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3rd Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 18, 2009
Could You Be More Of A Suck Up?

Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion and demands to know what is going on. When Elvis' phone starts ringing, she grabs it away and refuses to give it back until he tells her. They wrestle for the phone and she smashes it. He fumes and orders her out. She refuses and doesn't see why he's so angry about a phone. Again, she demands to know what's going on. "You and your little orphan will be safe as soon as you get out of this house!" he yells. He doesn't see why he should care about either of them and barks at her again to get out. Once she's gone, he tells his father's portrait that he will rescue him. Searching around the office, he discovers another phone.

Rafe is at the pub ordering some red roses. "Could you be more of a suck up?" his sister asks him. He asks her when she decided to hate Sami. She's sure that Sami will break his heart. He orders her not to say anything else about her. Arianna still doesn't understand what he sees in Sami. As they sit down, she asks him if the blond Brady is rich or a 'rock star in the bedroom'. He's defensive. She assumes they haven't actually slept together and asks what he sees in her. Rafe explains that she makes him laugh and she's a great mother. Arianna has the feeling that his girlfriend is 'super high maintenance' and he likes to play the hero. He claims she doesn't need his help. "She's a single mom with four kids," she reminds him... but she hopes he's happy anyway.

Rafe goes over to the townhouse with roses for Sami. Her voice is hoarse so she explains that she just had a screaming match with EJ. He suggests that she call the cops. She can't do that; it would just make a mess for her dad and everyone else. Rafe decides to have 'a chat' with EJ himself. "I'm putting EJ on notice," he says. She claims that she can handle this but he doesn't want her to face this alone. Sami kisses him.

At Maggie's, Brady asks Mia what drugs she was on when she was pregnant. She wasn't on anything; she lied to a friend of hers about being in rehab because she didn't want him to know the truth. As Brady asks for an explanation, Will walks in. After interrupting, he excuses himself. Mia slouches at the table. Brady asks her how they know each other and guesses that Will doesn't know about the baby. She feels bad for lying to him. Brady is sure that Will could accept the truth. "Are you telling me it's cool to tell Will that Nicole has my baby?" she asks. He thinks she needs to keep her promise to Nicole for everyone's sake. She'll try, but it's hard. Will walks in and announces that the meeting is about to start. Brady makes an excuse and leaves. Will asks her what's wrong. She explains that she lied to him about her addiction... she doesn't really go to these meetings every night. This is the first one since rehab. She just wanted to seem like a good girl. He just wants her to get help and tells her she's not alone. They go to the meeting together.

Outside of the pub, Brady calls Nicole to warn her about Mia. Arianna walks out of the pub as he does so. He demands to know if she overheard him say anything. "Are you always this rude?" she asks. He apologizes. She wasn't listening in, she insists. He apologizes again and tries introducing himself. "Thanks. I'll pass," she cuts him off. "Till next time," he says. She wonders what he means. He means that he'll see her next time he's in the pub. They shake hands and she realizes that he's one of the family. Brady explains that he has a soft spot for feisty types. "You haven't seen feisty yet," she tells him.

At the Kiriakis estate, Philip slumps on the floor. Daniel wanders in and finds him. He calls for an ambulance and tries to wake him. When Philip comes to, he demands that the ambulance be canceled. Daniel wants to examine him. Philip agrees only so long as he doesn't say anything to Steph. Daniel suggests that someone could have tried to drug him again. Philip still refuses to go to the hospital. He tells the doctor that he just got engaged. Daniel wonders about the timing but Philip thinks the family could use some good news. The doctor hopes they will be happy. After Philip flashes back to his drug-addled fight with Steph, he goes up the stairs to look for her. He doesn't have any luck and begins worrying.

At the morgue, Owen pulls Stephanie out of storage and tells himself that he had no other choice. He tries calling EJ. After having no luck, he starts to worry that Elvis must have been caught and he could be next. As he thinks over his past run-ins with EJ, his father walks in and asks him what he's doing. Owen tells him he's been thinking about becoming a mortician. "Following in your old man's footsteps?" his father asks. He leaves for the mortician's convention, telling his son to stay out of trouble. "If he only knew..." Owen says to himself. He tries calling Elvis again but still has no luck. Deciding that he may be safe, he starts to relax until he notices that one of Stephanie's earrings are missing. Finally, EJ calls.

