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4th Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 23
Are You Out Of Your Mind?

At the mansion, EJ is melting down at his father for lying to him and letting him mourn a child who wasn't even his. Stefano insists he was only trying to help. "I love you but you can't do this," EJ says as he begins choking his father. Kate runs in and shoves him off. EJ stares at his nails and tells Kate that his father destroys everything he touches. "You are dead to me," Elvis tells his father. Stefano remembers saying the same thing to Tony before he died. Elvis blames everything on his father and taunts him. Then he declares that he is moving out to get away from the 'rather stale air'. After he leaves, Kate tells her husband that her children are always telling her that she is dead to them but, some day, they'll know that she's done everything she has for them.

At the pub, Brady tells Ari that he posted Nicole's bail. "Are you out of your mind?" she asks. When she brings up Sami, he gets confused. She explains the baby switch. He's shocked and, for a moment, refuses to believe that Nicole would have used him like this. Brady asks Ari how long she's known about this. "Awhile," she admits. He's annoyed. They bicker about the secrets they have been keeping from each other. Brady beats himself up about the fact that he could have helped his sister if he'd only known the truth earlier. Ari thinks all the blame should rest with Nicole and tells him that he must have still been in love with her if he was this gullible. He's outraged and storms out. Troy calls and she has to leave to meet him. They meet at the Cheatin' Heart. He's sick of her attitude and tells her they have a new boss and he expects her to be productive. After Troy leaves, EJ approaches her.

Out on bail, Nicole stalks across town determined to get her daughter. She runs into Chad first. He begins babbling about the DNA results and then asks where her baby is. Nicole gulps. Mia wanders over and wonders why Nicole is out of jail. She tells Chad that Nicole has been lying to everyone. Mia admits that she told lies too and explains what she was lying about. As the teens argue, Nicole slips away. "Our little girl, Grace, she's in Heaven now," Mia weeps. They go to the graveyard to visit Grace's grave. She apologizes for everything.

Roman and Caroline go to Sami's to see the baby. Will comes home and wonders what's going on. Sami explains. Will's overwhelmed. Caroline tells Rafe how glad she is that he got the baby back. Roman points out how well Syd is getting along with her big brother and sister. Will and Sami continue talking. He worries about Mia. Sami hopes she has some comfort in getting to know Grace. Her son explains that he isn't talking to Mia anymore and he hurt her feelings terribly. Sami and Rafe talk about Thanksgiving and he jokingly hopes she doesn't whine so much this year. She promises Syd that love will get them through anything. After she hugs Will and tells him they can get through anything, he leaves. Nicole looms in the hallway, listening by the door. She hides as Roman and Caroline leave. Inside, Rafe gets Syd to say 'mama'. In the hall, Nicole reaches for the door. Brady suddenly grabs her, dragging her away.

At Maggie's, Melanie pulls out of a kiss with Philip. He wants more. She slaps him and admits that she's got a thing for him but she's screwed up. The only person more screwed up than her is him. "Maybe that's why we're good together," he says. She asks him to leave her alone and then walks out. He leaves and finds his dad at the Java Cafe. Victor is gruff and grumbles as usual. He accuses his son of being too busy trying to bed Mel when he should be doing business. Philip defends Melanie and his father tells him he only wants her for one reason and then he'll drop her. Philip is sick of his father mocking every woman he gets involved with. "You want me to end up a bitter old man just like you," Philip accuses. Victor thinks his son is a 'screw up'. Philip storms off and Vivian sits down with Victor.

At the hospital, Nate asks Steph for a personal favor. He needs her to give some blood to help with the accident victims. Later, Mel arrives to help out. As she searches for Nathan, she walks in on Steph falling into his lap after giving blood. Nate apologizes for missing his date with Mel and then leaves to check on his other patients. The women sit together awkwardly and then talk about Mel's 'conflicts'. Mel claims she's no longer conflicted and Nathan is the only guy for her.

November 24, 2009
I'll Do The Right Thing.

