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2nd Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 9
Sorry Old Bean.

Gus interrupts Vivian doing her nails to tell her that Carly has been arrested. She gets excited but decides that she needs to spring into action. Vivian isn't about to wait to serve up revenge cold and decides to have her bag packed.

Elvis corners Rafe on the pier to ask him why he's back in town. Rafe informs him that he is already back with Sami. When EJ brings up Ari, Rafe gets defensive. "Samantha and I share a child. There is nothing you can do about that," EJ taunts. That's fine with Rafe, but he repeats his warning to the Englishman to stay away from his sister. "Sorry Raphael old bean. She's dealing with me now," EJ snickers to himself.

Caroline can't understand why Ari is quitting her job. Caroline assumes that something must have happened between her and Brady. She asks Ari to reconsider and then leaves the couple to talk.

Brady points out how horrified Caroline would be if she knew the truth about what's been going on.

After Brady leaves, Ari goes upstairs to pack. EJ arrives and Caroline lets him upstairs. He eavesdrops on Ari as she leaves a message for her brother about the DNA tests. She stares at the window and thinks of Brady until she gets an idea.

Nicole is taken aback when Sami tells her that Rafe is back in town and they are back together. She dances around but Nicole screeches, "This can't happen!" She reminds her friend that he ran off. Sami says he missed her and came back. Nicole asks about the case he's working on and worries that he's up to something. Sami doesn't care as long as she's happy. Nicole bad mouths Rafe and fears that he will talk Sami into kicking her to the curb. She talks about how elusive and secretive he is. Sami loves him and trusts him anyway. Nicole needs a break from the insanity and leaves with the baby.

At the hospital, Daniel is looking over honeymoon packages. Chloe is too eager for her test results to pay attention. A doctor comes out and Chloe demands to know if she can get pregnant. The doctor explains that her eggs are no longer viable but she has a two percent chance. "That's the same as none," Chloe snaps. The doctor leaves. Daniel tries to comfort her but she doesn't want cliches, she wants to be alone. She takes a walk. When she comes back, she finds Daniel being hugged by a child whose leg he fixed. Chloe and Daniel go home and she lures him into bed, telling him how proud she is of him. He's proud of how brave she is. "As long as we have each other, everything is going to be alright," she says.

Nicole runs to the mansion to speak to Stefano. He's not pleased to see her and growls as she tells him that Rafe is back and ready to blow up her life. They hear EJ coming so Stefano pushes Nicole outside. He comes in and tells his father that he ran into Rafe and has some disturbing news Rafe and Sami are back together and he just got some DNA test results. Stefano fobs it off and Elvis walks out. Nicole rushes back in. She's freaking out. Stefano decides it's time to take care of Rafe 'quickly and firmly'. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up at Sami's. She tells him his secret agent routine is sexy. When they sit down, she explains that she told Nicole he's back. He can't believe it. "You could have sabotaged the whole thing!" he blurts out. He lectures her. She pouts. Rafe decides it's time to tell her the truth.

Victor corners Brady and begins questioning him about Ari. Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Victor decides he should call Bo and have her arrested. Brady stops him and vows to make her stop dealing. He still cares about her and wants to help her. Victor wishes he would think with his head. "You can attack me all you want but that doesn't change what this girl has done," Victor says. After he walks off, Ari shows up to tell Brady that she loves him. He needs proof, like turning herself in. She pushes her way in and tells him that she can explain everything.

Bo arrives in the cells to check on Carly. She wonders who ratted her out. When Bo leaves her alone, she imagines Lawrence attempting to kill her. Meanwhile, Justin drags Hope down to the station. When they get to the station, Bo asks which of them turned Carly in. He bickers with Hope and then Justin. "You need to stop being a jackass," Justin says, leaving to talk to Carly. Hope reminds her husband that she gave him 24 hours to sort things out and wouldn't break her word. "This is about you and me, isn't it?" she asks. "You got that right. Carly is just collateral damage," he says. They keep arguing until the Feds come in and say they have permission to extradite Carly. Before Bo can flip out, Victor arrives and announces that he's the one who turned Carly in. Down in the cells, Justin offers to help Carly if she'll actually tell him the truth. She thinks he's just competing with Bo and won't co-operate.

