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1st Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 4, 2009
You're Not Exactly Virginal.

At the hospital, Stephanie gets frustrated when she can't find anything to watch on TV other than violence and cooking shows. Philip's machine starts to beep. She gasps and shakes him before suddenly waking up. It was a dream. Philip tells her that she's fine and promises never to leave her, but he thinks she shouldn't know what's coming next. Steph's afraid the retaliations will never end. He says this was all started with him and has to end with him too. She's sure that he will never change. Philip is sure that running away will just change the location of the war. "I love you, but I can't live like this!" she declares, running out.

In the corridor, Kate tells Daniel that Chloe was whoring around on her son. "The man she was whoring around with was you," she accuses. He asks her what's next and defends Chloe, reminding Kate that she saved her life. Kate can't believed he's acting like he did nothing wrong. "You're not exactly virginal," he tells her, refusing to allow her to take any moral high ground. He continues defending Chloe and tells her that she can take her vengeance out on him if she has to, but if she goes after Chloe, she will regret it. Kate guesses he still loves Chloe. Daniel is sure that anything Kate does will just make things worse for everyone, including Lucas. "She hurts. He hurts. Trust me on that," he warns.

Down at the pier, Lucas walks in on Chloe telling Father Matt that some secrets should be kept from a husband. The priest doesn't exactly agree with her. Lucas interrupts and assumes they are talking about Nicole. The priest changes the topic and brings up the idea of them exchanging their vows in the church. Lucas thinks that's a great idea but Chloe says they need to talk it over first. Father Matt leaves and Lucas asks his wife why she isn't wild about this idea. She claims she's happy just the way they are. After listing all of the things that make her happy, she kisses him. They go to the pub for lunch. Lucas tells her that hearing about secrets got him thinking. "Don't think. It's tiring," she advises. He doesn't want any secrets between them. She assumes he's talking about Sami and doesn't want to hear it.

At the Java Cafe, Rafe tells Arianna that he loves her and no one will ever take her place in his heart. As they hug, Sami walks in and spots them. After Arianna walks out, Sami walks over and confronts him. "You know what the problem is?" she asks. "No one ever knows what you're talking about?" he asks. She rants at 'Agent Casanova'. He finally stops her as she begins crying... then she starts up again. He finally explains that he's known Arianna forever - she's his sister. Sami twitches, but she's glad he has someone to talk to. They begin arguing about EJ. "Are you really through with EJ?" he asks. She says it's about the kids. He knows that's not true. She admits she wishes she was in Nicole's place. He's about to walk out but she begs him to stay. Sami explains that she's always wanted to give her kids the 'Stepford' life but reality got in the way. She's tired of letting her past ruin her future. Rafe is strong and funny and makes her feel safe. Unfortunately, she'll never be able to tell him that she hates EJ. While she knows what he and his family are capable of, her son will always be part of that family. After she finishes her explanation, he tells her that he'd be crazy to leave anyone as wonderful as her. They joke around and then worry about Grace. He promises to be in his goddaughter's life no matter what. After he finishes his croissant, he offers to help her forget about EJ and gives her a kiss.

Max goes to see Chelsea. Her mother's condition hasn't changed. They hug. She weighs her suitcase and admits that she doesn't know how long she will be gone. He understands that she needs to take care of her mom. Leaving him is the worst thing, she explains, hugging him close. Max says that she doesn't have to go alone. She wonders how he can leave his sister behind. Max points out that Mel ignores him anyway and asks Chelsea if she simply doesn't want him to go with her. She loves him and wants him but she's afraid that he would have to give up everything by going to London. If they broke up, she couldn't forgive herself. He doesn't understand. She leaves to get her final paycheck and asks him to stay and wait. Stephanie arrives and he tells her that her roommate is moving out. "Dammit! What's next?" she wonders. He probes. She tells him everything that's going wrong in her life. He suggests that she go to Greece on her own.

