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3rd Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 19
Screwed Up Love.

At the mansion, Sami tells Elvis he could never understand what it is like to be a mother. He's not in the mood to listen to her lectures. She orders him to stop being pig-headed and accuses him of throwing a child away just because his feelings were hurt. Sami tells him to do the right thing and make sure that the baby stays with Nicole. He continues refusing to change his mind. "That just means our beautiful son has a father who doesn't know how to love," she says. He insists he does know how. She says it's 'screwed up love' and it's mostly about revenge and anger. Tired of her ranting, he yells at her to get out. She says he's going to be all alone if he keeps throwing everyone out. He grunts and punches the air as she leaves.

Nicole calls Chad and tells him she has an offer he can't turn down. He assumes she is trying to trick him. They arrange to meet at the docks anyway. "I think I know what he might want more than Sydney," she says to herself. She wheels out of Stefano's room with the baby and bumps into Lexi. Nicole admits that she misses Stefano. Lexi tells her that she doesn't judge her for what she's done. Nicole asks for her help. They take the baby down to see Theo at daycare. When Lexi returns, Maxine tips her off that Stefano is having a visitor - Victor. She runs in and orders him out. "He's not as entertaining as he usually is anyway," Victor quips. He admits he's scared - the myth of the Phoenix gave everyone hope... She tells him most of the world's pain is caused by old men who try to pretend they're not old men. As he leaves, he says that Kate shouldn't get off this easily.

Ari pulls away from a passionate kiss with Brady and tells him they can't do this. He doesn't understand. She suggests there are things about her he doesn't know. When he notices her staring at a photo of Victor, he asks her what that's all about. He assures her that he is in the legitimate area of the family business and is trustworthy. "You can't trust me," she confesses. He doesn't think her heart is really into cutting him out of her life like this. She cries and says that, if they 'proceed', it has to be a secret. That sounds interesting to him. They kiss. Victor glares at them through the doorway. Arianna heads off to work and Victor comes in to see his grandson. Victor's in a grim mood and sits by the fire with a drink.

At the hospital, Lexi is looking after Sydney when EJ arrives and demands to know what is going on. She tries calling Nicole but has no luck. EJ gives the baby to Mary and argues with his sister, ordering her to stay out of his business. He tells her that this situation is killing him. They stare in at their father and she says things don't look good for him. "He's not going to die. He's Stefano DiMera," EJ says. She suggests he try to help Nicole while he has a chance at happiness. Elvis goes in to see his father. "I can't be a father to Sydney. I have to let it go, I don't have a choice," he says. Stefano's fingers move.

Nicole goes to the pier to meet Chad. She tries rationalizing things for him but he's not willing to listen. "Later bitch. See you in court," he says. Nicole stops him from thumping away. She tells him what a great mother she is and tries to play up his love for the baby. "If you love her, do what Mia did. Let her go," she urges. When she offers to work visitation out with him, he tells her again that he is taking her to court and he's going to win. She offers to use her 'talents' to make things a 'win win' for both of them. She puts his hand on her hip and leans in to kiss him.

At Maggie's, Mia tells Will how much Nicole loves Sydney. She wishes she could get through to Chad. Will has an idea about who can help them his mom. Sami comes in and Will tells her that Mia needs help. She's heard all about the situation from EJ. Mia begs her to help stop Chad from taking the baby away from Nicole. Sami understands why she did what she did and it helps her understand why she was so close to Grace. They talk about how she met Nicole and Sami wonders if she is sure she wants the baby to stay with Nicole. That's what Mia wants. She's sure that Chad can't take care of the baby either. Sami offers to do everything she can to help.