May 19, 2009
At Least You're Not Dead In A Morgue.

At the townhouse, Rafe and Sami kiss. His mind goes blank. They get on the couch. She worries about screwing this up. "I'm scared you're going to come to your senses," she says. He's not scared; he loves that she has four kids. She thinks he's too good to be true and she usually winds up alone. He likes the complications in her life and wants to be part of them. Grace begins crying. Sami hurries off to feed her. When she returns, she panics since Rafe seems to be gone. He pops back up, tickles her nose with a rose, and then carries her into the bedroom. "What do I have to do to convince you I'm not going anywhere?" he asks. They drink champagne and make love. Afterwards, they reminisce about their time in the safe house. Sami feels like she doesn't deserve all of this. "You're all I've ever wanted," he says. She cries happy tears.

Philip searches the mansion for Stephanie. He rants at his guards for letting her vanish on their watch.

At the morgue, Owen's phone begins ringing. Since it's not EJ's number, he doesn't pick up. Meanwhile, a frustrated EJ sends him a text to explain that he's calling from a different number. Simultaneously, Philip calls Owen to ask him if he's seen Stephanie. Owen gasps but then pushes Steph back into storage before politely suggesting that she may have taken off after their argument. When he gets off the phone, Philip orders his guards to search and then calls Steph, leaving an apology in her voicemail.

At the mansion, EJ is throwing a tantrum when the baby won't stop crying. After Nicole shuts off the monitor, she tells him she knows how worried he is and wishes she could help. "You're my rock," he tells her with a kiss. They look at the phone Sami smashed. "If I screw this up, I'm never going to forgive myself or her," he says. He tries calling Owen again but still has no luck. Finally Owen picks up and confirms that the mission is accomplished. EJ issues his next set of orders. In the morgue drawer, Steph wakes up, gasping and crying. Her phone vibrates. As she picks it up, Owen pulls her out. He apologizes for doing this but he had no choice. He takes her phone away. She's weak and notices she's in the morgue. "Look on the bright side - at least you're not dead in a morgue," he says before adjusting her hair and snapping her picture. He promises that he will never hurt her. As he sends the picture to EJ, she grabs a surgical instrument. When she rises to strike, he wrestles it away from her and pushes her back into storage.

Victor is in the cell with Stefano. He allows the nurse to give him another insulin injection and continues to taunt his rival. He calls EJ and taunts him, asking him if he is too busy to bother calling about his father. "Do you have all the documents signed to turn over to me, or is your father going to die tonight?" Victor asks. EJ bristles. After getting off the phone, Victor wonders if EJ cares more about the money than his father's life. Stefano is sure that his son will not play by Victor's rules.

Brady strolls along the street arguing with one of his business colleagues. Arianna steps out of the pub and apologizes for always walking into his conversations. She hands him the credit card he left behind. "Cute and rich. Your wife is a lucky lady," she flirts. He flirts back but she becomes defensive when he suggests she's interested in him because of his money. She claims she's not interested in what's in his wallet or his pants. They bicker. She claims that she's not been flirting. He has been; he's just a bit rude and rusty. "I think you're cute too," he says. She walks away. Philip approaches, still woozy, and asks him if he's seen Steph. They go inside and Philip continues to claim that nothing could have happened to her. Brady worries. They argue and Philip suggests that he only ever looks out for himself. When Brady offers him his help, Philip tells him to get lost.

Back at the mansion, Nicole checks in on her husband. He tells her that things are back on track and then slips out, promising that, "Somebody's eyes are about to be opened in a very big way." He and his thugs go down to the pier. Philip is already there and calling around to Steph's friends. Max suggests that she may have gone to visit her parents. EJ approaches Philip and they begin talking about how Tony died only a few feet away from where they are standing. Philip claims he thinks about Tony all the time. They begin insulting each other's fathers and Elvis warns that they won't win. He tells him that he has Stephanie.