November 10, 2009
Sami is Sydney's Mother.

Ari shows up at the mansion to tell Brady that she has a really good reason for being a drug dealer. He doesn't want to listen at first but won't let her leave. They sit down and she explains that she began dealing in college, was busted and went to prison. In tears, she adds that she went back to dealing only because she is working undercover. He's shocked and he can't take her at her word. "This was a mistake," she decides, running off. When she gets back to her room, Brady follows her in. He asks for more details so she fills him in and begs him to keep her secret and help keep her out of prison. She talks about how hard things have been and adds that falling in love with him has made everything more complicated. This has all been a nightmare for her, especially because of the problems it's caused between them. He tells her to quit working undercover but she can't do that. He offers to help her.

Victor shows up at the station and tells Bo and Hope that he's the one who turned Carly in. Bo assumes this is all Hope's fault. She flounces off. Bo accuses his father of basically signing Carly's death warrant and says he's a 'vindictive son of a bitch'. He plods away, vowing to undo the damage Victor has done. Hope comes back to confront Victor for taking advantage of what she said to him in confidence. He's sure that she's actually relieved that he's getting her husband's ex out of town. "I'm not out to get Carly," Hope insists. Victor says she'd better hope Carly gets sent back where she came from.

In the cells, Carly freaks out and begs Justin to help her before she's extradited. Bo comes down and tells the Feds to 'take a hike'. After the agent drifts away, Bo reminds Carly that he promised to take care of her and that's what he's going to do. Justin runs off and then returns with an agreement to have her released but she'll have to stay with Bo. She refuses. Bo asks to speak to her alone. She doesn't want to listen to his argument. He points out that there is another reason she came to Salem, one which has nothing to do with Lawrence. He asks her if she's ready to give that up. That's enough to convince her. When Carly is left alone, Victor comes in and she greets him with sarcasm. He warns her that he won't let her destroy his son's life. Upstairs, Bo explains to Hope that Justin got Carly released and she'll be staying with him.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Nicole that if you have a problem you can't solve, you rid yourself of it. She begs him not to do it and suggests they pay Rafe off instead. He knows Rafe won't take money over Sami. "As of this moment, it's out of your hands," he announces. He orders her to leave the baby there. Nicole says goodbye to Syd as Mary takes her away. Once Nicole walks out the back, Stefano calls one of his goons and tells them to take care of Rafe. EJ overhears this as he's walking in and asks him what's going on. He already knows that his father must have put out a hit on Rafe. His father tells him to forget it and get over his 'toxic' bond with Samantha. They continue arguing and EJ refuses to stop demanding answers. Stefano asks his son to trust him. "Everything I do is for you," he says. EJ 'understands' and hugs him. When he walks out, he mutters to himself, "I understand. I'm not going to be played by you again." He walks out and finds out where the hit man is going.

Rafe is at Sami's trying to find a way to explain the truth about Sydney. She starts freaking out and guesses he found out whose baby she really is. He's baffled. She begins babbling about Chad until he stops her. Before he can explain, Will walks in. "Get the hell out!" he orders Rafe, telling him how much he hurt his mother. As son and mother bicker, Rafe takes a call from his friend about the DNA test and abruptly runs off to meet him. Sami wants to run after him but Will reminds her that he dumped her by e-mail and has treated her like dirt. She guesses this is about more than her. "Mia and I are done," he explains. Sami says there is probably more to Mia's story than she's let on, but Will doesn't want to listen.

Nicole goes to the pub and eats. She tries calling Stefano to tell him how scared she is that something will go wrong. Mia approaches her and asks her what she is so nervous about. Nicole insists it has nothing to do with her. She tries to fob her off but Mia won't back down. Nicole is sorry that she's had to give up so much and says she's lost stuff too. "At least if I have Sydney, I'll have everything," Nicole says. Mia has nothing left so she asks her to take care of her daughter. When Mia walks out, she runs into Will to tell him how sorry she is. He accuses her of only caring about herself and says that she's lucky her baby will never learn what a horrible mother she is.

