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4th Week of May Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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May 25, 2009
I'm Not Happy.

Chloe and Lucas are in bed. He can't believe how much he loves her. "I love you too, but I'm not in love with you," she confesses. He wakes up. It was a dream. When she wakes up, she finds him staring at her. "Is something bothering you?" she asks. They talk about Kate's recent wacky behavior. He explains that he just had a dream about her not loving him. She thinks that's silly and tries to reassure him. He's edgy and decides he wants to take a drive alone to clear his head.

A nearly nude Daniel tosses and turns in bed as he dreams of his fireside sex romps with Chloe. He wakes up gasping. He rolls around and beats up his pillow before climbing out of bed. He heads over to the hospital and gets an application to take a leave of absence. The doctor walks over to the Java Cafe. Chloe spots him before she can walk in and ducks away. Daniel sits at the table and begins filling out the application form. As he thinks of Chloe, he crumples it up to throw it in the trash. She walks in. He tells her that he won't leave because it wouldn't change anything. No matter where he lives, he still won't be able to sleep at night because they aren't together. All he wants is for her to be happy, but this is maddening. "I'm not happy. Not at all," she admits. That doesn't mean that her decision about Lucas wasn't final... but Kate has been horrible lately.

Lucas goes to see Maggie. She's busy making a cake and asks him if he's been making his AA meetings. He has, but he has a different problem, although he doesn't know what it is. He complains about his mother. Maggie knows that his mother has a problem with every women he gets mixed up with. Lucas thinks that Kate and Chloe are keeping something big from him. She tells him to focus on his sobriety and stop thinking of things he can't control. He asks her why she is being so evasive. She claims that she doesn't know anything and needs to go to sleep. After she sends him off, he flashes back to arguing with her in the bar.

Brady and Bo are at the Java Cafe talking about what's been happening. Bo knew Victor was up to something. Bo gets a call and runs off. Frustrated, Brady punches the table. Mel walks in and asks him what's up. He's not helpful. She rants about Steph and the earring she found. He demands to see it and then runs off when he gets a call.

Phillip is waiting at the pier. He talks to his father on the phone. Over at the morgue, Stephanie listens from the body drawer while Owen informs Elvis that the plans have changed. EJ becomes impatient and demands that he bring Stephanie immediately. Owen refuses. Junior goes from being baffled to being furious. The gardener worries about what he will do to Steph when he turns her over. He yells at EJ and refuses to let him hurt her. After Owen hangs up, Philip calls Elvis and asks him why he's late. Junior says he's on the way. Elvis' thug doesn't know how they can go without the girl. EJ isn't interested in his opinion. He'll take care of Owen later, but right now he wants to take his father back. They head over to the pier. Philip instantly asks where Stephanie is. It soon becomes clear that she isn't there. As Philip lunges at EJ, all of the thugs pull out their guns. As they wrestle on the ground, the police arrive. Philip runs and Bo grabs EJ. He vows to put EJ 'in a pine box' if anything has happened to Stephanie. A cop informs Bo that they've found Stefano's body in a van but they don't know if he's still alive.

Back at the morgue, Owen helps Stephanie out of the drawer. He tells her that he couldn't turn her over to the DiMeras. "I want to save you," he says. He's not a monster and can't do what EJ wants. Owen just wants to see her happy, far away from here. She begins tearing up. As he helps her down, he tells her that this was fate. She promises not to tell the Kiriakis' anything. She starts to worry when he tells her that they will be leaving together. "Wherever we go, we will have a happy life together," he claims. She gets nervous as he talks about the new life they will have together. He'd like to live in a little village in India. He soon realizes that she doesn't want to run away with him. She claims that she's scared of such a big commitment... besides, she can't leave dressed the way she is. He remembers that she brought a bag to the mansion and offers to go and get it. She agrees to wait until he gets back. "Sorry, I have to be careful," he says, pushing her back into the body drawer. As he runs off, she starts to run out of air.

Elvis is at the hospital worrying about his father. When Stefano is wheeled in, he utters his son's name. EJ tells him he'll be fine. Stefano's machines begin ringing. The nurse pushes him aside so they can try to stabilize him. Back at the pier, Bo calls Victor down from questioning. He demands to know where his son is. Victor claims he's in New York. Bo is sure that he's lying. Brady shows up. "You disloyal bastard! You've ruined everything!" Victor growls at him. The three men begin arguing.

