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1st Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 5
I Did All Of It For You!

Somewhere on the other side of the world, Lawrence and Carly are busy calling each other names. She ends the argument by shoving a knife in his guts. "You will never find..." he gasps as he collapses. She wipes his blood off on his coat and then grabs her bags before walking out. She jumps on a plane in some sunglasses. As she drinks, she admits to her nosy neighbor that she is going back to Salem.

Sami drops by Chez Rouge to ask Maggie for a job. "Give her a job and I'll never eat here again," Kate quips as she arrives with Stefano. Maggie defends Sami for a second until Stefano stops her. Sami and Kate exchange barbs until the new Mrs. DiMera turns her nose up and walks off. Maggie takes Sami aside and tells her the economy is in bad shape but maybe she can come up with something. She gives her an application and walks off. Meanwhile, Kate pouts as Stefano orders a fattening meal. She worries about his diet. He assures her he can take care of himself. Maggie returns to Sami and looks over her holey application. She suggests she try at the pub instead. Sami would rather work somewhere she doesn't know anyone. Maggie offers her work in the office but Sami turns down the sympathy offer. She begins talking about how much she's missed her children. "You're one hell of a mother," Maggie assures her. Maggie returns to Stefano and Kate. As he stuffs his face, Philip sneers from across the room.

Brady bumps into Mia at the pier. He tries to assure her that everything is cool for the moment. She's not that convinced and turns pale. She admits that several people know that she had a baby. Brady worries but she assures him that things have been taken care of. She even gave up Will to get back with Chad and keep him quiet. "I'm sorry about that," Brady offers. Mia says it's worth it if it helps her baby. After he leaves, Chad arrives. She admits that she's upset about breaking up with Will. He's annoyed and wants her to get over him quick. "Stop pressuring me!" she blurts out. He wonders how things got so screwed up. She just wants to be normal and have fun but she can't do that anymore. Chad says everything has changed for him too. As they hug, Will arrives. He's hurt. Mia asks for time alone with him. Chad makes a point of kissing her before he leaves. She tells Will that she cared about him but still had feelings for Chad and they have stuff to work out. "If that's how you want it," Will says. Mia wishes things could have been different. As he walks away, she cries.

At the mansion, Elvis is sure that his baby is dead. He orders Nicole to tell him she lied. "Yes, I lied," she confesses in tears. He makes her say it again and then demands every detail. Elvis accuses her of only caring about the baby so she could use her to get money out of him. She admits that Sydney isn't their biological child. He accuses her of laughing her ass off all of the times she rejected his sexual advances and then tells her that she's just as bad as Sami. He beats himself up for defending her when she's turned out to be 'a lying, selfish piece of trash'. "I did all of it for you!" she screams. He refuses to listen and drinks, accusing her again of being after his money. Nicole asks him to imagine what it was like for her to lose her baby. "My child is dead. I had two daughters. They both died," he says. After he polishes off a bottle of booze, he accuses her of buying the baby. He puts his hand around her throat and asks for the answer.

Justin strolls into the pub and sits with Bo who tells him he needs a lawyer. Justin points out that domestic law isn't his thing. Bo rants about how the separation is the wrong this for Ciara. He still doesn't want to make it legal, so he asks Justin to talk to Hope for him. Justin urges him to be careful and let things cool off. Bo can't be cool when someone takes his child. He's never been this angry in his life.

Chloe runs into Daniel at the hospital and tells him that Lexi just gave her a clear bill of health. They kiss and agree to meet up at lunch. She crosses the room and runs into Philip. He feels awkward. "I'm sorry my mom tried to kill you," he says. They talk about Lucas in rehab. She hopes he'll come out alright. He gives her some annulment papers and a snide remark. Then he notices her new engagement ring. They catch up on his mother's nuptials. "The woman who tried to kill you married the man who tried to kill me," he points out. After he walks off, Daniel returns. She weeps and shows him the papers. She's still feeling guilty. He tells her that this is the first time Lucas has been a man and made a hard decision so she shouldn't feel bad. "I guess we are free now, aren't we?" she says.

