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4th Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 23, 2009
Have A Nice Life.

From the hospital, Daniel calls Kate in Vegas. She's nauseated to see his name pop up but answers anyway. He tells her that her latest results are great. She informs him that Lucas and Chloe just eloped. After she rubs it in a little, he says he has to go. She promises there will be a reception. "You'll get your chance to kiss the bride," she sneers. When she hangs up, Lucas and Chloe walk in on her. She holds the wedding DVD in her hands. "What the hell are you doing here?" Lucas asks his mother. She found out about this from Will and decided to come. Lucas knows that anything she knows about, she interferes with. Kate asks why they've 'exiled' her from their lives. Chloe says it's all her fault and argues that Lucas was just trying to make her happy, but he leaps at his mother, accusing her of interfering. Kate doesn't want to see either of them repeating their histories and doubts a hasty marriage will make things solid between them. "I want you to annul the marriage," she says. They bicker until Chloe stops them. "You can't tell me that, deep in your heart, you don't believe this was a big mistake," Kate challenges her. They both refuse to annul the marriage. When Lucas leaves to take a call, Kate tells her they need to talk alone. Chloe thinks there is nothing more to say - the decision has already been made. "Your decision just sealed your fate," Kate vows.

Back at the hospital, Maggie hands Daniel some papers to sign. He tells her that he's realized she was right about everything. He admits that he's done some questionable things lately and wants her to forgive Chloe. Maggie thinks he's acting like this has nothing to do with him. She doubts he will bow out gracefully. "Chloe and I are history," he insists before telling her that Lucas and Chloe have eloped. She calls Lucas and he tells her the news. Grudgingly, she asks him to give Chloe a hug from her. Returning to Daniel, she wonders if he will be able to let go. "Isn't that what's best for Chloe?" he asks. "I don't hate you as much as I did half an hour ago," she says.

"I am bringing my baby home!" Sami blurts out on the phone over at the mansion. EJ walks in and asks her what she's talking about. She tries to run off but Elvis and Stefano corner her. "You're not keeping any secrets, are you?" Stefano prods.

Nearby, Nicole wishes that Tony would try to get his revenge in a way that didn't ruin things for Sydney. He's undaunted and wants to get this over with. "Sami is in there and she is going to have a laugh about this one," he promises. When they walk into the main room, they find Sami admitting that she has a new baby... but she doesn't know the father or the mother. She's adopting. Nicole looks confused and terrified. "What have you done?" EJ asks. He thinks she's out of her mind and wonders how she found the time to adopt a baby while she was in witness protection. Sami tells them that she met a woman who had to abandon her baby and she swore to look after the child and give her a family. "What about your other children? Do they mean nothing to you?" EJ asks. She slaps him and shouts at him for questioning her love of her children. He lists how many children she is going to have to look after and how hard it will be when she is all alone. He also points out that adoptions aren't this simple and the father has rights as well. He loves that she falls so hard for kids, but she needs to make sure that she is in a legal position where no one can take the child from her. Sami cries and yells at him to stay out of her life. She doesn't want to hear from him again unless it is about her son.

After Sami runs out, Tony whispers to Nicole, "Oh my... how children stir things up." He taunts Nicole until she challenges him to just tell EJ everything and see who he believes. "Believes about what?" EJ asks as he walks back in. Tony covers with an excuse and leaves. Nicole wants some peace and quiet. Elvis says he'll take Sydney for a walk. Once he's gone, she bursts into tears, unable to take this anymore. After toasting to Tony 'blowing everyone's lives to hell', she takes out her phone and calls Brady to tell him she needs him. In the foyer, EJ asks his father to come for a walk with him. He wants to make some calls and find out how Sami adopted a baby while she was in witness protection. Before they can take a stroll, Tony approaches them.

Chelsea and Theo run into Max in the park. Theo's upset because he has to be in a play. Max asks what the play is about. Chelsea explains it's about wild animals. Max tries to talk to the kid but he just wants to go home. Max guesses that he is afraid of lions and assures him that they are only pretend lions and they can't hurt him...besides, roaring is fun. He roars and Chelsea roars. Theo gives it a try and laughs. The adults go to the Cheatin' Heart and she admires how he never talks down to Theo. They tease each other and kiss.