Owen sneaks into the mansion. While he's upstairs, Philip runs around downstairs, calling out for his father. Melanie rushes in and asks where Steph is. She tells him that she has a clue and hands him the earring. He quizzes her about when she found it and she tells him that she saw Owen at the time.


May 26, 2009
It Was Owen.

Nicole hurries over to the hospital to see EJ. He worries about his father. Lexi rushes over and demands to know what happened. He fills her in and she rants at him for all of the danger he has put his family in. As she runs off to treat their father, Elvis says that he has to stop this mess. "Don't listen to her. Lexi is dead wrong," Nicole tells him. He blames himself for everything that's gone wrong and wants to tell  his rivals where Owen is. She points out that if he comes clean, he could end up in prison. Nicole can't bear the thought of losing him. Lexi returns and explains that there could be permanent damage to their father's organs and mind. After Lexi goes back in, EJ says that he will make this right. Nicole reminds him that they are married and need to make decisions together. Meanwhile, Lexi sits with her father and holds his cold hand. Watching how he and Theo get along has meant a lot to her. She wants a relationship with him too. "Please don't leave me," she cries. As she tells him how much she loves him, he opens his eyes.

At the pier, Victor accuses Brady of being a traitor. Bo defends him. Victor repeats that Philip is out of town and they argue over what to do to prevent Stephanie and Philip from being killed. They finally send Brady away and continue to argue. Victor tells him to throw 'the book' away and points out how many people's lives are at stake. He warns Bo that if anything happens to Stephanie, it will be on his head. They bicker and Victor thinks this is all about Bo's ego. He tells Bo that he acts dismissive and superior to him all the time, treating his own father like a pariah. "You are not the father that raised me," Bo says, and he's glad about it.

Bo heads over to the hospital and arrests EJ for assaulting Philip. Nicole objects that he doesn't have enough to arrest him. Bo tells them that co-operation will go a long way and asks where Steph is. Elvis agrees to help but asks for a few minutes with his father first. Lexi comes out and says that Stefano is awake. EJ and Nicole go in. Stefano tells his son that he knew he wouldn't let him down and he knows that he will do the right thing. EJ presses the ring into his father's hand and kisses him. He kisses Nicole goodbye and leaves with Bo. After they leave, Stefano slips his ring back on and begins talking about the Mediterranean. He gives her a history lesson about the Phoenicians and tells her that the ring makes him indestructible.

At the mansion, Melanie tells Philip how she found Steph's earring and saw his gardener drifting around. As Owen comes down the stairs, he listens as Philip tells Mel that it couldn't have been Owen. She points out that it had to be an inside job. He accuses her of being behind this. She laughs until she notices he's being serious. "You're insane," she says. She may be annoying and self-absorbed but she's not bad enough to do something like this. He has her go over the evidence again and then calls Henderson. The butler explains that Owen took his latest check and left on vacation. "It was Owen," Philip realizes, vowing to find him and kill him with his bare hands. Hearing his, Owen sneaks out. "Sorry Stephanie. Major change of plans," he says to himself. Back inside, Melanie tells Philip that he'll need her help lying low while they search. They get Owen's file and discover that they know virtually nothing about him. Brady comes to the door so they run out the back.

Victor returns to the mansion and finds Brady searching for Philip. He calls Henderson and orders him to show Brady out and never let him in again. Before Brady goes, he apologizes, but it doesn't mean anything to his grandfather. Brady tells him that this mansion is a terrible place full of bitter and angry people. He doesn't want to be a Kiriakis if he has to be miserable and power hungry like the rest of them. "You're nothing but a backstabbing bastard and I have no use for you," Victor barks. Brady walks out. Meanwhile, Mel and Philip run around town. She digs up Owen's father's address and they head to the morgue.

Stephanie gasps in the morgue drawer while she runs out of air. Owen returns. When he opens the drawer, he panics as he discovers that she's not breathing. He gives her the breath of life. When she starts breathing, she slaps him away. "I wish you hadn't done that," he says. When he threatens to put her back in the drawer, she begs him not to. "Nothing is going the way it's supposed to!" he shouts. He throws a tantrum and announces it's too late. Hyperventilating, he pulls out a gun. "I'm sorry Stephanie," he says.

May 27, 2009
People Are Dying To Get In.

