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2nd Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 12
Guess How Much I Love You?

Nicole is sharing pudding with Sydney at the pub. She tries to reassure the child that they will be back with EJ soon. Chloe comes in and joins them. Nicole talks about how hard it's been but she's sure EJ won't turn his back on his little girl. Chloe suggests it might be better for her to walk away considering what kind of man Elvis is. Nicole has no illusions about her husband and ignores her advice, announcing that she is going home. When Nicole leaves, Lucas calls to make sure that the annulment papers went through. He's on step nine of his program and needs to make amends, that's why he signed the papers. He'll never forgive her for what she's done to his daughter though and bans her from having any role in her life. "Why can't you leave my son alone?" Kate asks as she hovers over Chloe. She sits down and tells her she wishes she had died in the coma. Chloe points out that Lucas called her and that neither of Kate's sons are calling her. She rubs her 'happy ending' with Daniel in her face and walks off. Kate doesn't think Victor is going to let her have a happy ending.

EJ paces the mansion and begins reading Sydney's book, "Guess How Much I Love You?" Kate sticks her head in. She sits down and tells him he's going to be much better off not having Nicole in his life. He forbids her to bad mouth Nicole in his presence. She smirks. He starts packing her stuff when Nicole walks through the front door to announce she is back to stay. She plays up how guilty he must feel about turning his back on Syd. He tells the baby he misses her, but in spite of all they've shared, he won't take her back. Everything that happened between them is just a memory and he no longer has a heart. Nicole begs. "Don't grovel," he orders, opening the door and telling them to leave. He shuts the door in their faces.

Victor's called Bo over to the mansion to ask him why Kate is still walking the streets. Bo doesn't have any evidence of her crimes and thinks that his father may be jealous of Stefano. "He's more than welcome to the shrew," Victor says. He shows Bo an article about Lawrence's death. Bo thought he would never die and wonders what is up with Carly. Victor is less sentimental, he was married to her once after all. He reminds Bo of the vulnerable position he's in now and tells him to stay away from Carly. Bo doubts he'll ever see her again. Victor tells him he's the only man in the family who has gotten it right when it comes to women and advises him not to screw things up the way he has. He even offers to go and get Hope and bring her back to town. Bo turns him down, sure that his wife will come home when she is ready.

Justin drives out to meet Hope. They catch up and she says that staying away has helped her heal, but before she does anything else, she needs a lawyer. She hands him a form. He looks it over and tells her she doesn't need a lawyer. Hope insists that she needs to put Ciara in a special school and this is the only way it will happen. Justin isn't sure that this is a good idea and tells her how crazy Bo is going without her. She makes it clear that she doesn't want her marriage to end and assumes Bo knows that. Justin tells her that making assumptions is a mistake and suggests she call her husband. She can't handle that right now and is sure he will understand. After Justin departs, Hope hangs out with Ciara. She misses her father and wonders when they can go home. Hope promises it will be soon.

Carly is on a boat reading the paper and remembering stabbing Lawrence. When Omar comes in, she thinks back to living on a boat with Bo. She confesses to Omar that she stabbed her husband and doesn't regret it and claims that he did something horrible. Carly doesn't elaborate. There's a flashback of her telling Lawrence that he took her life away from her because of what she did. They argue about their son and he reminds her that she knows why she isn't allowed out of the house anymore. Snapping out of the flashback, she asks for a phone. While Omar gets one, she thinks back over her last fight with Lawrence as they bickered over her plans to stop him. Omar comes back and tells her that any call will be monitored so they decide not to risk it.

October 13, 2009
I Need You To Stay Quiet.

Sami paces her house and calls Nicole, leaving a message offering her help. Roman arrives with Ari. "Oh God! It's about Rafe, isn't it?" Sami asks. That's not it. Meredith has vanished. The two women assume that this is suspicious, especially since they got messages from Rafe the day before she disappeared. Ari rushes off and Sami worries to her father. After he leaves, she paces around and decides to look for a way to help Rafe. She goes over to the cemetery to visit Grace and asks her to look out for Rafe.

Brady mopes by the pier. Melanie can tell by how unshaven he is that he must be miserable. She pries into how his plans to save Nicole went. He admits that he accidentally smashed Nicole's house of cards apart. She tells him that love makes people go insane and they aren't culpable if they act stupid. He explains how he slipped up and the details of the miscarriage and baby swap. He wishes he had never gone along with any of this. Mel insists that this is not his fault and he can't blame himself. Nicole would have done this with or without him. He decides to take a jog and assures her he won't do anything stupid. "I'm on your side. We're going to get through this," she says. When he jogs off, he sees some people dealing drugs. He resists the temptation and tells himself he's fine. Meanwhile, Mel goes to the pub to tell Ari that she screwed up Brady's life by betraying him.

