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2nd Week of May Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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May 11, 2009
You Look Worse Than I Feel.

Lucas goes to see his mother. She tells him how worried she is about Billie. He hugs her. As she packs her stuff, he asks her why she has been avoiding him. They argue about how she's been treating Chloe and he demands to know what really happened between them. "She gave you her bone marrow but she can't have your son?" he prods. Kate groans and says Chloe is the same person she's always been and Lucas has, once again, made a terrible mistake. He continues demanding to know what happened. "It happened between the two of you," she explains. Once again, he orders her out of his life. Before he can flounce off, she asks him not to leave like this. He does anyway.

Chloe walks into the hospital. "You look worse than I feel," she says to Daniel. She's nervous about Kate treating them like a cat with a mouse. Daniel's sorry. They wonder if they can believe Kate when she claims she'll keep her mouth shut. He begins ranting about Lucas. Daniel claims that they aren't together because she doesn't want him, but because she was too afraid that dumping Lucas would make him fall apart. She insists that Lucas did nothing wrong: She did. Chloe made a promise to God that she will be faithful. Daniel tells her that marriage isn't supposed to be a sacrifice and asks her if she is happy. She evades the question. "Are you going to go all martyr on me?" he asks, warning that Kate will continue to prey on her. He wants her to fight and never let her do to her what she's done to... Lucas. "You just tell her that you'll tell Lucas yourself," he suggests, walking away. She paces. Lucas arrives. He's frazzled from arguing with his mother. She wouldn't explain why she fired her. Chloe asks him to leave it alone. "Please, what's going on?" he asks.

Dr. Baker wakes up in the hospital and finds Nicole standing there. He accuses her of trying to kill him. She claims he tripped. "You don't turn your back on a cobra," he says, sure she still wants him dead. He's about to call a nurse but she grabs the button away. She won't kill him; she just wants to talk. He's only interested in talking to the police. They argue about his options. She offers to find him somewhere secluded to recuperate. He threatens to tell EJ everything, confident that would take away her motivation to kill him. It wouldn't; she'd kill him for sure in that case. However, she's not going to kill him and wants to sort this out. Daniel interrupts their argument and sends her out. He tells Baker not to get his blood pressure up. Baker asks for a phone. Nicole returns as soon as Daniel walks out. She tells him about all of the chaos in the family and how Philip is just waiting to die because EJ is angry at him. She warns that he will suffer a similar fate. He agrees to back down as long as she stays away from him. They shake on it. When she goes home to the mansion, she notices some of the doctor's blood on the carpet. "Maybe you should have died Baker..." she says. Meanwhile, the doctor sits in his hospital bed writing a note blaming her for his death.

Elvis is taken to a dank little room. When he turns on the light, he finds his father unconscious on a gurney. "He's alive," Victor says. Elvis freaks out. Before he can attack Victor, one of his goons grabs EJ by the throat and holds him to the wall. Victor explains that Stefano needs insulin before he loses a limb or goes blind. Victor just happens to have some so they need to negotiate. "He dies, you die!" Elvis threatens. Victor is sarcastic and calls a nurse. EJ flips out as she prepares to inject his father. They inject him with enough insulin to live, but only barely. Stefano groans. Junior asks Kiriakis what he wants. "Everything," he answers. He wants to maintain peace, but the only way to do that is to completely disarm the DiMeras. Victor offers him a contract to sign over the entire empire to him. EJ refuses. They beat him. Victor offers him five million dollars. "It's extortion," EJ says. Victor gives him 72 hours to get everything sorted out. If Elvis doesn't give him the company within that time, Stefano dies. Elvis doesn't think this will end anything. Victor is much more confident. He repeats his threats and then has his goon punch Elvis unconscious. Later, EJ wakes up on the pier and vows that this isn't over.

Hope and Bo are at the pub worrying about how Philip almost got killed on their watch. Max brings them tea and asks after Chelsea. He wishes he had gone with her. Bo worries that they haven't heard from her but Hope is sure he's worrying over nothing. Chelsea calls Max to say she is fine. Ciara comes over with her teddy bear and Hope decides they all need to go home. As Bo looks at the bear, he has a vision of finding it in the woods while he calls for his daughter.


May 12, 2009
The Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.

Rafe returns to Sami's with coffee. She's tired from being up all night with the baby but Grace is better now. She's impressed that he's remembered her doctor's appointment and gives him a kiss. Sami's also impressed that he seems so keen to be with 'the woman who lived in a shoe'. It must often seem more like he's just a babysitter with benefits. He likes the benefits and likes to help her out. She promises that they can relax and have fun... some day. They take Grace to see Lexi at the hospital and she checks out fine.