Rafe is on his phone in the pub. After Brady overhears him, he asks if he was talking to Sami. Rafe is defensive until Brady explains he is Sami's step-brother. They joke around but Brady guesses that Sami is still in trouble. As they sit down, Rafe admits that Sami seems to attract trouble. He can understand why she's had to become so 'tough'. They talk about the DiMeras. Brady doesn't like most of them most of the time. He's not sure that Elvis has ruined people's lives quite as much as his father has. Brady thinks Rafe must be the latest man determined to save Sami. On cue, Sami runs in, crying and begging Rafe for help. She sobs on Rafe's shoulder until she notices Brady. He wants to catch up with her but guesses she needs to spend some time with Rafe first. After he leaves, Sami tells Rafe they need to get Grace immediately. He'd like to help her but she's always running off and popping up, demanding that they get Grace and not thinking about the consequences. She doesn't want to hear any lectures from him and tells him he gets no say in her life. "I can do this by myself," she claims. "You have a nice life," he says, walking out on her.

March 24, 2009
You Should Write Greeting Cards.

Philip calls Tony. He's annoyed and Tony is distracted. Kiriakis offers to meet him anywhere he wants. They agree to meet on the pier in half an hour, though Tony doesn't see the point of this. "What's done is done," he insists. "We'll see about that," Philip mutters. When they meet up, Phillip is smug and Tony is mocking. Tony claims he didn't steal anything; his deal with Melanie was legitimate. He worked independently and this had nothing to do with his family. He accuses Philip of being spoon fed and weighed down by a sense of entitlement. They continue sniping at each other. Philip offers him a deal and Tony accuses him of trying to get out of his father's shadow and starting anew. "We have a lot in common," Philip points out. Tony turns him down and refuses to let anyone screw him over. Philip doesn't want his 'nuggets of wisdom'. When Tony tries to leave, Philip bars his way and says they aren't going anywhere until they have an agreement. Tony warns him that, until he dies, his father will demean him and play him against the next heir.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel is shocked when Brady informs him that Kate is in Vegas with Lucas and Chloe. Daniel starts to grumble and Brady asks him about the new woman in his life. Daniel snaps at him and then apologizes.  He's still not over her, but he has to be. Brady tells him he's still having trouble getting over Chloe; it bothers him that she's moved on so quickly. Daniel listens as Brady relates the story of their marriage's collapse. "We were never right from the beginning," he concedes. "Sometimes the right thing is actually the wrong thing in disguise," he adds. That makes sense to Daniel. Brady tells him that balance is everything and then begins complaining about Philip's unbalanced behavior. He admits that Victor wants him to run Titan but he won't let his own self-interest take over. Daniel is sure that Victor will do what is right for the company. As the doctor leaves, Brady tells him not to give up hope for the woman he loves.

Lucas and Chloe are startled when Kate sits down across the aisle from them on the plane. She glares at them. "I'm afraid your rosy future is about to turn very, very bleak," she thinks to herself. The newlyweds nuzzle and neck. As the headsets are handed out, Kate fantasizes about choking Chloe with one. Chloe tells Lucas about all of the kids they're going to have. Kate blows up and demands they stop their yammering; they're making her sick. "She has been cheating on you with Daniel!" Kate yells. Chloe is silent. Lucas asks her why she did it. Chloe admits she is in love with him. Lucas storms off and Kate tells her the charade is over. Kate snaps out of it. That was a fantasy too. In real life, the couple continues to yammer. When Chloe starts to snooze, Lucas sits with his mother. She promises to let him live his life with Chloe. He doubts her sincerity. She loves Chloe for saving her life, but can't shake the feeling that she will break his heart. "You should do greeting cards for people who get married," he snipes. He is confident that his wife is loyal. She brings up his lousy track record with women. "Chloe is not Sami," he claims, telling her to trust his judgment. "And trust me," Chloe adds, butting in. Kate wants to trust her and will try to 'cut the umbilical cord'. When Lucas leaves to go to the bathroom, Kate has some Bloody Marys delivered and pours them on Chloe's head. That bit was just another daydream though. As Lucas and Chloe nap, Kate surfs the internet for ideas. Her eyes light up when she finds one.

At the pub, Bo is doing an interview with the Salem Spectator when Hope arrives. They talk about how they try not to take the work home. Roman arrives and he and the reporter run off to chat in the corner. Hope admits that the whole interview felt cliched. She begins making jokes and digging for details about Bo's latest visions. He squirms. She insists that this is all crazy and what happened in his vision could never happen. As she badgers him, he becomes annoyed. Finally he admits that it seemed like she really wanted to be with the man in his vision. He's going to try to trust her and sets up a date for them. Meanwhile, Roman looks over and tells the reporter that nothing can come between his brother and Hope. When he walks over to his brother, he says goodbye and walks off. Bo suddenly has another vision. This time it's clear that the man in his vision is Roman. "It's impossible!" Bo gasps.