October 6, 2009
You Are Sydney's Father.

At the mansion, EJ continues to badger Nicole for details. "Are you enjoying yourself?" she asks. He becomes outraged and screams at her, accusing her of buying a baby from Dr. Baker. She reminds him that they have a beautiful little girl and the only thing that will ruin their dream is him. He asks her what she'll do when someone comes to the door looking for their baby. She says that will never happen. He wonders if she would have been so deceptive if she didn't think he was a pig. She admits that she's never been convinced he loves her... just the baby. Elvis can't believe she's shrugging these lies off. She reminds him that he's done far worse and only lied to keep him happy. "I turned myself inside out for you," she says. He sarcastically thanks her. His bellowing wakes up the baby. Nicole gets the baby and asks EJ if he wants to hold her. He refuses. Nicole insists that her love for him and the baby is real and she is their child in every way that matters. "She's not my daughter," he says. Nicole urges him not to punish the little girl. When he looks at her, he says that she's perfect, but he can't do this. "I'm kissing her for the last time," he declares after kissing Sydney. Nicole repeats that he is her whole life, but that's not enough for him. Her lies put the child at risk. He would have sacrificed himself for the child but it would all be for nothing because he has no connection to her. "You do. You are Sydney's father," she says.

Sami bumps into Philip at Chez Rouge. She tries to joke about Stefano and Kate. He doesn't laugh. He thanks her for getting his brother into treatment. They stare at Kate and Stefano as they eat. He assures her that there will be consequences for what his mother has done.

Kate tells Stefano that her son thinks they only got married as a form of revenge for Philip killing Tony. Stefano thinks that's a vile idea. Kate beats herself up as her son gawks at her. He finally wanders over to them and begins accusing Stefano of coming there just to taunt him. "This is your life," Philip tells his mom before walking out. He brushes past Daniel and Chloe as they come in. They walk across the room after spotting Kate. They sit down and order champagne, trying to pretend they are alone. The doctor hands her a little box. It's a key to his apartment with the word 'love' emblazoned on it. He knows it will be torture for them to live together when they can't have sex yet but he'll look forward to it. As they kiss, Kate watches and gets nauseous. When she rises to leave, Stefano convulses and collapses. Daniel rushes over and they call for an ambulance. Kate asks if he's going to be alright. "That depends on what you did to him," Daniel snipes at her. The paramedics take Stefano away. Maggie and Chloe begin sniping at Kate. "You go to Hell. Both of you!" Kate says, walking out.

Sami goes to visit Grace's grave. She tells her that she is trying to be strong for her but part of her is missing. "I'm afraid that I'm never going to be whole again," she weeps. Will comes by and startles her. He comes by at least once a week. They discuss the dreams they have of Grace and what her laugh was like. After some sobbing, she tells him that Mia came by looking for him and seemed upset. He tries to downplay it and they talk about Rafe instead. They still can't believe he disappeared the way he did. Will tells her that they were great together. Sami thinks she's blessed to have such wonderful children.

At the pub, Bo tells Justin that what's happening with Hope doesn't make sense. They talk about Justin for a change and he admits that he's having a hard time with Adrienne. Bo thinks it's amazing how someone you feel you know so well can take you completely by surprise. A call comes in. It's Carly but he can't really make out her voice. The line goes dead. Bo says the voice seemed familiar.

On a plane, Carly drinks and thinks over her last fight with Lawrence. She thinks about stabbing her husband and hopes that Bo can help her. She remembers the early days with Lawrence and then the bad ones. On the other side of the world, a servant finds Lawrence on the floor. He rolls him over and checks his pulse. "He is dead," he gasps.


October 7, 2009
I Didn't Fall Off The Turnip Truck.