At the mansion, EJ looks through Victor's offer. He's not happy with what he sees. To make things worse, Victor calls and taunts him. Elvis silently broods as Victor talks about letting Stefano die. Meanwhile, Nicole wanders around the mansion with Sydney wondering how she can get rid of Dr. Baker. She goes in to see Elvis and asks him what's wrong. He forbids her to talk to anyone in the Kiriakis family and then explains that his father is being held for ransom. When he shows her the contract Victor sent, she reminds him that he is a lawyer and he can find a way to stop them. He's impressed by her determination. She says that she will be happy as long as she has him and the baby. Elvis is tempted to just give up the empire and run off to a desert island with her... but he can't. Nicole tells him how cunning Victor is and points out that he has an Achilles heel too his children. After she tells him how sure she is that he can win, she leaves to see Dr. Baker. Elvis stares up at the portrait of his father and asks him what to do. He recalls discussing chess strategy with Stefano and realizes that they've fallen a few moves behind their enemies. Elvis thinks through his father's strategies and remembers him saying that he will always be watching over him. Taking the portrait off the wall, he opens the back panel and finds an envelope. It contains a passport, numbers and addresses.

At the hospital, Dr. Baker hands his letter naming Nicole as his killer to a man. "She makes Stalin seem easy-going," Baker tells him. As he starts to walk out, Sami spots him from across the room as Nicole walks in. "I'm too late! It's all over now!" Nicole gasps. Sami runs out in a panic as Lexi discharges Baker. Rafe follows Sami home as she worries about 'gossip central' A.K.A. Salem General and how close Lexi and Dr. Baker could be. Back at the hospital, Nicole wheels a chair up to Baker and offers to take him home.

Stephanie walks into the garden to say good morning to Philip. She tossed and turned all night after agreeing to marry him. He has a lot of baggage, but the cute factor wins over that. She just wishes that the first person she told about their engagement wasn't a bodyguard. Philip kisses her and tells her how crazy he is about her and suggests she ask her grandmother over to show her the ring. As she hops off, Victor wanders out. His son tells him that he's engaged. "She's reasonably intelligent," Victor shrugs, but he's happy for them. He promises that they can live happily ever after once he has the DiMera's 'neutralized'. Stephanie returns with her grandmother. Caroline gasps when they inform her that they're engaged. Steph thought she would be happy. "You didn't think very hard!" Caroline snaps. She drags her away to talk. Philip is shocked. Victor isn't. He sits down and tells his son that no Brady will pretend anything to make them happy.

Inside, Caroline sarcastically tells Stephanie that she is thrilled by the chance to buy her a veil and bulletproof vest. Steph insists that she is happy, although her parents aren't thrilled. "You're handing your youth over to a Kiriakis," Caroline says. It's not just the danger either; they are driven, ambitious and ruthless people. They've both fallen in love with a Kiriakis and wanted to change them. Steph insists that Philip is different from his father. Caroline laughs grimly and agrees to fake being happy for her sake. When Stephanie walks out, she hears Philip say, "The sooner the DiMeras are eliminated, the better." She and Philip whisper together as Caroline and Victor join them with champagne. They all jump when Owen starts the leaf blower. He apologizes and they give him some champagne. Victor proposes a toast to the bride-to-be. Caroline asks her granddaughter again if this is the best time to get married. Victor ushers her away to select some more champagne. He promises her that he will treat Steph like a member of his family. That's what worries her. Victor claims that his son will not try to control her. Caroline is sure that she is a true Brady and will do what she wants no matter what anyone else says. She makes him promise that he won't up the ante in the war. "I swear," he vows.

Outside, Steph asks Philip about what she overheard before. He says that the DiMeras need to be neutralized so they can have peace. Caroline comes out and wishes the couple every happiness. As Victor walks her to her car, Philip asks Steph if she trusts him. She does. He promises her that things will change and he will prove her grandmother wrong about the family. As they flirt and play around, Owen slips into the corner to answer his phone: It's EJ. "I'm calling on behalf of Stefano," Elvis says. "Yes sir," Owen answers.


May 13, 2009
Technically, I'm A Vixen.

Nicole is at the hospital. She offers to take Dr. Baker home. He refuses and tells her she's crazy. "Like a fox...well, technically, I'm a vixen," she says. Nicole worries that Sami saw him. He doesn't think it's a problem because she ran as soon as she did. She worries that Rafe will start digging into their past. He still refuses to leave town. Nicole lists his problems. He tells her not to make another attempt on his life. "If I happen to have another 'accident', I'm taking you with me," he warns. He's prepared a letter listing her crimes to be sent to the authorities in the event of his death.