Nathan and Mel are at the hospital wondering how people can tell they are involved. It could cost both of them their jobs if it came out. Maxine comes by and says she's been hearing rumors. When she heard Mel volunteered for extra shifts, she got suspicious. Nate tries to defend her, but Mel can do it herself. After Maxie steps away, Mel tells him to stop defending her in public and asks about their next date. They tease each other.  Mel goes home and begins ironing. Maggie comes in and talks to her about how worried she is about her getting involved with Nathan. He's in a critical position right now as far as his career goes. Maggie swore to keep her mouth shut about his but can't. Nate walks in. Weeping, Maggie says she'll try to butt out and walks off. Nate apologizes, but Mel says it's a distinct possibility that she really could hurt him. When she talks like that, he wants to kiss her. As they do, she pulls back and tells him they need to go.

October 20, 2009
My Daughter Is Being Raised By A Porn Star.

Sami is telling Johnny how he should behave to his babysitter and then sends him off to bed. After she groans, she wonders where Will is hiding and tries calling Nicole again. Brady shows up to talk to her about Rafe. He tries to deny he's back with Ari and then swears her to secrecy about it. That doesn't sound good to her. She quickly moves back to the topic of Rafe and how worried she is about him.

Nicole is busy trying to seduce Chad on the pier. She feels him up and asks if he'd like to be seduced. Apparently he does because he gropes her like crazy until she screams for help. A cop runs over and grabs him. Nicole snaps out of the fantasy and continues attempting to seduce the teen. He pulls away. "I'm scared that you might be too much man for me," she says. He recognizes that gold nugget of dialogue and suddenly recognizes her from her infamous movie. "My daughter is being raised by a porn star!" he blurts out. She can't talk her way out of that but insists that was all in the past. He turns her down. Even though it would be fun to 'bag some hot old nymphomaniac', it's not worth giving up his kid for it. Nicole explains that he won't be able to leave his baby in a locker; he'll actually have to look after her. She warns him that raising an unwanted child can age you from 17 to middle-aged overnight. He keeps insisting he would do anything to keep his child away from her. He's not impressed so she tries warning him about EJ and how hard he might fight for her. Chad doesn't care. His parents are lawyers and he's sure that showing off her porn past in court will cost her the kid.

Roman shows up at the pub to see Ari. She tells him that Brady is looking for Rafe now. "Are you two back together again?" he asks. He's tried explaining to her that this is stupid and dangerous but it hasn't worked. She explains that Victor is trying to keep her away from Brady and she doesn't know what to do. He tells her not to do anything. "Go find yourself a new stooge. I quit," she declares. Brady sends her a text message. Roman mocks it. She tells him to get lost. He points out that she can't quit and threatens to make it look like she really is a drug dealer and make sure that she ends up back in prison if she doesn't hold up her end of the bargain. She can't ever let Brady know what she did to be locked away. Roman suggests she might want to come clean with him some time. That idea mortifies her.

Nicole goes to see Brady and tells him how much she needs him. She wishes she had welcomed him more when he came back because he's the only one who has really loved her. "I want to go away Brady. The two of us forever, " she says.

Sami goes to the Java Cafe and tries chatting to Chad. He smirks. She tells him that Sydney is a happy baby. Chad's unimpressed. Sami advises him to rethink becoming a parent. She tells him how hard it is and that sometimes it happens for all the wrong reasons. If his reasons aren't the right ones, it will be the baby who pays for them. When this strategy doesn't work, she tells him that the child will stop him from fulfilling his dreams and they will know that he resents them for it. "You can do what's right for your daughter," she says. He starts to think he might be looking at this all the wrong way.

On the boat, Carly is trying to control Rafe's fever. Omar wants to leave him on the dock in the harbor. She won't do that. Omar points out that she doesn't need any more baggage at the moment. She explains that she has a friend in Salem who can help. He's reluctant, but she's determined. She puts on a hood and assures him that everything will be fine. "Nothing ever happens in Salem," she assures him.

Bo arrives at the hospital to see Lexi about the Salem PD volunteer program. They talk about their family problems instead. "Hope is pretty much wrong about everything and I'm right," he says. Lexi thinks that would be funny if it wasn't sincere. They talk about his problems with Hope and the fact that she's taken Ciara away from him. He's starting to think that Hope really doesn't want things to work and is only looking for a way out. She goes back to work and he wonders what's next for him. As he chats with Maxine, Carly sneaks by and swipes some drugs from a cabinet.