Johnny is running around at Sami's. Will tells his mother that they should just have a fun night with the kids. She grumpily tells him that it's EJ's night to have Johnny. She's been calling EJ all day but he hasn't called her back. Will tells her that means Johnny can stay with them. She frowns.

At the mansion, EJ continues lashing out at Nicole. She finally tells him that he is Sydney's real father. Nicole glosses over this and says that he'd believe her if Stefano was here. "She is your child," she insists. He punches at the air and grunts. Before she can explain, Chloe comes in and says that Stefano is in the hospital. Elvis orders Nicole to stay there and plods off. Chloe asks what that was about. "He knows," Nicole says. She explains that Sydney isn't her baby. Chloe's confused. Nicole tells her the long story of losing her child and covering it up. Chloe doesn't know how she thought she could get away with it. She advises her to take a step back and not try talking to EJ right now. Nicole's afraid of giving him time to throw her out. She asks her if Stefano will die. "I dunno," Chloe says. Nicole decides to run off and see her husband and leaves Chloe with the baby. Sydney laughs. Chloe rolls her eyes. Sami comes to the door with Johnny. Chloe partially fills her in and hands her Syd before running off and leaving her with the sippy cup. Sami tries calling Nicole and EJ so they can take the kids off her hands.

Ciara calls Bo and tells him that she loves him and all is well. He wonders who has been calling him then... Meanwhile, Carly is on the plane complaining to the stewardess about the bad phone reception. She tries calling Justin, who is baffled when he sees that he's receiving an in flight call. He and Bo stare at the phone while Carly flashes back to her fight with Lawrence again. The turbulence is really bad. The man next to her asks her to pray with him. She freaks out and begins imagining Lawrence sitting beside her. "You killed me Carly! Now you'll join me in death!" he says.

At the hospital, Daniel orders Stefano tested for every possible poison. Maggie is in the corridor with Kate, bickering. Maggie refuses to let her see Stefano. "I didn't fall off the turnip truck," Maggie says. Kate reminds her that her husband is a diabetic and he's been gorging himself. Maggie claims that she saw her sprinkling something on Stefano's food. Kate strides off and straight into Daniel. EJ rushes in and Daniel tells him that his father had a heart attack and they are running a toxicology test. As the doctor bustles off, EJ begins bickering with Kate who insists that Stefano will vindicate her... unless he dies and then she will have controlling interest in DiMera Enterprises. Daniel returns and takes Kate away. He explains that while the heart attack was diabetes based, she exploited his weaknesses so he would self-destruct. She insists that she would never turn on the man who saved her. He bans her from going to her husband's room.

Nicole arrives at the hospital. EJ doesn't want to see her. "You mean nothing to me," he says, ordering her to go home, take her daughter and get out of his life. She begs him not to turn on his daughter. He refuses to listen and suggests she has some kind of lying disease. He keeps calling her names and wonders how he could have been so deluded. He storms into his father's room. His sister tells him there has been no change with their father. He informs her that Nicole is no longer part of his life.

Philip is at home ordering a hot air balloon ride. After hearing him talk about balloons, Victor guesses he's planning something involving a woman. He hopes it's not Steph because she's depressing. Philip says it's someone 'unique'. "Good God! It's Melanie Layton, isn't it?" Victor grouchily asks. Philip doesn't want to chat about it, or any other woman he's interested in since his father is a cynic and a misogynist. He brings up Mel saving Steph. That's another point against her for Victor. He trashes Steph. Philip is about to walk away when his father asks him to try 'selling' Mel to him.

Nathan goes home and walks in on Melanie and her flaming meat loaf. Since it's chard to the core, he offers to take her out for dinner. He bashfully says it doesn't have to be a date unless she wants it to be. When he asks her what her ideal date would be, she draws a blank. He suggests jetting off to Europe. She suggests Salem instead and decides to go to the Cheatin' Heart. She needs to drop by the hospital first but tells him they better make their first official date memorable.

October 8, 2009
I'm Drawn To Women Who Lie.

