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3rd Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 16
Stop The Madness.

Bo goes home looking for Carly and comes up empty. After looking at what she was searching for on the internet, he grabs his gun and runs. Meanwhile, Carly is at the pier offering her sympathy to Mia. Bo arrives and takes Carly aside to remind her of the danger she is in. Carly wishes Mia 'bon courage' and slips off with Bo. When they get back to his place, she wants to have Chad charged for calling Mia a 'slut'. Bo says that's not a crime. Carly is eager to do what she came there for before her time runs out. She begins complaining about how tired she is of being there. She's still haunted by the look in Lawrence's eyes when she killed him. Bo suddenly gets a call about Lawrence. "You're not going to believe this," he tells Carly.

Vivian is stumbling around through some bushes talking to Gus on the phone. He tells her what Carly's up to and sends her a picture of Carly with Mia. Vivian is baffled and orders Gus to follow the young woman instead of Carly. Moments later, she shows up at the Java Cafe and finds Mia. "You look like someone who could use some help," she offers. Mia's uncomfortable. When Mia avoids her to get back to work, Vivian calls Gus to tell him that Carly can't hide from her.

At the mansion, Kate suggests to EJ that it might be time for him to move out on his own. She pours a martini and begins complaining about how the recession has hurt the market for hit men and how Rafe and Sami are jogging around looking for Syd. They begin bickering and Kate asks EJ why he cares when he's the one who threw Nicole and the baby out. EJ tries to ignore her. She brings up Stefano trying to have Rafe bumped off.

Rafe shows up at Daniel's and begins threatening to have Chloe arrested if she doesn't hand the baby over. Chloe refuses. Daniel arrives and Rafe explains how Nicole is attempting to flee the country. Chloe accuses Rafe of lying but Daniel insists that this is the truth. Chloe thinks this is all crazy. Rafe explains the baby swap story. Remembering that she accidentally told Nicole that Sami was pregnant, she gasps, "What have I done?" She can't handle this anymore and lets Rafe take the baby away. She tells Daniel all about what happened and how Nicole must have gone crazy. "She didn't have a long trip," Daniel jokes. Chloe is scared for her friend. The doctor tells her that love makes people do crazy things. She heads over to the mansion to talk to EJ. "There's something I need to tell you," she says. He prepares himself but she then tells him that she can't tell him anything, Nicole has to do it.

Ari and Brady are making out in her room when Troy calls and interrupts. Brady promises that this will end soon because they will find out who is running all the drugs in town. She agrees to put her trust in him and he leaves to get information from his grandfather. When Brady arrives at the mansion, Victor thinks he deserves a thanks for tipping him off about Ari. Brady wonders how he knew she was a dealer and claims he wants to 'stop the madness'. Victor snorts about how naïve he's being and tells him his little friend won't change for him – she loves money too much. He admits that he's always been driven by power and has hurt a lot of people getting it, but that doesn't mean he won't stop Ari from hurting him.

Rafe gets to the pub with the baby and runs into his sister. He tells her that Nicole 'is toast'. He fills his sister in and then guesses something has gone wrong. After Rafe leaves, Brady comes in and tells Ari that he is even more determined to help her. He begins trying to hack into his grandfather's files and soon finds old shipping orders.

Nicole goes to Sami's. Sami is there and Nicole tries to hurry away as her 'friend' begins puffing and hyperventilating. Sami rants about how naïve and stupid she has been and then yells at Nicole for sitting by and watching her grieve. "Your life is about to be a living hell!" Sami vows. Nicole tries to talk herself out of this and Sami threatens to kill her. She unravels the entire plot as Nicole cowers and gasps. Sami thanks God for Rafe and for the fact that Syd won't have to grow up thinking Nicole is her mother. When Sami threatens to call the police, Nicole wrestles her phone away. Sami screams at her and begins slapping her across the face, ordering her to say 'Sydney is Sami's daughter'. Crying, Nicole admits it. She continues trying to make excuses and claims that she thought everyone could be happy. She makes things worse when she talks about how easily Sami gets pregnant. "So you thought I have so many I wouldn't miss one?" Sami asks, outraged. She orders Nicole to tell her where her daughter is. Nicole refuses. They continue screaming at each other and Nicole accuses Sami of just wanting the baby because she's her property. Sami explodes. Nicole grabs a paperweight. Before she can clobber Sami, Rafe walks in.