In an alley, Chad compliments Will on his running. Will barks at him and wishes he would stop gloating. Chad doesn't know what that means. He thought they should just have everything cool and out in the open. Will can't believe that Mia is actually into this guy.

Nicole shows up at Maggie's to see Mia and begs for a favor for Sydney. Chad tries calling Mia and leaves a message, asking if they can meet up later. Nicole tells her to pay attention to her and not her messages. "It's out. The truth about Sydney," Nicole explains. She's sure that if she can talk EJ around to seeing that the baby is his in all of the ways that count, he will forgive her and take her back into his heart. "I need you to stay quiet," Nicole tells her. Mia can't do that and won't be bullied. Now that EJ doesn't want her baby, she won't have any better a life than Mia could give her on her own. Nicole claims she has everything under control and EJ won't give up on his daughter. "Is EJ going to give up on you?" Mia asks. Nicole thinks everything will resolve itself. Mia finds that hard to believe and complains that she just broke up with Will for nothing. Nicole tells her that everyone has made sacrifices and Syd is worth it. Mia is sick of being pushed around and asks her how she thinks Chad would feel if he found out her rehab counselor adopted her baby. Chad walks in as she says this.

EJ walks the mansion and stares at a photo of Syd. He looks through a photo album and weeps. He walks outside and runs into Brady by the pier. Brady is busy beating himself up about his problems. EJ is looking for someone to beat up too, for what Nicole has done to his life, and since Brady was involved, that makes him an ideal candidate.

Justin arrives at the pub to see Bo. He adjusts his tie and tells him he went to see Hope. He hands him some papers to transfer Ciara to a private school. Bo agrees to sign. After he does, they chat about Lawrence and Carly. Bo assumes she must be in seclusion now. He assures Justin that whatever other relationships he's had, his heart only belongs to 'Fancy Face'.

Hope is packing up. She tells her daughter that it's time to go and see Bo. Ciara is excited and starts drawing a picture for him. Hope is less enthusiastic. Bo calls. She tells him she's coming home... for their daughter's sake.

On the boat, Omar brings Carly some coffee. She's still distraught so he leaves to make breakfast while she hopes that Bo will help her when she finally gets to shore. A horn goes off and Omar comes in to say that they just found a body. She asks him to bring it in so she can try and save them. Rafe is carried in and she gives him mouth to mouth. He revives. She tries to warm him up and says that they need to get him to a hospital.

October 14, 2009
I'm Her Father.

At Maggie's, Nicole tells Mia again that she needs to keep quiet to protect Sydney. Mia is sick of being pushed around. As they argue about what Chad would think of her 'rehab counselor' adopting her baby, Chad walks in and begins ranting at them. He's sick of everyone keeping him in the dark and refuses to leave until he gets the whole story. Nicole suggests that he get lost. He reminds Mia that he's her boyfriend again but he doesn't want her back if she's only doing it to shut him up. Nicole tells him to back off and leave Mia alone. Mia explains again why she got back with him and Chad demands to know why Nicole is so concerned. The argument continues and Chad finally guesses that Nicole must have adopted the baby. After some bullying, Mia admits it. Chad demands to see his daughter. "Sydney is not your baby," Nicole says. Mia weeps and urges him to listen. His mouth hangs open and he repeats that he has rights. Nicole challenges him and asks him how he could even raise a child with no job in this economy. Chad continues to bicker with them and then storms out, determined to see his daughter.

At the pier, EJ lays into Brady for helping Nicole deceive him. Brady admits it and says he would do it again in a heartbeat. EJ thinks he just did it to make a fool out of him. Brady tells him he pushed Nicole to lie to him. Elvis rants and throws his arms around, accusing Brady of being in love with Nicole. They continue taunting each other and Brady repeats that he only wants his friend to be happy. He's sure it's beyond EJ to understand how Nicole could love him so much. EJ says she's 'morally vacant' and needs to be punished. Brady asks if the same is true about the baby. EJ explodes. Brady says he's glad how things have turned out because he doesn't deserve a daughter like Sydney. Elvis sulks his way home and remembers telling fairytales to Syd. The doorbell begins ringing. EJ tries making a phone call and then answers the door. Chad is standing there demanding to see Sydney. "I'm her father," he says.

Sami visits Grace's grave. She wishes Rafe was with them and asks her little girl to look out for him. She goes for a jog and runs into Brady. They discuss Nicole's collapsing marriage. Brady defends her but Sami's not surprised by what EJ did. However, she was shocked to find out that her half brother was involved in all of this.