Rafe tells Sami that he will take care of Dr. Baker so that he's not a problem for her. Sami doubts her problems can be solved that easily. She babbles. He holds her and asks her to trust him. He heads over to the hospital. A nurse tells him that Dr. Baker just left. He turns on the charm and tells a yarn until she walks off to dig up his whereabouts. His sister calls but he's busy and hangs up on her. The nurse hands him an address and he happily walks off.

Dr. Baker is at the pier arguing with his bookie on the phone. A couple of thugs walk up to him and tell him that there is a problem. Baker's sarcastic. They aren't impressed and they want the money that he owes their boss. He tries to reason with them as they back him into a corner. Before they can beat him with a baseball bat, Rafe interrupts. The thugs tell him to run along. Rafe won't let them pummel the doctor and tells them to walk away. They lunge at him and he fights them back. After using the bat to fight them off, he yells at them to leave. Baker thanks him. Rafe guesses he's in serious trouble. He wants a favor and asks the doctor to keep things about Sami secret. The doctor agrees and tells him that he will now be leaving town.

Nicole goes into the Java Cafe and says hello to Grace. Sami leaps at her and they bicker about boundaries. Sami feeds Grace. "So sweet and innocent. Everything you're not. I guess that makes sense since she isn't your baby," Nicole snipes. Sami rants that she just crossed a line. Nicole apologizes and offers to be more tolerant. Sami gushes about how special Sydney is. Nicole cuts her off and tells her again to keep her distance. Sami thinks she's being a psycho and tells her how worried she is for the baby when she has someone like Nicole for a mother. "My maternal instincts are so strong they've taken over my whole life," Nicole says. They keep bickering and Sami tells her that she could have EJ if she wanted him. Arianna interrupts. Nicole tells her that if she cares about her brother, she will make him stay as far away as possible from 'the witch'. After Nicole leaves, the women fawn over Grace and wonder where Rafe is.

EJ calls Owen so they can set up a face-to-face meeting. Owen gets distracted by Philip and Stephanie sucking face. He asks EJ to confirm that he's a DiMera. They trade codes and arrange a meeting. Once Elvis gets off the phone, he begins talking to his father's portrait again. He goes to meet Owen outside of town. Owen explains that he's been working for Stefano for several years as a spy. Elvis needs him to do something else. After learning that Philip is engaged, Elvis asks him if he's ever done anything more than collect intelligence. Owen insists that he's not a thug. "That may have to change," Elvis says. Owen protests, but EJ suggests that he doesn't have much choice. Owen has a moral dilemma. Junior shrugs and offers to find someone else to do the deed. Owen backs down and agrees to help.

In the Kiriakis garden, Philip tells Stephanie that he will be trying to convince her grandmother that his family are upstanding citizens. She wants him to stay safe and get stronger. They make out and then relax. She worries about what could happen to him. He promises that they will grow old together. Getting down on one knee, he tells her that he just wants to make her happy. Evening comes. They stop kissing to talk about their future. He wants six or seven children. She's eager to see if their kids will have his dimples. They have sex on the chaise lounge and then he sends her upstairs to look at a surprise he left. When she slips away, he calls the nurse for an update on Stefano. "He's alive... barely," she says. Philip goes over to check for himself. Back at the mansion, Owen startles Stephanie in the garden. He hands her some special lemonade. Her phone rings and she runs off to get it. Philip returns and the couple kiss. Owen bites his knuckles as he watches Philip begin drinking the drugged lemonade.

Rafe shows up at the townhouse. Sami is surprised to see that he's filthy. He tells her that Dr. Baker won't say anything and EJ will no longer be a threat. She kisses and thanks him. Meanwhile, the doctor calls Nicole to tell her that he is actually leaving town. She's shocked and agrees to wire him some cash. They hang up. She smiles. "I am the luckiest woman in the world," she tells herself. Only a few feet away, EJ assures his father's portrait that his plan is going to work.

May 14, 2009
The Bear That Wasn't There.

In the Kiriakis garden, Owen sees Philip is about to drink the drugged lemonade he prepared for Stephanie. He tries to spill it but ends up knocking over the flowers instead. Elvis calls him. He slips into the corner and they talk in code. When Owen spots Philip drinking the lemonade, he tells EJ he may want to change his order. Elvis is baffled. Owen has to get off the phone. Philip begins to swoon. Steph helps him sit down. He loses consciousness for a moment and then snaps out of it. She wants an ambulance but he claims he'll be fine. They kiss and talk about how gorgeous her ring is.

