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1st Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 2
Fairytale Happy Ending.

At the hospital, Nicole doesn't see how she can win EJ back so Stefano gives her a plan. Nicole doubts Mia will be able to spread the lie that she slept around. She paces and worries. He says that gossip will do all of the work for her. If she spreads it, it will take on a life of its own. When Nicole flounces out, she bumps into Kate and asks her not to upset Stefano. Kate pays her husband a visit and begins quizzing him. He explains that Nicole may be moving back to the mansion. As she gives him a kiss, Victor stands in the doorway and stares until he's invited in. Kate declares that she finally feels secure and loved.

On the pier, Will walks up on Mia and Chad arguing. "Why did you say you were a slut?" Will asks her. Chad prompts her to explain. She claims she can't and then she tells him the same story she told Chad about going partying in Chicago. Will is baffled. Mia explains that she has no idea who Sydney's father is. Will finds this hard to believe. Chad stumbles away and Mia asks Will not to hate her. "I know you just said that so Chad would stop trying to get custody," Will tells her. Mia insists that it's actually true. "So what else am I going to find out was nothing but lies?" he asks. She insists that this is the last lie. He can't trust her anymore and never wants to see her again. After he storms away, she weeps.

At the Java Cafe, Sami tells Brady that she has a bad feeling about how things are playing out. She plays with her phone and worries about Mia. He's surprised that she has been turning to Sami for help. When she goes home, Chad shows up, desperate for someone to talk to. He relates Mia's latest story and breaks down, crying as he talks about how Mia was his 'everything'. Sami can see that his heart is breaking. He asks her if Mia could be lying. She doesn't understand any of this but guesses it must be true if she told Will the story.

At the mansion, EJ gets his people to dig into whether Rafe knows his sister is a drug dealer. Nicole shows up with the baby and offers to give EJ his life back. He doesn't want to talk but she tells him the story of Mia's wandering libido and how Sydney's true father is unknown. "The one and only man that Sydney wants in her life is you," Nicole tells him. He accuses her of treating him like an idiot. She tells him that what she did was wrong but she hopes he can give her and the baby another chance. They get close and kiss. He pulls away and admits that she made him happier than he's ever been but that's over now. She pleads with him to take Syd back into his life.

Nicole runs into Mia on the pier. Mia says he went through with the lies and Will dumped her. Nicole says he'll take her back. "Everyone has deep feelings for the town slut," Mia says skeptically. Nicole suggests that she can still have a 'fairytale happy ending'. Mia feels like a loser who doesn't deserve anything good in her life. As Nicole tells her that she did the right thing, Sami approaches and listens in.

Kate takes Stefano home. As she putters off to talk to the kitchen staff, Stefano tells his son how swell his marriage is going to be. EJ tells him that Mia apparently 'has trouble keeping her knickers on' and Syd's father may never be known. Stefano urges him to accept the child but his son refuses.

Rafe is amazed as his sister explains everything that's come out about Nicole and the baby. "You just gave me the last piece of the puzzle that I need," he says. He realizes that Nicole must have switched the babies the night they were born. They unravel the scenario and she asks him how he'll prove any of this. Nicole has a restraining order against him and Dr. Baker is dead so he decides to talk to Mia. His sister says that wouldn't be smart if he's trying to lay low. When she leaves to get him some clothes, he calls an old contact. After he has a shower, his sister returns with clothes and cash. He tells her that his contact informed him that Meredith ended up in a psych ward. He plans to run around town collecting DNA.

Victor catches Brady looking pensive and asks him if he's still stewing over Ari dumping him. Brady tells him they got back together. "I'm very sorry to hear that," Victor says. He explains that he has information about her that he doesn't want to tell him. Brady badgers him for details and Victor finally explains that Ari is a drug dealer.


November 3, 2009
Don't Hurry Back.