Sami is at the mansion with Sydney. She's leaving messages for EJ, complaining about being stuck there looking after the baby. She tries putting Syd to sleep and tells her about Grace. When the baby won't sleep, she rings for the butler and orders him to get some food for the child. The butler worries that the baby might be broken.

At the hospital, EJ fills his sister in on Nicole's deceptions. She can't imagine how painful this must be for him. He muses about how much his life has changed in only a few hours. Lexi tells him it will all work out. "I think I'm drawn to women who lie," he says, suggesting that he looks for a way to punish himself. Lexi suggests that he is very intimidating and the women he gets involved with can't handle disappointing him. He says Nicole assumed he was an 'uncaring brute' and played him for a fool. She's shocked when he tells her he's thrown Nicole and Sydney out. He explains that he has no rights over Syd. Lexi tells him to fight for custody. He's afraid it will make things worse. Every day he fell more in love with Syd because he could see himself in her eyes and he couldn't imagine living without her. That's over now. All he can feel now is how pathetic he is. Lexi tells him not to blame himself for trusting Nicole.

Nicole pops in to see Stefano. Daniel doesn't know if he'll make it. She asks for some time alone with him. After the doctor leaves, she sits by Stefano's side and weighs her options. Nicole has to do what's right for Sydney. She can't leave town... she loves EJ too much. "You can't help me now, maybe never... so I have no choice," she says. She thinks she needs to give EJ some room, but she is going to fight for her family and never give up. "They'll have to kill me first," she vows. When she walks out, EJ corners her to tell her to leave. Sami comes in with Sydney and asks them what's going on. They tell her about the heart attack. Sami asks him if he wants to hold his daughter. He stares at Nicole.

Steph drops by Maggie's looking for some information from Maggie. Nate hands it to her. She sniffs at the stench of burning in the room and he explains Mel's cooking flop. Before Steph leaves, she spots an ad for hot air balloon rides. They talk about how much they want to take one and she asks him to go up with her tonight. Realizing that she is being pushy, she stops herself. He tells her that he already has plans with Mel. She leaves.

At the Kiriakis compound, Philip is offended when his father asks him to 'sell' him on Mel. He says that Mel is refreshing because she is tough and accepts him for who he is. Victor seems impressed and then gets a call and chuckles. "Stefano DiMera just had a heart attack," he says. "Mom!" Philip gasps, jogging away.

Mel runs into Daniel at the hospital and asks him about Stefano's heart attack. After he rushes back to work, Kate comes in and begins suggesting that Mel is trying to seduce Daniel. They trade insults and Kate accuses her of using Philip. He walks in on cue to calm them down and orders his mom to leave Mel alone. Kate reminds him that he is rich and Mel is not and then walks away. Mel thanks him for defending her honor. He gets distracted by a business call and she slips away. He asks Daniel where she might have gone. The doctor says she's gone to the Cheatin' Heart. After Philip leaves, Steph arrives and chats with the doctor. She tells him about her personal life and she's feeling like a fool because Nathan is dating Mel. "I wish them well. Onward and upward, right?" she says. Steph heads over to Chez Rouge to talk to Maggie about fundraising. They chat about Nathan and Maggie asks what's happening between them. Steph says nothing has happened. She was interested in him until she discovered he was going out with Melanie.

Kate goes back to the mansion. Victor arrives to mock her about her lack of poisoning prowess. He pushes his way in and she tells him that she will be Stefano's proxy at DiMera now. This means EJ can't throw her out and Victor will have to deal with her in the business.

Philip tracks Mel down at the Cheatin' Heart. She's awkward. Nathan walks over and Philip guesses they are on a date. Mel notices Brady walk in and rushes over to him and tells him that if he's looking for Nicole, she's at the hospital. He gets worried about what EJ might have done to her. Mel wonders why. Meanwhile, Philip taunts Nathan about bringing Mel to the bar for their first date.

October 9, 2009
Everything Is Wrong.