November 17, 2009
The Fun Is About To Begin.

Chloe shows up at Casa DiMera to tell EJ he needs to talk to Sami and Nicole. He's confused. She won't explain and runs away. Meanwhile, at Sami's, Nicole and Sami continue to scream at each other. Nicole threatens her with a paperweight until Rafe walks in with Syd in his arms. Both women weep. Nicole asks for her baby. "She's not yours," Rafe says, handing the baby to Sami. Nicole breaks down, exclaiming, "She's mine!" Rafe tells her it's all over and the police are coming. Nicole runs from the apartment only to bump into EJ in the hall. Back inside, Rafe sits down with Sami and Syd. They listen to the baby burble and talk about Grace. She tells Rafe that it's only because of him that she is holding her daughter again. Sami apologizes for ever doubting him. He tells her that he loves her and the baby can be part of them.

Nicole runs to the pier and EJ follows. He finally stops her and she falls to her knees in tears. "It's like I'm being punished over and over again," she says. All that she wanted to do was give him what was rightfully his - his daughter. She tells him that she gave him Sami's daughter because she wanted him to have what was his. He's confused. She explains that Sydney is his daughter with Sami. He gets rough and demands a full explanation. Nicole relates the events of the night Sami gave birth and how Sami would never have let him know that the child was his. It would have all been worth it if she could have made sure he had that child. "I did this for you," she says. He pulls her close and squeezes her face in his hands. "You are going to pay for what you've done!" he threatens. He pulls off his wedding ring and throws it in the water as the police sirens begin to ring. EJ twists Nicole's arm and demands to know where his daughter is. She admits that the baby is with Sami, the Sami who will always try to keep his child from him. "She will never let you love and raise your daughter," she cries. The cops run over and arrest her. Sami and Rafe come down to watch.

At home, Bo is baffled when he receives a call from Justin. They head to the station where Justin wonders why Carly has been lying. When Carly and Bo arrive, he tells them that someone has come forward and confessed to Lawrence's killing. Bo assumes that someone is playing with them. They go back to his place. She wants to pack and get out of his life. He refuses to let her run when things have just gotten more dangerous. She orders him to go and fix things with Hope.

At the mansion, Hope and Ciara are coloring. The little girl is bored and wants to go home. She asks why they can't stay with her daddy. Hope tells her that they are still a family and they all love each other. Her daughter is skeptical. Justin arrives and tells Hope that the situation has completely changed. They wonder who made the confession and Hope guesses that Bo will still want to protect Carly. Hope feels out of the loop and assumes Bo has chosen Carly over her. Justin makes excuses for him but Hope refuses to listen. Justin hugs her and tells her that she will always have him to help her. Bo stands in the doorway and watches them.

Gus strolls into the Java Cafe to see Vivian. "It is done," he tells her. She claps. Gus is perplexed about why she had someone confess to Lawrence's killing. Vivian giggles and explains that it's more convenient to take care of Carly in Salem rather than deal with the rigmarole of extradition. Giddily, she tells him that the fun is about to begin. She heads over to Bo's. When Carly opens up, Vivian greets her, "Carly darling! Long time no see."

At the pub, Mia tells Will that Chad isn't the baby's father after all. He's awkward and tells her he needs to get back to studying. When Mia walks outside, she bumps into Maggie and tells her she can't have dinner with her. "Will's in there but he hates me," she says, sadly. Mags hugs her and says that Will is just hurting but he'll understand some day. She pressures Mia to open up to her but the young woman won't. Mia runs. Chloe walks by and into the pub. Will isn't thrilled when she walks up to him looking for Lucas' number in rehab. Chloe tells him that something terrible happened with Sami and Lucas needs to know so he can be there for her. Will refuses. She backs down and calls Nicole, leaving a rambling message about all of her lies. Mia just happens to be standing beside her when this happens. "What are you talking about?" she demands, asking where her daughter is.

November 18, 2009
This Is Unbelievable. It's True.