Bo and Carly try to figure out how to get her out of her mess. She already has an idea - she wants to call Justin. Bo thinks that's a terrible idea because it means Victor will get involved. He reminds her that the Alamains are already after her. Meanwhile, Justin meets with Hope at the pub. She complains that her daughter thinks she's as mean as a witch for taking her away from everything she cares about. Hope mopes while Justin plays with Ciara. The little girl takes a picture of her mother with Justin's phone. Hope comes over and hugs her. They rush off. Bo calls Justin and says he needs to see him right away. He comes to the pub and tells him a friend needs help. Before Bo can explain, he notices that there is a picture of Hope on Justin's phone. He explains why it's there and then asks him about the case. Bo tells him that his friend is Carly Manning.

Brady is shocked when Victor informs him that Ari is a drug dealer. Brady bellows and rants but he soon begins remembering the drugs he found in the pub. His grandfather doesn't want him to have to face his drug problems again because some girl turned his head. Brady storms out. Hope arrives and talks to Victor about how she has been missing Bo. "Go see him and don't hurry back," Victor suggests. She runs home in her white pants and searches for her husband. When she heads upstairs, she sees a woman in her bed.

At the mansion, EJ tells his father that he will never be Sydney's father. "Yes, you are!" Stefano shouts. EJ imagines he's thinking of his relationship with Tony. He admits he'd love to have the baby back but can't do it: He can't handle the lies anymore. He's spent all of his time reacting, but, from now on, he wants to call all the shots. Stefano doesn't back down and points out how much Nicole has done for him and how much Sami did to him. EJ is still adamant that Nicole and the baby are out of his life. Stefano asks him if he would feel that way if Syd was really his child. EJ admits that would change everything.

In the park, Mia tells Nicole what a loser she is and how she doesn't deserve a baby or Will. Nicole tells her she did the right thing. "What exactly did Mia do the right thing about?" Sami asks as she walks over. She asks Mia if it's true that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is. She rants about how much telling the truth has hurt people. As she rants, Mia just feels worse. Nicole finally forces her to back off and reminds Sami that she has made mistakes in her life too. The baby begins crying. Sami tells Nicole to take her home while she shows Mia some 'compassion'. After Nicole leaves, Mia assures Sami that Chad isn't the baby's father. She talks about how horrible she feels for hurting Will. "I still love him," she admits. Ari calls Sami and asks her over to talk. Sami apologizes to Mia and leaves.

Lucas calls Will to ask him how things are. His son explains that everything is screwed up because Mia isn't just a liar, she's a 'slut' too. Mia comes in the door and tells him that she loves him. "Is there any chance at all that you can forgive me?" she asks. She vows never to lie to him again, but he still can't forgive her and walks out.

Rafe tells his sister that he's sure Syd is really Sami's, but he won't say anything to her until he gets some DNA tests done. He sneaks over to Sami's to swipe some DNA. As he looks around, he notices that Nicole has been staying there with the baby. "One stop shopping for DNA," he says. While he's grabbing samples, he hears someone at the door. It's Nicole. He hides behind the couch as she comes in and looks for Syd's teething ring. Stefano calls her. He tells her Elvis just left the building and she needs to come over. Nicole tells Syd that Stefano will make everything alright. After they leave, Rafe stands up. "Stefano's on her side... what the hell?" he wonders. When she gets to the mansion, Stefano tells her that his plan isn't working and he may have to tell his son the truth.

Sami shows up at Ari's. She instantly notices Rafe's hat and gets excited. Ari claims her brother just left it there before he vanished. Brady suddenly storms in. Sami runs out the door. "Why don't you tell me what what what is going on?" Brady angrily stutters. He tears the room apart, searching for her cocaine. When Sami gets home, she catches Rafe standing at her door.

ovember 4, 2009
What About Us?