Victor is startled when Vivian sits down with him at the Java Cafe. He's not happy to see her. She claims she's there on business. He assumes she's after her arch-enemy, Carly. Viv pretends that she wants to let bygones be bygones. Victor assumes she just wants her out in the open so she can torture her herself. "You don't want to wait until you don't have the stamina," he advises. She assumes he wants Carly out of Bo's life. She says that Bo needs to hear the facts about Carly from someone who doesn't loathe her. They trade barbs and she tells him she is on his side. He laughs and assures her that there is nothing between them. She points out how much they both hate Carly.

Chad and Mia place flowers on Grace's grave. He tells her that they will get through this. Will approaches and tells them how sorry he is for judging her. Mia asks for some time alone with Will. She apologizes to him for lying. It caused her to lose everything. "It's not too late for us," he says. She thinks he's wrong. Chad returns and she asks him to drop her off at home. Later, Chad runs into Will at the pub. He thanks Will for letting Mia get to know Grace. Will's sorry Chad didn't get to know her too. "I was hoping you could tell me more about her," Chad says. Even though it's hard for Will, he thinks Chad deserves to know about her. He gives him a picture of Grace and offers to send him more. Chad thanks him and slowly walks out, staring at it.

At Bo's, Carly tells the cop that she is making contact with her past today. She goes to visit Maggie. Carly explains that she is sticking around indefinitely and needs her help getting a job at the hospital. When Maggie leaves to take a call, Mia walks in. Carly is surprised to see her again. Mia tells her that everything has gotten worse since the last time they talked. Mia mopes away as Maggie returns. Carly asks her if she has an extra room for rent.

Hope meets with Abe at the pub to discuss her future. She wants to get back to work... and she wants a job from him. There's too much baggage at her old job. When she explains that she is living with Victor now, Abe tells her that he's not hiring until she moves. Hope goes to Bo's to drop off Ciara. He asks her to stay but she claims she has errands to run. Bo goes upstairs to play with his daughter and Hope spots Carly's purse on the table. As she searches through it, Bo catches her.

EJ bumps into Ari at The Cheatin' Heart and begins interrogating her about what she knew and when. She apologizes about the fact that his wife is a psycho. He snorts. She informs him that Nicole is out on bail. His eyes pop and he whips out his phone. Ari escapes. She runs back to her room and starts hiding drugs. Gabi interrupts and begins probing her sister about her boyfriend. Ari says he's handsome and in love with someone else. Gabi tries to give her some advice but that fails and she leaves. Ari plods off to find Brady. Gabi comes back in to get a towel and discovers Ari's drugs hidden under a stack of them.

On the pier, Brady rants at Nicole for conning him into helping her hurt his own step-sister. She tries to explain but he doesn't want to listen and he doesn't want to be her friend anymore. Nicole doesn't know what she'll do if he turns his back on her. Brady can't believe that he ever loved someone like her. She tells him love never dies. He says she has an hour before he has her bail revoked. "For once just do the right thing," he pleads, walking away. "I'll do the right thing," she sobs. Brady returns to the mansion and calls to have the bail revoked. When he turns around, Ari is standing there. He's still angry at her for keeping secrets. She can't stand the fact that he is still in love with Nicole and tries to get him to admit it. He knows he should hate Nicole, but part of him loves her anyway.

At home, Sami and Rafe smooch and look at Syd. She notices that they got messages about Nicole getting out on bail. Sami hyperventilates. Rafe calms her down until EJ calls. He tells her that they need to keep an eye on the baby until he can get Nicole charged with something else and thrown back in jail. He asks her over to the mansion to discuss custody. They begin bickering about his fathering skills and he vows that he will be fighting for what is his. Sami and Rafe head over with Syd. As Sami puts the baby down, EJ announces it would be best if the child lives with him. Sami rants. Rafe leaves after Gabi calls him. Elvis explains to Sami that he is moving out of the mansion and away from his father. "He knew about the baby switch," he says. As they start arguing about custody, Nicole stands outside and eavesdrops. When the bickering duo leaves Syd alone, Nicole looks through the window at her. Meanwhile, Rafe gets back to the pub. "It looks like our sister is dealing again," Gabi tells him.