Sami putters over to the pub and finds Nicole. She asks her what the deal is between she and Rafe. Nicole tries to run but Sami stops her. Meanwhile, Rafe goes down to the pier to meet with his FBI contact. They hand over the test results. When he sits down he reads the results. "Sami is Sydney's mother," he sighs. Stefano's hit man creeps up and takes aim at him.


November 11, 2009
Your Baby Is Alive.

On the pier, Matteo calls Stefano to tell him he's tracked down Rafe. Stefano orders him to shoot. As he squeezes off his shot, EJ jumps him. After Elvis has knocked the gunman out, he runs to Rafe and discovers that he's only knocked himself unconscious by lurching at a crate to duck the shot. EJ starts looking through his envelope when Rafe snaps awake and grabs it. Elvis calms him down and explains that he just saved his life. He asks him what's in his paperwork that's so important. Roman arrives and questions them. He asks EJ if he hired this guy to kill Rafe. EJ says he wouldn't have stopped him if that was the case. Matteo refuses to take the fall for this and confesses that Stefano hired him.

Kate walks in on Stefano when he's on the phone. She asks him about the call but he tells her never to ask about the business. She says that is going to be a big problem and claims that she is just worried about his health. He's happy that she's worried but asks her to trust him. Elvis calls his father and tells him what just happened. They begin accusing each other of betrayal. "Mr. Hernandez will soon tell you why I did what I did and God help us all!" Stefano barks at him. He packs and tells Kate to look after the house while he's gone. After he leaves, Mary runs in and leaves Syd in Kate's arms. "Wonderful!" Kate groans. Chloe shows up looking for Nicole. Kate pulls her in and pawns baby Syd off on her.

At the station, EJ tells Rafe that he didn't order the hit on him. Rafe wonders why he didn't. Roman sends EJ off to make a statement. Rafe tells Roman that he doesn't care about this mess, he has something else he needs to take care of and it involves Sami. Roman lets him take off. After he discovers that Stefano has run off, he asks EJ what's going on. "Whose side are you on?" he wonders.

At the hospital, Nathan sneaks up on Steph to give her a bundle of flowers the woman he saved at the pub sent him. Mel runs over and tells him that she just aced her midterm. They jump around and giggle while Steph scowls and then acts congratulatory. She thinks they should hit their rivalry head on. Mel thinks she's talking about wrestling but Steph means they should be friends and asks them both out to dinner. Nate's busy so the ladies leave together.

Brady offers to help Ari find out who is behind the drug racket in town. She's shocked that he believes her story. He's impressed that she has trusted him with her life. They tell each other that they love each other and then make out. They dive into bed. After sex, she says she doesn't deserve his help. He tells her that she does and they will have no more regrets or guilt. They have more sex and then she remembers she has to pack and move. She explains that she doesn't deal much, just at the pier and the park, but the police take most of the drugs from her. He offers to talk Caroline into keeping her around so they don't have to pack. After they have sex again, she can't believe how close she came to losing him. He promises that they can have a fresh start. He's sure his grandfather can get them all the information they need.

At the pub, Sami asks Nicole what's going on between her and Rafe. Nicole tries to run but Sami demands some answers. "What's going on with Sydney?" she asks. Nicole explains that Rafe's goal is to stop them from being friends so he's making up stories. She talks about what a wacko Rafe is and says she can learn everything when, or if, he returns. Sami's bewildered and starts rambling about how everything is her fault. Nicole begs her to stop blaming herself. "You are the victim here," she tells her. She runs. Sami runs after her. She begins apologizing and talking about how they became friends. "I'm not your friend," Nicole says sadly. Before she can explain why, Rafe calls and orders Sami to come home. Nicole disappears. Nicole runs home looking for Syd but she's nowhere to be found. Simultaneously, Sami runs home and Rafe tells her, "Sami, your baby is alive.

At the Java Cafe, Philip tries calling Mel. "Every time you think about how you really feel is a minute you could spend with me," he says. Stephanie and Mel walk in. After Mel spots Philip, she wants to run but he leaps up and stops them. Mel tries to pull her out the door and claims they have to have a special ladies only conversation. Philip takes the hint and walks away and Steph asks her friend what is up. Mel admits she still has feelings for Philip... and Nathan, so she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Philip is leaving her another message about how they belong together. Nate overhears him.