Gus wakes up Vivian to tell her that they may have found Carly. She demands fast results. "You can run Carly Alamain, but you can't hide. Not from me," she vows. Gus goes off and gets a confirmation. He informs her that Carly is in Salem. Vivian laughs. "Carly is nothing if not predictable," she guffaws and then tells him all about how fun it is to think about 'crushing the bitch'. She's going to take her time plotting Carly's demise.

At the pub, Bo tells Justin that Lawrence's people are after Carly and she needs their help. Bo is vague about the details and says they can't tell Hope about this because it's too dangerous. Justin kind of laughs and offers to do what he can, though he's not sure it will amount to much.

Hope walks into her bedroom and is shocked to find another woman sleeping in her bed. She turns on the light and demands to know who she is. "I'm Carly," Carly says, explaining that she needs help and she could only get it from Bo. Hope demands answers. Carly says she's wanted for murder. That only makes Hope angry. She threatens to have her arrested. Carly tells her all about the son she raised with Lawrence. Then he got sick and turned into a different, very dangerous, man. Hope isn't very sympathetic to her tale. "I want you out of here," she orders. As she chases her downstairs, Justin and Bo arrive. Bo takes his wife outside and she rants at him. He reminds her that she moved out. She claims she was only 'taking a break'. They argue about the fact that they haven't been communicating honestly. She warns him that he could go to jail for what he's doing and assumes that there is more going on than he's letting on. Hope goes inside and tells Carly that she will have to tell her everything. Victor calls to say Ciara had a nightmare. Hope declares that she is leaving, but if Carly doesn't come clean within 24 hours, she's turning her in. When she gets to the mansion, Victor asks her how things are going with Bo. She says things are more complicated than ever. Meanwhile, Justin demands that Carly tell him everything about the murder. She refuses so he walks out. Carly cries on Bo's shoulder and says that it isn't just her life that is at stake if the truth about Lawrence's evil comes out.

Brady shows up at Ari's and yells at her to stop lying to him. He orders her to admit that she's a drug dealer. She admits it. He can't believe he was stupid enough to trust her. "I'm a recovering addict. How could I love someone like you?" he says. She weeps and tries to rationalize but he's furious. Ari says she has no choice and has never dealt drugs to children. "I guess that makes everything better now," he sarcastically remarks. He says she'll be sleeping alone from now on. "We are done!" he shouts. He storms out. She chases him down the stairs where he bumps into Roman. He tells him he should be concerned about who is running his family's pub. After Brady walks off, Ari tells Roman what just happened. He repeats that if she blows her cover, she's going back to prison. She chases after Brady again and follows him to the pier. "It doesn't have to be like this," she tells him. He says there is nothing to talk about and gives her one day to quit working at the pub and clear off. "I never want to see you again," he says.

Rafe steals Sami's toothbrush and walks out the door only to bump into her in the hallway. She's shocked. He says it will take a long time to explain what's been going on and asks her to be patient. "What about us?" she asks. He kisses her. She opens the door and begins tearing his clothes off. He stops her and says he has to go. When he refuses to explain, she gets annoyed and demands some answers. He says he will tell her everything... just not right now. She agrees to trust him. They start making out and she peels off his clothes. After they have sex on the couch, she tells him she's lucky that her new roommate, Nicole, didn't walk in on them. They get dressed and he says he has to fly under the radar for awhile. He's working on a case that involves their future and no one can know he's back.


November 5, 2009
Don't You Just Hate Women Who Lie?

Carly paces around Bo's, worried that Hope will turn her in. Bo insists that she can trust Hope. Carly hates disrupting his life like this. He asks her to talk to Justin again but she refuses and changes the topic to his children. Bo tells her about Shawn and Zach and his problems with his wife. Carly thinks she should get out of his life but he says that if Hope knew why she did what she did, she'd be helping her out too. When she falls asleep in a chair, she dreams of Lawrence coming in and gutting Bo. She wakes up screaming and Bo runs down to her and points out that it was only a nightmare.