October 21, 2009
I'll Help You.

At Java Cafe, Chad and Sami continue to chat. She's hoping he will back off on Nicole but he's not convinced. He asks for more information about the son she screwed up and then drifts back to work. Maggie comes in and blabbers about what a swell young fellow Will turned out to be. Then she chats to Chad and spills the fact that Will is Sami's son. After Maggs leaves, Chad tells Sami that she's a real piece of work and this changes everything. She explains how bad things were with Will and how much he hated his parents. "I'm not you," he says. Sami keeps badgering him and says he will be doing this all alone. He starts lashing out at her for how much she screwed up Will and vows that he would never make the mistakes she did. She thinks he talks big but it's all talk. "I will get custody. End of story," he says. After Sami leaves, Chad's dad, D.A. Woods, arrives to check on his son. They argue about what Chad should do. The D.A. tells him that he's going to need a good attorney if he decides to fight and hands him the business card of a lawyer he knows.

Brady is shocked when Nicole asks him to run away with her. She explains that marrying EJ was a mistake when Brady is the one who has always been there for her and proven that he loves her. His love is pure and real. Brady reminds her that she married EJ and she can't just turn her feelings off. "Loving EJ was the biggest mistake of my life and, believe me, it is over. It's a good thing. Now I can be with the one man in the world who really loves me," she says. He doesn't want to run away. When she asks him if he still loves her, he admits that he probably always will. Although he's waited a long time for her to tell him that she loves him, she's asking for an awful lot. She complains about how much she needs to get Sydney out of town. When she tries to tantalize with promises of a new life, he tells her it's not going to happen. Considering the situation, he asks her if she really wants to run away with him, or if she just needs his money. "That really hurt," she says. She admits that this isn't all about love, but love will make it work. The last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but he can't do this. Nicole is desperate to leave. Brady can't whisk her away, especially when he is involved with someone else. "My life is over and it is all your fault!" she shouts, walking out in tears.

At the hospital, Elvis is babbling to his father about business. He gets bored and tells him he must be grateful that he can close his eyes on the madness that's been going on. Elvis tells his father that everyone loves him and then leaves. Stefano's hand moves.

Carly easily robs the hospital drug cabinet. Before she can run off, she notices Bo in the common area. Lexi and Theo chat with Bo about daycare and Stefano. They talk about how quickly kids grow up and Lexi teases him as Carly smirks around the corner. After an orderly bumps into her, she heads for the elevator, walking right by Maggie who stops in her steps. Maggie bustles over to Lexi and Bo and asks if any other female doctors are working. She just saw one who looked really familiar... Maxine comes over and says that the medicine cabinet was robbed. Meanwhile, Rafe shivers and groans on the boat sofa. He mutters about her baby. Carly rushes in and starts drugging Rafe.

Victor strolls into the pub to see Ari. "What can I get you?" she asks. "How about some cocaine?" he jokes. He assures her that he will keep his word and keep her secret, but he wonders if she can keep her word. Ari promises that she doesn't want to hurt Brady with the truth. Victor leaves and places a call to EJ. They meet at the mansion. Elvis isn't in the mood for his humor. Victor has a business proposition. He wants to sell him his family's side of the river. Since Philip and Brady aren't interested in it, he wants to be rid of it and figured EJ could use a distraction right now. Elvis says he has to do a little research first and will let him know. "Your father would be very proud," Victor says. Back at the hospital, Lexi visits her father and he begins waking up.

Brady walks into the pub as Ari is busy wishing she could finally find out who the boss is. She serves him some coffee and they arrange to meet at the pier. When they meet up, he asks her what's going on with her. She just wants to talk about them, not the world outside of that. Meanwhile, Mary brings Sydney to Nicole. "Mommy will always be here," she tells the baby. She calls Chloe to ask for help but she breaks down and hangs up. Sami comes out of the shadows. "I'll help you," she offers.

October 22, 2009
You Have No Idea How Much You've Given Me.