Chelsea goes to see Philip in his hospital room. After he talks to Billie on the phone, Chelsea asks him where Steph went. He has no idea. When she goes home, she's surprised that Max is still there. He's not mad at her for leaving to help her mom and apologizes for before. He says he'll be waiting for her. She doesn't think it's fair to ask. Max wants to wait. They kiss. Meanwhile, Steph returns to Philip's room. She admits that, even if she doesn't like living like this, it's better than living without him. He says she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. After they nap, a nurse interrupts. She sends Stephanie home so she can administer some more drugs to Philip. As she begins injecting his IV, Philip remembers that he wasn't supposed to get anymore meds. It's too late. He loses consciousness. "Good night sweet prince," the nurse says as she places a pillow on his face and begins suffocating him.

In the hall, Kate tells Daniel that she is going to give him and Chloe a pass. She's lost her taste for vengeance... this time anyway. He assures her that Chloe is doing everything to keep Lucas happy. "She is way better than both of us," he insists. When Kate marches off, she runs into Chloe by the pier. She was just trying to call the doctor. Kate interrogates her about it. "I just told him how much I owe him for what he's done for my family, but you, I don't owe a damn thing," Kate spits at her.


May 5, 2009
Honey, I'm Just Getting Started.

At the hospital, Hope is questioning Melanie. She pouts and tells her that the new nurse has kept her waiting while she tends to Philip. Hope panics. Meanwhile, the 'nurse' injects Philip's IV with more drugs and places a pillow on his face to suffocate him. Hope runs in with her gun out and orders the woman to step away. The guard holds her while Hope questions her and Mel tries to get Philip to start breathing again. She gives him 'the breath of life'. He smiles. "Anything to kiss me," he says. Baker runs in and then notices that he's awake.

By the pier, Kate is confronting Chloe. Kate thought she was generous when she gave her bone marrow, but then she showed herself to be an amoral bitch. Chloe is taken aback. "Honey, I'm just getting started," Kate warns. Chloe suggests they get coffee and talk. Kate's disgusted by the innocent act. They bicker until Kate screams at her about her affair with Daniel. "You're stupid and you're careless," Kate barks. Chloe begs her not to tell Lucas. Kate won't, but only because she thinks it would knock her son off the wagon. Since she doesn't want to see her any more than she has to, she fires her. Lucas walks over and angrily asks what's going on. "Do you want to tell him or should I?" Kate asks. Chloe says she never wanted the job in the first place and they ran some tests for the show that didn't work out. Kate says the tests were so awful she erased them. Lucas wonders why his mother has suddenly turned on his wife. Kate claims that she simply has no talent. Chloe backs her up. After Kate leaves, Chloe continues insisting that she is glad this happened. Now she can have her life back. He sends her ahead to meet him later at the pub. When he's alone, he calls his mother and demands to know the real reason she fired Chloe.

At the mansion, Nicole finds EJ talking on the phone about Dr. Baker. He tells her that this is just business and none of her concern. She grabs his paper and gasps. He takes it back and orders her out. She refuses to budge so he explains that Stefano has been investigating the doctor. He asks her why she fired him. "Is there something I should know about?" he asks. She insists it was only because he's a gambling addict and because EJ doesn't like him and then suggests that he cancel the investigation. After some more badgering, he agrees to cancel it... for now. The baby cries. He ushers her off to look after her. Once he closes the door, he wonders why she is so determined to stop the investigation. "He could be very useful to us," EJ thinks. He gets on the phone with Masi and begins screaming at him when he learns of the attempt on Philip's life. "You're going to deal with me!" he screams, smashing his phone.

Nicole arranges to meet Dr. Baker at the Java Cafe. She makes it clear to him that they have to pretend this is an accidental meeting because her bodyguard is nearby. He refuses outright to listen to any more suggestions that he leave Salem. Nicole suggests that he reconsider that if he wants to live. Stefano is investigating him and knows all about his debts. She's managed to kill the investigation for a little while so he has the chance to run. He can't. Nicole warns him that he'll end up in Stefano's pocket. He doesn't seem too worried but admits that he's in danger. The doctor can't see the point of running though; Stefano can always find him. Nicole worries about Sami and her baby. He's still undeterred and tells her to look after EJ herself. "If he finds out about me, he finds out about you," he warns. 