November 12
You're Not Touching That Baby.

At the mansion, Hope reassures Justin that he is doing the right thing by helping Carly. Across town, Bo is angry at Victor for ratting Carly out. Carly understands why his father is being so protective. They discuss his problems with Hope and he decides today is the day to talk to her. After he leaves, Justin arrives to chat with Carly. He explains that his legal maneuvering only got her out of jail for the moment, but the extradition will still happen. She's not ready to leave Salem until she takes care of something. He offers to help but she remains elusive. After he leaves, she searches the internet and then scribbles something down before running off.

Bo goes to see Hope at the mansion with a puzzle for Ciara. He asks her to talk and tells her that he's sorry. She apologizes back and admits that she's been worried about Carly coming back to town. "She replaced me when I was gone... I guess what I need to know is, is she going to do it again?" she says. He claims she's irreplaceable. They discuss going into counseling and then she tells him she wants to come home. Bo is shocked. She says it's time to rebuild. He wonders if she just wants to keep an eye on Carly.

Nicole flips out at Casa DiMera when she learns that Syd, and everyone else, is out. Nicole begins bellowing for the baby. "Ms. Sydney isn't here Madam," Harold repeats, explaining that Kate has the baby. Nicole rushes off. Meanwhile, at the station, EJ makes faces and groans as Roman questions him about the attempt to kill Rafe. Kate comes in. She's been dragged there by a cop. Kate complains and snipes. Roman tries questioning her but only meets with guffaws. Roman leaves to take a call. "Mummy, I'd like to know where Daddy is?" EJ asks Kate. Before she can answer, Nicole barrels in, searching for Sydney. They try to work out where the baby is when Roman suddenly pulls Kate away. "This is a total nightmare!" Nicole complains. "Funny how those follow you around," EJ quips. He tells her about the attempted shooting. She gives him a hug and he tells her that he saved Rafe. "Why?" she asks. He's surprised by her reaction and asks her why his father tried to have Rafe killed. When she suggests that Stefano may have taken Sydney, he has to wonder why he would do that. Kate returns and says that she turned the baby over to Chloe. Nicole runs off and calls the diva.

At home, Sami is freaking out that Stefano tried to have Rafe killed. He tells her to calm down and then explains that her baby is still alive. This makes her freak out even more. "Are you trying to hurt me?" she asks. He explains that he is talking about Sydney. "Sydney is your baby," he clarifies. He explains that Grace was never her child. The babies were switched when they were born. Sami starts to melt down about how Grace used to kick her and then she watched her die. "Nobody is going to replace her!" she cries. Rafe gets her to sit down and slowly explains what happened with Dr. Baker and how she circuitously wound up with Mia's baby. Sami is still baffled so Rafe gives her more details and then hands her the DNA test. She cries. She's a mother and knew in her heart that Grace was hers so how can this be true? He tells her that this doesn't mean she loves Grace any less, but Syd is her baby. "She's yours and it's time to take her back," he says. He points out that she's had a special connection to Sydney the whole time and Nicole took away her chance to be a mother. This all seems terribly complicated to Sami. "Sydney is mine?" she asks in tears, over and over. She's ready to bring her baby home.

Chloe has Syd at her place. She sings to her and tries to get her to sleep. Chloe asks her where her mother is. "Abab," Syd grumbles. She wears Chloe out. After the diva falls asleep, Daniel comes home and takes the baby away. Nicole calls and wakes Chloe up. "She's gone!" Chloe notices. Daniel has taken the baby out for a walk. Meanwhile, Nicole has run over to see Chloe. She explains that the baby went out with Daniel. Nicole is desperate to hold the baby. She runs to the pub and rants at Daniel for being an 'insensitive jerk' and taking her child. "You're not touching that baby," he tells her, backing her off.