Brady runs into Philip by the pier. He's been trying to reach him all day and hopes he took his advice about not going after Tony. Philip is flippant and sarcastic and Brady walks away. "I'm not going down without a fight Tony DiMera. I'm not going down at all," Philip tells himself. Meanwhile, Tony returns home giggling. Pouring a drink, he tells his father's portrait that he has a plan to bring down the family. For the first time he is proud of himself. He toasts to a world he can look forward to.


March 25, 2009
Everything is Wrong.

Brady meets Nicole on the pier. "Everything is wrong," she says as she panics. They hug and Brady asks for an explanation. She says she's been dying inside thanks to Tony's malevolent threats. He made the christening into a nightmare for her. Brady tells her to try breathing. When they sit down, she explains that Mia betrayed her. Nicole tried to convince Tony that Mia just had Tourettes but he didn't buy it. She's sure that she will lose everything. He points out that she must have known this would happen. Suddenly, she gets a 'foolproof' plan. Brady doesn't look enthusiastic. She tells him they should steal the blueprints from Tony. All they need to do is break into his room and then use them as ransom to buy his silence. He thinks this is awful but she tries guilting him into playing her hero. He agrees to help her, but only if they do this his way.

Philip returns to the mansion. His father is furious and doesn't want to hear his son claim that things are under control again. Philip admits that Tony got a hold of the blueprints. His father tears into him for letting this happen. Philip begs for a chance to fix this. Victor refuses. "You had your chance Philip. You blew it. You're fired," he says. His son has made the family a laughingstock. Philip protests that this is all he knows. "Not anymore," Victor repeats. Philip begs him not to give his job to Brady. Victor insists that he will run this company the way he sees fit. His son blames everything on the DiMeras. Victor hopes he starts learning from his mistakes and explains that he is disowning him. "All my life, all I've tried to do is live up to your expectations..." Philip says. He vows to prove that he can defeat the DiMeras. "Good night," Victor bids him.

Stephanie finds Chelsea at the Cheatin' Heart. She's searching through the real estate ads but having trouble finding somewhere she can afford. Steph suggests they become roommates again. Chelsea is uncomfortable with the fact that she is dating Philip and everything would be awkward. Steph continues trying to convince her and suggests they can always dump their boyfriends. They agree to move in together. Steph's phone buzzes and she runs off.

At the pub, Bo struggles with another vision. Hope returns and sees him squirming. She tells him to let it go. He worries about his meeting tomorrow and admits that he really doesn't enjoy his new job. She suggests that he could use a distraction. They kiss and she tells him that his visions are just a way of him punishing himself for what happened to Kayla. She leaves to check on Ciera and Chelsea calls to ask him over to the Cheatin' Heart. When he arrives, she can tell that something is bothering him and asks what's going on. He doesn't want to talk about himself. She brings up Max but that makes him uncomfortable. He wishes she would move back to the house but she won't: She's already found a new roommate. "I'm getting an apartment with Stephanie," she explains. He thinks that's good. Meanwhile, Hope returns to the pub and bumps into Roman. He tells her she's looking better than usual. She tells him that Bo needs help. "Bo's been really stressed lately," she explains. He knows how hard it is to be in Bo's position. She thanks him and hugs him just as Bo returns. He stands in the doorway and stares at them. As she walks to the door, he cancels their date and runs off.

Tony goes over the blueprints. "The tide has turned and everything's under control," he grins. Brady calls him and says they need to talk. Tony isn't interested in talking to him but Brady insists his offer is worthwhile and asks him to meet at the pier. Tony is reluctant but finally agrees to meet him just to shut him up. Once he steps out, Nicole sneaks in and begins searching for the blueprints. The butler comes to the door with the dry cleaning. She ducks until he's gone. After she has no luck finding the blueprints, she runs down to the pier and meets Brady to tell him about her failure. Tony calls her and mockingly tells her that she and Brady make quite the team. "It's a shame that we couldn't have worked this out peacefully," he says before hanging up. Nicole runs off.

Philip mumbles as he packs up his things at the office. Steph arrives and he explains what happened. "It's not over," he claims. He's spent his whole life preparing to take over the company but now he has no job and no father, but he won't give up. "When you hurt, I hurt," she says. That's not what he wants. She tells him to walk away from this mess. He needs to make it right and be his own man. "I won't stop. I can't," he claims.


March 26, 2009
Do It Now.

Philip strides into the mansion and sarcastically congratulates Brady on becoming Titan's new CEO. Brady is taken aback. "What the hell happened?" he asks. Philip tells him Victor is trying to fix everything himself. Brady suggests that they fix it together. Philip insists he will do it himself. Brady tells him that he's already tried to get the blueprints back and worries that Philip is about to do something dangerous. Philip storms out and makes a call. "Do it. Do it now," he orders.