At the mansion, Victor asks Hope why she's so upset and offers to talk to Bo. She admits that something bad has happened but won't say more. "My son's an idiot," Victor groans. Hope thinks that Bo is already moving on from her. When she brings up Carly, Victor claims she would never show up in town again. She asks him about why he married Carly. He says he did it because he was grateful to her for saving his life. She plays the victim when she's really a predator. He just hopes Bo opened his eyes about her. Later, Justin walks in and chats with Hope. He tries to calm her fears about Carly but, after talking to Victor, she's even more worried. She'd die without Bo, she says. When she's left alone, she makes a call. Across town, the FBI show up at Bo's door and arrest Carly.

On the pier, Ari is startled when she feels a hand on her shoulder and it's not Brady's - it's EJ's. He offers her a handkerchief. "I don't need anything from you," she says, calling him a creep. He explains that he's old fashioned and worries about women he finds crying in public. "If you want to take care of women in trouble, how about your wife?" she asks. He begins taking shots at her brother and smirks at the fact that he's left town. She shoots back and he accuses her of being full of righteous indignation but no facts. As she swans off, telling him that what has been upsetting her is none of his business, he mutters to himself, "Actually, it's very much my business."

"You can't improve on perfection," Philip quips as he spots Mel doing her makeup. He asks her why she is going out with Nate when she can go out with him. "We were meant to be together," he says, kissing her and offering to whisk her away. She snaps out of it. It was only a fantasy and Nathan is sitting with her instead. She promises him the best date of his life and they rush out. They go to his new place and she checks out how comfortable the bed is before kissing him. Once he gets her shirt off, she starts thinking about Philip. The hospital calls him away to work. "I wish I had a nine to five job," he complains as he leaves. She rolls over and thinks about Philip some more.

At home, Sami admits to Rafe that she couldn't move on from him. They hear Nicole at the door so Rafe ducks into the bathroom. Nicole complains about her back and then apologizes for snapping at Sami. They sit down and talk about Mia. "Don't you just hate women who lie?" Nicole jokes. They both laugh at that. Sami asks her if she's worried about the DNA test. Nicole's sure things will be fine. Sami wonders if EJ would sue for sole custody if it turns out that Chad isn't the father. Nicole leaves to pick up Syd's meds but leaves the baby behind. Rafe comes back out and tells Sami how great it is to see her with the baby. She tells him how funny it is that she and Nicole have become close and now trust each other. Rafe fondles his stubble. Sami keeps defending Nicole and asks him what she has that Nicole would want. He tears himself away from the conversation, promising that things will get better soon. When he leaves, he calls his contact to meet. He returns to Ari's place and tells her that he got his DNA samples. She suggests that the DNA results could end up pushing Sami back into EJ's arms. 

Nicole chases Brady down in the street to apologize. He assumes she realized that running away was a bad idea. She says someone changed her mind for her and then gives him the latest on the Mia situation. He's disturbed by how self-centered she sounds and they begin bickering. She offers him her ear and tells him she couldn't stand it if anything bad happened to him. He is the one person who has known who she really is and loved her anyway. After she tells him she's glad she ran into him, he tells her that he broke up with Ari. "Goodnight friend," she says, giving him a hug. Meanwhile, Sami stops by the mansion with Sydney. EJ keeps his distance and Sami teases him.  She doesn't understand why he can't just be happy with Nicole and Syd. "It's not that simple," he says.

November 6, 2009
I Think I'm An Idiot.

Rafe meets his friend on the pier to give him the DNA samples. His friend assumes this must be personal. Ari looms behind some crates and listens in. After the guy leaves, Ari confronts her brother. He assures her that he is fine. She points out that the DNA test could send Sami back to EJ. He knows the risk, but he thinks she needs to know the truth anyway. She says that, in a perfect world, Sami would love him for what he's doing, but they don't live in one. He tells her that Nicole has been living with Sami and he wants to kill her. His sister says he has to get in line. She tells him that she had a chat with EJ last night and he seems to have some plans for Sami. They go back to her place and he mopes. She gabs about EJ. "Jerk," he grumbles, telling himself that things are over between EJ and Sami. Ari isn't sure Elvis sees it that way.