Maggie finds Mia sitting at the Java Cafe trying to eat a muffin with a spoon. Mia assumes that she's come to boot her out of the house because of her 'no sluts allowed' policy. Maggie doesn't intend on throwing her out. She tells her that she gave away a precious gift and should concentrate on that. She suggests that she try contacting her family. Mia says her mom has a lot of problems and then explains how her trip to Japan flopped and she had to come home. "I've failed as a daughter and a dancer and a girlfriend," Mia cries. Mags tells her to let the past go. Mia wanders down to the pier to cry. Carly approaches her. "You look like you need a friend," she offers.


November 13, 2009
Give Me That Baby!

At the mansion, Bo asks Hope if she wants to move back in to rebuild their lives or if she just wants to keep an eye on Carly. "Both," she admits. Carly replaced her when she was gone and she's worried it could happen again. Bo insists that Carly is no threat to them. She explains that it's Carly who she doesn't trust in this. They begin arguing. He can't handle her sarcasm. Hope offers to try and be compassionate and takes his hand. "At least we're back together," she says. She's eager to take Ciara home. He tells her that's not a good idea right now. While Carly is in their home, it's a dangerous place to be. Hope wants to know everything Carly's been involved with, but Bo can't tell her that because it would put her at risk. She's upset and tells him to leave. After he does, Justin arrives and she fills him in. She wants to go home but it's too dangerous with Carly there. Hope feels like a fool. Even if it's irrational, she still feels rejected. After she vents some more, he gives her a hug. She's really afraid for her marriage.

Caroline shows up at the station to see Bo. She confronts him about his marital chaos. He stutters and claims that he will take care of this. His mother is angry that he hasn't told her anything about this. She brings up 'pop'. He knows that Shawn would say he is being a fool and would tell him to make Carly leave. "I can't do that," he says.

Carly runs into Mia on the pier. She assumes that she must have a lot of problems if she is hanging out there. The doctor offers to listen to her issues. Chad arrives and calls Mia a 'lying whore'. Carly threatens to put him in an ambulance if he doesn't back off. He has the DNA results and they prove he's not Sydney's father. He and Mia scream at each other until she breaks into tears and he storms off. Carly comforts her and tells her that mothers sacrifice themselves so their children can have a better life. Mia's mother wasn't like that. She tells Carly about her baby and the people who adopted her. "I know that the right woman is raising my baby," Mia claims.

Nicole tracks down Daniel at the pub and bellows at him for running off with her baby. When she demands he hand Syd over, he backs her off and refuses. She begins haranguing him for holding her child 'hostage' until Chloe comes in and tries to calm her. Chloe orders her to have some water and cool off. When she walks away, Chloe and Daniel realize that something is seriously wrong with Nicole. Moments later, Chloe hands the baby back to Nicole, who apologizes for flipping out at Daniel. Chloe asks her friend if she is in some kind of trouble. "Everything is wrong. I'm in trouble. Big trouble," Nicole admits. She explains that she might lose the baby. She begs Chloe to make sure that Syd's birth parents never get their hands on her. She asks Chloe to look after the baby while she gets some things together before they can leave town. Chloe agrees to help. "I won't let anyone take my baby," Nicole vows. Chloe takes the baby home. Daniel calls and she tells him that she's watching the baby and Nicole is flipping out.

At home, Sami frantically searches for her phone, eager to run out and find her baby. Rafe can't let her do that. He promises that they will have Syd back soon but they have to play this cool and careful. They go to the DiMera mansion looking for Nicole. She's not there. Sami says she's there to pick up the baby. As Mary goes off to fetch her, Sami thanks Rafe for getting her baby back. "You're my hero!" she coos. She wishes Nicole was there so she could strangle her. Mary returns and announces that Sydney is gone. They rush off to track her down. Sami goes to the pub and finds Chad. He thinks she's there to gloat about Syd not being his daughter. She notices her phone battery is dying so she decides to go home and recharge it.

Nicole goes to Sami's and looks for the envelope of cash which Sami had offered her before. She finds it in the kitchen. Before she can run, Sami shows up at the door. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to the hospital searching for Syd. Daniel tips him off that she's with Chloe. Rafe barges into Chloe's and demands, "Give me that baby!"

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