Steph returns home and finds Chelsea crying. She explains that she's breaking down under all of the sadness. Steph tells her that she'll feel better when she starts helping her mother. Chelsea worries about how much things can change while she's away. Her friend will miss talking with her about shoes in the middle of the night. Melanie calls and tells Steph that there has been another attempt on Philip's life. They run off.

Over at the hospital, Philip asks Hope what happened. She doesn't know. He's already sure that the DiMeras were behind this. She warns him not to do anything and promises that there will be new security protocols to keep him safe. When she leaves, he gets out of bed. As he tries to walk out, Mel walks in. He's weak and collapses. She helps him into bed as Steph walks in. He's not happy Melanie called her. Lying in bed is driving him crazy; he feels like a sitting duck. Steph blames herself for not being there to help him. He orders her not to feel guilty. After kissing him, she gets an idea and hurries out. In tears, she runs to the DiMera mansion and confronts EJ. "It stops now!" she shouts at him. He plays stupid. She tells him that revenge only leads to more revenge. He kicks her out and then calls his father, begging him start returning his calls. Elvis picks up a photo of Tony and stares at it.

Back at the hospital, Chelsea is talking to Hope in the waiting room. She panics when she hears that Bo is on the way to Chicago and worries that she won't be able to say goodbye. Hope assures her that everything will be okay. Chelsea thanks her for everything she's done for her in spite of everything she's done to her. Hope loves her and knows that she's good inside. "I'm so proud of the person you have grown to be," Hope tells her. They cry and hug. "You are my daughter," Hope says.


May 6, 2009
It's Hard To Reason From Underneath A Pillow.

Victor arrives at the hospital and rants at security for nearly letting Philip get killed. He goes to see his son. Philip is feeling better but he wants some answers. Victor says they can't tie the nurse to the DiMeras yet but he won't let them get away with this. Philip wants them to pay. Brady walks in and asks them which DiMera they plan to kill first. They talk about 'unforeseen catastrophes'. Brady is sure that a killing spree is about to transpire and demands to know when it will be over. Victor tells him to stop spewing sanctimonious crap. "Are you on drugs again Brady?" he asks. Brady tells him to go to Hell. Philip apologizes for his father and tries to calm everyone down. He doesn't think Brady needs to know what's going on though. Brady insists that he is part of this and wants to help, but he doesn't think revenge is the answer. Victor orders him to stay out of this. Brady tells his grandfather to look inside himself for once and evaluate his morals. He encourages Philip to try rising above all of this and walks out. Victor makes some calls and then tells his son that everything is going as planned.

Nicole is cringing at the Java Cafe as she mulls Dr. Baker's threats. She notices that he left his keys on the table. Before she can walk out, Sami and Rafe walk by gabbing about Grace. Sami is super happy, even if 'Agent Ruiner' nearly ruined everything. She kisses him and thanks him for spending the day with her. Nicole walks over and spoils the moment. Rafe tells her to get lost. Nicole reminds her that she ruined her wedding without explanation. She rants at them and claims that EJ is finally happy now that he's not stuck with a shallow airhead like Sami. Rafe walks away but Nicole follows him and he tells her to get a life. She lays into him for spying on her and then notices that Sami is holding her daughter. She rushes over and says she doesn't want her within a mile of her baby. "You stay out of my life," Nicole orders. As she goes to the door, she notices Dr. Baker outside. She begins shouting that she lost her keys. Baker takes the hint and ducks away. Nicole leaves. Sami tells Rafe that Nicole is certifiable and worries about how tangled up her life is with hers. They play with her children and his sister walks in. "You're the famous Sami Brady, right?" she asks. Arianna has heard all about her at the pub and some of it was even good. She takes her brother aside and tells him he's out of his mind to be involved with 'that woman'. He returns to Sami and asks her out for a romantic date later. She can't wait.