Brady runs into Arianna at the Java Cafe. She accidentally spills hot coffee on him when she's trying to apologize.

May 20, 2009
What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am?

Sami and Rafe keep making out in bed. He wishes they had spent their time in the safe house doing this. She hopes that she won't drive him crazy anymore. He likes her just the way she is. Sami doesn't understand how she deserves all of this. "Don't tell me I'm falling for a woman that's not deserving," he says. They make out and tease each other. She admits that she needs constant reassurance. He likes that about her and the fact that she's a 'smoking hot pain in the ass'. She leaps up. He tells her it was a compliment and begins tickling her. Suddenly, he announces that he has to go. While he dresses, he explains that it isn't right for him to be there when Will will be back soon. Grace begins crying. Sami asks him to stay a little longer. He goes into Grace's room and tries to put her to sleep. Sami listens to him through the monitor. After getting a text from Will saying he's busy bowling, she goes out to Rafe. He thinks that she needs to have a talk with her son before he sees them together. She agrees to. He has another idea too since they're a couple, he should do the right thing and make a 'proper commitment'. Sami stutters at the sound of the word. "I want to be a father to Grace in every way," he explains.

Over at the pub, Mel holds Steph's earring and wonders how much she can sell it for.

"I'm going to see about getting a skin graft!" Brady tells Arianna after she accidentally spills piping hot coffee on him. He takes off his shirt and she gets him some ice. She tends to his muscles and he admits that he was kind of a jerk when they met. Melanie wanders by and checks out his injury. She says he'll live and then laughs strangely and walks away. Arianna tells Brady to buy her another coffee. "Iced coffee, just to play it safe," he says. One of his softball friends walks by and they chat. When Sami's name comes up, Arianna grimaces. Brady asks her what's up. She's not a fan of Sami; she thinks she's a phony. Brady puts his shirt on and tells her that Sami means well, but they don't really get along. They smile at each other.

Across the room, Mel talks to the earring and decides she should do the right thing and give it back to Steph. Brady walks over and asks her what she's doing after he sees she's looking at 'We Buy Jewelry' on the web. She shows him the enormous earring and tells him that her conscience has gotten in the way of her selling it. "I'm proud of you," he says. That's high praise coming from a 'do-gooder', she suggests. Neither of them feel good, but pretend they do. She declares that she is finished with Philip and no longer jealous. After he steps away, she starts to reconsider giving the earring back.

Victor sits at Stefano's side. Stefano's faith in God and his family is getting him through this. Victor is pithy and doubts that Elvis is going to be much use. He wonders if EJ is as self-destructive as the rest of his family... The nurse comes in and checks Stefano over. He tells her that Victor is an 'amoral swine' and she can do better. "In this job market?" she jokes. They discuss how long his insulin will keep him alive and she admits that he doesn't have much time.

At the pier, EJ tells Philip that he has Stephanie. Philip accuses him of bluffing. Elvis taunts him. Philip becomes so angry he's slurring his words. Junior giggles. The news sinks in for Philip. Elvis proposes an exchange. Philip also realizes that he must have had him drugged. He offers to deal. Elvis wants his father out immediately. "What kind of fool do you think I am?" Philip asks. Elvis shows him a picture of Steph on his phone and then repeats his offer. Philip agrees to see what he can do. EJ tears up the contract that Victor wanted him to sign.

At the morgue, Owen lets Steph out of the drawer when he can't stand listening to her yell anymore. He repeats that he is only following orders and tells her to stop screaming. Owen doesn't like doing this to someone so sweet and beautiful and kind. She asks him why she is there and guesses that the DiMeras had her abducted. Steph is sure that he'll be a dead man when he's caught. He insists that he's a good guy and nothing terrible will happen to him. Attempting to manipulate him, she tells him that she likes him, "I just wish you hadn't brought me to a morgue." He thinks that he could keep her there forever and then giggles. She asks for some water and he helps her sit up. The phone begins ringing. He doesn't pick up. Steph pretends that she's having back pains and asks him to help her down. Morgues aren't chiropractor approved. When he helps her up, she knees him.