November 25, 2009
Tickled Pink.

Kate gasps as she walks into the Java Cafe and finds Victor sitting with Vivian. "Just like old times," Viv says. Kate demands to know why she is in town. Viv congratulates her on her marriage and tells her that she won't be jetting off any time soon. Kate cringes. Victor smirks and says he's 'tickled pink' about this. Kate warns Viv to stay away from Philip and plods off. Victor chuckles and tells Vivian that she's very stimulating.

At the mansion, Elvis and Sami bicker over who Sydney is more used to. They go out to the foyer so their debate won't wake up the child. Nicole creeps through the back door. She just wants to hold the baby one last time before she leaves. As she spends time with Syd, Stefano comes into the foyer and walks into Sami and Elvis' argument. She begins berating him and EJ accuses his father of covering up for all of Nicole's lies. Stefano says he only did what he had to in order to keep Sami 'the menace' out of the family. Back in the room, Nicole can hear the bickering and decides that they don't deserve the baby. She debates this with herself. A moment later, EJ notices an eerie silence and they burst into the room to discover that the baby is gone. Elvis yells for the servants. Kate wanders in and they ask her if she saw the baby. She saw a figure in the mist. Sami is sure it must have been Nicole.

Maggie is surprised when Carly wants to come and live with her. She points out that there are other places in town to live. The doctor needs to be around people who she knows. Maggie says she'll have to talk to Mickey first. Mia comes in and they ask her if it would be okay if Carly moved in. Mia doesn't think that's her decision. After Carly leaves, Mia cries to Maggie about how she never knew her baby was hers. Will and Chad feel bad for her now but she doesn't care, she just wants her little girl back. She thanks Maggie for being so kind. Maggie asks her to help bake pies for homeless people. Mia doesn't feel like she has the holiday spirit in her at the moment. Maggie tells her she can be sad and lonely or bake pies. They bake pies and Mia tells her that she makes her feel like she has a family.

At home, Bo catches Hope going through Carly's purse. She tells him not to expect an apology. The secret Carly is keeping is what is causing their problems, she claims. Bo thinks they'd be having these problems anyway. They keep arguing and she tells him she doesn't trust anything Carly says. Bo isn't explaining anything. Hope accuses Carly of putting him in danger and refuses to forgive her for that. After Hope leaves, Carly arrives and explains she's planning to move in with Maggie. "You're planning to move into the same house with your daughter?" he asks.

Hope arrives at the mansion and is shocked when Victor introduces her to Vivian. Hope doesn't want to talk to her but Viv offers to fill her in on things. Hope's interest is piqued when the topic turns to Carly. Vivian won't say anymore, which only makes Hope more interested. Vivian suggests that the person most unhappy to see Carly free is actually Hope.

When Ari gets to her room, she finds her siblings waiting for her. They confront her about the drugs they found. They thought she was done with drugs. "I'm not," she admits. Ari asks Gabi to leave. "I hate you," Gabi cries, walking out. Rafe rants at his sister until she stops him and explains that she is working undercover. He guesses that Brady already knows. Sami calls in tears and begs for Rafe's help.

Rafe, EJ and Sami run around looking for Nicole in the bushes. Nicole walks to the pier and wonders how she can get out of town. She spots Gabi and asks her for help. Nicole claims her name is Laura and she's on the run from her abusive husband. She offers her a diamond bracelet in exchange for money for a bus ticket. Sydney burbles and that convinces Gabi to hand over the cash. As Nicole runs off and cries, Ari arrives. Her sister tries to walk away from her but Ari notices the bracelet and begins questioning her. Back at the mansion, Stefano calls his people to track down the child. He moans to Kate about how his son has rejected him. He decides to do what he should have done from the beginning.