Nicole runs into Dr. Baker by the pier and hands him his keys. She whispers about what a close call they just had. He tells her to deal with it. She thinks he's hoping the truth will come out. He's not, but if she keeps acting like something is wrong, people will notice. "You're an idiot," she says. "That's debatable," he suggests. Nicole repeats her warnings about all the danger they could be in. She worries that someone will put the clues together. "I can't let that happen. I won't," she insists. Sami may not exactly be a genius but she could still figure things out. Nicole warns him again about Stefano's investigation. He repeats that it's her job to stop it. Once he leaves, she picks up the baby and tells her that the truth will come out, but she won't let anyone take her away.

Chelsea and Max are at the airport anxiously waiting for Bo. He arrives and she runs into his arms. They sit down and she updates him about her mom. Although Chelsea knows that going to help her mom is the right thing to do, she still finds it hard to leave Salem. "This is your home," Bo says before telling her how proud he is of her. They hug. She knows what a pain she was when she first came to town. "You're my daughter. You're part of me and part of my heart. I love you," he says. After they say their goodbyes, Max hands her a bag of stuff and they talk awkwardly. She tells him that they both need to accept she will be gone for awhile. He doesn't want her to go. They hold hands and he tells her he wishes he could be cool about this, but he doesn't know how he can say goodbye to her. She tears up and they kiss. "I'll be waiting for you when you get back," he promises.

Bo meets with Brady at the pier for an update on the situation. Brady worries that things are escalating too fast. Bo says he will take care of it and walks off. He heads straight over to see his father and brother. Philip accuses the cops of just replacing crime scene tape with red tape. Victor wonders if Bo is there to give them a lecture. "Stop the insanity," Bo lectures. Victor doesn't think he'd being saying any of this if it was happening to his children. Bo can't protect them if they go out on their own. His father isn't impressed. He gets a call and leaves. Bo tells his brother to listen to reason. "It's hard to reason from underneath a pillow," Philip shoots back. Outside, Brady arrives and tells Victor that he just closed a deal. Victor asks him how his chat with Bo went.

May 7, 2009
It's Time For Me To Strike.

Victor arrives at the hospital to pick up his son. Their plan is going ahead. When they get to the mansion, Stephanie is waiting with a 'welcome home' sign. Victor asks her to excuse them for a few minutes. She's annoyed and tells him that's not going to happen. Victor imagines she's drunk if she's acting this insolent. Philip stops their battling and sends her out so he can talk to his father. He tells him that they should cut her some slack. Victor shrugs and informs him that the first phase of their plan is complete. "Then it's time for me to strike," Philip declares. His father leaves to set things in motion and Steph comes in. She's angry when he jokingly accuses her of eavesdropping. They kiss and make up. When she starts to unbutton his shirt, she's traumatized to see the bandages on his chest. She tells him how freaked out she was when he got shot. She even went to see EJ and gave him hell. Philip's not impressed by this and orders her never to do that again; it was reckless... particularly considering what's about to happen. "What are you planning?" she asks. He refuses to say. "I've been a potential casualty ever since I fell in love with you," she points out. Philip accuses her of romanticizing things and doesn't want her to get hurt. She refuses to back down.

Mia goes over to the townhouse to see Will and the baby. Sami comes out and shows off the dress for her date. Mia, Will and Grace leave and Sami wonders if she should change her clothes. As she mutters to herself, Rafe comes to the door. "Wow!" he says as he sees her. She thought they were going somewhere romantic but he looks like he's going bowling. He hands her a flower and ushers her out the door. He takes her to the woods on the south side of town. There's a picnic set out and the stars are shining. She asks him how many girls he's brought up there. He lists half the phonebook, but he's just kidding. She's really the only person he's ever brought up there. They kiss. After drinking some wine, they look at the stars and he tells her the legend of Orion's Belt. She giggles as he talks about the Flea God and he tells her that he wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid. Sami jumps when a fish jumps in the water. She had no idea a fish could jump too so she runs down to the water to see, immediately falling in. Sami flails. He pulls her out and puts a blanket on her. She shivers so he helps her out of her wet clothes. He joins her under the blanket and they make out. She tells him that this feels right.

