she opened up to him completely! He says he knows it's Mia's child she's trying to pass off as her own! Nicole says Mia has Tourette's - blurts things out - and she's bipolar too! Tony smirks, and suggests that if that's the case they should warn EJ and father about her!

Stephanie and Brady compare notes about what Melanie has been up to with the blueprints. Brady is furious. He tells her they need to find Philip before he riles up the DiMeras!

Philip arrives at the DiMera Mansion shouting for Tony to come out right now! The new butler confronts him. Philip waits for a bit, but when no one shows up, he leaves. He heads to the Cheatin' Heart and curses the DiMeras as he downs a beer. Stephanie and Brady show up and Philip asks what he's doing there. Brady says they need to find Victor and deal with this, but Philip warns that he'll get those blueprints back on his own - or Tony DiMera won't know what hit him! Brady and Philip argue about going after Tony DiMera. Philip says he'll only talk to him, but Brady is worried. He suggests that they make Tony an offer - after all, he's on the outs with Stefano and EJ!

Mia and Will are on the docks. As she cries, he asks if she's in trouble - offering help from his police officer uncle if she needs it. When she doesn't respond he goes to leave, but she calls out for him to wait. She thanks him for the offer, and he wonders if she would like to join him for something to eat in the pub. She says no, but he tells her to come to the pub if she changes her mind.

Lexi is at the Brady Pub. Stefano arrives and greets her and Theo. She asks why he's not at the christening. He says he's on his way there, and Lexi laments that her sitter just cancelled. Stefano insists that they take Theo over to his house - Lexi looks hesitant, but then agrees, saying she will talk to Theo about staying close to Mary. Lexi tells Theo what is going to happen, and that he needs to stay off the stairs!

Stefano and Lexi arrive at the church just in time to hear Tony tell Nicole that they should warn EJ and Stefano about the possibility of Mia turning up on their doorstep! Stefano asks who will be showing up - and why. Tony turns to Nicole, asking, "Do want to do the honors, or shall I?" Nicole takes a deep breath and tells Stefano that she just wanted to tell him how happy she is that he came today - it's a new beginning for all of them! Stefano buys it, and he and Lexi head inside. Tony tells Nicole that was quite a performance, noting that life is so interesting - it can change on a dime! She tells him to stop talking in riddles, asking, "What are you going to do, Tony?" He hisses, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Will is at the pub when Bo comes in and greets him. Will admits that he is trying to fit in, but he hasn't really made any friends yet. Mia comes in and Bo asks if he knows her. He says he met her, not at school, but somewhere. Bo leaves, and Will offers Mia a drink and something to eat - his grandma owns the place. Will tells her he just got back from Switzerland and asks where she's from. Mia deflects, and turns the conversation back to Will. He tells her about the twins, but Mia is distracted by Bo's presence when he returns to the pub. When Will goes in the back room, Mia takes off, but leaves her keys on the table. Outside she promises her baby they'll see one another again.

Lexi and Stefano go in for the christening and greet EJ, who asks if they've seen Nicole?! He opens the door to the other room and interrupts Nicole and Tony's heated exchange. EJ asks if they're ready. Nicole says yes and goes in with EJ. Tony lingers behind and whispers that Nicole should enjoy this while she can - when EJ finds out the truth, the nightmare begins! The christening gets underway. The baby is named, and the godparents are asked to step forward. Lexi says, "Guess that's our cue." Tony replies, "You'd better believe it." Lexi takes the baby and vows to help EJ and Nicole in their duty as parents, but when it's Tony's turn, he hesitates!

Back home, Philip tells Stephanie he liked that she was going out of her mind looking for him. She suggests he take Brady's advice. Philip tells himself that he'll play it Brady's way for now, but if Tony doesn't take the bait - it's on to plan B!

March 20, 2009
Off the Ledge!

At the christening, Lexi and Tony take the baby. When Tony is asked if he will take on the role of godfather, he hesitates, causing Nicole to flashback to their earlier conversation where he told her that he knows that baby is Mia's. Tony looks at Nicole, but agrees to be the baby's godfather. Suddenly, Nicole becomes faint. EJ catches her, and Tony suggests she have a full medical checkup. Lexi agrees - she needs to go to the hospital. Nicole refuses. Stefano and EJ weigh in, trying to convince her to go, but Nicole becomes irritable. She notices Sami holding the baby and jumps up to take her back. The ceremony continues as Sami watches.

Will and Caroline sit in the Brady Pub. He confides in her about Mia, saying girls are weird - why would she run off? Caroline says he seems worried. He points out that Mia asked all about him, but she didn't talk about herself, plus she was hungry - girls never admit when they're hungry! Caroline asks if he has her number, but Will says he doesn't - he doesn't even know her name!