Philip goes to the pub and calls his father. "We need to talk. It's an emergency," he announces before running off to meet him at the house. When he gets to the mansion, he fills his father in. "It's unfortunate," Victor grumbles. He flatly refuses to exchange Stephanie for Stefano. Meanwhile, EJ goes home, pours himself a drink and assures his father's portrait that he now has the upper hand. He tries calling Owen. Stephanie picks up the phone while she struggles with Owen at the morgue. "Help me!" she screams. EJ rubs his eyes in disbelief.

May 21, 2009
Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Rafe tells Sami that he wants to make a commitment. "I want to be a father to Grace in every way," he says. He has to explain that he means adopting her. She points out that the extended family comes with the package and he'd have to put up with her for the rest of his life. He understands that. She accuses him of 'generalizing' his feelings. "I don't think I can marry you," she says. That's okay with him because he's not proposing; he's not that crazy. They begin bickering and he teases her. She's mad at him for not proposing even though she doesn't want to marry him. Sami doesn't understand how they can go to court and make him the father without revealing that she's really the mother. He concedes that she's right and says that they can just be a family together. That means more to her than anything. She wonders if he has been planning this all along... He fell for Grace when he first saw her and just wants her to be safe. Will walks in and Rafe leaves. "If I wasn't here, would he have spent the night?" he asks his mother. She had no idea they had such a frank relationship and begins wrestling with him and teasing him about Mia. He wonders what it would be like to have a normal mother. She wants him, and all the other children, to be comfortable. He guesses that his mother and 'macho man' are pretty serious and he'll be around a lot, but he wonders if what he thinks about it matters. She tells him that she agreed to Rafe adopting Grace. "How'd you talk him into that?" he asks. Sami insists it was his idea. Will doesn't see why Rafe should be the father and assumes there is something big going on that she's not telling him about.

Rafe is eating with his sister at the pub. She teases him about 'Sami with an 'I''. He admits that things with Sami are serious; he's going to be adopting her little girl. "Are you out of your mind?" she asks. He thinks that Grace was always meant to be his daughter. His sister worries about him being tied to Sami's life. He rises to leave. Arianna tells him to open his eyes. "It's all happening again," she warns him.

At the mansion, Philip tells his father that they will exchange Steph for Stefano. Victor doesn't think that's a good idea and is sure they are just bluffing. Philip refuses to risk her life. They argue about which of them has more reliable thugs under their command and Philip threatens a civil war. Philip argues that nothing EJ is doing makes sense, but he knows how he is thinking because he's been in the same position. "Thinking like that makes people dead!" Philip exclaims. His father thinks he's being irrational. Philip refuses to be as ruthless as his father. "Caving in to them isn't going to solve anything," Victor claims. He explains that Steph isn't just a captive, she's also a witness, and that means that her release wouldn't guarantee her safety at all. Philip worries about her mental state and tells his father that he has screwed everything up. His father apologizes. That's not what Philip wants. He tells him that if she dies, he will never forgive him. Victor advises him to calm down and Philip explains that he's sure this was an inside job.

At the morgue, Steph knees Owen and tries to run. She stops when the phone begins ringing. "Philip help me!" she screams as she answers it. It's EJ on the line but he stays quiet. Owen wrestles the phone away and apologizes. She pushes him back and then runs off. He chases her through the woods and tackles her. When she hits the ground, she loses consciousness. When he takes her back to the morgue and lays her on the slab, he remembers the phone. He won't run off to look for it if it means leaving her alone.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole walks in on EJ. He seems pensive so she guesses something is wrong. Elvis pours a drink and claims that everything is dandy. She's not convinced but she knows that everything he is doing, he is doing for love. Nicole promises never to betray him; her love is unconditional. He finally opens up and tells her that he may have crossed a line he had Stephanie kidnapped. "I hate and despise the man who did this to her... and I hope Victor burns in Hell for what he's done," she declares. He's impressed by her reaction. She thinks he may have found the one thing to end all of the nonsense. Elvis explains what just happened on the phone. He has no idea what's going on now and he might have just made Victor angry. Nicole calms him down and tells him to wait a little while longer. Philip suddenly calls to make a deal.