At the mansion, Hope claims she doesn't blame Carly for her problems with Bo. Justin hugs her and tells her that she'll always have him. "That's good to know," Bo says as he interrupts and grits his teeth. Bo gets jealous. Justin tells him he's a 'complete jerk' and walks away. Hope echoes Justin's sentiments. Bo admits that guys are jerks when other guys comfort their wives. He's there to tell her the news about Carly, but Justin beat him to it. Bo tries giving her a compliment but she thinks he's playing her. She asks for the big secret that he's sharing with Carly but he won't tell her. "You don't want me to be me anymore," he accuses. Bo rants and storms out. Justin returns and offers to talk to Bo. She tells him not to; she needs to stand up to him herself, even if she loves him. She wonders what else is going on with Carly. Moments later, a man comes to the door and serves Justin with some papers. He slouches at the desk and tells Hope they are divorce papers. He can't pretend this doesn't hurt. Hope tells him he doesn't need to pretend with old friends.

Vivian shows up at Bo's door with flowers for Carly. She asks her if they can get over their past differences and grabs her hand. Vivian thinks they should laugh and cry and talk about how Lawrence died. She barges her way in, is appalled by the décor and then apologizes for trying to have Carly killed. She wants them to bury the hatchet. "With me holding it, right?" Carly asks. Vivian asks her if she's helping Hope darn Bo's socks. Carly suggests she go and see Victor so he can bury the hatchet in her head. Vivian wonders if the neighbors think Carly is a home wrecker. Carly claims she's in mourning. "I'm sure Bo has a blowtorch," Vivian says. Carly opens the door for her to leave. Bo arrives and Vivian hurries out. They're sure the 'dragon lady' is there for revenge but Carly still refuses to leave town. Meanwhile, Viv goes to the Java Cafe and spikes her coffee. Gus shows up and she explains this will be a little more difficult than she thought.

At the pub, Mia starts to freak out after overhearing Chloe blathering on the phone about the baby switch. "Grace can't be my baby!" Mia cries. Maggie cradles her as Mia weeps for the child. She asks Chloe to explain everything. Maggs runs off to call Roman and Mia talks about how so much of what Nicole did makes sense now. "This is unbelievable. It's true," Mia cries. Maggie returns to confirm everything. Mia blames herself for everything. She's lied about everything for Nicole because she thought she loved her baby... but it wasn't hers. Mia thanks Maggie for being nice and leaves.

On the pier, Nicole is arrested. EJ advises her to be silent or he'll strangle her himself. EJ stares at Syd and says, "That's my daughter." Sami reminds him, "Our daughter." He thinks he should have known. Sami claims that Syd knows the truth. He promises that Nicole will pay for this. "Nicole is already paying," Sami says. EJ holds the baby and takes a sardonic barb at Sami who announces that this is a 'pivotal moment'. Syd loves Nicole and they need to respect that. Although EJ's disgusted, he hands Sami the baby so she can say so long to Nicole. Syd is placed in Nicole's arms for a tearful farewell. Nicole claims she didn't want anyone to get hurt. "They kinda did," Sami points out. The cops drag Nicole away as she cries that she will always love her baby and is sorry. Sami and Rafe want to take the baby away, but Elvis stops them. They bicker and Rafe suggests that they don't have this argument there.

Nicole is brought into the cells. A cop comes in and tells her that she has been a very bad girl. He gives her a phone to make her call. She calls Chloe and begs her to bail her out. Chloe refuses and says she's not her friend, just her patsy. She hangs up. Soon after, Mia shows up to visit.

EJ, Sami and Rafe go back to the mansion and put the baby to sleep. Elvis says he will always be grateful to them for getting him his daughter. Rafe wants to leave the parents to sort things out but Sami insists that he stay. Sami thinks this can be a new beginning for all of them. Elvis says he's glad his children have Sami's genes. He wants them to raise the children together, but it won't be easy. Syd begins crying for her mother. Sami calms her and EJ suggests that she take the child home tonight. Sami and Rafe marvel at how hard EJ seems to be trying. The cops come to the door and ask EJ down to the station. Elvis turns on Sami and accuses her of getting her father to do this. He refuses to let her take the baby out of the house. Rafe and Sami push past him.