Rafe and Sami are rolling around in bed. His phone rings and wakes him up. That was just a dream. Sami's on the phone. She wants to go over to the pub and tells Caroline about the adoption. They arrange to meet up later and he hangs up before she can tell him that she loves him. He takes another call. "Sure I'm interested... of course I know what I'm getting myself into," he says. Over at Sami's, Will asks for a few bucks for breakfast. She begins teasing him about Mia. As Will skips off, Sami tells Grace that it looks like Will has a crush.

Nicole is on the phone at the mansion ordering EJ's attorney around. She hangs up and Brady shows up at the door. "I want to know where the hell you have Stephanie," he demands. Barging in, he continues to ask for answers. He rants. She grimaces and insists that EJ hasn't told her anything. When she asks him to stand by her side, he warns her about Mia. Brady ran into her at an AA meeting but she's tired of lying... especially to Will. When he leaves, he tries calling Melanie and bumps into Arianna. They begin bickering and calling each other jerks. Back at the mansion, Nicole decides to do something about Mia and Will.

Caroline goes over to the mansion and rants at Victor over what happened last night. She reminds him that he promised to keep Stephanie safe. When she demands to talk to her, he says that's impossible and he can't tell her anything more. Caroline is furious; it took her a long time to figure out what he is like but she'll make sure that Steph knows. After storming off, she meets with Sami at the pub. She admits that she sometimes wishes she had never told Bo that Victor is his father. Sami tells her the good news about the adoption. "You can't be serious?" Caroline asks in shock. That's not the reaction Sami was looking for. Caroline thinks she shouldn't be giving parental rights to a man she barely knows. Rafe walks in and announces that he just got a job. He's got a construction job and will soon be working a crane. Caroline tells them that they are both being unrealistic. Rafe says he has a protective grandmother too. Caroline calms down and offers to feed him. Sami says this is a good sign. Arianna walks in says hello to her new niece. She and Caroline talk about their worries and Sami defends Rafe.

Will and Mia are at the Java Cafe. She feels bad because he keeps helping her out and she doesn't give him much in return. They go over their homework and he babbles about heredity. She becomes uncomfortable. Her cousin calls and he walks off to get more coffee. He runs into Kinsey on the way. She asks him if he and 'the druggie' are an item now. Will mocks her for dissing Mia. As he stands up for her, Mia listens and smiles. When they sit down, she thanks him. After getting a call from Nicole, she runs off. Kinsey comes over and tells Will that rehab never works and asks him if he really knows Mia at all. "Everything I need to know," he insists.

Melanie and Philip are running around the graveyard. He warns her to look respectable so they won't attract too much attention. She tells him to keep a low profile while she does this. Mel gleefully claims that she is doing this just to see the look on Steph's face when she realizes that she owes her. He calls his father and Victor suggests that he take a trip.

In the morgue, Owen ties Stephanie's hands. She doesn't think he'd shoot her... or anyone else. "If I had to, I would," he claims. He slips out to talk to his father, Gordon. Owen explains that he needs to keep a low profile for awhile. Their conversation is interrupted when Mel comes to the door. Owen returns to Stephanie. In the parlor, Mel weeps to Gordon about her dying grandmother. Meanwhile, Owen ties Stephanie's wrists tighter. She begs him not to put her back in the drawer. When he hears a voice, he muffles her mouth, threatening to kill anyone who comes looking for her. As he drags her into hiding, Mel and Gordon walk in so she can check out the set up. While Gordon leads her out, she notices one of Steph's earrings on the floor. The body deliveryman comes and Gordon ushers her out. Mel leaves and catches up with Philip in the graveyard. She tells him what she found. He stops her from calling the cops and worries that he may never find her alive. He thinks that he should break into the morgue. Mel begins to laugh. "People are dying to get in there," she says.

Mia goes to see Nicole at the pier and tells her that she's tired of being ordered around. Nicole worries that she will end up catching this disease everyone seems to have and start spilling her guts. Mia is sick of lying. They begin arguing about Will and Nicole tells her that if she thinks Sami is nice, she's even dumber that she thought. They argue about Sami and Mia lets it out that Rafe is adopting Grace.

Back at the funeral home, Owen thanks his father for covering for him. Gordon worries about what's going on but his son promises him that he has everything under control. When he returns to the morgue, he finds Stephanie crawling around on the floor. She begs him again to let her go but he refuses and takes out his gun.


May 28, 2009
How Could You Do That To Me?