When Rafe bumps into Sami at the pub, he tells her that they have nothing more to discuss. She tells him that she is going to get Grace and can handle everything on her own. When she asks him about his plans, he tells her that she doesn't care about what he says or does and then walks away. Abe wanders over to her and welcomes her back. He tells her that Rafe must think a great deal of her considering what he gave up to stick around. As she probes, he tells her about the prize position Rafe gave up in New York. His phone rings and he steps away. Sami runs after Rafe as he leaves. "It seems we're not that different after all," she says as she stops him. She asks him why he turned down the job. He admits he did it so he could stay and look out for her. Sami apologizes for not appreciating how much he has done for her. "You do care, right?" she asks. He's quiet. She begins to ramble until he starts kissing her. They pull apart and then begin kissing again. As they smile, he tells her they are completely different; he incorporates logic into his decisions. She points out that sticking around Salem wasn't logical. They kiss some more. She has to get Grace now. He agrees to go with her. When they pick up the baby at the convent, Sami tells him how perfect everything is now.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano bursts into Tony's room and is surprised to find him packing. Tony informs him that he is leaving the family. His father is baffled. Tony is sick of the sibling rivalry and knows that EJ is the heir apparent. Stefano forbids him to move out but Tony has already sauntered down to the stairs to chat with his brother. He informs him that he's moving out. "So you're not going to make it to the wedding?" EJ asks. Tony begins rambling and laughing. His brother laughs nervously and wonders what's going on. Stefano stomps in and Tony reminds him that he has businesses all over the world and doesn't need them, especially considering the billions he could make on his new project. His father is outraged when Tony announces that he has the fuel project. "Things are definitely going to be changing for you little brother," Tony gloats. EJ threatens that he will come after him with everything he has. Tony doesn't think he has much of anything. When Stefano tries to play the family ticket again, Tony turns him down. "Then you are dead to me," Stefano announces before storming out. Tony turns back to his brother and tells him that he has some terrifying news for him... then he decides not to tell him now. He wants to have an audience present. "Don't worry. I'll be back," he says, smugly.

Nicole chases Mia down in the alley and confronts her for telling Tony the truth. Mia was lonely and worried about her baby. "I am her mother. Me!"Nicole insists. Mia didn't plan on any of this; it was all a mistake. Nicole tells her that what she did will destroy her life; Tony could strike at any minute. They rehash what happened with Tony and Nicole instructs her on what to say to him when she sees him again. Mia will do anything to make this up to her, but Nicole continues to panic and is sure she is doomed. She calls EJ and he tells her that something is wrong and it has to do with Tony. He's moving to New York today after he makes a supposedly horrifying announcement about him at the family gathering. He warns her that his brother has been acting odd. When she gets off the phone, she tells Mia that she won't let Tony say anything.

Chloe and Lucas walk down to the pier and make out. He's happy they eloped. She reminds him of Kate's annulment request and worries about how unhappy she is. He suggests she's being paranoid. She frets. He kisses her.

Daniel meets with Kate at the hospital. She tells him that she was 'totally wrong' about Chloe. He moves away as she pointedly tells him how blissful Lucas and Chloe are and how they can barely keep their hands off of each other. She gushes about what a great doctor he is and asks about the dangerous drugs he put her on. He hurries away and a nurse comes over to check on her. They discuss her drug regimen and Kate finds out that the drug she was on isn't even traceable on a drug test. "Very deadly if not used properly," the nurse says. Kate arches an eyebrow. As she mills about, Lucas and Chloe arrive. He tells his mother that Philip was just fired. As she runs off, Lucas leaves Chloe alone for a moment and she bumps into Daniel. She thanks him for talking Lucas into going through with the elopement. He forces some congratulations and tells her to do everything in moderation.

Brady runs into Victor at the mansion and tells him that he can't just fire Philip and drop him into his job. Victor won't discuss it. Kate barges in. "How could you hurt our son like this?" she demands. She thought that he had changed. "I have had enough of you. You are out of my life!" she shouts before walking out. Brady tells his grandfather that Philip isn't in good shape: He's cold, quiet and desperate. The next thing he does will be destructive, he warns.

Philip surprises Tony at the pier. He sent him a fake text message to lure him there. Tony doesn't want to talk to him. Philip isn't there to talk. He demands the blueprints. "You're as stupid as people say," Tony barks. Nicole arrives in the distance as the two men begin to wrestle. Back at the mansion, Stefano doesn't care if he ever sees Tony again. "He's dead to me," he repeats. EJ is sure that there is something going on that they don't understand.