At the mansion, Elvis calls Dr. Baker and tells him to come over after his shift. When he gets off the phone, Nicole demands to know what he is doing with the doctor. "He's a charming man. I crave his company," EJ claims. Nicole isn't laughing at this bad joke. She reminds him that he was supposed to call off the investigation. Junior comes clean and tells her that his father has gone missing. He's jumpy and barks that nothing has happened to his father... but he's sure that Dr. Baker is a lowlife and could be working for the Kiriakis family. "When he leaves here, there is nothing I won't know about him," he claims. Baker comes to the door. Nicole flings it open and EJ sends her upstairs. Taking Baker into the great room, Elvis accuses him of not being who he claims to be. Elvis lays into him and warns him that he knows all of his crimes. When he suggests that the doctor could be involved with Stefano's disappearance, Baker protests his innocence but suggests that he look at the Kiriakis family. Nicole walks in as Elvis continues his questioning. He suddenly gets a call from Victor requesting that he meet him on the pier. After Elvis runs off, Nicole begs Baker to leave town. He thinks that he could get some money out of Junior. She panics and is sure that he'll end up digging his own grave. Baker says he doesn't have enough money to pay off his debts. Nicole offers to give him 15,000 dollars. He needs 50,000 dollars. She refuses. As he turns to walk away, he trips and falls down the stairs.

Mia and Will are at the Java Cafe. She plays with Grace. He asks his sister to let them study and tells Mia that he owes her for talking him into accepting her. She thanks him for making her feel like she fits in. Tad and Kenzie come over. Kenzie reminds Mia that they went to school together. Looking at the baby, Kenzie says, "You've been busy, huh?" Kenzie interrogates Mia and accuses her of being a drama queen. Mia leaves to powder her nose. Kenzie sits down and explains that Mia was 'prom queen popular' before she dropped out. Will is shocked. Kenzie gossips and suggests that Mia must have been on meth or bulimic and ran off to rehab. Will defends his friend. "I'm like 95 percent sure," Kenzie insists. "You're also like 95 percent bitch," he shoots back. She calls him a jerk and Tad drags her off as Mia returns and asks him what they said about her. With some awkwardness, he tells her Kenzie's accusations and asks if they are true. After staring at the baby, she tells Will that she was in rehab for drugs. Assuming he won't want her around anymore, she walks out.

Elvis and his goons go down to the pier to meet Victor. "We have him," Victor says. EJ guesses he means Stefano.

May 8, 2009
You Ready To Sell Your Soul?

At the mansion, Stephanie refuses to let Philip keep her in the dark. She feels entitled to know everything. "You ready to sell your soul?" he asks. He's joking, but she's not laughing. He claims that he and his father are merely taking care of the family. Tony's death still haunts him but what he and Victor are doing is for the greater good. Wouldn't the world be a better place without the DiMeras? Hearing him talk like that makes her scared. She refuses to let anyone hurt him again and threatens to go back to EJ. He threatens to kill Elvis if he ever lays a finger on her. Philip tells her that he loves her and wants to go to bed and wake up with her every day. "Will you move in with me?" he asks, looking into her eyes. She thinks this is a big step."I need you so much," he says, kissing her. She agrees to move in. He wants to celebrate. She leaves to get champagne. Whipping out his phone, he makes a call and asks, "Is it done?" He grins. She returns and asks him what that was about. He takes her hands and leads her to the garden. Owen, the gardener, has prepared the yard for romance. They drink champagne and he tells her that he likes who he is when he is with her. She may not approve of what he does, but she has stood by him. Looking into her eyes, he tells her she's beautiful, witty and wise, then gets down on his knee to propose. She tears up and shouts, "Yes!" He slips the ring on her finger.