At the pier, Mia tells Nicole that Sami is so nice she is letting Rafe adopt Grace. Nicole says it's a great idea. Mia doubts her honesty and tells her that she's sick of all of these secrets and lies. She's lived up to her end of the bargain and doesn't want Nicole bossing her around anymore. She warns Nicole that if she doesn't stay away, she will be sorry.

At the pub, Sami catches Rafe telling Grace all about junk food. She teases him and they talk about Caroline's reaction to the adoption. He's sure that they can win her over but Sami thinks there may be something else wrong with the idea. It's going to be harder telling her parents than anyone else. She worries about what they'll say and wishes he really was Grace's father. He tells her that he will be and, soon, she won't have any problems to worry about. Nicole walks in and tells them that they look cute. They're defensive and accuse her of being up to something. When she walks away, Rafe admits that he wants EJ to find out about the adoption. Rafe is sure it will keep EJ and Nicole off of their backs. Sami is still sure that Nicole is up to something else. Nicole goes home and tells Sydney that it looks like Sami has been neutralized. This means that they can concentrate on being happy. Right now, she has to find out how to get EJ out of jail.

Mia returns to the Java Cafe to see Will. She stumbles over her excuse about where she was and he asks about her living arrangements. Mia complains about it but has nowhere else to go. When he asks about her parents, she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't want to drink any more coffee either so she leads him out. They go out and play ski ball then return. He offers to teach her how to bat. They leave again. After playing ball, he mocks her co-ordination skills. She claims that she is 'poetry in motion' and does some dance moves. He tries to mimic them and trips into her arms.

Brady heads over to the hospital looking for Melanie. He discovers that she is later than usual. A nurse tips him off that she saw her upstairs. Meanwhile, Melanie and Philip are sneaking around the hospital. They hide when they hear a man being brought in in a body bag. Once the men leave, Mel and Philip figure out how to get him into a body bag and into the morgue. She tells him to get naked and crawl into the body bag so she can bring the spare stiff down to the morgue. She's distracted by the bullet hole he reveals as he takes off his shirt. "I always thought this would be a once in a lifetime thing," he says as he climbs into the bag. She offers to be his back-up when he goes in. "What's in it for you?" he asks. She claims she owes him. As they prepare to leave, Brady walks in. "What the hell are you two doing?" he asks. They explain and Brady insists they go to Bo for help. Philip is sure that this is the only way. Brady agrees to help them and they zip Philip into the bag. Two men come and take the body away.

At the morgue, Owen has his gun out. Steph insists that no one knows she is there. He is paranoid about Melanie. They bicker but he insists that he can't get out of this. Before he can duct tape her mouth shut, she warns him that there is something he needs to know about Mel. She claims that Mel is in love with Philip and wants her out of the way. Steph lists all of the ways that Mel has tried to steal Philip and then begins coughing and asks to be untied. He says that she can call her folks after they get to Canada. As she thanks him for taking care of her, she peers up at his gun as it rests on the slab. She tells him how nice he is and wonders what would have happened if she'd met him first... They kiss. She picks up the gun but he grabs it from her hands. "How could you do that to me?" he asks. She claims that she is just scared of guns. He accepts this and then gives her something to drink. She refuses but he forces her. Stephanie passes out and he puts her back in the drawer.

Gordon is arguing on the phone when the body pick-up guys arrive. He looks over their paperwork and tells them that this body isn't on the list and orders them to take him back. Philip listens from inside the bag. Outside, Melanie and Brady lurk around by the graveyard. Suddenly, Owen leaps out and knocks Brady out with the butt of his gun and levels the barrel at Mel.

At the hospital, Lexi checks in on her father. He snarls at her. She says he's recovering well. He's eager to get revenge. They begin arguing. He wants a telephone. She won't allow it and tells him that he is a murder suspect. Stefano wants his lawyer. "No problem," Abe says as he walks in. He wants a little talk first though. The two men begin insulting each other until Stefano demands that Abe leave. "Don't you let him die until we find Stephanie. After that, I don't give a damn!" Abe growls. Outside, Abe makes some angry calls. Lexi comes out and tells him that her father is stable but far from alright. Abe worries about where all of this is going. Lexi thinks that they should let him talk to EJ so they can end this. A bunch of journalists barge in and begin questioning Abe. Lexi calls security to take them out.

May 29, 2009

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