Over at the DiMera estate, Nicole says goodbye and good riddance to Dr. Baker on the phone. She walks into the main room and tells her husband the news. He's too distracted to care. She notices that Stefano's portrait is off the wall. Elvis explains that his father left him special resources hidden in the picture. "There's been a dramatic shift in the balance of power," he says. She loves his sense of family. He tells her that Victor won't be getting anything, not while he has a plan. Owen calls with an update but EJ doesn't want the details, he just wants things taken care of. Owen beats himself up over getting involved with this. Back at the mansion, Elvis thanks Nicole for having so much faith in him. Her words have been an inspiration to him. She assures him that they will come out winners in this and then notices that he is now wearing Stefano's ring. Seeing him so determined is sexy for her. After throwing a blanket over Stefano's portrait, they make out.

Victor is taunting a captive Stefano, suggesting that EJ has left him for dead. After Victor leaves, Stefano gasps. After passing out again, Victor returns and begins pulling the sheets over his head. Stefano grabs his arm and tells him he's not dead yet. Victor isn't finished with him yet either. He lets him call Elvis. EJ vows to get him home safely. His father trusts him with his life. Victor takes the phone and tells Junior that Stefano is almost out of insulin. He advises him to use his time wisely and hangs up. Stefano tells his enemy that he believes in his son and in miracles.

Max is cleaning the menu sign for the pub. Mel wanders by. She's on her break. Sick people have been boring her all day. Max talks about Shawn and how he built the pub's reputation. Mel talks about their father, Trent, and how awful he was. Her brother wishes they had grown up together in Salem. They talk about the mob war. "You're not mixed up with one of those families anymore, are you?" he probes. She admits that she gave Philip mouth to mouth. He was actually thinking of the fuels project and warns her to steer clear. Mel thinks he should tell his ex-girlfriend that. Max claims she's none of his business.

Mel returns to the hospital. The duty nurse sends her off to deliver some flowers to sick children. She takes them over to the mansion and gives them to Philip instead. He tells her that Stephanie is now his fiancee. "Holy cow!" she blurts out, suggesting this is a little fast. When Steph goes in to get coffee, Mel follows her. Philip stumbles around the patio and collapses on the chaise. Owen wakes him up and asks him if he is okay. He helps Philip in and hands him off to a bodyguard. Meanwhile, the two women are inside. Mel tells Steph that her outfit is hot but not really her. She begins doling out the warnings. Steph insists that she and Philip will be happy. "You think you're going to change him? That's never going to happen," Mel advises. She snipes about how hard it will be to be a mob wife. Steph puts on a brave face but it's not convincing. Philip stumbles in and has his guard throw Mel out. "Dumb twit, I don't need this right now," he grumbles. Steph wonders if he's okay; his eyes look crazy. They go back outside. He grumbles more and acts strangely before going inside to pass out. As she stands in the garden, Owen startles her.

Inside the pub, Bo and Hope worry about how quiet things have been between the mob families. He's sure that something will happen soon. Victor arrives. Hope called him there. Bo lectures his father about circumventing the law. Victor laughs, reminding him that he's never paid much attention to it before; a quality he inherited from him. He claims that what he is doing will save lives in the long run. "You're coming to the station with me," Bo announces. His father grimaces. Hope tells her husband that this is a bad idea and points out that he has nothing to keep his father in jail with. He'll take his chances. She says she can come up with something better. Bo takes a call and Hope tells Victor that he is making his son's life a living hell. She begs him to let Bo handle things. "Trust me, everything is going to work out," Victor assures her. Max brings Ciara in. She lost her teddy bear. Victor walks out as Bo returns. They discuss her bear and Bo flashes to his vision of searching for her and finding it. He tells his daughter he might know where the bear is. Hope guesses he had another vision. He can't figure out whether it was true or not. When Max finds the bear upstairs, Bo is relieved that they didn't go looking in the woods for a bear that wasn't there. Still, he wonders what this means.

May 15, 2009
Does Everyone In Salem Go To AA Meetings?

Will runs into Mia at the Java Cafe. He asks her why she hasn't been returning his calls. When he came back to Salem, he wasn't sure he was going to stay until he met her and finally had someone to talk to. She thought he was mad at her for the rehab stuff. "It's not who you are now," he says. He has no problem with her past or with her being around his baby sister. She thanks him for not judging her. He asks her what she was hooked on. "Booze and stuff," she says. Will tells her about his father's struggle with alcoholism. It doesn't seem like she is battling hard though. When she claims that she goes to a meeting every night, he offers to accompany her. She's reluctant but can't say no when he's being so nice. He has to drop some stuff off at home before they go.