EJ meets with Victor at the pier. He soon guesses that Kiriakis has Stefano. Victor hands him Stefano's ring. Elvis demands to know where he is. "The Phoenix is not going to rise from the ashes this time. Not with the help of a mere mortal," Victor says. He tells Junior that everything needs to end right now. If he wants to see his father again, he has to send his guards away. Elvis laughs. Victor reminds him that Tony turned on his own family, therefore, no loyalty is owed to him. After EJ sends away his guards, Victor's men grab him. He struggles. Victor takes his phone and explains that he'll be blindfolded and taken to his father. They drag him to a dark room and lock him in. When he finds the switch, he turns on the light. Turning around, he's shocked to see a gurney with a sheet covered body on it.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole goes up the stairs and Baker trails after her. He wants 50,000 dollars. She doesn't have that kind of money to hand out. He turns to leave and slips. Once he tumbles to the floor, she feels his pulse and wonders if he's dead. She wonders where he could have hidden her secrets. When she reaches for his wallet, he grabs her arm and then passes out. Sydney begins crying. Mary the maid runs in, gasps at Dr. Baker and begins compressing his chest. Nicole cringes as she leans down to do CPR. The ambulance and cops arrive. Mary backs up Nicole's story about Baker falling. She prays that he survives; a doctor who makes house calls is rare. When Nicole checks in with the ambulance workers, they tell her that the CPR saved Baker's life. She goes to the hospital with them. A doctor tells her that Baker may have memory problems because of this. "Tragic," Nicole comments. Once Baker is stable, she goes in to see him. He's grumbling and asking where he is. She tells him he had an accident. "Accident? You tried to kill me bitch!" he accuses.

Maggie walks into the Java Cafe and sees Will with his little sister. He tells her he's not very good at babysitting and his friend bailed on him. Maggie wonders if his friend is in trouble. He doesn't know, but gossip upset her. Will wheels his sister away as Maggie's phone rings. As she gabs, Mia comes in to get the jacket she left behind. Maggie begins probing. Mia's a bit uncomfortable. Maggie offers to buy her hot chocolate. Mia tells her about the gossip and how she let her friend believe it was true even though it wasn't. "No matter how bad that gossip was, it was so much better than what really happened," she explains. Maggie tells her all about her daughters and how Melanie is just like another daughter. When she asks about Mia's parents, she's not helpful.

Sami and Rafe make out under the picnic blanket. She knows he never planned to get her naked this way, but it feels right to her. Their canoodling is interrupted when a cop shines a light on them. "Restricted area! You're under arrest!" he bellows. As they get dressed, Sami tells him that this is the most perfect first date she's ever had. It was romantic and unpredictable. She's sure the best is yet to come. When they get back to her place, they continue making out. The baby is heard crying. Will walks out with her. Sami picks her up and worries that she has a fever again. After she checks, she worries that this could be more than just teething. "This didn't happen with any of my other kids," she says. Her son reminds her that Grace was adopted. He offers to go to the pharmacy for her. Once he leaves, Sami wonders how Rafe got so good with babies. He shows her his tickling techniques. He tickles her into a chair. They make out some more. Grace cries and interrupts. She's fine so Sami tackles him on the couch until the baby disturbs them again. Sami shoves a pacifier in her mouth.

Will goes to the Java Cafe and runs into Maggie. They talk about babies and she hurries off. He tries calling Mia to apologize and explains that he wants to talk. After he hangs up, she comes out of the bathroom and sneaks out the door behind his back. When he goes back to the townhouse, he shields his eyes as his mother loudly giggles. He finds her and Rafe playing Scrabble. After shaking his head, he goes off to bed. Sami and Rafe spell out words like 'first' and 'date'. She apologizes for how the date has gone. He loves Scrabble and promises her some perfect nights.


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