At the hospital, EJ stares at Nicole. Nicole stares at Sami. Elvis finally tells her just to hand the baby to Nicole, who takes the child and walks away. Sami asks EJ what is going on. They go into the waiting room and he tells her that she knows better than anyone that he can't tolerate lies and betrayal. "Now I've lost another daughter," he says. Sami doesn't get it and defends Nicole. "That's rich coming from a woman who, just a few months ago, was telling me what a lying tramp she was," he points out. She says Nicole used to be awful and selfish but all she cares about now is her little girl. EJ says she's the same as she always was. She's not the mother of his child and never will be. "Sydney is not my child," he clarifies. She's confused. He explains that Nicole miscarried and then faked the pregnancy before adopting a child. Sami thinks this takes the cake. He doesn't see how this is any worse than what she did to him. "I had two daughters and I lost them both," he says. They argue and she tells him that he may have lost Grace, but he can still have a little girl if he wants her. He worries about how his family will handle this. She tells him to get over himself. "What upsets you the most is that Nicole outsmarted you," she suggests. He explains that she had Brady's help and he will pay for it. Sami tells him not to hurt her brother. They wonder who Sydney's real parents are. He's clueless and sadly tells her how he let his guard down because he truly loved Nicole and wanted to give her his heart. "I think I was blinded by that love," he says, vowing that it will never happen again. Elvis asks to see his son immediately. They go to the pub and wake the child up so EJ can cradle him. "At least I still have you," he says.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nate tells Philip that he's pathetic for chasing after Mel to substitute for Steph. Meanwhile, Mel and Brady are at the bar. She asks him if he's worried because Elvis has figured out that he's in love with his wife. Brady says that EJ may be an ass, but Nicole loves him and he'll do what he can to keep them together. He hurries off. She walks over to the men and Nate leaves to take a call. Mel asks Philip if he was battling for her affection. He tries to play it cool but she coos about how 'dreamy' Nathan is. Philip says he's a lucky guy. Nate returns and his rival departs. They sit down and joke around about work. He tries to impress her with his 'party trick' and takes her hand, feeling up her pressure points. They go outside and she giggles nervously. When she asks him if he has any more tricks, he leans in to kiss her but has to answer his phone. Then her phone rings. It's Maggie both times. They don't pick up and finally kiss.

Stephanie is at Chez Rouge talking to Maggie about Nathan. Maggie's disturbed that Mel and Nate are dating. Steph admits that she is still in love with Philip but that's not enough and she can't jerk him around anymore. Maggie runs off when there is an emergency in the kitchen. Steph turns around and finds Philip smirking at her. They chit chat. She probes about his problems but he tells her not to worry. He's reluctant to talk. She asks him to have a drink and be friends. He doesn't think that's possible. Maggie returns and they discuss Mel and Nathan dating. She goes back to the kitchen and Philip tells Steph again that he is trying to move on. Unfortunately, Mel moved on without him... He's also finally realized that he and Steph will never be right for each other. Philip drifts away.

Nicole takes Syd to the park and assures her that she will figure something out. Brady rushes up and asks her what's wrong. "Everything," she says, hugging him. She tells him this is about more than Stefano checking into the hospital. EJ knows about her miscarriage and getting Syd from Dr. Baker. He tells her how sorry he is but she's skeptical. "It all happened just like you said it would," she moans. She blames all of this on him and his slipups. She's sure he wanted this to happen. He reminds her of everything he's done for her. He repeats that he will be there for anything she needs or wants. All she wants is a good life for Sydney. She doesn't know what to do next. He worries but she assures him she will come up with something. Brady thinks that EJ might decide that he wants the child but not her. She won't let that happen. "What if Mia wants her back?" he asks. She can't deal with that and suggests that Elvis will wake up in the morning and take her back. Brady seriously doubts that. After he leaves, Nicole sits down and says, "Oh Sami... I'm so sorry. I never wanted it to turn out this way." She can't give her little girl up.

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