Sami calls EJ and asks him if she left Grace's scarf there. He assumes she meant Johnny's scarf. She apologizes and talks about how hard it still is to miss Grace. He says that she can come by for the scarf. It would be nice for them to have a chat alone... When Elvis gets off the phone, his father drifts over to him and brings up Syd. EJ says he's lonely and sad and doesn't need this from his father. Stefano claims he's not manipulating him. His son's life is precious and he wants to see him happy. EJ explains that he won't press charges against Nicole, but he'll never forgive her.

EJ goes to see Sami in his shiny blue suit and awkwardly asks her if they can go and visit Grace. When they arrive at the grave, he points out that they had a big fight there over headstones. She says that Grace belonged to everyone who knew her. He wishes he was one of those people. After talking to her this morning, he wanted them to spend some time mourning together. They hold hands by the grave and she tells him about how great Grace was. She pouts on his shoulder. He holds her. They go back to her place and he tells her how much he's appreciated today. She hopes he's considering forgiving her. "Maybe, but just don't tell my father," he says. Rafe calls her and hears EJ's voice in the background. Rafe freaks out and then offers to call back later. EJ thanks her again and she tells him she just wants him to be happy.

Nicole bumps into Chad at the hospital. She's hoping he changed his mind about the test but he hasn't. He accuses her of making Mia lie and vows to get his daughter away from her and the DiMeras. Lexi listens as they bicker. Chad knows from her film work that she has a talent for faking things. She insists that her love for Syd is real and asks him if she could still see the baby even if he gets custody. "What the hell are you up to now?" he asks. She claims that she's just concerned about Syd's future. He tells her they can wait until he's calling all the shots before they make an agreement. After Nicole leaves, Lexi walks over and introduced herself. She may be a DiMera, but she's trying to stay neutral. Lexi warns him not to trust Nicole.

Nicole goes down to the docks to meet Stefano. He says Elvis is 'softening' towards her and won't press charges. That doesn't impress her much. She heads back to Sami's with the baby. Nicole tells her that things are looking up and she might be moving out soon. Sami is happy for her. "You are such a good person," Nicole says. Sami doesn't know what she's talking about. Smiling uncontrollably, she tells Nicole that she won't be alone anymore. "Rafe is back," she says, explaining that he is working on a super secret case that will change her future. Meanwhile, Rafe paces on the pier, waiting for the DNA results, when Elvis suddenly arrives.

When Steph bumps into Nate at the pub, he's exhausted after working all night. As he turns around, a woman begins choking on her chowder and collapses on the floor. Nate guesses she was allergic and whips out his hypodermic needle. When the woman survives, Caroline is impressed. "That's not your grandfather's medical bag anymore, it's yours," she says. He and Steph head to the hospital and she tells him how proud she is, giving him a hug.

Melanie's in a bad mood so she tracks down Brady at the Java Cafe to tell him, about it. She tells him she's dating Nathan but wants Philip. "Dump them both. Go it alone," he suggests. She assumes he just screwed things up with Ari again. He admits they broke up, 'permanently this time,' but doesn't want to talk about it. He asks her if she loves Philip. She doesn't know. He reminds her that Philip broke her heart and tells her not to give him a chance to do it again. Advising her to be careful, he leaves. She heads straight to the mansion to see Philip. When he flashes his dimples, she thinks this was a bad idea. He tells her that he wants her and wants to be with her, but he won't chase after her if she doesn't want him. She claims that she came to see Brady. He knows that's a lie. "I think I'm an idiot. It took me forever to realize what I want," he says. What happens next is up to her. Meanwhile, Brady goes to the pub to see Ari. He wanted to make sure that Caroline is alright. When Caroline comes in, Ari gives her notice.

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