May 22, 2009
It's All Happening Again.

Will isn't happy to learn that Rafe is planning to adopt Grace. He assumes there is some sort of scheme going on. Sami insists that there are no secrets or lies at play. "Okay. Then I'm good with it," he says. She asks him to listen out for Grace while she runs out. After his mother leaves, Mia stops by to pick up his notes on quantitative reasoning. He tells her that he had a fight with his mom and she got upset. Although she insists that she's telling the truth, he still has a feeling that she's lying. Grace wakes up and they feed her. He tells Mia about the adoption and how little sense it makes. Mia thinks Grace is easy to love. "My mom just lies," Will says. If he had a friend who lied to him the way she does, he could never forgive them. They talk about Grace's biological mom and Mia wonders if she sits alone at night and misses her.

At the pub, Rafe tells sister that Sami is the best thing that's ever happened to him. "Don't you see? It's all happening again," she says. Max sticks his nose in and asks what they're talking about. Arianna says her brother never listens. She introduces the two men. "Oh! Sami's Rafe," Max blurts out. Rafe's cool with the label but Arianna's not. As Rafe steps away to make a call, Max stammers through the remainder of the conversation. Arianna asks him to forget what he heard. When he leaves, Rafe comes back to bicker with his sister until she warns him that, after what happened before, Sami could destroy his life. Sami just happens to walk in as she says this. Arianna leaves and the couple sits down. He tries to reassure her and tells her not to get worked up. She can't stand lying anymore and explains how Will caught her covering things up. Rafe says she's not lying, she's just not telling the whole story. This has all been for Grace's sake, he reminds her, and that makes her a great mom. She's tempted to let him take care of her. He tells her to give in to temptation and let go.

Nicole smiles at EJ while he bargains on the phone with Philip. EJ says they need to get their people together and find a neutral territory. Philip suggests that he make the arrangements fast. When Elvis gets off the phone, he worries that he can't get a hold of Owen. Without him, Stefano's doomed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Philip put their plan together. Brady walks in and asks them what's happening. Victor excuses himself and Philip explains that they are ending the feud peacefully. He also apologizes to Brady, claiming that he's made some stupid mistakes but is now making things right. Brady doubts it. They argue. EJ calls to make the tradeoff appointment. Philip is about to walk out but Brady stops him, claiming that he knows what's going on and guesses this is about Steph. Philip runs off, refusing to explain.

Outside of the pub, Max finds Bo on the phone. They talk about the mob war and Bo promises that it will be over soon. He gets a call and learns that Victor is up to something. Brady calls him and asks him to meet. They get together at the Java Cafe and Brady tells him he thinks something has happened to Stephanie.

Victor goes to see Stefano. "You look god awful," he says. His goon helps Stefano sit up. "I knew Elvis would out-fox you," Stefano groans. Victor taunts him and refuses to explain what's happening. "Still... I won," Stefano declares before collapsing. They load him into the van.

At the morgue, Owen tries to reassure an unconscious Stephanie that he can make her look as gorgeous as usual using the simple techniques his father taught him for touching up corpses. Staring at her face, he becomes afraid that Elvis will hurt her if he hands her over. He rushes around to find the phone and finds it ringing in the woods. Elvis yells at him and demands to know what's going on. Owen fills him in and then EJ orders him to bring Stephanie to the place where they met. Owen asks if she will be okay. EJ barks at him not to ask questions like that and hangs up. "He's planning something bad," Owen tells himself. He returns to Steph and she wakes up. She begs him to untie her and he tells her they have to go and see someone. As she pleads with him not to turn her over to the DiMeras, he tries to reassure her. Steph tells him that he still has the chance to fix everything if he unties her. She offers to go back to the Kiriakis' and not tell them anything about what he's done. Meanwhile, EJ paces in the woods and waits for Owen. He calls him and orders him over to their meeting place. "I'm very sorry Mr. DiMera. It seems as though there is going to be a slight change of plans," Owen tells him.

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