On the boat, Carly is trying to revive Rafe after he's been fished out of the ocean. She notices the blows on his head and worries that he could die if they don't get him to the hospital. Rafe begins to mumble about Sami and remembers the sponge baths she gave him. Carly tells Rafe that she didn't come all this way to watch someone die. Lawrence's ghost appears and taunts her. She says she's glad she killed him and he deserved to die. He promises that his people will find her and make sure she is punished. After he vanishes, she returns to trying to revive Rafe. Carly asks Omar if they can pull over at the nearest port to get him to a hospital. A few moments later, a guy walks in and levels a gun at her.

Chloe and Daniel are at his place making out when a baby begins crying. He looks confused. She brings out Sydney and talks about how nice it is to look after her. Since the baby is frowning, they wonder what's wrong with her. Daniel changes her diaper and she smiles. "I have a way with women," he says. When Chloe tells him he'll make a terrific dad, he looks worried. Syd drinks a bottle and Daniel offers to make an omelet. Chloe reminds him he has no food. When she mentions children again, he looks unhappy so she asks him what's up with that. The doctor says they should talk about it some other time. Chloe says that what she wants more than anything is a family. He says they need to take this slow. She wonders why he is being so cautious but he encourages her to leave this alone, promising that he will never lie to her. Chloe tells him not to fear the future. Nicole suddenly arrives and demands to see her daughter immediately.

October 15, 2009
The Tides Have Turned.

Bo is at home flipping through the family album. Memories of his mullet are interrupted when Ciara rushes through the door and leaps into his arms. Hope follows but stays in the doorway. Ciara tells him they will come and visit a lot. "Visit?" he asks. Hope sends her upstairs, and tells him that she needed to be back in Salem, but not in their house. He tries playing the nostalgia card and asks her to look at the photo album with him. She's not in the mood. It feels like their past has come back to haunt them. They've accumulated resentments over the years, everything from the kidnapping to Patrick to his covering up for Chelsea. Bo says that he loves her more than he's ever loved anyone and asks her what else she could want. She loves him too but they can't ignore their problems. Hope leaves Ciara with him and walks out.

Carly is shocked when Brian shows up in the ship's cabin and pulls a gun on her. "The tides have turned," he says. After recognizing her, he made a call and was offered a hundred grand to take her out. Rafe suddenly clobbers him and Carly grabs the gun. Omar comes in and they tie up Brian. Carly tries talking to Rafe but he passes out again. His fever is bad and she wants to get him to a hospital. "The baby. Tell her about the baby," Rafe mumbles.

Sami confronts Brady about the lies he's told for Nicole. He goes over the miscarriage ordeal. The whole thing is still mysterious to Sami, but she's sure that he must be in love with Nicole. He tries to leave but she apologizes for presuming too much. She feels bad for Nicole too and wishes she could help.

"I'm Sydney's father," Chad tells EJ as he stands on his doorstop. EJ chokes on his rage and asks him for his name and details. Chad tells him about knocking up Mia and how she gave away their baby without telling him what happened. Elvis lets him in and asks for everything that he knows. Chad wants to see the baby first.

Nicole runs over to Daniel's to get her baby. She tells Chloe that her plan has turned into a disaster. She babbles and says that "some stupid bastard" is trying to ruin her life. Daniel decides to make himself scarce. Nicole would like to explain but things are complicated. EJ calls Nicole and asks her to come by. After she runs off, Chloe and Daniel have a drink and kiss. She wants to actually have sex again. As they get started, Victor shows up at the door and interrupts. He asks her to cover up. Daniel lets him in and Victor explains how badly he feels about calling Chloe a 'whore'. He takes out the pocket watch which Daniel's father gave him on the day of his christening. Victor doesn't feel like he's been living up to his role as a 'guardian angel'. Handing it to Daniel, he asks him to take it as a symbol of his effort to protect and embrace him. Before he can leave, Daniel tells him that Chloe is living there and will be with him for the rest of his life. Daniel leaves to take a call and Victor admits to Chloe that he still doesn't trust her. He thinks she's fickle and eats men up before spitting them out. However, he will still give her a chance for Daniel's sake. After he walks out, he mumbles to himself, "That bitch is going to self destruct and I'm gonna have a front row seat." He wanders down to the pier and meets with Brady to tell him that Daniel is a fool. Chloe nearly destroyed Brady and Philip's life so he won't let her destroy Daniel's.