EJ is on the phone arranging to seal the deal for the waterfront. His sister calls and tells him that Stefano is waking up. Elvis rushes over to the hospital and Lexi explains that there is no guarantee the father they knew will still be there when he returns to consciousness. They go to his bedside. He groans and opens his eyes. It takes awhile, but Stefano starts grumbling. EJ kisses him. "Of course I'm back. What did you expect?" Stefano mutters. He asks about his wife and tells them that he put himself in the coma. "Is it too late to see Sydney?" he asks. When he asks to speak to Nicole, EJ begins shaking his head.

Sami sits down with Nicole and offers to help her. Nicole is reluctant to accept but Sami insists. Sami brings her home and tells her about how she has already been trying to help her. "I really believe when it comes to your child, a mother has the right to do anything," she says. Nicole wonders if she would feel the same way about helping her if Grace had survived. Sami repeats that she wants to help. Nicole informs her that she's going on the run but EJ has cut off all her cash. Sami says that no one can take her place as a mother. This makes Nicole become distraught. She begins telling her how sorry she is and how much she doubts she is even a fit mother. "You are the last person in the world who should be helping me," Nicole blurts out. Sami doesn't understand. Nicole starts to explain but Syd keeps crying. She rejects her help again, but Sami runs off to get some money anyway. Nicole weeps to Syd that she is her whole life. Sami returns with an envelope full of cash and explains that John left her a bundle of cash for emergencies. She says goodbye to the baby and tells her she will never forget her. "You have no idea how much you've given me," Nicole says. As she leaves, Sami tells her to be happy.

Daniel is at the hospital sighing as he looks through Chloe's medical records. He calls an expert to review his opinion on the case. Meanwhile, Maggie arrives at Daniel's while Chloe struggles to cook. Maggie's brought her an 'I'm sorry' cake to apologize for everything that happened between them. They catch up and Chloe says she's never been happier. Chloe checks her messages and hears Nicole's desperate plea for help. Maggie overhears this so Chloe tells her the sordid story. Chloe doesn't think she could survive having a baby taken away. When Maggie leaves, Daniel arrives with flowers. They have sex and then eat cake in bed. She thinks she should learn how to cook for the sake of their future children. Chloe's concerned that he doesn't seem more excited by that idea. He admits that there could be a problem with her having a baby. He's arranged for more tests on her, which makes her more upset. He explains th0at there could be a new problem. The treatments she received may have made it impossible for her to conceive.

Philip runs into Mel and Nate as they roll up their picnic blanket after watching a movie in the park. Mel's startled to see him alone. He says that he sponsored the event. Nate notices he's missing his cell and runs off to look for it. Philip pointedly tells Mel that no one he was interested in coming with was free. He tells her to have a good night and leaves and Nate returns. They go home and he tells her how beautiful she is. As they kiss in the kitchen, Maggie walks in on them. She's angry at the sight. She thought that it was clear nothing was going to happen between them under her roof. They've broken their promise to her so she can't trust them anymore. Mel cowers and Nathan tries to make promises. Maggie can't allow them to live there together. Mel offers to pack her things, but Nate tells her she's not leaving - he is.

Kate runs into Steph at the Java Cafe. She's been looking for her, eager to talk about Philip. Sitting down, she explains that she thinks she belongs with Philip. Steph says that's not going to happen. She can't love the man Philip is. "You love Philip and he loves you," Kate starts, before she's interrupted by her son. He orders her to shut up. Steph runs and Philip tells his mother that she has no right to interfere in his life. "I can't stop loving you baby," she says, explaining that he is doing everything wrong. This makes him laugh. His mother tells him to get real and talks about his disastrous relationships with women. He advises her to worry about her new family instead. "Bore them with your stupid advice," he says. She warns him about Mel and walks out.


October 23, 2009
She Is Your Daughter You Fool!