March 27, 2009
He is Dead to Me!

Rafe is baffled when Sami tells him how much she'll miss their room at the convent. A lot of special things happened there... like Grace being born and Rafe learning to change diapers. When he steps out to take a call, Sister Agnes walks in and introduces herself. She looked after Rafe when he was a teenager. Sami asks about his past. The nun says he was opinionated, funny and rebellious. "There has been a tragedy in Rafe's life," the nun admits, but she doesn't want to say too much. She insists that he is a good man with a good heart and hopes that someone can accept him for who he is. Rafe returns. There's an awkward pause. The nun has other things to do and rushes off. Sami stares in Rafe's eyes and asks him to be at Grace's christening... as her godfather. She wants her daughter to have someone like him in her life. He would be honored. When they go down to the chapel, she can see that he is nervous. She's sure that he can nail the job. Father Matt walks in and they hurry on to the ceremony.

Chloe and Daniel are awkwardly talking at the hospital. He apologizes for all the pain he caused her. "There's nothing to forgive," she says. As she stares into his eyes, Lucas returns. After glaring at them, he interrupts. She thought he was off with Will but, apparently, his son is too busy 'with his homies' to spend time with him. When Chloe drifts off, Lucas thanks the doctor for talking him into eloping with Chloe. If he hadn't, they probably never would have gotten married. Daniel is uncomfortable. Lucas excitedly tells him all about Kate crashing the wedding, sure that she does everything out of love. He begins talking about his intimate moments with Chloe until Daniel is rescued when his pager goes off.

At the pier, Nicole hides behind some boxes while Philip pounds on Tony and demands his project back. Tony calls Philip a loser. As Philip lunges at him, Tony sends him across the pier with a karate chop. Philip injures his hand. As Tony walks up the stairs, Philip yells a string of insults at him. When Tony turns to sneer, he slips and falls off the stairs, only to be impaled on a stake. Philip runs to his side and yells at Nicole to call 911. She thinks of Tony's threats and freezes up. Philip yells at her until she calls.

Elvis tells his father that something is going on that they don't understand. Stefano is sure that Tony is just a self-serving Judas but EJ still suspects there is more. They try to figure out what the family gathering is supposed to be about and how Nicole and Tony could be entwined. Stefano is sure that Tony is just being vindictive and looking for attention. Elvis worries how powerful Tony could be if he is successful. Stefano vows not to allow his own son to betray him. He stews and rants. His son suggests that he step back and think of what he's done. "You created this monster. You caused him to do this," EJ says. Stefano yells at him and refuses to cater to his son's bruised ego. Elvis begs for some compassion for his brother. "Anthony has crossed the line. He has betrayed me... he is no longer a son of mine. He is dead to me!" Stefano proclaims. Nicole calls and tells EJ that Tony has just been rushed to the hospital. Back at the pier, Nicole admits that she saw the fight. "Then you know it was an accident," Philip assumes. "Take care of your hand," she tells him.

Bo's at the pub ranting at his employees over the phone. Hope walks in and asks him why he left so early this morning. He claims he's been busy but she's sure that he has a problem with her. "You didn't want to be with me," she says. She needs him to be truthful with her. He admits that he's had more visions. She guesses he knows who the man in them is. He apologizes for skipping out on their date. They sit down and discuss Chelsea. She wonders what happened to the non-judgmental guy in a leather jacket she used to know. "He grew up," Bo says. She asks him who the man in his vision was. He doesn't answer. He promises to make up for missing their date. She gets called back to work.

Stefano and EJ rush to the hospital. They find Nicole. She explains there was a fight. Philip stands up and admits he was the one fighting Tony. They ask him what the fighting was about. "What happened to your son was his own damn fault," Philip claims. The DiMeras lunge at him as Bo runs in and breaks it up. Bo takes his brother aside and asks him what's going on. He explains the fight but insists that this wasn't his fault. Bo is sick of covering for him. "I didn't do anything!" Philip repeats. He explains that it was an accident and Nicole saw it all. Daniel comes out and announces that the news is bad. Tony is alive but he's lost a tremendous amount of blood and it doesn't look good. Meanwhile, Nicole trails away and sneaks into Tony's room. As she stares at him, he opens his eyes.

Lucas and Chloe are at the pub eating. She tells him that she's lost her doctor and has to find a new one. He thinks he should ask Daniel for help. As she looks at her Brady burger, she gets nauseous. He gets a call from work and walks off. She takes out her birth control pills and notices that she missed a day. "Oh God!" she gasps.



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