November 19
I Am Sydney's Mother No Matter What Anyone Says!

At the mansion, EJ bellows at a cop and accuses him of helping Rafe take his daughter away. Before EJ can storm out, Roman arrives. Elvis vows to get his daughter back. Roman gets a call informing him that the hitman now claims that EJ hired him, not Stefano. The DA and Abe arrive. They want some answers. EJ thinks this is all about building a custody case for Sami. The DA announces they will get back to him about charges. After he leaves, Roman asks EJ to stay out of trouble and walks off. Abe sticks around to chat with his brother in law. They're interrupted by a call from a judge. EJ turns to Abe and explains that, as his own attorney, he is being allowed to speak to the man accusing him.

EJ and Abe go to the station to talk to Mateo in the cells. Elvis asks him why he changed his story. "I don't answer to you," Mateo says. Elvis flies off the handle and attacks him. Abe backs him off. "You tell Roman he's going to be sorry. His daughter too!" EJ vows. He goes home and calls his father. As he rants, he realizes that his father must have put Mateo up to changing his story. "Damn you!" EJ growls.

At the pub, Victor invites Caroline to sit with him. She's had the flu and he's been sending her flowers every day. She's worried about how he's handling Stefano marrying Kate. He tells her that she is the only woman for him. She admits that she cares for him but she can't accept his line of work. Upstairs, Ari goes to see Brady in her room. He's still busy trying to break his grandfather's codes and has already guessed that Victor is the one who has been bringing drugs to town. Brady's shocked by what he's found. Ari notices that the drug operation has actually been sold some time ago.

Nathan stops by Maggie's and chats with his aunt and Steph before rushing off to work. Steph tells Maggie how amazing Nathan is... she just hopes he doesn't get hurt. Maggie assumes she's talking about Melanie and she knows that she can't take her mind off of Philip. As Steph gets up to leave, she twists her ankle and hobbles out.

Melanie pounds on Philip's door until he lets her in. He smirks. She tells him to stay out of her life. He smirks more broadly and asks her why she didn't just tell him this on the phone. Mel repeats that she wants him out of her life and walks out. She goes over to the hospital and tells Nathan that Philip has been leaving her messages. He knows and tells her who she is with is up to her. She cares about Nate and wants to be honest. "The thing is, I'm torn," she admits. He tells her that he will fight for her if he has to. They kiss. Steph watches them. She talks to Nathan later and he has to catch her when she nearly falls over on her twisted ankle. He fixes it up and she tells him how terrific he is. If he'd known she felt that way before, things might be different. She wonders what he means. He kisses her. The kiss is all in her head though. He actually tells her to put some ice on her leg. She grabs his arm and tells him he's making a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to the Java Cafe looking for Mia. She finds Philip instead and confronts him about Mel. "I would appreciate it if you butt out," she says. Back at Maggie's, Mark barges in on Mel. She hasn't seen him for a year or two. He came four thousand miles to see her. "Don't try to say 'no' to me," he warns her.

Mia shows up in the cells to pay Nicole a visit. Nicole begins begging for help saving Syd. "If you do what I say, you could hold your baby again," Nicole promises. "My baby is dead... because of you!" Mia cries. "You never cared about Grace at all," she accuses. Nicole claims she had to do this. Mia's disgusted. Nicole makes excuses and accidentally blames the baby's death on Sami. She backtracks and says no one could have saved the child. Mia screams at her, calling her a 'monster'. She can't believe that Nicole has had her lying to people for her sake all this time. She threw her life away for a child who wasn't hers. "Giving you my little girl was the worst thing I have ever done and I hate myself for that and I hate you!" she screams. Nicole tries to be sympathetic, but, when that doesn't work, she reminds Mia of how down and out she was and how much money and help she gave her to abdicate responsibility for the child. Nicole insists that she had the best intentions. "I am Sydney's mother no matter what anyone says!" Nicole shouts. As she weeps, Mia tells her she's sick and self-centered. "I hope you burn in Hell for what you did," Mia says.