At the townhouse, Sami tells Grace how happy she is that Rafe is taking care of Dr. Baker so EJ never finds out the truth. She wonders why Elvis hasn't brought Johnny over yet. Meanwhile, at the mansion, EJ stares off in thought until Johnny runs in to say goodnight. He plays with the child while the butler wonders why Stefano's portrait is on the floor. Sami calls to ask where her son is. He informs her that he's not bringing him over. She's furious. He tells her that their son has to stay with him for a few days. When he hangs up on her, she loads up Grace to run off. Will and Mia walk in. She asks them to watch Grace. Will claims they are busy. As he goes to his room, Mia tells Sami how special Grace is. Sami feels the same way. After Sami leaves, Mia gets on the web to search for an AA meeting. She scribbles an address and Will returns. "Let's bounce," he announces.

Elvis is pacing at the mansion when Sami comes in. He repeats that she can't have her son tonight. She repeats her demand that he give her their son. Junior refuses. She reminds him that they have joint custody and accuses him of ruining their son's life. Elvis claims that he is only trying to keep Johnny safe. She starts to freak out and demands to know what is going on.

At the Kiriakis estate, Owen startles Stephanie when she walks into the garden. She thinks it's late to be working. "You'd be surprised what a man can do when he has to," he cryptically remarks. She doesn't understand. Philip stumbles out and asks him what he's doing. He jokingly tells Owen to get a life and then takes Steph inside. Owen wonders how Philip can still be awake. Inside, he's drinking more coffee. "I thought you were happy to be marrying me," Philip grumbles, suggesting that she's been lying to him. Slurring his words, he rants at her, yelling and accusing her of talking behind his back. "Tell me you can live like this!" he prompts. "You know I can't," she admits. He becomes more outraged and she begs him to go upstairs and rest. "It's a 'yes' or it's a 'no'," he challenges. Crying, she tells him that she loves him but isn't happy about everything he does. "Maybe you shouldn't marry me," he suggests. "Maybe you're right!" she shouts, storming out. He collapses. She goes out to the garden and hopes things will be better in the morning.

Melanie goes home to Maggie's. She notices the pile of hors d'oeuvre in the kitchen. Maggie tells her that they're having the 12-step meeting there tonight. As Maggie bustles around, Brady walks in. Mel asks him to go to the cafe with her. "Actually, I'm here for the meeting," he informs her. She listens as he talks about his addiction and all of the stress in his life. Mel assumes he's talking about Philip and brings up the engagement and how it makes her want to be an addict. This is all news to Brady. She wonders why he is so worried about Philip then. He tells her to let it go. She admits that she still has some feelings for Philip, but she's sure that he and Steph will never be happy. Suddenly, she notices that she lost her bracelet and runs off to find it. Maggie returns. She tells Brady how proud she is about his recovery. He's often thought of her and how she recovered and that's helped him through it. "You made my day," she laughs, touched by the thought. Mia arrives. Maggie is shocked. Mia isn't there to see her, but to attend the meeting. She asks her not to say anything about their little talk to her friend when he arrives. Maggie's confused when Will arrives and puts his arm around Mia. Mia is shocked to learn that Will and Maggie are actually related. The doorbell rings, Mia asks for a minute alone so Will helps his aunt prepare things. "Could this get any worse?" Mia wonders. Brady walks in and asks her what she is doing there. "Does everyone in Salem go to AA meetings?" she asks. He tells her that Nicole deserves to know what she was using when she was pregnant. Mia refuses to talk to him. He won't back off. She insists that she wasn't using anything and explains that she is there under false pretenses to shield a friend from the truth. "The truth about what?" he demands as Will walks in.

Melanie searches the pub for her bracelet but has no luck. She realizes it must be at the Kiriakis mansion. When she calls Philip and wakes him up, he tells her that her bracelet is outside in an ashtray where it belongs. He rants and swears at her before yelling about how Steph loves him. After hanging up, he collapses on the floor. She hurries over. Outside on the terrace, Owen lurches from the bushes and chloroforms Steph. After hiding her in a dumpster, he turns and discovers Mel accompanied by one of the Kiriakis bodyguards. He fumbles through an explanation of what he's doing and they push past him. When she gets her bracelet, she notices one of Steph's earrings on the ground. Meanwhile, Owen has taken Stephanie to the morgue. After putting her body on the slab, he pushes it into storage.


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