Outside the pub, Mia talks out loud, saying, "I didn't know how much it would hurt. I made the worst mistake of my life." She heads to the church, where she kneels in front of a statue of Mary and pleads for help to stop thinking about her baby!

Rafe talks to one of the sisters at the convent about Sami's baby. She says if the father ever finds out he has a child, he'll have a lot of legal clout. Rafe says he needs to make sure he never finds out - for the sake of Grace and Sami. Rafe says his feelings have snuck up on him - for Sami and the baby. He explains that the DiMeras are arrogant and he won't let them ruin their lives. The sister tells Rafe she prays for him - he's heading into some dangerous waters. Rafe says goodbye to Grace and tells the sister he'd better get going.

Lexi goes out through the church doors to take a phone call. She encounters Mia in the other part of the church. Mia says she didn't realize anyone else was in the church - Lexi says there's a christening. Mia opens the door to look in - she sees Nicole holding the baby and says, "Oh my God. My baby!"  As the ceremony continues, Sami gets up and runs out through the doors. She runs into Mia, who asks if she's okay. Sami says she just felt a little emotional. They agree the baby is beautiful - Sami says she's got three children of her own, but Sydney's the most beautiful baby she's ever seen! Back inside the church, the priest asks everyone to reject sin - they all agree, with Nicole praying inside her mind for God not to take the baby away from her.  Sami and Mia, meanwhile, light a candle together in the other part of the church, before leaving.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, EJ cradles the baby, and Stefano asks Nicole if she's really okay. She says she's just tired. Tony makes a toast to Sydney Anne, and to Nicole for everything that she has gone through to bring them this little miracle! Lexi makes Nicole promise to get some rest. As they discuss how they would do anything to make sure their kids stay safe, Tony looks at Nicole pointedly. Lexi mentions that she encountered a girl in the vestibule when she went to take the call - the girl said the baby was beautiful, in fact, she watched as though the baby was hers. Nicole leaps up and tells Tony, "We need to talk."

Will and Caroline, still at the pub, discuss Lucas. He says it's none of his business that he is marrying Chloe. She asks about Sami - have they been getting along? Will says it's hard to fight with someone who's never around - and even when she is around, she is thinking of something else - he says he's getting that old feeling that she's in trouble again. Suddenly, Mia comes through the door again. Will holds up the keys she forgot, and then introduces her to Caroline. Caroline goes to heat up their food, as Mia tries to explain why she took off. Will says she doesn't have to tell him anything. He asks her name. She replies, "Mia. I'm Mia." Caroline comes back with the food, and Mia says she can't pay. Caroline says she's Will's guest. Mia says she can't take the food, and Will says she's being a jerk! He then apologizes, saying his grandma is just friendly and likes to feed people. Mia says she has to go, and Will says he'll wrap up the food.

Sami and Rafe meet up in the park. She admits that she went to the christening of EJ's baby. Rafe is angry about the situation, asking if 'daddy' was there - the one who tried to have her killed! He apologizes, but says the DiMeras make him mad. Sami says the christening really shook her up - she should be doing that for Grace. She says she has to go get her and bring her home! Rafe asks if she wants the DiMeras to take Grace from her - she needs to think about what would happen in a custody hearing - they might say she had endangered the child's welfare. He insists they have to wait until EJ won't be suspicious. Sami thanks him for talking her off the ledge. He takes a call, and Sami's phone rings too - it's EJ saying that Johnny has an ear infection. Sami says she's on her way.

Nicole and Tony are alone in the front foyer. She asks what he wants from her. Tony jokes, but Nicole remains serious, asking again what he wants - how much? He says he doesn't have a price, telling her that her situation is a lot more serious than she thinks - she doesn't have anything he wants - anything at all! He hints that he might want revenge against EJ, however. Nicole asks what he's going to do to her family. Just then, Sami walks in. She asks for EJ as Nicole grits her teeth. Sami goes into the other room where Stefano is still with EJ. Tony goes to walk away from Nicole, but she says they're not finished. He grins, "No. We're not." She presses him, saying, "You're going to tell EJ." Tony says he is, but if she can't stand the suspense - he'll do it now!

Sami asks EJ to get Johnny. EJ apologizes to her for the christening, and asks her to stay with the baby while he gets Johnny. She agrees, and while she's looking at Sydney her phone rings. It's the Sister from the convent, telling her that Grace is fussy and her diaper rash seems worse. Sami says she'll be there soon, saying, "I'm coming to get her. I'm going to bring my baby home." EJ, who has returned to the room, hears, and asks, "What do you mean? Bring my baby home?"

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