When Nicole arrives at the mansion, she's not happy to see EJ standing with Chad. "What is that boy doing here?" she asks. EJ is sure she knows and tells her to put the baby down. Chad looks at the baby and then Elvis tells him to wait outside. Nicole accuses her husband of tricking her to come back. He asks for the whole truth. "She's not even legally yours, is she?" he asks. She begins crying. Chad knocks and they let him in. EJ won't let him take the baby away, but says that he can see her. "This isn't over," Chad vows. He glares at Nicole and walks out. "I knew you would do what's best for Sydney. You're going to help us, right?" Nicole asks her husband, assuming even he can see that 'idiot boy' can't be a better parent than her. "I would die before I let that jerk take my baby!" she shouts as Sami walks in.

Will shows up at Maggie's to see Mia. He tells her he misses her. She misses him too and hugs him, explaining that she lied about her child - she knows where she is. Mia explains that Nicole adopted her and now Chad knows and he's freaking out. She confesses that she just got back together with him to protect her baby. Mia never wanted to break up with Will but she had to. "The only person I care about is you," she says. Chad suddenly storms in and demands to know what Will is doing there. "What have you done?" Mia asks.

October 16, 2009
Off The Hook.

Brady runs into Ari as he's about to leave the mansion. He lets her in. She wants him to forgive her and she's worried about him. "You're off the hook. I absolve you," he says. She asks him what's really wrong and wonders why he is acting so strangely. He thinks she must be worried that he's on drugs again. While he admits that he's a mess, that doesn't mean he's using again. She probes about Nicole and he says this has nothing to do with her. Brady wonders if she feels threatened by Nicole. She tells him that she was confused when she broke up with him and he's really amazing. When she stops herself, he guesses what else she had to say and kisses her.

Chad shows up at Maggie's, fresh from seeing his little girl. Mia thinks he's ruined everything for Nicole now that he has gone to EJ. Chad says that Nicole is not keeping his baby and he's getting her back. He can't believe he was suckered by her promises and calls her a 'whore' for offering herself to him to get what she wants. Mia admits that she 'whored herself out', but that only proves how much she loves her baby. She asks for some time alone with Chad. After Will is gone, Mia apologizes to Chad for hurting him. Her words don't mean much to him. He keeps ranting at her, but she says this should be about what is best for their daughter. Chad says that's what concerns him. "I hate you," he tells her. After he says that he will fight for the baby without her, he storms out. Will comes in and hugs her, telling her that he loves her and will help her through this. She loves him too and wonders who can help them stop Chad.

"No matter what happens, you can't let anyone take your daughter from you. Don't you dare let anyone take her from you! No one!" Sami bellows as she walks into a conversation between Nicole and EJ. Elvis throws her out, which only makes Sami more determined to help Nicole. He admits to his wife that he was re-thinking things until Chad turned up. He wants Syd back, but not her. "What you did was cruel and selfish," he says, refusing to let her keep the child from her father. She points out that even Mia didn't think that Chad could be a father. EJ has been in Chad's position before and won't let another mother keep a father from his child. He screams at her that the baby's parents want her back and will get her. Nicole urges him to fight for the child with her and begs him not to throw away the love he still feels for her. "Get out of my life and take that with you," he orders. Weeping, she picks up Syd and walks out.

Sami goes to Grace's grave and sobs. Maggie interrupts and gives her a hug. Sami cries as she talks about the pain of losing a child and how she would do anything to stop another mother from going through that pain. Maggie advises her to be safe when helping her friend. Sami hops away. She hurries back to the mansion and finds Nicole coming out in tears. After Nicole walks away, Sami storms into the mansion to yell at Elvis. He says she has no idea what she's talking about and tells her about meeting Syd's father Mia's ex-boyfriend. Sami puts things together and is stunned. He relates the sordid story and she admits that she did the same thing with Grace and would do it again. She reminds him that he loves Sydney and should help her by keeping her with the only mother she's ever known. "Help Nicole keep her baby," she says.

Shirtless Daniel startles Chloe when she comes through the doors. She drops her groceries. When he gets down to help her, his towel falls off. She tries to get him to cover up, but they can't resist jumping on top of each other before stopping themselves. Father Matt calls and Daniel runs off to take a cold shower. When Daniel returns, fresh from his shower, she explains that the annulment went through. He wonders why she seems so unhappy. She hugs him and explains that she's never been as certain about anything as she is about them, she just wishes it wasn't at Lucas' expense. He's impressed by her compassion and tells her they don't have to wait anymore. They make love.

Nicole goes to see Stefano at the hospital and complains about how Chad is screwing everything up. He'll demand a paternity test and that will only make things worse. Quickly, the whole truth will come out and she'll lose Syd. "It's finally over for me," she cries. Refusing to give up, she wonders what Stefano would do. He'd probably make Chad disappear, by money or blackmail... but maybe something else might work. She calls him and offers to work something out.

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