Hope is at home packing her bags. She leaves a picture Ciara drew behind for Bo. Before she can leave, Victor arrives and asks her if she's going somewhere. She explains that she is moving out with her daughter. He tells her how much he admires her but wonders if she can leave behind the place where Zack was born. She admits that she couldn't do a face to face goodbye with Bo. Even though she doesn't want to leave, she doesn't see any other way. He offers her one: She can move in with him. Although she's reluctant, he insists that it will be safe and she is the closest thing to a daughter he has now. Taking his hand, she agrees to try. After Victor leaves, Justin arrives. He tells her that he is sticking around to take a break from his wife. She informs him that she will be moving in to the mansion.

Ari's on the phone in her room, arguing with Roman and playing with her gun. She hears a noise outside and gets paranoid. Brady climbs through the window. She stashes her gun under the bed and makes him promise never to do that again. She seems distraught so he wonders what's wrong. He can't take her out on a proper date so he brought one in his backpack. She's starting to think getting back together was a bad idea; she couldn't live with herself if something bad happened to him. He offers to go but she wants him to stay. They have a picnic on the floor, then dance and make out. Meanwhile, Victor is at the pub trying to call Brady when he hears that Ari isn't coming in to work.

Stefano wakes up at the hospital and asks to see the children and Nicole, especially Nicole. Elvis tells him he doesn't know or care where she is. Stefano demands to know what is going on. EJ explains that he's learned about Nicole's lies and he 'kicked her to the bloody curb'. When he tells him that the baby is with her mother now, Stefano blurts out, "O dios mio! She is with Sami?" His children are baffled so Stefano explains, "I must have mixed up the interchangeable bleached blond liars you have sired children with." He orders his son to find Syd and bring her home. He's furious when EJ seems willing to throw his daughter aside. "She is your daughter you fool!" he lectures. As he argues with his son, he nearly has a heart attack. They stabilize him but he's out of consciousness. "Even the Phoenix can't live forever," Lexi says. EJ doesn't understand why his father is so upset and starts to wonder if his father knows a lot more about this than he is letting on. Elvis gets his father to wake up. "Sydney, I want to see her," Stefano grumbles. EJ offers to get her. As soon as he leaves, Stefano opens his eyes.

Nicole goes back to the mansion, thrilled that the locks haven't been changed yet. She's eager to get Sydney's passport but Kate stumbles into her and orders her out. She takes her keys away and follows her around as Nicole looks for what she needs. Kate grabs the baby's passport from her and asks if she will be leaving a forwarding address for her hate mail. When Kate threatens to call EJ, Nicole threatens to seduce one of her sons. Kate says Stefano will be unhappy if Syd disappears. Nicole vows to trample on anyone who gets in the way of her being with her little girl. Kate agrees not to say anything because she doesn't want Will involved with this mess anymore. After Nicole leaves, EJ comes home and tells her that his father briefly woke up but it doesn't look like he's getting better.

Mia and Will anxiously wait for Justin to arrive. Chad stumbles in with Justin. He apologizes that he promised to represent both of them by accident. The boys argue. Chad wants Will to leave but Mia doesn't. The boys argue more and Chad attacks Will. Justin wrestles him off and explains that assault won't help him win custody. Chad refuses to negotiate. "It's winner takes all," he says. Mia thinks Chad's being impossible. Justin declares that he can't take this case anyway because it involves his family, a fact which Chad hadn't related to him. He won't be helping Mia either though because it would be a breach of ethics. Chad leaves to get another lawyer. Justin points out to Mia that she basically sold her daughter and that isn't legal. "What's going to happen to my little girl?" she cries. Justin explains that Chad will likely get custody since he's the biological parent. Will and Mia go to the Java Cafe and worry. Chad chases them down and warns them that his parents have hired him a new lawyer and she will never see her little girl again. After he stomps off, Mia worries that he might be right.

Nicole takes Syd on a plane bound for Rio. Sami calls and Nicole thanks her for all of her help. Turning to the baby, she tells her that she feels bad for Sami but she's her mommy now and that will never change. "Goodbye EJ. I will always love you," she says as she looks out the window. Stefano starts calling her and orders her to come to him immediately.

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