Brady follows his grandfather home and confronts him about his role in the drug operation. Victor tells him this is idiotic. Brady demands to know who bought the operation. Victor tries to accuse Ari of ruining Brady's life. Brady trudges off and back to Ari. He promises that he will find out who is behind the cartel. When she leaves to get coffee, he turns on his phone and gets a message telling him that Nicole has been arrested. He heads to the cells and offers Nicole his hand. "I'm here to help you," he says.

November 20, 2009
Scam Artiste.

Elvis rushes home while leaving his father a rambling message. He suddenly realizes that his father must have been the one behind Mateo changing his story. Stefano walks in and EJ accuses him of setting him up to take the fall for his crimes. Stefano explains that Mateo is just being 'wishy washy' and will change his tune tomorrow. EJ points out that Sami can use this against him in the custody hearing. Stefano says they can buy a judge. "I think it's time you and I got to the truth," EJ says. He confronts him about the DNA evidence that Rafe had. Stefano puffs on a cigar and acts shocked. His son doesn't buy it and accuses him of trying to kill off Rafe to cover over the fact that he was in on Nicole's secret all along. Stefano tries to talk himself out of this but EJ isn't convinced. His father explains that Nicole made it possible for him to raise his own daughter. "Is that so terrible?" he asks. Elvis grabs his father and cries that he lied to him. Stefano says he had no choice because the truth would have driven him back to Sami. "I love you, but you can't do this!" EJ gasps as he begins choking Stefano.

Rafe goes into the pub to tell his sister he finally has reunited Sydney with her mother and Nicole is in jail. She's relieved and won't let him forget that he's the hero in all of this. While they chat, someone eavesdrops on them from behind a newspaper. Rafe pulls the paper away and they see it's their sister - Gabi. Her mother sent her to check up on them. She wants to stay for a couple of days. Ari doesn't like that idea but her brother doesn't mind and suggests she stay in the spare room upstairs. Rafe tells his little sister that Ari is probably just concerned about her boyfriend. Gabi worries about whether he knows that she's a jailbird.

Brady arrives at the cells to see Nicole. She doesn't understand how he can forgive her for the things she's done. He wishes he'd stopped her a long time ago but he saw how much pain she was in. She wishes she had tried to build a life with him. She hints that she's been arrested for more than just an illegal adoption. He asks her what he can do to help. "Do you think you can post bail for me?" she asks. Losing Sydney has been the greatest punishment she can suffer, she insists. He offers to pay the bail. After he makes the arrangements, she hopes he will understand that everything she did was just because she loves EJ and Syd. "I know. I am your friend and nothing will change that," he promises. After he walks away, she grumbles, "Wanna bet?" Brady heads over to the pub and tells Arianna that Nicole has been arrested and he posted her bail. "Are you out of your mind?" Ari bursts out. Meanwhile, Nicole is signed out and vows to do whatever has to be done to get her baby.

At the hospital, Nate fixes up Steph's sprained ankle. He leans in and tells her that things would be different if he'd known how she felt about him. As they kiss, she snaps out of the fantasy. He's really just telling her to ice her leg. She stops him and says he's making a huge mistake. She avoids explaining but he badgers her. She still avoids it. At the nurses' station, a call comes in saying that there's been a bus accident. Steph is sure to tell the head nurse that Nate is around. He gets stuck there for the evening, forcing him to cancel his date with Mel. "Melanie just doesn't deserve Nathan," Steph tells herself.

Mark barges in on Melanie at home to demand what she owes him. "You took my money and left me in the night," he says. She promises to pay him back. He's about to drag her off when Philip walks through the door. Mark changes his accent and tells Philip to take a walk or he'll get hurt. Philip nearly leaves them alone but stops and offers Mark his $5000 watch. Mark's not that impressed. Philip tells him that he is a Kiriakis. Mark goes pale and runs. "Thank you. I owe you," Mel says. He agrees and takes off his coat. She assumes he wants to take her upstairs. He'd like to know how she conned Mark out of ten grand first. She promised him an Arabian horse. Philip wonders how many more people are out there waiting to get even with her. Nate calls to say that he will be stuck in the ER all night. When she gets off the phone, she asks Philip not to tell Nate that she was a 'scam artiste'. He doesn't see why she should care what he thinks and tells her that things would be going better for her if she would be honest with herself. They kiss.

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