November 26, 2009

- preempted -

November 27, 2009
Three Steps Ahead.

At home, Bo tells Carly that moving in with the daughter who doesn't know she's her daughter probably isn't a good idea. She's sure that Viv doesn't know the truth and there is little danger. He gets a beer and she tells him how terrified she is going to be living under the same roof as her daughter. She tells Bo that something in Lawrence died after he discovered that he couldn't have children and she got pregnant with another man's baby. Taking out a picture of the child, she wonders how Lawrence could have hated her so much. She flashes back to fighting with Lawrence about her child. "The screaming in my head will stop when she's dead!" he vowed. Snapping out of it, she tells Bo that killing him was the only thing that could save her daughter. They talk about their children and he worries she could be giving Vivian too much information. Bo talks to Chelsea on the phone and Carly admires how easy he is with her. He tells her that he thinks she's doing the right thing and he will be there to help her.

At the mansion, Elvis screams into his phone, demanding his minions hunt Nicole down. Stefano tells him he can hire an army if he wants to but he won't be able to find Nicole. "She's been three steps ahead of you this whole year. Why should it be any different now?" Stefano says. Elvis accuses him of cheering for her and his father says that Nicole is like a true DiMera and knows what family really means. Kate comes in and yells at them to stop arguing. She tells them to move on and fight for the same side. Elvis says his father is on Nicole's side. As they continue screaming at each other, Roman wanders in and asks for permission for his men to sweep the grounds. "Do whatever you want," EJ says. Roman asks him to call off all his goons before they mess things up. Elvis isn't about to put his faith in the Salem PD, he declares, but then he does it anyway. Roman pressures him to call Nicole. When Kate starts making smart ass comments, EJ screams at her to get out. "I thought he was moving out," she says as Stefano leads her away. EJ gives Roman a picture of the baby. In the foyer, Stefano tells his wife that he isn't giving up and will do what's best for Syd. "And EJ has no say?" she wonders. Elvis interrupts them. Kate covers and claims she is going to give them some space. After EJ leaves them alone, Kate urges Stefano to work with his son. "I want to get my granddaughter back and I want to spend some time with Nicole... alone," he says.

Rafe meets with Sami in the bushes and tells her he has some bad news: The Salem DA didn't file charges properly so the FBI can't get involved in the kidnapping. He also points out that they don't have any legal proof that Nicole isn't really the baby's mother. Sami flips out and nearly twists her ankle. He tries to get her to calm down. Sami weeps and acknowledges that Syd is likely happy to be with Nicole. After everything she's pulled, she can't even be judgmental about this. He promises her that they will get her child back. After he leaves, she tries calling Nicole and begs her to bring the baby home. Brady overhears and walks over. Sami whines that an idiot posted Nicole's bail. "It was me," he admits. As he explains himself, she slaps him. She may understand why Nicole did what she did, but she doesn't understand why Brady helped her. He offers to help get the baby back but she refuses to trust him. "You may be off the coke, but you are still addicted to Nicole," she says.

At the pier, Ari interrogates Gabi about her new bracelet. Gabi jokes she's turning tricks to buy jewelry. Nicole listens to them bickering from the bushes. Ari demands to know what her little sister is up to. Gabi throws her sister's drug history in her face and tells her to get clean. After they rush off, Nicole comes out and tells the baby that she's not going to miss this place. Meanwhile, Ari chases her sister back to the pub. After Gabi runs upstairs, Rafe comes in and explains that Nicole has taken Syd. She says this is her fault and they worry Brady could be helping her run. Sami arrives and Gabi heads for the door. Rafe stops her and Sami spots her bracelet. She demands to know where she got it. Brady arrives and notices it's Nicole's bracelet. Gabi explains she got it from a woman running from her husband.

Nicole goes to Cleavland and checks into some dive. She takes off her jewels, cuts her hair and dyes it black. "Now no one will ever find us," she tells Syd.


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